Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Learning to Live with The Virus - Why do abusive Governments 'cower' from the truth? Elimination Strategy works.

“So much of what we call abnormality in this culture is actually a normal response to an abnormal culture. The abnormality does not reside in the pathology of individuals, but in the very culture that drives people into suffering and dysfunction.”  — Dr. Gabor Maté

Johnson, and many of the people entrusted with the power to govern, are men who went to English Public Schools, all male boarding schools, where they learned early to behave in the way we are seeing them behave today. In such schools, the children are forced to learn to 'live with the un-natural situation'
 by denying their vulnerability. I know this from my own experience. 12 years of 'elite' Catholic Boarding Schools distorted my emotional and psychological being. It is not a normal, healthy environment for any child to grow up in.

This begs the question: are such men as they have become truly fit to Govern the shared commons for the entire population of the UK?

Boris Johnson, centre front, at Eton. Photograph: Richard Shymansky from News Syndication/Gillman & Soame UK Ltd / News Licensing

Richard Beard has written about that experience, because he too endured the English Boarding Public School system, and he has been writing about the psychological harms, all avoidable, caused in those schools and was instrumental in setting out the awareness of how this dynamic afflicts those who seek out the power to rule, and in turn how that afflicts us all.

Q: "Boris Johnson and David Cameron attended similar schools at a similar time. How do you think it shaped them?

A: (Beard) In so many ways. Almost every day I read the paper and think, yes, I recognise that. Recently, it’s the idea that you just have to live with stuff – with Covid, for example. Just as at school you just had to live with your parents leaving you behind, with the daily authoritarianism, with not going home for weeks at a time. This is a very private-school idea – you just have to live with social injustice."

The Bullingdon Club - Ruling Class Scions at Play?

In this video (see below) Prime Minister Johnson, of England publicly and brazenly implies that countries like New Zealand, Vietnam, China, Finland, Iceland and others were 'panicking' and taking 'medically irrational' action that would cause economic harm in the face of a global pandemic of the SARSCOV2 virus, and he rejects taking appropriate action. The outcome of his decision compares adversely with the outcomes in those other 'panicked' countries on every rational measure - in terms of public health, mental health, economics and civil liberties. The lack of empathy and concern for the vulnerability of the population, for whom he has taken responsibility, to this new virus is astonishing!

The evidence for this is incontrovertible. Johnsons brazen rejection of elimination of community transmission at that precise stage amounts to a deliberate, intentional conscious act of national, population level abuse. News Media has protected the Johnson misGovernment. Labour, under Starmer, has supported the Johnson misGovernment and ejected from Parliament the leading voices that might have voiced a more rational and honest opposition. 

Are we learning to live with a culture of abuse. Habituation to distal power and powerlessness, poverty, war and corruption as 'part of the Human Condition', part of 'Human Nature'?  Is this the 'new normal'?

Britain Is a Conquest Word. 

Great always referred to the dominance of all of these Islands and their peoples by the English Ruling Oligarchy. Patriotism is an abomination, if there is poverty structured into the situation of that Nation. Patriots scream, they wail and cry' Freedom!' but they never, ever seek to abolish poverty within their territory.

The so-called United Kingdom was united by conquest, violence and guile, never by free choice of a free people. Unlike the EU. Which was chosen, by every country that joined, pretty much.

Thus it is logical the political inheritors of the conquerors, the asset owners who ruled the British Empire which conquered the Ottoman Empire during WWI and carved it up, badly, also supported the creation of the State of Israel, as a mother supports a child. Israel is a bastard child of the British Empire. Partition  has long been a strategic policy imposed to impede others from making progress.

"There's horrible, horrible people floatin' about......"

Mhairi Black speaks about Westminster, the House of Commons, and the reality of what goes on in that building.

"People who you see, and ask how has no one evaluated you yet? - there's something seriously dark in that person's thinking."

Ayn Rand Fan Club?

People like Ayn Rand fan Sajid Javid who accuses people who care for others of 'cowering before the virus', people like Cyril Smith a known child molester, who remained unmolested by the Police throughout his odious reign oft terror, people like Tony Blair who lied and manipulated others to   prosecute a number of lethal wars, people like George Osborne who used lies to push Austerity which caused deliberate harm to hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people like Winston Churchill who ordered Greeks who collaborated with the German Nazi invaders  to attack and murder other Greeks who had fought the Germans, who wanted a democratic Greece freed from Monarchy. Churchill even paid them to do this dirty, bloody job. People like that who cause harm to others in pursuit of personal power.

Venal, cruel, adept at grooming ordinary citizens into carrying out extraordinarily cruel behaviour and murderous action.

We citizens who live here in England are ruled by a culture of professional bullies who pose as democrats, who offered up a carefully engineered toxic mime of democracy to the people,  the people who had no option other than to accept that offer or face violence (Peterloo, Orgreaves, Grenfell, COVID19) - violence can present in many ways, including deliberate negligence and harassment.

Perhaps in the midst of this deliberately mismanaged epidemic, more of the English people are seeing this, if only because the steel hand has shed the velvet glove at home and the most vulnerable are being thrown under various buses. 

Freedom and Opinion

The Freedom Day, and the Freedom from Tyranny March where the attendees were encouraged to identity, locate and document Health Care Professionals who were compared to Nazi Medics indicted at Nuremburg, many who were hanged, the implication that HCPs should be executed. Incitement.

Exploiting emerging vulnerability

The English Government aka The English Ruling Class are adept at exploiting every emerging vulnerability within the population they Rule over, and they are so good at it, that they can enrol enough of the vulnerable into performing actions of collective self harm whilst  believing the exact opposite, inciting the gullible to go further than what would be considered rational, to act in utter confusion and cause more damage to the welfare of the  shared commons, and maintain the status quo.

Take for example the way they turned a peace oriented unemployed militant working class into foolhardy warriors who would die in their hundreds of thousands, by deft use of using propaganda, in just a few short months as The Great War loomed, is a fine example of this capability.

World War 1, as it has since been named, which was a European War, it was not really a 'World War' although the British drew in working class males from across the Empire to slog it out in the bloody, shit filled, gore dressed trenches.

Fighting for Freedom, inspired by the Rulers. Freedom Day!

Learning to live with all this.

"Learning to live with....." is a song of submission.

Learning to live with Misogyny.
Learning to live with Racism.
Learning to live with Poverty.
Learning to live with Warfare.
Learning to live with Pollution.
Learning to live with Conquest.
Learning to live with Bullying.
Learning to live with Occupation and Settlement.
Learning to live with 'The Virus'.

and why not

Learning to live without Misogyny.
Learning to live without Racism.
Learning to live without Poverty.
Learning to live without Warfare.
Learning to live without Pollution.
Learning to live without Conquest.
Learning to live without Bullying.
Learning to live without Occupation and Settlement.
Learning to live without 'The Virus'?

The shutting down of self empathy that being bullied all the time can induce reduces empathy for others. To merely survive by shutting down. Taking no preventative steps.

The habituation of survival of the fittest can lead to abandoning the more vulnerable as 'weaklings'. Open up, save 'the economy', save our 'mental health', give us back our 'Freedoms'?

The accommodation to Sexism leads to suppression of the true self which is more than the perception of one's sex, which is an accident of birth rather than something one chooses. One can choose gender, as gender is a cultural perception. Culture can and does change.

The acceptance that the poor will always be with us is submission to the  unjust concentration of both Wealth and Power as 'normal' part of the human condition. It is no such thing.

And something within my being rejects all those submissions, all those accommodations even though I do understand that these are coping mechanisms, and they have some merit.

Even as I understand those useful forgetting's are the Emperors clothes that I wear, which I don to protect me from going crazy with despair and horror, something within bridles at every injustice, every act of exploitation and every selfish, immature, dehumanised action that undermines the shared commons, every piece of litter dropped that I see as I walk my local streets and parklands rankles yet still stimulates away at my humanity.  I am not alone in this.

Learning to live with our national domestic abuser, learning to live with Johnson, Trump, Bolsonaro, Hitler, Cromwell, Saddam, Netanyahu is not at all learning to live well. 

Sajid Javid accused those who wish to protect the vulnerable and the economy at the same Time as 'cowering' from the Virus. 

Mr. Javid, a banker, who has zero expertise in Health Care Systems, who  is now the political controller of the English Health Care System, is a man who was among those who organised the fraudulent CDO scam, which crashed investment banks and others who had bought the dodgy CDOs. 

He personally profited hugely from all of that and paid none of the costs, he got away with it, he then entered politics, in 2010, and has been an ardent supporter of Austerity (ideological abuse of vulnerable people based on a deliberate lie) and today he demands we all learn to cease 'cowering' from the virus,  he says we must learn to live with the virus' in order that we also continue to live with his fraudulent culture.

I refuse to 'learn to live with' that.

I will have to endure it all, for I am impotent. I am a tiny, weak individual citizen. But I will not submit, go silent, turn away, ignore the injustice or flee to the safety of myth, theory and selfishness. At least not today I won't.

I say our species knows already how to live well on this Earth -  and that means to live as nurturing partners with all living systems, co-operating with life rather than trying to dominate and exploit. I say the Dominator Culture is the thing that blocks all such effort and intention to live well.

Culture change does not need to be a revolution or an evolution, just an awakening, a remembering of who we truly are, followed by daily action, individuals working as part of a collective, autonomy and sovereignty intact. The Egalitarian way lies ahead of us. Elimination of community transmission is a co-operative task, and where countries have managed to limit the virus and even eliminate it with their communities that co-operation is realised through daily effort.

Here the spreaders are also splitters. The divisive, argumentative, opinionated argy bargy 'culture wars' are designed to undermine the population that is co-operating, keeping the virus at bay, even as they are told to reach out for 'freedom' : and they are mostly failing, people's willingness to care for one another remains stable, strong, constant, and even though the splitters and spreaders have the biggest marketing budgets, the caring is holding strong, quietly resisting.

The Johnson Government claims kudos from the success of the NHS Vaccine rollout, the European and English collegiate development of the Vaccine, and rejects responsibility for the harms associated with rejecting elimination strategy has caused, and most people in England see right through that.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

Friday, 23 July 2021

Dawn Butler breaks the spell - Every MP must now call out The Johnson Lies! Exposimus FibberyJohnsonia!

Let us make an honest forum of this English Parliament - people's lives, welfare and businesses depend on this being done!

My previous blog touched on the use of  'apology' as a defence mechanism of the powerful, when they are caught out and asked to account for harms they have occasioned. Dawn Butler has done nothing to apologise for, when she called out some of Johnson's lies in Parliament, yesterday.

All of us living in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have witnessed Boris Johnson, the English Prime Minister, utter outright lies, time and time again. Johnson's reputation as an issuer of lies dates back to his first days in journalism in the early 1980s.

A journalist, Peter Stefeanovic, crafted a short video, laying out some of Johnson's lies, and providing the evidence that these were, indeed, outright lies, which Johnson uttered in Parliament. Peter made the video to put pressure on UK News Media to write about these lies, not least because those lies have enabled political behaviour that has caused hundreds of thousands of fatalities, millions of cases of chronic disease and immense economic harm by recklessly rejecting elimination strategy back in February 2020, and maintaining that 'epidemiologically stupid' policy ever since.

That video has now reached 27 million views. Here it is.
Dawn Butler, MP for Brent, in London stood up in Parliament, on July 22nd, and pointed out some of these lies, and called out Johnson as a liar. In so doing Dawn Butler has broken a rule of the English Parliament, which states that MPs must not use 'unparliamentary language' which includes calling another MP a Liar. There is no offence of lying to the seated, assembled House of Commons. The Speaker asked Ms. Butler, twice, to withdraw her comments.  Ms. Butler refused to do so, and the Speaker then ordered Ms. Butler to leave the chamber, and be escorted off the Parliamentary property.

Dawn Butler has done every citizen within the United Kingdom a huge favour, a profound honour.

Here is that exchange.

Ms. Butler has done every citizen living in the UK a huge favour. She has started to break the taboo, to weaken the spell.

Here is Ms. Butlers statement to Bylinetimes TV.

The truth will set us free.

I want every MP, in every Party, who understands that Johnson's lies have caused avoidable deaths, his lies and the lies of this Government have led to avoidable chronic disease for millions of citizens, the lies of this Government have ruined businesses, to stand up, and to  call the lies out, in defence of  his or her constituents right to health, as a matter of duty of care - or lose their seat, never to return. 

Johnson is not the only one, but we must start somewhere.

I would urge Conservative MPs to take the bully by the horns, I would suggest that it is much better to be fired by a liar Prime Minister, whose lies have caused so much avoidable harm, and be recorded in history as a genuinely honourable MP than remain seated in that situation, supporting such odious harm causation.

I think that would be a good advert for each and every MPs next election campaign.

Honest History is a political and social good.

So let's take a quick and honest look at the issue of lies uttered in the English Parliament, Commons and Lords, and understand why it has been an essential part of Empire, Oligarchy and the Ruling Class to lie to the people of England, and to our legislators.

1. The English Parliament has never been fundamentally honourable. Operating as a hierarchy of Wealth, Power and Violence, it cannot, by definition and intent, operate with honesty, transparency and probity. Some honourable MPs have sat within it. yes. The presence of honourable people within a dishonest forum does not make that forum honest, especially if they are prohibited from calling out those who are lying. by a rule that stipulates doing so as 'disorderly conduct' which avoids the issue of the actual lie being referred to.

2. Lying is normalised by the English State, and this has always been the case. The State must lie to protect State Secrets among other things.

3. Read Late Victorian Holocausts and examine Hansard during the Irish and Bengali Famines.  There are many, many lies told as truth to mislead the parliamentarians and the public.

4. Read The Scramble for Africa and examine Hansard during that time. More lies.

5. Study Collusion in Northern Ireland, and examine the Parliamentary record. More lies.

6. Iraq's WMD, anyone? Deliberate lies.

7. How about how New Labour integrated a most odious method of 'assessing disability'  grafted from an American Health Insurer that devised a way to reduce claimants entitlements, and sold it as 'reform' and lied through their teeth, causing untold harm to vulnerable people for decades? Dishonesty is everywhere within the English Establishment's relations to the population they dominate. 

8. Dawn Butler is breaking the spell. Let's all do this together, all of us. Let us take every step to confront the Bullies and the Liars, and let us make Parliament and politics more honest, and thus safer for the people it is meant to serve, in terms of duty of care to a whole population.

9. I want each constituent across England to speak, write, tweet and text every MP, in every Party, who understands that Johnson's lies have caused death, chronic disease and ruined businesses, to demand your representative in Parliament must stand up, and call the lies out, or lose their seat, never to return. Johnson is not the only one, but we must start somewhere. Start here, start now.


10. Let us make it a criminal offence to lie in every deliberative governance setting, from the local Parish council to Parliament. If the lie is proven to be malicious, then make it a mandatory 10 year sentence, with no parole, as the most serious indictment. 

There can be no excuse for anyone undermining the process of deliberative governance and law making by lying or by any other action with the  intent to mislead, manipulate or groom the intended audience.

That is a total betrayal of the trust inherent in Democratic Governance.


Let us make an honest forum of this English Parliament - people's lives, welfare and businesses depend on this being done!

Here are two more of my songs, about confronting the Bullies, because we the decent majority of human beings really need to confront this cultural adverse behaviour now, in order to generate the national and international legislative and practical co-operation needed to handle climate change, environment degradation, structural poverty, pollution, war fare and other pressing problems.

These problems that every single one of us are facing right now, right here, will not be resolved unless we all build social human solidarity. Honesty in our legislatures is the key.

I am 62, and it is probable that I will not live to see the problems worsen, I will not be around when my grandchildren are faced with extreme situations in terms of climate, environment, warfare, poverty etc., and I could claim none of this is going to be my problem, it will not affect me. I know that that is such a selfish, myopic stance that I would be utterly disgusted with myself if I was to assume that. How totally immature!

No, we adults, every single one of us, owe a debt forward to all successive generations to try our very best to clean up any mess we have been part of making. That is real adulthood.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Apologia: Distal Power does not Apologise as we know it - we the ordinary folk pay the price, bear the costs, the Rulers retain their Power.

The Dominic Cummings road show is back in town. Cummings is spilling the beans on some of the inside stories around this English Government. Cummings is as culpable for the avoidable harms not avoided as any in office today. He remains unrepentant. His apology rings hollow, even as he eviscerates his colleagues in public.

He should be prostrate on the floor, tears streaming from his eyes, wailing his sorrow for what he has occasioned since 2016, on so many matters of critical national political behaviour, action and outcomes. He should be begging for forgiveness, for his part in rejecting Elimination of Community Transmission strategy. 

Cummings should be opening up to tell the fullest truth telling possible, in order to bring to an end the non-avoidance of avoidable harms, in order to cease this headlong rush towards a health disaster for the English population, in order to make the case for elimination strategy that expert epidemiologists, public health professionals, nurses, doctors, teachers, parents up and down the country know we need to implement and resource, fully and at pace.

He's none of that. He is still playing everyone. His outing is not altruism or genuine honesty.

One of the threads that I have been following for some time is the resonance down through history of what appear to be repeating patterns. It is not that history repeats itself, so much as bullies behaviour does not change much. Including publicly made apologies for long denied historical harms caused to masses of people by callous Governments, the purpose of which is to retain power, status and position rather than address the harms caused as they ought to.

I have written about the similarities in English Government attitudes, behaviour, policy and outcomes when mass trauma events 'occur' at different times in History. Some situations were genuinely events that could not have been avoided, others were events entirely man made or natural events made much, much worse than they needed to be. The difference between a Volcano erupting and a war breaking out. The difference between a crop failure and a famine.

An honest study of the Irish and Bengali Famines of the Late Victorian era will reveal similarities in English Governance attitudes towards the adverse outcomes for ordinary people vis a vis the Iraq War, the COVID19 epidemic and pandemic, Hillsborough, Grenfell, Orgreaves, collusion in Northern Ireland, arming, training and maintenance of Saudi War Planes in Yemen, and the years of support for anti-Syrian violent militia who literally destroyed most of that country.

What is seen is a callous disregard, born in part by distance and class consciousness and in part by venal greed, a dismissal of the value, the human meaning of the lived experience of the most vulnerable people,  harmed by the policy decisions made by the most powerful. The men and women who occupy positions of executive authority and who control a distal, leveraged institutional power are not vulnerable in the same way those who live where the policy has its greatest impact. Asymmetric has meaning in this context. An insensitive jackboot and a vulnerable ant. 

"Many more loved ones will die!"

I have written about the way the people in power use apologia to defend their position and status, without changing their behaviour. They make public apologies, yet they never suffer indictments, trials, convictions or incarceration. The people who occupy distal power are immune to social material civil and criminal justice. They apologise, and reparations are not made or if they are made they are piecemeal and delivered late, after many years, to exhausted survivors who are largely forgotten, obscured by the passage of time.

Apologia - a defence of one's assumed power.

And so we read in today's Guardian News Paper the story of the Apology by the English Government of Tony Blair, issued in 1997, for the behaviour of the English Government during the Irish Famine. Blair did not write it, he did not sign off on it and he did not speak it, he did not mean it and neither did the English Establishment. It was the usual publicity promotional event, nothing more. Apologia. Sorry, not sorry.

“The key sentence in your message is the acknowledgment that the British government at the time could have done more to prevent the tragedy. This is no more than a statement of fact, and falls well short of an apology, but the British government have been reluctant to say much about this in the past,” added Holmes, who said he had checked with “all and sundry” including press secretary Alastair Campbell that it was right to make such a reference.

“I hope this does not cause you any problems. It should go down well with the Irish, and I cannot see anyone here or in Northern Ireland seriously objecting.”

The text was honed by No 10 aides from a draft by the Foreign Office. An implicit apology was exactly how it was interpreted by the welcoming Irish press who saw it as an attempt to inject fresh goodwill into Anglo-Irish relations and encourage the peace process.

That the Irish Establishment were so ready to accept it as such speaks to their submission to desired myth rather than their ability and willingness to face reality, honestly. But of course, faced with a neighbour far more powerful than they and understood to be more than capable of inflicting harm (collusion in Northern Ireland, false convictions of innocent Irish citizens jailed for decades in English jails, the financial power of the City of London were all well known to the Irish Establishment) upon anyone who challenged them, their readiness to accept the apology at face value contained some wisdom. It's not a good idea to confront a more powerful bully with the truth, in International politics. And when both leaderships are steeped in NeoLiberalism, it's even less likely that a confrontation with the truth will happen.

That said, the truth about the Famine and how it was 'managed' remains. Some harms are so great that they can never be forgotten, not least if those who caused the harm remain unapologetic. The Irish establishment tries its best to  say something of the truth, without going the full hog, as this RTE article outlines.

First and foremost, Trevelyan saw his role as essentially limiting the financial exposure of the British exchequer to funding relief for the Irish poor whose lives were devastated by the failure of the potato crop over successive years after 1846.

What he shared with the politicians and indeed the British Establishment as a whole was an ideological outlook that saw the Great Famine as an opportunity to bring about far-reaching reform of Irish society, clearing the land of the poor, developing commercialised agriculture, and making the Irish economy more ostensibly modern.

Sir Charles Edward F. Trevelyan, K.C.B. Engraved by D.J. Pound from a photograph by John Watkins, Parliament Street. Image: Getty Images

Sir Charles Edward F. Trevelyan, K.C.B. Engraved by D.J. Pound from a photograph by John Watkins, Parliament Street. Image: Getty Images

Let the Herd take it on the chin, protect the Hoard. The past 18 months described in one sentence in the 'United' Kingdom.

Others tell it like it was. 

Ireland 1845-1850: the Perfect Holocaust, and Who Kept it "Perfect."

"This book, alone, provides the covered-up facts of 1845-1850 Ireland. There was no famine in the ordinary sense of that word. It was genocide perpetrated by more than half of Britain's army (67 regiments of its 130 regiments total). They removed, at gunpoint, Ireland's abundant meats, livestock, and food crops to the ports for export; thus starving the people. The book's colored map shows the locations of lengthy deployments of each of the sixty-seven regiments while they removed livestock, meats, flour, oatmeal, and other food crops to the ports for export. The same map names the locations of some 180 of the resultant mass graves."

The impoverished Irish native Catholic population, subsiding on potatoes, working for their Anglo landlords, were left to rot as their crop rotted. There was plenty of food, readily available, within spitting distance. It went to market, under armed guard. The Irish workers were deliberately impoverished by centuries of 'Austerity' policies designed to impoverish them, render them submissive and weak.

'Toraidh' is an Irish Gaelic word for a certain kind of egregious thief. It is also the roots of the English word 'Tory'.

Credit where credit is due?

Blair did not initiate the Northern Ireland peace process. It was initiated by Catholic and Protestant women finding solidarity in each other, building a peace movement, confronting the men of violence in their communities, building bridges across the divides, even as the British Security State was waging covert warfare from within both groups of paramilitaries and their communities. These women persisted with their humane struggle to bring the violence to an end. Mo Mowlem, Jeremy Corbyn and others followed pathways worn in by the ordinary women, the mothers, aunts and sisters of Northern Ireland.

Blair took the credit that others built up over decades. 

The English Government of 2020/21 is no different.

They and those they truly represent are not bothered by the costs they have imposed upon the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish peoples by their rejection of Elimination Strategy. They have no plans to ameliorate the situation going forwards. Herd Immunity is now the obvious strategic position, and by mass infection. 

Even as they claim kudos for the 'world beating' vaccination, developed by a pan European collective effort, administered largely by the NHS and volunteers, of which the best that can be said is the Johnson administration did not impede it  in the same that the way they have impeded effective find, test, trace, quarantine and isolate systems that could suppress community transmission of the virus.

We have ample evidence of this Government exploiting the epidemic to enhance their own power, to enrich themselves and their crony associates, to bring in profound and damaging changes across social and health care provision, to avoid dealing with climate, environmental and other pressing problems.

Their latest wheeze is to recruit the youth in this task.

Disco of Malign Intent.

Saying to young people, whose development of their frontal cortex is yet to complete, and in the middle of an intense national level surge of infection via a new more transmissible variant that has vaccine escape, that they can and indeed should (to save the night time economy, do your patriotic duty) attend night clubs, knowing the frustration and intense desire of that cohort to socialise, to 'party like it's 2019' again, given the pressures they have had to endure these past 16 months of daily mismanagement, misinformation and blatant grift, suggesting that they 'take personal responsibility' rather than the government delaying opening up, maintaining legal provision (so called legal 'restrictions') to prevent spread of the virus and then say that in one and a half months time, for Health and Safety of the whole community, they would need proof of double dose of a vaccination to attend club nights (as a 'nudge' to increase vaccine take up) shows that they really do not care about the adverse effects of their policy on people - they want people to endure mass infection in the hope or gamble that this latest scheme will work.

That is the real meaning of Freedom Day!

It really doesn't have to be this way.


The question is simple - the economic costs of zero community transmission strategy and quarantine borders with known benign outcomes vs the human and economic costs of slow spread towards herd immunity, with repeated cycles of re-opening and shut down as the viral infection spreads in waves, wave after wave into an indefinite future of unknowable adverse outcomes.

The Virus will eventually force governments to adopt Elimination Strategy. Duty of Care applies universally.

The Virus will eventually force governments to adopt Elimination Strategy. 

Breaking  community transmission is the go to evidence led, grounded, proven strategy. It works. 

Here's a solid report, with references, on the evidence that Elimination Strategy prevents the harms associated with Mitigation policy.


Study it, share it. Stopping the spread of the virus is spreading the love

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

Saturday, 10 July 2021

The Virus will eventually force governments to adopt a Suppression Strategy. Duty of Care applies universally.

The Virus will eventually force governments to adopt a suppression of community transmission strategy.  

Duty of care is a universal humane social value, from the family to the village, from the country to the city, a fundamental ethic and the benchmark of every healthy Government, and of every healthy adult, even if some Governments and some adults fail to meet that measure. Their failures do not alter the universality of duty of care.

The Virus is stronger than neo-Liberal Free Market Governments, their ideology and their deliberate mismanagement of local epidemics, and of the global pandemic.

How the mighty are exposed by a minute organism. The Virus is telling us all - we are in this together.

Breaking  community transmission locally, nationally and globally is the go-to evidence led, grounded, proven strategy. It works. It is not to be confused with eradication. Zero Covid is used as a term to indicate heading towards the lowest possible incidence, rather than total eradication. Beware those who twist words to sustain the unsustainable. They say eradication is impossible. The dare not speak of elimination strategy. Allowing community transmission to persist, in an attempt to manage a slow spread is always going to lead to uncontrolled surges, and is unsustainable.

To repeatedly impose that slow spread upon a community, or an entire countries population, in spite of the evidence of disease, long Covid and fatalities as a direct result of 'slowing the spread'... is psychopathic behaviour.

Vaccines reduce severity of some aspects of acute disease, but do not appear to reduce long-covid occurrence. Vaccines quite clearly do not impede transmission.

Thus while it is true that vaccines on their own do reduce severity of some of the harms, be it disease are fatality, it is also very clear now that when used alone or as the primary intervention whilst excluding elimination or suppression strategy, the vaccine will still allow the virus to persist in the community, and that comes with the potential for variants emerging that can alter the situation radically. It is a known unknown. 

It is epidemiological stupidity to not avoid that situation when we know we can do so. It is epidemiological common sense to avoid that situation when we know we can do so.

Every country that allows spread is creating the conditions the virus thrives in. 

Johnson and Javid's assertion that they hope that rapid mass infection now will prevent a greater surge in the Autumn is lethal, venal nonsense. They are not public health experts. They are salesmen of false prospectus's by trade.

1000 avoidable fatalities a week.  What would the English population have done had that been the death toll of British Troops in Afghanistan or Iraq?

The English Government and their media allies are purveyors of anti-social, anti-scientific nonsense.

#JohnsonVariant #ZerroCovid

Every Government that delays implementing an effective elimination of community transmission loses social and moral legitimacy by that delay, on a daily basis. Every avoidable horrific death is a black mark against them. Every News outlet that masks that illegitimacy and covers for those delays is betraying the basic tenets of honest news journalism and descends into propaganda and amoral cant.

Illegitimate government has only the option of force and guile to remain in power. 

Crunch time for Western Industrial Democracy lies ahead.

Mike Ryan, WHO director, puts it bluntly, answering a BBC journalist.

Mass infection.

Lancet article  : Mass infection is not an option: we must do more to protect our young 

"We have previously pointed to the dangers of relying on immunity by natural infection, and we have five main concerns with the UK Government's plan to lift all restrictions at this stage of the pandemic.

1. First, unmitigated transmission will disproportionately affect unvaccinated children and young people who have already suffered greatly. 

2. Second, high rates of transmission in schools and in children will lead to significant educational disruption, adding to and  exacerbating chronic stress amongst pupils who are already presenting with clinical mental health problems in growing numbers. 

3. Third, preliminary modelling data suggest the government's strategy provides fertile ground for the emergence of vaccine-resistant variants.

4. Fourth, this strategy will have a significant impact on health services and exhausted health-care staff who have not yet recovered from previous infection waves.

5. Fifth, as deprived communities are more exposed to and more at risk from COVID-19, these policies will continue to disproportionately affect the most vulnerable and marginalised, deepening inequalities."

The full article is well worth the read.

Be warned against the tactic of citing the harms of mismanagement to argue the case for more mismanagement, or even worse mismanagement.

This image lays out the Johnson pattern.

A disease requiring a socialist solution!

Elimination strategy is a collectivist solution to a collective problem. Power and resources must be devolved to the locale, funding supplied by the central administration. Crony contracts are individualistic, minting new millionaires by the many dozens, whilst providing inefficient service. Test and trace is a farce, hospitals do not have adequate supplies of N95 masks, which by could have been manufactured in the UK.

That is what is underneath the globalised Neo-Liberal rejection of Elimination Strategy, and the kicker for me is that I think that they know this.  They are conscious of this. Fully aware of the implications. The just don't care about our lives, as ordinary human beings, as persons, as families and communities. Indeed the more divided we are, the more secure in their power they are. Misinformation comes from government, flows through parliament unchallenged. Disinformation flows on-line and in some news media. Omicron symptoms are not 'mild'.

The Neoliberals reject Elimination Strategy because it verifies the social material validity of genuine social care as a material reality. It repudiates individualism.

The Human species thrives best when we co-operate in our care for one another.

Without hosts, the virus dies out.

This virus 'learns' from every new situation it meets, but without hosts it cannot learn those new tricks, without new hosts it dies out.  With a reduced population of hosts those risks are minimised. 

The Johnson policy is Tinder for the Virus seeking new dating partners.

The Johnson Government is determined to provide the virus with the maximum numbers of hosts, based on spurious claims of 'protecting the economy' with a 'herd immunity' strategy. That is exonomic and epidemiological nonsense.

Elimination strategy, I repeat, prevents most of the social harms associated with Mitigation policy, and it reduces the economic harms of an epidemic. This has been proven beyond any doubt.

Every country that stops the spread in the community (with  efficient well resourced Elimination strategy - Find, Test, Trace, Quarantine, Isolate, Treat and Support) is doing that which the virus cannot surmount.  It cannot live, expand and develop more effective variants if it cannot find new hosts.

Trying to live with this virus is epidemiological stupidity.  It is inviting  trouble, indefinitely.

In this pandemic, every State has layered duties of care.

1. The resources must be made available to everyone to stop the spread of the virus within the community. This must be so, in order that each State can protect it's own people and their economy - this is what China, Vietnam, Norway, Iceland, New Zealand and others are doing. Elimination strategy is not a utopic solution :  the task is complex because there are many needs to be met in order to avoid avoidable harm.

These needs are not competing needs. The needs of children for education within Covid safe schools is not in competition with the need for care homes to be equipped with HEPA filters, and staffed by carers who are largely vaccinated, and supplied with PPF2 masks as a minimum. 

The needs of the entertainment industry are not in competition with the needs of Hospitals. Keeping hospitals free of Covid cases is the same need as enabling live entertainment to operate safely.

The only competing needs are those of between the welfare of the population and those of power enhancement and profiteering.

2. Another duty of care is to never export the pathogen- this is a duty of care to other states, to the global community of Humanity.  That means tightly quarantined borders for people traffic. PCR checks prior to embarking on international travel, quarantine on arrival. This can be done. It is expensive, yes, but it puts money back into the economy. It is money well spent in public health terms.

This does not have to impact freight trade to any significant degree of disruption. Indeed shut downs due to failure to control spread do more harm to commercial activity than quarantined borders does. Extra care yes, major disruptions no.

3. Vaccines must be made widely available, in every country, Intellectual Property rights must be waived and the tech, the know how and the expertise to produce medicines, and to react quickly to new variants must be shared equitably across all of humanity. 

These duties of care are humane baselines, a benchmark for and of Humanity.

These duties of care are eminently do-able. They can be met. They must be met.

The evidence is that these duties of care are being met in some cases. 1.8 billion people are being protected, and their economies are being protected and they are not being subjected to mass infection, huge levels of disease, chronic long term disease and fatalities, with immense economic harms that follow from repeated national level shutdowns. 

Those countries operating Elimination Strategy are being placed at risk by those countries that have rejected Elimination Strategy. States and their Governments that chose instead to attempt to control 'slow spread' of the virus, described as 'mitigation' aka living with the virus are putting the whole population of humanity at greater risk. Avoiding the avoidable harms is common sense. The decent thing to do.

That choice reflects a denial of reality, science, epidemiology and public health best practice.

Such control is impossible. It is not possible to manage 'slow spread' of this infectious virus. 

Denial is not a river in North Africa.

In England, the primary obstacle is the English Conservative and Unionist Government, the news media, Parliamentary unwillingness and inability to confront the Government with the evidence that elimination strategy works best, by every measure, and the proliferation of misinformation, disinformation and woo. That's quite an obstacle.

The English Government of today remind me of the English Government during the Irish and Bengali Famines. They say the same kinds of things, make similar promises they do not intend to keep, and they accept the collateral damage the citizens must bear, for them to remain in Power.

I have argued last year that the behaviour of this English Johnson Government is malfeasance in public office, with lethal consequences for hundreds of thousands of people, serious long term adverse health issues for millions. and economic harms for tens of millions. 

I argued they should be arrested, charged, indicted and held on remand and a government of national unity installed to operate a proper elimination strategy in order to prevent further harms.

I argued that when the death toll was still under 30,000 and we had minimal public data on Long Covid. I was, sad to report, correct. I hate that I am correct because the harms are unbearable, more so because they were all avoidable.

Both climate and the virus are telling Humanity - you are all in this together, and you will only get through it, working together, by looking out for each other.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

Friday, 9 July 2021

The English Football Team - everything the English Ruling Class are not.

I detest the Racist Prime Minister, De Peffeil Johnson, it’s a good bet that I support this England Football Team, because of their willingness to speak to and for the community from which they have emerged.

They are everything he is not.

Emotionally mature, honest, professional, fit, determined to do  their level  best, hard working, dedicated, compassionate, seriously wealthy and speaking truth to Power.

The kind of people one might wish for in public service and governance, at any level.

To be honest, I am not a fan. I do not pay any regular attention to professional sports, even though I really loved running about, and being fit enough to sprint, to jump around, climb and dance for hours for most of  my life - mostly because I am, even at 62, still amazed and awed by this human body, and the capabilities that go with it.

I also understand I am every lucky to be still in reasonable good health - so much of people's health is just good luck and some maintenance. I have many friends life long chronic health issues. None of them are to blame for their condition.

I do understand the physical and mental elements of a good, played for the fun, lightly competitive game. I couldn't even begin to imagine the realities of professional sports activity. That is a serious long term level of commitment. I am a singer songwriter, have been all my life and I have never pushed myself to be a top flight entertainer. I just rolled along. 

Marcus Rashford's public voice intervention on school meals moved me, in that this was something new that I really liked. 

A public celebrity speaking truth to power in the public domain?

Pushing the powerful to be accountable. Demanding change and actuating it. The reaction against his voicing is the old normal. Speaking truth to power is the new normal.

In my long held view, if you have a stage, and you have a voice, then you have a duty besides your entertainment, to use that voice responsibly, for the benefit of the whole wider audience - the community within which we abide.

Gareth Southgate, the team manager, laid out his view in an in depth article earlier this year.


"Our players are role models. And, beyond the confines of the pitch, we must recognise the impact they can have on society. We must give them the confidence to stand up for their teammates and the things that matter to them as people.

I have never believed that we should just stick to football. 

I know my voice carries weight, not because of who I am but because of the position that I hold. At home, I’m below the kids and the dogs in the pecking order but publicly I am the England men’s football team manager. I have a responsibility to the wider community to use my voice, and so do the players.

It’s their duty to continue to interact with the public on matters such as equality, inclusivity and racial injustice, while using the power of their voices to help put debates on the table, raise awareness and educate."

He is, of course, correct.

If the Team playing 'for England' are representing England, then Johnson is not.

Johnson harms the wider community,  uses his voice to lie. This video reveals the Johnson Variant of Football. Deliberate assault, then the pretence at sorrow, the false apology, in order to get away with the bullying.

Institutional Corruption England is not this England team.

Racist Johnson's Empire England is not this England  team.

Sajid Javid Bankers England is not this England  team.

Farage's England is not this England team.

Priti Patel's Home Office England is so not this England  team. 

Football is not coming to that Home Office.

WHO deputy director Mike Ryan described the current English Government’s ‘strategy’ of living  with the virus (Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland are not opening up as a 4th surge of a new Variant, the so-called Johnson Variant is literally taking off on an exponential rise across the United Kingdom) as being ‘emotionally empty and epidemiological stupidity.’ He is correct. The evidence tells us that elimination strategy prevents all the harms associated with slow spread aka mitigation aka living with the virus aka herd immunity via infection.

Mike Ryan answers a question by a BBC Reporter who asks about the English Governments plan to open up, and remove legislated health advice and  support on  July19th.

Johnson, Hancock, Williamson, Duncan Smith, Patel. Coffey, Javid are not decent people.

The truth is that England is full of decent people, people who have done their level best to reduce spread of the virus in spite of the English Government's (undeclared, but blatantly obvious)  Herd Immunity policy. The indecent in power made awful assumptions about ordinary people - they assumed we'd be as selfish as they are. We are not.

The Oligarch mouth piece News Media under-report our decency, and when they do mention it they present it as 'special' and 'extraordinary' (we all know decency and kindness are everywhere, and to us, ordinary) and they hype the divisive bullies, they big up the bigots and promote general all 'round numpties who have more money than sense.

This England Team are made of decent people.

If anything this team is a sign post for global citizens rising above mere nationalism and tribalism, presenting qualities we wish those entrusted with the power to Govern had - and since we know the Rulers do not have any of these qualities, and we can see that they are at war with us and we know that they cannot help themselves, that they will try to co-opt this team's successes, it follows then that we must deny the English Ruling Class this feel good moment at every turn. 

Render onto decency that which is decent.

It is ours, it is not theirs, for they had to be publicly shamed by a young footballer into feeding millions of school children from deliberately impoverished families and communities -  Austerity deliberately exacerbated pre-existing inequities. It was deliberate. The Ruling Class that preside over such collective punishment deserve nothing but approbation. 

Let the players claim all the kudos, the glories and let us shame the Government that tries to ride it, at every turn. Let us delight in speaking truth to Power.

Boo the English Government.  

So no, I will not be cheering England,  per se; I might be cheering the global youth that care so much about our people, our species, our futures  -  a youth who have transcended nationalism. 

I might be cheering young men who stand up to racists, bigots and bullies and do so in public.

And yes I will cheer skill and finesse 'pon the field, whoever presents it.  I love the feeling of fitness, skill, joy and delight that arises from playful agile mobile ability as a human, event though at 62 I experience the limitations of age.  I still love running, it's an amazing capability.

It is PRECISELY because most people think of Racism as a personal flaw, a petty hatred,  a weakness rather than as the social weapon system created by the Ruling Class, that Racism persists within Western Democracies.

We need to up our game.


My ideal fantasy is this.

3-3 draw, extra time takes it to 4 - 4, then penaltys, 5-5, then both teams decide the Omens have decreed a shared trophy, signifying a global youth movement as one species getting ready to kick the arse of the dividers and bullies in power.




"Now That's What I Call Win-Win Winning!"

I can only dream. I can hold a vision. 

Disco Mix

I have been busy.  Two new songs,  a remix and two blogs.

Here's the Remix. Of  'Wear a Mucking Fask!'

and as we're edging  around the issue of knees and booing..Race is a Weapon in The Class War

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Waiting for yet another inevitable (and avoidable) surge, wondering why does it have to be this way?

A song I improvised this morning, a blues song, about Sajid Javid, Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson and the dreadful policy choices they keep making, in spite of the evidence that Elimination Strategy prevents all of the harms caused by their 'live with the virus' Herd Immunity eventually Mitigation Policy.  Denial is a blithering Eejit, not a river in Egypt!

It is so frustrating, so utterly infuriating and very, very sad for us all, to be sitting here, on this Sunday morning in July 2021, waiting for the next surge, the new wave, the incoming tide, the looming season of increased rates of infection to commence it’s out of control spread, knowing that the disastrous policy choices of this Conservative and Unionist Johnson Herd Immunity government have placed us all in a much worse position than we ever needed to be in, and is doing so once again.
What we have is a government of immature, self serving adults, who are deploying passive aggressive management across many areas, rather than adopting a mature, evidence based approach in order to best protect the people we are told 'they serve'.

The duty of every nation, every government is to eliminate community transmission of the virus within it's territory, not only to protect the people of each territory but also to protect the people of every other state - exporting the infection is a breach of that duty of care. #JohnsonVariant #CovidIsNotOver

The #JohnsonVariant has two fails - the first is letting the new variant in through porous borders, the second is the total lack of any elimination strategy to stop it spreading within the UK.  

Here is the basic pattern, in the most simple terms.

1. They issue deliberately vague directions, and they provide inadequate support 


2. If people fail to make it work, blame the people 


3. If people manage to make it work, claim the kudos 


4. The aim is to stay on top with minimum effort, to maximise personal gain. They are 'serving themselves'.

So now we are being told to 'live with the virus'. Sajid Javid's advice as Health Secretary?

As Christina Pagel puts it "it's stupid, it's a terrible plan."
Mr. Javid is a stupid man. He might cunning, he might even be clever but he is stupid. He, and this odious Conservative and Unionist Party Government, are stupid, venal and callous.

Live Events Summer 2021

I read the Governments phase one report on the  Events Research Program when it was released. I saw that it had caveats and gaping data holes right across the board. Then Independent SAGE issued an open letter that confirmed my observations more precisely.


Turns out these 'tests' were a scientific nonsense, and the choice to give the go ahead to 'selected events' under the guise of 'testing covid safety parameters' was political, rather than a matter of public health or event safety. That other events have moved their plans forward and taking bookings on the basis of the government's false assertions that these 'tests' showed little or no spread is a disgrace, they were all misled - it ought to lead to litigation against the Government, for compensation.

I perceive a difference between cunning and intelligent. Evil and Avarice are cunning, never intelligent. Nurture is intelligence.

As Oscar Wilde pointed out, 'once is a misfortune, twice or more is carelessness' and in the case of Johnson, Bolsonaro, Modi, Trump, Hancock, and now Sajid Javid (and many others) what we are seeing is repetitive and blatantly callous recklessness. They stand proud and defiant of their record on this!

If anyone deserves to be proud of their record, Jacinda Arden does.


Jacinda and the Little Bugs : my song on YouTube

Sajid Javid, the new Health Secretary misleads from the start

This rainy, windy Sunday July morning on #Marr on the BBC, Sajid Javid, the new (inexperienced) Health Secretary claimed that that there are "compelling health arguments" for removing all covid safeguards on July 19, when in England we are seeing higher daily cases than whole of EU put together and we are on course for circa 80K cases a day by July 19th.

The Health Secretary blames public health safeguards/restrictions for rise of domestic violence, when his government have done so little to measure and buffer the impact of #COVID19 *on women* and vulnerable groups in this pandemic. He does not take into consideration the Conservative Governments 10 year record of Austerity driven cuts to those precise supporting services, coming into this pandemic. 

Austerity is something Sajid avoids, like the proverbial plague. He spent 2020 moonlighting for JP Morgan. 

JP Morgan spokesman said: “We are delighted to welcome Sajid back to JP Morgan as a senior adviser, and we look forward to drawing upon his in-depth understanding of the business and economic environment to help shape our client strategy across Europe.”

As to Mr. Javid's in-depth understanding of his constituents economic environment, and of their needs during this epidemic, those that voted for him and those who did not, we can only guess. His MP Salary and his ministerial pensions barely touch the £2 million retainer fee his part time role delivered - perhaps he takes the view that his role as an MP is a 'part-time job'. As  to Mr. Javid's ability to inform an American investment bank on European Strategy - his Brexit stance suggests otherwise.

Insanely optimistic headlies!

Sajid Javid cites the harms caused by existing policy choices of his government to argue for worse management of the epidemic. This is a deliberate manipulation tactic. We have seen this before. He, like others before him, sat in tidy offices, flags on poles, huddled with key advisors and they worked out the messaging on this, they looked at how they could trigger support among vulnerable target groups for their adverse policy choice. Cry "Freedom!"

Current daily new case rates

At the current rate of spread it is expected that there will be circa 80,000 new cases confirmed on a daily basis by July 19th. Hospitalisation and death rates are rising, at around 4% for hospitalisations, of confirmed cases. What is 4% of 80,000? Every day. Hardly insignificant.

Daily new case projections

Not even a week into the job, he is promoting lies and he is gaslighting us, telling us that what we know to be true is not true, telling us what to think. 

He is not an improvement on Matt Hancock, (killing us softly, with his snog) and is likely going to be much worse for the health of the nation, if that is at all possible. It was reported in January this year that the Johnson Government had issued 64 sets of rule changes in 2020. That inspired me to do a parody version of '50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,' also a song about planned betrayal. How apt.

64 Ways (and more) to Mislead The Country

Misleading, callous money men.

Then there's Robert Jenrick - Robert Jenrick on #Marr just said that there will be an ‘exponential growth in new CoVID cases’ but we have to just “live with it now..”

In essence the policy is 'let everyone receive the viral infection, and see what happens', with an uncertain gamble that the death toll and morbidity levels will be reduced by the vaccine to 'acceptable levels'. This 'acceptable levels' attitude reminds me of English Government attitude towards the Irish Famine.

Elimination Strategy works

We know that a well resourced elimination strategy works really well, that it is eminently doable, that the strategy to stop the spread of the virus from person to person within the community within any bordered area is efficacious, and prevents the harms associated with mitigation strategies.

https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(21)00978-8/fulltext - Lancet reviews the evidence of the efficacy of elimination strategies and compares it with the adverse outcomes of mitigation policy. The evidence is incontrovertible. The kind of evidence Johnson can only deny - he dare not discuss it in any detail in Parliament, and Starmer abides by Johnson's need at our expense.

You do know that circa 1.8 billion people are living with that degree of effective protection, where responsible governments took firm action to resource elimination of community transmission strategies and took clear action to support the population in achieving that, and indeed the population engaged with their governments and together they avoided immense harms we in the UK have not That is a huge evidence base.

Mitigation aka Living with The Virus causes avoidable harm 

Another 2 billion citizens are suffering the consequences of mitigation strategy, where reckless governments have rejected elimination strategy, have refused to take firm action, have laid the bulk of the responsibility for limiting spread of the infection upon the individual citizen, resulting in repeated waves of infection what got out of control, necessitating global shutdowns and intense restrictions limiting movement of people, in order to protect health services and to slow the spread, all of which caused immense harms. Death, disease and business collapse as the measure of the policy choice.

That is a huge evidence base.

https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2021/05/26/the-uks-coronavirus-policy-still-places-too-much-responsibility-and-blame-in-the-hands-of-the-public/ - the British Medical Journal reviews the English Governments fatal 'personal responsibility' stance, noting the lack of material and logistic support to the population to manage that responsibility most effectively. What is even more galling is that the English governments paternalistic behavioural dogma treated citizens as if we were as selfish as Johnson and the crony capitalists around him are. They decided to have it both ways, and we paid the price, with both attitudes. 

Evidence ignored

The English government, the News Media - the political class of England, which dominates the so-called United Kingdom, are all ignoring the evidence. They are basically refusing to discuss elimination strategy. They are blanking the science. What is that?

What it means is that one can tune into any chat show or talk radio and listen to ordinary citizens, not knowing  that they don’t know, speaking with great authority about 'living with the virus', about 'opening up the economy', about vaccinations as if they provide total cover and block transmission, about ‘restrictions’ and 'freedoms', about holidays hugging and football and citing the harms caused by bad policy to argue for worse policy, all of this the hp to alleviate their frustration (understandable) in the hope that they can  ‘ just get back to normal’ and the presenters dare not confront them with the evidence, they merely acknowledge ‘that’s how you feel, I hear you’ and they let it slide. Or worse, they agree and thus amplify the nonsense!

Free speech

Free speech as a concept is all about speaking truth to power. Telling the truth in public. Free speech is not a free for all, a right to spout nonsense that has lethal and morbid consequences. It’s not that I’d want to inhibit the nonsense speaker, it is that someone must speak truth to the nonsense speaker when the nonsense is being presented through public media channels that reach the eyes and ears of millions of people. The truth must be told in public, in the same fora where the nonsense is being broadcast and at the same time. The unknowing are not being confronted with the truth.

It is not good enough that the evidence is available, and can be read and listened to on platforms that do not have the reach of public news media and government briefings.

People just don't know

I understand, of course, that these people genuinely do not know what they are talking about because the bodies that ought to be disseminating grounded information are not doing that.

The news media, the politicians, the Church leaders are all mute on elimination strategy. Ordinary citizens who rely on those channels for information are in a vulnerable position, they are not getting accurate and timely information. The English government is exploiting that vulnerability. Crony capitalism is part of that exploitative mind set. Avarice governs this dynamic.

This is an infuriating situation, after 17 months of pandemic.

For the epidemiologists and public health scientists, it must be even more distressing to be caught in a position where their skill sets are being set aside in such manner.

Yesterday, England recorded 24,000+ new cases of covid19 infection, the actual numbers are probably higher, and the current growth rate suggests we will see +40k by the end of this week, and +80k, daily, by the 19th of July.

Hospitalisations and deaths lag a few weeks following on from infection. The reduction in rates of hospitalisation due to vaccine efficacy has been from 10% of cases down to 4% of cases.

For the health professionals, in hospitals and doctors surgeries, to be held hostage to repeated waves by a reckless government must be exhausting and debilitating - the resilience with which they have maintained service is all the more remarkable.

Mute Labour

Why is The Labour Party mute on all of this? Why are they ignoring the evidence? Why are they refusing to confront this situation, in Parliament and in their briefings?

Why does Keirless with the Evidence Starmer refuse, time and time again, speak truth to power in public? Why does he avoid bringing the evidence that elimination strategy prevents the harms mitigation causes?

What is that? Savile, Assange, The Forde Report and now this?

England beat the Ukraine at football, 4-0!  

The feel good factor is great, yet it does nothing to protect the people from harms caused by a reckless Government.

Sajid Javid must go - he is not qualified to lead the country as Health Secretary. 

Hit the road, Sajid!

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."