Monday, 25 March 2019

Brexit, Abuse Relationship dynamics and evidence based policy design.

Someone else came up with this.

"If you are in a relationship where the other person has been lying to you to make you distrust and cut yourself off from all others, that is a pattern of behaviour consistent with coercive control.

They are trying to isolate you so that you have no one to turn to, they want you to be vulnerable to their controlling behaviour for their benefit only.

Trust me once this has worked things will not improve.

If this other person is a Government .... the same applies."

This best describes the processes of political manipulation we are witness to in Brexit.

A paper trail, the money, and the evidence is clear.

A second vote, as some are calling for,  reaffirms the validity of the first vote - this is a logical error.

The first vote was illegitmate, the proposition was flawed, deliberately so.

The acceptance of Red Bus Lies at Face Value indicates an institutionalised deceit. The repeated publishing of false stories and misleading narratives indicates a well funded, well resourced campaign. Intent.

The correct response to such deceit would be to Revoke Article 50, and to then arrest all the politicians on the public wage who lied, the editors who published who repeated lies, the writers and pundits who misled, all those who manipulated people's fears, insecurities, biases and prejudices for political advantage.

We also need to draft new legislation preventing MPs from lying, misleading or any other act of willful deceit - with a ten year imprisonment minimum sentence. If MPs do not fact check themselves, they are abusing their privilige. Deter them from such action.

The outcome we need is more democratic honesty, zero tolerance for lies in matters of Governance, regulation and civil policy and a public focus on evidence based social and environmental policy that is responsive to the dynamics of social progress...

The Power Inquiry outlined how.

We need to get on with it.

Our children need us to do this.

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