Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Dr. Strangelove? I presume!


Last week it was reported in various mainstream and internet media that NATO is officially on pre-emptive nuclear strike alert status, as is Russia and Israel. NATO includes the US, France and the UK and other 'states'.

Does anyone really suppose that China takes a different approach? or India, Pakistan, N. Korea? yeah, right!

Well, it’s not news to me.

I have been following this nuclear stuff all my life, I recall my family lookin' over bunker designs in the 70s, and that was in Ireland! We really did think about building one in West Cork where we lived at the time, as there are some US radio listening stations based there...

I also recall the 'fall' of the Berlin wall and all that talk of the 'peace' dividend, you know now that the cold war had 'ended', all that money that was being used to 'fight' the 'cold war' could be used for peaceful purposes. And we bought that idea, didn't we? Yes, we believed the newspapers. But to tell ya the truth, I do not recall ever having been informed that the nukes were actually ‘stood down’... did I miss that meeting?

What we do know for certain is that while the actual number of warheads has been reduced, the relative strength of those ‘fewer’ war heads has conversely actually increased….. to whit if ONE Trident Type Missile landed on London, London would VANISH, Woooooooooooooooosh! 20 million people vapourised in less time than it takes to say wooooooooooooooooooosh!.

Gone before the sound happened!

And the fall-out and subsequent fire-storm would incinerate all the home counties. At least.


There’s no underground bunker for you or me, is there? And not much for those in middle management positions of our much vaunted 'democratic' civilian infrastructure either, I'll bet.

The entire UK and most of Europe would be devastated forever. Not to mention what would occur elsewhere........... *shudders*

All of this one hair trigger away. It is that close.

In the 1970s this was called MAD.

Mutually Assured Destruction.

Which meant if one gos, we all go, so don’t go. ok? ok!

Nobody went for it.

There's been a few close calls..

Just a side note about 'deterrent'. The US State Military never had one.

The others all developed theirs to deter the US State from doing a Hiroshima.

Did you know that in the 1980s George Herbert Bush, father of George Walker Bush, told a reporter, on camera, that the US Government reckoned that there’d be enough American People (carefully selected American People) to survive (approx 200,000) such an ‘incident’ and continue...and that they (the chosen few) had a ‘good plan’ with a 'good chance' of it was ok to go for it, he said, if need be!

I have seen this reportage on film and it is real.

Rumsfeld, and the rest of those mad idiots who invaded Iraq to 'bring democracy and freedom' to the Iraqi people, were of course part of Bush Seniors Administration that came up with these mad scenarios of 'success'!

Too much bible studies if you ask me. Or a lousy childhood with very strange parents. Whatever it was, it's now clear that we are all threatened with extinction and that these utterly insane fools are unlikely to do anything to minimise that threat.

And as for Gordon "Trident Missile" Brown and his friends, well they are blatantly worse than useless, and are lining themselves up for some very lucrative part-time jobs once they've finished wrecking Iraq, Afhganistan and whatever other country is deemed 'evil'.

Not to mention what they will do to the United Kingdom over the coming years! They are hell-bent on privatising education, prisons, health-care and expanding nuclear power all at our expense and that's going to cost a hell of a lot..........

I tend to look at it like this : If you're a fatalist, or a religious nut, well you'll just keep on doing whateva, it really does not matter, but if you care, if your children matter to you at all, if you have any passion for life whatsoever then you'll WAKE UP, GET ACTIVE and you'll START TODAY! Surely?

my Depleted Uranium Song :

Babies Born


Monday, 28 January 2008

Racism or Power?

This weekend I took part in an Ayahuasca Ceremony, spent a good few hours in the company of a very good friends friends, most of whom were born in Africa, earn more than 20 times what I earn annually, who now live in Europe and who I discovered drink heartily and laugh with gusto.

They also love their children deeply, and indeed the wee ones were running all over the place until quite late, all very happy in the company of some tipsy adults.

I also dj'd at a fine squat party, One Drop 2 Far, and did the sound for an afternoon and evening of empowering and very fine acoustic music and poetry in an Organic Cafe in Londons Camden Town.

Quite a weekend! Has to be done, every now and again. Usually there's some excellent learning involved in these kinds of weekends for me.

One of the discussions I had over the course of this weekends activities was with a Zimbabwean, who grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe, was educated there in one of their elite schools and we talked about what was going on, politically and economically, in his home country and he helped me see something I had not quite sussed.

That the European Colonialists were not necessarily racist, and that they interacted and integrated with the local African power elites and worked their indigenous Power systems in their exploitation of Africa. Power talked to Power and shared the spoils of exploitation.

In a word, what's happening in Zimbabwe with regard to Mugabe and the take-over for white owned farms, for example, has more to do with power and control of wealth than it has to do with racism.

Furthermore, my new found friend is currently living in Dublin, and he has met and seen more racism in Ireland than anywhere else in his life (and he has been in Ireland only a few years!)

I remember back in the 70's and 80's being part of the anti-apartheid movement and focusing upon that issue in South Africa. Racism was the issue that seemed to be at the core of the problem. Being Irish in London in those days, I could identify with the racism issue. And so I was somewhat exercised about this issue in relation to South Africa.

When Mandela was released, and black South Africa's marched to power, we were jubilant. We were deeply impressed with the black Africans willingness to not shed blood in revenge for all that they had suffered. We were optimistic. We believed that we could see the future. That it would involve white and black, walking hand in hand. into a bright and peaceful future.

What we did not know was that very little was going to change. What we did not realise that the underlying issue was not about racism.

We did not understand that the issue of racism, while a real issue, was a cover for the root problem. And the root  problem is the same old, same old. That there are those who hold and control power, and that power has everything to do with money and wealth and that those who hold that power and wealth are more than ready to abuse, violate and destroy anything that threatens their power. Including you and I. And our children.

Bullies with Weapons. Trickle down violence.

And they know that if they give people other problems to focus upon, that they can hang onto their power. And yes, of course racism is a problem, a dysfunctional learned behaviour, as is sexism or age-ism or religion -ism. Those kinds of problems are due mostly to conditioning. Asking who controls the conditioning and why the do so leads to understanding that the conditioners have much to fear from all the people, especially if they unite - men and women, black and white, parents and children......

And thus those issues are as nothing compared to the central issue of who holds power, who exercises power and what interests those people serve, because without the conditioning those issues would fade away as people find their commonalities. And identify their common enemy.

Concentrated centralized paranoid power.

And so it is that the War Against Terrorism, the War Against Drugs, The Fight against Cancer, The Fight Against Racism are all really non-wars, they are powerful distractions designed to direct ones attention from the fact that Power works with Power, and terrorises it's opponents (for profit).

That a Pharmaceutical Medication is proffered (for profits)in place of healthy life-styles or preventative health care, the fact that cancers' true causes (stress and toxins) are ignored and surgical removal or chemical poisoning of infected body tissue is offered (for profits), Racial Equality is mooted, Affirmative Action is undertaken while at the same time segregation-ism and ghetto-isation policies are pursued with vigour, and the indigenous poor are pitted against refugee immigrants by giving the refugee immigrants enhanced benefits whilst pursuing punitive policies and taxation against the indigenous poor, and so on....................

Things ain't ever what they seem, are they? Until you look into things a little, or have a chat with someone who's been there.

There are no black children, there are no white children, there are no brown children, there are only children.

And their parents.

Who can nurture or abuse them.

Just like Governments. And Teachers, Priests, Doctors, Gurus, etc., etc.

Finally, it occurred to me that the purpose of racism, from the point of view of Power, is to enable through false attribution, to de-humanise one 'vulnerable' group of people so that another group of people (who might be likely to usurp the Power if they knew what was really happening) are more easily led to persecuting that 'other' identified group willy nilly. Thus Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Poles and Intellectuals in Nazi Germany. Irish, Jamacian, Pakistani, 'Chavs' and Muslims in Modern Britain.

The good news is that these kinds of conditioning break down when people are left to their own devices. And that's the key - building lives that are independent of the system of power.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

My Muse, She Is Cross!

Last week I had a vision, a visual articulation of the core concepts I have been working through, in some detail, over the past year or so. These ideas have been part of my life since 1986, when  an elder sister gave me a book entitled "The Roots of Violence : For Your Own Good" written by Alice Miller.

Up to that point in my life I was quite unaware of what my traumatised 'upbringing' really meant.

Upon reading the book, I was reassured and encouraged by it's core thesis and even though I had barely the faintest glimmering of the work I was to undertake, the various paths I would follow, some frustratingly nebulous, some utterly pointless, some toxic, some fruitfully, through all parts of the process of reclaiming myself, of reuniting little Corneilius with his essence in such a manner as to allow the process of natural healthy maturation to occur, so that big Corneilius could really be.

A process that is still underway.

In this excellent book, Alice Miller demonstrates and articulates the painful yet undeniable truth, that children are exploited by adults for ideological, religious, commercial, psychological and emotional purposes and that there remains a societal taboo against facing this truth. The parents are constantly let off the hook, as are the governments, the corporations, the leaders. The victims must bear the trauma.

In this lies the basis for war, greed, insecurity and cruelty that is so prevalent in our adult 'civilised' world.

The wounded child becomes the wounding adult. It is that simple. And though it ranges from subtle to gross, from Hitlers monstrous acts facilitated by millions of complicit adults to nagging, clinging parents, and nagging, demanding children at the supermarket check-out, the effect of the totality of this spectrum is the pretty much the same at both ends.

Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Poverty.

Celebrity, Consumerism, Corrupt Politicians, Profit.

They are one and the same.

And so it goes that we create the future in how we live with and treat our children.

My Muse in the vision is the Statue of Liberty, She is the Statue of Blind Justice, and She does not stand proud and haughty with a flaming torch and a book, nor does She hold a sword and scales, She is standing over the actions and behaviours of men and women alike, and with her hands on her hips, She is angry, She is assertive and aggressive, She is shouting :


Because SHE CARES for the children above all, she is the Children's Advocate, their Enlightened Witness and her fury is just, it is natural and it is healing.

She seeks to STOP THE HARM, to STOP THE HARM NOW! She seeks to forever break the cycle of abuse, of exploitation more than she seeks to punish.

That does not mean she will let the exploiter, the abuser off the hook. She is the enlightened witness.

Her unconditional love, her advocacy requires a full accounting and she demands remorse, and if remorse is not reached for, then she commands that the exploiter steps away from the child. Immediately.

"Stop!" She cries.

And what Humanity needs right now, what so many of our children, billions of children, need right now is a few hundred million women and a few hundred million men to be that muse, to be that advocate and enlightened witness, to be that fierce mother tiger and her stout, sturdy companion.

Women like Alice Miller, Helen Caldicott are my role models, my inspiration. Men like Carl Rogers, Paolo Friere are my role models, my inspiration. There are many more.

Some are my friends, who are this very day, working through their own childhood, whilst learning to listen to, and to nurture their own children. Many are of course unknown to me. Perhaps they are known to you. Perhaps you are one of them.

They exist, in their millions, across all societies. These are the heroes who will do more to assure a healthy, humane, sane and nurturing future for all children, for all of the time.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Opening Gambit

Hello...... Corneilius here.......

starting a new online blog,

since my other blogs are at myspaz and facebonk and only users of those services can read/comment on them, so now it's time to open up a little to the rest of the weird wild world.

I feel the need, the urge to join hands.

Because we are in deep trouble my friends, deep deep doo-doo.

Oh yes indeedy.

So deep that it's almost laughable that we are so relaaaxed about it all.

I mean it's gotta be a very poor joke to be able to say that the 'most intelligent species on earth' is that close, a hair trigger away from annihilating itself, and everything else on planet Earth, and that risk factor is through potential stupidity as much than any other factor....

Apart from rampant cruelty, institutional avarice,  psychological insecurity and institutional psychopathology.

Oh I almost forgot  -  collective woundedness of entire populations and the understandable myopia of people living under an indoctrination of oppression.

All of which are the proud achievements of 'western civilisation'!

Who was it that said "Western Civilisation would be a good idea."

Not a funny joke, yet to accept it  as a given makes clear thinking appear to be the party pooper.

And all of it so avoidable, so unnecessary!

That's what gets me the most.

The utterly pointless unpleasantness of 'western civilisation'!

Where's the happiness, the joy, the nurturant background in all of this? huh?

Why are we so fearful?

I am. Most of us are, at some level.

Let us not deny it!

I cannot fool me, because I am one of us, I am just like you and I too have lived most of my wounded life corralled by fears, small and large, quivering and blubbering in the recesses of my mind, beneath the layers of distraction with which I amuse myself with......

Forgive me, but really I ought to be the one asking myself that question, not you.

I'd be very, very interested to hear what you find by way of answers to that question, yourself.

What we share will enrich us all, that is how nature works. Nature never hoards.

And that is, and will continue to be, the point of this particular blog, to share, to empower and to stimulate that research, so that each and everyone of us gets beyond those fears and gets active, assertively so, on behalf of all life, on behalf of the nurturant background of biological being-ness.


Because when my beautiful daughter emerged out of her mothers womb, two strong feelings struck me immediately.

The first was how utterly beautiful and full of love both she and her mother appeared and felt to me at that moment, a love that had less to do with me, and more to do with the gifted-ness of life itself. An immense planetary presence of love.

The second was how completely inadequate I felt in terms of providing a safe future for either of them. This was a combination of inexperience with the nature of birth and of death, underpinned by a sense of the impending annihilation that has pervaded my conscious life to some degree. I am of the Nuclear War means having a bunker in the garden in generation.

The first of these has pretty much stayed that way, as has the latter, sad to say.

How I wish I could today assure my daughter that she and her grandchildren will live lives of beauty, lives of joy, full lives, replete and joyous lives that nature has prepared them for, and that I did all I could to ensure that that nature was not at all interfered with, so that they could truly inherit this life as a gift.

And that is what drives my work to empower each of us so that those who would seek power over us fail at every step of the way. This is what drives my passion for understanding and working with nature, for nature is our life giver, and having given us this life, be assured that nature knows how to make it work - just take a look at the natural environment for it's diversity and richness - there is nothing a human being can even imagine doing that comes anywhere near that for beauty and skill!

And so with that thought, I banish my fear and stride into the light and say -

"OK! this stops now!" to all those whose behaviour threatens or harms the children of life.

Come and join me.

I could do with the company.