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Patterns: Institutional defence systems vs the truth : Child Sexual Abuse

Institutional response to Child Sexual Abuse as a culture.
Note: there are a number of inquiries ongoing across the Earth, in different countries and continents, at different stages of development. These inquiries are largely focussed on the ways institutions within which egregious harming criminal actions were perpetrated have sought to respond to the exposure of these crimes.

More are planned.

For many decades we the people have been,if we were paying attention,  hearing evidence and life stories from survivors of child abuse, narratives of harms and assaults that were perpetrated by abusers who found positions of power and within these institutions, which gave them access because of the setting, in schools, reformatories, residential premises.

The predators understood the value of the status and the public trust afforded once they were part of the institution, embedded; these institutions would by their very nature seek to protect their image, status and access to kudos and wealth. The abusers would understand this.

That strategy of protection is played out right before us, in the 21st Century.

It’s tactics are the stuff of courtrooms, banking, civilian police, media, settlement, intimidation, cover-up, and worse, the practice of protecting the abusers, moving them around large countries, or across continents, and when more assaults are made, the whole process starts again, with  an adversarial response from the Institution, mandating a rapid cash settlement, admitting no responsibility and a confidentiality contract. Thwarting Civil Criminal due process. Subverting the course of Justice....

There are a few common threads, patterns of behaviour to be observed in how Institutions across the world respondeda, throughout these decades of witness testimony, those with prima facie evidence, and whose evidence was corroborated and accepted in court as true, leading to indictments, prison sentences, pay outs, settlements, regulations, exposure.

The primary response appears to be to determine how best to manage what they see as a crisis first and foremost of the Institution itself.

This concern dominates the strategic and tactical arena of politicised clergy, or institutional officers, senior management, executives and leaders.

Tactics range from denial, to settlement, to intimidation, to adversarial court practices, setting Survivors who retain their trust in the system against others who do not hold that trust, for whom that is not an issue, yet whose access to support is filtered by that ‘flaw’.

Inadequate funding of healing services, care services set up to fail, through applying pressure across a range of activities, from funding to counselling, to legal advice, all loyal to The Church, and though they do use the lunch PR to advertise their good work…. The truth is that Charity by Institutions is part of their PR campaign.

A large budget is devoted to lobbying. The ultimate intent of that lobbying is to avoid the most necessary single action.

Total transparency. All their files.

News Media campaigns. The Good They Do.

Internal Inquiries.

‘Independent’ Internal Investigations.



no indictments.



No matter how public the evidence becomes, the Institutional mind set will hold onto it’s power until the bitter end.

Because it is the Power, the exercise of power, the feeling of that, that psychology at it’s experiential base that Institutions and Bureaucracies can amplify; that is the Raison D’Etre of the Institution. The ‘service provided’ is both the medium through which power can be projected, and a decoy sweetener, social grooming.

So when more and more witness testimony comes forward, as it is, as it will as Survivors feel more encouraged that most people will support them, remember this.

Yes, the abusers committed the first crime; and the institution was an accessory after the fact on everything that flowed from that failure to protect the child because the status of the institution was primary in their concerns.

The institutional crimes are Wilful Negligence, Corporate Murder, Corporate Torture, Obstruction of Justice just to identify the most obvious……

So too when we hear that allegations were made, some upheld, many settled, privately and see that nothing in the way of preventative measures were taken when it was understood to be a common enough culture of exploitation of young vulnerable people in their care, and that we are to accept that behaviour by the standards of those times ….. tell ‘em to piss right off!


The Correct Thing for The Institutions To Do is hand over all the data, evidence, paper work, ect of all known proven cases and allegations recorded within their sphere of influence, locally, nationally, internationally to UN mandated Public Judicial Inquiries, and let Justice be done, transparently.


Obvious when it’s clearly outlined, innit!?

That is all they NEED to do, to support genuine Justice, to demonstrate they are indeed, followers of Christ.

They need do nothing else; well,  apart from rapidly prepare to divest much of their institutional wealth in reparations, to meet the civil costs bills...

On my list are all of the following, no order implied;  all should be fully televised.

They ought also be regulated away from any and all political activism, or influence over Governance as a public service, a professional public service, serving all. Equally. No Church more lobbying.

And they must accept criminal responsibility for all egregious actions that caused harms, according to standard criminal and civil tarrifs.

Prostrate in utter Humility before A statue of The Virgin Mary and Infant.

Become the essence of Christ and no other. No Old Testament. Chuck it out. It’s drivel. Sermon on the mount and all child and person friendly aphorisms…. that's as far as it goes.

Return all the wealth and land they stole from Native Peoples.

Have all their gold cloth and braiding recycled as clothes for refugees, homeless people, etc.  VAT free of course!

Remove the crucifixion from the story. It’s the words and actions as a healthy humane person that matter. The rest is all a distraction. Miracles? Hah. They happen all the time, anyways.

Redesign Churches as Community Centers, for everyone.

Cease claiming the Pope has a special line with God.

Not much to ask for in return for retaining the base of the institution, without all the corrupt trappings. given all that they have done - I’d call that a free pass of sorts.

End all forms of indoctrination.

That might be pushing it a bit.

Quakerise it.

Over the top!"

All of that we'd leave out, if ye'd just be honest and out yer hands up, and be done with it. That's what concerns most Survivors. The honest accounting, before the full public. The truth.

Simply put.

But no.

The FA will not do that. The Vatican will not do that. The Church of England will not do that. The BBC did not do that. Then there’s Cyril Smith. And …. And …. And… Public Judicial Inquiries on three or four continents. Massive world wide web of connected offending within Internationalised Institutions.

The Globalisation of Abuse.

The power and the money required to achieve all that.

That is what Survivors are standing up to.

The Institutions do not want to let go of that power and wealth.

For them “Power Matters, (your lives don’t.)”

It is a statement.

The Institution is the excuse to wield the power, and it is the power that is the primary addiction. It afflicts us all, high and low, and it is amplified when bad people gain access to the power of Institutions.

They were designed that way.

Economics as a weapon of conquest, as developed within the East India Company,  for example, over the course of 150 years.

Following on from previous experiments, they included Christianity as part of the myth of British goodness, alongside commerce and civilisation.

That was what the papers wrote. Fake News.

The BBC will not make itself transparently accountable.

That is pretty rough playing.

And more witness testimony emerges. More real news.

In the 1990s, it Ireland it was the Irish Swimming Sport; this week it’s Olympic Swimming in the USA.

Each new wave is a mountainous wave of heart-break, soul death, terror, confusion, anger, rage, shame, guilt, loneliness, despair and then resilience, for some, and the sheer courage it takes to stand up to these huge Institutions.

How strong are these Survivors?

How much do we owe them, really?

Is this not critical information about our societal power structures, beyond opinion, we are talking about evidenced stuff here. They did that. It did happen.

And the honest accounting of all this cannot be set aside so easily, nor, sad to say, is it likely to be easily attained.

It is there.


Fake news is basically all the narratives that support these states of denial, either by ignoring, denying, pretending, distraction, scapegoating, whatever!!

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