Monday, 2 December 2019

Profit and Deceit - stripping it down to the bare essentials.

The profit from a national rail system is easy, cheap transport which reduces the need for private cars. Plus the jobs it provides if the workers are respected, well paid and integrated into the management of the system.

The profit from a National Health System is healthy community and healed people, where ill health occurs.aken at the ee

The profit in social care is the care itself.....which suggests the cost of appropriate training and the proper salary payment for service workers as a vocation should be prioritised, rather than executives pay and sharehiolder dividends and 'market access'.

The profit from Nationalised Water is clean water, clean rivers, clean beaches....

No amount of money can replace these human social profits and be considered 'good for the Economy'.

Anytime that profit is taken out of the NHS whist people remain unhealthy and unable to access the best care -

Anytime whilst so many families are too poor to afford Organic Clean Whole food -

Anywhere there is toxicity that is not dealt with, from extraction through production and into usage and final disposal -

All that financial profit as dividend is theft, it is abuse, it is cruelty and criminal in nature and intent...

The Profit generated by any industry that causes pollution, in any form, at any stage of production, use or disposal of product, is Deceit.

Remember that.

Polluting costs are paid, in the end, with our own degenerative disease and painful deaths, by our childrens deformities and insecurities, their future environment on set on a precipice through a degraded, disrupted environment and toxic habitat.

GDP is Deceit.

GDP is the bribe we pay for accepting that Bullies Rule.

"covering the symptoms, rather than curing or preventing the illness."

Strategic policy.

Not unique to any singled out State or Corporate power center, rather States are an expression of Empire Logic or the Culture of Hierarchical Violence as normal.

Competing Powers is a culture, rather than The Human Condition... it's a sickness, a structured social pathology, an institutionalised bully logic.

Stupity posing as clever is never intelligent.

Landing a human on the moon whilst bombing peasants in Vietnam is not a sign of progress or technological brilliance.

War, Poverty, Racisms, Misogyny, Power Disparity, Pollution.

These problems are all part of the Institutionalised Bully Culture behaviour dynamic.

Every hierarchy of violence and power is a Bully Culture.

Bully Culture is neither healthy nor natural - it is an unresolved traumatised psychology that has become institutionalised.

Bullies can only rule by violence or manipulation, never by genuine informed consent or choice.

How do healthy cultures become unhealthy cultures?

What happens?

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