Saturday, 28 February 2009

Explaining my song : The Government Hates"

Three documentaries and an article have inspired me to write this explanation of my song “The Government Hates” …… in which I compare the freely available life enhancing realities of nature and the terrorising of civilians, indigenous and peasants freely wrought by various Governments...... The deaths of millions upon millions of children have all but been written out of 'history'......ever asked yourself why?

Here's why.

I'll tell you why!

The first two documentaries, Rick Steves' Iran Documentary, And Rageh Omar’s Inside Iran, took a peek inside Iran.

Rick Steve’s clearly goes for the feel-good factor as he visits various parts of Iran.. He states clearly that his interest is to meet Iranians as people and to see their culture first hand. And he does. And it is clear that the people he met have no interest in war, be it military or economic. He explores the history of Iran, and reveals the longstanding series of ‘interventions’ by British and US Military, and mercenaries to ‘protect valued resources’ …. to keep the oil flowing…. He acknowledges the strong anti-American sentiment visible in Iran. His subjects tell him it is government-government, not people-people. They are of course correct, and Rick stays schtum… interesting.

Rageh Omar opts for less of a tourist brochure, and does more interviews, delving deeper into Iranian perceptions and realities, at least for those in Tehran… he carefully avoids too much detail on the historical stuff that involves the west, and ignores the ancient roots … however he is sympathetic towards the Iranian people.. (well he’d never get anyone to say anything to camera except “FUCK “OFF in Farsi, would he?)

Both portray well the people of Iran as people. Different, with their own problems, their own joys … Do they need another war? Did the Iraqis? And is it Government-Government? Well the next documentary reveals something about this.

In Yer Face

The third documentary is Vietnam : American Holocaust, a shocking and deeply disturbing account of the Vietnam War, from well before it was official….. Back to before WWII, the French and Americans were involved in ‘exploiting the natural resources’ of Vietnam. Long story, Old Story. Same old Story.

In the documentary we hear various US presidents lie, publicly, whilst their ‘private’ conversations reveal their planning and execution of the entire project. Their obvious callousness is shocking. Cold, venomous and conceited. As ever those who ‘rule’ “and cry; let loose the dogs of war!” for to do so is the most callous act, the supreme crime, a war of aggression.

And for what?

For profits. A Corporation that makes weapons, must make more and more, and develop new weapons, in order the guarantee that the investment made by the shareholders of that corporation will increase in value and deliver an annual or quarterly dividend. A cut of the profits.

Who owns these Corporations? How many of their ex-employees are in Government? How many Former Government Officials are now working for those Corporations?

And of course there’s the protecting of‘ natural resources’ and that vague euphemism, a kind self-important fig leaf of a word, “strategic interest” as well, as a cover-up. A distraction.

Ad in a bit of dehumanisation, the media will comply ….

The documentary says none of this. It doesn’t need to. It’s fucking obvious. Amazing. At last.


And the article, by George Monbiot, The Propaganda of the Victor makes up this days exploration.

Truly Great article. Not a word wasted. Sometimes George writes something I really, really get and also am delighted that he’s writing about that particular subject.

His book ‘Captive State’ isone such piece ... it is essential reading for UK citizens, if not all citizens of Industrialised States - and it set me on fire. The combination of info and explanation, narrative and anger, poetry and prose George Monbiot crafts when he's on fire is liberating at it’s best. Captive State is all that. You will read how the UK Government became a business ‘merge and acquisition’ project by business, at the grass roots as much as at National Government level. Great book. I digress. Praise George!

Anyways, his subject for this essay I dig so much is the lands held in trust for the nation by the National Trust ….in particular the lands and Stately house "Stowe Landscape Gardens. I know them well, for I enjoyed the astonishing unearned privilege of attending the school that’s housed there. The gardens (really a landscaped deerpark) were a vast playground of crumbling follies and overgrown lakes, of coverts and laurel brakes in which ruined monuments could, like Mayan temples, be discovered by adventurous boys. Licensed by tolerant teachers, I played swallows and amazons here for five years."

hw writes, and he also reveals the history, which is not the official history (the official history is the National trusts sanitised version, redolent of school tetx books) of their ‘transfer’ from commons to estates. A protracted history. A very violent history. Relatively recent history.

And Monbiot reveals that the writers of that history portrayed themselves as civilised, as the winners. They were the 'winners'. If they consider having all the gold, all the land to themselves, then yes. These self-styled winners forced the peasant people off the land that was commons by ancient right, and by fact of occupation, land upon which they had long subsisted, mostly healthily enough.

Evicted Violently.

And when people resisted, the military was called in, and those not murdered were press ganged, or sent to colonies as slaves and prisoners. Those who did not resist were forced into factories, the Industrial Revolution was underway and needed man, woman, and child power. EP Thompson’s, ‘The Making Of The English Working Class’ documents what happened when the weavers and some factory workers resisted.

State espionage, murder, assassinations, smears, agent provocateurs, kangaroo courts ….. All to protect the evolution of the Factory System and the profits and immense wealth and power that accrued.

Only an institutionalised and bred or nurtured hatred can sustain this kind of behaviour, this kind of constant brutality, sheer depravity over such long periods of time. A psychotic hatred, a cold hatred, and controlled hatred. Only that could possibly engage generation after generation after generation of mass-murder most foul. And it is merely bullying. No more banal than that. Not Empire building ... that's a PR job. Merely bullying, with extreme violence...

And that is what the song “The Government Hates” is all about. It’s about those people who take the side of the Institutions that carry out such ‘policies’ as much as the Institutions themselves. Far too many of us succumb to that conditioning..

And only a cold, cold reading of History, or a severely edited one, or one presented as a ‘boys own’ annual special, a ‘costume drama’ … could ever manage to justify these horrors as part and parcel of ‘what makes us(?) Great Britain’ …. as part of human progress!

Since WWII the death rate for civilians/soldiers in ’wars’ is over 90% ‘in favour’ of civilians, ie: more and more civilians and fewer soldiers die. More in favour of soldiers, actually. And this is progress?

I cannot ‘adjust’ to this! I will not adjust to this!

I hold those who made the rules for the teachers who taught me such lies responsible for my own lack of knowledge, and for the lack of understanding that pervades this society, that is the product of 'state education' and well, it’s time it was said.

Such lies amount to a crime against all children they are told to. To demand a child treat the victors history as the truth, and to coerce it via schooling and testing, is a psychological crime. It makes all those children accesories after the fact. Legally this is the case, though it has yet to be tested in a court. This must be faced. This must be said. Share these thoughts, my friends, add to them. Be a transmitter.
I will not be not afraid of these cold, callous monsters and their bullying. They are just men. Insecure men. Damaged goods.

I will not be afraid of to unveil those sacred cows such as History, Commemorations, Heroism in service of country. I am freeing my mind and my and heart and I will object, I will disobey in a civil way, whatever way I can.

I free myself and I carve my own values, the ones that meet the needs of a person; values that meet the needs of a natural healthy community, out of the raw ingredients of this rotten culture, and my nature and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be fortunate enough to be one of those who will start the process of building a humane and balanced way of society. Whatever it may look like, it will feel centered, it will be a place for all children for all time. That is the destination. Nothing esle.

This may well be discussed here and there, with a little bit of action here and there and for sure millions upon millions do sincerely, billions I would say, want this is happen…. But it isn’t really started yet, not in the UK, not in Europe….. We’re behind the curve on this one, It’s almost as if we just don’t quite get it yet?

How long will those at the harsh end of the history that George W Bush and Anthony Blair wrote have to wait for justice and honesty, truth and reparation?

Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, the People of Tibet, the San People of the Kalahari, The villagers of the Congo, How long?

Who is next on the hit list?

The Government hates …people thinking these kinds of thoughts, and fears people with these thoughts might act upon them. The orchestrate, with business, the means to demonise the very possibility of these thoughts. That’s the function of the war on terror at home. Shut up!

The ‘Government’ shouldn’t be frightened. They should be proud we hold these thoughts and they should look to us for resolution. We mean them no harm. We want the wars and the greed driven stupidity to cease.

It’s not rocket science.

And it should not be taboo.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Friday, 27 February 2009

Direct Experience, Understanding and Meaning.

Of crucial importance to my sensing of life, and my work as a performer, writer and polemicist is the concept of the existence of innate sensory acuity (skills) in all living beings that enable the cognition of change in the immediate and extended environment and thus the generation of appropriate responses, from the micro-bacterial to the largest living entity, in a constant sensitive precise feed-back loop : natural karma, if you will.

Starting from there, realising that this is also the nature of the natural child, perhaps one can begin to sense the implications of POWER, regarding the way such power is exercised in our society, the consequences of which we are all too sadly familiar.

In that the omission of that natural feedback loop that permeates natures processes is one of the key dynamics of POWER, we can look at how we treat children, in cultural terms, and how that culture impacts upon the personal, in our homes, our streets, our communities, with each other.

The more we understand about nature’s details through the medium of science, the more we realise that there is much in our language, and in the tools we use to discern nature, that is inadequate to the task.

Indeed in a recent issue of New Scientist, January 24th, the editorial explicitly acknowledged this. “ It is now accepted that the tree of life is something we impose on nature in an attempt to make the task of understanding it more tractable.“

As was the fact that the model of Darwinian Evolution as a linear process is also inadequate : ‘evolution’ or unfolding of life is non-linear, and works sideways, backwards, upwards and downwards as much as forwards.

What runs concurrent with that realisation is that the interconnectedness of all life forms is incredibly deep, is profoundly detailed and precise and that that quality is indeed the basis of life’s regenerative powers. We can in various ways, sense or know that quality, yet our scientific understanding does not yet describe the fullness of that quality.

Both of these understandings, of the use of sensory acuity and the interconnectedness of all life, form a large part of indigenous land based peoples ways of living. And this begs the question : from whence did these peoples ‘gain’ this understanding?

Put it another way : is there a direct experience of life, of nature, of habitat, one which our enables such understandings to accrue as a body of knowledge and thus inform the behaviour of living beings? What is that process of direct experience?

These are questions of supreme importance, for if there is such, then it is in that direct experience that the resolution of our problems will be found.

Taking this basic premise, (as I do) one can begin to understand the psychosis of POWER and how that leads towards cultures that impose beliefs, that cut off children from their innate sensory acuity, that justify harm as long as it protects or projects POWER.

I draw from my own personal experience as a dysfunctional adult for personal prima facie evidence of this. I have in the past justified my bullying of people. Even to the extent of blaming the one I have harmed for being the cause of the harm. In that I was no different to the US Government, the local gangster, the abusive spouse, the bigot. The personal is also the transpersonal. The personal is also the cultural. The personal is also the political.

I also draw on personal experience for evidence of that sensory acuity, of the near amazing ability to ‘jam’, to flow, to find exactly what is needed for my own life.

I have never been comfortable with the idea that I hold a particular skill, a unique power, that is not available to all. I have never been comfortable with the concept of innate human superiority. Thus when I receive ‘praise’ for these ‘skills’ I share as a musician or performer or facillitator I am always uncomfortable … almost embarrassed…. For me that is not the point of the performance - for me the point of the performance is to share something deeper than skin or skill. To reach to the life force quality within, to say 'we recognise each other'.

Many of my friends who perform and inspire likewise feel this combination of embarrassment and awareness. All these people have, like I do, a great sense of loving self as part of nature, a natural comfort in ones skin, that is in conflict with the culture we are born into, and of course we are often confused by the cultural paradigms of stars and audiences……of hierarchy…. and power. POWER.....

And that is the subject of my song "The Heart Song", which is third track on the reverbnation player to your right! Enjoy!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Monday, 16 February 2009

Helen Caldicott : Another sensible woman..

Helen Caldicott, who I have great regard for, was interviewed for the English Independent Newspaper, as part of the credo series. What she has to say is instructive.

That she spearheaded the international movement against nuclear power and nuclear weapons, is because of her ability to speak deeply, intelligently, without jargon, to the facts and the figures, to the human cost. And that her thinking is very, very clear on the matter.

As I wrote - instructive.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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SUSSEX OCCUPATION: Occupation Victories, Divine Divestment, Disciplinaries, Debates and Free Popcorn!

SUSSEX OCCUPATION: Occupation Victories, Divine Divestment, Disciplinaries, Debates and Free Popcorn!

Students, about their recent and ongoing universityoccupations :

"We feel it’s important to emphasize that the student occupation should be understood not simply as a tactic or a bargaining chip in getting our demands... At it’s best, the occupation provided a space for a process far more democratic than what conventional university structures are able to achieve. The changes we want to see will be attained through our direct action but also by creating such spaces, and expanding them indefinitely."

Thats a clear statement of intent.

Good for them! Good for us all!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Selfish Green - deconstructed, satire...

The Great and The Good of The Straight World discuss the future of humanity in the light of so much poverty, climate change and over population. War is off the agenda for this discussion!

David Attenborough, Richard Dawkins, Jane Goodall and David Leaky discuss the parlous state of affairs as regards the issues of the day...... before a rapt audience in good old Bristol. They are all good people, definitely well-meaning. Some easier to like than others. They have worked hard on others behalf. And they are straight. I mean really straight. Excruciatingly so.

One may view it here :

by way of warning :

1. They don't mention war - a basil fawlty moment short of a laughing gnome ... well she did mention getting rid of the military... Jane Goodall.... smart girl!

2. Dawkins claims the idea of a species caring for the future, (were western civilisation to do the right thing) is a novel idea, an unique moment in time. Seems he missed out on all the indigenous peoples known proclivity in those very areas. As in "All is Born of Woman. No Harm Shall Come To The Children" doh!

3. Dawkins claimed we have ended slavery! oops! that's another 300 million people, alive today who missed a meeting!

4. Ok so Attenborough did say we need to look at nature as a unity, and there's agreement on this, yet he misses that the natural biodiversity is the best path during climate change, so give land back to nature to recover, put people to work repairing the land...

5. They miss that nature is a self-organising living paradigm ...... that the solution lies in tapping into that very self-organisational living paradigm. Nature KNOWS what to do! doh!

6. The men are boring, Jane Goodall is almost excluded....

7. They skirt around the issue of power, the minority who wield it and their naked willingness to harm anyone and anything so as to keep their power....

8. Leaky is hoping to convince the 100 people running industrialised humanity to change course? Really?

9. That's going to solve poverty? Oh yes, that and the Canadian steel charcoal burning stoves for African 'peasants'. The stoves I understand. The mind boggles.

really short review :

Man talks ... blah blah blah ... more men talk..... blah blah Jane Goodall - passion and common sense -men talk blah blah blah. man talks. man laughs. man sighs. blah blah blah. Jane Goodall says get rid of the talk blah blah blah....blah blah, Jane Goodall says that it's unacceptable that we leave this planet worse than we found it, think about the children...... men talk blah blah blah.... men sigh, ponder weighty questions, pretty much offer no detail of any possible shift we need to make .... ..... very, very frustrating.

I know at least 200 people who would have given these people some answers and insight into the interconnectedness of all these issues - and there are millions of people like that.

Just have to get on with it, 'cos these fools are LOST!

And I'm not. No-one needs to be. Though many are. Thankfully it's not as bleak as that, we know we have nature within us.... that's some force to be reckoning with.... many millions of humans....

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Gaza, Trauma and Threat… obeying the law.....


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The Israeli Election is done. Now the formation of a majority block Government begins. Two weeks they say. And who has been talking of peace or justice? What have they said? And who amongst them will talk of peace, And who has been talking of more war? And who amongst these elected Israelis, now with the responsibility of Governance as an occupying military power in their hands, will speak of seeking peace and abandoning violence, physical or economic. As a first step. Unclench the fist, and remove the glove. Who?

And absent from anything i have read, is comment upon the reality that after a trauma, any threats the assailant makes publicly is by Law, and offence, classified as an assault. It also hurts....

Imagine what it’s like for a child who has seen his family die in the most bloody way, to hear the persons responsible for that horror making threats to launch another war, or to speak of unending war?

What is that like?

That child could be Israeli or Palestinian or American or Congolese, take a pick at any ‘conflict’, there are many.

Seen from this perspective, birth into this way of life, on Earth, is a grotesque lottery, devised by the hands of power, uncaring of the harm. Sure there are risk inherent in nature. But this?


So many children!

How is THIS in any way acceptable?

These are the questions we must ask as people and demand that answers, both our own conclusions and those of established ‘experts’ be openly sought, facts faced and appropriate decisions made.

With the disgusting and ignoble rhetoric of war ringing around the world, with foreseeable disasters looming as possibility's, ones we could better turn our energies so as to prepare, and mitigate the foreseeable, as derived from climate variation, mass poverty as capitalism falters, as war continues and other factors I won't go into here,(the reader will collate their own list) it behoves us all to stop the war as a priority.

One way or another, the subject must become THE SUBJECT that politicians, makers of weapons and war supplies, soldiers, citizens and children focus on.

protest. strike. blockade. write. inform. talk to the children. no-one has to become part of the system. it cannot be imposed. alternatives will emerge.

i write about this because of what I know to be true. It is deeper than any belief.

Because of the children.

All real children have prior rights in that they did not ask to join this culture, and cannot be subject to it's imposed ideologies without undermining their human rights, this in both a legal and a more general sense.

Those rights are the responsibility of the adult world in it’s entirety.

That responsibility is not so heavy that mankind has been struggling with it eternally. That would not be a great survival strategy in the long run, as we are beginning to understand. Ahem! (cough, cough!)

Until quite recently, about 16,000 years ago as far as we can tell. Not long in the long line of ancestry really. And always, always organised war directed by hierarchical societies has been at the heart of it all. The motive : Profit by brute force.

‘Progress’ was and remains a metaphor for more land, and more land implied controlling other lands, others bodies, be they whatever species……as resources to exploit.

Happiness in a consumer culture?

Truthfully, the ‘happiness’ quotient of those closest to the land, where pressures from the consumer based industrial world are non-existent, minimal or ignored, is the highest and broadest of all living human societies. That matters! That really, really matters. Think about this. Pause.

This way of living as a natural humane being has real meaning, value, content and depth. It is neither a fashion statement nor is it a currency. It’s no utopia. Shit happens.


Two streams of behaviour. Different consequences.

One cares for children. The other ‘rears’ children.

One turns anger into ritual.

The other drops missiles on them from seven thousand miles away. Or thirty. Or shells the child from one hundred yards away. Bulldozes house with dead people inside, your dead brothers, your dead parents and grandparents.

One would never make that threat.

The other repeats both threat and trauma.

A cyclic pattern.

This happens.
This is war, carried out by ‘states’, stimulated by ‘empires’.

Does it really have to be this way?

Of course not! Feel that pulse of nature, and the child at play, the family laughing. That’s real.

Doubt not that for once thousandth of a second.

Imagine again, sense this, feel what it would be like for that child at the harsh end of a missile.

Wherever that child is.

Imagine now, slowly, taking time to sense again how you felt gazing upon the most beautiful natural sight you have ever seen. The most moving. Then imagine playing as a child in nature, in that vision, or as it comes, as you might have as a child. Learning by exploring. By experience. By joy!


A missile, the components of which may well have been made in 25 different countries, assembled in one country, shipped to the battle front, used once, lands in a child’s bedroom.

So when the politician said read my lips, no more taxes and did the opposite, when they say they want peace and make war and work to increase the possibility of more ‘efficient’ war, when they say they care for our health and refuse to regulate tens of thousands of synthetic toxic chemicals that are currently in common use, which are absolutely a leading cause of much distress, common and evolving, in or civilisation and outside it, as the toxicity takes hold, when this and more, with so many lies, there comes a point. There has to. Enough!

“It’s the children stupid!”

It’s (certainly not) the (military consumer products services industry) economy (interests and natural market) stupid!

What do you think? What are your thoughts on this?

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The eco-light bulb joke...

“How many environmentalists does it take to change a lightbulb?”


One to write the lightbulb a letter requesting that it change.

Four to circulate online petitions.

One to file a lawsuit demanding it change.

One to send the lightbulb lovingkindness™, knowing that this is the only way real change occurs.

One to accept the lightbulb precisely the way it is, clear in the knowledge that to not accept another is to do great harm to oneself.

One to write a book about how and why the lightbulb needs to change.

And finally, one to smash the fucking lightbulb, because we all know it’s never going to change."

from Derrick Jensen, 'google' or if y alike the visual stuff, 'youtube' him, well worth the effort.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Derrick Jensen - A clear voice and a call to natures arms!

“How many environmentalists does it take to change a lightbulb?”

"Ten. One to write the lightbulb a letter requesting that it change. Four to circulate online petitions. One to file a lawsuit demanding it change. One to send the lightbulb lovingkindness™, knowing that this is the only way real change occurs. One to accept the lightbulb precisely the way it is, clear in the knowledge that to not accept another is to do great harm to oneself. One to write a book about how and why the lightbulb needs to change. And finally, one to smash the fucking lightbulb, because we all know it’s never going to change."

from Derrick Jensen, Endgame ....

Excerpts are available, online, of this inciteful and uncompromising book on the nature of our culture or 'civilisation' and it's relationship with earth and her inhabitants, as an abuser in a dusfunctional family. Jensen has a genius with word, phrase, fact and insight and his way of correlating the microcosm of a dysfunctional family with the macrocsom of our 'civilisation' strikes afr too many chords to be dismissed. Similar in vein to David Smail and Alice Miller, he traces the issues we are faced with today from their roots 16,000 years ago in Babylon through today, and comes to some uncomfortable conclusions regarding change and that system of control.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

War Crimes Law in Great Britain - the facts!

A short film about Chris Coverdale from MakeWarsHistory reporting war crimes to the police.

Please visit

for more information about the Laws of War and how you can report war criminals at your local police station

Produced and Directed by Dean Puckett

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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