Friday, 23 October 2009

Responses to the Swine Flu Immunisation Program Now Underway....

Here's a short video outlaying some of the reasons, legal and moral, for dissenting from the current Governance view that mass vaccination 'against'  the swine flu virus must progress.

I'd like to share a few thoughts on the video and the issues around it..... it's all about immunity or  putting it another way, healthful ways of responding to and of handling toxicity.

Fact : Bacteria and Virus' are present in pathology. We know that they also feed on unhealthy material, or the by products of ill-health - in fact they metabolise those by-products for us. As they do all over nature.

Fact : There is no prima facie evidence to prove that either bacteria or virus cause pathology. Only theories.

Fact : there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the very way of life, including the psychological core of that way of life, creates pathology, toxicity and does so in ways that nature cannot metabolise.

Which is why, I avoid all processed foods, eat only trusted organic, fresh produce.... forgo most 'body products'  and 'household cleaners'for natural oils ...I eat as natural, and as clean as I can. If you can start a garden next spring, go for it. Common sense says what body is expecting is within safe range. What it is not expecting is potentially  toxic. As we see.

Being in muck/nature is good for the immune system as is getting dirty (yes, that too!), as are scratches and a little physical stress from time to time. We are of Earth.

oh! Please say hi to your body - it's a self organising bag of bacteria, and geuss what - those bacteria know what they are doing: all we do is feed the bacteria.... and when you 'get' this you can start to experience and communicate in new/old ways with those wonderful cells, individually and collectively, that know what they are doing. And they love doing what they do! They also respond to ones intentionality and 'presence' towards their efforts on your behalf.

Listening, observing without judgement is always the best foundation, to oneself honestly, at depth, ease-fully.

Like all of modernity, disease is a symptom, and unless we deal with causes, we will always have symptoms.

Thus we must also deal with those values of the system of dominance that we ourselves have internalised, we must understand the process of conditioning and link the exposing of it, including the fundamentally criminal intent dressed up in rethoric, with one's own personal stories (embarrassing as them might appear at first to be)  as much as others, to all emergent dissent as much as we must physically and non-violently face down those who wage war, force vaccinate etc etc.

It is the psychological core of that system of dominance. The process of internalising the values of the system under the duress of marketing, propaganda, the need to 'earn a living', the /seduction/threat of a good job/bad job even at very young ages.....

From the point of view of Power our compliance is founded on that.

Break that and the system breaks within. Each of us can bring our own story, our own experience to bear on this. Add to the data of primary experience. There is no one size fits all to nature, life 'adapts' or 'responds' (the former to survive, the latter to thrive) to precise variations in local micro climate as much as changes in the macro climate. That's the nature of self-organising - it's fundamental to life. It's innate.

And understand that the systems main tactic in thwarting the emergent healing is to make those who show the signs of distress feel responsible, feel 'wrong', feel 'fated', feel a 'karmic' sense to their distress when in fact it was the system that they were born into and found themselves within which creates the kinds of conditions that many feel intolerable and are willing to show or otherwise unable to hide from us their truth.

Such labels as 'schizophrenic' or 'bipolar' or 'ADHD' serve this function. As does shame in peer group pressure. As does existential guilt in monotheism.

They make us feel bad about ourselves, in order that we never get out of that series of mini-hells, in order that we go shopping to aleiviate the pain, go on holiday to aleiviate the pain, marry 'mr. right'/mrs.right' to aleviate the pain.... and in many other ways.

Same will apply to this flu vaccines - 'good injected citizens' and 'bad citizens' - earmarked for future roles.... they will seek to make us feel bad to undermine ourselves, and to keep those who still doubt, feeling like we are bad and wrong...

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