Friday, 29 January 2016

Refugees amidst a Culture of Bullying.

Refugees. People fleeing for their lives, leaving everything they know and love and have built because states go to war and that war making has run through their homes, villages, towns and cities and destroyed everything in it's path.

"A bunch of Migrants!"

Underneath that thread is this : the supposition, the carefully indoctrinated story of, Western Values of Democracy and 'fighting a common enemy' for the good of all, exposed as a fiction, when those refugees are refused refuge; when the lobbies and electorates of the European states are unwilling to confront their own governments war making; when those European Governments and electorates accept the Corporatist lobbying which supports war and do not challenge it head on.

Apart from Pol Pot, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain et al practically all the Governments we know of have gained power by consent of an electorate at some point.

Whatever their ideology, when they abuse that power, it is quite often ordinary folk suffer in the most horrific manner as a direct outcome. The Contra's of Nicaragua, Pinochet's death squads, Apartheid, Palestine, Congo and coltan, TTIP, Tax Havens of British Crown Dependencies, G4S Institutionalised abuse of children in 'care homes', Jimmy Savile, The Vatican's crisis management of proven child rape allegations.... are all part of the bullying culture. They are all in it together.

So for me the issue is about who holds power, the adverse affects of that power, and who challenges that. Arguing about Capitalism vs Socialism is irrelevant unless we deal with the issue of a bullying culture that taints our civilisation.

The helpers in Calais, and elsewhere, are largely drawn from people who challenge that careful image of power by their direct action of humanity. By kindness. They have stepped in to help. To comfort. To show humane solidarity with human beings in a degraded and degrading situation.

Cameron (and by extension, the entire British Government and power Establishment) dismisses them, alongside the refugees, in Parliament and when it is discussed, the matter of culpability of the UK Government since the invasion of Afghanistan, as the primary drivers of this war, which is WWIII, as far as the peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, Eritrea, Syria is avoided.


Full quote:

Corbyn "Why is there one rule for big multinational companies and another for small businesses and self-employed workers?"

But gesturing to Mr Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, the PM ranted: "The idea that those two right honourable gentlemen could stand up to anyone in this regard is laughable.

"Look at the record over the last week. They met with the unions and they gave them flying pickets. They met with the Argentinians and gave them the Falkland islands.

"They met with a bunch of migrants in Calais and they said they could all come to Britain."

"The only people they never stand up for are the British people and hard working tax payers."


Is that not so far from the situation of the German people under Hitler? A middle class who were mostly well off, comfortable, employed and enjoying a raised standard of living......... stand by whilst atrocities are committed by their Government, which is using their tax contributions to do this?

The 'vibe' David Cameron gives off - as the mask slips - is pure malice in that rant. It's not the first time, and it won't be the last. It is what it is.

And we are part of it. Whether we like it or not. It is there.

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Our acclaimed 'civilisation' is found to be a veneer, rather than a strong spine.

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

G4S, bullies, power, wealth and children.

G4S, bullies, power, wealth and children. Does it have to be this way?

I watched in growing anger, horror and despair, the BBC Panorama program on abuse within a Children's Prison, run by G4S, who have already been subject to a number of such investigations, who have 'investigated' themselves, fired the named abusers, and yet the pattern repeats....

The entire matter is utterly appalling. There should be widespread unrelenting, public anger and outrage at this abuse of the children, of our trust and our taxes.

There should be changes made, from top to bottom, and prison sentences handed down for all involved, with suspended sentences for those who turned a blind eye or who failed in their fiduciary duty to deal with the matter in the strongest terms.

"BBC Panorama goes undercover to expose harrowing evidence of children and young people being hurt and threatened by custody officers who are supposed to protect them. 

Secret filming at a privately run youth prison, paid more than £10m in 2015 by the government to provide high-quality education and to rehabilitate some of the most vulnerable youngsters in the prison system, reveals some officers mistreating their charges and many more tolerating the behaviour or even helping to cover it up."

1. People who are employed in these places should be professionals, with training in conflict resolution, NVC, psycho social studies, counselling and risk assessment, as well as being adept in de-escalating violence. This of course would demand that they pay staff well, ensure that a constant training process is in  place, and that adequate oversight is maintained on what happens within these institutions.

2. The fact that G4S has been repeatedly exposed for abuse, and that nothing major has changed, suggests that their primary concern is with profitability above and beyond the needs of the children. That is 100% unacceptable.

3. The fact that staff who witness this abuse 'tolerate the behaviour or even help to cover it up." suggests to me that there is a culture of abuse that is institutionalised, that is integrated, in much the same manner as the abuse of Christian clerics in Schools, Reformatories, Orphanages.....  and that the hierarchy within G4S will behave as the Vatican has - to manage the crisis so that they remain in power, rather than address the culture openly, honestly in order to make changes that are obviously very much needed.

4. The matter feeds into my last post about bullying and our political power hierarchy.

5. There are alternatives.... and this short video outlines the kinds of trainings and expertise G4S and anyone who works with troubled children ought to be engaging with.

This is written as a spoken word piece, an angry poem about all of this..

G four S
Gulags For Stash

G Four S
Employs bullies to save cash

Low paid, untrained in empathy, unrestrained,
Trained in restraining wounded children.
Violence upon violence, cruelty for profit,
Cover-ups and thieves in my Government.
Stealing my taxes, to concentrate power.

"I can't breathe, I can't breathe, You're choking me!"

G four S
Gulags For Stash
G Four S
Employs bullies to save cash

Paul Cook is appalled, he is playing the ball,
Kicking this one into touch, "we will investigate ourselves."
He chose to employ bullies on the cheap,
To ensure the profits that G4S shareholders keep.
Stealing our taxes, to concentrate power.

"I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry, I love your football team!"

G four S
Gulags For Stash
G Four S
Employs bullies to save cash

The Military Chiefs deplore the claims of the abused,
and let a few troops bear the cost of their ruse,
Their crimes are recorded yet not addressed,
Because the Military is an instrument of State Oppression.
When will we learn the lesson?
They are stealing our taxes, to concentrate power.

"You ain't no helper Bruv! You're a bully!"

G four S
Gulags For Stash
G Four S
Employs bullies to save cash

The children need support, they need all the help they can get
yet in a prison complex they are hidden, so that society forgets
That the symptoms of oppression are everywhere to see,
let’s blame the children and the hierarchy is free.
to steal our taxes, to concentrate power.

G four S
Gulags For Stash
G Four S
Employs bullies to save cash

In Foster Homes, State Homes, Family Homes it happens
Bullies operate a system of abuse, and in offices and media,
In prisons and detention pens, and on remand too
the bullies are permitted to do what they do.

"You ain't no trainer, Bruv!"

Be a team member, do not blow the whistle,
Turn a blind eye, and maintain your income stream.
Turn a blind eye and even the family can seem to outsiders
to be a safe place, where traditional values reign…
That refusal to acknowledge the very real pain,
ensures that the cycles are repeated, again and again!

"David Cameron's opinion is that 'parents need to be taught how to discipline their children',  rather than be helped to learn empathy, to heal themselves and their children and ultimately Society....."

It is code for the Rulers true concern!

G four S
Gulags For Stash
G Four S
Employs bullies to save cash

Fuck that shit!

"All hearts shrink before violence, all fists clench for their friends."

Kate Tempest

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Monday, 11 January 2016

The Centrality of Bullying to Politics.

If one is to discuss politics, then one has to start with the subject of bullying.

The careful avoidance of that issue protects the system of institutionalised bullying that has emerged over time. Such discussions are futile.

Unless we talk about bullying as the core of Political and Economic Power as we know it today, and attempt to understand the dynamic of bullying and it's origins, and then examine how best to prevent such bullying, we are going nowhere.

Left, right, communism, neoliberalism, facism, green whatever......

Talk about those once the matter of bullying has been resolved, then we might be getting somewhere that is of real and lasting value.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2016: Equality, punishment, children, politics and bullies. Clarification.

These my thoughts on some of the political issues I believe to be critical in the next year and beyond.

There's much more detail out there than I can indicate here, and I am attempting to reveal a thread that I think is the backbone of the system of hierarchical violence, and thus crucial to it's continuation, and therefore a vulnerability to be leveraged.

Equality? Feminism?

The issue needs clarification.

'Equality' means what exactly?

How does it stand for a single mother on low income?

How does it stand for a young muslim teen, facing 'terrorism'?

How does it stand for a refugee?

How does it stand for a child? An elder? A disabled person?

How does it stand for a civilian caught in the cross fire of war?

As it stands, it seems that for official feminism, that it means 'behaving the same as the men doing the job, and getting the same pay'. And the argument is about the pay scale, rather than what the job itself is and what it's effects are.

Which is all about conformity, rather than diversity. The job is protected. It WILL get done.

Feminism, at root, is about the fact that any embodied wisdom and experience of being a woman in the current dominant cultural setting is set aside in matters of Governance, social organisation, spirituality, economics and power.

Implicit in that is access the embodied wisdom and experience of being a man in the current dominant cultural setting is also limited, controlled, determined by 'social mores' which are artifacts rather than biological absolutes.

Love is a biological absolute, for us humans and many other species.... Power is a operational absolute for those who Rule.

Good governance is another matter.

We need to understand the distinction.

Name the behaviour. Name the outcome.

Punishment, spanking and violence.

It's all about adult power, powerlessness and displaced anger.

The adults submit to a violent hierarchy and lose something of the soul, and this hurts, and hurt that remains unresolved often turns to anger, and in time to rage. It is not safe to vent that anger at authority, so it leaks out. Irritations that lead to outbursts of violence.

It has to be justified, or else the question arises : 'Why am I SO angry?' and that exposes the individual to his or her deep sense of loss, though they have to see through the rage first to get to that. So not an easy ask. That’s quite a lot of stress for many, many people.

As if in compensation millions of people read and consume the Daily Mail, The Guardian, watch the TV, vote for 'traditional democracy', get a mortgage and repeat what little they have been spun from all of that as 'news', but the sense of safety is tenuous.

There is a process whereby children are the recipients of parents neuroses, which is largely unwitting, inn intended, and this then is further complicated and obscured by the effects of sophisticated marketing and propaganda, which targets those unresolved emotions, enervating them, deliberately, and people wonder why some children experience difficulties? Or become adults with serious issues?

And factor in if a child grows up in a war zone, or a place of constant violence? What kind of future is that experience preparing the child for?

And that is what it comes down to with slapping and any violence by adults perpetrated against children. It has a purpose, an outcome that is valued by those Institutions which exercise power over populations, and which all to readily stoop to violence to maintain and project their power.

And it’s all 100% avoidable. There is nothing inevitable about the levels of violence we are seeing throughout the dominant culture.

There is hope because the sciences are clear on this.

Saudi Arabia and the UN Commission on Human Rights.

A State that is operating a lethal punitive code that is determined by Wahhabist Religious ideology, and which undermines all concepts of Human Rights Legislation and is unquestionably cruel and barbaric CANNOT participate as a leader in a Human Rights Forum without undermining the basis of that forum.


Likewise a state that is prosecuting a lethal war that is determined by Economic and political ideology, and which undermines all concepts of Human Rights Legislation and is unquestionably cruel and barbaric CANNOT participate as a leader in a Human Rights Forum without undermining the basis of that forum. Which excludes The UK, the USA and others…

Bullies and Liberation.

When confronting any bully the narrative is the harm they are causing and how to stop it, nothing else matters.

Once that is done, then the finer details can be worked on

What the bully wears, believes in or justifies is irrelevant.

It's not a conspiracy theory to say that those who 'traditionally ' hold power do all they can to retain, enhance and project that power and that they need our money to do that.

Good Question!

So we are taught that "love of money is the root of all evil."

I wondered why?

And this is what I came up with.

Because the money is all about the power - without the money, OUR MONEY, they could not do what they do.

Their pretensions to power would be impossible with the money.

Better that a vast majority of people believe in the greed as a motivator, than become aware of the kind of human psychology that seeks power above all else, and is willing to use extreme violence, that is grooming us for our compliance, which power needs.

The issue is power vs healthy relationships that nurture.

And here’s my take on aspects of where the urge to power emerges…..

Examine any issue and there is where we find the core of the matter.

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