Friday, 8 May 2015

Post Election 2015, and the challenges we face, the work we must do.

The Problem

The 'problem' is way more than the actions of one man, or one party or even of the power elites.

We are in a social system that has all the symptoms, relationships, politics and denials of an abuse family dynamic, a system of power that is psychologically dysfunctional and profoundly unhealthy that is pretending the family is ok.

We are in a social system that is driven by unresolved past trauma, that re-inflicts that trauma repeatedly, quite often intentionally ( The Shock Doctrine)in the institutional desire to maintain Power over people.

We are all affected by this, through social, religious and ideological conditioning, through trauma inflicted by Power, through the disruption of natural bonding and learning processes that embed empathy and autonomy, gratitude and pleasure, and the desire to nurture all for all, which are all markers of optimal human biological health.

The resolution is not and never will systemic reform; it must be both personal and communal, and it must be a recognition of and a healing of the old wounds, the suppressed pain, the almost rampant rage and anger of which we see plenty of in movies, novels, violence. This must lead towards kinder social and institutional behaviours ....

Viva Le resolution. The old revolution concept is inadequate to the task ahead of us.

The Vision

I want to see a psycho-social healing movement that is practical that addresses the social trauma and conditioning that is inter-generational, and that feeds the urge to Power over others.

I want to see a societal model that nurtures people as persons, that articulates empathy and love, that is robust in dealing with abusers, that seeks to prevent more harm emerging, that can respect the older cultures and back of conquest of their lands for 'exploitation' and 'development' and observe and learn from them.

They have been around for a lot longer than this system has existed,and have many examples of living close to the biological optimal human health state.

The old sordid politics of the struggle for Power over the people, rather than power shared with the people*,  to nurture ALL the people as healthy loving persons by right or left is inadequate to this task.

Hatred and fear are inadequate to this task..

* (which was the primary mode of human society for the majority of our existence as a species, in spite of what most are led to think, based on the indoctrination typical of ideological compulsion schooling and mono-theistic power religions that claim to to have the 'right way' for all human beings)

I want to see a society that heals the old wounds, rather than a social institutional system that seeks to capitalise on them.

Rage or Outrage!

If we think our anger, rage and despair is going to resolve or improve matters, we are truly participating the continuation of the problem rather than the resolution of it.

Those emotions are the tip of the iceberg, and can so easily be manipulated by those who are powerful, who are abusive, who are predatory.

Those emotions are flags, calling attention to deeper feelings, to the pain, the wounding.

Harness the anger, examine the deeper feelings, resolve the matter within ourselves.

Then we can begin the work. That is the beginning of the work

The Work

"It is a failure across the progressive left in England to articulate a distinct plan that is anti-austerity, anti-cuts and anti-poverty "

I would add that there is not an adequate articulation across the so-called progressive left , of what the Community Voluntary Sector brings : empathy, care, attention to detail in meeting vulnerable peoples needs, self governance, maturation, healing; there is not enough articulation of what constitutes a healthy humane being, and there is almost no articulation of what social conditioning is, how effective it is, how it is effected.
Without these, railing against injustice has no traction.

There is also the matter of education systems, and mainstream media systems that ignore,suppress or mis-report on what is being learned in the fields of Anthropology, Neuroscience, Child Development, Trauma and Recovery studies, Biology and History as well as healthy technologies that nurture the world around us.

Plans are merely concepts, if they are not backed by the actual psychological progression I am writing about.

And for Labour the removal of the Party Whip system and a dedicated assault on that Institution in all other politcial groupings where it exists would indicate that psychological progression.

And this is where the Green party is genuinely different - I see that in Caroline Lucas, and the fact that the Green Party has rejected the concept of the Party Whip in it's entirety ... we cannot accept any practice that amounts to bullying or coercion, when it comes to decisin making processes on matters that affect our lives and the lives of others.

I see that there is a growing recognition of all of the above, every day, and am I no longer dismayed or hopeless. That is not to say I am not appalled at what goes on in politics. I am.

I have gotten over that expectation of an instant change, an easy win. I understand how deep the conditioning goes, how personal it is, and how difficult the resolution of that is as well as what helps the process of healing. I am learning to only point out the escape route rather than damn the conditioned for being conditioned. Could I damn my younger self for being conditioned, frightened, confused?

So we need to ask ourselves what we are FOR, we need to examine our conditioning, and we need to stand for that healing above all else, in the face of what ever comes... the worst outcome is we grow as people, the best outcome is we build a base of psychologically healthy solidarity as each generation passes, and in time, Society will reflect that.

Viva La Resoultion!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Ancient 21st Century Skills: optimal human biological health

21st Century Skills : This list was posted by a friend, on face book, without the comments after the colon...

Those are mine.

problem solving, : not taught in schools

analytical thinking, : not taught in schools

systems-thinking : not taught in schools

credibility and judgment of information : not taught in schools

technology fluencies : only taught in terms of consumerism, in schools

the ethics of fair play : taught in schools, yet not applied, oracticed in a meaningful manner, and so a sense of basic injustice and outrage is common in all school leavers, they sense the hypocrisy but find it difficult to pin it down.

collaboration in cross-functional teams : not taught in schools

accessing knowledge networks : not taught in schools beyond the limits of approved texts.

Compulsory Indoctrination masquerading as Education ... is a real problem, and we are seeing the symptoms of that problem across this election, and in many other places...  I don't blame the indoctrinated, I blame the intentional indoctrinators,they know what they are doing.

problem solving, : identifying the problem, critical thinking, access to reliable data, testing of solutions, responding to new information

analytical thinking, : critical thinking, sourcing data, questioning assumptions, avoiding opinion
systems-thinking : being able to investigate and describe accurately how systems function, or how they are dysfunctional

credibility and judgment of information : comparing data sources, access to and understanding of research methodologies, assessment of outcomes, observation of what is

technology fluencies : understanding what is being used, what is available, the limitations of extant tech, what is appropriate

the ethics of fair play : self empathy, empathy for others, and a sense of humane responsibility, do no harm

collaboration in cross-functional teams : how to work with others who have experience in different areas, and how to learn from others within a diverse group, when the need arises.

accessing knowledge networks : knowing where to search for information, knowing where to find people who are skilled in any given area, feeling centred enough to approach those with the knowledge

These are all skills a healthy Aboriginal child in a healthy human community would have developed by the age of physical maturity, when they are ready to become parents.

That these skills are largely inhibited, limited, ignored or avoid in compulsory schooling says a lot more about schools actuall function in this Hierarchcially Violent Society, and we can all see how they impact each generation of parents, who send their children to schools to learn the same lessons, to submit, to obey, to fall into line, even as they love their children, as they assuredly do.

Kindest regards


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Power, decision making, ethics and humane living: a choice

Interesting ideas are a starting point for this necessary discourse.

There ought to be a place in Parliament for some pensioners, disabled folk, some children and teenagers, and other vulnerable people, providing a commentary on the proceedings, a bit like the two old geezers at the end of the muppet show, humorous but with more bite.

PR, NOTA, and many other progressive and humane practices regarding a humane democracy are all possible.

Ask the disabled what they need, let them decide on policy on the disabled.

Ask the 'disruptive children' in schools what they need, let them inform how they are helped.

Ask the renters what they need, and let them inform how renting is regulated.

Ask mothers what they need, and then let those needs inform policy on family and community.

Ask elders what they need, and let those needs inform policy on family and community.

Ask Survivors of trauma and criminal abuse what they need, and let that inform policy.

Tell the banks what we need of their services, and ensure they comply to the 'market' : those who need their services (apart from criminal organisations, speculative betters etc etc )

Tell the police how they ought to relate to troubled youth, as carers as well as protectors, and let the troubled youth inform how they are to be treated.

Ask the Military how they can best help Society, and let that inform how they are deployed (Chavez did this in his 'exile' in the remote parts of Venuzeula, and directed the military under his command to build infrastructure, schools, wells, etc etc... which built his base from which he re-emerged to engage in Democratic Governance.)

There are a myriad of genuine examples of all of this kind of democratic behaviour that demonstrate it is both practical and effective.

We, the people, are the majority tax payers, and we need to take up the responsibility of how we organise our part of Society and not devolve that to others. We ought to employ some to do what we decide, not vote for others to decide for us. That's infantile.

The current political paradigm represents peoples fears more often than their needs or 'interests' as a means to manipulate the electorate, to gain Power over the people.

A truly representative figure head is a spokesperson carrying the message of those who have decided. Not a leader.

We need to become leaders who can select spokespersons, who can employ civil servants and politicians and direct them.

There was a time when those skills lived within the community. Amongst people known who could be trusted because if they bodged the job, you would come around to their house. This is oversight.

The time for grass roots oversight has come. Be part of it. Participate in decision making, in deliberation, in the exploration of the issues, the problems, the solutions and be a learner, a grower, a fully matured human being.

I want to live fully humanely. I do already, to a large degree, and recognise that I need to take up my shared responsibility, to all other living humans, my family to mature fully and become fully participative. I need to do this to honour my connections to you all, to honour my sense of self and to exercise the loving care I feel for all humanity.

What do you want?

Kindest regards


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Thursday, 23 April 2015

The central question of power - your choice.

A more humane approach threatens the old paradigm of political power, which operates on the private assumption of exercising Power over the people they claim publicly to serve.

A person centred approach would have made the Invasion of Iraq impossible to conceive, let alone actuate. A person centred approach would preclude western support and tolerance of the Saudi Wahabist head chopping Regime, or western
 support for Saddam that put him in Power in the first instance.

A person centred approach would have inhibited any cover up of the activities of Savile, Smith or Janner, and indeed would have dealt with those as the first signs, or allegations of abuse, emerged.

Voting for others to make a decision is not a genuine exercise of democracy, at least not in the classical Greek sense, nor in the manner the 5 Nations, both of whom are quoted as sources of Western Democracy and Federalism.

The modern Democracy is a sham – an illusion designed to give power over the people to a self selecting elite, and it demands the infantilisation of the electorate: in as much as a mother or father will make all the decisions affecting an infants life, and the infant has no power.

A toddler might play one parent off the other, to effectively give that power to his or her preference, yet still the toddler has no real power.

Is this what you want?

Is this what you are willing to accept, and all that goes with it : Iraq, Libya, corruption,  institutional cover-ups of horrific child abuse by powerful people?

To remain infantalised, in real political terms?

Or are you willing to mature, as The Power Inquiry suggested many millions of UK citizens are?

The choice IS yours!

Kindest regards


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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Beyond Voting .... the central issue of Power laid bare.

"To vote or not to vote, that is  a valid question."

The Power Inquiry of 2006 looked at this is a lot of detail. By asking people why they don't vote.

What they found was that people's perception of professional politicians was accurate. Liars, cheats and crooks who represent those who lobby them with cash incentives, who protect entrenched Power to Rule the People, whilst pretending otherwise.

What they found was that a growing constituency of people were ACTIVE in their local communities, providing the services to the poor and vulnerable a healthy system of Governance should, protesting against harsh policies locally.

What they found was that for many people political activism was action on the ground to deal with issues in their area.

They found that the Community Voluntary Sector was larger than membership of political parties by a massive margin, was politically and ethically aware and was taking active responsibility in their local areas.

They found that the Community Voluntary Sector was well versed in delivering services those they helped really needed, fund raising, consciousness raising, treasury management, listening and learning from those the served, in essence the skills of self-Governance.

What they found was that the Community Voluntary Sector cross all age and income groups.

What they found was that the Community Voluntary Sector was also versed in real democracy, in real decision making and policy creation and implementation.

What came out of The Power Inquiry was a series of recommendations for meaningful changes which would devolve power as a SHARED RESPONSIBILITY to the grass roots.

One of which was removal of the official post of Party Whip. 100% anti-democratic post.

One of which was no private funding of parties for Elections. A fund based on the number of the electorate registered, to be split equally between all candidates.

One of which was a re-call at every level of Public Office. A form of oversight.

One of which was lowering the voting age to 16. Inclusion of the young because they are not represented, and quite often are very well aware of the issues of the day, and yet excluded.

One of which was introducing Democratic Power to students in secondary Schools, to give them a responsibility and voice on matters that affect their lives. You cannot exercise or share Power unless you have some MEANINGFUL practice.

A NOTA segment on the ballot box. We ought to be able to register non-confidence in those offering themselves up for election.

And much else besides....

The Three 'leading parties' Lab/Tor/LibDem attended the conference in 2006, and praised the initiative and content of The Power Inquiry report, before an audience of more than 500 people.

Two days later, they dismissed the Power Inquiry as 'impractical.'


And then the assault on the Community Voluntary Sector was initiated, by people who KNEW the crash of 2008 was coming, and who knew they could use that to justify the cuts to the Community Voluntary Sector, and the privatisation of much of the work being done by the Community Voluntary Sector.

In other words, a clear manipulation and assault on pro-Democracy activism at the local level, designed to stress the Community Voluntary Sector, which they KNEW would also harm many of those whose lives were being supported by the Community Voluntary Sector.

And this has been carefully ignored by mainstream media, because it was and still is intentional professional cruelty designed to undermine REAL democratic intelligence within the UK.

The Greens, SNP and Plaid are gaining ground BECAUSE their policies are HUMANE, above all else.

The issue of voting/not voting is being manipulated to mask this cruelty and intentionality.

That The State and Established Power are willing to be cruel to protect, enhance and expand their power is OBVIOUS - Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and our own bloody history (when read accurately, away from school texts and media history programs).

Few people ever fought and died for freedom, the majority fought and died because they were enlisted, or because they were socially conditioned to support the State. None of the political leadership fought, other than the likes of Churchill who fought the Boers and treated their civilian population with horrific abuse.

The treatment of Greek Resistance fighters post liberation of Greece, by UK Military and State, ought to be standard subject in school Histories. The UK Military and UK State enlisted those within Greece who had collaborated with the Nazis to slaughter those who had resisted on the basis that the resistance was largely populated by 'communists'.

The response to African Democratic Nationalists post WWII discloses the nature of Power in the UK. The response to Iraqi Democratic Nationalists in late 2003 disclose the nature of Power in the UK.

They plunged Greece, Africa and Iraq into a nightmare of Authoritarian Government proclaiming LIBERTY! They KNEW exactly what they were doing, and remain unapologetic about it.

Russel Brand said WHY he doesn't vote, rather than urging people not to vote per se.

And his intention was misrepresented. Willfully misunderstood.

I will vote Green, not because I think the Green candidate can win, but because the Green Candidate represents a humanist approach that is humane, that is kind, that is more empathic and that is practical, and I'd rather lose standing for that, than win a Pyrrhic victory claimed by excluding the Tories from Government, when in fact Government is the entirety of Parliament and Local Councils, and our acceptance of them as our Rulers, with the grass roots excluded from real decision making.

I vote for the entire community, not for my special interest,or traditional alliance.

I vote because I think on these matters, deeply and I care about all the people in this country, non excluded.

And I vote Green because I despise the political culture, in power and on the streets, that enables the protection of serial pedophiles in Church and State Institutions, the cover-ups, the wars, the profiteering, the lies.

I am not hopeful of an outcome based on one election.

I am hopeful because there is a growing awareness of all that I have indicated above, and it will continue to grow, year on year, generation on generation.

I vote thinking of long term outcomes, thinking of my grandchildren and their contemporaries.

I totally get why so many people do not vote, and I would not dare suggest to them that they are incorrect, given all that I have indicated above.

This election is 100% illegitmate BECAUSE of the cover-ups of the War Crimes, the cover-ups of priofteering and cover-ups of the sexual abuse of children by members of the Power structure (it also happens in families, the cover-ups..) has not been tackled head-on., Not by Power and not by the people at large.

The only reason we know what has been going on is because brave SURVIVORS broke the stories, again and again and again, in the face of opposition within the Police, within Councils, Schools, Churches and the great offices of State.

We all need to think and think again on this. Not least because we are adults with a core responsibility towards each others welfare that defines our very humanity. Whether we like it or not.

We need to act as mature responsible adults. Way beyond mere voting.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The UK General Election : A Survivors view.

The central issue of the most importance in this election is the elephant in the room. Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile, Kincora House, Dolphin Square et al.

We are being asked to vote for parties and civil servants that have participated in protracted cover-ups of criminally abusive, predatory sexual exploitation perpetrated by members of Tory, Labour and Liberal Parties, in association with people in positions of trust within State 'care' facilities and have yet to reveal the full details of what transpired, in spite of years of campaigning by Survivors..
This matter goes to the very heart of the UK's 'Democracy'.

It reveals, amongst other things a core corruption that must be challenged and confronted, and excised from our systems of Governance. Everything else ought to wait until this task is complete, or else we are voting for more of the same.

Here's a well thought out piece, examining the meaning of State Secrets in the light of the known cover-ups of criminally abusive behaviour and activity of powerful people, cover-ups designed to protect the State... 

"The UK regime faces a critical time as a number of public inquiries into its past behavior unfold. The undeveloped issue within these inquiries is the nature of the change they will require in the regime. There is an added urgency to these inquiries and the need for change from the news reports associated with the recent revelations concerning historical child sexual abuse (CSA) cases. The concern was of a pedophile network that operated at the heart of the UK establishment.[1] The revelations associated with that case have been stunning. Yet, what is most disturbing is the Crown’s apparent collusion in covering up the incidents."

"If the regime is using CSA to control the state and politicians, then the public need to know why and what justifies it. What regime behaves in this way? Is this the way politics and policing are conducted in the UK? If it is, then is it time for a change, not only of government, but also of a regime that tolerates it, employs, and benefits from it? If change is required, we return to an implicit question of whether such change would be sudden or gradual. If the change is occurring gradually, then it might be that the public has to wait for the change. When we consider these questions, we realize that the issue becomes a secondary one, the debate over the nature, speed, and sustainability of the change and not the originating problem."

I would strongly urge anyone concerned with UK Politcis of Power and the welfare of Children to read this piece in full.

I and the author speak not only of the children who are survivors of assaults by predatory men and women in positions of power, but also of all those children whose lives have been blighted by UK Weapons, by Foreign Policy decisions made by UK Politicians, and by much else besides.

Who will speak up for all those children?

To vote for more of the same,  whatever one's beliefs, is unconscionable.

Worse than that, it enables the predators.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What are we voting for: Police, Official Secrets, Protecting the most heinous of people because they ARE power?

Musing on Saint Patrick's Day. And what Christianity brought to our Island.

"Why the police won’t talk about Cyril Smith, child sex abuse and corruption"

Watch as the British Establishment 'manages' the Institutional 'response' to the 'allegations' of sexual exploitation and worse, of vulnerable children. By active members of Government and other high office. Covered up by the State to protect .... the State?

Are the children not of the State, then? Are they not citizens?

To protect Power, and to protect the facility of projecting that Power.


The Irish are my Family, the English are my Family, the Welsh, they are my Family, the Scots they are my Family...

The comments section is interesting. People are aware.

The article is a start....

----- Dreaming of Eire, the female godess, the mother warrior. St. Patrick, Rome and Christianity. All three ruined the dream.
"First we came for The Vatican, then we came for The Dioceses, then we came for State, and then we came for The Establishment, - The Institutions, and individual actors active in those Institutions, who clearly committed the most heinous of criminal acts, and we must meet this with our own action, to make abuse history within the grass roots, and when we are done, and we will see this through, the healing will be complete.

Speak truth, always. Listen well.

Long journey. Keep walking.

In the meantime, right about ... now!

There are no excuses. None. WE, the people cannot accept that Institutional logic. Ever.

We understand the philosophy, the psychology, the behaviour and actions of those officials who covered up. for those higher up the power chain. who had committed unspeakable crimes against vulnerable children ...... these are facts, rather than excuses. The rational is obvious - protect the image and status of the State, of Government above all other considerations.

Setting aside for a moment the principle of the fundamental and intrinsic adult responsibility to protect and nurture children, the urge to 'protect', as an institutional reaction is understandable, as pointed out above, and yet when it relates to such matters and when the truth is suppressed at such cost, this urge becomes an irrational behaviour through and through.
Because it undermines the Institutions concerned at their foundations. They have no standing whilst this is happening. And it abandons the victimised to  more trauma, more pain, more abuse.

'Twould have been better to expose the lot, at the time, and deal with the issues robustly, service justice and legislating for prevention, by education, therapy and other supports, and that would have strengthened that Institution big time, in real human terms ..... but that did not happen. Not in the UK, not at The Vatican, not in the many hundreds of Catholic and other congregations .... that is what it is. We see what they have each in turn done. 'Managed' the 'story'.

It has never happened for the many Aboriginal Societies that fell to the sword and anvil of 'progress'. There's a lot of baggage, and it must be unpacked and dealt with.

Speaking of which this article takes the behaviour of the Tony Abbott Government into the most surreal of realities.

A piece of legislation exempting certain large giant private Companies  from issuing public accounts on the basis that such details being in the public domain would expose the board members, Executives and management to kidnap threat. The law has been passed.

For certain members of the Governing Institutions, across Society, the law is a tool , it is their tool to do with as they wish. This cannot stand, not when what we know is all of what has happened on this story of abusers within Institutions that protect the abusers to protect themselves!?

What needs to happen is that the UN ought to investigate, and all whistle blowers be given the safety to reveal what they knew that was suppressed, that action be directed to identify those culpable, and where possible detain same where there is evidence based or proven allegations, investigate, report and then, in addition, all the way through the process, let the Survivors lead the story for a while....  all these adults clamouring and the children's voices remain as if mute.

What is that all about?

Possibly Stockholm Syndrome-ish at the mass level, or at least within the mainstream thought police, voters, people who still believe in the benign nature of our System and culture of Power, people just keeping it together to live a 'decent life' who can't handle the threat of the truth... it's too much for some people, for sure.

Just my way of looking at things.

Let the People hear The Survivors,let the people supports the survivors and protect the children ..... those what want to articulate in public aspects of their experience, and insight, they deserve to be heard and understood. We might learn much.

Within the mainstream, this story is of course going to be submerged by the election soap opera, sports and other news.

So my question to my readers, to all adults who vote, to those who do not: What are we all voting for?

More of the above?




Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines day, Power as an aphrodisiac, Sexual exploitation.

A key element of  Western 'civilised' or 'progressive' psychology is the mixture of sex(uality) with power, a toxic mime of empathic connection and authentic sense of self,  that is deliberately inculcated because it is so disempowering.

And the disempowered are unaware of how deeply disempowered they are.

'50 Shades of Grey' sells 100  million copies.  A small slice of the 7 billion alive to day. 

Sex sells, so it is said. The allure is strong in those whose sense of self is damaged.

And caring empathy as a practical? Lacking in Governance, in Education, in Corporate operations, in war (obviously), in economics...  leaders pay lip service to the idea, yet their actions tell a different story.

Fifty shades of child mistreatment, abuse and sexual exploitation.

British media reports on 50 shades and a growing BDSM movement, and surges practitioners to use 'safe words' ..... where were the 'safe words' for the children abused by Jimmy Savile within publicly funded Institutions?

The Iraqi people shouted 'stop!', the Libyan people shouted 'Ceasefire' and the British Government and US Government ignored their pleas,and repressed them yet again, destroying their country in the process.

David Cameron wants to impose sanctions on people who have a variety of illnesses, which he suggests are 'treatable', if they refuse the treatment offered.

Caring empathy? Far from it, he wants to push as many poor people as possible into low paid, zero contract working conditions, paying mortgage level rents to enrich the lenders..  Because that disempowers people, creates extra degrees of stress and vulnerability. Which makes resistance and dissent amongst the poor and the vulnerable less likely to be effective or widespread.

He'd and his class would rather focus on that than examine just exactly who in Politics is KNOWN to sexually exploit children, and others and he'd rather not bring the spotlight of justice and transparency to bear on that situation within his own Institutional party,   

Sex and Power.  Some people claim that knowledge of the sexual predilections of ministers and others is used by political power players to control those people, to ensure they comply. Sex and Power.

Some say The West has liberalised sexuality. They base their claim on the last 2000 years of Christian influence, and the repeal of it's odious attitudes towards humane sexuality and ignore the empathic sexuality and liberated empowered mothering found in many egalitarian cultures.

Liberated? Progressive?  The Western Powers? 

Do the people of Iraq feel liberated? Do the Survivors of clerical child sexual exploitation feel liberated?

Fifty shades, millions upon millions of victimised people.

Review - 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Is Abusive Gender Roles Disguised As Faux-Feminism

Christian Grey gets off on the power dynamic, the disparity his great wealth bestows, the disparity his age difference between himself and a young vulnerable woman bestows, rather than the sensual connection and pure love of life, of living people nurturing each other.

Valentines Day. What a load of abject twaddle.

50 Shades of Grey: a film about male power, idealising emotional abuse as sexy when it isn't

"All healthy relationships are built on respect, trust and consent - and the one at the centre of this film contains none of that."

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

What would Jesus Draw?

I would never have thought that being stranded in the centre of London, late in hours, by a Bus Strike, could be such a potent opportunity for reflection on matters topical.

As I traveled in the bus, I was thinking about ordinary folk in France, Iraq, Gaza, New York, Woolwich, in villages towns and cities around this Earth, when war comes knocking in the door.I meant knocking in. It is like that.

Wherever violence has been inflicted upon innocent civilians by warring parties, all sides irrespective of their ‘legitimacy’ will equally seek to justify that violence. At the beginning, throughout and at the end, and in their relative hagiographies/ History’s, and constantly re-enforced by their mainstream narratives, their myths. Our violence is 'good'. Theirs is 'bad'.

That act of violence from the perspective of the ordinary folk victimised in such atrocious manner. In the immediacy of that horror. Is always bad, very, very bad. and of course it is ignored. If it is mentioned, it is glossed over and an apology is issued. Sometimes compensation - shut your mouth money - is offered. Justice, never.

I considered the bus I was traveling in. What would we all feel if an explosive went off, or the bus was raked with bullets, attacking random innocents? I tried imagining the cascades of feelings, the terror, the fear, the confusion, the loss of hope, the panic, the shock that each and every person would in different ways be going through. And the pain. Utter horror. I shuddered as the bus rode on.

For each person, for every civilian harmed by violence the act is more than terrifying, it is physically horrifying, burning deep, deep into their very souls, their sense of self. To be so tortured and to see others in the same state, is for many, understandably an experience of utter helplessness. Hopelessness.

My thoughts were interrupted. The lights flicker,

The bus stops. We are at Oxford circus. The driver calls out “Last Stop! Last Stop” and flickers the lights. They go off. It’s 2.45am. I had left the event at 2.30am.

I thought “Great the journey is going well.”

“though it is late and I really need to get back home to get some sleep to be up, ready for some work at 10am…”

I walked around the corner to catch my second bus, for a 40 minute ride to where my home is.

I checked the time table and TFL on my phone. The timetable says the bus route is running. Bus in 18 minutes. Cool.

I fell back to my previous explorations of the meanings of that lived experience for those who go through it, and the consequences for their lives, and their relationships, and how it’s just not a part of the mainstream narrative on war and peace.

A huge part of the reality of both the Charlie Hebdo shootings and Falluja, of Nigeria and Boko Haram, of Chile in 1979, WWI and WWII and ….  and so on… the official history is littered with ‘great victories’, our broken lives are only of sentimental value, as ‘sacrifices’ for this cause, that flag, ‘our’ faith…

That my readers is a lot of trauma…..

Haven’t we had enough. already?

This is the appalling truth : the mainstream narrative reflexively, intentionally dilutes, sentimentalises, and compartmentalises the meaning of the lived experience of those who go through war-like violence inflicted upon them intentionally, arbitrarily simply because the violence was introduced as part of some politically driven  power struggle and that is the permitted narrative. People can side with one or the other – the meaning of the lived experience is taboo.

I noticed that my thinking was eating up the time… There was three of us at the bus stop, a few people walking in the street, frequent buses yet never the one I needed. I checked the time. It was 4pm.

“Oh dear!...”

Looks like this route is a strike route… I began to think on other options. Tube at 5.45am?  Walk to Trafalgar Square, Bus to Heathrow, Bus to home - two, possibly more hours?

I was looking at the street, imagining what it might be like to have a bomb go off or a shooting, seeing the debris, the damaged bodies, bits of bodies, people moving in shock. I shuddered. Horrible feeling.


How could anyone, anyone at all think on that and FEEL it’s meanings and not shudder, not wish to withdraw , not wish to prevent it, and how could anyone inflict THAT on innocent people?

The mainstream narrative, what some call ‘straight psycho-social reality’, ensures that what is understood by an ‘informed’ public, rather than the reality, populates and dominates all public discourse. Government routinely signals that it is un-moved by either protest or reasoned dissent. The violence continues on all sides.

The official Charlie Hebdo narrative ignores the meaning of the lived experience of one set of abused people, those who just happen to be born in  and live under the rule or ‘governance’ of their official enemies, and ignores the meaning of the lived experience those who just happen to be born in and live under the rule of oppressive regimes who are their allies. Gaza and Saudi Arabia.

This is 100% unacceptable. It is professional amoral brutal hypocrisy at every degree.

Under Rome, Reconciliation was process to 're consilo' - to bring back into the home, to return to the family of Rome (the abuser).
Vanquished Rebel Leaders would go through a ritual, where they would be publicly forgiven, welcomed back with a ritual embrace, and then ritually strangled. By the leaders suffering this, and new roman aligned leaders appointed from within the rebel community, no further reprisals would be taken against that community and the taxes would of course increase. An Heroic Sacrifice. Victor and Victim. These are the vernacular of Power. The Roman Empire was a business.

Same words, different meaning in the lived experience.

The hypocrisy of the language of power. Of ignoring the meaning of the lived experience of those upon whom such extremes of violence are inflicted. Of manipulating the lives of the dead, maimed, wound as part of a mainstream narrative,which is sectarian - "our power is good, theirs is obviously bad." when all power exercised in this way is equally amoral.

Our dead, maimed and wounded are ‘victims’, ‘sacrificed’, ‘heroes’, they are identified, given a back story. Their dead, maimed and wounded are ‘collateral damage’; they remain largely without identity. If their identity is used, it most often by Charities, seeking funding to apply expensive though most often useful sticking plasters to a sea of life threatening injuries and situations, caused largely by power psychology.

The only thing that’s true in the narrative is that there are dead, maimed and wounded everywhere. What that actually means, in each and every case, is besides the point.

The cruelty of this dominate narrative is horrific. Truly inhumane. Not healthy, at all.

The thread of violence is what weaves the Emperors clothes. You have to pretend that thread is something other than what it is, and that it shines, and exudes power and glory. That is the mainstream narrative.

By mainstream I include the news media, and I include as part of it all that core psychology of Power as a psycho-social narrative that has lived meaning.

The Naked Bully.

Not the naked ape.

The Bully. Learned behaviour.

And all the bully can think of is how to manipulate the lives of those who died, who were maimed, wounded and traumatised or who witnessed what took place in a small office in Paris, in ways that will enhance his or her power.

On all sides, they all do it.

The bully culture. 

There’s a man at the bus stopping acting strangely. He’s heaving these massive sighs, moving erratically, subdued shouts, dancing like a boxer.

“What time is it, and where is that bus?”

I gave up, and walked to the tube station. It was 5.15. The station doors open at 5.30, and at least I will be warm. 

The newspaper headlines are sickening. They miss the point. I read them only to understand how they are doing what they are doing, how people might be influenced by that and what is the best response to rebut all that?

I got home eventually for 7.55am. Yeah. Not a 40 minute ride. One line delayed as over night work over ran. Another held back for ages due to a ‘signal failure’.

Signal failure. That’s what the prevailing Official narrative on war, terror and reality is.

A massive signal failure.

An easy one to fix.

If one tells the truth without fear or favour. What would Jesus draw?

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

Friday, 9 January 2015

Free Speech is a Social and personal Responsibility, it is not a propaganda truism.

Free speech is a responsibility, and the primary responsibility inherent in free speech is to speak truthfully.

A healthy family, community or Society treasures honesty and fairness in all matters.
We have a personal and collective responsibility be honest and fair because we do live together and our action or inaction affects each other,and feeds into the future to affect lives of people as yet unborn.

This responsibility is a constant. It is a fundamental standard. It's the very essence of adult maturity.

Free Speech is a social and personal responsibility, a response ability; we must not let it be sullied by those who are turning it into a propaganda truism, with an ideological agenda.

The men who took their guns into the offices of a French satirical magazine and murdered those people showed nothing other than their own deep and ugly dysfunction. Their actions cannot be defended or qualified or 'explained away'. They are utterly wrong. They are extreme bullies. It was not an attack on free speech. It was an attack on humanity, on humane values and on innocent people. It was and is terrorism.

Yet one has to challenge the manner in which the idea of free speech being undermined by these attacks is being used as a tool to drive deeper divisions amongst the grass roots of Society and to mask the realities of State terrorism. It's not that simple.
When the mainstream media and Government can prove to me that they are speaking truthfully, then the concept of free speech might have some real material meaning and value.

When mainstream media and Government actively support Survivors of many kinds of abuse in their desire for justice and resolution, by releasing all the files they have on various matters, ranging from colonisation to pedophile rings operating within Institutions, corporate lobbying that finances political parties and influences their decision making for commercial purposes, through to covert military operations, torture programs initiated and maintained by Governments and much else besides, then free speech might have some meaning.
As it is, people's emotions are being intentionally manipulated into supporting a false meme, into portraying free speech as an active process that defines this so called ' Western Democracy' as practiced by Power, which is, if we are honest enough to admit it, the deliberate propaganda of a power structure that is willing to exercise extreme violence to retain, enhance and expand it's power over people and land.

It is blatantly obvious that 'Free Speech' in this context is of the same calibre as 'Bringing Freedom and Democracy' on the backs of a Military invasion, when it comes to how Power actually operates.

Ask the Survivors of the Parliamentary pedophile ring, of Jimmy Savile where their free speech was, when they reported crimes committed upon their minds, bodies and souls, to UK Police forces, and were dismissed, ignored or intimidated.

Ask the young women of Rotherham where their free speech was when they reported crimes committed against them?

Ask the Iraqi relatives of the 350,000 children under the age of 15 who died extremely violently in Iraq between 2003 and 2006 how their free speech was nurtured by the 'bringers of Democracy' and the Western media.

350,000 Children who died in 'counter insurgency' initiated by the occupying powers, after they had annulled local elections held successfully all over Iraq in late 2003 and early 2004, once Saddam and his power structure was deposed, a counter insurgency which was aimed at destroying Indigenous multi-cultural Iraqi Nationalism, which produced the successful elections that undermined the occupying powers unspoken intent. A counter insurgency that traumatised an entire country, and from which the likes of IS have emerged.

Ask the aboriginal peoples around the world where their free speech or their cultures and land tenures that pre-date the creation of State systems are being respected.

It must also be said that deliberately goading someone, in order to stimulate their anger is not free speech, it is antagonism; just as the antagonised violently attacking someone who has goaded them is not free speech.

Both are equally irresponsible and avoidable actions. Neither is driven by a real need, in human terms.

Those who antagonise others with an ideological agenda behind it do not deserve violence served against them. They need help. They need to be confronted with the negativity of their behaviour through rational and honest discourse intended to nurture understanding.

The appropriate human response to any abuse of free speech must be honesty, clarity and fair mindedness, not violence.

Those who would stoop to violence to get their way, to serve their agenda need to be exposed and stopped from being bale to act out their violence. I doubt that there is much that can be done to help those who are truly predatory, mercenary or professionally violent.

Such violence is psychologically immature.

The intentional manipulation of peoples emotions is predatory.

Do not fall for it.

Think For Yourself, Question Authority.

Don't make it up. Be honest and fair, above all else.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe