Sunday, 29 December 2019

Keep Corbyn at the forefront!

I think Labour ought to vote to stick with JC, and not merely to to spite the Mefia.

"I think the media are leading the Labour membership along a merry grooming operation - it;'s none of their business, it is the business of the Labour Party Membership.

The opinions of people and organisations who have bullied Jeremy Corbyn in print and broadcast, over the past 4 years, on any of this are just more propaganda and bullying. There is something deeply wrong here.

Standing up to bullying.

Furthermore, and importantly, I think it would be standing up to the bullies and grooming gangsters to say NO!

"Jeremy is correct, honest and totally a worthy Prime Minister, and we will not let you lot bully him or us: we are retaining Jeremy as Leader."

The Bullies have always wanted Corbyn to go.

Are you so readily going to give them that satisfaction?"

Continuity. Matters.

Putting this in another way, I would describe the situation as the following:

If A is part of an extended family, and A spreads lies and misleading statements and slander about a cousin B in order to get the rest of the family to hate on that cousin B, that is an abusive psychological assault.

It is defined in Domestic Abuse law as a criminal offence.

Corbyn is the cousin B, the extended family is all of us, the Establishment, and their operatives are A.

The abusers are the microtargeters, the Mefia and others who push emotionally potent trigger material, lies, misleading statements etc towards studied and identified vulnerablities across specific demographics to exploit targetted groups across the population to 'sell' a political meme, product to ideology....

This is the easiest way to explain what is happening.

This is abuse, straight up. 

Deliberate emotional abuse.

Persistence, determination and community based work matter, deeply.

Jeremy Corbyns election to Leadership of Labour came as a shock to the British political status quo. That was never meant to happen. It did.

And lots of people joined and re-join Labour because they felt the possibility of an honesty in politics that might move matters towards a more peace oriented future.

The youth movement have transformed UK politics, supported by millions of elders - the vast majority of whom vehemently oppose all the UKS wars and humanitarian inteerventions, the generation of the Invasion of Iraq, privatisation of social care, Austerity etc...

They have thrown down a guantlet of honesty without stooping to dishonesty, deliberate triggering, or emotional manipulation, by designing policies informed by the people they will most affect.

The policy manifesto that Labour set out was adequately costed.

It was grounded on sound economics and a social duty of care, precisely because it was informed by the disabled, the vulnerable, the poor, the low income working poor, the families struggling with debt, the students struggling with debt, combat veterans, women in refuges, the issues on climate, environment and food safety and working conditions and rights.

The Tories had 'Get Brexit Done' and click bait policy headlines with no commitments, or costings, mere chaff in policy terms, and they had the micro-targeting of varied demographics with emotional triggering materials that exploit known and studied vulnerabilities, biases, prejudices and ignorances, in co-ordination with the sloganeering News Mefia smear campaigns such as targeting Corbyn as a Communist or Marxist or Anti-Semite or Terrorist Sympathiser.

These are all outright lies. Knowing misrepresentations designed to elict an emotive reaction that turns the target against Corbyn.

I have met random people across London, the so called liberal metropolis, who call Corbyn a 'Communist' in such hatred as they spit that word out. They had no evidence, just a printed opinion.

Hearts and Minds psychological operations - an entity created to disseminate material

Cambridge Analytica, Lynton Crosby, The Institute for Statecraft, Facebook's refusal to police political 'advertisements' for misleading content, lies, etc... The way the News Mefia allowed liars to state their lies, without challenging them. The way talk radio allows people to repeat those lies, as if that formed a valid 'opinion'...

So we are all faced with well resourced organised global goading systems that have been quietly tested in elections across the global south,,,,


I think that Labour needs to move away from 'Leadership' invested in a person or an institutional singular role.

The people need spokespersons who have sat with them, talked, listened, heard the evidence, seen the evidence and who have designed policy that will meet those needs.

Take that to the Legislature. As a foundational dynamic.

Set up a spokesperson team, of able communicators, with superb critical thinking skills that can politely or robustly defuse attempts at manipulation, bullying, misleading as they happen and identify the behavioural tactic in real time. and then calmly proceed with the evidence based dialogue.

Defuse the attacks on a Leader, use them to bring the policy evidence to the fore.

Call out political bullying as a clinical practice protocol.

Let us state that Honesty is our ground upon which Justice will be built.

Sign the petitioon, link below, to register this position, if you agree with my take.

Honesty of the many, will tear down the Lies of the few.

That they can then join the many, and be at ease, finally among the family of humanity.

Or detained, humanely, where they can cause no further harm - we must have justice, rather than revenge, and I certainly do not want to cause harm anyone.

An Honest World is possible. You will need to be brave and determined, and acutley aware of how bullying really works.

Kindest regards


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Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Don't You Dare Blame the Voters!

“How can wealth persuade poverty to use its political freedom to keep wealth in power? Here lies the whole art of Conservative politics in the 20th century.”
― Aneurin Bevan

Those who Rule spend a lot of money, employ a lot of people and devote a lot of energy to make every effort to assure that that persuasion works, and one part of it is getting the people they did not persuade to hate the persuaded more than they might want to reach out, understand and help liberate the persuaded or even protect those vulnerable to being persuaded. I want to address that dynamic in this blog article.

Blaming the voters is a dead end, it leads to nowhere useful, and gets one there immediately. Likewise the charge of 'apathy' frequently laid against those who do not vote.

We cannot claim we have a functioning democracy when industrial scale political grooming and gaslighting campaigns are operating with impunity.  

"The grooming (gaslighting) of human vulnerability is one of most vile things any human being can do to another."

Emotions influence a huge part of our behaviour. 

Triggering other peoples emotions in order to exploit the other person is an assault, whether it is legally defined or not... if you do this in a relationship, it's abuse. 

If you do this socially, it is abuse.
Feelings carry information about how we are, our state of being.

It's about the quality of the lived experience. We call this qualitiative data. It cannot be 'measured', in can be observed, felt, recorded, described nonetheless. It is not something AI can relate to, ever.

Both our emotions and our feelings are also a beautiful intelligence, when they are integrated, at ease in the body of the person experiencing the emotion, the feeling, conveying qualitative information, that can be felt and empathised with, understood. A language without words. Sometimes sadness is not the dispair, or the loss, or the pain. It's more than these. Happiness too.

Vulnerability is part of our human evolutionary strength; our sensitivity is rooted in our intelligence, our brains imagining ability, that visual invention lab in the mind is the desing tool, and the task is to nurture love, and receive love as a social creature in a social context, with the materials to hand.

Emotions are rooted in our past experience and our present perceptions, they involve biological processes and body mind reactions that are also hormones, neural signal path-time, muscle tone, adrenaline levels, converted into extremely rapid, invisible and visible body mind changes which we ourselves do not really notice.

Until it's over, and we decide, yes, that is what I meant to do.

We know this is normal behaviour, fully conscious free will in total control is an illusion, the biology proves it.

We also know cultural or habituated behaviour is not genetically driven, culture is learned and we know that epigenetic reactions to trauma or epigenetic response to loving care can influence behaviour, down through generations.

Regular or chronic disruption to any body regulatory system habituates the person exposed, and this it alters behavioural dynamics incrementally, over time.

"repeat a lie often enough, with force, and it will be internalised as a truth."

Deliberatly triggering someone to elicit a reaction is a disruption generator.

Much of the disruption occurs below conscious control, in the autonomic systems, in the practiced habituations, in what we have learned accumulatively from repeated way or the other.

Therefore the target is to a very large degree defenceless if the targeter can refine the material with which the target is being triggered, without the target knowing this is happening.

Of course, wrap this in Marketing, and you are 'merely' doing business, growing the economy by selling products to a demographic, seeking the best hooks to maximise your potential capture rate... sounds inoccuous.

It's not.

Triggering other peoples emotions in order to exploit the other person is an assault. 


It is defined within Law covering Domestic Abuse, which is about relationships.

That is what is 'winning' the popularity contest the Corporate Media has made of Democratic Elections.

A population level case of psychological assault.

Political grooming gangs..... a previous piece.

If you want to know more about where this is coming from in greater detail, then this piece by Kitty Jones is superbly researched and will be of use.

The revelations about Cambridge Analytica indicate clearly that western governments are subverting democracy"

Don't you DARE blame the voters.


Do not even mention the non voters... really.

They are innocent in all of this too.

And don't blame Corbyn either.

Cummings, he's accountable for all of this.

Lynton Crosby, the Marketing Industry, Integrity Initiative, Blair, Johnson, Trump and their psponors - and all the liars and all those who allowed them to lie often enough that millions of people internalised 'Corbyn is a Communist', 'Corbyn is a Terrorist' or and even 'Corbyn protected pedophiles' (probably just a few thousand people on that one... enough to shift a seat from Labour to Conservative where there is a small difference between their votes - Kensington was taken by Cons, from Labour, with a 250 vote 'majority'. The previous election with went the other way, with a 150 vote 'majority' for Labour. The Tories did not need to gain more votes, they needed to trigger the right numbers of people with emotional content to vote reactively.

Up to the neck in organised institutional micro-targeting of trigger materials, lies and dirty tricks.

We are all exposed.

The Marketing Industry abusing psychology to sell alcohol, bleach, guns, crisps, chocolate, sex toys, and anything else that can be made and sold by exploiting people's studied vulnerabilities.

It's utterly corrupt, and the Powerful have jumped on the tool provided, and have exposed a trail that describes the manipulating behaviour in greater detail than they realised, they were so cock-sure and self-congratulatory.... blatantly, do not blame other voters, do not shout at each other.

Remember when Syria ('The Assad Regime is a caricature) was accused of using chemical weapons?  The UN didn't find any evidence, whatsoever. Their research show background traces of Chlorine. The Media reported presence of Chlorine. Lies, repeated often enough, become internalised. That's why they lie all the time.... habituation.

"Nothing I read however, came close to the dishonesty and deception I experienced while at Newsweek. Previously, I believed that not enough journalists questioned the government narrative sufficiently. I believed they failed to examine the facts with close enough attention and had not connected the dots as a handful of others had done.
No. The problem is far worse than that."

You know where to look. It's not just Facebook.

Here's how to 'fix' facebook.

Unless they introduce a restriction on triggering materials, and specifically real time micro targeting of political advertisements and election 'materials' disguised as mutliple grass roots entities that are merely webpages, and fronts.

Leave. They cannot function without us.

A day of none wuse will cost them.

A week will hurt them.

A month will close them down.

It's not highly likely, it is a possibility.

Kindest regards


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Friday, 13 December 2019

meh! - election blues. no caps.

December 13th, a Friday, a UK General election, a result. Meh!
A moment in time, which will pass.  They all do. That is why chronic suffering is so intolerable, because it does not pass, it fluctuates. We are not designed for that.

And so..

The work continues.

It is so disheartening that so much solid work by decent people is being undone by public lies and propaganda. for such low rent goals.

A 67.2% turn out.

2.8 million students in higher education, accruing debt, as they are offered zero hours contracts and must pay rent to service older generations private wealth .

A third of UK adults of all ages, classes, genders and demographics have no interest in voting, largely because they sense a deep corruption which repells them, the feel a distance that is an abyss, and so they veer away. They do their best to get by, and they do their best to deal with what ever hierarchical circumstances throw at them.

I did.

Those who believe the pretence that the media is a genuine democratic actor vote for the system, every time. They take pride in voting.

I did.

The voters may make the mistake of choosing Left or Right in the belief that that position brings change, progress and improvement for themselves, automatically,

I did that too.

I have done all of that. I remember what it was like to be socially conditioned to 'think' along provided lines, not realising I was mostly repeating what I had been told to learn.

"Corbyn is a Communist!" No evidence, just a belief.

Those who are dedicated to others do more than vote; they work with others, they devote time to organise ways to help others, and they always vote for more humane policies if those are on offer, and they seek always to end war, poverty, misogyny. and abuse of power. They don't always vote. They frequently lobby on behalf of those they support in their work, they become advocates. They give because the need is there.

There are so many of you. Angels.

Exhausted Environmentalists, Collapsing Care and Nursing Staff, Struggling Teachers,  Volunteers, Food Banks an expanding 'market',  the 135,000 British children and their parents in Temporary Accomodation, the 14 million adults out of 49 million, 1/3rd of the adult population in low or no income, the disabled, the traumatised, the broken and vulnerable who are already dealing with chronic stress, pushed to further and further stress, leading to lethal outcomes caused by DELIBERATE inadequate support coupled with authoritarian sanction regimes and public humiliation via 'entertainment' media.

The 13,000 children abandoned when Kids Company was closed down in 2015. The spike in knife crime and the surge in gang activity that followed had nothing to do with that, of course.

Good work destroyed by lies.

Julian Assange dying by official neglect in a Jail Cell, falsely imprisoned, in solitary 23 hours daily, for reporting the honest truth.

Tony Blair and all the MPs who voted to wage war in Iraq and Afghanistan, all walking free, all drawing State Pensions.  The Tax Payer is rewarding every MP who voted for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan with a hefty cash award, until they die.

And who thinks Jeremy Corbyn is a problem?

Trump was elected. Chosen. And marketed, heavily by political grooming gangs.

Johnson was elected. Chosen. And again, marketed, heavily by political grooming gangs manipulating vulnerable people...

"Get me Roger Stone."

Dirty Tricks.

Why does a population of millions submit to the manipulations of a few tens of thousands of people, loosely organised as a ruling minority?

What Power did The Bible and a few prelates who ordained the King or Queen exercise in the Middle Ages?

It's hardly surprising that Lord of the Rings resonates with an ancient futility.  It ends well, albeit with a warning. It could so easily get worse again. Written within a culture that was profoundly warlike, an Imperial Culture with a 'glorious' History, soaked in blood. Epic.

We know The Hobbit is a fantasy.

Justin Beiber is a fantasy.

Jeremy Corbyn 'the reslover of all our problems' is also a fantasy, a caricature that denies the collective responsibility. No such person exists.

 It is also an allegory, a dream, an approved folk myth.

The movie version  however, co-opts that fantasy to sell-on (Value Added) a particular Abrahamic Fantasy.

That Fantasy is that you can beat Violent Hierarchy by Good Violence.


No such thing. They are the same thing.

Violence is not a fire to be fought with, using violence. That is a way of maintaining the fire at it's most destructive. Again, clever co-opting of the caricature maintains the status quo.

They could not co-opt Corbyn, so they had to manipulate, lie, deceive and bluster fully, totally supported by the News Media Corporations, large and small, 24/7 and convince enough vulnerable people that Corbyn is a 'communist', or an 'anti-semite' without reference to policy on either side.....they devoted inordinate resources to the task.

88 percent Misleading vs 0 per cent Misleading.

Jeremy Corbyn is politically way, way, way ahead of the mainstream of the British Political Class who unfortunately pretend to not understand the nature of War at all.

The British Establishment and all the political parties are unwilling to bring Blair to account. They will not let that happen. They oppose it.

As in they do understand it, of course they see it, and they pretend not to.

They fully know the crime they have committed.

Palestine, The Amazon, 'Australian' Aboriginal peoples, Iraqy, Libya, Syria, Yemen.

He's no Hobbit.

He is one of many people, across our society, who sees what the structure is. And we are largely people with little material power, until we organise.......

The workers in steaming factories took on owners with troops, and gave us so much.

That is why he wants to rein the oligarchs in, why he wants to abolish poverty, because that is what it will take, in practical terms, for the human people as organised groups, to start to seek ways towards behaviour that heals the violence.

The harm caused is intolerable.

That is what drives Jeremy Corbyn.

Human Kindness and Common Sense as a policy advisor.

It is disheartening to look and see the kind of society this really is. 

He did that a long time ago.

Without understanding, it appears terrifying.

Understanding it is far, far more terrifying.

And yet, it is absolutely necessary, to look into this abyss because we really do need to understand, to know, forensically, what it is.

To be radical does not mean anything other than to go to the roots of any given problem, honestly, and to apply our native human intelligence to resolve the problem. A bodge job will not do.

Those who break things are not radical.

Those who build, can chose to take a radical approach.

If they do so then they move from radical to rooted.

If propaganda and lies can inform so many people's decisions, especially when we can access accurate information at will, then we have to understand that, absolutely we have to know what this is, and then design a solution.

My opinion about any particular propaganda is irrelevent.

My theories, likewise. Those might be starting point towards a discourse on social conditioning such that adults readily believe easily debunked lies, and that this afflicts all of us.

What are the facts about conditioning : how from within the womb, and from infancy onwards, growing up within a bully hierarchy system that is extremely violent will alter emergent behaviour and body biology, and not in ways that promote human biological health, rather most often in ways that we know cause degeneration across all bio-social-psychological physiologies...

Living in a bully setting causes more disease, illness, unhealthiness than any other factor.

We MUST understand social conditioning within a bully social system accurately if we are to resolve it - it's harsh work, to understand conditioning, not least because it WILL bring up our own conditioning for healing, in the process, and that is not easy work for anyone.

There is no magic self-help tip on this one.

No drug to bring you relief.

No workshop to balance this.

God cannot resolve this one. 
Faith will not touch it. 
It's not the work of any Guru either. 
----  that said there are people studying this issue with serious dedication, whose insight is valuable and reliable ---

Here's my brief outline.

In essence it resolves around attachment: how the interaction between infant and caregiver influences the brains development, how ANY chronic stress introduced and maintained over the caregiver will undermine that child's brains development, and it will afflict their behavioural homeostasis negatively in ways that will persist for life. In this culture, this Society, and in any culture or family, this is a life sentence imposed through no fault of either parent or child - poverty, war, famine, social disruption, indoctrination, violent hierarchy - these are all events of the civilised, almost unknown in egalitarian cultures.

These characteristics of the civilised alter all childrens lives, ever after.
For me it is kinda obvious that it has to be stated clearly that there is huge variety in how people respond or react to circumstance and events, and there are patterns we can observe across populations, and we have to be very careful to understand that no individual is the pattern.

Stereotypes cause harm. Lies cause harm.

At the individual level there is so much detail that surrounds their behaviour, that the pattern will never fit without blocking other data.

The population level pattern is a rough guide, policy demands more depth at the application level, the delivery level.

And the corporate and religious news media business is deliberate in keeping that detail away from the population that consumes it.

Here are some of those themes.

Trauma informed care.

Intergenerational Trauma Behaviour Alterations.

Bullying in Politics.

Victors Histories that dehumanise the victimised, either as a noble sacrifice or as a neccessary execution of a Devil, the ultimate enemy, all wrapped in pomp and sentiment.

Bibles, Torahs and Qurans as grooming tools.



These are all languages of disease.

Humanity is not a disease; this culture that is dominating so much of Humanity is.

The Hierarchically Violent Industrial Militarised Competing Power Culture.

It afflicts almost every living group on Earth.

It's a lot of people, yes - it is not all Humanity, by a long shot.

Two different things, and thus we must learn about our Humanity in order to confront the culture that indoctrinates, that tells children what to think with a sanction reward dynamic at play.

Bullying little children.

Boris and Donald. What happened to you?

What happened to me?

What happened to you?

What happens?

"The psychology of any given family, community or society is revealed and perpetuated in how that family, community or society relates to and treats the most vulnerable - the infants and toddlers, the children, the pregnant, the vulnerable. Change that and you alter everything."

It cannot be expressed any clearer than that.

A healthy human psychology does not punish children, period.

Trying not to punish those adults who harm us is never going to be easy, and I think it's less about forgiveness than it is about revenge, which is merely contining the cycles, and that it really ought to be about prevention into the future.

To that end I would reccomend 'Behave' by Robert Sapolsky

What current verifiable scientific clinical and practical understanding of the biology of behaviour tells us about our behaviour. Evidence over theory.

Behave: it's a superbly written book, easy, fluid, a rich river of information, with dips into detail where needed. A solid reference work, it consitently rewards dipping into. Amazing. Critically important information that changes almost everything.

I would also suggest you peruse the work of Allan Schore on human brain development from conception through to  birth, infancy, toddler, child, youth, adult and onwards amd the importance of attachment as a biological stimulus to healthy brain development..

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Monday, 2 December 2019

Revisioning what 'profit' should really mean - by clarifying the central deceit of externalised costs.

Examining the concept and realities of  profit is a useful thought experiment.

Ordinary people, people like you and I, and especially the low income workers, who  make most of the real wealth in this world, through daily toil: every hour of our lives is equally precious. And yet the largest proportion of the wealth we generate is extracted and accumulated and used as a tool to dominate us. The poor are a permanent externalised cost of that extraction process. I think of that as a fundamental and abominable insult to the very gift of life itself.

How can wealth persuade poverty to use its political freedom to keep wealth in power? Here lies the whole art of Conservative politics in the 20th century."― Aneurin Bevan

These pre-conquest people live off the yield of the habitat, without harming it.

"Of the top 20 region-sectors ranked by environmental impacts, none would be profitable if environmental costs were fully integrated. Ponder that for a moment: None of the world’s top industrial sectors would be profitable if they were paying their full freight. Zero."

None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the natural capital they use.

source :

In this article the author lays out some of the evidence that the institutionalised system of 'externalised costs' and the lack of proper regulation of industry is what 'creates' profits, rather than the efforts of workers, designers, inventors, investors, consumers or even market share.

"Here’s how those costs break down:

The majority of unpriced natural capital costs are from greenhouse gas emissions (38%), followed by water use (25%), land use (24%), air pollution (7%), land and water pollution (5%), and waste (1%).

So how much is that costing us? Trucost’s headline results are fairly stunning.

First, the total unpriced natural capital consumed by the more than 1,000 “global primary production and primary processing region-sectors” amounts to $7.3 trillion a year — 13 percent of 2009 global GDP.

In other words, Global Industrial Activity (GIA) is fundamentally biologically, environmentally and socially unprofitable. A damaged environment is a huge threat to the social reality of our human species.

The Trucost report can be read here.

All of it, 
Global Industrial Activity (GIA) as it is currently operating, is a deceit. A vast rip-off.

There is a way out of this awful situation, in which toxic outcomes are normalised and denied. The first step is to overcome the denial, to allow the truth to be seen and understood, and accepted. The second step is to seek to redesign all industrial activity in such manner that it does not cause such immense harm.

Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle Design is a design principle which can be applied to almost every production and usage system. 

A radical change in industry: a switch from a cradle-to-grave pattern  (landfill waste is a graveyard) to a cradle-to-cradle pattern.  This means rather than burying used, end of life consumer objects as waste, in landfills, avoid that entirely and ensure the outputs the and materials throughout production, use and end of life become 'nutrients' for more production.

This approach notes that the "reduce, reuse, recycle" methods currently being promoted, whilst useful still perpetuate the toxic cradle-to-grave strategy, because there is no point where the materials are reintegrated into production systems, to be used again, and that therefore more  radical changes need to be made.

Cradle to Cradle points towards the manufacture of products with the goal of upcycling in mind.

This vision of upcycling is based on a system of "lifecycle development" initiated by Braungart and colleagues at the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency in the 1990s: after products have reached the end of their useful life, they become either "biological nutrients" or "technical nutrients".

Biological nutrients are materials that can re-enter the environment. 

Technical nutrients are materials that remain within closed-loop industrial cycles

The ultimate end point is a production system that generates 'no waste' - everything within the system can be re-integrated into nutrient and material systems. 

Cradle to Cradle can be applied to agriculture in the form of permaculture, re-genAg and other growing systems that lead to nutrient build up as a core part of food production practice at all stages.

The second and complimentary approach is to look again at profit, and imagine a more environmentally and socially adept meaning of the word, and the practice.


I invite you to travel with me and examine the current concept of profit, and then follow me in redefining profit.  

I suggest we can do this by comparing the the realities of 'profit' with the realities of  'yield' in context as a living organism, a biological entity living within a biological environment, a habitat that is shared.

Profit is the excess money accrued after all acknowledged expenses are paid out. Capital is the build-up of excess to needs money, stored as a hoard of treasure, which generates it's own power, in that the holder can use that wealth to influence society as he or she, or it (an institution) pursues their own interest.

Yield is the total delivered by a biological process. A crop of rice harvested yields the food, and the stalk, the roots, all of which have their uses.

The very fact that I am alive and that I inhabit an environment that already contains organisms and processes that generate everything I truly need to live well - water, food, materials for shelter and clothing, metabolic organisms, etc - is an example of being nurtured by a yield.

I gain an immense benefit from the independent action of trillions of organisms, millions of processes, hundreds of thousands of dynamic interactions between the sun, water, weather, rock and soil. We all do. This is yield. It is not the same as profit that creates Capital, nonetheless we all profit from it.

Can I add to that benefit, in the sense of adding in a nurturant way to the whole, so that there is more benefit to go around? The biological yield is already immense, with very little in the way of externalised costs. There is no waste. The answer is, of course, that I can add to that benefit. If I chose to do so. My garden is permaculture garden.

You and I, we both gain immense benefit from the action of gazillions of organisms that process the  materials for life that we utilise. If we nurture all those processes and we add to the nutrient levels, then we are a better fit to the processing cycles, or patterns that already exist, out of which we have emerged.

The yield from the vast collective nurture of a habitat is a habitat full of living organisms whose individual and collective behaviour and action nurtures more life.   The yield is the whole, and it includes every individual participating in it. There is no excess to taken off and sequestered, hoarded, kept for exclusive use.


Evolution can be contextualised as the progression of that dynamic, by organisms that learn from their changing environment by engaging with it, learning within it, making adaptive changes as the environment changes.. This is what bacteria, viruses and all small single celled creatures do - they meet changes in the environment, and work out ways to deal with those changes to maintain living well in the environment.

Living well is creating more nutrients for living processes, building that nutrient richness, cycle upon cycle, minute by minute, day by day, year on year, across millions and millions of years.

The excess, the spare or the yield that is produced, the output, the material metabolised, altered and composted, the non waste of all these living creatures digestion, plus their bodies when they died, all of this feeding other life processes, building up richness of nutrients in the soil and throughout the habitat.

We are told that Oil and Coal are decomposed carbon from ancient microorganisms and trees, that have been processed over hundreds of millions of years.  Everything we see around us, even the invisible at depth, has links to nurturant processes.

Pre-conquest Nurture.

These people in the image are among the remaining traces of indigenous pre-conquest pre-industrial egalitarian peoples, our ancestors who walked across the all the lands of Earth, and who found the best places to thrive in. Our phenotype, our form, Homo Sapiens is 250,000 years old, and there are others like us, much, much older, dating back millions of years. All thrived and emerged from nurturant habitats.

These Egalitarian cultures existed and thrived cross the globe, producing tens of thousands of different language groups, an amazing diversity of cultures, sustained for many tens of thousands of years (Australian Aboriginals have a continued sustained diversity culture that is 60,000 years old) across diverse language and cultural groups, in almost every habitable place on Earth. 

We know that these cultures were very aware of their habitats, highly attuned to local dynamics and variations, gather from direct experience and observation of hundreds of generations.

We know that most practised an informal perma-cultural food plant tending, as well as hunting and foraging, most often around their living spaces, and along their track ways - these were cultures of nurturant behaviour.

They were everywhere, and they were long standing cultures even before the emergence of Civilisation Hierarchy Cultures. Profit was an alien concept in those cultures. Property was likewise an alien thing. We know the likelihood is these cultures were egalitarian, that they were not war like, that the default of the human species is healthy attachments, bonded relationships, creativity and co-operation.

Healthy human behaviour.

The point here is about relationships, it is about how all relationships are distorted by bullying within a culture of hierarchy of power and violence.

Who pays the costs, and who takes the profit?

Who pays the costs of violent hierarchy?

Bullying is not healthy.

Hierarchy of Power and Status is not healthy human behaviour.

The peoples, hundreds of millions, billions of people, (there have been a total of 1 billion plus Australian Aboriginal lives since they emerged in Australia 60,000 years ago)  like those in the image above, peoples that have probably never known poverty until others came to turn their forests and rivers and plains in to an income stream.

Abundance is the mandate across biology, thriving abundance rather than frequent scarcity.

Everything benefits. The whole is nurtured by all it's parts being nurtured.

Every living organism adds nutrient to the whole system, and all parts are connected.

The psychological difference between the Egalitarian Indigenous and the Hierarchical Civilised is that bullying and deceit is built into the Civilised Industrialised culture, in order to extract wealth which is the base of Power.

A different kind of profit.

So  let us move now,  from the forest and it's practical sharing ethic, to the urban civilisation and as we traverse, we remember to look again at what is profit, and what is theft.

Where is profit taken where harms caused remain unresolved?

Where is the thriving centre of the whole?

Welfare of all constituents is the primary defining characteristic in measuring  a true profit.

How the lived experience really is.

I suggest we re-define profit or reposition it as being the totality outcome of any activity, set as all human activity is, in the shared commons. From raw extraction to production, consumption and disposal.

So what would be considered 'profit' in terms of a healthy dynamic of urban civilisation infrastructure?

Accrued Benefits, Collective Profit

The collective profit from a national rail system is easy, cheap transport for the public which reduces the need for private cars. Plus the jobs it provides if the workers are respected, well paid and integrated into the management of the system as a social service. If it is efficient and allows people to stay connected, and people are happy using it, that too is the profit. It recycles all materials, runs on solar and other non extractive power generation systems so that it mitigates it's infrastructure costs over time.

The collective profit from a National Health System is healthy community and healed people, providing support where ill health occurs, with illness rates decreasing as healing skills and prevention advice advance, feeding into education and regulation systems to do more to prevent avoidable disease.
The collective profit in social care is the kindness of the care itself, the dignity and good humour of those who are vulnerable, to be safe, to feel cared for.  That being the case suggests the cost of appropriate training and the proper salary payment for service workers as a vocation should be prioritised, rather than management executive pay and shareholder dividend and 'market access'.

The collective profit from Nationalised Water is clean water, clean rivers, clean beaches, healthy wetlands.

No amount of money can replace or overprice the value of these human bio-logical social profits.

 Austerity is considered 'good for the Economy' - however Austerity causes harms which must be ignored, and thus can only be described as 'being good for the Economy' by becoming numbed to those impacts. That is psychopathy when it is institutionalised.

Anytime that profit or excess cash yield is taken out of the NHS whilst people remain unhealthy and unable to access the best care that is theft.

Anytime  money is accumulated and sequestered whilst so many families are too poor to afford Organic Clean Whole food there are multiple layers of harm being caused that could be avoided.

Anywhere there is toxicity that is not dealt with, from extraction through production and into usage and final disposal - that is not profit, it is theft.

All the financial profit generated and distributed to shareholders as dividend that does not include paying the full externalised costs, is theft, it is abuse, it is cruelty and it is criminal in nature and intent.

Getting poetic about it.

'The Profit' generated by any industry or business that causes pollution or harm, in any form, at any stage of production, use or disposal of product, is a deceit. Not all costs have been covered by the producer or consumer - others, all innocents. pay the price.

Remember that.

Polluting costs are paid, in the end, with widespread degenerative disease and  often the most painful deaths of millions of decent innocent people. Pollutions costs are often borne by our children's physical and psychological deformities. Pollution and Environmental degradation translates into life long insecurities for each successive generation of children, their future environment set on a precipice through the systemic abuse of power, which leads us all onwards towards an ever more degraded, disrupted environment, a toxic habitat.

GDP is Deceit.

GDP is the bribe we pay for accepting that Bullies Rule.

"covering the symptoms, rather than curing or preventing the illness."

Strategic policy.

Competing Powers is a culture, rather than The Human Condition - to my mind competing powers is a profound psychological sickness, a structured social pathology, an institutionalised bully logic.

Stupidity posing as clever is never intelligent.

Landing a human on the moon whilst bombing peasants in Vietnam is not a sign of progress nor is it a valid example of technological brilliance. It is clever, yes, but it is also incredibly stupid.

"The Profit generated by any industry or business that causes pollution or harm, in any form, at any stage of production, use or disposal of product, is a deceit. Not all costs have been covered by the producer or consumer - others, all innocents. pay the price."

War, Poverty, Racism, Misogyny, Power Disparity, Pollution.

These problems are all part of the Institutionalised Bully Culture behaviour dynamic.

Every hierarchy of violence and power is a Bully Culture.

Bully Culture is neither healthy nor natural - it is an unresolved traumatised psychology that has become institutionalised.

Bullies can only rule by violence or manipulation, never by genuine informed consent or choice.

How do healthy cultures become unhealthy cultures?

What happens to a culture to turn it from egalitarian co-operative to hierarchically violent?

Kindest regards


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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Remembering : All War is Child Abuse.

all war is child abuse

a poem for 1919 - 2019

"The grooming (gaslighting) of human vulnerability is one of most vile things any human being can do to another."

It is also a song.

I try to 'remember' aware that I am placed within an historical context, a point between what has happened and what will happen, in the present, the place of happening, which is here and now.

I am aware I am here because so many organisms have lived, nurtured and died.

We are all here as a result of the evolution of  living systems.

And in this time, Remembrance Sunday in particular, I turn towards every ancestor ever murdered in warfare, every family bombed out of their home, every child shot in the back in flight, the terror, the pain, the loss, the grief, the disgust, the shame, the guilt, the denial, the survival, the hatred and so much else that has distorted human lives down through the wounded generations across the Earths lived in spaces, everywhere, for all time, the remembered and the forgotten.

All of that vast lived experience of terror, pain, shock, disgust.

It's a lot of peoples lives totally fucked up beyond all recognition.

It's real. It is not abstract.

I allow myself to begin to imagine the terror, the feeling, the sense of going through all of that, and I am already shattered, momentarily.  This is terrifying, when I really allow it in. It is also huge - an immense sadness, grief and dismay beyond all comprehension.

I am glad that I am only imagining, that for me this is a kind of mental and emotional thought feeling experiment.

I imagine that then multiplied million upon million fold, ordinary folk caught up in the wars of the powerful, as in WWI and WWII, the wars of colonial conquest, of indigenous annihilation.

The survivors PTSD interwoven with trying to make ends meet as a  slave, an indentured worker, a beggar, a low wage worker-labourer, a shopkeeper, a cobbler, a doctor, whatever.

I think about how that trauma and poverty 'informed' or conditioned all those lives of the centuries of warfare, and in relation to my own immediate ancestors in Ireland during the 1910s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s

Traumatised parents doing their best, yet passing on the woundedness, the loss, the behavioural dynamics on unresolved trauma.

I try to see through to the ripples of effect and affect. I try to see how all of that ripples through to today, how it afflicts the present, from 100 years ago and more, millennia of war fare.

15,000 years of Civilisation  and Warfare.

And the thing is this - go back 30,000 years or 60,000 years and we see very, very little evidence of any Monumental Institutional Culture, now evidence of any Hierarchy of Violence Culture.

Kings, Palaces, Pyramids all unknown.

We know that outside the areas of 'civilisation' the vast majority of sustained cultures were egalitarian cultures built for conflict resolution, de-escalation of aggression, carrying on trade.

We know that nomadic, migratory, pastoral, horticultural, fisher-hunter-gatherers in the large part maintained healthy attachment bonding between mother and child - social cultures where nurture is highly valued, more valued than power.

War is a culture, rather than a sequence of discrete events innate to human nature.

WWI cannot be studied within it's start and finish timelines and be understood.

It was another ripple in the culture of competing militarised industrialised states - the rights and wrongs of WWI are a gaslighting exercise. The issue is the culture of warfare as a political utility, which itself emerges from hierarchy of violence culture - God the wrathful, who loves you, The Murderous State that will punish you, the dominant all powerful parent.

Ending the warfare culture is the work of all honest, free adults.

Human Welfare is our business here, not Warfare. 

There was no sacrifice, nothing was won, the bland lies of polished brass, marching to order, wreaths and ceremony are in truth a private memorial attended by  some few loyal Survivors, co-opted by the Chiefs of Staff and their political masters for political advantage.

Let me clarify.

The people who lived through the combat and destruction have a fraternal duty and a human  need to remember, to bear witness to what happened, to grieve, to cry, to stand in stoic grace and to somehow integrate their experience, and be held, lovingly.

They also need full support to deal with their wounds, they deserve help in every possible way no questions asked. They rarely receive this because to acknowledge these wounds fully would be to expose the mythos of war as a sham.

And most of all they need the civilians to ensure that the politicians never, ever send future generations to go to war off shore.

I wear both poppies,  and none.

I cannot dismiss the survivors of warfare on any side, their wounds are real, and they are victimised by those who urge warfare, by those who glorify warfare in order to condition others to habituate to warfare.

"Peace is more than the absence of War." - Arandhuti Roy

War is only possible if a culture permits child abuse.

It requires an organisational effort to prepare children for the eventuality of  war.

Indoctrination is pretty central to the successful prosecution of warfare,and enforcement of conquest, and ought be understood as a grooming behaviour that has been institutionalised, weaponized and deployed, in effect if not always on concert.

All war is child abuse, child abuse is war.

The vast resources deflected away from nurturing happy healthy families, safe communities and thus functionally sound societies deprives every child of those societies, and is a form of indirect child abuse.

The training of youngsters to become combat troops, to become something that they can have no experience of; the deliberate, methodical organised killing of warfare, and it's disorganisation in the field.

They have to break the youngster and rebuild, re-condition and in effect brain wash that youngster as part of a group going through the same abusive training that it's their togetherness that matters, so they all push through, as a habit, as an emotional reaction.

This is typically done between age 16 and 22 whilst the frontal cortex of the brain is still developing, whilst the young persons brain is still vulnerable to adverse environmental influence.

"probably the most important fact about genetics and culture is the delayed maturation of the frontal cortex—the genetic programming for the young frontal cortex to be freer from genes than other brain regions, to be sculpted instead by environment, to sop up cultural norms.

To hark back to a theme from the first pages of this book, it doesn’t take a particularly fancy brain to learn how to motorically, say, throw a punch.

But it takes a fancy, environmentally malleable frontal cortex to learn culture-specific rules about when it’s okay to throw punches.”

Robert M. Sapolsky, Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

Talking to children about Heaven and Hell is terrorism, if you can see it honestly, for what it is, without judgement, as a anti-biological cultural behaviour pattern.

To insert into the child's mind the existential fear of his or her own 'soul', or 'self' based on a fable through reward/sanction behaviour modification dynamics that internalise the external values into the child so that the child believes those values to be his or her own.

Terror, fear and Hope.

Look at it that way and then the behaviour can be addressed.

It's again the pattern of intruding into the child's psyche.


"We do not need to shape our children, rather we need to respond to who they are."

The fear the child will not choose the Religion or System on their own is great, and is a reflection of the insecurity of all dogma, all doctrine, all religious zeal and practice.

Same thing, different appearance.

Healthy people do not go to war.

And so it goes..

The culture routinely, and understandably, ignores the meaning of the harms caused - we avoid the intensity and intimacy of each act of violence, each death moment is masked out.

They lost their lives is uttered rather than they were murdered for political power.

Yet each thing like that existed, and they continue to exist, and there is no balance, no resolution to that death. We cannot claw back the life that has been utterly destroyed.

Thus the historians and school masters utter numbers, statistics, miles gained or lost, and they  speak of generals, and heroes, and the villages in between are invisible - the deaths are less than notable.

Just numbers. Just numb.

And so the war habituated people will quote such information in repetition, having 'learned' the official narrative, euphemism to mask the immensity of individual suffering, repeated in unspeakable intensity, by the millions, re-presented as historical sentiment  via caricature that brings tears to the eyes, the emotions of national sacrifice so carefully tended.

That's a big ask to feel into that immense well of pain, grief, desperation, it's so much easier to take the heroic stance.

But we need to feel into that to really understand why in a fully embodied sense we must cease our states engaging in warfare.

Hence my latest release* - All War is Child Abuse.

*See and hear above!

My argument is simple.

The indoctrination that is central to the prosecution of War is child abuse.

Organised, Institutional invasive psychological grooming to exploit that child-adult for violent political activism - that's what soldiers are.

They are the tactical violent utility of the ruling class.

They wage war for political masters.

The waste of materials and wealth and human time, from extraction industries, to weapons makers, then the destruction wrought by warfare consumables 'market' - all of it is global child abuse.

I get that many millions of folk have lived experience of this in ways i do not, in ways I would never want to experience and that I am not 'expert' here...

I am looking at all the elements and I find nothing that exists that balances the harms experienced.


Nothing in war that I would 'endure' to serve Humanity. Nothing I would ask any other to bear to 'save' Humanity...

It's bullshit to claim there is glory, goodness, heroism, sacrifice in war - those are all after the fact rationalisations or pre-fight fantasies.

The exploitation of the hyper-adrenalenised traumatised wounded survivors trying to make sense of it all.

Nobody wins war.

As I understand it 'losses' in war are in fact the numbers of people murdered by a system of power, be they troop or civilian, adult or child, volunteer or conscript.

Murders, not losses.

Losses to the organising agencies, whose concern with numbers of troops is rather obvious.

To go after troops who murdered people in Iraq and to avoid going after the men who organised and funded and prosecuted an invasion and war against another state?

That is an appalling act of deliberate hypocrisy, because that failure to indict known War Criminals is part of what enables War Makers to get away with it. They never go to jail.

Colonialism and Conquest.

I find it  appalling that the majority of Europeans cannot 'see' what Colonialism really costed, and still costs,

How can they not understand that a cruel dynamic generated the wealth and status we Europeans now stand on, which we were born into,

I find it appalling that we British are not strong enough to arrest our White European Christian War Criminals.

Blair is free and that indicts the entire Western European polity, straight up.

Bush is free, and that indicts the entire Industrial World. Straight up.

I say this - We remember and we must prevent or it is just nostalgia and cover-up, which is very, very stinky evil.

Go on, then, televise and broadcast the old men of 'yesterdays wars' tearing up, the young men in fresh uniform, the disabled veterans, the bugle, the wind, the seriousness of the moment, the standing, lots of standing.

But if they go to war tomorrow, if we allow our Government to go to war, if we permit venal men and women to fund covert warfare, to supply active combatants in illegal Wars, in effect spreading violence, then it's just a load of political grooming gangsterism.

Just for the show.

It's not a good show.

Remember that as you go.


Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.