Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines day, Power as an aphrodisiac, Sexual exploitation.

A key element of  Western 'civilised' or 'progressive' psychology is the mixture of sex(uality) with power, a toxic mime of empathic connection and authentic sense of self,  that is deliberately inculcated because it is so disempowering.

And the disempowered are unaware of how deeply disempowered they are.

'50 Shades of Grey' sells 100  million copies.  A small slice of the 7 billion alive to day. 

Sex sells, so it is said. The allure is strong in those whose sense of self is damaged.

And caring empathy as a practical? Lacking in Governance, in Education, in Corporate operations, in war (obviously), in economics...  leaders pay lip service to the idea, yet their actions tell a different story.

Fifty shades of child mistreatment, abuse and sexual exploitation.

British media reports on 50 shades and a growing BDSM movement, and surges practitioners to use 'safe words' ..... where were the 'safe words' for the children abused by Jimmy Savile within publicly funded Institutions?

The Iraqi people shouted 'stop!', the Libyan people shouted 'Ceasefire' and the British Government and US Government ignored their pleas,and repressed them yet again, destroying their country in the process.

David Cameron wants to impose sanctions on people who have a variety of illnesses, which he suggests are 'treatable', if they refuse the treatment offered.

Caring empathy? Far from it, he wants to push as many poor people as possible into low paid, zero contract working conditions, paying mortgage level rents to enrich the lenders..  Because that disempowers people, creates extra degrees of stress and vulnerability. Which makes resistance and dissent amongst the poor and the vulnerable less likely to be effective or widespread.

He'd and his class would rather focus on that than examine just exactly who in Politics is KNOWN to sexually exploit children, and others and he'd rather not bring the spotlight of justice and transparency to bear on that situation within his own Institutional party,   

Sex and Power.  Some people claim that knowledge of the sexual predilections of ministers and others is used by political power players to control those people, to ensure they comply. Sex and Power.

Some say The West has liberalised sexuality. They base their claim on the last 2000 years of Christian influence, and the repeal of it's odious attitudes towards humane sexuality and ignore the empathic sexuality and liberated empowered mothering found in many egalitarian cultures.

Liberated? Progressive?  The Western Powers? 

Do the people of Iraq feel liberated? Do the Survivors of clerical child sexual exploitation feel liberated?

Fifty shades, millions upon millions of victimised people.

Review - 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Is Abusive Gender Roles Disguised As Faux-Feminism

Christian Grey gets off on the power dynamic, the disparity his great wealth bestows, the disparity his age difference between himself and a young vulnerable woman bestows, rather than the sensual connection and pure love of life, of living people nurturing each other.

Valentines Day. What a load of abject twaddle.

50 Shades of Grey: a film about male power, idealising emotional abuse as sexy when it isn't

"All healthy relationships are built on respect, trust and consent - and the one at the centre of this film contains none of that."

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