Sunday, 26 December 2010

Let's make this simple.

The UK Government (and others, such as The Irish Government) has tried to draw a comparison between a family running it's household budget and the current Governmental Policies in it's communications to the the people.

Any family that does not look after the welfare of all it's members equally is a dysfunctional family.

So it goes with any given Society
There is nothing more to say on the matter other than  that this dysfunction must be acknowledged and confronted, especially by parents, on behalf of their children.

Indeed, it is the responsibility of an entire Society to do this, and that includes all those who are not parents.

So the question is simple.

Whose side are you on? 

Who are you 'with'? 

The rest follows. 

The same psychology that generates abuse within families, within Istitutions, is at the root of the question of Power, and Power Relationships. It lies at the very core of the System we have been born into.

It is THE REAL ISSUE = all the single issues are symptoms of that socio-pathic dysfunctionality as it is expressed in material terms...

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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Friday, 17 December 2010

Letter to media re: release of chapter 9 of The Murphy Report.

To the Editor,

The release of Chapter 19 of The Murphy Report is a reminder to everyone concerned with the welfare of all our children. 

It is a reminder that is well overdue, a reminder that cries out for Justice for all those children who over the years, have been sexually assaulted, brutally beaten, humiliated, bullied and psychologically tortured by clergy and by lay-persons in Church and State Residential Institutions entrusted with their 'care'. Justice.

It is a reminder that there are many, many adults today who bear the scars of these crimes, whose lives have been absolutely undermined by the toxic effects of these Adverse Childhood Expereinces, who have lived with shame, pain, confusion, fear, lonliness, psychological and physiological breakdowns, addiction, family breakdown and more, many of whom have been held responsible by Society for those symptoms, for the unbroken cycles of abuse that have disfigured their lives.

How many times have Surviviors been told to 'pull your socks' up by well-meaning, insistent yet impatient and ultimately un-empathetic helpers?  Charity is all well and good, yet if Society does not directly address the roots of the problem, the problem persists.

Survivors suffer still, many decades after the initial trauma.

The long drawn out process of breaking through the resistance of State and Church to achieve a full disclosure and accountability, resolution and closure for what went on - the endemic brutal and extreme mistreatment of children - for so long that in cannot be called 'accidental' on any level, is part of what I see as a wider pattern of fear. Cowardice.

These crimes would have remained masked and obscured were it not for those Survivors who first confronted their own fear, to bring charges against their abusers, often in the face of resistance from family, community, the State and of course the Church itself.

Who has the most to fear?

Is it the Irish State? Is it the Vatican? Is it those perpetrators as yet un-named? Is it Irish Society?

Or is it the Survivors?

As a survivor I fear that Irish Society does not really 'get it', is still largely in denial - we know, yet we do not allow ourselves to feel the full impact of the truth - and Irish Society is even still unwilling to address the matter openly, because it is not simply the story of Survivors of Church and State abuses of children - it is the story of how Irish Society relates to children, and the failure to place the welfare of children above the preceived interests of adults, of State and Church Institutions and of matters financial.

This is also a matter of Power Relationships.

The greatest natural disparity of power is that between an parent and an infant. That disparity is mirrrored in the disparity of Power between Governance and those who are Governed. Even in a democracy.

This Christmas, think of the new born, think of the future you are building for that child, for all children.

Think of the variance between the idealised birth in a manger in Nazereth, of a childhood that has not been recorded in the Gospel, which remains shrouded in mystery, and then think on and feel the reality of so many children, across the world, who suffered so terribly for so many years at the hands of Church and State and how that too has been shrouded in secrecy.

Ireland's story is part of an international pattern. As Indigenous Aboriginal Residential School survivors will affirm in Canada, Australia, North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

How many years must Survivors beg and cajole and litigate and struggle for Justice?

How many more reports will be conducted? How many surviuvors have died whilst these investigastions have been carried out, and ho wmany more will pass before the truth is made public, before justice is served and real change with regard to the welfare and status of children has a foundation that is solid and is made visible by the actions of Society?

What would Jesus do?

Kindest regards

Corneilius Crowley

Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Conditioning, the plastic brain and effective change.....

For many years I have watched, initially within myself, then with others, how the conditioning we experience blurs our abilities to co-operate, to seek truthfully and honestly for understanding; I have watched as we 'debate' and exclude rather than share and explore; I have watched as we repeat the basic thoughts we have been most deeply conditioned to think with - such as the man/woman divide based on difference, the misunderstanding of the very nature and depth of Power Relationships because we have adapted to those Power Relationships in early early childhood....

I have watched and seen within myself how fear based rigid thinking undermines my accurate sensing of the world.

I am watching that now in others. I see how it is used in marketing, propaganda and I say this - it works, and it works because those who have not been able to see the fullness of conditioning, of their own conditioning, react in predictible ways that are written deep into their neurology, their physiology by that conditioning.

Informing each other is crucial...

1. Genetics is proven to have very little to do with psychology or character - it's all about how the child is treated - unless we know this and understand it we will repeat it, again and again, and again.....

2. There are no genetic female/male psychologies - it's all down to conditioning, and how we learn to relate... the brains of baby boys and baby girls are more or less identical...

3. Adverse childhood experiences are absolutely linked to emergent health issues in later life, linked to the emergence of addiction (from shopping to self-medicating), linked to obesity across all Society - most illnesses are pathologies that are the symptoms of abuse, trauma and adverse conditioning and are the results of the imposition of the systems or conditions we are taught or forced to accept and live within...

5. Neurology is NOT SET IN STONE - our brains, indeed our very nature, is responsive, plastic - but we are conditioned by fear to become reactive, rigid.... - the facts as to the awareness of babies, in utero and at birth and early infancy... and how they are affected by the mothers environment.


Collapse can to be seen in these terms - the collapse of the mind-set and psychology we have been infected with,not the collapse of Society or basic structures that support life.

As we free ourselves from our conditioning by Power (and that requires 100% ruthless self honesty, as much as honesty with others - we must know our own experience in some detail) Power has less access to our psyches....

As we refuse to replace one set of conditioning with another, we free ourelves - Jones, Icke, and all the other fear makers, those who  promote fear as the way of change or reason for change are part of that conditioning, whether they are aware of it or not.

Long term planning was the key to the success of the hunter gatherer societies...... daily action was taken with the long term in mind... remember that the hunter gatherer society was the most successful mode of human existence in terms of stability, health and psychological well being... what are the qualities of that way of life that made it so?

What are the keys for such effective long term planning? 

My take is that the key that matters most is empathy, biological empathy, that is to say the ability to 'read' the signals that come from the environment accurately and to be able to utilise that information appropriately.

I and many others are making the connections between conditioning and the kind of behaviour which is the outcome of conditioning which reveals the roots of evil and the with that the understanding that human nature is not evil, (live backwards) that in fact our ...biology tends towards empathy as the basis for long term sustainablity of a society living within the natural habitat.

It is the disruption of the natural child-mother bonding processes (which build the neorology of empathy) that is absolutely key ....... hierarchy, power relationships, rigid gender roles all emerge from that lack of empathy because that resultant lack of empathy cuts one off from the ability to FEEL the world, to 'read' the signals of the environment in ways that lead to appropriate life nurturant behaviour, and that is a form of isolation and of course generates fear, and that fear then conditions the next generation.

The fear generates the perceived need to control others..

One can observe this procees by tracing the child-rearing practices of Civilisation and comparing them to the child nurturing practices of the natural societies.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Harsh Truth and The BIg Question

I survived 5 Elite Irish Boarding Schools, 12 years in all.

It destroyed me. To the extent that it wasn't until I was 28 that I realised that there was something really wrong with what had happened - I thought it was because there was something 'wrong' and 'evil' and 'dirty' in me.....

I have studied the history of child-rearing in many, many cultures.

For 25 years. I have also studied the subject of Power Relationships and Politics.

I am a parent.

Christianity's concept of Original Sin lies at the roots of the abuse I and so many others endured.

To promote and enforce such a doctrine is an expression of an  adverse and deadly Authoritarianism.

It's a doctrine that is an expression of a profound hatred and fear of The Natural Child.

It is a psychological device that sets the parent against the child, and the child against herself or himself. It is devoid of empathy.

It is also a lie.

The concept of Hell ties in with the concept of Original Sin, as it creates a fear for what occurs AFTER death, a FEAR that permeates life for those who are taught it.

That fearof Hell and and stain of Original Sin conditions the child to such ad eep sense of a basic unworthyness, and is resolutely kept in place by the RULES the Church invented, or lifted from The Old Testament, rules which The Christ never, ever  spoke of..

"suffer the little children..........."

The vast majority of indigenous native societies were, and are,  empathic, non-hierarchical and had no  use for Power Relationships, only mutual relationships. This is the natural state. Most people in the West have no idea as to the nature of those Societies. We have been sold lies and romance, and not the reality.

The vast bulk of first contact data going back to the 1400s reveals the truth.

There are 350 million Indigenous Native people alive to day.

The current Anthropological data gathered from extant indigneous Societies confirms the first contact observations, and runs counter to how those observations were interperted by the colonial masters. We all know how the Brehon system protected women and children in the main.

And we all know how that culture was interpreted by the Christian and Norman Invaders, and later the British Empire.

Rape, Child Abuse, Hierachy, Rigid Gender Roles are rare in these communities until they come into contact with Western cultures, and then they emerge out of the dynmaic of intergenerational trauma  that afflicts those communities as the Western Culture drives them off their lands, and forces them to 'assimilate'.

Where they do show up in Indigenous Native Societies, we also see a disruption to the natural child-mother bonding process. This natural process builds the neurology of empathy at the earliest stages, and if those stages are missed (as they are in ALL hierarchical violent societies, none excluded) then a lack of empathy emerges as a trait that permeates the hierachical societies.

Even to this day. There are Christian Missionaries running Residential Schools in Africa, South America, Asia to 'assimilate' and 'save souls'. Some are connected to the Catholic Church. Others to other Churches.

The Vatican is and always has been an Institution of  Temporal Power as much as it claims Spiritual Authority..

These are the hard truths. It was only by facing the harsh truth of my own experience, and my own dysfunctional behaviour which was the result of that trauma, which was the symptom of the trauma, that I was able to overcome it and survive, and now thrive as a natural, loving human being, one who limps. Some wounds do not heal.

The is NO LOVE, NOR EMPATHY in The Vatican. None.

There is NO LOVE, NOR EMPATHY in the Irish State Istitutions and Government.

Without Love or Empathy there is no understanding.

Without understanding there is no effective accounting, no effective justice ... and for the hundreds of thousands of children who were abused, or witnessed abuse (which can be just as traumatic if the witness is sensitive) who did not survive, who have already died, there is nothing. No justice for them. No accounting for the lives they lived in agony and fear and shame and confusion and insanity.

And even today, for most survivors there is neither justice nor understanding, nor support for their recovery.

This is the harsh truth.

If survivors had not spoken out, in spite of strong resistance even from their own families, this crime would still be totally covered up.

The Irish Government and The Vatican made a back-room deal to 'manage' this crime, to dojust enough to make it look like something was being done, so that neither would be broght to the courts, by Civil Litigation or by Criminal Prosecution.

The 'pressure' on either side is merely a publicity tactic. A cover.

This is the cute hoor-ism we all know and love : Charlie Haughy typified it. Aherne, Cowen and Lenihan typify it. And many, many others in Power in Ireland.

Power Relationships poison Society.

I am not going to tell you what you ought to be doing about this.

Ask yourself that question.

From  Henry Porter in the Guardian commenting upon the WIKI LEAKS situation.

 "It is all about power and who has access to information. Nothing more. When those who want society to operate on the basis of the parent-child relationship because it is obviously easier to manage, shut the door and say "not in front of the children", they are usually looking after their interests, not ours."

He is correct.

The greatest Power disparity in a healthy society is between the adult parent and the infant child. It is never used, for nurturance is their way, their norm...

In an unhealthy Society that Power is used adversely. The State takes the role of parent, the vulnerable and the people are it's children.

Ireland, The Vatican and The Residential Schools system. 80 years.

Canada, The Vatican, The Anglican Churches and The Indian Residential Schools System. 110 years.

America, The Vatican and The Indian Residential Schools System. 110 years

Australia and The Aboriginal Residential Schools System. 100 years.

America, the coalition of the 'willing'  and Iraq. 20 years

America, the coalition of the 'willing'  and Afghanistan. 9 years

Thailand, Christian Church groups Residential Schools and The Akha People

China and the Peasants.

The UK and privatised Elderly Care.

The UK and Social Services care-homes.

The UK Coalition Government, the Banking System and the Vulnerable.

The Irish Government, the Banking System and the Vulnerable.

The Metropolitian Police Force TSG, The Coaltion Government, The Banking System and Students.

Industry and the habitat.

You get the drift.

This cannot stand. It has to be addressed, and with some speed.

Power relationships as they are practiced poison life.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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