Monday, 2 December 2019

Profit and Deceit - stripping it down to the bare essentials.

The profit from a national rail system is easy, cheap transport which reduces the need for private cars. Plus the jobs it provides if the workers are respected, well paid and integrated into the management of the system.

The profit from a National Health System is healthy community and healed people, where ill health occurs.aken at the ee

The profit in social care is the care itself.....which suggests the cost of appropriate training and the proper salary payment for service workers as a vocation should be prioritised, rather than executives pay and sharehiolder dividends and 'market access'.

The profit from Nationalised Water is clean water, clean rivers, clean beaches....

No amount of money can replace these human social profits and be considered 'good for the Economy'.

Anytime that profit is taken out of the NHS whist people remain unhealthy and unable to access the best care -

Anytime whilst so many families are too poor to afford Organic Clean Whole food -

Anywhere there is toxicity that is not dealt with, from extraction through production and into usage and final disposal -

All that financial profit as dividend is theft, it is abuse, it is cruelty and criminal in nature and intent...

The Profit generated by any industry that causes pollution, in any form, at any stage of production, use or disposal of product, is Deceit.

Remember that.

Polluting costs are paid, in the end, with our own degenerative disease and painful deaths, by our childrens deformities and insecurities, their future environment on set on a precipice through a degraded, disrupted environment and toxic habitat.

GDP is Deceit.

GDP is the bribe we pay for accepting that Bullies Rule.

"covering the symptoms, rather than curing or preventing the illness."

Strategic policy.

Not unique to any singled out State or Corporate power center, rather States are an expression of Empire Logic or the Culture of Hierarchical Violence as normal.

Competing Powers is a culture, rather than The Human Condition... it's a sickness, a structured social pathology, an institutionalised bully logic.

Stupity posing as clever is never intelligent.

Landing a human on the moon whilst bombing peasants in Vietnam is not a sign of progress or technological brilliance.

War, Poverty, Racisms, Misogyny, Power Disparity, Pollution.

These problems are all part of the Institutionalised Bully Culture behaviour dynamic.

Every hierarchy of violence and power is a Bully Culture.

Bully Culture is neither healthy nor natural - it is an unresolved traumatised psychology that has become institutionalised.

Bullies can only rule by violence or manipulation, never by genuine informed consent or choice.

How do healthy cultures become unhealthy cultures?

What happens?

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"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Remembering : All War is Child Abuse.

a poem for 1919 - 2019

It is also a song.

I try to 'remember' - to consider, bear in mind, be cognisant of every ancestor as a general rule, I see a tree or a rock and I see the past in so many ways... aware that I am placed in a historical context, a point between what has happened and what will happen, the place of happening, which is eternally moving.

I am aware I am here because so many organisms have lived, nurtured and died. We are all here as a result of that evolution of nurturing living systems.

And in this time, Remembrance Sunday in particular, I turn towards every ancestor ever murdered in warfare, every family member bombed, every child shot in the back in flight, the terror, the pain, the loss, the grief, the disgust, the shame, the guilt, the denial, the survival,  the hatred and much else that percolated through the wounded generations across the Earths lived in spaces, everywhere, for all time, the remembered and the forgotten.

All of that vast lived experience of terror, pain, shock, disgust... it's a lot of peoples lives totally fubar. It's real. It is not abstract.

I allow myself to begin to imagine the terror, the feeling, the sense of going through all of that, and I am already shattered, monetarily.  That is terrifying. It is also huge sadness, grief and dismay. I am glad that I am only imagining, it's a kind of mental and emotional thought feeling experiment.

I imagine that then multiplied million upon million fold, ordinary folk caught up in the wars of the powerful, as in WWI and WWII, their survival PTSD interwoven with trying to make ends meet as a low wage worker-labourer, shopkeeper, cobbler, doctor and how that trauma and poverty 'informed' or conditioned all those lives of the 1910s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s.... traumatised parents doing their best, yet passing on the woundedness, the loss, the behavioural dynamics on unresolved trauma...

I try to see through to the ripples of effect and affect... see how that ripples through to today, how it afflicts the present, from 100 years ago and more... millenia of war fare.

15,000 years of Civilisational Warfare.

And the thing is this - go back 30,000 years we see very, very little evidence of Monumental Institutional Hierarchy of Violence Culture. Kings, Palaces, Pyramids unknown.

We know that outside the areas of 'civilisation' the vast majority of static cultures had egalitarian power structures built for conflict resolution, de-escalation, trade and that nomadic, migratory, pastoral, horticultural, fisher-hunter-gatherers in the large part maintained healthy attachment bonding between mother and child - social cultures where nurture is highly valued, more valued than power.

War is a culture, rather than a sequence of discrete events.

WWI cannot be studied within it's start and finish timelines and be understood. It was another ripple in the culture of competing militarised industrialised states.... the rights and wrongs of WWI are a gaslighting exercise. The issue is the culture of warfare as a political utility, which itself emerges from hierarchy of violence culture - God the wrathful, who loves you, The Murderous State that will punish you, the Dominant Parent.

Ending the warfare culture is the work of all honest, free adults.

Human Welfare is our business here, not Warfare. 

There was no sacrifice, nothing was won, the bland lies of polished brass, marching to order, wreaths and ceremony are in truth a private memorial attended by Survivors, in place of genuine care, co-opted by the Chiefs of Staff and their political masters.

Let me clarify.

The people who lived through the combat and destruction have a fraternal duty and a human  need to Remember, to bear witness to what happened, to grieve, to cry, to stand in stoic grace and to somehow integrate their experience, and be held, lovingly.

But mostly they need full support to deal with their wounds, they deserve help in every possible way no questions asked.

And most of all they need the civilians to ensure that the politicians never send future generations to go to war off shore.

I wear both poppies, none and none.

I cannot dismiss the survivors of warfaare on any side, for they are victimised by those who urge warfare, by those who glorify warfare in order to condition others to habituate to warfare.

"Peace is more than the absence of War." - Arandhuti Roy

War is only possible if a culture permits child abuse.

It requires an organisational effort to prepare children for the eventuality of  war.

Indoctrination is pretty central to the succesful prosecution of warfare,and enforcement of conquest, and ought be understood as a grooming behaviour that has been institutionalised, weaponised and deployed, in effect if not always on concert.

All war is child abuse, child abuse is war.

The vast resources deflected away from nurturing happy healthy families, safe communities and thus functionally sound societies deprives every child of those societies, and is a form of indirect child abuse.

The training of youngsters to become combat troops, to become something that they can have no experience of; the deliberate, methodical organised killing of warfare, and it's disorganisation in the field.

They have to break the youngster and rebuild, re-condition and in effect brain wash that youngster as part of a group going through the same abusive training that it's their togetherness that matters, so they all push through, as a habit, as an emotional reaction.

This is typically done between age 16 and 22 whilst the Frontal Cortext is still developing, whilst the young persons brain is still vulnerable to adverse environmental influence.

"probably the most important fact about genetics and culture is the delayed maturation of the frontal cortex—the genetic programming for the young frontal cortex to be freer from genes than other brain regions, to be sculpted instead by environment, to sop up cultural norms.

To hark back to a theme from the first pages of this book, it doesn’t take a particularly fancy brain to learn how to motorically, say, throw a punch.

But it takes a fancy, environmentally malleable frontal cortex to learn culture-specific rules about when it’s okay to throw punches.”

Robert M. Sapolsky, Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst

Talking to children about Heaven and Hell is terrorism, if you can see it honestly, for what it is, without judgement, as a biological and societal behaviour pattern.

To insert into the childs mind the existential fear of hisor her own 'soul', or 'self' based on a fable through reward/sanction behaviour modification dynamics that internalise the external values into the child so that the child believes those values to be his or her own.

Terror, fear and Hope.

Look at it that way and then the behaviour can be addressed.

It's again the pattern of intruding into the child's psyche.Colonialism.

The fear the child will not choose the Religion or System on their own is great, and is a reflection of the insecurity of all dogma, all doctrine, all religious zeal and practice.

Same thing, different appearance.

Healthy people do not go to war.

And so it goes..

The culture routinely, and understandably, ignores the meaning of the harms caused, hethe intensity and intimacy of each act of violence, each death moment is masked out. Yet it existed, and it exists, and there is no balance, no resolution to that death.

Thus the historians and school masters utter numbers, statistics, miles gained or lost, and they  speak of generals, and heroes, and the villages in between are invisible - the deaths are less than notable, and thus the war habituated quote such information in repetition, haviung 'learned' the offical narrative, only to mask the immensity of individual suffering, repeated in unspeakble intensity, by the millions, re-presented as historical sentiment  via caricature that brings tears to the eyes, the emotions of national sacrifice tended. ,

That's a big ask to feel into that immense well of pain, grief, desperation.... it's so easy to take the heroic stance...

But we need to feel into that to really understand why in a fully embodied sense we must cease our states engaging in warfare.

Hence my latest release* - All War is Child Abuse.

*See and hear above!

My argument is simple.

The indoctrination that is central to the prosecution of War is child abuse.

Organised, Institutional invasive psychological grooming to exploit that child-adult for violent political activism - that's what soldiers are.

They are the tactical violent utility of the ruling class.

They wage war for political masters.

The waste of materials and wealth and human time, from extraction industries, to weapons makers, then the destruction wrought by warfare consumables 'market' - all of it is global child abuse.

I get that many millions of folk have lived experience of this in ways i do not, in ways I would never want to experience and that I am not 'expert' here...

I am looking at all the elements and I find nothing that exists that balances the harms experienced.


Nothing in war that I would 'endure' to serve Humanity. Nothing I would ask any other to bear to 'save' Humanity...

It's bullshit to claim there is glory, goodness, heroism, sacrifice in war - those are all after the fact rationalisations or pre-fight fantasies.

And a load of hyper-adrenalenised traumatised wounded survivors trying to make sense of it all.

Nobody wins war.

As I understand it 'losses' in war are in fact the numbers of people murdered by a system of power, be they troop or civilian, adult or child, volunteer or conscript.

Murders, not losses.

Losses to the organising agencies, whose concern with numbers of troops is rather obvious.

To go after troops who murdered people in Iraq and to avoid going after the men who organised and funded and prosecuted an invasion and war against another state?

That is an appalling act of deliberate hypocrisy, because that failure to indict known War Criminals is part of what enables War Makers to get away with it. They never go to jail.

Colonialism and Conquest.

I find it  appalling that the majority of Europeans cannot 'see' what Colonialism really costed, and still costs,

How can they not understand that a cruel dynamic generated the wealth and status we Europeans now stand on, which we were born into,

I find it appaling that we British are not strong enough to arrest our White European Christian War Criminals.

Blair is free and that indicts the entire Western European polity, straight up.

Bush is free, and that indicts the entire Industrial World. Straight up.

I say this - We remember and we PREVENT :  or it's just nostalgia and cover-up,  which is very, very stinky evil.

Go on, then, televise and broadcast the old men of 'yesterdays wars' tearing up, the young men in fresh uniform, the disabled veterans, the bugle, the wind, the seriousness of the moment, the standing, lots of standing.

But if they go to war tomorrow, if we allow our Government to go to war, to fund covert warfare, to supply active combatants in illegal Wars, in effect spreading violence, then it's just a load of political grooming gangsterism.

Just for the show.

It's not a good show.

Remember that as you go.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Institutionalised Racism: an origins story - Education matters.

Ultimately, Racism is an invention.

Healthy Humanity on the other hand is a material biologically mandated reality.

Hierarchies of Violence are inventions, cultural structures born of traumatised societal, social and individual behaviours that remain unresolved, unhealed.

All people are born decent, and most live decently as best they can, given whatever circumstances they are born into, circumstances not of their making.

Bullies must use force or guile to maintain their ability to exercise power in their 'interests' at whatever level of social influence they operate within, be they the school bully or rhe King.

Racism was invented as a tool of conquest - to divide internally oppressed groups, and to enable external expansion into non-white cultures natural ranges and tenure, their polities invaded. Racism is all invention, artifice, falsehood.

To be openly Racist or Xenophobic is to admit to being unwilling to think, in public.

The many explanations for othering founded on survival as an evolutionary mythos are, in my view, the psychological projections of the status quo. Rationalise cruelty. Make it seem normal. Habituate by exposure.

We humans are self organising social beings and our health/disease profile suggests no adaptive biology for chronic trauma, war fare, socio-economic status difference, bullying, poverty etc... far from it, we get sick under all those stressors, very, very ill indeed.

Materially and behaviourally unwell.

And part of the stressor is various forms of social conditioning, all of that which influences what adults say and do in their relations with children, formally and informally.

Teach an honest history, tell the truth about the lives of the oppressed, the poor, the civilians caught in the cross fire of States.

What honestly happened, and what honestly happens, transparency rather than interpetation, is how to make sense of history.

Evidence always speaks for itself, and puts opinion in it's place.

Nobody wins any war, precisely because warfare is a culture, a cultural process activated by human agency, and wars occur within the dynamic of competing militarised industrialised states and power groups as a cultural hegemon.

It doesn't have to be that way.

At all.

So look at how racism was invented, and how it was promoted.

Then it was rationalised, 'proven', debunked, proven again, and then the constant chorus claim that it represents normal biological survival behaviour to fear the 'other'... it's 'genetic'.. etc... 

Fear of the other as in Racism, Xenophobia is entirely situational.


No babies are born Racist.

There are no genetics involved, only a wilful misunderstanding of genetics as a pseudo-science fig leaf for institutionally invented bullying within a social hierarchy that is an entirely artificial construct.

"The Jacobean playwright Thomas Middleton invented the concept of ‘white people’ on 29 October 1613, the date that his play The Triumphs of Truth was first performed. 

The phrase was first uttered by the character of an African king who looks out upon an English audience and declares:

 ‘I see amazement set upon the faces/Of these white people, wond’rings and strange gazes.’

As far as I, and others, have been able to tell, Middleton’s play is the earliest printed example of a European author referring to fellow Europeans as ‘white people’.

A year later, the English commoner John Rolfe of Jamestown in Virginia took as his bride an Algonquin princess named Matoaka, whom we call Pocahontas.

The literary critic Christopher Hodgkins reports that King James I was ‘at first perturbed when he learned of the marriage’.

But this was not out of fear of miscegenation: James’s reluctance, Hodgkins explained, was because ‘Rolfe, a commoner, had without his sovereign’s permission wed the daughter of a foreign prince.’ King James was not worried about the pollution of Rolfe’s line; he was worried about the pollution of Matoaka’s.

Both examples might seem surprising to contemporary readers, but they serve to prove the historian Nell Irvin Painter’s reminder in The History of White People (2010) that ‘race is an idea, not a fact’."

from :

Skin Racism was Institutinalised in the the 13 Colonies of North America, during the latter 1600s, as a political utility to undermine solidarity across oppressed groups within the Colonial dynamic. 

A 'Brexit-style' campaign of deliberate political grooming.

"The Virginians legislated a new class of people into existence: the whites. They gave the whites certain rights, and took other rights from blacks. White, as a language of race, appears in Virginia around the 1680s, and seems to first appear in Vircginia law in 1691. And thus whiteness, and to a degree as well blackness, was born in the mind of America."

source : - How White People got Made


Smith's conclusion is supported by a more recent study of servants in seventeenth-century Maryland, where it was found that the first batches of servants became landowners and politically active in the colony, but by the second half of the century more than half the servants, even after ten years of freedom, remained landless.

Servants became tenants, providing cheap labor for the large planters both during and after their servitude.

It seems quite clear that class lines hardened through the colonial period; the distinction between rich and poor became sharper.

By 1700 there were fifty rich families in Virginia, with wealth equivalent to 50,000 pounds (a huge sum those days), who lived off the labor of black slaves and white servants, owned the plantations, sat on the governor's council, served as local magistrates.

In Maryland, the settlers were ruled by a proprietor whose right of total control over the colony had been granted by the English King. Between 1650 and 1689 there were five revolts against the proprietor."  - The People's History of the United States, chapter 2 and 3.


What follows is a poetic prose give a more of the sense of the feel of this...

So here goes.

There was a time when the owners of the plantations and other urban land owners, operated as a divinely appointed ruling class.

"If this seems like a crazy way for people to behave, it’s important to think about what was believed about the natural order of things back in the 1600s.

Nowadays, we don’t really think about class as a thing that often, and certainly not a natural thing.

But when the concepts of white and black people were conceived, the idea of class was literally believed to be handed down from God.

Aristocracy flowed from the divine right of kings, and by their blood or elevation. The poor were poor because God so wished it.

Keeping peasants in line and using them to their fullest was what the aristocracy was for, and the tactics that accomplished this were considered wise stewardship. Sometimes that meant concessions, and sometimes divide and conquer, but as long as you didn’t have peasant rebellions, you were doing a good job.

This view of the world, never universal but powerful and prevalent, held on in one form or another for a very long time. It infected the views of British, Spanish, Dutch, and French imperial masters all over.

The powerful were those God had chosen, and those in their power were chosen by God to be of use. While fainter, this idea is so strong it still leaks into the modern era in places like the atheological ideas of Prosperity Christianity. In the frame of mind of aristocracy and a divinely ordained ruling class, such a plan to reorder people and make them pliant was understood to be a move of genius blessed by god and king, if it worked.

This plan worked, in fact it worked so well it became the blueprint for the next few centuries of colonization, revised and spread all over the world, even beyond the conception of white and black."

They were a network of families and organisations, institutionalized in the sense of occupying and dominating Governance, economic and cultural organisation, each of whom had risen to wealth and power over time, they all knew each other, and intermarried around the edges. They were a devout white anglo saxon protestant elite.

Their position was proof of Gods favour, God's World Order.
They saw themselves as a series of co-operating dynasties, building a potential political and economic Empire, even then.

They had a problem.

They had troops, British Troops, protecting them. Getting more troops was difficult, and a lengthy process.

The Revolution was still a century away in the future.

But not enough troops to cover the expanding territories.

Never enough, it would seem.

The owner class were outnumbered by slaves, indentured workers and free labourers by a factor of many, many times and then there were the locals, the Native peoples,

The Colonial Systems system was based on taking land by force or scam, and importing labour, using indentured workers and convicts to do the backbreaking work, so that cash crops could be planted and processed, and sent to Europe.

Thus they had to have a steady supply of indentured workers, who worked to pay off their sea fare, or convicts who worked to pay off sentences and fines for petty offences, for periods of years, 5, 10, 15  as labourers and as skilled workers.

17th Century 'interns'.

Everything from plantation work to building roads, infrastructure, housing, materials, processing and of course, their potential as consumers and a pliant middle class,

Some land owners had been taking on bonded labourers from West Africa, many of whom while they were effectively slaves for the duration of the bond time,  managed to survive the bonded time, be freed and became homesteaders and artisans.

Once freed, those indentured or bonded workers were given a plot of land, some tools, feed, seed, basic shelter, some cash and let at it. The survival rate was low.

New indentured workers were flowing in at a steady rate, yet they could not keep pace with the demands of expanding plantation empires. That was the impetus to start institutionalised slavery as a source of cheap labour.

The indentured had no choice but to work hard, in dreadful conditions, with brutal punishment as a background noise to focus one's efforts, and many died trying. The sheer effort required is unimaginable.

Once freed, most often their plots were at the edge of Native lands, a kind of buffer zone of relative poverty, with hardened people working their slow daily grind way into sustainablity.

These suffering peopele had to go through quite a lot of pretty dreadful abuse, to eventually  end up with land, and a chance. Very tough people.

That area, the buffer zone between native tenure and the invasive European take-over became a regular friction point, and yet there were also frequent enough incidents when the locals and the incomers worked together... or worked around each other, respectfully.

It was in their best interests.

However, enough incidents were stimulated, and then escalated to create excuses for raids that extended the colonisers reach of violence, and new territory.

Bacon's rebellion is a famous example.

To create a constant supply of desperate homesteaders the system was legalised, and legislated for.

The freed workers were awarded mostly adequate land, the owners took the all prime sites.

The freed workers were entitled to own one slave per homestead. Thus habituation to accept slavery as a normal practice.

The freed convicts got the less valuable land. They were not allowed to own slaves.

All these people were under the thumb of the land owners, the Merchants and Lawyers, backed by the British Military, and it was harsh living. They were all in it together.

There are quite a few documented incidents, where groups of the oppressed banded together, and either ran away as far as they could go into native lands, and sought to hunker down, and get by, to integrate to a degree, and some succeeded for a while; or they rioted, or organised mass armed rallies and tore the owners homes apart and held sway for short few weeks, until as a military response could be mustered.

The owners, bankers, industrialists, urban affluent working class and the troops, and others, clerks, doctors, lawyers, farmers etc were outnumbered, by slaves, indentured workers and free labourers, by factor of many times... they felt those were dreadful odds.

They felt that vulnerability keenly. They did not trust the British Crown, so far away, to be able to secure their position.

But they had a plan.

A political grooming exercise that would play out over decades, and into centuries..

So the owners,naturally enough talked to the compliant churches the funded, and in civic spirit, they set up new media, and printed pamhplets, broadsheets, papers and set agent provocateurs to stir shit... and as the shit started, the media portrayal of African and Native American was slowly becoming more dehumanised.

A familiar pattern, we note.

The starting point was the Biblical narrative of The Tribe of Ham. 

They  used the Bible as a reference point for a righteous basis for Racism.

The Native peoples were heathens, whereas the Africans were descended from the 12 tribes of Israel, and could be Christianised, thus saving their souls.

In other words, slavery to save their souls!

The Native people's were categorised as heathen, and that meant they were already condemned to Hell.

Murdering them was religiously justified, seen as a 'kindness'.

Putting them out of their misery.

Taking their lands and making the land Christian and 'fruitful' was God's work,

"When Virginia decreed in 1667 that converted slaves could be kept in bondage, not because they were actual heathens but because they had heathen ancestry, the justification for black servitude was thus changed from religious status to something approaching race.

Beginning in the late seventeenth century laws were also passed in English North America forbidding marriage between whites and blacks and discriminating against the mixed offspring of informal liaisons.

Without clearly saying so, such laws implied that blacks were unalterably alien and inferior. "

Source :

It is worth noting that we know much of thise because, in the spirit of civic democracy, the oligarchy funded the Free Press, the News Papers of the time. 

Caricatures. Grooming. Fake News. A deliberate propaganda campaign over decades to entrench racial hatred as a normal Christian thought form, leading to the legal definitions of black and white race..

So a hierarchy was being imposed in ways to make it appear it was emerging.

White ex-convicts were invited into the new club of reformed, hard working land working Christians.

Indentured workers were promoted.

Artisans, and Urban working class were invited.

They were no longer just above the lowest of the low.

Convicts themselves, even in goal, were still above African people and the Native peoples.

Two new 'inferior' dehumanised societal enemies, sanctioned by the Bible, promoted through the media. A clash between The Civilised and The Barbarian.

Thus these soul level enemies, the Native peoples of The Americas, threatened their newly liberated white poor improving socio-econimic positions because of their numbers and their robust rebuttal of Christian expansion, and it's agricultural industry, and thus the Native Peoples also became scapegoats, for the anger of poor white people that they dare not direct at the owners, their bosses.

And the politicians, the corrupt churches and the media kept it up, and it became 'common knowledge' that 'Heathens' and 'Africans' were un-human, un-Christ-like, unGodly, dangerous and uncivilised, and deserved to be extirpated or enslaved to work.

Enslavement was even touted as a mercy, if they could convert them to Christianity, in what ever idiom was locally prevalent that was compliant.

God makes an invisible whip.

And that is the true story of the origins of Racism in the USA, and across the Industrialised Earth.

When folks understand that, it all looks VERY different.

Honesty in History would be a superb preventative..

The claims of an evolutionary basis for racism is false.

Healthy human beings notice difference, and are ready to explore it to see what it is before making any judgement, and the healthy human does not bully anyone, rather she resists and does not stand alone.

Othering others is a behavioural dynamic of Hierarchically Violent Cultures.

Sadly, the fact that they can still play this game so well, and so many fall for through wide ranging socially mediated factors, rather than solely a matter of personal flaws, it is not good news.

However more and more of the people are working it out, and seeking ways to not play that game, and indeed alternatives, so that it can cease.

It's not good. Nobody is happy.

Just ensuring that state schooling taught an honest history would reduce further expansion of racist ideology.

It is that easy...

However, an honest history would lead, inevitably, rapdily to multiple, posthumous and living indictments for War Crimes, Slavery, Conquest and Corruption in practically every Judiciary extant - if the sordid nature of the bully domain be revealed as it really is, and understood then it will be reduced to a pathetic fetish that cannot cause any actual harm, but is an object of public pity.

Baggage we have let go of.

Three years of honesty in history, one key group...

Honesty in Universities, and in Government - evidence above opinion or belief, when making decisions that have an effect on the commons, as a matter of duty of care.

Democratic schooling where children assume responsibilities for the site, their resources, the content and the implementation of their own education collectively,  retaining autonomy and responsbility and with support fom adults as mentors, - we know this works for the children who get this kind of education.

They are never satisfied with merely voting - democracy is a collective exercise, voting is a tiny part, which of itself alone does never confer democratic power, merely the illusion of agreeing.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be calmly honest, responsive to the evidence we find, and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is made easier, though no less difficult.

Monday, 7 October 2019

Carbon, Soil, Water, plants and biocides - Solutions.

Regenerative Agriculture is an umbrella term that covers a range of land nurture practices that can be utilised across the Earth to renew damaged soils, cease inputs of synthetic compounds, sequester carbon faster, for longer than any know method and genrerate clean, high nutrition foods and beautiful working lives stewarding the land for future great grandchildren to be nurtured by.

"Simply put, recent data from farming systems and pasture trials around the globe show that we could sequester more than 100% of current annual CO2 emissions with a switch to widely available and inexpensive organic management practices, which we term “regenerative organic agriculture.”

These practices work to maximize carbon fixation while minimizing the
loss of that carbon once returned to the soil, reversing the greenhouse effect."

source :

All the doom merchants - the end of Civilisation, etc., etc. - are computer model prediction algorithim junkies predictions and the Tech and Tax solutions are really about preserving the economic wealth of the existing hierarchy during any changes climate might bring.

So here, free of the seduction of electric cars, gathering plastic waste from the ocean floors, the simple day out joy of  planting trees everywhere in record numbers, the vision of de-fossiling energy towards nuclear and fusion, with beack up solar, wind and tidal systems, all the time more models of more items ever more digitally networked and the vat future consumer markets to be 'developed'....

Is the most simple and direct approach to adaptation to climate change..

Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystem services. Regenerative Agriculture aims to capture carbon in soil and aboveground biomass, reversing current global trends of atmospheric accumulation.

Permaculture, Agroforestry, Forest Gardens, Community Gardens, Orchards, Vineyards, Small Organic Farms, Organic Estates, biocide free streams, rivers, lakes and shores, across the rural landscape and in all urban areas..

and in addition I urge readers to explore Cradle to Cradle.
"In their 2002 book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, architect William McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart presented an integration of design and science that provides enduring benefits for society from safe materials, water and energy in circular economies and eliminates the concept of waste.
The book put forward a design framework characterized by three principles derived from nature:
"Everything is a resource for something else. In nature, the “waste” of one system becomes food for another. Everything can be designed to be disassembled and safely returned to the soil as biological nutrients, or re-utilized as high quality materials for new products as technical nutrients without contamination."

In other words, we know biology has resolved all the problems already, and thus we need, as a culture, to stop poisoning the habitat, and understand that by tending to it's dynamics the habitat will naturally recover, and which we can do in very creative and productive ways, which will be totally sustainable.

Win Win situation - they only obstacle is the Corporate Phood Faction. And their banker friends.

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Sunday, 6 October 2019

On The Language of Conquest, Brexit Escalation and Healthy Civil Governance

The Language of Conquest.

A very interesting study area, in that it studies the ways in which power articulates Empire Logic, the logic of social dominance.

How do a country and its citizens justify genocide and land theft?

How do they transform obviously wrong or immoral actions into something righteous and worthy of celebration?

To answer these questions one need only examine the beloved classicLittle House on the Prairie³ to observe how expertly Laura Ingalls Wilder crafted a narrative that transformed the horror of white supremacist genocidal thinking and the stealing of Indigenous lands into something noble, virtuous, and absolutely beneficial to humanity.

Unfortunately, rather than recognize the perversion of morality inherent in Wilder’s book, the American public celebrates the work as laudable children’s literature"

(pp. 66-80) Waziyatawin Angela Cavender Wilson 

(From : Unlearning the Language of Conquest)

I have been using the term Empire Logic ever since I created the aphorism "Empower: it never strikes back!" in response to the dull, repetitive Revolutionary Violence good, Oppressive Violence bad bipolar narrative of Western Entertainment and Religous bigotry back in the 1990s posing a Science Fiction.

Star Wars, dull as.

Empire Logic. 

The logic created by those who seek to dominate others.

Power has one directive and that is to preserve it's status - to that end, everything.

That means that Power must enhance it's material ability to control, coerce, influence, intimidate or corrupt anyone, and any organisation and thus retain the capability to determine the situation.

To do that Power must have access to vast re-newable economic resources, in the form of immense, unspeakable wealth, with which to maintain the bureaucracies, militaries, police forces, orison systems and other institutions that that preserve the status quo.

There are many aspects of the language of conquest that euphemise coercion, abuse, even rape and mass murder in order to 'preserve the social order.

George Carlin has a routine about the euphemism of the language used to describe combat trauma - shell shock, battle fatigue, operational exhaustion, post traumatic stress disorder... each moving the description further away from the lived experience towards an abstraction.

History proves that Institutional Power ensurss that a constant flow of instruction is being disseminated via the State, the Media, the Temple and The Flag; the message is broadcast to the school house, to the workforce, into the homes of all the women, the men, the children, the nation.

"This conquest is good. This system is the best. It has flaws, but who doesn't?"


"You cannot judge the men who killed an entire race in the Carribean in the 1490s by the standards of todays society."


"You cannot judge the gropey men of the 1970s with the standards of #metoo."


You can.

You really ought to.

And at the same time, one has to be context aware, in the sense that so much behaviour is culturally engendered, such that to speak of free will is deluded.

It is that there are cultural dynamics that enable abusive behaviour. And because they are causing harm, they must therefore be confronted.

Any traditional assumptions that justify abuse must be challenged and the culture changed in order to ensure that prevention is possible and then the cultural behaviour will be healed.

In any situation, in any time, in any language, for every person experiencing the reality - one person using power to take abusice advantage over another person - is still a dehumanising and sickening act.

Be it 40,000bc or Verdun 1916 or Yemen remains a dehumanisating lived experience.

No human being is born designed for that outcome.

Conquest and enslavement, misogyny have always been dehumanising crimes, irrespective of their legal status at any time, then and now, and they always will be.

World War II was not 'Won'.

Vietnam was not 'Lost'.

Iraq is not 'pacified'.

War is never the bringer of freedom from oppression, it is itself a direct tool of ultimate oppression.

Bloody Euphemisms!

We, all of us in the industrialised militarised state systems, (this is true in every culture) had no choice but to grow up within a social and material environment we did not make, and we will have tended to internalise, without noticing it, some of that language, and with it, the thinking and behaviour becomes habituated as normal range within that oppressed situation, and naturally enough we come to think of the internalisations as if it is our own thought, our own behaviour, our exercise of free will.

Who are we?

"I am Irish" is abstract,

"I am this human being" is real.

I have been taught to think I am Irish, however I am not, because I am a human being. Who happned to be born into London. Another accident. Of birth.

Alpha Male, Competing for Dominance, Victory, Authority, Good Violence and God's Enemies,_Husband, Wife, Heirs are all part of the language of conquest.

Much of modern corporate language is the language of conquest, as is all marketing.. Conquest by guile, by fear, by intensity, by violence, by population displacement, by market reach, by media reach.

That that intensity of disruptive opinion messaging and environmental habituation to bullying (plus the chronic stressor of economic instability, poverty, trauma processed foods, work stress, debt stress and abandonment) leads to a variety of chronic stress dynamics that tend to become the most serious breakdowns of health is hardly surprising.

It is also clear to say that resolving those external stressors and de-colonising our own minds and bodies from the language of conquest would do as least as much as any health care intervention might, and probably more.

Even if you think you are English, you are not.

There is no such thing as English Flesh.

Brexit is abstract, The reality is that the Established Power are causing harm across a range of activities, and there is a oxymoronic situation growing between a media described world and the real world - each mutually exclusive, albeit the real world sees both, and the media world decsribes only one.

 more about the book 'Unlearning The Language of Conquest' here

The language of conquest is ultimately a language of deceit. It echoes in the corridors of every American institution, building illusion upon illusion while robbing all of us of our collective Indigenous wisdom. This book is an effort to expose and replace this deception.

Although it speaks specifically to the colonization and oppression of America’s First Nations and their potential contributions, which have been suppressed by the lies of our dominant culture, no single race of people can lay claim to “Indigenous wisdom.” It lives deep within the heart of every living creature."


What this probing of the language of conquest also raises for me is the question of what is language before conquest?

What languaging occurs among healthy egalitarian human cultures?

Preconquest Consciousness

an essay from the book Tribal Epistemologies: Essays in the Philosophy of Anthropology
E. R. Sorenson

"The preconquest type of consciousness detailed below survives today only in a few, now rapidly vanishing, isolated enclaves. 
Although those we contacted were widely dispersed, they shared a distinctive type of consciousness--one very different from the postconquest type that dominates the world today. It emerged from a type of child and infant nurture common to that era but shunned in ours. 
The outstanding demographic condition required for such a life is small populations surrounded by tracts of open territory into which anyone can diffuse virtually at will. 
This allows those discomfited by local circumstance, or attracted by conditions further on, to move as they wish with whoever might be similarly inclined. This was the case even in the smallest of all the preconquest enclaves seen. 
The outstanding social condition is a sociosensual type of infant and child nurture that spawns an intuitive group rapport and unites people without need for formal rules. 
The outstanding psychological condition is heart-felt rapprochement based on integrated trust. This provides remarkable efficiency in securing needs and responding to nature's challenges while dispensing ongoing delight with people and surroundings"

The language of the infant and the mother infant relationship of empathy and nurture, developed during pregnancy being the beginnings of human language learning.

What does the language of leaving an infant alone, to cry to sleep teach?

What does it speak of?


The Surrender Bill aka The Benn Act or 
The EU Withdrawal (No.2) Act 2019

Language, again.

Conquest Language, Sabateurs, Traitiors, Collaborators, Enemies of The People, Super State, Sovreignty.

Kill Bill. The heroic psychopath you can identify with.

"Humbug!" to concerns about verbal threats and abuse associated with political violence against MPs.

Again, and again The Surrender Bill.

A deliberate caricature designed to incite emotional anger at the thought of 'betraying' of the loss of ''Sovereignty', triggered within people who have, through no fault of their own, internalised the language of conquest, as independent minded conquerors reclaiming their native independence...when they are in fact powerless and too distant from power to ever mediate it.

We all are in the face of the State, and other large institutional power bases.

And we witness the escalation of language to increase tension, to trigger anger, rage and wrath... but fear not I say. There are too many decent people, already active...

The media public is not the real public.

The media public is a caricature.

The real public is real people : diverse, mostly decent, kind people dealing with what ever they are faced with, with as much dignity and grace and love as they can muster, doing their best under some very trying circumstances, within a dysfunctional hierarchy culture.

Entertainment within a culture of hierarchy of power and status and privilige must function as political conditioning theatre, a distraction narrative, aimed at the consumers, as voters in factions, whilst in board rooms, conference halls and in hotels and on yachts, in think tanks and public and private funded University and research institutions, the detailed work progresses privatisation of the commons in unison.

They use the language of conquest to divide us, they use democratic deliberation among themselves to wage war against us.

We need to build social solidarity through honesty and meeting our real needs as persons, as human being, not as institutionalised comoddities - as in The Work Force.

We need to use questioning, the Why approach to bear down upon the lies and manipulation, the liars and the

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Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Boris Johnson, Geoffrey Cox, Donald Trump, Bullying, death threats and a Secret Trade Deal

I witnessed deliberate, calculated bullying in Parliament.


General Attorney Geoffrey Cox,  at the despatch box, in The House of Commons, speaking for the Government

Wednesday, 25 Spetember, 11.30 onwards.

What I saw.

What I witnessed..

I watched as Attorny General Geoffrey Cox's polite deftly, and humourusly deflected questioning about the advice he gave the Prime Minister on prorogation. He was not at liberty to pass on any materials, due to a confidentiality issue...

Then, when the questions ceased, and the discussion moved on, I witnessed as Geoffry Cox launch into a polemic rage, his well fed face getting redder and redder, his voice louder and angrier, and with this intimidating behaviour towards the opposition, taking up more space, stretching his arms out, whipping up his own party, and roaring at the opposition, calling  them 'cowards'.


He is the coward - he refused to offer up his bad advice.

He refused to bow to the court, claiming to respect it and say  the court was wrong.

Not for the benefit of MPs, but for the benefit of rousing angry misled thugs (a tiny minority, most not actual Brexiteers, just idiots looking for a scrap) on our streets, of whom, as Farage said on three occasions that I am aware of he would "understand if there was violence on the streets if they didn't get Brexiy".

Really - how can that theatrical bullying be considered appropriate in a chamber where legislation, regulation and constituency representation is it's purpose?

Not good.

That was public bullying behaviour.

Tactical public bullying in office.

That needs calling out.

Big time.

Not good at all.

Death Threats

Then later on, the conversation between MP Pauline Sherrif and Prime Minister Boris Johnson concerning the use of the language of betrayal, surrender, sabotage, cowards, traitors etc.,  and it's potential to escalate tension and hatreds, and the reality of death threats being made in increasing frequency against MPs, not least in the court statement of the man who assasinated MP Jo Cox, and those convicted of conspiring to murder MP Rosie Cooper,,,,

And Boris replied "Never before ..... have I heard such Humbug!"

definition : deceptive or false talk or behaviour.
"those comments are sheer humbug"

The Prime Minister just brushed aside her concerns as 'false and deceptive'.

What was that?

That was bullying. straight up.

It was deliberate. It's all deliberate, when Boris Johnson opines in public, it's a script, a tactical weaponised wall of verbiage,  with the corpses of Latin allusion strewn across the rambling of thise Power addict.

All of this just after US President Donald J. Trump announced at the UN, on Monday :

"We are working closely with Boris Johnson on a magnificent new trade deal."

Not 'we are negotiating with the UK Government'.... a new trade deal.

Where is the UK Parliamentary scrutiny or oversight and participation in these 'negotiations'?

Boris has not been negotiating with the EU, he has been negotiating with the US Corporations represented by the US Government, in secrey, in full view.

Taking back control.

"We are working closely with PM Boris Johnson a magnificent new trade deal."

The deals, contracts and legislative package are already written up, ready to roll, bar the official signing ceremonies.

This reminds me of Chile, 1979, when after a manufactured 'crisis' - a violent military coup - a complete legislative package arrived from The Chicago School of Economics outling the internal legislation and external trade deals to NeoLiberalise the entire Chilean Economy.

Pinochet, Thatcher..... Thatcher entered 10 Downing Street in May 1979.

Pinochet took power on 11th September 1979...

Brexit is a manufactured 'crisis'.

Clear as a bell.

Boris has been 'negotiating' with Trump and the US State, rather than the EU.

They have plans to force through a No-Deal Brexit at any costs...

A brief background of the Chicago Boys :

A more detailed account of what happened following the imposition of the Chicago Boys economic plan upon Chile...

As and when Corbyn gains office, with even a solid majority, plus support from other social progressives, we will be faced with some serious power struggles - someone will want to make the economy scream.

The Tax Havens that nest English Capital must be protected. Leveson II must not happen. War Crimes investigations and indictments must be thwarted.

There's a lot of work ahead, and we the grass roots will need to robust in defending our  democracy and expanding it.

It must be done, it can be done, and given that the media can make the small seem big, and the big seem invisible, I have a strong feeling that the invisible decent, loving majority will prevail.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.