Wednesday, 7 October 2015

One generation is all it would take... get stuck in!

ANY Family, Community or Society that does NOT care for the most vulnerable within it's domain is dysfunctional. Those that engender shituations where more people are made vulnerable through ideological, military and economic war are pathological.

The concept that democratic electorates should be satisfied and happy to merely vote and let others do the work of Governance and policy decision making is out of touch, out of date and, to be frank it breeds subservience and irresponsibility.

We all bleed red, we all cry tears of salty water, we all experience loving kindness and we suffer abuse in pretty much the same way.

We are human, first and foremost.

One generation is all it would take.

If History was taught honestly, humanely, with the children encouraged to do their own research and then share it and discuss it and write it up in in schools, the BNP/EDL and ISIS/Wahabists could not exist.

Nor would the far right or the ideological left nor the various factions within which anger and rage is the dominant currency have such a support base. If critical thinking was encouraged rather than opposed in schools, the lies and propaganda of any political power base would be seen as the lies they are, and resisted.


One generation is all it would take.

Healthy behaviour is always realistic, and abuse is always idealistic, in as much as there is a biological mandate towards optimal human biological health and behaviour, and this mandate is more real than any invented social system that attempts to impose it's concept of what should be, through coercion and indoctrination, through punishment and reward - be it religious, ideological or any other form -  or any other method to undermine, disrupt and replace the biological mandate of optimal human biological health and behaviour.

There is a war being perpetrated by Power Establishments against any and all people who no longer accept the 'right' of 'might' and it includes spreading discord between people, between the genders, between the young and the elderly, between the different faiths. Conspiracy theories, hatred of the Jews as 'controllers' of the banking system (a lie), hatred of Muslim people, hatred of LGBTi, escalating violence at home and abroad are all planks of this war.

There is no war against white people by brown people, nor is there a war against black, brown or any other colour by white people. There is no 'clash of civilisations' as Tony Blair claims.

Study history, see the patterns, study predatory psychopathy, see the patterns and study optimal human biological health and see the patterns. Break free of your own social conditioning. Liberate yourself from mental slavery!

Become fully human, fully humane.

Check out the Power Inquiry folks, and examine the detail of what genuine devolution of power means - it means taking up the shared responsibility of decision making, policy formulation and oversight -- which means getting down into the evidence, the data and working with others to suss out what is most beneficial to the community as a whole - business, community and social welfare alike... it means challenging those in our communities who are ideologically bound, angry, abuse with the evidence, face to face, it means understanding what needs and insecurities lie behind those fears, and offering ways to meet those needs, allay those insecurities.

Deterrent Claim Debunked. Socratic Method. It works.
1. Who had the first Nuclear Bombs?

2. Who used them, twice, on massive civilian populations, when nobody else had them?

3. Who were their declared 'enemies' after WWII? Were the detonations of the two bombs over Hiriohima and Nagasaki a 'demonstration' of who had the ultimate power, and the willingness to use it?

4. Did the declared enemies have any Nuclear Bombs?

5. Did they build their own bombs as a deterrent against the already existing bombs because they were declared enemies of the State that had the Bomb and they believed that the bombers would use them again, as the threat implied?

6. The deterrent is to deter the original threatener.

The rest is lies and hyperbole.

That aside, the possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction is a question of insane power politics trumping common sense and humanity. On all sides.

Peace is more, much more than the absence of War!

Don't get me wrong,

All the States that operate Hierarchical systems of organised politically motivated violence are the result of historical psychopathic behaviour, whose origins in violence are beyond doubt, which are re-created and managed by psychopaths, sociopaths and their servants, run on a day to day basis by carefully conditioned ‘citizens, all of this paid for by tax payers under coercion.

David Cameron's evasive answer to an honest question is illustrative.

The recent reports on the dealings between Saudi Arabia and The UK Government regarding mutual support for each others election to the UN Human Rights Commission, and the case of Ali Mohammed al-Nim, who was arrested at age 14, for making a pro-democracy protest in Saudi Arabia, and who is now 17, in jail and has been sentenced to being beheaded and then crucified, and David Camerons evasive answering to the question put to him by Jon Snow, "Why did you make this horrid deal with Saudi Arabia?" is illustrative.

That Cameron blurted out an unsubstantiated claim that Saudi Intelligence about a 'bomb flying over the UK' and that Saudi intelligence helps UK Security is appalling, devious and obscene.

He must be put to the test, and he must present the evidence for his claim. Even if it turns out to be true, the fact remains - the deal made to infiltrate the Saudi Regime into the UN Human Rights Commission, given their record and intransigence on Human Rights is shameful and repugnant, and brings the British Government and all it's offices into disrepute.

Is this really acceptable in the 21st Century?

Corbyn says, as did the Power Inquiry, and as many, many millions of people do, that the electorate and party membership is ready to mature our political activism and engagement, that the grass roots wants to step up to the plate and get stuck in, examine the data, the evidence, craft policy, and maintain oversight of how policy is being implemented - rather than leave it to a self selecting minority of whom we cannot be assured that they have all our best interests at heart, be it the people, our children or our business activities.

One generation is all it would take, just a matter of 30 years.

Be part of that generation. I am part of that generation. We have nothing to lose and so much to gain by engaging with all our abilities, our heart and passion.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Syria, the Refugees, European Hypocrisy and cruelty..


1. The Israeli Government has been at a state of war with Syria since the Golan Heights were taken by Israel, by Force, in the '6 day war' in 1967.

2. Syrian Government is recognised Internationally as a Sovereign State.

3. Saudi and US/UK inflitrated 'foreign fighters' into the pro-more-democracy movement protests (which were peaceful in intent and action). The violence started when they attacked Syrian Government police, then military. The groups attacking the Syrian Government are supported by Saudi, Qatar, Israel, UK, USA -- both covertly and overtly, Syrian was put into the 'axis of evil' by George Bush's US Government.

4. Once violence starts at that degree, the issues of democracy go out the window, The Syrian State fights to survive. It's fight is legtimate, given point 3.

5. ISIS started in Iraq, and was comprised of 'foreign fighters' and elements of the Death Squads set up by the US, through Colonel James Steele (ret) and Colonel James Coffman.

6. The pattern of Collusion or inflitrating violent militia was standard operational practice in Northern Ireland, and we know that they had agents active in stimulating violence in the IRA, the UVF and other militia. Same thing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya.

7. The long term solution is for US/UK and  Saudi to be stopped 'intervening' in the affairs of Arab States. The first step is to arrest Tony Blair and George Bush and all who operated with them to launch these wars against Arab States, apart from, of course, Saudi, Oman, Qatar, UAE.

At the same time, the US and UK and Sauds MUST BE STOPPED from interfering, overtly or covertly.

8. Without the honest facing of what has been done, as above, there will be no peace - 'no justice, no peace.'

9. It is pure hypocrisy of the European States to NOT take in the refugees they are part of creating. It is also cruelty, Institutionalised cruelty, and our taxes are funding it.

Kindest regards


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The Established Power Base, Corbyn and You!

The Established Power base is not trying to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, it is trying to undermine YOUR participation in political decision making.

Jeremy Corbyn merely represents that desire to participate in ways that promote honesty, fairness and justice as THE STANDARD in ALL political decision making and State Governance.

Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly stated that the grass roots should be directly involved in policy formulation and the research/exploration that supports healthy policy formulation.

O'Donnell has stated clearly that 'recall' ought to operate at every level of electable public office, as a means to provide direct oversight and control to the grass roots.

These ideas were first laid out in some detail in The Power Inquiry​ 2006.

Ideas which David Cameron and Ed Milliband praised and then dismissed as 'impractical' without saying WHY he believed them to be impractical.


The greatest threat to the Established power base is not violence from 'terrorists' - it is the emergence of a grass roots actively committed to that equal participation and oversight of Government, a grass roots that is organising as I write.

From the removal of the Independent Living Fund to arming Saudi head chopping, crucifying Regime, from the dropping of clean energy to the expansion and promotion of Fracking, from the refusal to prosecute known predatory child abusers (in all main parties, and the Churches) to 'protect the state' to imposing intense examination upon primary school children, secondary school children, and ensuring University students emerge from Study in debt, all this in order to put them (and their teachers) under chronic stress.... these are all standard patterns of how Established Power operates to preserve it's position, enhance and project it's power into our lives.

If you are going to take on the system, it's best you know what you are dealing with. Be fearless, be honest, be a mature adult.

We ALL share a responsibility as adults, to each other and to all the children.... that responsibility is inherent, innate, fundamental to our healthy biology. Take it up.

Kindest regards


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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The basics of our society are reflected in how we relate to and treat the children

The basics of our society are reflected in how we relate to and treat the children and the most vulnerable people within our society...

The natural expectations of every child,the biological mandate for healthy bonding that supports the child's growing awareness of self and the child's sense of autonomy as key elements in a healthy society....

This is my song about this:

The expectations of every child
To be held in love, all the time
To know safety with every touch
These are the ways we need, it's not so much...
These are the gifts,that life on earth is meant to bring
The expectations of every child,
Acceptance, gentle guidance with a smile,
Honest answers to their questions of life,
Space to grow, fully assured and bright.
The expectations of every child,
To find a safe place to learn in good time
So that the child knows and trusts the heart
Then grows the child in confidence, that is the art..
The expectation of every child,
To know the family, to feel the line
Of ancient stories, and harmonies
The child is born to know that she is free.
The expectation of every child,
To be respected all the time,
To be chosen with the highest love,
So honour the child you hold, that will be enough.....
These are the gifts that life on earth is meant to bring
Do you bring the gifts? Do we bring the gifts?
You can listen to it at this link, and it is available as a free download.

I hope it strikes a chord with you all. For as adults we all share a responsibility to all the children.

Kindest regards


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Realism, Idealism, Corbyn and the NeoLiberal's Fear.

The growing awakening of grass roots people, as evidenced by the Bolivarian Revolution, the various Arabian 'springs', the colour 'revolutions', the efforts of Survivors of Institutional Child Abuse, the emergence of Jeremy Corbyn as the voice of those who truly care for other people within the UK Labour party and grass roots, the surge in Green votes in the UK and the increasingly obvious propaganda campaigns of the NeoLiberal media which aims to undermine that awakening, is real.

Here is Zbigniew Brzezinski, past master of covert operations to undermine sovereign Governments whose stance was towards independence from the hegemony of the US/UK State and Corporate power, again admitting that the globalists are in fear of the global awakening .... and current Government and Media policy is geared to assuaging that fear.... by presenting a false picture of history as it happens.
Comment from Jeremy Corbyn at the end of a recent meeting in Brighton "Can we change the way history is taught in schools?"

If you KNOW where you have come from, you have a good idea of where you are going. And by know I mean access to the full data set, the honest truth.

It's realism that brought the benefits to our social system of the NHS, the Welfare system, Free Education, not idealism.

The realities of poverty, of disease, of trauma and the realities of how Power behaves towards the mass of humanity.

The reality is that the healthy human,and the healthy humane society, is caring, nurturing, robust and intelligent and avoids abuse through many measures.

The concept of Political Power over others as an entitlement of a certain class of people, and the 'right of might', is an idea, and it is the imposition of that idea that is the nature of 'idealism', and that that imposition requires coercion, force end effort to be maintained against the healthy human condition says much about it's status and value.

I am a realist, not an idealist.

I prefer to live in the honesty of empathy in action, imperfect as it may occur, rather than submit to the dishonesty of ideology that is imposed from above, which suggests it is aimed at some external idea of 'perfection'.

I am not alone in this.

Realism vs Idealism.

Healthy human behaviour, as mandated by our biology centered around the facts of the child mother bonding process, precludes abusive behaviour, and suggests that a healthy sense of self, based on experienced self empathy which feeds into empathy for others, and is the basis for autonomy and co-operation in intelligent and caring ways that nurture the entire community, as a survival and thrivival evolutionary 'strategy'. Included in this is a robust physical health.

Such a state is the natural baseline, the biological reality of optimal human biological health.

Chronic dysfunctional behaviour is ill-health, a disease state, biologically speaking.

The current dominant civilisational social system is permeated with power dysfunctions, where power to abuse others is the driving force behind the system. It's also true that the stories that such an abusive system sets out as 'human nature' are concepts, ideas rather than an accurate diagnosis.

Thus the imposition of the ideas of this dysfunctional system are the ideal - it is an ideological power system rather than a humane empathic system, and it imposes itself on those human communities that fall under it's control. The system is the idealist, in as much as the system is corrosively enforcing a concept of what it is to be human - those who seek pathways towards healthy human behaviour are the realists.

Jeremy Corbyn, Caroline Lucas and many, many others are not therefore idealists, they are human realists.

They and we tell it like it really is.

David Cameron and George Osborn and Iain Duncan Smith are the idealists, in that they act to impose a concept, and ideology upon society and they ignore the human cost of that imposition.

There's a meme doing the rounds claiming that Clement Atlee brought in the changes that created the NHS, Welfare State, Social Housing, Free Education...

He didn't do it on his own. Millions of UK Citizens, many of whom had fought in the war, or worked in the war at home, saw the sense in these things and got behind the project.

Let me repeat myself. It's important to emphasize this point.

It's realism that brought the benefits to our social system of the NHS, the Welfare system, Free Education, not idealism.

The realities of poverty, of disease, of trauma and the realities of how Power behaves towards the mass of humanity.

The reality is that the healthy human,and the healthy humane society, is caring, nurturing, robust and intelligent and avoids abuse through many measures.

The concept of Political Power over others and the 'right of might' is an idea, and it is the imposition of that idea that is the nature of 'idealism', and that that imposition requires coercion, force end effort to be maintained against the healthy human condition says much about it's status and value.

I am a realist, not an idealist.

I prefer to live in the honesty of empathy in action, imperfect as it may occur, rather than submit to the dishonesty of ideology that is imposed from above, which suggests it is aimed at some external idea of 'perfection'.

I am not alone.

For a more detailed insight to what I mean by Optimal Human Biological health, I refer readers to this previous piece.

Kindest regards


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Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Popes Global PR Tour. Words and action.

Activists for any number of 'causes' are taking comfort in the words of Pope Francis.

Memes are proliferating across the interwebs.


Survivors around the Earth are not taking comfort in Pope Francis's words, nor are they impressed by the actions of The Vatican. The same can be said of survivors advocates, lawers, physicians, psychotherapists and close friends.

Actions speak louder than words.

The action that Survivors, survivors advocates, lawers and transcenders and humane decency require is that the Vatican hands over all it's documentation on clerics who have sexually assaulted, bullied, abused harmed defenceless children: from the initial allegations, through to investigations and the response of the Catholic Hierarchy and it's officials acting under it's umbrella in their dealings withe Survivors.

That, and that alone is the missing element in the world wide process of Survivors seeking justice, resolution and probity with regard to their cases. And those that are taking their cases forward are a minority of the total caseload.

Some say this refusal to open up is partly a matter of the Vatican's finances.

Wealth hoarded, concentrated or sequestered is wealth taken away from the wider community.

All wealth is generated from within the community at large. Including the massive wealth of The Vatican and national church organisations.

It is not generated by individuals who are billionaires etc, no matter how the big the egos of celebrity 'entrepreneurs', politicians and fawning pundits waffle on about their 'wealth generation'.

There are people who capitalise on the cheapened labour and the taxes of the grass roots, and they take a bigger share than they need or deserve, and they do not 'create' it. The workers create it, and the shoppers create it, and that service users create it.

The fact is that great wealth has nothing to do with greed; it's a political utilitarian device that enables Political Power to exercise itself over people, in that so called 'economic decisions made by Governments are political, ideological rather than economics based on evidence, and such decision making exists in order to enhance, protect and project political onto others, the electorate and their children, who are seen as objects rather than human beings, with real feelings and experiences that matter.

Private Military Contractors do not come cheap.

The behaviour of The Vatican and The Irish Government towards both predatory clerics, and survivors, and the ECB in relation to Greece, and the DWP in relation to job seekers, disabled people and other vulnerable groups, amongst many others, makes this abundantly clear.

Kindest regards


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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Radicalisation, Power, Honesty and healing.

I was 'radicalised' by years of abuse, from Institutional 'carers' and my legal guardians and I was in my teens and 20s a very angry young man. I was abusive, manipulative, dishonest and prone to bullying : behaviours I learned as a small child growing up in a traumatising environment,  in order to survive

In my 30s, I worked on healing and recovery and became, bit by bit, less angry,less abusive, less manipulative, less of a bully.

Had I not, I might well have committed some crime of harm. As it was I did intentionally hurt other people in my life. As it was I did ignore the harms I caused. As it was I blamed those I harmed for making me harm them. These are all behaviours typical of terrorists.

And as a result of my choice to seek recovery, to step away from those behaviours, and due to the good fortune of finding helpers whose understanding of these dynamics was evidence based, efficacious and empathic, it turned out that in time I became far more meaningfully radical, in as much as I focused my gaze of the psycho-social roots of my abusive behaviour, the root of the matter as it occurred in my life, and took personal responsibility for my actions and their consequences.

Radical means 'get to the root'.

If the Government REALLY wanted to 'tackle radicalism', then the evidence is that the healing route of truth and honesty, ring fenced by empathy and a deep care and concern for the welfare of all people in our Society, and in all other Societies across the Earth, and is by far the most efficacious.

But that would be too radical for Power, because in the end it would expose the psycho-social and historical roots of Hierarchical Violence, and the symptoms of Hierarchical Violence would be seen as symptoms and not as the personal flaws and faults of those who are most vulnerable, and most wounded, and often most angry, and to would thus expose Power as we know it to the honest truth, and the choice to face that is the core element in all healing of abusive behaviours.

That is a choice that Power as we know is refusing to make. It has been offered, time and time again, and Power has refused it. The latest event in that is the rejection by the 'troika' of the meaning of the Greek referendum result.

Government executive, and Corporate Executive branches must step out of the jack-boots of distal power exercised over the people, into a new pair of shoes, the athletic shoes of a shared active participative responsibility of power with the people as equal partners.

We, the people, must stretch every sinew, move every lever, roll every stone to forward this oh-so-basic, ethical and moral change over.

The Power Inquiry 2004-6 looked at many aspects of this in great detail, and whilst the leaders of the Liberal, Labour and Tory Parties came to the 2006 Conference at Queen Elizabeth Hall, opposite the Mother of all Parliaments, in London's Westminster, and praised the work of the Power Inquiry, calling it the most important initiative in the UK regarding Democratic Power of it's time, they later dismissed it as 'impractical'.

No engagement. Just a trite and brief dismissal.

And then came 2008 and 'Austerity' (which had been planned well in advance of 2008) which was directed primarily at the Community Voluntary Sector and the people they serve, to undermine and punish that constituency, for their temerity in describing how Power can be safely devolved to the UK's grass roots, the tax payers, and the marketing Guru's of the Government called it 'Big Society'.  Because 'we are all in it together'. And that is true, the three mainstream political parties are all in it together. And they are all committed to excluding the grass roots from meaningful participation in decision making on matters that affect our lives.

Power is their God, and great wealth is more about utility than it is about greed, great wealth is a tool - it can be used as an oppressive or it can be turned to genuinely nurture a truly humane culture.

The people are the subjects of Power. As long as this remains, the inhumanity of Power will remain.

Voting on it's own was never truly democratic.

The bullying must cease. The abuse must cease. The lies and manipulation must cease.

The Pope travels the world, making great statements, and yet .... The Vatican is refusing to open it's files on all known predatory abusers within it's culture, and leaving it to those who are still alive, the survivors, to bring their cases forwards, fully aware that as time passes, many of those will pass on, and their witness evidence will be lost (let alone the loss within their own lives of so much for so little)

George Osborne announces a new Minimum Wage whilst planning to remove Working Tax Credits, Child Benefits and other supports that poor, vulnerable people, many of whom are in work, but being paid low wages (to enlarge the profits of their employers) - a sleight of hand worthy of a bully - and the red faced triumphalist Tory parliamentarians crow, bellow and grunt their approval in a manner befitting a hyperactive sweaty crowd cheering a boxing match as their champion strikes his opponent down to the floor.

A bit like the air punching of the Obama Situation room, when Osama Bin Laden was executed.

What manner of men and women are these?

Well, they too are 'radicalised', are they not?

They pursue radical policies with enforcement actions that cause harm and they deny the meaning of that harm, they dehumanise those they have harmed and they justify their actions through bland ideological statements.

Are they not similar to the 'terrorists' in this?

Is it not a reasonable demand that they and the terrorists they claim are 'radicalised' desist?

Kindest regards


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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Referendum on 'Austerity' and the implementation of cuts to social welfare programs as they stand

I have initiated a petition to hold a referendum, to give the entire people of the UK a Ggenuinely democratic opportunity to decide for ourselves whether or not the cuts being imposed, and the rationale under which they are being presented, has any standing as a fully democratic mandate.

Petition Link :

Hold a UK wide referendum on to ask if the people of the UK accept the basis of, and implementation of 'Austerity' as it stands.


"The term 'Austerity' is being used to generic label for a series of legislative actions and policy implementations that are causing avoidable harms to real people's lived experience.

From the closure of the Independent Living Fund, to privatisation of probabtion services, ideological interventions in Education, privatisation of our National Health Services, the sale of national long term National properties and resources for short term cash, the privatisation of security based public bodies, the reduction in humane public services provided by well trained, well paid professionals being replaced by for profit companies,  and much else besides, is causing socially unacceptable harms across our Society.

The rationale of these actions and policy implementations appear to be based on a misrepresentation of the situation with regard to Government use of the collective shared resource of taxation, and National Debt and an operating deficit.

The Government that is implementing these policies, taking these actions and that is actively ignoring or denying the harms being caused, does not have a majority mandate within the electorate for 'Austerity' as it is being IMPOSED on the many of the most vulnerable people within the population of the UK, and having been less than forthcoming as to any detail as to what these 'cuts' would entail in practice, whilst assuredly knowing those details, for such matters are scoped out planned many, many months in advance, have not acted in good faith, and with a large segment of society protesting on our streets, online, in conversations at home and elsewhere there is an acute need to now ask the UK's people the question posed above, and to have us, the people provide the answer.

For that is the true nature of Democracy, as the Greek people have just demonstrated. 

Now we demand that the Government become obedient to British, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Democracy, the voices of the people, possibly for the very first time, and cease to play ideological power politics with our lives and our shared contributory resources, our taxes, and our most humane aspirations.

Hold a UK wide referendum on to ask if the people of the UK accept the basis of, and implementation of 'Austerity' as it stands."

Petition link here: Petition

Kindest regards


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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Dalai Lama, Glastonbury, Greece and the Oligarchies - an historical over view

International politics is way, way, way dirtier than most people understand.... it's violent, it's bloody, 'my enemies enemy is my friend' is the core ethic, as alliances are formed in back room meetings with the most odious characters, and they will abuse anyone and anything in any way to get their way, and the Greater Powers devote a lot of time to manipulating the smaller powers, to intervene in national and local politics....

There is a thread of extreme violence, of murder and torture gangs operating on behalf of the British and American Governments, on the pay roll of these 'elected, democratic' Governments, stretching from the Boer war's infamous concentration camps and counter insurgency, through WWI in Russia, and onto Northern Ireland's 'b' and 'c' specials in the 20s, to the slaughter of Greek nationalists by British forces who deployed and fought alongside Nazi collaborators after the Nazi's left Greece, to Kenya and the Mau Mau 'experience' and counter insurgency, to the use of the same tactics in Vietnam, Indonesia, Equador, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Angola, Congo, and in Northern Ireland during the recent 'troubles', in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria to this day.

One the the key tools in their toolkit is the instigation and escalation of Lateral Violence, where people under an oppressive regime who feel relatively powerless to alter the situation lash out at others on their own level, in their frustration and carefully inculcated misunderdstanding of the true situation.

Lateral Violence has both a brutal physically violent aspect and a bureaucratic aspect, as the DWP well knows. The adverse behaviour of stressed frontline staff towards disabled, poor and other vulnerable groups is part of this dynamic.

The violence of the BNP/EDL is always targeted at other vulnerable groups, and never at the political power system that is creating the poverty, deprivation that the people who populate such groups are experiencing, for which they blame the immigrants, asylum seekers etc...

The executive branches are all involved in this. Up to their noses in blood. They are not bothered by the stench of death. Their denials roll off their tongues, honeyed by the Official Secrets Act... and other legal instruments that protect them.

So the Dalai Lama has to do what he does - he knows the game.

He is an international traveling salesman, and the product is 'West is good, China is bad, please Free Tibet.'

Publicly he has retired the traditional Dalai Lama position of Political leader of Tibetan people, albeit in exile..

A political position of RULE that has existed since the 5th Dalai Lama, who was as ruthless as George Bush or Genghis Khan. As political RULERS apparently have to be.

Why has he done this? What has changed?

He remains part of the spiritual hierarchy. Fair enough. He talks about a new secularism that accepts the equal validity of all religions, with a hint that Religion ought to stand away from power politics.

However he claims that the violence we see around the world is religious in nature, that it confounds the central tenets of those religions..... when he knows for sure - from direct experience of the Chinese invasion of Tibet, that the violence is always, always about political and commercial power interests competing with each other, quite unrestrained by table manners, in similar fashion to the behaviour of Jackals, Hyenas and Vultures jockeying for prime position at the remains of a corpse of a Wildebeest killed by a Lioness, with David Attenborough fawning over them.

Except that that analogy is unfair to the animals involved, for that these human beings are doing, they do to their own kind.

Intraspecies Predators. Attenborough's fawning 'interview' with Obama was one of the most revealing and disgusting pieces he has ever done. It says more about him, and his class, than the rest of his career.

International Fight Club. Whose first rule is ..... don't talk about International Fight Club. Which is why they hate (and fear) John Pilger, Noam Chomsky et al.

Future political leaders of Tibetan Buddhists may well be secular. That remains to be seen.

And all those of us who HOPE that the executive  level of international politics will change because compassionate charismatic leaders associate with them, that the compassion will rub off on them, are deluded: because unless we, the people,  also take up the confrontation of our own national executives and remove the oligarchies through democratic means, the oligarchs will remain in power. Violence is their area of expertise, and they have NEVER been removed by violence.

And so we, the people, must replace them. and that requires grass roots political organisation that is robust and dedicated to the task and absolutely honest about the situation.

That is what The Power Inquiry was all about. Grass roots political organisation without a hierarchy or executive instructing the grass roots, rather a grass roots informing and instructing itself in political solidarity, through genuinely matured participative Democracy.

And we will still have to deal with  the gangsters, the men of violence. They will not be going away anytime soon.

That's just the bog standard reality, the basic truth here.

The Dalai Lama knows this.

He knows, but does not dare say anything.

Which is WHY he was so .... 'compassionate' towards George Bush, the war criminal, at their shared birthday party.

His comments about education were probably the most radical thing he said in Glastonbury 2015.

Any educational process that strengthens the heart and the mind is probably the core essential in resistance.

In Greece, that education has been largely self education, as the youth accessed the worlds database for themselves over the past 15 years, and fully understand how the IMF fits into this picture of international Power Politics, of bullying and coercion, corruption and graft, bearing in mind that there are still many elders who lived through the British repression of Greek Nationalists after the Nazis left Greece,who saw how the British treated them and how they installed a monarchy and a capitalist elite oligarchy as the new Government. People who are a living witness to the realities of International Politics.

And they are well organised, and they understand that the men of violence must be confronted, by removing the oligarchy through democratic processes. And remember, we must be extra vigilant when it comes to Lateral Violence, which I mentioned earlier.

That same task is what is facing the people of England. It faces me every day.

I cannot avoid it if I am to take my responsibilities towards my grand children, and their children beyond them seriously. No truly mature adult can avoid this task.

Can you?

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Neo-Liberal Revolution: indoctrination and economic sleight of hand at home, violence abroad.

When Teresa May and David Cameron spout off about British values and then claim that those values are Democracy, Tolerance, Rule of Law, whilst they flout all three on a regular basis, one wonders what do they really intend. Especially when they are unable (or unwilling) to explain it in any logically meaningful manner.

Speaking to school leavers from varied ethnic backgrounds, young people who have conversations across the globe without the adults interjecting, people who see that underneath all national identities we are human, people who understand that being humane is the first and only value of any real importance, young people who see that they are being targeted by these claims of British values; what they see is an attempt to create division amongst their contemporaries, to build a form of Capitalist Neo-Liberal Nationalism, that equates the flag and what it symbolises with ‘hard working families’ and ‘tolerance of others’, the right to own a home (to be indebted for most of ones life), the rule of brute force in International Politics (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Northern Ireland)… what they see is a demand that they adopt values they do not hold, values that are inhumane, that are at the root of the war mongering the British Government is engaged in.

Tolerance, to tolerate suggests that those being tolerated are lessor, different, other. You will be tolerated as long as you toe the line and abandon your own sense of self in favour of the British Power Establishment.


With 21% of the electorate giving total Power to an ideological band of robber barons actively dismantling the social contract that we care for the vulnerable in our Society, without the profit motive, and handing it to their friends to be turned to profit?


British values in action, as by the evidence of the behaviour of the British Government:

British values – collusion with violent Militia, in Northern Ireland, in Syria, in Libya and elsewhere.

British Values – protecting predatory pedophiles from public prosecution in order to protect the Power Establishment?

British Values – Zenophobia stirred up by UKIP, the Daily Mail and others..

British Values – Fracking ....

British Values – Trident ... as a 'deterrent', worthless and useless in practice.

British Values – Institutional power over a people.

British Values – low wages, subsidised by the tax payer, to improve profitability of British Corporations.

British Values – a people coerced into debt through indoctrination, and economic sleight of hand, (right to buy, tax subsidies for mortgages) that owning a home is more important than spending time with one’s children.

British Values – children cared for by well trained and well paid nannies for the wealthy rather than by their parents, and the children of the poor cared for by low paid, ill-trained childcare workers working for private enterprise.

British Values – the elderly set aside from societal engagement and participation, held in ‘care homes’ run as profit centers.

British Values – using the Rule of Law to abuse, control, dominate and coerce the population.

And then there are human values…

..although a human type of education is here to stay, it is most certainly not the prevailing type of education. So I would like to take a look at the two polar extremes of our modes of education and at the politics that is implicit in each of them.

Before I go any further, I should say what I mean by the word ‘politics’. I am not at all thinking of political parties, or government organisations. I am using the term in it’s modern sense. We hear talk of ‘the politics of the family’ or ‘the politics of psychotherapy’ or ‘sexual politics’. In this present day sense, I believe that the word ‘politics’ has to do with power or control in relationships, and the extent to which persons strive to gain such power – or to relinquish it. It has to do with the way decisions are made. Who makes them? Where is the locus, or center, of decision making power? Politics concerns the effects of such power oriented actions on individuals and systems.

If we think of the political characteristics of education, the traditional mode is at one end of a continuum, and a person centered approach at the other.

The traditional mode:

1. The teachers are the possessors of knowledge, the students the expected recipients.

2. The lecture, or some means of verbal instruction, is the major areas of getting knowledge into the recipients. The examination measures the extent to which the students have received it.

3. The teachers are the possessors of power, the students are the ones who obey.

4. Rule by Authority is the accepted policy in the classroom.

The person centered mode.

1. The leaders, or persons who are perceived as authority figures, are sufficiently secure within themselves and in their relationships to others that they experience an essential trust in the capacity of others to think for themselves, to learn for themselves.

2. The facilitating persons share with others – students, and possibly also parents and community members- the responsibility for the learning process.

3. The focus of the learning center is primarily on fostering the continuing process of learning. The content of the learning, whilst significant, falls into a secondary place.

4. The discipline necessary to reach students goals is a self discipline, and is recognised and accepted by the learners as being their individual responsibilities. Self discipline replaces external discipline.”

This was written by Carl Rogers between 1972 and 1979.

In the late 70s and early 80s, as the person centered approach was spreading across the UK. Keith Joseph’s concern in 1984 was that people should be educated to ‘know their place’. To that end he redirected Educational policy along ideological lines, to ensure that the concerns of power and the 'economy' as understood by power were to be promoted, rather than in the best interests of our children as people in development.  "Evolving Consumers'as a technical term for children.

Neo-liberal revolutions at home were to be crafted through indoctrination, and economic falsehoods and gimmicks, as opposed to the imposition of Neo-Liberal revolution through violence, as in Chile and as so many other cases reveal.

Thatcher had a ‘soft spot’ for Pinochet. David Cameron was sent to South Africa to do her business with the Apartheid Regime. Tony Blair reworked the meaning of Labour to integrate Neo-liberalist ideology into it’s executive behaviour.

That concern remains present in current education, in much mainstream media and in politics. This concern is what drives the so-called ‘Greek Debt Crisis’ which is in truth a crisis for the IMF in that it’s imposition of Neo-Liberal Economics breaches Human Rights Law, is causing real harm to real people, and is therefore illegal. (the law under which these loans are set up is English Contract Law). Iraq was an illegal war of aggression. So too the bombing of Libya.

Power Rules and the people must submit.

The fact that Power uses our taxes is besides the point, is not up for rational discussion, let alone any rational discourse based on the evidence of adverse outcomes of the uses to which the Executive puts those taxes, which are after all a shared community resource.

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