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Brian Cox, Celebrities, AGW and the basics of biology

I think we need a whole generation of people who do not know ANY celebrities. But who do understand the world they are dealing with and are energised to resolve and heal what needs to be resolved and healed.


Brian Cox.......?

Do I trust a personality celebrity whose sappy puerile music made his fortune by manipulating vulnerable young minds, and was readily used to usher in the wonders of Tony Blair et al?


Is he a well respected, peer reviewed physicist within the Science community, who has published lots of papers?


However, his area is esoteric, and probably of most use to the Military Industrial Complex, in areas of particle physics and weaponry. I have no idea who funds his research, or to what use it has been or can be put. So many known unknowns.

That said,  for me, and for my purposes, in the context related to the entire Climate Change discourse and all that accretes to that, he is a minor scientist, with a minor Phd. degree, and a slew of arcane papers in a specialist area that has little relevance to the very real problems we face, and is also a professional celebrity.

He is no Einstein, who was both scientist and philosopher and brutally, fearlessly honest. He is no Carl Rogers who altered the course of psychotherapy, for the better, way beyond the vision of either Freud or Jung. He is no Howard Zinn, he is not a Joseph Chilton Pearce. He is no Bill Mollison, nor is he a Masanobu Fukuoka.

And yet he feels he can use his rather large public profile, his celebrity status, to wade in to the 'climate change' discourse and bully those who challenge the mainstream narrative which he fully supports.


We 'respect' certain celebrities because we have fallen for their promo campaigns.

We know nothing of their real positions, attitudes, motivations or behaviour.

Its PR.


Jimmy Savile. Richard Branson. Barak Obama. The Enron boys. Milton Friedman. Ronald Reagan. Kanye West.

"I used to respect ....." (insert any celebrity) always means 'I bought the lie because that was easier than critical thinking...."

And we buy those lies every day.

And again, and again, and again, again, and again, and again, ad nauseam.


To rub salt into the wound, we constantly pay for the privilege of being bamboozled, groomed.

Where does their wealth come from?

It comes from us. We fund celebrity.

We have to admit that, and then forgive ourselves for being manipulated or bullied into submission through a deliberate and mediated faux peer pressure, engineered to make celebrity matter, as part of a psycho-social conditioning/indoctrination system..


So, let's go back to basics. Biology.

Biology does not do celebrity. That's a given.

Brian Cox is adamant about a scientific consensus on Anthropogenic Global Climate Change.

What consensus?

Human activity is altering the entire planets climate systems!


It would be more scientifically accurate to say certain kinds of human activity, (most of which are associated with Industrial Civilisation and are central to the maintenance of abusive Hierarchies of Power that rule vast swathes of Humanity) are causing massive damage to the habitat because those activities are not nurturing the habitat, and are in fact degrading biological systems and introducing a mountain of toxins that biology has yet to find a way to metabolise.

The dominant culture is thus imposing chronic stress on the biological  environment.

Chronic stress always leads towards degenerative disease states.

Which includes, as a possibility, climatic changes.....

That much is rather obvious.

That can be said to be a view that has consensus, even if it is not widely articulated.

Those that can see it, and the biological environment, both agree on it.

The CO2 story is one part of the whole.

Plastic bags and light bulbs are another part of the whole.

And certain centres of Power would rather we avoided a critical analysis of the whole.

They have too much to lose, apparently.

The IPCC has offered very little by way of a critical analysis of the behaviour, actions and outcomes of the mainstream social systems manufacturing processes, and the powers that depend upon the vast wealth those systems generate.

Some pertinent facts.

The most obvious appropriate response to climatic and environmental change is Permaculture.

Biology knows how to do this.

Biology knows how to do permaculture.

Biology is the master.

Biology uses 'the force'.

Biology has been doing this for a very, very long time indeed.

We humans have emerged from that work of Biology.

We can work with that if we choose. We can learn.

We also need to see a deep, deep change in the way industry and manufacturing operate - rather than imposed taxes to 'nudge' behaviour, or energy saving light bulbs, or wars for oil and other 'resources'.

That too has been explored.

It even has a catchy name: Cradle to Cradle.

Does Brian Cox speak about the wars, the bullying that defines Governments and Corporations? No!

Do these have an impact on environment and climate? Yes.

Does Brian Cox speak about permaculture? No!

Does Brian Cox speak about Cradle to Cradle?

Nope.... not a word.


And yet...

Biology has been responding to climatic change for billions of years.

It can respond really rapidly.

It KNOWS how to do this. It's worth repeating. I am repeating it.

Because it is so rarely mentioned. Biology KNOWS how to evolve within a dynamically changing environment, and knows how to do that whilst maintaining nurturant cyclical processes that feed more life.

The evidence is all around us, and some of us are eating that evidence, working with it.

Permaculture works with that knowledge base, by working with the plants, the animals, the bugs, the microbes, the CLIMATE, the soil.

However, it cannot be patented, nor can it be industrialised.

Permaculture requires intimate labour to be put into practice, it also requires autonomy, critical thinking, scientific observation and deliberate responsiveness in those who undertake it. It requires people who get to know their patch of land and the plants they are working with. Intimately. Locally. Specifically.

Massive employment opportunities. Huge. Really.

Cradle to Cradle design is a process approach that has the ability to ensure that every manufacturing process returns nutrients to the environment rather than 'waste' or toxins, and then builds fecundity into the habitat.

Does Brian Cox talk about these?

Do the IPCC talk about these?

No and no!


Well, I will leave that to your imagination and intuition to work out.

Let's call it getting back to basics.

And another thing...

Any system, any name. Capitalism, Fascism, Religionism, Patriarchy, Matriarchy, Democracy, whatever... 

The basic reality is that every large scale governing system devised over the past few thousand years has turned into psycho-social bullying that is fully institutionalized.

So I think we need sometimes to forget the name, look at the behaviour and outcomes, and call it what it is, if we are serious about dealing with things.

Putting it another way....

'Climate Change' as a direct result of human activity is not established fact, it is theoretical.

Yes, there is lots of data to suggest the theory, but it is nowhere near conclusive.

We know that the Sun, Moon, tectonics, etc are all massive influences and we do not know how much they contribute to the current situation.

The modelling capabilities of computers are nowhere near the reality of biology, tectonics, the Suns influence, etc...

Climate change is a constant. It has always changed.

What we DO KNOW is what I have laid out in more detail throughout my blog - the basic behaviour of this culture that is dominant is non-nurturant, it creates toxicity and degradation, and it is based on bullying.

What we need most of all is to deal with the bullying aspect of Power, political, corporate, criminal, ideological or religious - THAT is the core problem, the rest are all symptoms...

Treating the symptoms without addressing the root causes is futile. It maintains the problem.

It is the job of EVERYONE who is an adult to look after the Earth in the best interests of all future generations - compartmentalising aspects as the IPCC and the leading bully systems of power suggest is inept at best, callous disregard for the future at worst.

Putting it another way....

All the damage being done is symptomatic of a culture predicated on hierarchies of violence, coercion, concentration of power and a sense of entitlement amongst the powerful to mediate that degree of abuse to preserve their system, their position.

No matter what symptom we discuss, unless we honestly and fearlessly appraise the core issue - Power and abuse of Power - it will remain.

The psychological climate of the majority of human beings is dominated by the bully system.

That is nowhere near the biological optimal.

Our endocrine systems do not lie.


Let me make it clear.

Every adult has an inherent biological responsibility or response ability to care for the habitat so that our children inherit a healthy habitat within which they will live lives of optimal human biological health in all areas, barring volcanoes, tidal waves, storms, asteroids etc...

I do not see that anywhere in the CC discourse, as it stands at the moment, or anywhere else within Governance, Politics, Commerce or Religion as we know it.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

War Crimes, Opinion or Evidence, Burkini's, Bullying and Jo Cox

The Big Issue.


War Crimes.

War Crimes and War Criminals going un-opposed, not being held to account by the taxpayers who funded those who made the decisions to go to war, and who paid for the troops and contractors tasked with prosecuting the wars.

Politicians who deliberately, and against all warnings, enabled massive bank fraud and then bailed out those banks who committed those frauds, using future taxpayer funds, thus in-debting (or indenturing) the emerging generation of students as future taxpayers and then, as if to rub salt into these open wounds, the same grouping of Politcians claimed 'Austerity' (lack of spare cash) as their excuse for a class war against the vulnerable and the poor.

That is the core issue here.

Opinion vs Evidence

The people who allowed this to happen, who voted for and continue to vote for the politicians on any side who administered and are yet administering all of this, are the enablers of these crimes. In that I include the mainstream media, and the conspiracy theorist industry.

One cannot, as so often happens, blame those who did not vote, out of sheer ennui, desperation or a learned, evidence based distaste for a system that is actively an institutionalized bully system.

Most of the those people did look at the evidence, and decided that the only option was not to participate in hypocrisy.

That is understandable.

There is no excuse in the 21st Century for not taking the time to examine the evidence, the data, when making choices that affect (or afflict) the entire community.

This must be addressed to all those who voted for the politicians who have, and are, committing war crimes and attacking the most vulnerable people in our society.

"You are not looking at the evidence!"

Selfishness, my mortgage, my job, my party loyalty, my allegiances, my prejudices, what I read in the papers, or see in the News on TV etc are all invalid bases for making choices that affect Governance.

We do have a social responsibility to each other. To cause no harm.

That ought to be obvious. Duty of Care. Due Diligence.

Opinion cannot replace or supplant evidence, on matters related to the administration of a communities shared contributory resources,with mere opinion.

We need to make THAT 100% CLEAR.

I refuse to argue about opinions - I say present the evidence, the facts, the outcomes.

Do not be trolled by those who insist on their 'right' to hold and impose an opinion - they can hold it, but they have no right to impose it, as that imposition is an abuse.

Fight back with honesty, truth, evidence, determination and vision, a vision that must include the liberation of those who hold opinion over evidence from the trap they are in.

Do whatever it takes in terms of a discourse.

France's Burkini Ban

It's a deliberate provocation, designed to inflame wounded people on the edges of violence into acting out that violence, and to give a false basis to those who would support violence against France on the basis of Islamaphobiic policies proving their case.

Institutionalised bullying is a scientifically mediated strategic, tactical weaponised behaviour system. It includes grooming, labeling, distraction, slander, slur, innuendo, opinion over evidence, gas lighting, lies and set-ups, as well as the many tools of direct and indirect violence. It's intent is to ensure that Power is retained, enhanced and projected.

ALL Governments or Power Hierarchies use it, media are utterly aware and complicit, and we see it in movies and 'pop' culture all the time...

We are being politically inept and socially foolish (I know it is scary, frightening to look at, yet looking away will not deal with it) if we do not take the time to recognise these tactics, and their position within the strategies of Power.

  We must also work out how to counter it, within ourselves, within our families and communities as much as across Society as a whole - otherwise those who are living where the bombs are being dropped or detonated, abroad and at home, will continue to suffer, and we will suffer, and our children suffer even more if we fail to address it.

In all it's forms.

We are paying for it, literally funding it.

Taxpayers pay for ALL the Wars, all the killing.

Superb blog, by Kitty Jones, on how bullying operates.

Read it.

Be armed, rather than armored.

Jo Cox.

Jo Cox, a British female labour politican murdered, assassinated in an extreme act of violence, less than 3 months ago.


Silence of the Lambs, or Silence of the Wolves?

Why is this not being discussed by the Labour Party membership, with the same passion as the leadership non-contest?

Who killed Jo Cox?

Britain did.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Media manipulation and trolling, bricks through the TV, undermining democracy.

Media techniques, movie techniques, trolling and grooming.... these are the realities we all face every day.

They know how to make one hate a character or love one; they can switch you from hate to love in a matter of minutes.

How often have you wanted to throw something at the TV or shout at a presenter or politician because you sensed something was way out of order in the way the material was presented?

Charlie Brooker's Newswipe series took a humorous satirical look at this.

This video, on an interview and set-up piece by C4, about Jeremy Corbyn, attacking Jeremy Corbyn, explores the detail of how some of this works.

It is nothing less than professionalised bullying.

Institutional bullying.

The techniques are revealed. The set-up is obvious. The intent, utterly malign. This not journalism, it is bullying, or propaganda.

Grooming the audience... every mainstream media outlet and many social media outlets and 'activists' use these techniques. Advised by professionals.

Playing on known vulnerabilities of ordinary folk who are unsuspecting.

To preserve the power establishment's status and pre-eminence.

100% anti-democratic.

Freedom of speech carries with it a responsibility to be honest, truthful.

Anyone who lies or bullies in any public domain in this fashion deserves to be held to account.

Why are the Establishment so worried?

The UK media and journalists who sold the War of Aggression against Iraq, and covered aspects of it up to a massive degree.

The BBC is culpable for their participation in this propaganda campaign.

Journalists and management alike.

That is what is driving the opposition to Corbyn more than any other single issue.

He wants to bring those who committed war crimes to account.

So too do millions of UK tax payers whose hard earned cash was so horrifically abused in the prosecution of that war, and others, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, including the support our Government has been providing to 'moderate rebels' (violent militia) across the Middle East, not to mention weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel etc...

There are close to 5000 establishment figures who were directly involved. They are all culpable.

The Establishment senses that it is at risk.

War Crimes investigations would unearth a formerly hidden world, and represents the greatest leverage we have as a people, a responsible people, a caring people, to use to dislodge that power establishment.

They did commit war crimes.

And there is more than that, the status and power the Establishment have occupied for centuries, their sense of entitlement, their vast wealth and holdings have driven UK Politics for far too long.

They like that power.


We pay for their addiction. And the Syrian, Libyan, Yemeni, Afghani and others pay in blood.

We have to up our game, considerably, to meet the needs of all our children's futures, and their children too.

That is what this is all about.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Ed Milliband, Corbyn, and children as politically astute non-voters.

Shadow of a child blasted onto a wall at Hiroshima

I watched Ed Milliband being put in his place, politely, gently yet firmly, by a 13 year old boy, at the Power Inquiry Conference, London, in 2006.

The boy was at the front row and he had his hand up as the panel were discussing the voting age, discussing lowering it. Or not.

Millibland was against lowering it. Most of the panel was against lowering it. He intimated that they (under 17s) did not know enough to be trusted with a vote. He was not alone in that.

The boy held his hand up, for quite a while, patiently waiting for their attention.

Eventually, the panel asked the boy to speak.

The boy, 13 years old (worth repeating) said this :

"The money being wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan: wouldn't it be better spent to give it to pensioners whose pensions were being reduced by Government and bad banking?"

The crowd erupted in applause.

The boy was correct. Succinct. Polite. Spot on.

The war was not popular in that room. Most of the applause was for that, rather than for the way the child demonstrated to the adults his ability to think clearly and articulate that thinking in unambiguous terms.

The panel ignored his comment, and went on to someone else. The discussion did not refer to the boy again, or his point. They disenfranchised that child, and all children.They also disenfranchised our pensioners, and all Iraqi and Afghani citizens. Nice! Not.

The adults on the panel just passed by an intelligent, clear sighted child...... because they did not have the heart, the empathy, the self assured-ness to admit their inadequacies, to meet the boy as an equal .... they are callous smoothies, Millibland et al in Parliament.

Nice people, with attitudes that are dysfunctional.

Authoritarian. They smile, they preen, they soundbite to attract voters.

And they let Tony Blair and the British Establishment get away with mass murder.

Children are paraded to demonstrate the candidates adherence to 'family values' - children should be seen, and not heard.

Sadly this is true for many adults, who as children were treated in the same manner.

It is called 'traditional family values'.  The teacher as 'authority'. Reward and punishment as a parenting style.

Nudge theory. Religion. Indoctrination.

"I have the natural (God given) right to smack my children!"

The Law still permits this.

The complex of hierarchy of violence infects the home.

For me, parents have an inherent duty of care both to their children, and to society at large, to disinfect their homes of that hierarchy, not least to better equip them for the struggles ahead in their lives, dealing with what we as parents have not dealt with. Executive power that tramples on the communities best interests.

Iraq. Libya. Cutting funding to Community Voluntary Sector services, whilst privatising them. Care for profit.

Many, many parents need healing, and probably the best way to enable that is to inspire them to start really listening to and hearing their children as complete persons, growing and to help them see that how they were (mis)treated as children impacts and informs their parenting in the present, and that it does not have to be that way.

We grow together.

Politics, democracy, and sound healthy governance starts at home.


This ties into what is being done to Corbyn by the Establishment.

The underlying issue is less about Corbyn than it is about the stance he takes that policy decision making is a grass roots response ability - one that all hierarchies detest above all else.

That transfer of power to the grass roots is their greatest perceived enemy.
The technique of maintaining a narrative that is focused on Corbyn and 'leadership' is being run in order to keep that paradigm off the public radar. Every effing day!

Blame the immigrants, the victimised, the children, the convicts, the trots, the Corbynista's, the Blairites. All of us are prone to such judgementalism.

The power of Punishment and Reward.

So there is a need to de-activate that track, and set another discourse in motion, on social media, and in commentary on mainstream media.... and elsewhere.
"We pay their wages. We instruct our public servants."

If we fail to take that response ability up, then we are partly responsible for the adverse policies those who wield a distal power get away with.

We are not wholly responsible in that so much of politiking is the psychological manipulation of known vulnerabilities the exist across a population. Known vulnerabilities that are the direct result of indoctrination, bullying and much else that is mediated by power establishments through governance systems which we all fund.

That is what 'focus groups' are designed to tap into. Find those vulnerabilities, and leverage them.

The old politik is dying, not least because it is killing so many of us, and we need, our children and their children will need us to take up our responsibility towards them as an entire generation, not just for our immediate children, but for all of them, everywhere, to build a new politics that is about healthy governance and power sharing as a social response to the changing dynamics of our world rather than power as a central force dictating what happens.

Blair used PR techniques to get into and hold onto power - because those techniques work, and they work because of our vulnerabilities.... so we have to deal with our vulnerablities, we have to immunise ourselves from that kind of manipulation, as part of our process, moving forwards.

The EU referendum was a classic case of this technique - conning an entire population into a forced choice, where there was no evidence, no data with which to realistically compare the choices and their outcomes forced people onto opinions, personal opinions.

Choose to leave the EU, by all means. But make a choice based on sound evidence, rather than myth and fear, rage and desperation or sheer frustration. Demand that the discourse is evidence based.

That we allowed that to happen speaks volumes.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Women reject the use of gender to silence legitimate political opposition: an open letter

An open letter by some active women folk looking at the basis of the accusations of misogynistic behaviours emerging from the Media, directed at Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum activists...

Women reject the use of gender to silence legitimate political opposition

"We, the undersigned, women Labour members or supporters from different backgrounds, ethnicities and regions, condemn attempts by some women MPs to blame the Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell for alleged intimidation. The accusations are baseless and are part of an escalating witch-hunt against Corbyn and his supporters.

The tragic murder of Jo Cox MP, for which a right-wing racist with mental health problems has been charged, has been invoked as if it was connected with anti-racist, pro-refugee Corbyn. A brick through the side window of a building used by many groups, including the local MP, has been attributed to Corbyn followers without any proof. And we are warned against holding peaceful demonstrations outside MPs offices or calling for them to be deselected."

The full text of the letter is truly worth reading.

The core point is that to use such slurs demeans the entire political process, and does nothing to help confront and resolve the issues around power, sexualised violence, abuse and harm; if anything it undermines our efforts in this area.

It is clear, accurate, compassionate and written with utter integrity, by women activists engaged in intensive daily work to support women (and by extension, men and children).

It feeds back into my many blog postings about bullying in politics, violence in society, hierarchies of power, trauma related behaviour patterns, and much else besides...

Media Trolling

Media - Read and react, or read, analyse, check and respond.

We have a choice.

Our choices dictate outcomes, especially with regards to bringing about a healthy, sane, nurturant society.

The reactive mode is easily manipulated.

The responsive much less so, to the degree that any individual has worked through his or her own issues around power and sense of self - whether it is truly emergent or laced with internalized system values (shame, guilt, blame, praise, reward, punishment ... are all clues to where we still hold onto internalized system values).

Many people are making this choice, consciously, deliberately, and bringing that to the table of politics and governance.

And this choice gets far less attention and examination in the media than the justifications for war or for Corbyn's so-called 'unelectability'.

Established Power's self protection.

It would appear the established power does want to enable such choices by acknowledging the multitude of stories of those who do. The mainstream power establishment media is peppered with justifications of violence, with sexism, fantasy, ideology and sales pitches.

The Inquiry into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse underway in the UK has lost yet another chair-person. We do not yet know why. It is very sad and very, very worrying.

The Australian Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse is revealing just how endemic cover-ups, mitigations, institutional desire to protect itself are in this area....

Ireland and the United States have had multiple Inquiries.

The evidence is immense and mounting all the time.

The response of Power is way behind what the evidence suggest would be appropriate.

"Houston, we have a problem."

The Astronauts fixed the problem with assistance from Ground Control.

They worked together.

The Government (and The Vatican) needs to work with and for Survivors, not try to get around them.

The Labour party MPs who are opposing Corbyn need to work with the grass roots of the party, not try to get around them.

It is the same pattern.


Tribal is an odd word to use to describe violent systems.

Here's why.

This is a chart of social behavioural characteristics of different societies (tribes, sic) from a meta-analysis by James Prescott in the 1970s,  which looks at whether or not they are truly nurturant or controlling, and indicates the sets of behaviours associated with each.

Societies with very different child relating modalities, and very different outcomes...

And the common link between the emergence of violence or nurturance appears to revolve around the way a given society relates to and treats the children.

If we want to resolve these problems, we start with parenting at the very base of society, as the very base of society.... which means the work women do for women is absolutely critical.
Here is an article I wrote expanding on the chart by James Prescott.

The website is very useful in exploring this issue.

The Neurobiology of Trauma.

Here is an example of one aspect of that work, related to the neurobiology of trauma, and trauma informed responses to sexual abuse which counter the 'traditional' responses which are the subject of numerous national inquiries. Informative, direct, clear and deeply compassionate, it also hints at the problems with inherited traditional approaches to sexual abuse allegations, which are indicators on the nature of our Society and it's power structures.

In another recent blog I posted a basic outline for anyone interested in this area of human exploration, knowledge and healing, with some links to key writers and researchers in this area..

These insights into the neurobiology of trauma indicate that in utero trauma can occur, if the mother is subjected to trauma events or chronic stress beyond her ability to control. They also feed into child development issues....

Everyone of us carries some of the bully psychology within us to one degree or another until we resolve it within ourselves. Social conditions and socialised conditioning tend to make it so.

That's why we become bystanders.

Resolve it with insight, evidence and self reflection.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Monday, 1 August 2016

Climate Change - what climate, whose climate, whose fear?

1. Biology responds to dynamic environmental changes by making precise changes to meet the dynamic changes to maintain the nutrient flow and balance. The old paradigm of random mutation is a lie, a piece of propaganda, designed to challenge an older lie, that of the supremacy of the Gods of the hierarchically violent societies.

2. We are biology at our base. Biology is fundamentally nurturant, it leads towards thriving communities of diverse organisms and living systems constantly modulating and responding to a dynamic environment.

Optimal Biological Health is a mandate for each individual, each species and the entire biome of Earth.

3. The Industrial Civilisation and all Hierarchies of Violence as social constructs are, by definition, an outright rejection of 1 and 2.

4. Fear is the worst driver of healthy change. Fear also drives Industrial Civilisation and Hierarchies of Violence. Likewise anger and hatred. They are in essence abuse systems that become Institutionalised. Bully systems.

5. The difference between a response and a reaction is key to how this genral issue is being framed in the public domain. A response looks at the situation, tries to understand as much as possible, and makes a choice and keeps an eye on what is happening, is prepared to meet new information and integrate it into the response.

A fear reaction tends to be knee-jerk, ideological and inadequate to the task of a fluid response.

6. Fear tends to urge people to look away, and seek a 'leader' to get them out of the shituation. Fear tends to suggest we are relatively powerless. Fear and 'leadership' are bed fellows in Violent Hierarchies.

7. A rational response would suggest various ways to maximise the changes, rather than trying to stop them. Which we cannot do. Climate has always, always changed over time.

8. Permaculture has all the design features to maximise the changing climate patterns, rapidly and accurately. It also contains indicators and practices that undermine concepts of hierarchical thinking and psychology. Permaculture is returning to biological optimal health. Fundamentals such a 'there is no waste' are meaningful.

9. The entire issue is directly linked to how we as individuals and small communities engage with governance and the administration of shared contributory resources - in essence the situation demands that we mature, that we devote time to the matters of governance and move away from careers, mortgage servicing, macro economics and become more connected again.It demands that we become more nurturant, we take personal and collective responsibility to ensure that nutrient cycles are maintained, for all life.

10. That is in effect a psychological and social climate change modality.... self governance is the oldest form of governance in the human species, it has been supplanted by Violent Hierarchies that tooled up to expand their reign.

11. The system of power itself, in evolutionary terms, is a vast human psycho-climate change, and we need to recognise that, we need to base ourselves in our fundamental biological 'nature' in order to respond more accurately and NO EXTANT GOVERNING OR ECONOMIC SYSTEM will volunteer for that.

12. They will manipulate and resist to the very end.


14. Don't worry, in 10,000 years it will be very different. We cannot kill the planet, we cannot destroy the life force of biology. We can only destroy our chances of healthy nurturant happy living. The planet is fine, the other species are fine, biology is fine.

15. The culture is the problem, not humanity. Gods are not the answer. This life is a glorious, full body, sensory jam, not a rehearsal.

16. With that in mind we are invited to stand up and confront and dismantle the systems of hierarchical violence with all the love and humour and robust physicality we can whilst remembering to love, party and laugh as often as we can, without dropping the ball.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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