Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Natural Child - an understanding of how The Dominant Culture has emerged and why it is so controlling.

The basics of my thesis are as follows :

In Utero the natural child lives in near perfect empathy with the mother .... this is easily understood given the sheer physicality of their connection. Ask a few mothers about this.

In Utero learning is now reasonably well understood and documented. The foetus is learning all the time. The psychological and phsysiological state of the mother is part of that learning. As is the Society into which the child will be born into, as that will inform the mothers psychology..

It is now well understood that birth is a conscious experience for the baby, and that near perfect recall of all the events of a birth is possible and with empathetic parents very likely...

Thus the birthing experience is a conscious one for the baby....

Now, in utero the baby is learning all the time, writing or creating neural pathways for life...

This learning is experiential.

Thus learning is occuring during birth...

At birth the baby has twice as many neurons as an adult, with far fewer neural pathways - suggesting that the baby is ready to learn huge amounts very rapidly.

The first learnings are to do with safety and re-connection with the mother... with that which nurtures the baby.

The baby 'lands' on the mothers left side and lays his or her head against the mothers body, and hears the heart beat of the mother, a heart beat they have lived with for all of their life, a heart beat they know very, very well.

The baby hears and recognises that particular heartbeat and feels safe, as he or she did in the womb. This experience writes neural pathways that go deep, deep... these learning’s at the earliest stage are to do with learning empathy as a separate body….

Empathy is a biological imperative, it is the ability to read the world accurately. The baby has lived with empathy in utero and now needs to have the experiences that help crafty the neural networks for empathy as a separate body..

Then the baby will look towards the mother and make that empathetic connection visually and it is then that the baby goes for the nipple, for sustenance...

Thus the sense of safety, of being held and nurtured goes deep. And is the basis for the following movements....

Any untoward intervention or un-natural event during the birthing will have a profound effect. Remember this is a learning experience that is ultra intense!

This continues to apply throughout the first 6 years of the child's development and pertains though-out life. 

Trauma, especially repeated trauma (think Gitmo, abusive family setting, extreme poverty, war etc etc) will craft neural pathways and physiology in dysfunctional ways, and if unresolved and widespread in any community will lead to structures that reflect that dysfunction and fear, and be expressed as a need to control the environment.

If this is unresolved, then it will write or cause a new genetic to emerge over time....

DNA is written by the environment, and responds to the environmental experience... DNA is all about form and the environment drives behaviour..... which is learned.

The Dominant Culture is one that exercises extreme control, to the point of lethality, to the point of threatening the very basis of life, of nurturance in much the same way an addict may drive towards self destruction.

Work with addiction shows that it takes some form of self control to break the habit and exert yet more control to stay on the straight and narrow or it takes a full realisation of the elements in ones childhood or forgotten trauma learning’s and with that understanding comes empathy for oneself as a child, and an understanding of the elements that led to the trauma…

We also know that children do repair damage to their brains and even transfer functions from one part of the brain to another part as they recover..... if they have the appropriate nurturing environment around them. So we have some hope that this dynamic can be halted and that we can recover from it.

Spread this dynamic across an entire community, and it is easy to understand how a community that is traumatised will engage in various control patterns, some of which are structural, some of which are destabilising, to manage the unresolved feelings associated with the trauma.

This is what Prescott’s research bears out.

When reviewing what was known about indigenous peoples, he was able to delineate two strands of society. One was violent, hierarchical, religious, rule bound. The other was egalitarian, spiritual, non-violent and devoid of rules. The former were the in the minority. That is to say, most of the known gatherer hunter societies were egalitarian, empathetic and nurtured the child mother bond. However the majority were vulnerable to the less empathetic societies. For obvious reasons…

He was able to predict the emergence of violence based only on what happens between the mother and child and found one other indicator - the suppression of adolescent sexuality. Both of these biological imperatives are very powerful and it takes power to thwart them, power that is exercised by a few over the many.

And The Dominant Culture is an expression of this dynamic. Power is suppressing the natural at every turn and creating toxic mimics of the natural, quite often consciously (PR, Marketing, Propaganda, Indoctrination) as an attempt to hoard wealth and protect it, and to undermine any possibility of those people caught in this dynamic from breaking from it...

The cure?

Meeting the natural empathetic learning requirements of children........ and all that that entails. It's a long term cure, and parenting is at the very heart of it. Informed parents are a vital part of the process of recovery.

There are some very good writings on Indigenous Mothering that show some of the possible pathways for this recovery.

Revolution as a reaction to the dominance dynamic will always fail, because it contains within it the very same psychological dynamic...

Here's a neat one page presentation of the social behavioural characteristics found in both streams of society - the high nurturant and low nurturant.

my song 'The Expectations of Every Child"

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Activism, truth and response ability

There is a world of difference between responsibility, the burden, and response ability, the ability to respond appropriately to whatever is in our environment.

It is absolutely VITALthat those who claim to work for change, engage in critical analysis of known facts regarding the culture of abuse into which we are all born into.

This analysis must include a personal investigation onto one's own internalised experiences of abuse (which is a wide spectrum of behaviours ranging from the subtle to the gross) , and internalised assumptions of that culture, to be carried out with ruthless honesty, so as to excise those ASSUMED BELIEFS that are part of the internalisation dynamic.

The REASON for this, apart from being vital to one's own recovery, is that whilst facts remain, beliefs may and do change; and in so doing, may well leave those for whom one is claiming to work for out to dry.....

It's hardly worth mentioning that belief functions as a means to mask the unknown or to distract or condition people.

No activist worthy of the name can afford to allow that to happen.

As Chomsky points out, and indeed demonstrates, the activist must be fully and completely committed to the truth, and nothing else.

I do understand the anger that arises when folks begin to explore the reality of the Dominant Culture. I do understand the frustration and fear that arises as a result.

However, given the response ability of the each of us, the work of truth is of paramount importance and cannot be set aside for personal reasons. 

Kindest regards


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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Learning vs Teaching

"Education scientist Sugata Mitra tackles one of the greatest problems of education -- the best teachers and schools don't exist where they're needed most. In a series of real-life experiments from New Delhi to South Africa to Italy, he gave kids self-supervised access to the web and saw results that could revolutionize how we think about teaching."

Learning is NOT the product of teaching, learning is the product of free exploration made by biological organisms, and is by design and intent a mechanism for improving the habitat for all life.....

Kindest regards


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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

There ain't no Satan! demons deconstructed.

When anyone is abused, and especially when it is small, vulnerable children who are expecting love and nurturing, and the abuse is prolonged and unmitigated, the psyche of the abuser and the painful memory of the trauma penetrates the psyche of the victim. The shock and repeated shock goes deeper and deeper. These memories and feelings are often embedded deep within our bodies, as suppressed memories, old wounds, blocked pathways of vital energy.

If the victim, in an attempt to survive, buries that memory, shuts it away, it remains within nonetheless. The body never lies.

The same applies to any community or society that denies it’s past. That denial is a survival strategy of the survivor.

Recovery is dependent upon recalling and resolving those memories and wounds in a safe environment, where the survivor feels held. Coping strategies are an attempt to manage these feelings without ever releasing them. Coping arises from a deep fear, from the lack of help or safety that is all too common and is, as such,  an adaptive strategy, and an adjustment to the prevailing situation. No real growth or learning is possible with this strategy. Belief becomes an essential tool of survival. Knowledge of the truth is banished. Often the survivor survives because he or she takes on the responsibility fro the abuse.

This is the self-loathing, shame, confusion that the survivors takes on. This si also what stops the survivor from speaking out.

And when, in day to day life, the survivor feels that fear, when the fear is triggered by related or unrelated events in the present, he or she will invariably see it as an external force, not as something emerging from within.

The psyche of a society that is abusive in nature will seem massive to anyone attempting to confront it, just as the psyche of an adult who abuses a child will seem massive to the child. That makes it more difficult to deal with in healthful ways.

These are real forces, they emerge from real events, and in a twisted way, the survival strategy of the victimised often helps the abuser and the abusive society to maintain their power over survivors if those forces are portrayed as being outside the human realm.

Thus Satan is an externalisation of the masked abuse of the Society.

My own demons are externalisations of my inner pain, fear and wounds. When I first saw them, I too saw them as externals, and they terrified me. I had to eat them, to breath into and through them to dislodge that illusion of externality. I had to recognise the parts of the abusers psyche that were within and excise them. This took love to do; that is to say compassion for the child I was, empathy for the child I was, actively recognising the survival strategies I engaged in, actively loving myself the way I found myself, actively nurturing myself. And taking it on, bit by bit, day by day.

Realising this is helpful, because then one has some traction on the problem. One can see that the demon is NOT so much an external force, or that it is beyond one’s reach or ability to deal with. It is not easy, that much is true. It is somewhat easier when one knows, that much is also true.

It takes the entire Society to deal with the Demons of Society, just as it takes an individual to deal with his or her own demons, with support from what Alice Miller calls an ‘enlightened witness’.

Just as many of my helpers were able to empathise with me, and to accompany me on my journey of exploration and recovery (as opposed to diagnosing me and issuing instructions and medication based on a diagnostic model), the survivors who are now speaking freely, in large numbers, and for the first time are able to reveal the full extent of their trauma are bringing the beginnings of healing to Society.

Those who have successfully ‘adjusted’ to the norms of our Society will find this process threatening, for it dislodges their concepts of identity just as those who exercise abusive power will find it threatening, though for quite different reasons: they do not wish to let go of their power and many will do ANYTHING to retain that power. That is the nature of the sociopath, the psychopath.

In truth, the psychopath and sociopath ARE demons; physical and human, if not humane. And they know it serves them to craft a scary monster, to shift the goal posts, the burden of responsibility away from themselves onto an imaginary entity.

They know too that those who have yet to meet their own 'demons' and metabolise them will all too easily fall prey to the illusion. This is the very basis for Organised Power and Organised Religion.

"There is no Satan, no such solitary force,
just old wounds that are hidden, protected and projected of course
The choice is yours, the choice is mine
we live by out choices all the time."

From my song "There is no Evil"

Kindest regards 


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Monday, 20 September 2010

Corneilius speaks at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse 2010

This video speaks for itself......

Kindest regards


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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Surrealism in London..... September 19 2010..

On Saturday I went to Whitehall/ Downing Street to wait for Protest The Pope Rally to arrive, having become bored at being held up as we left Hyde Park. I was wondering what the reason fro the delay was.

I was outside Downing Street for about an hour or so, and I heard the sound of drums and see a few flags waving.... "they're here at last!" and notice something odd: I had seen those banners before, but not at Hyde Park (i had left because the rally had been held back by Police for nearly an hour...)

... and the music began to sound rather Miltary Marching music..... and then I got it....

A Loyalist Rally to the Cenotaph..... rather odd, I thought... are the Police and Government trying to cut costs and do 2 rallies for the policing price of 1?

Sitting on the wall I was flabbergasted as I watched these hard looking men (understandably, given what they and their opposites have been through... as it is in all violent conflicts..) with grim set faces, the musicians in Uniform, the men behind them in Black, with those banners cross their shoulders, and a few Military Uniforms here and there.... the Orange Marching Music and attitude on this fine sunny day?

Are they Protesting the Pope too? Yikes! Strange Bedfellows indeed!

But no, they were not and in fact were at pains to make that clear..

Really? Would that not have been the obvious thing, for them of all people, to do? They dislike Papists, no??

Apparently not....

Seems they like whoever oppresses Irish from the Republic, be it themselves or the Pope, be it adults or children who are the victimised.

Their Loyalty, indeed, goes deep. As deep as their animosity! The Pope is NOT that important to them after all! As a target of their ire or source of their distress. Papists, a term oft used, rendered meaningless.

This world is indeed weird.

The Loyalist Rally was quickly followed by born again Christian attacking The Vatican and Homosexuality and Science (Evolution Theory) with a rather loud portable sound system. Met with incredulity and derision by those who had assembled to wait for the main rally to arrive, which was imminent.

The nutjob cracked on for about 12 minutes or so. 

No Police moved to search him as far as I could see. Did he have a licence to 'demonstrate'? Probably....

His utterances were quite vile.

a weirdly dressed Christian, a Herald of some kind... kinky boots!
are those boots kinky or what? He's a Catholic, a Herald of some sort....

The rally arrived and a feeling of 'normality' returned. As to what kind of normality can be thus described boggles the mind. The speakers barely touched on the issues, and most seemed unaware of the detail behind the story of survivors. 

This world of the dominant culture is REALLY WEIRD!!

Like totally!

Get me outta here, I am a natural!

Except I can't. I am here and have to deal with this mess... I'm a parent.

The Tribunal Summons Kevin Annett and Lydia White Calf intend serving on the Pope...

This is where we are headed......  we can make it so REAL!

Kindest regards


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Friday, 17 September 2010

Letter of Complaint to the BBC re: Coverage of Pope's Visit.

I write to the BBC to complain about the coverage of the Pope’s ‘State’ visit to the UK.

The Pope was on the Committee, in 1962, that wrote the document, that odious directive Crimens Soliticitalis, that demanded that all cases of allegations of child abuse made against priests be controlled by The Vatican and handled as an internal matter.He later became head of the Congregation of The Faith, and as such, administered that ‘policy’ for over 25 years.

That ‘policy’ included intimidation of victims and survivors and those who supported their allegations, including State Prosecutors in many countries.

This amounts to an intentional obstruction of justice and absolutely undermines ANY claim to Holiness or Empathy that The Vatican has ever made.

To this day he defends that Policy, and worse, The Vatican provides moral and financial support to many proven Pedophiles, Bullies, and others who beat children, who humiliated children, who engaged in what amount to protracted psychological torture.

It was The Vatican, under Pope Adrian, the only English Pope, that authorised Henry II to invade and conquer Ireland, under the Pabal Bull Laudibiliter.

This became the ‘legal’ template for the European Colonisation of North America, Australia, Africa and South East Asia that ensued and lasted for nearly 500 years.

To this day The Vatican has not apologised for ANY of these crimes against humanity.

The BBC has not given equal coverage to the recent disclosures of the widespread, endemic abuse of children that has ruined the lives of many millions of children.The BBC has not given any coverage to survivors of these abuses.

The coverage of The Popes visit and of the crimes described above that the BBC is currently engaged in is shameful and amounts to complicity in the continued cover-up of these crimes.

The BBC has become a propaganda arm of The Vatican, and in doing so has demeaned itself, caused harm to all survivors of Church abuse and offended the principles upon which the BBC claims to stand: that of fairness, and lack of bias.

The BBC's bias is clearly set against survivors of Church abuse.

Kindest regards


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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

POPE : an Acrynom!

What more needs to be said?

Other than to remind folk that this is NOT merely about the Pope, or even The Vatican; this is about a Societal Psychology that mediates abuse as a norm, and whether or not we, as good people, can face up to the facts, and do the work that our children deserve be done to ensure that such abuse patterns are examined and the intergenerational cycles of Power and Abuse are finally ended.

It is their future we are talking about here..

Kindest regards


 Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Monday, 13 September 2010

Christ, Empathy and Society

The Christ, from what few references we have, appeared to be a deeply empathic person. Those qualities are not his alone, but the qualities of a naturally empathic human being, the kind that lived for many hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions of years in a sustainable and relatively stable condition. 

Whilst Christ can be suggested as a role model in this, (though it must be said that to do this would necessitate the omission of, or critical analysis of, the entire old testament, which is essentially a document on Monolithic Power and how to manage Power Relationships to retain Power, violently and otherwise, and contains a specified torture manual to boot! ...and most of the new testament, apart from those few stories concerning the Christ's actions, being as actions speak louder than words - think of the trees saved by this one simple shift in paradigm!)  he can not be held as the SOURCE of Empathy.

It is absolutely clear, to both Science and Mothers, that appropriate child-mother bonding and environmental conditions (such as being part of a day to day community, with full access to nature as a place of exploration and learning, optimum nutrition, intimacy, trust, respect and so on) are ESSENTIAL for the development of the empathetic neurology and natural sensitivity of the new born.

Any deprivation of any of these essentials leads directly to stressed physiology, an altered neurology and a consequent psychological dysfunction as an emergent quality of any given society, and when codified, becomes Institutionalised as we see throughout the Dominant Culture.

Thus, with regards our biologically determined empathy, when the appropriate nurturant environment in place, there is no need for an historical role model, or an external role model, for the parents and community will assuredly provide that confirmation of the internal, intrinsic empathy emerging from within the child, naturally.

This is extremely important.

For example, the lack of empathy inherent in The Missionary Position; to look upon another human being as being inferior to the point of being sub-human and to offer to ‘convert’ that person with the caveat that if conversion is not possible, then extermination is inevitable and justified by Biblical Dictat is so utterly devoid of empathy that it’s a feat of deep, almost supernatural denial that stretches the concept of Charity completely out of shape, and creates a monstrosity steeped in blood and misery.

The lack of empathy inherent in the religious induction of infants into a faith and binding those children to a psychological and spiritual contract they cannot possibly consent to, with the caveat that the child is already a sinner, already condemned, and that this is communicated at the earliest possible moment, consistently re-enforced by what are, in effect and intent, behaviour modification techniques of a Pavlovian Skinnerist perspective. Though it has to be said that the practices of Pavlov and Skinner were long extent by the time those two fools existed. Indeed they are prime examples of the lack of empathy in action.

The lack of empathy inherent in Dominance and Empire; the Dominance of the Christian/Judeo/Muslim Human Being over the Earth and all that dwell within her; the Empire of God open only to those who qualify, Eternal Torture for those who fail.

The lack of empathy that blames the poor for being poor by categorising them as being in Gods disfavour, and them treating them as a charity case, and doing NOTHING to alter the fundamental inequities of the distribution of the materials that nurture life of which Poverty is a symptom.

The lack of empathy inherent in the Vatican’s response to the unveiling of massive abuse of children in Institutions operated by Clergy, often on behalf of the State, dating back centuries and ongoing even as I

The lack of empathy demonstrated by so many adherents of Faith, that amounts to a declaration of war against all who do not share that Faith. The so-called battle or struggle between Good and Evil.

Let it be said here too, that a lack of empathy is not merely an issue for religion, but for our entire Society.

It permeates Economics, Psychiatry, Commerce, Education, Health Care, Food production and much else besides.

I submit, for your perusal, a useful document that outlines the characteristics that emerge in variant societies, where nurturing is either present or absent.

Take a good look at these characteristics and again at the Society you were born into, that you had to adapt to.....

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Towers, a song and a meaning.

Here's my 9/11 song "TOWERS"

written on 13.9.2001, performed the following week, with studio bits added later that winter.

Here's the lyric :


The twin towers of polarity have fallen, You know what I mean
The bubble burst, those people were frightened
Saw it all, a nightmare on TV
And who knows the whole story
Who's got all the facts
until we're all communicating
It won't be easy yet it's better than more attacks

The fight between the good and the badIt is ugly -
you know what I mean
That struggle's clearly not working
We must speak freely to be free
And who knows the whole story
Who's got all the facts
until we're all communicating
It won't be easy yet it's better than more attacks

Eyeless in Gaza, blindly we are fighting
You know what I mean,
Behaviour is unaware of it's roots
Though now, it's time to come clean
Be not frightened of the truth
And who knows the whole story
Who's got all the facts until we're all communicating
It won't be easy yet it's better than more attacks

The twin towers of polarity have fallen
You know what I mean
We must work now, towards a future world
Where a live in love has real meaning
And who knows the whole story
Who's got all the facts until we're all communicating
It won't be easy yet it's better than more attacks

And here's a document that shows a clear connection between the emergence of violence and hierarchy in Gatherer Hunter Communities, which is related to how children are treated.

The very same dynamics apply to our own culture...


We owe it to all the children to come to do this work and to get it accurate!

Ideology and Religion have failed children throughout Western History.

This must end.

WE must end it.

We can.

It's so not rocket science....

Download it, print it out and share it. Explore the learnings within it. Spread the message.

Kindest regards


 Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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