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Patterns: Institutional defence systems vs the truth : Child Sexual Abuse

Institutional response to Child Sexual Abuse as a culture.
Note: there are a number of inquiries ongoing across the Earth, in different countries and continents, at different stages of development. These inquiries are largely focussed on the ways institutions within which egregious harming criminal actions were perpetrated have sought to respond to the exposure of these crimes.

More are planned.

For many decades we the people have been,if we were paying attention,  hearing evidence and life stories from survivors of child abuse, narratives of harms and assaults that were perpetrated by abusers who found positions of power and within these institutions, which gave them access because of the setting, in schools, reformatories, residential premises.

The predators understood the value of the status and the public trust afforded once they were part of the institution, embedded; these institutions would by their very nature seek to protect their image, status and access to kudos and wealth. The abusers would understand this.

That strategy of protection is played out right before us, in the 21st Century.

It’s tactics are the stuff of courtrooms, banking, civilian police, media, settlement, intimidation, cover-up, and worse, the practice of protecting the abusers, moving them around large countries, or across continents, and when more assaults are made, the whole process starts again, with  an adversarial response from the Institution, mandating a rapid cash settlement, admitting no responsibility and a confidentiality contract. Thwarting Civil Criminal due process. Subverting the course of Justice....

There are a few common threads, patterns of behaviour to be observed in how Institutions across the world respondeda, throughout these decades of witness testimony, those with prima facie evidence, and whose evidence was corroborated and accepted in court as true, leading to indictments, prison sentences, pay outs, settlements, regulations, exposure.

The primary response appears to be to determine how best to manage what they see as a crisis first and foremost of the Institution itself.

This concern dominates the strategic and tactical arena of politicised clergy, or institutional officers, senior management, executives and leaders.

Tactics range from denial, to settlement, to intimidation, to adversarial court practices, setting Survivors who retain their trust in the system against others who do not hold that trust, for whom that is not an issue, yet whose access to support is filtered by that ‘flaw’.

Inadequate funding of healing services, care services set up to fail, through applying pressure across a range of activities, from funding to counselling, to legal advice, all loyal to The Church, and though they do use the lunch PR to advertise their good work…. The truth is that Charity by Institutions is part of their PR campaign.

A large budget is devoted to lobbying. The ultimate intent of that lobbying is to avoid the most necessary single action.

Total transparency. All their files.

News Media campaigns. The Good They Do.

Internal Inquiries.

‘Independent’ Internal Investigations.



no indictments.



No matter how public the evidence becomes, the Institutional mind set will hold onto it’s power until the bitter end.

Because it is the Power, the exercise of power, the feeling of that, that psychology at it’s experiential base that Institutions and Bureaucracies can amplify; that is the Raison D’Etre of the Institution. The ‘service provided’ is both the medium through which power can be projected, and a decoy sweetener, social grooming.

So when more and more witness testimony comes forward, as it is, as it will as Survivors feel more encouraged that most people will support them, remember this.

Yes, the abusers committed the first crime; and the institution was an accessory after the fact on everything that flowed from that failure to protect the child because the status of the institution was primary in their concerns.

The institutional crimes are Wilful Negligence, Corporate Murder, Corporate Torture, Obstruction of Justice just to identify the most obvious……

So too when we hear that allegations were made, some upheld, many settled, privately and see that nothing in the way of preventative measures were taken when it was understood to be a common enough culture of exploitation of young vulnerable people in their care, and that we are to accept that behaviour by the standards of those times ….. tell ‘em to piss right off!


The Correct Thing for The Institutions To Do is hand over all the data, evidence, paper work, ect of all known proven cases and allegations recorded within their sphere of influence, locally, nationally, internationally to UN mandated Public Judicial Inquiries, and let Justice be done, transparently.


Obvious when it’s clearly outlined, innit!?

That is all they NEED to do, to support genuine Justice, to demonstrate they are indeed, followers of Christ.

They need do nothing else; well,  apart from rapidly prepare to divest much of their institutional wealth in reparations, to meet the civil costs bills...

On my list are all of the following, no order implied;  all should be fully televised.

They ought also be regulated away from any and all political activism, or influence over Governance as a public service, a professional public service, serving all. Equally. No Church more lobbying.

And they must accept criminal responsibility for all egregious actions that caused harms, according to standard criminal and civil tarrifs.

Prostrate in utter Humility before A statue of The Virgin Mary and Infant.

Become the essence of Christ and no other. No Old Testament. Chuck it out. It’s drivel. Sermon on the mount and all child and person friendly aphorisms…. that's as far as it goes.

Return all the wealth and land they stole from Native Peoples.

Have all their gold cloth and braiding recycled as clothes for refugees, homeless people, etc.  VAT free of course!

Remove the crucifixion from the story. It’s the words and actions as a healthy humane person that matter. The rest is all a distraction. Miracles? Hah. They happen all the time, anyways.

Redesign Churches as Community Centers, for everyone.

Cease claiming the Pope has a special line with God.

Not much to ask for in return for retaining the base of the institution, without all the corrupt trappings. given all that they have done - I’d call that a free pass of sorts.

End all forms of indoctrination.

That might be pushing it a bit.

Quakerise it.

Over the top!"

All of that we'd leave out, if ye'd just be honest and out yer hands up, and be done with it. That's what concerns most Survivors. The honest accounting, before the full public. The truth.

Simply put.

But no.

The FA will not do that. The Vatican will not do that. The Church of England will not do that. The BBC did not do that. Then there’s Cyril Smith. And …. And …. And… Public Judicial Inquiries on three or four continents. Massive world wide web of connected offending within Internationalised Institutions.

The Globalisation of Abuse.

The power and the money required to achieve all that.

That is what Survivors are standing up to.

The Institutions do not want to let go of that power and wealth.

For them “Power Matters, (your lives don’t.)”

It is a statement.

The Institution is the excuse to wield the power, and it is the power that is the primary addiction. It afflicts us all, high and low, and it is amplified when bad people gain access to the power of Institutions.

They were designed that way.

Economics as a weapon of conquest, as developed within the East India Company,  for example, over the course of 150 years.

Following on from previous experiments, they included Christianity as part of the myth of British goodness, alongside commerce and civilisation.

That was what the papers wrote. Fake News.

The BBC will not make itself transparently accountable.

That is pretty rough playing.

And more witness testimony emerges. More real news.

In the 1990s, it Ireland it was the Irish Swimming Sport; this week it’s Olympic Swimming in the USA.

Each new wave is a mountainous wave of heart-break, soul death, terror, confusion, anger, rage, shame, guilt, loneliness, despair and then resilience, for some, and the sheer courage it takes to stand up to these huge Institutions.

How strong are these Survivors?

How much do we owe them, really?

Is this not critical information about our societal power structures, beyond opinion, we are talking about evidenced stuff here. They did that. It did happen.

And the honest accounting of all this cannot be set aside so easily, nor, sad to say, is it likely to be easily attained.

It is there.


Fake news is basically all the narratives that support these states of denial, either by ignoring, denying, pretending, distraction, scapegoating, whatever!!

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Thursday, 24 November 2016

The core responsibility of Healthy Governance.

When it comes to Governance, that is to say the administration of a community's shared resources - for example, taxation, which everybody contributes to - opinions are inadequate as a basis for decision making.

Only the data, the evidence, all of it, the whole picture, all that is reliable, available and assesed quantitatively and qualitatively can be utilised to meet the requirements of effective, just and sustainable Governance.

Miss out any one part of that available data, evidence or picture, for any reason or bias and we will generate problematic policies. That much ought to be rather obvious.

This is the discipline required, and frankly, too few people, anywhere, are prepared to exert that discipline on behalf of the entire community to deliver genuine equity.

Taking ideological or religious 'sides', the left/rightism of political discourse are all based on fundamental biases that will omit or ignore or play down any evidence that challenges their core beliefs. News Media and Schooling all function to embed these biases, in that they are top down, hierarchies of information.

That is immature, and honestly it is an abysmal failure, of due diligence and duty of care. We are all part of this problem.

I do understand that bias emerges in any system where forms of hierarchical violence are perpetuated and 'sides' within that structure groom people as 'supporters'.

To me, from my perspective, the 'sides' are irrelevant, a distraction.

I think the millennials get this in a way that previous generations do not.

They all grew up watching the adults around them allow a war against other young people their age, in other countries, be prosecuted .... in Iraq and Afghanistan..

.. and that showed them the immaturity of the adults around them who failed to confront the bullies in Power, the bullies in the media, the bullies in executive roles across society and as a direct outcome people, millions of people died and were maimed and traumatised, entire civilian structures destroyed.

Because we failed them.

I am 57.

I am of that generation.

They are rightfully appalled at that.

We should be ashamed of that at the least, and we should be honest about this.

We should be doing what we can, where we can, to remove that shame, by being honest, by taking no side but the truth (the available evidence in full) and to do that we need to up our game, seriously, to meet the duty we owe all the children, across the world, each and every one of us, as adults.... and get involved, get informed, get real.

We fund Government. We are paying for it. Those bombs are our bombs, and where they fall is our responsibility. Indeed it goes without saying that they ought not fall at all, even if they exist.  That they exist at all  speaks volumes. A bomb is a bullies extension , a mechanism to project power through murder and destruction.

The millennial's know this. Imagine how frustrating it must be to have parents who refuse to look at and see this.

The 'generation gap' is a culture gap. The difference between a culture acclimatised to violent bullying and a culture that refuses to bully.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Grooming Culture of Hierarchical Power in Industrial Militarised Cultures.

If I have a personal feeling or sense of identification towards a celebrity, a flag, a state, a company or any other entity that is presented to me for consumption, then I have probably been successfully groomed.

"The grooming (gaslighting) of human vulnerability is one of most vile things any human being can do to another."

These are all internalised values - referring to the fact that the values originate from outside us, and we take them in, we integrate them to such extent, largely through habituation, that they become part of who we sense ourselves to be.

No more Heroes.

No more Saints.

Organised Religion, and Hierarchies of Power, Violence and Wealth are all grooming experts.

They have to be.

Bullies retain dominance by violence or deceit, by creating artificial power disparities, and exploiting them.

Grooming Gangsters.

Brexit and the recent US Elections were both adept well resourced grooming exercises where evidence was routinely ignored on all sides, and people were deliberately triggered on both sides, on all sides, in order to exploit the people's emotional reactions for political advantage.

Gammon vs Traitor, Boomer vs Millennial,  Alpha Male vs Feminazi, Alt-Right vs Leftie, Capitalist vs Communist.... we all fell for it, didn't we? We used these terms in our conversations, and spat them out as petty hatreds that allowed us to vent our frustrations at our political impotence.

Healthy human beings do not do this,  nor do healthy egalitarian cultures do 'celebrity.'

Lady Gaga speaking for Hilary Clinton. Really?

It was a performance, an epic moment of careful grooming.

I thought  and felt that it was utterly appalling. I felt that it was ugly behaviour being normalised because few were willing to call it ugly.


It might be a difficult thing to do, it was for me, to separate and remove these internalisation's that become part of one's sense of self, but I know this - they are undermining my true self, my emergent self and they are not healthy.

As a good friend put it, "Identity pegged to the pathology of an illusion."

All dehumanisation is based on grooming.  All grooming is dehumanised.

All celebrity likewise.

The existence of the British Monarchy is a prime example of grooming strategies utilised by a power structure.

Take a good look at why the Parliament brought the Monarchy back. (To unite the nation.... to give the ordinary folk, who were in much distress, something to rally behind, to shut them up) or refer back to Magna Carta and the reasons behind the deal made, which both sides abrogated as soon as they could, for very different reasons. Magna Carta had nothing to do with the rights of ordinary humans.

The King as a necessary uniting device.

"For God, King and Country."

How many millions have gone to their deaths, and worse, have participated in slaughter of innocents, with that call reverberating in their minds?

This kind of institutional grooming enables the few to gather the resources of the many, and then claim they are somehow better than then many (because they have hoodwinked them with violence and craft) and so ought hold that wealth to themselves, no matter what the cost to the majority.

The New Age.

New Age Grooming - take the concept of a personal 'spirit animal', for example.

Who claims a slug as theirs, or a rat, or a pigeon or any of the common animals in urban areas? The animals we live with?


Spirit Animals in animist cultures were about the animals those people lived with, animals they observed, animals the knew well, and the idea of spirit animal as part of their understanding of those animals and themselves in that situation. Totally inappropriate to the urban dweller in the industrial civilisation.

Useless, other than as an entertainment.

And people make lots of money out of it.

"Everything happens for a reason!"

Exploitation. But let's not mention that, let's pretend it is The Universe moving in mysterious ways. God. Learning to live with abuse drives people out of their minds, their hearts, their souls.

It is also a distraction from the issues, personal and communal, that we face.

That distraction is essential to avoid the awareness of exploitation.

Infatuation, 'pulling', seduction, any gift that has an expectation of an outcome, any lobbyists bribe, the ethics of predatory sex, pick up merchants, etc ... all grooming.

Grooming is one of the core dynamics of this 'civilisation' - those who refuse are murdered in their millions.

Grooming is a behaviour pattern known only in hierarchically violent societies.

Grooming gangsters.

The vast majority of pre-conquest cultures that were/are egalitarian hold the autonomy of the person/spirit to be utterly sacred.

They saw and understood that living organisms are all autonomous - they grow their own way.

They understood that they could hunt and eat, but not interfere with their lives apart from that, without causing serious damage to that species and to their own sustainability.

No healthy society hunts prey to extinction, neither do natural predators.

If it does happen there is always a chronic stressor interjecting.


Most were gardeners, then gatherers, then hunters. In that order, which is logical

You know your world, You see plants and seeds and you assist that to assure food supply, the rest is working with the seasons.

The image of the savage wild hunter, the alpha male 'ug ug'  man competing for position, with females seeking the best competitor is also a culturally dishonest narrative, a mater of grooming, there is no reliable evidence for that assumption.

Grooming is targeting known vulnerabilities to enable exploitation.

Trump excelled in this election in that regard.

So too Nigel Farage.

Jimmy Savile. Cyril Smith. Tens of thousands of clerics.

Media advertising geared to what is called 'aspirational marketing' where the message is if you buy this you will be cool, or if you don't you won't.


The objection to the marketing we see every day in the Tube system is a genuine concern. Is your body 'beach ready'?

Seduction and Education : role reversals in an Institutional setting.

The original meaning of the word seduction is to 'lead away from'... Trump seduced millions. Farage seduced Millions. Blair seduced millions.

In an ironic contrast 'educare' the root of 'Education' means 'to be present at the birth of', as in the role of a good mid wife.

The healthy midwife does not alter the child's psyche. Education, when it is compulsory, totally alters the child's psyche. It is a seduction.

It is a seduction, bur with coercion behind it.  Reward, sanction, test, failure.

Alice Miller noticed that there was no commandment, amongst the ten that Christianity acclaims, which directed folk to honour the child. A serious omission indeed, and this omission is at the heart of the issues we are dealing with.

To honour the child, one must never break the child's boundaries or usurp his or her true self and autonomy.

"All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children."

The entire structure of hierarchical power rests on the breaking of these lines, those boundaries as a normative.

Austerity cuts are hitting Women and Children across the world, as people are being groomed to accept it as necessary, by dehumanising the vulnerable, lying about the outcomes and dismissing the evidence.

This too is grooming.

ALL WAR IS CHILD ABUSE - all child abuse is war.

Examine the grooming of the British people who did not want to go to war in WWI, or the American people either for that matter.

Examine the grooming in Hitler's Germany, observe it in Japan at the same time.

Colin Powell with a vial of white powder, an authority shouting 'Boogie Man!"

We who are serious about contributing to the welfare of all our contemporaries and all our descendants must get to grips with this, at the personal, institutional and collective levels. Rapidly.
We will only find the truths in this by ruthlessly honest reflection. It cannot be explained in ways that replace it being experienced.

Our attachments and unresolved insecurities will block that.

So don't be too hard or harsh on ourselves, let us take the time to go deep, as we take action.

It is a life's work.

It is good work.

It is love in action.

And so it goes.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Fake news, bullying, indoctrination and politics.

New York Mag article on FAKE NEWS SITES.

They do not include the mainstream media that LIED to the hilt to promote the War of Aggression against Iraq, the supreme War Crime, in that it contains all others...

That media activity is and was a War Crime.

Period. No exception, no excuses.

Everyone who wrote for that war is a war criminal.

It is one of the largest co-ordinated institutional bullying operations of recent years, if not the largest.

The data and evidence that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, or was not harbouring Islamic Terrorists planning waves of terrorism, or was in any way, shape or form a threat to the UK or the USA was widely available.

The mainstream media ignored all this. They printed fake shit, day in day out. They still do.

The writers, editors and owners understood that they could get away with the criminal activity they were engaged in because they knew that a majority of people believe what they read in officially approved text books, such as we use in school, and in Scriptures. It's called indoctrination.

Here's the psycho-social background.

We spend years in school, coerced into reading texts, and regurgitating them to get exam results, (with the threat that unless we conform we will be impoverished all our lives and live as rabble) and that 12 years of institutional bullying trains people to not use critical analysis, pattern observation, detail examination; just to repeat as directed.

Add to that the knowledge that a majority of people see politics as corrupt and unresponsive (an accurate perception) just as the schools are corrupt and unresponsive, (most people are unwilling to acknowledge this) and you get the heady cocktail of a power establishment that bullies so much that most people are de-sensitised to all but the most extreme and obvious forms of bullying, and a significant percentage tend to be bullies within their own lives and work, more often if they ever assume positions of relative power that generates high income.

This article shows, in some detail, the dynamics of political institutional bullying and it also reveals much about how the personal is political.

Readers will have epiphanies as they explore it. You will see aspects of your own life experience detailed. It might even be a healing experience.

Anyone discussing politics who does not zero in on the bullying is self disabling, self dis-empowering and 100% unable to deal with the situation.

Whatever one's leaning, (left, right, center, green, blah, blah, blah) if we do NOT discuss the bullying FIRST, the rest of our conversation is futile.

Talk about economics - zero in on the bullying, the rest will fall into place.

Talk about environment - zero in on the bullying, the rest will fall into place.

Avoid the issue of bullying and that guarantees that the bullying continues - look at what happens in our state school system. That's a prime example of 'environmentalists' missing a key pollutant that alters the psychology of the entire grass roots.

So yeah, Bullying. Deal with it or be bullied, that is the fundamental reality, as individuals and as collectives.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Indoctrination (education/media) as a political tool of oppression.

I said it before. I write it again.

An electorate that is presented with a caricature of reality who accept it at face value is unqualified to vote.

Governance of the public weal demands evidence, not personalities and our opinions about things we do not have full knowledge of.

Wounded Knee

The REAL reason for the American Revolution was not to do with 'no taxation without representation' or 'tea'.

It was to break a legal standard that European powers were creating that recognised indigenous nations polities and land tenures as being of equal standing in Law with European States.

The 'land owning' elites of the colonies had already established dynastic lines of dominance and wanted to take all the land 'from sea to shining sea' which was 'occupied' by many tens of millions of native peoples and their cultures... to build a new Empire.

Manifest Destiny they called it and still call it, only now it applies to the entire globe.

So they broke from Europe... and then started to plan how to take the lands they wanted....

forced assimilation or death


Treaties, small pox blankets, small homesteaders (who were formerly indentured workers), outright slaughter, forced assimilation, planned from the very beginning, maintained for 400 years... still operating today @ #NoDAPL

And all through it the native peoples repeatedly tried to sue for peace... warfare as a Native response was minor by comparison (despite the implications of all those 'westerns' we were all raised upon) to the murderous behaviour of the US State.

And the truth is few Americans get this. 

And the elites created the base for institutional racism, through media of papers, pamphplets and churches, to ensure that the slaves and the natives, the demonised, dehumanised, would be treated as less than human.

That is a feat of social programming comparable to Christians and their bible, Islam and the Quran, Judaism and The Torah, and Zionism.

These are all tools of Power.


And the tactic of taking one groups land and then making a peace treat with the next group westwards, a peace treaty, all official and ceremonial, peace pipes and gift exchanges was most common. False peace speeches.

The treaty would be signed by the US Government... and a year or two later incursions would start, false flag ops would happen, media stories would hype racism, violence would escalate..... sounds familiar?

Libya, Syria?

What kind of people mediate this degree of longitudinal cruelty, duplicity, deceit, theft and social conditioning all this entails over half a millennia?

What kind of organisation is required to maintain that over that period...?

How good a manipulating a populations psychology do they have to be?


And the icing on the cake?

They crafted the 'no taxation without representation' in order to bind indentured workers, slaves, servants, labourers, shopkeepers, artisans, small land holders, homesteaders, hunters, etc by pretending it was all about them..... 'YOUR FREEDOM'.

And it worked, just as Obama's HOPE worked.

Just as Trump's "make America great again" worked.

Just as Farages 'Take our Country back' worked.

Politically a majority of people are naive to the hilt, and extremely vulnerable to being manipulated and usually totally unwilling to admit it, and the system is expert at grooming the angry to fit whatever agenda they want to play out.

The right wing move was in the planning long time.


Protests in the USA against Trump.

A set-up.

Agent provocateurs agitating naive youth and others to take to the streets.


By the Establishment, to deepen the divisions within the US population.

The speeches by Clinton and Trump were designed to give them a free pass.
The naive will take those speeches at face value.

They are working together, always have been.

This is how ruling elites operate.

Maggie Thatcher's "Where there is discord, let me sow peace'....

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

An honest insight into Geopolitics, Blair, Sierra Leone, Titanium.

Here's a short video, a recording of comments made by a former UK Diplomat, concerning the realities of Geo-Politics... a man who was fired for his honesty.

It's instructive, it is genuine 'insider' information, and of the highest calibre.

It is honest.

Without hype.

Just the basic truths.

Calmly stated.

This is what we fund through our taxes, and our purchases.

This is what we enable with our votes.

This is our burden.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Friday, 30 September 2016

Jackie Walker, Anti-Semitism, Human Rights, North Dakota

Jackie Walker, British politics and anti-semitism.

“In terms of Holocaust Day, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Holocaust Day was open to all people who experienced Holocaust?”

What is wrong with saying this in an anti-semitism workshop?


“as a mixed-race person who is African and Jewish, I was making the point that why is the Cambodian genocide, which was after the 1940s, included and the African holocaust is not?”

She asked an honest question. A good question.

She didn't know that Holocaust Memorial day was limited to recent Holocausts.

She made a point.

Why not remember ALL Holocausts?

Why not acknowledge the universality of holocaust?

Would that not be a move towards more empathy, more peace, more honesty, less war, more peace?

William the Conqueror and the harrying of The North?

Her point is this : when this happens to any population by ANY means, when extermination or destruction of the majority of a people's civil polity and lives is a policy of a Hierarchy (South America and Spain, Belguim and Congo, Gt, Britain and Ireland, Gt. Britain and Bangladesh, Iraq, Libya, The Vatican and the children, Australia! and The Aboriginal Peoples, America and the Indigenous peoples of that land ..... ) we have to acknowledge that the lived experience of each and every individual subjected to that horror is meaningful - it says Hierarchies of Violence are corrupt.

When we look at it honestly.

It says Institutionalised Hierarchies of Violence are corrupt, evil and anti-human.

The International Statist system is still operating along those old lines of competition, war on many fronts, retaining power over a people, strategic 'interests'... etc, etc. It was the State as an institution that was the driver of all of these Holocausts.

Seeking power, those who take power all too often will claim any justification, use any demonisation and all kinds of manipulation, lies and propaganda, to promote their wars - and they do it intentionally. They always have.

No mistakes. Choices.

Iraq was a choice, not a mistake. Racism is bullying. Sexism is bully. UK Foreign Policy is bullying. To reserve Holocaust for only those events after WWII is a travesty, an irrational stance. She was correct to point it out.

We need to end the British Foreign Policy of war as a tool of strategic geo-politics.

That's her point.

If you read her comments in the full context of her life, our lives, the truth that is implicit in the point of her questioning.

So what is the point of the attempt to remove her from her role within Momentum?

That it follows the media pattern of seeking to undermine emergent people driven democratic policy formulation within a potentially electable Party which has allies outside it’s ranks…… is clear.

New Labour operatives managed the purge of voters. They were aligned with all who opposed Corbyn and Momentum. They shared advisors with those other opposers, they shared tactics, stories.

And every time, the grass roots has come back with an exacting analysis of the assault, one that exposes more of the detail of the hypocrisy, the bullying and the corruption.

They are at war. With us.

Natural Expectations, Human Rights, Living off the Land ……

Right now, in North Dakota, a continuation of an historical Holocaust is being played out.

One cannot separate the events under way and what has happened in the past. Life is a continuum.

Two Historians have shone some light on the American Revolution that gives some back ground to this situation.

The Colonial Elites had for some time sought to expand their land holdings (and empire) westwards but were stymied by two problems.

1. The presence of the Indigenous people's on the land they sought to appropriate. They did not have guns or cannon. They were therefore vulnerable to the greater military power.

2. The status of the Indigenous Peoples polities and land tenure in Europe. This latter issue was the more pressing of their problems to resolve.

European States had made a number of treaties with a number of Indigenous Nations recognising in European Law the validity of those po0lities and tenures. If this was allowed to progress, then the land to the West would be off limits, because those nations would have allies in Europe who could resist, by war fare and by economic war,

So they invented a scenario.

"No taxation without Representation"

By which they really meant, we (The Colonial Masters) want those taxes to fund our wars against the Indigenous peoples.... and we will use this pretext to break with Britain, undermine the established pattern of recognising Insigenous polities, and sweep westwards...

They were planning an operation that they knew would take at least a century. That's how far ahead these rulers think and act and plan.

The two writers are Howard Zinn and Anthony J. Hall.

The North Dakota Pipeline is a continuation of that policy.

Rights or Expectations?

I like to think of 'natural expectations' rather than 'rights'.
For me, to live off the land, as part of the land, to nurture oneself, one's community and maintain that environment in a healthy manner is a natural behaviour.

It's what all biology is doing if you look at outcome, and sense outcome as an intention.

Biology is alive and aware. I am biology.

It applies to me as I see myself - a bag of bacteria, earth material walking in the form of a human being.

This is my natural expectation - all my body systems are expecting that.

That I would spend my life nurturing the world that birthed me, in gratitude for the gift of life and with respect for my ancestors, that line of living wisdom, and with a sense of my duty to the future generations that I will be an ancestor of in turn.

Such fun! Such joy! Much hard work. Much music!

Good food, and great love in life. These are not rights, they are natural expectations.

Earth does not owe these to me, it expects me to make an effort. It does not expect that that effort will be trampled upon by bullies.... we are not adapted for that.

Rights come into play in a social situation of a hierarchy of Power, where some have more power than others and abuse those powers.

I think it's critical to make this distinction.

And yes, I have a song about it....

Recorded live @ Galstonbury...

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Two antidotes to indoctrination - awareness and autonomy

These are the two antidotes to indoctrination - awareness and autonomy

Awareness is being sensitive to the world, paying attention to the world, observing, hearing and feeling the world, and reflecting upon it from our centre and being able to subject all of that to acritical analysis, that allow us to see it as it really is, and understanding it, we can integrate it.

Autonomy is the recognition of that centre, ones self, and by extension, recognizing it in all others and respecting that presence in all others.

Both are keyed into natural empathy and sense of self.

Indoctrination is a process by which these are undermined. One's emergent sense of self is replaced with externally sourced opinions, feelings, perceptions, beliefs.

Take for example the indoctrinated mainstream concept of Self Defence:

Which says "violence is ok if you are defending yourself."


No one in Northern Ireland was 'defending' anything, or anyone, by resorting to violence..

The violence derailed and disrupted the peaceful Civil Rights Movement. That was the intent. That was the outcome. Both 'sides' claimed self defence, both sides were lying to themselves and everyone else.

In each case one has to examine the specifics - a generalisation works across a population as a pattern identifier, as a tool of discourse but cannot be applied to the individual human case or singular event.

So for me the specifics are to be found by asking  what happened, what was done, who did it, to whom was it done and was there harm caused?

It wasn't 'Irish Catholics', it was bullies (mostly gangsters at the start) who happened to be Irish Catholics, and bullies who happened to be 'Unionist Protestants' and bullies who happened to be 'The British Security State' who launched a war at each other through attacking each other and attacking innocent civilians.

It's not Jews, it's bullies who happen to be Jewish, in the case of Israeli State Violence against the Palestinian people just as it's bullies who happen to be National Front, just as it's bullies who happen to be indoctrinated by Saudi Wahhabism and call themselves ISIS - just as the local youth gang and the local adult organised criminals are all bully institutions. They all have 'identities' which are largely irrelevant but which can be used to obscure the truth. The Bullying is what is relevant.

It's not Americans, it's bullies who have occupied American State and Military office and abused that office.

Bullies can wear a flag, a uniform, an ideology, a justification – none of that alters the banal truth : they are bullies.

It's not The State Police Force, it's the bullies within that Institution - they are the people who need to be identified and removed.

It goes without saying that all these Institutions of Power and Governance have long been occupied by a ruling class and their acolytes, mercenaries and defenders.

We KNOW why bullies bully the strong. Because the strong present a threat. We know why they exploit the weak. Because they can get away with it. We know why they use manipulation and indoctrination, as well as economics, as weapons, to enrol our children into their mythologies. We all go through the enrolment process of Compulsory State Education.

The behaviour is the issue, not the 'explanations'.

Self defence has a logical, self defining limit and the logical limit is this: to stop the attacker from completing the attack so that the threat is removed and the defender can gain safety again.

No further.

Further than that and it becomes an attack.

So I see how those who claim to defend 'justly' can become adapted to the new state of at war-ness if they are not aware, in that they become adept at war, at ease with war and end up becoming oppressors in turn.

This happens in every war, and on all sides.

War does this. Nobody wins a war. Everybody loses.

War is not a situation with a good guy bad guy narrative.

Anyone who claims or promotes the idea that (a/any) war is a good guy bad guy situation is one or all of these:

a) utterly deluded,
b) not paying attention to the available evidence,
c) psychologically immature
d) part of the violence creation system
e) in the secret service
f) indoctrinated by school history texts
g) in the military, yet to experience combat
h) really, really naïve
i) making a fortune out of war
j) a religious fanatic
k) weapons salesman
l) a dolt
m) a poltroon
n) an ejit
0) a misinformed individual
p) someone who needs help
q) a behaviourally modified organism ( BMO)
r) a 'conditioned' human being needing compassion
s) another chance to change the world, one person at a time
t) me, some 40 years ago, when I left school, and believed that there was such a black and white reality to 'war' of which I knew only through my history texts and Hollywood movies.

In other words I knew nothing and did not know that I knew nothing. I thought I knew something, yet was unsure as to what that was. That was the intended outcome of 12 years of successful indoctrination.

Lack of awareness, peer pressure and compliance, loss of genuine autonomy

I am being honest here, I was as deeply socially, religiously indoctrinated and warped, and I remember that state and I cannot judge another human being for being in that state.  I am not superior to any other. There are no sheeple.

I sat and watched ‘Dallas’ at the edge of my seat.

I believed Tony Blair was going to make a healthy difference.

I thought that war was good because of all the useful inventions that it generated and that ‘our’ side was always right.

I believed in the Catholic God and prayed feverishly to statues even as I was being abused by priests, brothers, nuns, lay teachers.

I once thought I was an ‘entrepreneur’. I once believed I was both better than or worse than others.

I have be strong enough to trust, and walk with and perhaps indicate ways of looking and living that can help that persons awareness and autonomy emerge. It will always be their choice, their autonomy in the matter than matters most.

Many people have done the same for me. I am ever grateful to all those people.

Millions are doing this every day without any press release or publicity.

If you gather ‘news’ mostly from the mainstream, without a history background or ways to check sources, examine evidence, you’d hardly know this. It’s aim is to mask as much of this humane activism as possible with a negative fear based view of humanity’s future, and by extension other human beings….

It’s a lot of lies and manipulations, with enough truths and reliable reporting to carry it off.

These are the two enemies of indoctrination - awareness and autonomy.

These are the targets of the bully – anyone showing signs of either of these qualities that might inspire or energise others to do likewise.

Think for yourself, question Authority, dig for the evidence, take responsibility as the autonomous connected social nurturant animal you are. I am.

Awareness and autonomy makes the Emperor naked.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Bleak Lives Matter.

Bleak Lives Matter

A slogan is never enough.

Honest discussion is always required to clarify.... which cannot happen and will not happen in mainstream media and politics, both of which are based on half-truths, psin, lies and coercion (bullying).

The honest discussion has fallen to us, the people.

The people as journalists, historians, historical actors writing their own stories.

Black Lives Matter

All Lives Matter.

And Black lives do matter... it matters that racism exists and is inculcated by power hierarchies.

It matters that some people's lives are so bleak that they stoop to violence and crime in order to protect people from violence a crime, or so they say.

It matters that many young people who volunteer for Military Service do so to escape dead-end lives, to get an 'education' they could not afford in civilian life. Bleak lives.

It matters that Austerity is targeting a sector of the population whose lives are extremely bleak already, most often through structural inequities put in place by powerful, wealthy, greedy men and women, and the institutions they control.

It matters.

We live in a social system that is based on bullying, that is built on the broken bodies of millions of adults and children, that hands out comfort to those who side with the bullies, that indoctrinates, propagandises and murders with professional acumen.

Growing up in such an in humane social system is bleak, and growing up as one of the groups who are marginalised (children), bullied and subjected to hierarchicies of violence, at home (spanking), at school (punishment/reward), in the centers of religion (fundamentalists) is bleak indeed.

Black people, white people, brown people all bully their children.

Spanking is common.

Shouting at children is common.

Bullying children is common.

Grooming children is common.

None of these are common in healthy indigenous societies.

It takes a bleak life to enlist, a bleak life to become a corrupt cop, a bleak life to be a pedophile priest, a bleak life to be a lying corrupt politician serving corporate masters. It takes a bleak life to submit to indoctrination. It takes a bleak life to spout propaganda. Trump is bleak. The Clinton's are bleak. Netanyahu is bleak. Putin is bleak. Ronnie Reagan was utterly bleak. LBJ. Bleak.

BLM : to the unaware, it looks like a struggle to confront violence against black people - it is a struggle to confront institutionalised violence against all people.

It looks like a proxy war against Syria - it is a proxy war against all of us.

Established Power is not American or British, or Russian or Chinese, it is not Christian, Muslim or Jewish, it is none of these even though it might occupy the institutions of those states and those institutions.

Power wears the negligee of the flag to seduce the unaware, the bleak, the indoctrinated, the frightened, the brash.

It’s not even white!

It’s less about a skin colour than a pathological behaviour pattern.

Nonetheless, Racism exists and is inculcated. No baby is born racist.

The Hierarchy of Coercive Power is a social dynamic of institutional bullying that runs through the Statist system, yet it is not the Statist system, as much as it afflicts that system and inhibits it’s healthy development.

I am not my disease.

Those who operate that Hierarchy use Race as a socially divisive meme. It is intentional. Racism is an invention of the Power.

It has no natural progenitor. It does not emerge naturally. It has to be groomed.

So, for me,  it is less about what some some black people 'should do': they are busy enough dealing with the oppression's they face whilst trying to get by in such a brutally divided society -  it's about what ordinary white people as a social group need to do in pre-dominantly white countries where Institutional Power causes harm to any marginalised group or population, at home or abroad, using our taxes – we need to re-occupy the Governance systems we are funding - that we are paying for - that are currently dominated by an elite ruling class in all our countries whose primary concern is their own welfare, power and wealth and who routinely ignore the harms they cause in that mission, and we need to make those institutions safe for all ordinary people, every where.

They are using our work, our money to fund their wars.

The system, as it is being abused by a clearly identifiable oligarchy, is not our common abuser.

It is those who abuse their positions of power who are the abusers. Empty the system of the abusers, and it can be reformed.

We whites do have a privileged position within it.

We can take power back from the oligarchies and make it safe for all people.

We need to use that privilege to remove the bullies. Locally and nationally.

THAT'S what we need to do.

Bleak lives matter.

In as much as why do people become racist?

What’s gone so awry in that person’s life that they end up being a KKK activist, or a Cop who shoots an unarmed, non threatening woman, or a G4S Guard who assaults a detained child?

Does this question have meaning when it is about a President who launches a war of aggression to ‘bring democracy’, or a Government Minister who cuts the Independent Living Fund for disabled people to ‘save money’ - a policy which led to a massive increase of stress and early deaths, and cost more than it saved, or a Chancellor who claims ‘austerity’ as a cover for fiscal abuse?

Are those lives not bleak too?

And the bleakness of poverty, of dull boring jobs, of zero hours contracts, lack of transport,  lack of community, the bed room tax, Keith Vaz’ sex life rather than his criminal political acts….

The bleakness of homelessness, on our streets, and in refugee campes across the world.

Bleak lives matter, they affect and afflict us all.

“because to live without experiencing/ignoring ones empathy is a bleak existence indeed, however many shiny trappings you cover it in.”

a quote from a good friend of mine, D. Grinstead, (princess)

And bleakness of those who bully..... its all dehumanisation.

Poverty is imposed by concentrations of wealth.

The entire social system is raging with dishonesty.

Taking one single issue without connecting the dots to all issues is not an effective way forwards.... not for the 21st Century...

Bleak lives matter, all lives matter.

Black lives matter.

Brown lives matter.

Green lives matter.

Lives lived in poverty matter.

The children tatting rubbish in African rubbish dumps, their lives matter, and they matter enough for all of us to act in ways that reduce the rubbish dumps, build real education facilities and nurture healthy autonomy in all around us.

Love matters.

Black lives matter, and they matter enough for all of us to act in ways that reduce the violence, removes inequity, that build real community across cultures and language groups, and nurtures healthy autonomy in all around us.
And yes, we in the WEST, we ‘the tax payer’s are the ones with the REAL power to make change happen - and we are failing in that, big time, and that failure has deep and adverse impacts on the lives of Africans, South Americans, Arabs and all indigenous peoples.....  and on women and people of colour everywhere.

We have to see where we are in this.

It less about what black people 'should do' ; it's about what ordinary white people as a social group need to do – re-occupy Governance systems long dominated by the extant mostly white elite ruling class and make those safe for all people every where.

THAT'S what we need to do.

My life matters.

Your life matters.

Our lives matter.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Brian Cox, Celebrities, AGW and the basics of biology

I think we need a whole generation of people who do not know ANY celebrities. But who do understand the world they are dealing with and are energised to resolve and heal what needs to be resolved and healed.


Brian Cox.......?

Do I trust a personality celebrity whose sappy puerile music made his fortune by manipulating vulnerable young minds, and was readily used to usher in the wonders of Tony Blair et al?


Is he a well respected, peer reviewed physicist within the Science community, who has published lots of papers?


However, his area is esoteric, and probably of most use to the Military Industrial Complex, in areas of particle physics and weaponry. I have no idea who funds his research, or to what use it has been or can be put. So many known unknowns.

That said,  for me, and for my purposes, in the context related to the entire Climate Change discourse and all that accretes to that, he is a minor scientist, with a minor Phd. degree, and a slew of arcane papers in a specialist area that has little relevance to the very real problems we face, and is also a professional celebrity.

He is no Einstein, who was both scientist and philosopher and brutally, fearlessly honest. He is no Carl Rogers who altered the course of psychotherapy, for the better, way beyond the vision of either Freud or Jung. He is no Howard Zinn, he is not a Joseph Chilton Pearce. He is no Bill Mollison, nor is he a Masanobu Fukuoka.

And yet he feels he can use his rather large public profile, his celebrity status, to wade in to the 'climate change' discourse and bully those who challenge the mainstream narrative which he fully supports.


We 'respect' certain celebrities because we have fallen for their promo campaigns.

We know nothing of their real positions, attitudes, motivations or behaviour.

Its PR.


Jimmy Savile. Richard Branson. Barak Obama. The Enron boys. Milton Friedman. Ronald Reagan. Kanye West.

"I used to respect ....." (insert any celebrity) always means 'I bought the lie because that was easier than critical thinking...."

And we buy those lies every day.

And again, and again, and again, again, and again, and again, ad nauseam.


To rub salt into the wound, we constantly pay for the privilege of being bamboozled, groomed.

Where does their wealth come from?

It comes from us. We fund celebrity.

We have to admit that, and then forgive ourselves for being manipulated or bullied into submission through a deliberate and mediated faux peer pressure, engineered to make celebrity matter, as part of a psycho-social conditioning/indoctrination system..


So, let's go back to basics. Biology.

Biology does not do celebrity. That's a given.

Brian Cox is adamant about a scientific consensus on Anthropogenic Global Climate Change.

What consensus?

Human activity is altering the entire planets climate systems!


It would be more scientifically accurate to say certain kinds of human activity, (most of which are associated with Industrial Civilisation and are central to the maintenance of abusive Hierarchies of Power that rule vast swathes of Humanity) are causing massive damage to the habitat because those activities are not nurturing the habitat, and are in fact degrading biological systems and introducing a mountain of toxins that biology has yet to find a way to metabolise.

The dominant culture is thus imposing chronic stress on the biological  environment.

Chronic stress always leads towards degenerative disease states.

Which includes, as a possibility, climatic changes.....

That much is rather obvious.

That can be said to be a view that has consensus, even if it is not widely articulated.

Those that can see it, and the biological environment, both agree on it.

The CO2 story is one part of the whole.

Plastic bags and light bulbs are another part of the whole.

And certain centres of Power would rather we avoided a critical analysis of the whole.

They have too much to lose, apparently.

The IPCC has offered very little by way of a critical analysis of the behaviour, actions and outcomes of the mainstream social systems manufacturing processes, and the powers that depend upon the vast wealth those systems generate.

Some pertinent facts.

The most obvious appropriate response to climatic and environmental change is Permaculture.

Biology knows how to do this.

Biology knows how to do permaculture.

Biology is the master.

Biology uses 'the force'.

Biology has been doing this for a very, very long time indeed.

We humans have emerged from that work of Biology.

We can work with that if we choose. We can learn.

We also need to see a deep, deep change in the way industry and manufacturing operate - rather than imposed taxes to 'nudge' behaviour, or energy saving light bulbs, or wars for oil and other 'resources'.

That too has been explored.

It even has a catchy name: Cradle to Cradle.

Does Brian Cox speak about the wars, the bullying that defines Governments and Corporations? No!

Do these have an impact on environment and climate? Yes.

Does Brian Cox speak about permaculture? No!

Does Brian Cox speak about Cradle to Cradle?

Nope.... not a word.


And yet...

Biology has been responding to climatic change for billions of years.

It can respond really rapidly.

It KNOWS how to do this. It's worth repeating. I am repeating it.

Because it is so rarely mentioned. Biology KNOWS how to evolve within a dynamically changing environment, and knows how to do that whilst maintaining nurturant cyclical processes that feed more life.

The evidence is all around us, and some of us are eating that evidence, working with it.

Permaculture works with that knowledge base, by working with the plants, the animals, the bugs, the microbes, the CLIMATE, the soil.

However, it cannot be patented, nor can it be industrialised.

Permaculture requires intimate labour to be put into practice, it also requires autonomy, critical thinking, scientific observation and deliberate responsiveness in those who undertake it. It requires people who get to know their patch of land and the plants they are working with. Intimately. Locally. Specifically.

Massive employment opportunities. Huge. Really.

Cradle to Cradle design is a process approach that has the ability to ensure that every manufacturing process returns nutrients to the environment rather than 'waste' or toxins, and then builds fecundity into the habitat.

Does Brian Cox talk about these?

Do the IPCC talk about these?

No and no!


Well, I will leave that to your imagination and intuition to work out.

Let's call it getting back to basics.

And another thing...

Any system, any name. Capitalism, Fascism, Religionism, Patriarchy, Matriarchy, Democracy, whatever... 

The basic reality is that every large scale governing system devised over the past few thousand years has turned into psycho-social bullying that is fully institutionalized.

So I think we need sometimes to forget the name, look at the behaviour and outcomes, and call it what it is, if we are serious about dealing with things.

Putting it another way....

'Climate Change' as a direct result of human activity is not established fact, it is theoretical.

Yes, there is lots of data to suggest the theory, but it is nowhere near conclusive.

We know that the Sun, Moon, tectonics, etc are all massive influences and we do not know how much they contribute to the current situation.

The modelling capabilities of computers are nowhere near the reality of biology, tectonics, the Suns influence, etc...

Climate change is a constant. It has always changed.

What we DO KNOW is what I have laid out in more detail throughout my blog - the basic behaviour of this culture that is dominant is non-nurturant, it creates toxicity and degradation, and it is based on bullying.

What we need most of all is to deal with the bullying aspect of Power, political, corporate, criminal, ideological or religious - THAT is the core problem, the rest are all symptoms...

Treating the symptoms without addressing the root causes is futile. It maintains the problem.

It is the job of EVERYONE who is an adult to look after the Earth in the best interests of all future generations - compartmentalising aspects as the IPCC and the leading bully systems of power suggest is inept at best, callous disregard for the future at worst.

Putting it another way....

All the damage being done is symptomatic of a culture predicated on hierarchies of violence, coercion, concentration of power and a sense of entitlement amongst the powerful to mediate that degree of abuse to preserve their system, their position.

No matter what symptom we discuss, unless we honestly and fearlessly appraise the core issue - Power and abuse of Power - it will remain.

The psychological climate of the majority of human beings is dominated by the bully system.

That is nowhere near the biological optimal.

Our endocrine systems do not lie.


Let me make it clear.

Every adult has an inherent biological responsibility or response ability to care for the habitat so that our children inherit a healthy habitat within which they will live lives of optimal human biological health in all areas, barring volcanoes, tidal waves, storms, asteroids etc...

I do not see that anywhere in the CC discourse, as it stands at the moment, or anywhere else within Governance, Politics, Commerce or Religion as we know it.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

War Crimes, Opinion or Evidence, Burkini's, Bullying and Jo Cox

The Big Issue.


War Crimes.

War Crimes and War Criminals going un-opposed, not being held to account by the taxpayers who funded those who made the decisions to go to war, and who paid for the troops and contractors tasked with prosecuting the wars.

Politicians who deliberately, and against all warnings, enabled massive bank fraud and then bailed out those banks who committed those frauds, using future taxpayer funds, thus in-debting (or indenturing) the emerging generation of students as future taxpayers and then, as if to rub salt into these open wounds, the same grouping of Politcians claimed 'Austerity' (lack of spare cash) as their excuse for a class war against the vulnerable and the poor.

That is the core issue here.

Opinion vs Evidence

The people who allowed this to happen, who voted for and continue to vote for the politicians on any side who administered and are yet administering all of this, are the enablers of these crimes. In that I include the mainstream media, and the conspiracy theorist industry.

One cannot, as so often happens, blame those who did not vote, out of sheer ennui, desperation or a learned, evidence based distaste for a system that is actively an institutionalized bully system.

Most of the those people did look at the evidence, and decided that the only option was not to participate in hypocrisy.

That is understandable.

There is no excuse in the 21st Century for not taking the time to examine the evidence, the data, when making choices that affect (or afflict) the entire community.

This must be addressed to all those who voted for the politicians who have, and are, committing war crimes and attacking the most vulnerable people in our society.

"You are not looking at the evidence!"

Selfishness, my mortgage, my job, my party loyalty, my allegiances, my prejudices, what I read in the papers, or see in the News on TV etc are all invalid bases for making choices that affect Governance.

We do have a social responsibility to each other. To cause no harm.

That ought to be obvious. Duty of Care. Due Diligence.

Opinion cannot replace or supplant evidence, on matters related to the administration of a communities shared contributory resources,with mere opinion.

We need to make THAT 100% CLEAR.

I refuse to argue about opinions - I say present the evidence, the facts, the outcomes.

Do not be trolled by those who insist on their 'right' to hold and impose an opinion - they can hold it, but they have no right to impose it, as that imposition is an abuse.

Fight back with honesty, truth, evidence, determination and vision, a vision that must include the liberation of those who hold opinion over evidence from the trap they are in.

Do whatever it takes in terms of a discourse.

France's Burkini Ban

It's a deliberate provocation, designed to inflame wounded people on the edges of violence into acting out that violence, and to give a false basis to those who would support violence against France on the basis of Islamaphobiic policies proving their case.

Institutionalised bullying is a scientifically mediated strategic, tactical weaponised behaviour system. It includes grooming, labeling, distraction, slander, slur, innuendo, opinion over evidence, gas lighting, lies and set-ups, as well as the many tools of direct and indirect violence. It's intent is to ensure that Power is retained, enhanced and projected.

ALL Governments or Power Hierarchies use it, media are utterly aware and complicit, and we see it in movies and 'pop' culture all the time...

We are being politically inept and socially foolish (I know it is scary, frightening to look at, yet looking away will not deal with it) if we do not take the time to recognise these tactics, and their position within the strategies of Power.

  We must also work out how to counter it, within ourselves, within our families and communities as much as across Society as a whole - otherwise those who are living where the bombs are being dropped or detonated, abroad and at home, will continue to suffer, and we will suffer, and our children suffer even more if we fail to address it.

In all it's forms.

We are paying for it, literally funding it.

Taxpayers pay for ALL the Wars, all the killing.

Superb blog, by Kitty Jones, on how bullying operates.

Read it.

Be armed, rather than armored.

Jo Cox.

Jo Cox, a British female labour politican murdered, assassinated in an extreme act of violence, less than 3 months ago.


Silence of the Lambs, or Silence of the Wolves?

Why is this not being discussed by the Labour Party membership, with the same passion as the leadership non-contest?

Who killed Jo Cox?

Britain did.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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