Thursday, 24 November 2016

The core responsibility of Healthy Governance.

When it comes to Governance, that is to say the administration of a community's shared resources - for example, taxation, which everybody contributes to - opinions are inadequate as a basis for decision making.

Only the data, the evidence, all of it, the whole picture, all that is reliable, available and assesed quantitatively and qualitatively can be utilised to meet the requirements of effective, just and sustainable Governance.

Miss out any one part of that available data, evidence or picture, for any reason or bias and we will generate problematic policies. That much ought to be rather obvious.

This is the discipline required, and frankly, too few people, anywhere, are prepared to exert that discipline on behalf of the entire community to deliver genuine equity.

Taking ideological or religious 'sides', the left/rightism of political discourse are all based on fundamental biases that will omit or ignore or play down any evidence that challenges their core beliefs. News Media and Schooling all function to embed these biases, in that they are top down, hierarchies of information.

That is immature, and honestly it is an abysmal failure, of due diligence and duty of care. We are all part of this problem.

I do understand that bias emerges in any system where forms of hierarchical violence are perpetuated and 'sides' within that structure groom people as 'supporters'.

To me, from my perspective, the 'sides' are irrelevant, a distraction.

I think the millennials get this in a way that previous generations do not.

They all grew up watching the adults around them allow a war against other young people their age, in other countries, be prosecuted .... in Iraq and Afghanistan..

.. and that showed them the immaturity of the adults around them who failed to confront the bullies in Power, the bullies in the media, the bullies in executive roles across society and as a direct outcome people, millions of people died and were maimed and traumatised, entire civilian structures destroyed.

Because we failed them.

I am 57.

I am of that generation.

They are rightfully appalled at that.

We should be ashamed of that at the least, and we should be honest about this.

We should be doing what we can, where we can, to remove that shame, by being honest, by taking no side but the truth (the available evidence in full) and to do that we need to up our game, seriously, to meet the duty we owe all the children, across the world, each and every one of us, as adults.... and get involved, get informed, get real.

We fund Government. We are paying for it. Those bombs are our bombs, and where they fall is our responsibility. Indeed it goes without saying that they ought not fall at all, even if they exist.  That they exist at all  speaks volumes. A bomb is a bullies extension , a mechanism to project power through murder and destruction.

The millennial's know this. Imagine how frustrating it must be to have parents who refuse to look at and see this.

The 'generation gap' is a culture gap. The difference between a culture acclimatised to violent bullying and a culture that refuses to bully.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Grooming Culture of Hierarchical Power in Industrial Militarised Cultures.

If I have a personal feeling or sense of identification towards a celebrity, a flag, a state, a company or any other entity that is presented to me for consumption, then I have probably been successfully groomed.

"The grooming (gaslighting) of human vulnerability is one of most vile things any human being can do to another."

These are all internalised values - referring to the fact that the values originate from outside us, and we take them in, we integrate them to such extent, largely through habituation, that they become part of who we sense ourselves to be.

No more Heroes.

No more Saints.

Organised Religion, and Hierarchies of Power, Violence and Wealth are all grooming experts.

They have to be.

Bullies retain dominance by violence or deceit, by creating artificial power disparities, and exploiting them.

Grooming Gangsters.

Brexit and the recent US Elections were both adept well resourced grooming exercises where evidence was routinely ignored on all sides, and people were deliberately triggered on both sides, on all sides, in order to exploit the people's emotional reactions for political advantage.

Gammon vs Traitor, Boomer vs Millennial,  Alpha Male vs Feminazi, Alt-Right vs Leftie, Capitalist vs Communist.... we all fell for it, didn't we? We used these terms in our conversations, and spat them out as petty hatreds that allowed us to vent our frustrations at our political impotence.

Healthy human beings do not do this,  nor do healthy egalitarian cultures do 'celebrity.'

Lady Gaga speaking for Hilary Clinton. Really?

It was a performance, an epic moment of careful grooming.

I thought  and felt that it was utterly appalling. I felt that it was ugly behaviour being normalised because few were willing to call it ugly.


It might be a difficult thing to do, it was for me, to separate and remove these internalisation's that become part of one's sense of self, but I know this - they are undermining my true self, my emergent self and they are not healthy.

As a good friend put it, "Identity pegged to the pathology of an illusion."

All dehumanisation is based on grooming.  All grooming is dehumanised.

All celebrity likewise.

The existence of the British Monarchy is a prime example of grooming strategies utilised by a power structure.

Take a good look at why the Parliament brought the Monarchy back. (To unite the nation.... to give the ordinary folk, who were in much distress, something to rally behind, to shut them up) or refer back to Magna Carta and the reasons behind the deal made, which both sides abrogated as soon as they could, for very different reasons. Magna Carta had nothing to do with the rights of ordinary humans.

The King as a necessary uniting device.

"For God, King and Country."

How many millions have gone to their deaths, and worse, have participated in slaughter of innocents, with that call reverberating in their minds?

This kind of institutional grooming enables the few to gather the resources of the many, and then claim they are somehow better than then many (because they have hoodwinked them with violence and craft) and so ought hold that wealth to themselves, no matter what the cost to the majority.

The New Age.

New Age Grooming - take the concept of a personal 'spirit animal', for example.

Who claims a slug as theirs, or a rat, or a pigeon or any of the common animals in urban areas? The animals we live with?


Spirit Animals in animist cultures were about the animals those people lived with, animals they observed, animals the knew well, and the idea of spirit animal as part of their understanding of those animals and themselves in that situation. Totally inappropriate to the urban dweller in the industrial civilisation.

Useless, other than as an entertainment.

And people make lots of money out of it.

"Everything happens for a reason!"

Exploitation. But let's not mention that, let's pretend it is The Universe moving in mysterious ways. God. Learning to live with abuse drives people out of their minds, their hearts, their souls.

It is also a distraction from the issues, personal and communal, that we face.

That distraction is essential to avoid the awareness of exploitation.

Infatuation, 'pulling', seduction, any gift that has an expectation of an outcome, any lobbyists bribe, the ethics of predatory sex, pick up merchants, etc ... all grooming.

Grooming is one of the core dynamics of this 'civilisation' - those who refuse are murdered in their millions.

Grooming is a behaviour pattern known only in hierarchically violent societies.

Grooming gangsters.

The vast majority of pre-conquest cultures that were/are egalitarian hold the autonomy of the person/spirit to be utterly sacred.

They saw and understood that living organisms are all autonomous - they grow their own way.

They understood that they could hunt and eat, but not interfere with their lives apart from that, without causing serious damage to that species and to their own sustainability.

No healthy society hunts prey to extinction, neither do natural predators.

If it does happen there is always a chronic stressor interjecting.


Most were gardeners, then gatherers, then hunters. In that order, which is logical

You know your world, You see plants and seeds and you assist that to assure food supply, the rest is working with the seasons.

The image of the savage wild hunter, the alpha male 'ug ug'  man competing for position, with females seeking the best competitor is also a culturally dishonest narrative, a mater of grooming, there is no reliable evidence for that assumption.

Grooming is targeting known vulnerabilities to enable exploitation.

Trump excelled in this election in that regard.

So too Nigel Farage.

Jimmy Savile. Cyril Smith. Tens of thousands of clerics.

Media advertising geared to what is called 'aspirational marketing' where the message is if you buy this you will be cool, or if you don't you won't.


The objection to the marketing we see every day in the Tube system is a genuine concern. Is your body 'beach ready'?

Seduction and Education : role reversals in an Institutional setting.

The original meaning of the word seduction is to 'lead away from'... Trump seduced millions. Farage seduced Millions. Blair seduced millions.

In an ironic contrast 'educare' the root of 'Education' means 'to be present at the birth of', as in the role of a good mid wife.

The healthy midwife does not alter the child's psyche. Education, when it is compulsory, totally alters the child's psyche. It is a seduction.

It is a seduction, bur with coercion behind it.  Reward, sanction, test, failure.

Alice Miller noticed that there was no commandment, amongst the ten that Christianity acclaims, which directed folk to honour the child. A serious omission indeed, and this omission is at the heart of the issues we are dealing with.

To honour the child, one must never break the child's boundaries or usurp his or her true self and autonomy.

"All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children."

The entire structure of hierarchical power rests on the breaking of these lines, those boundaries as a normative.

Austerity cuts are hitting Women and Children across the world, as people are being groomed to accept it as necessary, by dehumanising the vulnerable, lying about the outcomes and dismissing the evidence.

This too is grooming.

ALL WAR IS CHILD ABUSE - all child abuse is war.

Examine the grooming of the British people who did not want to go to war in WWI, or the American people either for that matter.

Examine the grooming in Hitler's Germany, observe it in Japan at the same time.

Colin Powell with a vial of white powder, an authority shouting 'Boogie Man!"

We who are serious about contributing to the welfare of all our contemporaries and all our descendants must get to grips with this, at the personal, institutional and collective levels. Rapidly.
We will only find the truths in this by ruthlessly honest reflection. It cannot be explained in ways that replace it being experienced.

Our attachments and unresolved insecurities will block that.

So don't be too hard or harsh on ourselves, let us take the time to go deep, as we take action.

It is a life's work.

It is good work.

It is love in action.

And so it goes.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Fake news, bullying, indoctrination and politics.

New York Mag article on FAKE NEWS SITES.

They do not include the mainstream media that LIED to the hilt to promote the War of Aggression against Iraq, the supreme War Crime, in that it contains all others...

That media activity is and was a War Crime.

Period. No exception, no excuses.

Everyone who wrote for that war is a war criminal.

It is one of the largest co-ordinated institutional bullying operations of recent years, if not the largest.

The data and evidence that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, or was not harbouring Islamic Terrorists planning waves of terrorism, or was in any way, shape or form a threat to the UK or the USA was widely available.

The mainstream media ignored all this. They printed fake shit, day in day out. They still do.

The writers, editors and owners understood that they could get away with the criminal activity they were engaged in because they knew that a majority of people believe what they read in officially approved text books, such as we use in school, and in Scriptures. It's called indoctrination.

Here's the psycho-social background.

We spend years in school, coerced into reading texts, and regurgitating them to get exam results, (with the threat that unless we conform we will be impoverished all our lives and live as rabble) and that 12 years of institutional bullying trains people to not use critical analysis, pattern observation, detail examination; just to repeat as directed.

Add to that the knowledge that a majority of people see politics as corrupt and unresponsive (an accurate perception) just as the schools are corrupt and unresponsive, (most people are unwilling to acknowledge this) and you get the heady cocktail of a power establishment that bullies so much that most people are de-sensitised to all but the most extreme and obvious forms of bullying, and a significant percentage tend to be bullies within their own lives and work, more often if they ever assume positions of relative power that generates high income.

This article shows, in some detail, the dynamics of political institutional bullying and it also reveals much about how the personal is political.

Readers will have epiphanies as they explore it. You will see aspects of your own life experience detailed. It might even be a healing experience.

Anyone discussing politics who does not zero in on the bullying is self disabling, self dis-empowering and 100% unable to deal with the situation.

Whatever one's leaning, (left, right, center, green, blah, blah, blah) if we do NOT discuss the bullying FIRST, the rest of our conversation is futile.

Talk about economics - zero in on the bullying, the rest will fall into place.

Talk about environment - zero in on the bullying, the rest will fall into place.

Avoid the issue of bullying and that guarantees that the bullying continues - look at what happens in our state school system. That's a prime example of 'environmentalists' missing a key pollutant that alters the psychology of the entire grass roots.

So yeah, Bullying. Deal with it or be bullied, that is the fundamental reality, as individuals and as collectives.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

*If you like this post, if you found the themes resonant, if you agree in part, would you be kind enough to let others know about it? I would really appreciate that. You could drop a comment too, if you felt the urge. Or not. I will moderate contributions, and block any that are abusive. For obvious reasons. Thank you for reading.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Indoctrination (education/media) as a political tool of oppression.

I said it before. I write it again.

An electorate that is presented with a caricature of reality who accept it at face value is unqualified to vote.

Governance of the public weal demands evidence, not personalities and our opinions about things we do not have full knowledge of.

Wounded Knee

The REAL reason for the American Revolution was not to do with 'no taxation without representation' or 'tea'.

It was to break a legal standard that European powers were creating that recognised indigenous nations polities and land tenures as being of equal standing in Law with European States.

The 'land owning' elites of the colonies had already established dynastic lines of dominance and wanted to take all the land 'from sea to shining sea' which was 'occupied' by many tens of millions of native peoples and their cultures... to build a new Empire.

Manifest Destiny they called it and still call it, only now it applies to the entire globe.

So they broke from Europe... and then started to plan how to take the lands they wanted....

forced assimilation or death


Treaties, small pox blankets, small homesteaders (who were formerly indentured workers), outright slaughter, forced assimilation, planned from the very beginning, maintained for 400 years... still operating today @ #NoDAPL

And all through it the native peoples repeatedly tried to sue for peace... warfare as a Native response was minor by comparison (despite the implications of all those 'westerns' we were all raised upon) to the murderous behaviour of the US State.

And the truth is few Americans get this. 

And the elites created the base for institutional racism, through media of papers, pamphplets and churches, to ensure that the slaves and the natives, the demonised, dehumanised, would be treated as less than human.

That is a feat of social programming comparable to Christians and their bible, Islam and the Quran, Judaism and The Torah, and Zionism.

These are all tools of Power.


And the tactic of taking one groups land and then making a peace treat with the next group westwards, a peace treaty, all official and ceremonial, peace pipes and gift exchanges was most common. False peace speeches.

The treaty would be signed by the US Government... and a year or two later incursions would start, false flag ops would happen, media stories would hype racism, violence would escalate..... sounds familiar?

Libya, Syria?

What kind of people mediate this degree of longitudinal cruelty, duplicity, deceit, theft and social conditioning all this entails over half a millennia?

What kind of organisation is required to maintain that over that period...?

How good a manipulating a populations psychology do they have to be?


And the icing on the cake?

They crafted the 'no taxation without representation' in order to bind indentured workers, slaves, servants, labourers, shopkeepers, artisans, small land holders, homesteaders, hunters, etc by pretending it was all about them..... 'YOUR FREEDOM'.

And it worked, just as Obama's HOPE worked.

Just as Trump's "make America great again" worked.

Just as Farages 'Take our Country back' worked.

Politically a majority of people are naive to the hilt, and extremely vulnerable to being manipulated and usually totally unwilling to admit it, and the system is expert at grooming the angry to fit whatever agenda they want to play out.

The right wing move was in the planning long time.


Protests in the USA against Trump.

A set-up.

Agent provocateurs agitating naive youth and others to take to the streets.


By the Establishment, to deepen the divisions within the US population.

The speeches by Clinton and Trump were designed to give them a free pass.
The naive will take those speeches at face value.

They are working together, always have been.

This is how ruling elites operate.

Maggie Thatcher's "Where there is discord, let me sow peace'....

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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