Tuesday, 15 July 2008

This is who I am, no passport check required

I am a human being, my blood is the same substance as the plasma of plants, barring one atom (humans = iron, plants = mercury), the cells of my body bear a huge resemblance to the cells of all living beings. I am a bag of bacteria.

All that I am comes from the interaction of the Suns light and warmth withthe substance of Earth, upon this planets surface....

I am born of woman, as a mammal, as are many, many creatures on this earth. All of us are.

'Civilised' Mankind is THE ONLY CREATURE known to organise to consciously harm our own children, our brothers and our sisters, and the children of life in general, on a massive scale. Such a scale as to impinge on the 'rights' of others to live as nature intended.

This is born of an arrogance that borders on psychopathy .... and I am understating the facts.....

We are born of this earth, of this place, of the rivers, the plains, the mountains, the seas...

It is our natural home. There is no other.

Thus our inability to interact with that nature as it is, to gently adapt to it's bounty is our responsibility, and ours alone.

All children are born expecting the breast, expecting the patterns of night and day, expecting respect and time to learn, expecting oxygen and water, expecting the presence of nature all around us, expecting to be enthralled by its beauty and to avail fully of its bounty, in balance - that is our evolved state on this Earth.

I connect to the spirit of life, which is to say I am deeply, profoundly and utterly grateful for all that sustains and nourishes me, all the oxygen, the water, the plants that I have to sustain me, and especially my body in which I live and experience this abundance, knowing full well that I have not done anything to create this. I can only marvel at the sheer wonder of it.

My life has been harsh. I have been abused in many cruel and devastating ways for most of my childhood. I survived, and recovered my soul. That is my gift to myself, that I give myself my life again. And who stood by me in all this?

The gift of life as I feel it in my very being. And a few, all too few people. Even within my own family, too few.

And today who stands beside the children of Iraq and Afghanistan? Too few. Most are too worried about the chimera of how to sustain the comfort that they now are addicited to, and are more concerned with global warming than global warring, and scuttle, frightened for their own arses, from ideology to religion to science fiction.

They have all missed the nature of the gift. They have abandoned their own children.

Ask yourself, who made your eye and you brain to interpret what the eye percieves?

Earth did. THAT IS FACT.

Faith says Allah or God or Jehovah or Buddah or Krisna or some other invention of human mind.

Faith ignores the gift. Humiliates the gift by attributing it to something outside EARTH.

I respect that gift, and bless all that is of nature, as the starting point to every breath I take.

I long to see again a culture of humanity that reflects how I feel. To live at home with my brothers and sisters, at peace (barring shit happens, of course : weather, volcanoes, tidal waves, typhoons and my own clumsiness).

Children have the right (not a privilege, a right) to have their natural, innate expectations met - that is the basis for all life on Earth.

The arrogance of 'civilised' mankind to assume that they are the most intelligent creature on Earth, (it used to be WHITES are MORE INTELLIGENT THAN BLACKS, MEN MORE INTELLIGENT THAN WOMEN...) and to further assume the right to manipulate and harm others for their own end is the ugliest of all that exists on this Earth.

Creating a sustainable future so that all become christian, or muslim, or jew or anything else of similar ilk is in and of itself a part of that arrogance, that ugliness....

A personal faith is something an indiviual may well live by. And that is as far as it should go.

And if that faith is by indoctrination, then it is no faith at all but a prison. And it is the indoctrinates who destroy what they cannot accept or control, in life.

These are my words, of my soul, of my life thus far.

I strongly suggest that all read "SHOCK DOCTRINE" by Naomi Klien and "Underground History of Education" by John Taylor Gatto.

There is evil amongst us, it is planned and it is the product of rational thought processes of people who are divorced from the great gifting that is life. It is enabled by the fear and complicity of those who are it's fuel and for the most part it's canon fodder.

Denial is always a choice.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Friday, 11 July 2008

Troop Morale, Overstretch and Spin.... truth is truth!

Recent media reports state that at least half of all enlisted personnel in the UK Military are considering leaving.


According to the reports this is due to ‘overstretch’.

The UK has around 4000 troops in Iraq, and 8000 in Afghanistan.

The total UK Military is around 150,000. Which means that at any one time there close to 10% of the UK Military is on active combat duty. With three shifts, we might extrapolate that 30% of the Military is on rotation. We know that nearly 90% of all military and reserves have served in Iraq or Afghanistan at one time or another. (my figures are approximate!)

During world war II that percentage was way higher, as were the overall numbers of military personnel. And of course the numbers of dead, wounded and traumatised were also higher. Yet very few ever thought to quitting. Morale was never so low.

Which begs the question : Are these reports correct in their assumption that ‘overstretch’ is the core issue?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that assumption is incorrect, and amounts to yet another ‘sexing up’, a spin on the situation designed to deflect attention from the core problem faced by UK troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These wars are illegal. They are also morally wrong.

The brutality that troops almost inevitably bring to their ‘work’ in Iraq and Afghanistan is mostly situational - troops have no clearly defined, uniformed enemy, and must follow orders, even if those orders are illegal, in order to protect themselves and each other. (mutiny on the battlefield is fatal to all concerned as it leads towards vulnerability and chaos)

Once that brutality line is crossed, it is exceedingly difficult to work back towards the original premise - that these wars were about bringing peace and democracy, that there is a clearly defined enemy or an end in sight.

Add to that the blatant profiteering of those who initiated these wars, which is now next to near common knowledge (if not in detail, then in essence), and one begins to see that it is impossible for troops to continue. Better ‘equipment’, better pay will not make the difference. The Emperors nakedness is exposed and no amount of veiling will hide the fact.

What to do?

As a civilian who has great respect for those who do place their lives on the line, who undertake this most dangerous of ‘work’ out of a sense of honour, a sense of patriotism, a sense of wanting to give to the greater whole of society, I suggest the following :

Read the information placed on the www.makewarshistory.org.uk website regarding the Laws Prohibiting War.


Understand these laws, for they easy to understand, they are simple, they are clear.

Then, report the war crimes to your local police station, and demand that those who initiated these wars are held to account, demand that our troops be returned home immediately and give warm support all those troops who wish to no longer follow illegal (and immoral) orders.

Read the letter concerning the payment of taxes to the UK Central Government, and withold your taxes until the above is done.


Do this to protect and honour our troops, and to protect the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan, to enable them to decide their own future without interference from outsiders whose agenda is fundamentally one of greed - pipelines and the oil that flows through them. Privatised Downsized State Functions and the profits that accrue.


Do this to honour all those who have died or have been injured or have been traumatised, do this to start the process of healing.

Do this because YOU are a promoter of peace, even if your Government is not.

Further action appropriate would be to strip all those who have profited from these wars of all their financial assets, and hand that cash back to those who really, truly need it.

Demand that Halliburton and Bechtel, Lockheed Martin and Northrupp Grumann, JP Morgan and BP/Amoco et al return to Iraq and Afghanistan to repair the damage they have caused (much in the manner we request young offenders to do community work for petty crimes) and that they return their ill gained profits to those they have so horribly ripped off…. at their own expense, and by employing Afghan and Iraq workers at reasonable wages, in the process of the reconstruction of their villages, towns cities and infrastructure.

I would dearly like to see Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Dick Cheny, Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush labouring repairing broken sewers in Baghdad as part of their penance.

And when all of this is done, then let us then say with some authority that “we stand for peace, for democracy, for peoples freedom, everywhere”.

Anything less than that is merely insult added to injury, death and trauma..

Try my songs on reverbnation (see the player on the top right of this page.) play them while doing all of the above!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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