Monday, 18 June 2012

Nature is Nurturant, and in constant communication..

All of Nature is in communication,  all of what is alive is intelligent and in general all living organisms are engaged in nurturant behaviour, that is nurturing each other. We are aature, more than we are the illusion of ‘civilised’ which we are taught to believe in, which we internalise through the many ways of social conditioning of this culture.

This short video explores some of this concept - nurturant communication - in relation to trees, fungi and forests. There is plenty more evidence of this to be found across the globe, where scientists and others have been engaged in honest exploration.

Our human biology is mandated towards empathy - trust is the default mode of the social being - a form of empathy which is at core an ability to sense the content of the other, because we are experienced. We experience ourselves, and that informs how we respond to the other, in terms of meeting biological needs, in terms of appropriate nurturant behaviour.
This ability is founded on the experience of self empathy - the ability to sense one's own being at all levels and to accurately reflect this outwards = honesty, transparency, congruency. 

Of course this is a skill set learned by the healthy child in the loving embrace of healthy parents, in a health egalitarian mode society. It is not a genetically pre-programmed behavioural dynamic. We learn this.

In recognising the preciousness to me of my life, of my lived experience I recognise that in others, not merely as an intellectual exercise, but as a lived and felt visceral experiential. 

Thus hunting and eating animals, or eating plants can be understood to be part of the processes of life nurturing life for all life, and that these processes can be respected for what they are. Gratitude for the gift of sustenance informs the Natural Hunter, cruelty is generally avoided, and with that respect for the hunted and their particular community, as well as their place in the community of all life.

Hunting is not about dominance, it is not about hierarchy. To interpret natural hunting as such is to project the taught (and internalised) concepts of the 'civilised' onto nature.

The reason the 'civilised' teach this projection with such force is to underpin their error, to make their error seem otherwise and to remove from view any evidence that there is a way of life that emerges from Nature that is empathy based.

Empathy is the experience that Power fears the most, because it can bind people together as they seek to liberate themselves, it can inform people as to the humanity of those Power calls 'the enemy' and it can also inform people as to the psychology of those who hold Power, exposing their frailties and inadequacies in ways that those seeking liberation can utilise.

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