Wednesday, 10 August 2022

'Obese patients being weight-shamed by doctors and nurses' - ACE study is routinely ignored. Why?

To the Editor,

I read the article 'Obese patients being weight-shamed by doctors and nurses' by Dennis Campbell, Health Correspondent,  writing in The Guardian, Wednesday 10th August 2022 with some degree of sadness.

Obese patients ‘being weight-shamed by doctors and nurses’

The ACE Study, carried out by Vincent Felletti and colleagues at Kaiser Permanente, some years ago studied the health outcomes of more than 50,000 people, and found a very strong correlation between health issues such as Obesity, Addiction, Heart problems and early Adverse Childhood Experiences. Further research has show the linkage is beyond mere correlation. Early adverse experiences - bullying, sexual abuse, neglect, poverty etc can have profound long term health impacts, that emerge and present many, many years later.

It is obvious that such early experience of trauma and chronic stress is not the child's fault. How can it then be the adult's fault as those illnesses present?

I have on three occasions spoken as a caller on LBC about the ACE study, and asked why the insights of this evidence base is routinely ignored. On all three occasions I was rebuffed by the presenters. They dismissed the information. They tended to discuss food, sugar and self control. They rejected the information I was presenting.

Blaming the vulnerable is a common form of discrimination.  

Lack of knowledge is part of this, as is wilful ignorance.

How is it possible that GPs and Nurses tasked with care of people with health issues are unaware of the ACE Study? I assume it is for similar reasons most people are unaware of the ACE study findings. Is it that no one wants to admit that early childhood trauma and chronic stress exists to the degree it does, and that form many sufferers, this has health outcome impacts that ruin people's lives? Is it that children ought to be seen and not heard is still a thread that runs through our culture?

Whatever it is way, that lack of knowledge and sensitivity translates into cruelty.

We must and can do much, much better. 

Kindest Regards

Corneilius Crowley


Kindest regards


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Monday, 25 July 2022

My child recently spoke to me of grief - Grief for the loss implied by climate disruption, warfare, wealth extraction, Racism and misogyny.

I am 63 years old this summer. I have many memories, many happy memories. I have horrible memories too. I have endured much abuse and trauma. I have been very lucky, I think. At least this didn't happen. 

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

And I grew up in a country more or less safe from warfare, though polluted by Religion and Oligarchy, and have lived long time in a country that exports warfare globally. A country where it is safe to express my rage at war, yet remain utterly powerless to hold our war lords to account. The illusion of freedom.

My child will be 32 soon.

My child recently spoke to me of grief.

Grief for the loss implied by climate disruption, warfare, wealth extraction, Racism and misogyny.  Grief for avoidable harms deliberately not avoided.

Grief for the harm already caused and the harm piling up into the future, clearly escalating due to the action of Oligarchy and the  inaction of vassal state Governments.

Grief for decades of Labour warfare, Tory cruelty and, apparently, infinite myopic greed and avarice of the party membership.

Grief for the loss of a bright future for herself and her friends, her siblings, their children.

Grief for the loss of a bright future for billions of people. 

That grief is particularly strong for her. She truly cares about people, she cares deeply about all of us, the vulnerable humane beings that we are... and she is a resilient person, a strong person willing to feel the world as it really is, strong enough to be honest and robustly loving nonetheless..

Grief for the horror of harm well understood, yet deliberately not avoided on that scale.

My child understands that the human and ecological costs of Wealth Extraction are profound, anti-evolutionary harms - that no amount of GDP can ever undo those harms, or repay those costs already imposed. GDP is a measurement of how much there is to extract wealth from. We both know GDP has nothing to do with human happiness and psychological well being.

Grief at the waste of precious in taking corrective action, a waste of time my generation is largely responsible for.

I cannot deny this. None of us can.

Of what use are our mortgages and pensions, our careers and our wealth to our children, now? 

As we revel in the increase in the value of our properties, do we feel the grief of our children who must rent to fund others mortgages?

What did we build, even when we knew we were causing harm we could not undo or repair?

All these are the same problem.

The problem is the power of Wealth Extraction and The Bully Culture which maintains it. The Dominator Culture.

And I agree with my child.

The grief is real. A heavy shadow hovers over so many lives. A toxic cloud that cannot be busted by staring at it. A depression that cannot be lifted unless we work together, rich and poor alike, to solve these , which as part of a culture, we have created. 

All of us are always in it together. 

I grew up with the threat of nuclear war, imagined. Imagination backed by military hardware, and propaganda from all sides about 'deterrents' and the awfulness of the other side. Imagination fueled by very real wars prosecuted as 'foreign policy'. 

The Mushroom Cloud seared our minds, troubled our hearts, gave us nightmares and sleepless nights. The power of a terrorised imagination triggered by deliberate content allowed this to persist.

Nuclear Weapons were not my choice. You probably did not choose nuclear weapons either. You did not choose climate disruption, you probably did not choose war or the maintenance of poverty as a nudge to drive so many people into low paid work, in order for Wealth Extraction to maintain it's dominance, The measure GDP is all about how much of GDP is extracted, and the human costs are irrelevant.

My child is growing up with the threat of climate disruption and ecological collapse that is real, not imagined.  It is happening, now, everywhere.

My child and her contemporaries ask "Who will help the most vulnerable people to prepare for this, to live well, to have clean food and water, to abide safe shelter and thrive in communities that are resilient and self sustaining? Why do your generation refuse to take appropriate action?"

My child did not make this happen. This was not my child’s choice. 

What will my generation do in the time we have left?

How will we comfort our children? Can we do anything materially and socially useful for this situation? 

How do we meet their grief? 

What can we do for them, even as we approach old age?

Kindest regards


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Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Externalised Costs and Climate Disruption - a Letter to news media across UK and Ireland.

To the editor.

Whilst some optimists might see potential in wine growing in Ireland and the UK, what with the climate warming as it is. the reality is that this is not climate change so much as it is climate disruption.

We all know that climate does indeed change over geological time frames. Disruption is a different matter. Climate Disruption may out pace us, if we neglect to take corrective action as a collective.

What behaviour lies at the root of this disruption?

I respectfully suggest it is the common industrial practice of externalising costs, in order to maximise wealth extraction more efficiently  (profitability)  allied with the concentration of wealth as a political hegemon to protect wealth extraction that does not pay it's environmental and social costs, that is the root issue here. 

Environmental consultancy Trucost carried out a study in 2013 which estimated that the annual costs to our shared environment ran to $7 trillion dollars.
Here we are 9 years later, and no meaningful action has been taken to confront this. Profitability based on this is a deceit, and it is a systemic, cultural deceit that is causing untold harm. The future is so hot, we've got to find shade!

How do we correct this dynamic?

Unless we discuss it honestly across the public domain, in schools, universities and the various corridors of power, corporate and political we cannot even start to confront this behaviour.  And it is quite clear now where that failure will lead us. 

Our children and theirs will not thank us if we avoid or evade this matter.

Who dares to host such an honest discourse? It is my fervent hope that News Media such as yourselves participate as hosts of this necessary discourse. 

Our descendants will thank you for for taking such a stance, I urge you to be brave and break the ice on this one, before we lose all our glaciers across Europe. Whilst we have no glaciers here in Ireland or England, the glacial pace of addressing Climate Disruption sends a chill to my heart, at the tender age of 63. 

Climate Disruption is a global problem, and truly, we are all in this together.

Kindest regards


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Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Wealth Extraction vs International Democracy. Brexit is a precedent. Selfish as an interest, a faux philosophy, a meme of the bully cults political power base.

'Wedge Issues' : Seeking out materials that are belief based with which to stimulate endless angry argument (and violence) as a means to prevent democratic solidarity emerging amongst us workers. A core activity of News Mefia, oligarchy funded conspiracy theory, political hegemons, within the Bully Cult.

The ruling of the USSC on Roe vs Wade is designed to harden divisions across the USA - belief that Christianity needs to expand and dominate, belief that Christianity is under threat of a 'birth dearth', belief that US Military Power is a benign, honourable culture, belief that peoples sexual pleasure is a threat to society, belief that Capitalism is the best way to organise a society, belief that the poor and destitute are inferior and have only themselves to blame, belief that Race is a biologically, God given stratification - belief imposes it's will, and ignores the evidence, the knowledge, and sets up an endless brain-offline war of nasty attrition, as the believers refuse to acknowledge the knowledge, and dig their heels in, emotions flared, frontal cortex off-lined, amygdala over loaded, guns at the ready.

The underlying pattern this odious dynamic misGovernment is revealing is simple.

In the UK the attempt to break the terms of the Brexit Agreement regarding Northern Ireland may appear crazy, yet if one takes a wider look, something else emerges, and although it too is insane, and ugly, it makes sense of the attempt to legislate English Law to break an international treaty. Unilaterally, ditching negotiations.

They know exactly what they are doing and their sponsors do too. They know exactly what they are aiming for, strategically.  A Free-Market fundamentalist State, Sovereign and selfish.

What appears to be incompetence is not what it seems. Indeed the charge of incompetence provides a cover for the nature of the program they are pushing - 'incompetence' is easier pill to swallow than plainly evil. Evil is causing harm and denying it, in order to exploit a situation. That choice is evil. And no-one wants to see it, because to see it is to awaken to a need for deliberate and determined solidarity based political action that entails effort, vulnerability, potential stress and failure. A scary ask for anyone.

@torysc_mout #uk #politics #britain #fyp #parliament #government #northernireland ♬ Epic Emotional - AShamaluevMusic

The program : to undermine International treaty obligations as a standard and undermine democratic engagement of the population in driving through international treaties, national legislation and other measures necessary to meet the challenges of climate disruption.


Because the goal is to insulate the Wealth Extraction class from democratic regulation and legislation that would :

a) Make provision for climate disruption adaptations and support for those most afflicted by the disruptions that are already happening, and will continue to escalate

b) Make provision for criminal indictments for delaying, denial and other campaigns that have hindered recognition of the problems, which were known to those campaigning for those delays, because those delays are causing harm. Lies, gaslighting, manipulation, conspiracy theory, denialism and corruption.

c) Make provision for prevention of harms in all industries that pollute, poison, spill waste into the environment, spill toxins into our air - this would impose a massive cost on all industries involved. It ought to be basic practice to not pollute, poison or release toxic 'waste' materials into the environment.

d) Make provision to limit Wealth Extraction and to abolish poverty. Low wages is a key component of extracting wealth, backed by deliberately maintaining and exacerbating poverty, with the threat of homelessness and destitution as a whip - note that the money the impoverished spend on food and utilities flows back to the profit extraction process whereas the money extracted is off-shored or 'invested' in ways that drive up property prices and enhances the political power of the Wealth Extraction class as a political hegemon. Wealth as a weapon system.

e) This Tory government removed the clause in the ministerial code of conduct in 2015 in preparation for this strategic shift. Brexit was a test case, to see how quickly breaking international treaties unilaterally could be set as a precedent. Once the precedent is set, as this week, Parliament 'debates' the setting aside of the Northern Ireland Protocol Agreement as a piece of legislation.

f) The Tories want England to become a safe haven for the Oligarchy to park their wealth. Free Ports, Free Cities, low corporate taxation, secrecy, off-shoring and much else besides. 

This amounts to a campaign that is a war - Wealth Extraction against the survival of Humanity, against any democratic movement that seeks to end the harmful practices, and avoid all those harms into the future.

Their biggest fear is a united population, humane solidarity across the diverse population - and so they sow division, using tactics that target emotional belief and bias, to generate divisions within the voting population, and beyond, so that popular solidarity cannot emerge to challenge the Wealth Extraction class.

Laws that make protest a criminal offence, laws that remove democratic Human Rights, laws that protect the Wealth Extraction and sanction the impoverished, laws that impede oversight of Government, laws that allow Government to ignore court rulings, laws that allow secret service, military and police and others to commit crimes in the course of their work to 'protect the nation', laws that criminalise poverty, laws that permit pollution of our waterways, laws that undermine almost every element of a functioning democracy (not that we have ever had a functioning healthy democracy - the existence of a ruling class makes that ideal impossible.)

A legislative war against democratic legislation and regulation of industrial wealth extraction rooted in externalised costs, even as those costs cause harm to hundreds of millions, and potentially billions of people, and our shared environment.

The ruling of the USSC on Roe vs Wade is also designed to harden divisions across the USA - belief imposes it's will, and ignores the evidence, the knowledge, and sets up an endless war of attrition, as the believers refuse to acknowledge the knowledge, and dig their heels in, emotions flared, frontal cortex off-lined, guns at the ready.

We know what must be done, don't we?

Kindest regards


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Sunday, 26 June 2022

Abortion, choice, health care, human rights and Wealth Extraction.

Abortion, choice, health care, human rights and Wealth Extraction.

This Earth that supports all life that dies is both beautiful and poignant.

I think the issue has to do with a power struggle. Let me explain why I think this.

I could be wrong. I might be missing something. If one person truly knows something, because they understand it through experience, it is not yet knowledge. When a whole community knows something, because they understand it through experience, they know. Belief is similar. Belief and Knowledge are not the same thing.

For example, I do not believe that war is wrong, I know it is un-necessary harm caused to largely innocent people. That is my opposition to war stance. Such harm cannot be justified. Knowledge.

On a much more personal tip, I know I am a good musician, people tell me this frequently, but somewhere I  believe I am not worthy. I know my belief is a matter of self esteem, and that my knowledge of that fact, and an understanding of how and why I learned the behaviour of  low self esteem helps me attenuate that element of my emotional and psychological character. I know this helps me maintain better health, personally and socially and in my work. 

We know low self esteem is a problem, as is over estimating oneself, as is narcissism, learned in early childhood in adverse circumstances. We know this impacts many, many, many people in our culture. we know this impacts out cultures of Power. 

Childhood is a critical component in determining the behaviour of future adults.

Happily, many people seem to do well enough on that front, Most people are indeed decent, honest, kind and compassionate. People are lovely. That is my bias.

This is not about sex or gender, even though both sex and gender are co-opted by various strands of thinking and rhetoric. It's about power over others. The resolution is power sharing. Simple, and the only way to handle a complex situation, because the action to preserve the gaols of power complicates matters. As we see.

For example war is demonstrably a matter of causing the most harm to force a political objective. This harms people, communities, populations and their shared environment. None of this harm caused to innocent people is ever necessary. Therefore all war is wrong. All of it. Taking sides complicates the public discourse on war. "It's not that simple!" they will claim. It is. Sorry. Complex is not complicated.

Justice is about the processes of detecting abuse, preventing harm, supporting the harmed in their recovery, reducing the prevalence of harmful behaviour. Leading towards peace, rather than a process of punishment. Honesty is it's primary dynamic, or it's not Justice.  

The Power Struggle

The struggle is, on one hand a struggle of power, and one another hand a struggle between personal and collective 'belief' systems and biases over-riding the matter of knowledge. The woman who is pregnant knows. "I do not want to bear this child, I want to abort my foetus." She knows.

It is the willingness of believers, of any kind, to impose their will upon others who make choices that do not accord to the belief, and appear to be breaking the rules of a belief system they do no subscribe to, women who will tell you, if you asked, that they do indeed know what they are doing, and who therefore do not share the belief system. 

Their basis for action is knowledge, the real world that they are, them as persons and their situation, condition, position and prospects.

It is, of course, correct and just for a woman who believes that abortion is 'sinful' and therefore 'wrong', can choose not to arrange an abortion, and choose instead  to continue the pregnancy, to hope to bring the child in utero to full term, birth a healthy baby, and then care for that child for 18 years, and a lifetime. 

I think that every woman who carries a child because she 'feel pregnant' without having chosen to conceive and who carries that child because she believes that abortion is wrong, and sinful, also deserves the fullest possible social and economic support from the community and the state to have the resources to live as a truly supported healthy parent - every child needs and deserves that. An unstressed parent and a community that is good enough, rather than imaginary perfect, supporting the lives of all our children, without fear or favour.

That, for me, is the debt of good enough parenthood as a choice to be made, and it is the supreme responsibility of all parents to meet that debt, and it is the responsibility of the whole community, the population and it's institutions, to support that outcome to the very best of their capability and ability.

Birth Dearth

Another element in the Abortion issue is the concept of 'Birth Dearth' - the idea that White Christian population is not producing enough babies to counter the invasion of non-White folk. To those who believe the ludicrous Biblical concept that White Christian Culture should prevail over all others, Dominion, this is sensed or perceived as an existential threat.

Triggering that dark emotion, existential threat, is a deliberate ploy designed to switch off the forebrain, to derail rational thinking and exacerbate the fight or flight fear dynamic of the target audience.

That the Oligarchy exploit this is blatantly the case - and it drives a confrontational fear based dynamic, which splits the population, and in so doing prevents the kind of humane solidarity that is genuinely Christ-like from emerging as an existential threat to the Wealth Extractor Ruling Class.

Public Health

The public health care provision of medical and social support for women choosing an abortion does not impinge upon the believer's ability to choose to not have an abortion.

Thus the removal of that facility is, as a piece of legislation, an imposition of will, an act of oppression. It removes a woman's right to decide on what she does with her own body, and be supported in making that choice. It appears to be an irrational thing to do other than to articulate power to permit cruelty and indeed, to utilise cruelty as a socio-political weapon.There's the cruelty of the sanction, and there's the cruelty of justifying it, then there's the cruelty of shaming and victim-blaming and gaslighting that goes with it. All political. How does any of that improve Public Health?

What's the Constitution got to do with this?

Then again, given the 13th Amendment, which allows Slavery within Prisons, is pretty much the same thing. All the constitutional arguments about Abortion are a distraction.

Here's some of my reasons why I think so. My reasoning is explained, and reflects my bias :  I try to be as transparent as possible.

What Is known:

a) For quite understandable reasons, unwanted children can sometimes develop in a distorted way, if they feel that they are not fully loved and accepted for who they are  (growing up feeling less than adequately loved and respected and assuming personal  responsibility for that and internalising it, can do that and that can disrupt a persons life trajectory)  through no fault of their own (the child's powerlessness, dependency, needs unmet by the adults who brought them to life, none of that is the child's fault, is it?).

We know that children whose needs are not adequately met by their primary carers are harmed by this.


"There are things that happen in a child's life that ought not happen, and things that ought to happen, do not.'

School Shootings, for example. Warfare. Poverty. Trafficking. Slavery. Mistrust and punishment by adults, approved of and justified by a cultural belief. The harm caused and the child's pain, terror confusion and sadness is merely collateral damage to the objective of exploitation. 

Cycles of behaviour maketh a culture.

It is easy to understand that a harmed child's behaviour can become distorted by that turn of events we have plenty evidence in the real world of this inequitable culture - there are already, across the USA, and in every country, a multitude of unwanted children, abandoned children, wounded children, a victimised demographic that has no voice, set on a very difficult trajectory for their lives, through the behaviour of adults. We know that there are generations upon generations of children who have been subjected to this dynamic. 

We know that many times, where a child is wanted, and yet behaves in ways that the parents belief system restricts, because when the child not share the belief, the parent cannot accept the difference, the parent cannot accept that the child is not there to meet the adults needs, the adults is there to respond to who the child is, and that this failure to meet needs correctly can cause yet more harm. Conversion Therapy.

Parental punishment to impose a belief or coerce behaviour to align with the belief system is toxic.

b) We know that coercion ruins healthy relationships.

c) Every woman who falls pregnant is a sovereign, autonomous, free human being. She has many things to consider, matters of interdependence, family, social conditions, that make her part of a wider community, because we all live within communities, and she will KNOW whether or not she wants to bear the child.

d) There is therefore no need to withdraw the right of women to make that choice, and to have facility to do so, with best possible health care easily accessible. No matter what the socio-economic status and condition of that woman's life is.

e) Believers can reject abortion for themselves, and the women that know what they are doing when choosing an abortion can avail of an attentive health care service, to meet their needs, as is their human right.

f) These are the basic issues here. The rest is all Cultural and Religious padding, and is irrelevant, really. 

The issue as why one's belief is such and such, is fascinating, and irrelevant to the matter of human rights and health care choices.

g) It is NOT a knowledge base that can compare to the knowledge base of the pregnant woman who really does not want to bear that child, for whatever reason. That woman KNOWS.

h) Roe vs Wade did not impede any woman who believed abortion is wrong for them to undertake, to take that course of action, and bear the child, irrespective of circumstances and social conditions. Thus the Believers rights were in no way impinged.

i) Therefore this is a direct act of power to allow states to impose a belief based restriction as a criminal offence, criminalising everyone associated with the process of abortion as health care provision.

j) The reason the Courts have provided to have Roe is Wade over-ruled and thus repealed are political considerations, not human considerations. 

Less than a Jury of one's peers!

Someone is using Institutional powers to impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people. 

Nine old farts, less than a jury of one's peers. And none of those old farts sitting be-robed upon those benches, are any ordinary person's peers. Not by any measure.They are not elected officials, either, so their commitment to genuine democracy is questionable. 

Democracy, if it is healthy, will detect the adverse, malign and harmful, be it intentional or accidental,  in it's consideration and administration of legal and economic processes and correct any errors, to avoid avoidable harm by creating legislation bearing on the subject in hand.

This action by the USCC is not healthy democracy in action, by any stretch of the imagination.

It is one section of society imposing it's will upon another.


The pattern one can see is that there is a body of power that seeks to generate a divide between ordinary folk, believers and knowers, neighbours and communities, in order to inhibit genuine human solidarity from emerging across all the working peoples of our countries, the kind of solidarity that could challenge the status quo, without resource to violence, if indeed that solidarity emerged robustly.

Which is exactly what is needed for the Earth and the whole species of human beings, and for the biosphere's health. Solidarity  does not mean loss of identity, quite the opposite. Solidarity means diversity, difference integrated and appreciated. 

We are not clones.

The two problems - the abortion/anti-abortion issue, and the abuse of Institutional Power justified by a Wealth Extraction Class, in ways which harm the workers, and their shared environment, from which that wealth is extracted, with the 'belief' that Wealth as a political hegemon is entitled to strip mine this planet to maintain it's dominance - are part of the pattern of belief trumping knowledge.

Discuss : USSC Roe vs Wade Decision - written for corporate privatised adoption services, among other things?

My family are Irish. Have you heard the tale of the Magdalene Laundries? How's that for a business model.

 "Wash your sins away, hand over the baby, here's the baby, that's $200, thank you.!"

It is a belief. We know and they know that it is toxic. Yet they persist.  That's the core of this pattern.

In Power struggles, gaining power over others is the goal. This is not healthy behaviour. It means lies and secrecy, it means manipulation and coercion, which leads to violence as a tool. Honesty is useful, if we want to confront the minority who abuse Power.

Useful too would be a genuine solidarity as Human Beings, Homo Social Sapiens, people walking this Earth, growing up together, in a shared environment full of interdependent species, our fecund, nurturing Home. Looking after each other, rather than our groups 'interests'.

Kindest regards


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