Saturday, 4 July 2020

The Arts and the Creative Industries in the UK, amidst a UK Government Policy of Herd Immunity, Voiceless.

The outcome of current UK Government policy is placing producers, singers, dancers, booking staff, sound engineers, riggers, buskers, hospitality staff, writers, choreographers, lighting engineers, technicians, set designers, graphic artists, poets, copy writers, actors, musicians, empresarios, directors, hosts, comedians, cameramen, cleaning staff, ushers, set painters, make up artists, wardrobe directors, tour managers, security staff, catering staff, poster makes, printers, flyer distributors and  many, many others - the Creative Arts Industry - in a stress position where we will, due to impending economic poverty  as a direct result of lack of adequate support be forced to demand to be able to return to work in unsafe situations.

This will without doubt increase the risk of spreading the virus, and then we and our customers will be blamed for spreading the virus, for our lack of 'common sense', and then our businesses, theatres, recording studios, clubs, halls, festivals and pubs will be shut down a second time, and there will be no furlough offered - everyone will be expected to move onto Universal Credit.

Then the Industry will be ripe for a business take over.

The Creative Industries are a potential bonanza for those with the cash to buy up existing yet struggling enterprises at knock down prices.

Those who have cash reserves will be in a position to buy up what ever is left, at very low prices, to be held until the economy opens up again, and then make investment gains for the purchasers as those assets regain value. The kinds of people who bet against industries failing, and make a lot of money doing so.

Jacob Ress Mogg and Pater,  aspirant minnows among that shark infested pool of avarice.  Government issuing muti-million pound contracts to tiny companies with little experience, no staff, minimal turnover. Clearly the shock doctrine opportunists are in full flow.

European countries have seen this threat and are taking steps to protect their native Arts and Creative Industries. Not the UK. They have abandoned the Arts and Creative Industry.

When what was needed, and what is still is needed, is to pay everyone to stay home, to be able to be comfortable enough to stay safe for 12 weeks, to follow the proven eliminate the virus from community transmission protocols,  which includes, of course ,strict quarantine of incoming travel, as have other states done, as Scotland's First Minister will have to do very soon to protect her people, those she genuinely serves.

Then, when the country is made safe, we can return then return to work, to live and to play in a happy State, having succeeded has New Zealand has, in eliminating community transmission, with secure quarantined borders (taking back control) and with vigilant systems in place in case of any outbreaks. This is all eminently feasible, and necessary - with the UK population of 67 million still only at under 5% infected, there is 95% and more to play for.

Bearing in mind that elimination of community transmission will protect people and the economy and make the wait for a vaccine so much less burdensome and frightening.

Rather than making the economy scream so that Hedge Funds and others can game the situation, which is the existing policy stance of the Johnson Government - they are not the UK Government, they are the Hedge Fund Mining Giants Government in occupation.

An interesting article on what is known as Sage Gate. The gaming of a novel infectious viral disease.

One Voice

With that in mind, I feel a deep and painful frustration, a pain in my heart that is heavy with dismay and disillusionment, as I look at the 70,000+ excess deaths that have 'happened', each and everyone avoidable.

How can the Arts community stand to look at itself in the mirror, aware as we all are of so much avoidable death and taking notice of the lack of a voice in the UK and in Ireland, a clear speaking voice, a creative communicative voice grounded in the evidence of epidemiology, virology, public health, social care and economics, a hearty voice speaking out for the suppression of infection rate leading to eliminating community transmission of the virus within the island population of England,  Wales, Scotland and Ireland as a whole bloc as the most appropriate policy to protect both people and economy alike.

What is Art if it is not a voice? Mere entertainment? If so, then the typification of the role of artist as non-essential is a correct typification, for we can all entertain ourselves if push comes to shove. Boredom is always a choice.

Why is the Arts and Creative Industries collective unable to find a common voice, unable to use it's vast talents to speak up for the vulnerable, the disabled, the teachers, the students and the parents who are all being placed at great risk by this governments odious behaviour?

When any figure has a public voice, and there exists a verified threat to the public, to the commons, then it behoves that voice to speak up.

The sound of silence is deafening.

So I wrote these a while ago, trying to suggest we push for the kind of policies New Zealand have proven. Why not? Otherwise it's just more death, sadness, greed and gas-lighting? What have we go to lose?


Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to Universe.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Living with the Johnson Government is living within an Abuse Relationship Dynamic and the Vaccine search is an admission of failure.

The Public Discourse is not truthful.

The news media, the press, the broadcast news are not being honest.

The relationship between Establishment /Government and the people of the UK, and in particular the people of England, as it stands today, is abusive. It's a scaled up version of the abuse family dynamic. We can see various roles being played out by the key sectors.

State level lethal domestic abuse.  65,000 excess deaths that could have been avoided. 120,000 avoidable excess deaths due to Austerity. Bad policies protected by lies, manipulation and misleading information.

Online political and marketing grooming, playing on people's fears and prejudices, deliberately exacerbating cognitive biases to generate extremist positions within the population in order to exploit that social division. Brexit.

Forcing children into un-safe 'covid-ready' schools in order to push parents back to work, in order to reduce furlough in preparation for a second peak, a shut down, business collapse, and then offering Universal Credit in place of furlough to a traumatised workforce.  Gaslighting and emotional black mail the chosen strategy of the Education Secretary to get the schools re-opened. The Shadow Minister for Education who opposed opening in un-safe fashion, who supported teachers Unions, removed from position using a false accusation of anti-semitism. The Education department confirming a day later that parents holding their children back from returning to School in September will be fined.

Encouraging irresponsible behaviour - the purpose of the Cummings Road Show - in order to then blame the people for the surge in community transmission of the virus.

Stanley Johnson's rule breaking visit to his Greek villa. The rules and regulations to protect the people and the economy are for ordinary folk, they are for the plebs and they are not for the likes of Johnson, and Cummings who married into the aristocracy, whose wife's father claims to be genetically superior to ordinary folk.

A publicised behaviour that is designed to elicit the logical and obvious complaint that 'it's one rule for them and another for us' which then becomes the excuse for irresponsible behaviour, which once it is engaged in, cannot be withdrawn. But the ordinary folk can then be used as scapegoats, to let the Government that has abused the population off the hook.

Deliberate action by a man known to be a master baiter, a master at manipulation of cognitive bias in target groups as a means to winning elections.

Opening pubs when the virus is still at large, with tens of thousands of new confirmed infections weekly, more than a hundred deaths daily, with infection rates static rather than falling across the country, and surges in a number of areas. The risks are real.

How many others will one person, unaware of their infectious status, infect in a pub or restaurant  environment? The Government said fire ahead, so you and I cannot blame that unawares person. But the Government will. They will blame ordinary folk for not using 'common sense'. They will not take any responsibility for any adverse outcomes.

Across Europe most countries have mandated strict regulations governing people's behaviour regarding managing the risk where they have opened up. The UK has nothing in place approaching those countries. Nobody in Europe is complaining about their freedoms being limited. Most ordinary folk across Europe are looking at the UK in utter dismay and horror.

The Prime Minister in parliament suggesting to concerned MPs of coastal and beach towns that "they should show some guts and support the opening of their beaches, to help the economy" in a week where half a million people thronged at seas side towns, leaving rubbish all over the beaches, bringing drunkenness, aggression and anti-social onto the streets at night. Bullying is as bully does.

The UK Government are abusing the population. Their deliberate action and chosen policies have led to 65,000 avoidable deaths in 4 months. Millions of job losses remain on the cards, all of which was  avoidable. New Zealand had the same information at the same time as the UK Government, and they have eliminated community transmission of the virus, had a minimal death rate, minimal infection rate and are now out of lock down, safely. UK Government has no excuse. They chose to abuse the people. Why?

Whatever, can we just put a stop to this abuse, and work out what happened later, after we have arrived at the happy state that Vietnam and New Zealand have demonstrated is possible?

I wish someone would say that, out loud.

"We are living with an abusive PM, and abusive Cabinet, an abusive Advisor, and abusive Government Ministers, and it is lethal."

Can we say that, out loud?

Vaccine is irrelevant

I have been criticised by many for my stance on Corona Virus. Not least by people who are focused on the Vaccine as a solution or as a problem (Bill Gates being a bad actor etc).

I have made it very clear that the vaccine route is already an admission of failure.

I have made it clear that elimination of community transmission is the only safe, proven long term protocol that we have right now.

I have made it clear that this is a question of will and provision of funding and resources - that the presence of this virus is not an inevitability.

There is more than enough wealth and resources globally to eliminate community transmission, and to set up vigilant systems to eradicate the virus in any given population.

I am more against Vaccine than most anti-Gatesers in that I propose solid, evidence based proposals on how to deal with the epidemic locally and globally.

The anti-Vaxxer anti-Gatesers are against the Vaccine for reasons of political and ideological power rather than epidemiology and thje practical work of saving lives, right now, starting to day. If anything their irrational stance lends itself to more avoidable deaths, in that it distracts from the practical realities of implementing elimination strategies, because they are keeping the vaccine hype and hope narrative up front, when what should be happening is that the elimination narrative ought to be front and foremost in all public a discussions on Corona Virus, because it effing-well works.  Excuse the expletive, the issue is that intense.

So unless my various critics can add to my thesis on how practical it is to eliminate community transmission and in due course eradicate the virus, then they are wasting my time, wasting their own time, and adding to the problem rather than helping to resolve it.

Elimination of the virus is both practical and possible, in every country on Earth. All that is missing is the will to make it so.

Live Data as part of an Elimination Management Protocol.

In Croatia, the government daily briefing includes detailed information on the national test, trace and isolate strategy. The public is informed about the exact locations of positive cases, how many people were tested and how many contacts were placed in isolation as a result. This has been happening since the first patient was tracked at the end of February. Like New Zealand, Croatia also announced reaching zero cases on June 11. Some local outbreaks followed, but the death rate remains low.

In Spain there are infection case maps available for the whole country and for each region and local area.

A well informed, engaged population is a key element to any elimination management strategy, something completely avoided in the UK. I suggest that deliberate lack of clarity is abusive.

There is no good reason whatsoever, bar deliberate government policy, why such detailed maps have not been up and running for the UK since March 23rd. To deliberately keep a population so ill-informed of a genuine public health risk is abuse. There is no other way to state the position. It is abuse if one is aware that any given inaction leads to harms being caused, and one continues to not act when one could act and prevent those harms.

Kindest regards


 "Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Choice and Freedom: Wear a mask, be kind, stay safe, stop the spread, spread the Love.

Choice and Freedom

If I am free to choose, and if my choice causes harm to another person, a harm that they then cannot avoid, what then, of their freedom? My choice has removed their freedom to be free of harm.

What of mine?

You - yes... you, the person who might be reading this and might be thinking, "I will not wear a mask! My freedom to choose matters!"

I guarantee that you did not come up with the freedom of choice agenda about wearing/not wearing a mask, in this epidemic and global pandemic, all on your own - someone whispered it into your digital ear.

You did not originate that thought yourself. I know this. You know it too.

Thinking is more than having thoughts. It involves following those thoughts through, and examining them in depth, testing them against what you already know to be true.

Hierarchy, and Hitler was a Lefty!

Hitler was a violent Hierarch. The organisation he headed up had Socialist in it's name.  Everyone knows the Nazi ideology was anti-socialism. Stalin was not a socialist either, he was a military dictator. Churchill was also a military dictator, albeit guided by a military committee.

Perhaps within a hierarchy of violence system, everyone is a fascist, by default.

Not because they want to be, but because there are no truly egalitarian operations happening within this system. No place to be egalitarian.

We all pay rent to someone.

Perhaps that's really difficult to really look at.

Every Hierarchy of Power and Violence is just that, whether we call it Nazi, Communist, Democracy, Monarchy, Gang, Abuse Family, Religious State, Empire, Federation or Union.

It's all the same blood spattered room, just a different pattern of wallpaper.

Hierarchy systems have to condition the people to habituate to being exploited, to see the system as normal.

No child left behind.

Everyone must be educated! Self education is considered a threat, so much so that education is mandatory in many countries, truancy is a crime.

Perhaps everybody within a hierarchy system who seeks to reform the system with a better hierarchy is a deluded fascist, deluded in that hierarchies always produce people who want to topple the hierarchy, which creates an inevitable tension that causes those in charge to exercise violence to maintain their version of the status quo. For your own good, they say to the people at large.

Egalitarian cultures are healthy cultures, the biological default is trust..

“In other words, the default state is to trust, and what the amygdala does is learn vigilance and distrust.”
― Robert M. Sapolsky, Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

The context of this statement by Sapolsky is that we are sensitive, vulnerable babies who learn by experience, that our behaviour is mostly learned. Very little of our behaviour is predetermined. And the science suggests strongly that the default state, the base line of healthy behaviour resolves around trust.

“The brain is heavily influenced by genes. But from birth through young adulthood, the part of the human brain that most defines us (frontal cortex) is less a product of the genes with which you started life than of what life has thrown at you. 

Because it is the least constrained by genes and most sculpted by experience. This must be so, to be the supremely complex social species that we are. Ironically, it seems that the genetic program of human brain development has evolved to, as much as possible, free the frontal cortex from genes.”

 Robert M. Sapolsky, Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

Cults and Clubs.

Hierarchy cultures are cults  - they have to dominate every child's mind and psyche, they have to habituate everyone to the 'normalcy' of hierarchy...

Left/right is just a set piece, a clever ploy, a distraction that is meaningless in that it does not lead to the kind of healthy change we need, it impedes learning and healing.

Marx's theories would still have led to workers destroying the planet.

NeoLiberalism is destroying the planet just as assuredly as Chinese Socialist Capitalism is.


To me it does not make bio-logical sense to 'create' a species that is dysfunctional.

It makes more sense to say that a functional species placed under chronic stress will become dysfunctional.

Fact: an aboriginal body in a rain forest is as evolved for egalitarian relationships as my body in London.

"We citizens of a modern democracy claim to believe in equality, but our sense of equality is not even close to that of hunter-gatherers. 

The hunter-gatherer version of equality meant that each person was equally entitled to food, regardless of his or her ability to find or capture it; so food was shared. It meant that nobody had more wealth than anyone else; so all material goods were shared. 

It meant that nobody had the right to tell others what to do; so each person made his or her own decisions. 

It meant that even parents didn't have the right to order their children around; hence the non-directive childrearing methods that I have discussed in previous posts. It meant that group decisions had to be made by consensus; hence no boss, "big man," or chief."

The difference is the culture.

In terms of sensory capacity, in terms of the capability to be loving and of being loved, in terms of creativity and intelligence required to build shelter, to find food, the energy and effort to care for children and elders we are precisely and beautifully evolved,  and bio-logically adapted for healthy relationships.

The difference is the culture you grow up within, and what it tells you about how you 'should' behave and what to expect.

I live in London, the cultural center of a hierarchy of power and violence.

No such hierarchy persists in old growth rain forest.

Peter Gray, again, explains it another way:

"As I explained in that earlier post, hunter-gatherers had faith that their children would, on their own initiatives, learn what they needed to know, and so they did not worry about their children's education or attempt to control it. 

Moreover, hunter-gatherers held strongly to the values of personal autonomy and equality. They believed that it is wrong for anyone to try to control another person's life, either in the short run or the long run, even if that other person is a child.  Hunter-gatherers believed that it is presumptuous for anyone to think that they know what is best for another person."

For most of us habituated to hierarchies of power systems thinking, this is all idealist and dangerous nonsense. But is it?

Obviously any transition from where we, in this Industrialised Hierarchy of Power and Violence culture, are towards a culture approaching that degree of mature kindness is going to be a rather large undertaking, yet that does not mean it is impossible, does it?

Wear a mask, be  kind, stay safe, stop the spread, spread the love.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

Sunday, 21 June 2020

New Zealand, Vietnam - Eradication works - what is stopping others from doing what works?

Eridcation or Suppression? Australian TV asked the question whether or not elimination (or eradication) of the virus vs suppression of the virus is the better choice.

They carefully avoided a direct or conclusive answer, and spun the eradication protocol outcome as a problem, closed borders, and suggested suppression as the favoured choice by omission.
They did not qualify suppression in terms of lives lost, impact of disease, and instead implied permanently closed borders would be a problem - without mentioning that a 2 week quarantine is not a closed border.
It was only a short piece, for a news segment, so obviously detail was not their intent. I am using this piece as an introduction. My thesis is simple. Eradicating the virus from a given population/territory where a single Government operates is wholly feasible. New Zealand has proven this. Every time any reporter or member of the Press faces members of the UK Government, all they really need to be doing is repeating "New Zealand, New Zealand." Really. Their obsequious questioning is complicit in the crime being committed.

Now, June 21st, two months on from that news segment, and New Zealand is clear of SARSCOV2 virus, community transmission has been eliminated and there are no new cases of COVID19 after an eleven week intensive elimination protocol.

Vietnam is also clear and there are other States, such as Taiwan which have also eradicated the community transmission within their populations, and others Finland, Norway are getting very close to clear by following the elimination or eradication protocols. Video : Vietnam - Dr. John Campbell speaks to a fellow Brit in Danang, Vietnam.

Sweden's failures. Sweden has been excluded from a Nordic Free travel Zone until it has mastered the virus, having chosen to ignore the elimination protocol in favour of a herd immunity approach, and shielding the vulnerable. It has failed. They got it wrong. Sweden's per capita death rate was 10 times that of it's neighbours, running to close to 10% of all confirmed cases/ Video : Sweden - Dr. John Campbell speaks about Sweden reviewing the data and their strategy.

Senecide Video: Sweden - Dr. John Campbell speaks with Dr. John Tallinger, a GP in Sweden, dedicated to working with elder patients, saving lives for COVID19 patients over 60 with chronic disease, with oxygen supplement, due to Swedish Health Governance policy directions to administer palliative care medications, rather than admit to general Hospital.

Neighbours can be a problem, if their arrogance inhibits sociality. Proof

Thus we have living proof, scientific proof, epidemiological, social, political and economic proof that eradication protocols can and do work. We have ample proof that herd immunity approaches are lethal. That said, this achievement requires a certain degree of discipline and commitment. It is not easy, by any stretch of the imagination. One has to 'stay alert'. Quarantine, and unacceptable failure. Then in June, New Zealand had two new cases, imported from Britain, by two sisters returning on June 7th, to visit a dying parent, who had become very, very close to death and who then died whilst the two sisters were in quarantine. Very sad for all concerned. The local officials allowed the sisters compassionate leave on June 13th to travel to their dying parent's family, to be with the surviving parent, which was before their quarantine time was up, but they did not test them. One of the sisters had already presented with flu-like symptoms and was not tested as it was believed the symptoms were due to a pre-existing condition. That was the first error. The second error was allowing them to travel unaccompanied by any officials, unguarded so to speak. There were a number of other errors made by the officials in handling the case. I assume some of those errors were compounded by the sisters British based perception of Corona Virus, as their behaviour would indicate. I will focus on that perception later in the article. As the symptomatic sisters symptoms became more severe, the sisters were tested on June 14th, and their tests came back, positive for both of them, on June 16th. They were placed in isolation.
The NZ contact trace system kicked in and located more than 300 people who could have been infected via these two sisters, within 24 hours, and placed all on quarantine, urging them to get tested.

"Health officials are tracing 320 people who are regarded as “close contacts” of the women, and they will be urged to get tested. Close contacts could include passengers on their flight to New Zealand and other quarantined travellers at their Auckland hotel, as well as hotel staff and flight crew. The women were now in isolation with a relative, officials said."
The whole affair brought to light how important discipline is in maintaining clarity and effectiveness of the protocols. That discipline depends on everyone fully understanding the evidence, the science and the public health risks and taking appropriate steps to maintain a virus free status, and to isolate as soon as any sign of infection emerges. Jacinda Arden spoke of these and said the errors were 'unacceptable' and ordered all compassionate leave to be suspended in future until they can be sure the best discipline is fully operational at all times.

The discipline of Government, it's officials and agencies and of the people is a critical element in any elimination strategy. From start to finish, and afterwards. People spread the virus. The virus is unlikely to travel on goods when proper screening is undertaken -and if a solid quarantine ans testing system is in place for all travellers, then the most likely un-quarantined infection route would be people smugglers, drug smugglers and so forth. Covert and unofficial lines of transmission which can only be countered by extreme vigilance, rapid and unrelenting action and confrontation. Systems exist for that purpose. Eradication is simple.

Eradication - when there is a given population, a bordered territory and the state has the ability to pick up every symptomatic case, and has the ability to trace every contact, observe those contacts in quarantine and has top notch provision for treatment of anyone presenting with symptoms, away from the community, that state can eliminate the virus within that population. Bit by bit, day by day, until they close down all community transmission, and have everyone in treatment being cared for, and they have a situation where they have no new infections for two weeks after the last deaths, and the last recoveries from the disease, then that population can be sure that no more transmission of the live virus is occurring. The virus cannot live long outside the human body. It can only transmit from body to body. The State and community must still maintain vigilance.

This can be done, all of it, without total shut down. 12 weeks is the length of time it takes to move through this entire protocol in any population, the only limiting factor being the volume of resources deployed. Where community transmission is out of control, then massive resources are required because more ground has to be covered, rapidly.

Shut down is only needed when community transmission is out of control - which was the status in mid January in Wuhan, and in late February, March and into April in the UK. Community Transmission out of control. Unfortunately, community transmission is still out of control in the UK in spite of the effort and endurance of vast majority of British people staying home, staying safe. The UK has not managed to 'control the virus' and is perilously close to starting a second peak as I write. I say second peak, because for their to be a second wave, there must be a trough in between, and that is not the case.

This is entirely down to the failures of the UK Government to take the eradication route from the outset. The responsibility lies with the Conservative and Unionist Party Government, with Parliament and the News media, which has behaved in a most feeble manner. No-one else. Current estimates of excess deaths due to the virus and other effects from bad policy choices is 65,000+. This is terrifying and infuriating in equal measure. I am ok, personally. I have had the disease, five weeks of awful illness. I have lung and kidney issues since then, slowly improving. I have stopped smoking, and I am taking exercise every day and doing some running. This is not my personal fear anymore. I have degrees of immunity. I am resilient.

However at the age of 60, I have many friends whose situation is not so secure. Friends and family members with chronic disease conditions, cancer and other illnesses that put them all at greater risk of severe or even lethal outcomes should they become infected. They do not feel this government is doing it's utmost to protect them. They do not feel safe. I also have friends who have bought into the conspiracy theories, and others who are Brexiteers who support Johnson no matter what else is happening. But they are a minority. Most people I know are aware, paying close attention to the science and are taking care of one another, enduring the situation. Good people predominate.
The problem in the UK is not the people. The problem has been the UK Governments atrocious handling of the situation. The deliberate delays in responding at the beginning, the lack of PPE and other equipment, the wholly ill-advised and inadequate policies they have chosen, their deliberately confusing public messaging, the prevalence of unethical theory (Herd Immunity) and opinion over scientific, epidemiological and public health practice evidence, the lack of adequate support for pre-existing stresses across the community as they were shunted into sudden shut-down, the willingness of the Government to lie and dissemble about their failures and decisions, their readiness to place resources in the wrong hands, and a media that is even still unwilling to confront a lethally dishonest Government head-on have all combined to guarantee the spread of the virus and have lead to 60,000+ excess deaths within four months. Why did the UK Government avoid the obvious elimination protocol? It's not rocket science! Making Eradication Work.

To make eradication work the State and the people must have a rigorous discipline and there must be genuine trust in the process among the population.

To make eradication work the State and Health Authorities must have superb contact tracing up and running, the State must make quarantine and isolation treatment an integral part of track and trace, and it must be made as easy and as comfortable as possible for the people affected to comply, and the State must resource the protocols fully, no questions asked.
That means the State and Health and Education systems must have superb, honest and transparent communication to the population, at all levels,at all times. The only must the Boris Johnson was familiar with was the Island of Mustique. The Role of The Press.

The press and news media must be willing to debunk and dismiss all contheories, concepts such as herd immunity and other woowoo health claims, in order to insulate the population and the politicians from any possibility of such nonsense afflicting public policy or public behaviour.   Spreading lies to allow a virus to spread is not free speech!

We are all in this together.
It has to be that the entire population, the State, the press are operating on an evidence base for the correct action to be taken, so that the discipline is emergent, collective, engaged rather than imposed and draconian. Honesty must prevail, Scientifically and Ideologically.

The likes of David Icke, Nigel Farage, Trump and Johnson lies and manipulations such as the 'China Virus' idiocy, and other such statements by leading politicians and so forth cannot be allowed to run free. They have to be debunked. Openly, transparently. Honest Borders.

The State must also accept that it will have to police the borders intensely, that the populations holidays must be taken within the populations territory, that all private cross border travel must endure a well monitored quarantine, including billionaires in private jets, for as long as the quarantine is needed.

Immigration must cease until there are virus clear countries at both starting and ending journey countries, and it must also be disciplined by a two week quarantine.

Air travel for tourism, right now, is a luxury that we do not need. Air Freight is another matter. Land freight and sea freight must be handled with care.

Cross border Cruise and Tourism are luxuries - we do not not need them. When local populations take holidays in own countries, the income stays at home, this is better for everyone, and potentially there will be less carbon exhaust particulates in the air. Stop overs in infected areas cannot happen, of course. The workers need to be furloughed, for the 12 week period. The Companies can be helped.

Aviation and Tourism will take a hit, but only for as long as it takes to eradicate the virus in departure/destination areas. Their ability to lobby governments to take stupid action has to be curtailed. They deserve support from the State just as any others do. According to their needs to stay afloat. 12 weeks, three months. It is not too much to ask, given the potential death toll of allowing the virus to infection millions upon millions of people, among them 11.5 million vulnerable people. Allowing Herd Immunity is cruelty.

The alternative to eradication is slowly achieving herd immunity across a given population at the practical HI level of 93% and unfortunately that guarantees that all vulnerable people WILL be exposed and that will come with a fatality and human damage cost which is unethical to consider for economic reasons, precisely because it is avoidable. It is wholly unethical to permit heard immunity by exposure.

Unless a State Establishment wants to exploit the virus to rereig Economies and State systems, in which case ethics are irrelevant. Trump and Johnson are two leaders who have ably demonstrated that ethics mean nothing to them personally or politically. Go figure current policy behaviour and outcomes.
Which is precisely what the UK and US Governments are doing, today, right now, right before your eyes. They are exploiting the situation, and causing great harm. This is insane, and it is profoundly unethical. "New Zealand, New Zealand!" It has to be said, in the clearest possible terms. This cannot be allowed to continue into the autumn. it really cannot be allowed. Something must be done, and soon.
Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

Statues, hierarchies of violence and honest history.

Pay attention.

Putting up statues to venerate violent bullies was a lie about whatever happened in the first place.
If you do not understand that, I have just explained it. It is clear as daylight.

Read it again. Putting up statues to venerate violent bullies was a lie about whatever happened in the first place You're welcome. If you do not accept this - it is the truth here, no equivocation, no ambiguity - then you are unable to correct it and you are, obviously, unwilling learn anything useful about this matter, and you shouldn't even be in the room talking about this.

You are unqualified.

Monuments to violent bullies within violent cultures are lies.

Either you face the truth or you protect the lie. The Colosseum is a lie. It is not a wonder, it is a monument to horror and cruelty. Notre Dame is a lie. It is a monument to Hierarchy and cruelty. Churchill's statue is a lie. It is a monument to propaganda and cruelty.
This culture itself, Industrial Civilisation, is a hierarchy of violence.
To not see this is completely a matter of intellectual weakness and emotional blindness beyond all rational comprehension.
So let's just grow up, really.
Enough whining already. Be mature.

F*ck your statues, all of 'em. 
Build statues of kind people,
if you must have statues,
after all poverty is abolished.
Abolish poverty first, though.