Monday, 16 July 2012

Some Adverse Effects of Compulsory Schooling.

The real danger in 'schooling' is in how the child's mind is slowly altered such that schooling appears normal, and as parents these children will send their children to school as if it were natural, normal. Thus patterns of obedience, hierarchical acceptance, peer pressure and bullying endure over generations. These all destroy community. 
This normalisation is neurological and physiological as much as it is psychological. The child's neurology and physicality slowly 'adapts' to the environment of schooling (a natural enough process, it's part of growing and knowing the world through the body as a total sensory entity - yet the schooling environment lacks key experiential learnings related to embodied self knowledge, and this distorts all who pass through it to greater or lessor degree -)

In seeking to address this distortion, regaining a trust of embodied self knowledge and self empathy is vital. 
 That process cannot be predicted, medicalised, therapeuted. 
It cannot be packaged, sold nor can it become an ideological end. 
It can be supported, mostly by honesty, healthful diet, good friends, closeness with nature, and it is truly a process that is the natural base of healthy community - a community that knows itself.
There are many people who assert that humanity is threatened not least by a 'herd' mentality, a 'primitive instinct' that wants to follow, to 'fit in', which has no place in a superior individualistic world-view. 

Well, this is much less a matter of natural instinct, and much more a matter of conditioning. a matter of the distortion of our innate biological mandate towards empathic self awareness; and with that, empathy as a perceptive ability.

Trauma related behaviours such as poverty, war, schooling, marketing, religious indoctrination, ideological indoctrination are all exercised in the most part through the agency of Institutional Power....

The matter is too important to future generations, let alone those who live today, for it to be treated with any degree of flippancy, outside of using comedy to sweeten a rather bitter pill... the pill of truth.

'Herding'  as the term is used most often, is not a human 'instinct' - it is a LEARNED is pure scientific flippancy to assert otherwise.

It is also a a term when used too often is one that dehumanises people, and this inevitably leads to a dulling of any sense of empathy, which itself feeds the system of Power.

It's not surprising so many do feel this way, that there's a human 'instinct' that is problematic since it's what the Christian nations have been telling themselves for thousands of years..  "You must beat the devil out of the child to save the child for God."

It takes time for such a corrosive pathology to heal. It takes, above all, honesty. Scientific honesty.
It's time that all 'schooling' be made subject to some Scientific Honesty.

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