Saturday, 4 April 2020

Who are you angry at?

The image above is The Telegraph front page March 16th, in which the editing contrast some black people stocking up with loo roll against the idea of punishing people who refuse to go into quarantine, when there was no such policy..... scapegoating in classic style.

So i wish to place in on record, for all my friends, and for all the ordinary folk across Britain, an honest analysis.

1. The British government has not done what the Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong,  Taiwanese and Chinese governments did.

 They alerted their citizens, as soon as they were aware they were dealing with a new infectious virus that we have no immunity for and had confirmed that by sequencing the genome.

The treated their citizens as adults, and the told them EXACTLY what was at stake, and they provided the resources for programs designed to limit the spread of infection and bring it to halt, and treat those who were ill, and protect the more vulnerable and they trusted the citizens to engage with that.

They provided economic and financial support to the citizens as they went through that process. And that is what the citizens of those four states did. They did not have to be ordered and forced - China did introduce Laws to shut down and that was less about force than about marshalling the resources to protect the people.

 2. The British media have played the narratives that have scapegoated the citizens who were frightened, confused, mislead and acted in panic and confusion in order to protect the governments neglect of their duty of care 

The British Governments had 11 weeks in which to prepare, and they did nothing, nada,

Watch Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, lay it out in the most poignant manner, on BBC Question Time, March 23rd.

When the first surge of deaths emerged around 10th-14th March, they proposed locking all the elders and other vulnerable people in their homes, to protect them, and let the fit population handle getting infected.

That was official policy.

The medical and epidemiology community pushed back, and that policy lasted less than 24 hours...

3. Since then confusing messaging and piecemeal policy adjustments has meant that a degree of  confusion amongst the citizens remains - then we can factor in the UK Column Brexit community and the Con Theory community spreading profoundly damaging content far and wide - and we get idiots everywhere taking a parties, having a day out at the beach, etc...

Whilst the vast majority of citizens get on with the shut down and stay at home protocol because they want to protect the NHS, who as it happens are, even today 4th of April, still working without correct protective kit for handling a surge of patients presenting with a viral lung infection that is life threatening for tens of thousands of vulnerable people.

And the media hype the behaviour of the minority, and allow that misrepresentation to roll, which makes more people angry at each other - and the government will exploit that as an excuse to introduce 'draconian measures'... watch and see.

The total vulnerable population in UK is just over 5 million people, out of 65 million.

That's disabled folk, chronically ill folk, people living in temporary accommodation, the homeless, the people in prisons and detention centers, on remand, in psychiatric hospital and in day to day hospitals, the people in need of care assistance at home, people in hostels and refuges, large families sharing small houses and apartments.

 If 1% of those people are infected and the infection causes them to die an horrific death, that is 50,000 people.

That is 50,000 avoidable horrible deaths in a few weeks, or a month.

4.  So, having explained my position, please let us not blame the our fellow citizens - focus all ire on the people who put us all in this position to protect the 'economy' the Wealth, and the few who spout con theory and fear of totalitarian European or Global overlords, etc to a vulnerable, gullible audience.

 5. Beware Lateral Violence, and those who would stimulate it.

6. Ten ways the UK Government is making things worse in this COVID19 crisis.

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"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog.

 All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

UK ‘take it on the chin’ - historical precedence - understanding UK Government Corona Virus Policy : making sense of the insane.

Making sense of the UK Government Policy on SARSCOV-2 viral infection and the COVID19 disease. Who's chin, and for what? Why did Johnson even mention that concept, the pseudo-scientific 'theory' except to put that into the mix? He can claim, of course, that he has not chosen that policy. However the effect of the ignoring best advice since January 24th is that the population will be forced, by circumstances the Johnson Government have created, to take it on the chin.

Fully aware, as he must have been at this date, of the implications of ignoring the best advice, look at this interview. What is going on here? Are we getting accurate and clear advice? The Government might not have stated the policy public as such - take it on the chin - yet when we examine the time line of global awareness of a unusual form of pneumonia in emreging in Wuhan mid November through to identifying a novel corona virus having sequenced it's genome in early January and the implementation of epidemiological protocols in late January into February in China the British lack of a response is at odds with the realities of the situation. Given the speed with which the Chinese and international Medical, Virology and Epidemiology community responded once they had identified that the virus was indeed a new virus for which there was no immunity, and the speed with which China, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong implemented the correct protocols to stop the spread of infection contrast to the lack of a determined response in similar fashion by the British Government and National Health England when they were categorically warned and alerted, the only logical analysis is that the policy was to let the infection spread across the population. Now, it appears that in mentioning it on live breakfast TV, Johnson put that policy aside - and offered a different policy as the way forward. But did he? Did the policy really change? If it had, then there is no evidence in material terms at that time, that it has changed. The lack of PPE, the lack of stock piles of kit and medicines, the lack of effective and clear public communication, the failure to introduce distancing policies, the lack of attention to detail and the wilful rejection of prior learned experience notably the contact tracing work carried our in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong, amount to allowing the NHS to take it on the chin.

As a background to the rest of this piece I will set out a context, a socio-psychological behavioural and historical context.

We live within a social material system or culture of hierarchic power where a few hold the material power to affect the lives of many, many people for good or for ill.

This is not an egalitarian society. Inequity is the normative dynamic we see everywhere.

A few principles of the behavioural dynamic of such a system must be understood in order to understand what is happening in the UK at this time, where we face an epidemic of a viral infectious disease for which we have neither immunity nor a vaccine.

This is an unprecedented situation, where the population as a whole is suddenly made vulnerable, not only by the virus, but by the behaviour and actions of people who hold power over the population.

This situation requires that we see the true material reality of power and behaviour in order to confront the situation in the best manner with regards to public health and the care of our most vulnerable people.

1. Bullies will always exploit any emergent vulnerabilities in any family, community, organisation, institution or population where they gold a power disparity. It is a behaviour pattern, a psychology - it is not a conspiracy as such, even though bullies in a position of power will conspire within it...

It is a core behaviour pattern within hierarchy cultures.

Egalitarian cultures do not do this, ever. Ever.

Good decent people will never behave in that way.

Hedge funds do. Tyrants do. Predatory Corporations behave this way

2. The UK establishment/Government policy from day one was, as I have laid out above, in effect if not in publicly declared name, to "let the population and the NHS take it on the chin, in order to protect the Economy" (code for protect our Wealth and Power)

The British Government ignored warnings from expert communities, international epidemiologists, clinical practitioners and public health officials and workers. They adopted a policy of isolating the elderly and the vulnerable away from contact with the rest of the population, to allow the infection to spread through the fitter, younger population who would experience 'mild' symptoms.

This was a policy based on bogus pseudoscience,  "data modelling and behavioural sciences"  rather than virology, epidemiology and best public health protocols and practice.
Every push back exposing the flaws in that and subsequent policy decisions of the British Government, from the epidemiological, medical and public health experts has been carefully  co-opted with that in mind. 

Even the policies on protecting income are in real terms a wealth grab.

The media are refusing to call it like it is, and are protecting the Government/Establishment by portraying  this event as an unforeseen (lie) and difficult situation (true), or by claiming Government incompetence rather than the actuality, which is deliberate mediated negligence of the public's health, driven by a desire to protect the Wealth.
There is, of course, some genuine incompetence involved. But much worse than that is repeatedly not admitting errors and carrying on as if they (the government) have addressed their previous errors, whilst continuing with the original policy.
2.a There is an historical precedent for what we are seeing.

The British Government behaviour : their actions and and the outcomes during the Irish Famines (mid 1800s) and the Indian Famines (late 1800s) are instructive of the attitude we are seeing today.

Bear in mind the Eton/Harrow public school background and education of the main players of the British Government and Establishment their links to investment banking, their desire for a deregulated corporate environment, their protection of Tax Havens. A plutocratic ruling class.

A sense of entitlement to Rule, a sense of genetic and intellectual superiority to the general population, and an historic loyalty to the Crown and The Establishment above all else, the Power. Sir Charles Trevelyan one of the British politicians charged with managing the response to the famine echoes the words of Iain Duncan Smith, who rejected Universal Basic Income during the crisis :
"If the Irish once find out that there are any circumstances in which they can get free government grants, we shall have a system of mendicancy [begging] such as the world never knew”.

“The great evil with which we have to contend is not the physical evil of the famine, but the moral evil of the selfish, perverse and turbulent character of the people"

Iain Duncan Smith : "One proposal being pushed around at the moment is the redundant idea of a Universal Basic Income.

Let me say now, it’s unaffordable, impractical, produces massive disincentives for people to work and most importantly won’t make any difference to poverty in this country. And even if that weren’t enough, this would not be the moment for such a massive upheaval of our welfare system."

No mention of the upheaval of a tsunami of COVID 19 cases across the country, with potential for tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of fatalities . - details, as recorded in Hansard, the Parliamentary record, and in news media of the day, and private archives.
Late Victorian Holocausts is another go to text on this. This book examines in detail the British Empires attitude to famines across the empire.
Quite complex, yet not at all complicated once you understand what is happening and why.
3. Have you read the WHO final report on Wuhan, written  by a team the visited Wuhan for a week, speaking to those who had the experience, in February 16 -23? Have you read original sources, or what others have written about those materials, giving their perception rather than relaying the pertinent information.
If not, you know than what others are saying about it. You are rendered blind.
4. Get up to speed, seek accurate,  original sourced information in order to protect your family and loved ones.
4.a  Doctor John Campbell, a British Accident and Emergency Veteran and Epidemiology doctor and a senior Nursing Trainer, is a really good source on Youtube. 

He has been vlogging on this since early January.

4.b Mother Jones is a reliable independent news source on-line from the US... 
Superb article on examining the lessons learned by the Chinese Health System and            National Government.
4.c Democracy Now, honest reporting, useful, US based video and transcript.

4.d The Real News, independent viewer funded reporting, Canada based.

4.e Google 'lessons learned' and 'China' or 'Korea' or 'Taiwan' or 'Hong Kong' - seek out  source info.

5.  My top tip Advice - make no more assumptions, work off the available evidence, evidence, evidence!

There is so much information available - explore with google scholar for papers on any specific subject you want. 

It's all there, and there is shed loads of really good science done and dusted, and presented in clear language..

We are all indoors, we have time to peruse the real papers and our growth in knowledge will help dissipate the fear of the unknown.-

6.  Please study the experience of Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore - they know what they are doing because they had already experience with SARS in 2003, and they applied those learning's to this outbreak of the new infectious virus SARSCOV-2. They have managed to control the spread of infection, though they will remain, as we all will, vulnerable to further outbreaks. The thing is that precisely because of having successfully deployed the best epidemiological protocols, they are ready to respond rapidly to any new out breaks, and limit the harms caused.. - short, informative video segment on what Taiwan did that helped stop the spread of the infection.
7. In terms of how food can help support your immune system, and your bodies defences, it's fever dynamics, I present for your use a web page with nutrition advice, from the American Nutrition Association. Personalised Nutrition and the COVID-19 Era..
"At the moment, the nutritional strategies to deal with this infection are only supportive. In the absence of large-scale and long-term data, there is insufficient understanding of the subtle differences of specific nutrients on outcomes for individuals and populations. This task force of ANA nutrition scientists and clinicians has gathered to share collective expertise towards the potential supportive role of personalized nutrition during this challenging time for our society and our healthcare systems."
Has links to  research papers supporting the various bits of information, which is to say, proven efficacy, not theory or hope..
8.  Arm yourself with accurate, verified information that you can check.

Helpful tips on caring for relatives at home.

Dr. John Campbell, UK - I highly recommend his channel as a way to access grounded information that is presented calmly without diluting it's seriousness.
No need for fear, or belief, or assumption or fantasy. 
9. We will get through this, in spite of the British Government, Conspiracy Theories, UK Column  and the misinformation industry, the BBC and British Media in general.
Kindest regards
"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Letter from an Irish man, trapped in London.

"Dear Sir/Madam, Dear Editors.
Repeatedly we see decisions that are made by the UK Government that exacerbate the situation - whether it is inadequate income support for workers or lack of PPE stockpiles for frontline Staff, cancellation of orders for essential kit then transferred to other companies closer to the Conservative Party's donor group, repeated off the cuff lies - all stemming from a crazy 'take it on the chin' policy.
As an Irish citizen trapped in the UK I am reminded of Sir Charles Trevelyan during the mid Victorian era. Who took what on whose chin? For what?
Repeatedly means deliberately, just as DWP policy on sanctions as a motivator of behavioural change is clearly a deliberate policy that goes ahead in spite of the harms it causes.
Why the other leaders of political parties, why editors and pundits and international leaders are not screaming for a cross party government led by all leaders, informed by epidemiological science and best practice is beyond me...
We are all enabling a terrible catastrophe by our deference and silence.
Yours sincerely,
Corneilius Crowley...
Ten ways the uk government policy is making things worse - read more

my short song for NHS PPE kit...

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Monday, 23 March 2020

Whatever your assumptions, beliefs etc, the most important thing now is everybody's health and safety.

Whatever your assumptions, beliefs etc, the most important thing now is everybody's health and safety.

What really matters now is evidence based epidemiological practice.

What really matters is stopping the spread of the virus.

What really matters is that we demonstrate that we are actively taking care to not spread the virus.

What really matters is that we take proper care for every vulnerable person in our community.

My beliefs are irrelevant.

Your beliefs are irrelevant.

Belief and theory will kill, where knowledge and evidence will save lives.

My dreams are irrelevant. That is all in the future, after we have taken care of each other through this...

The Economy and Stock Market can wait.

The 5G Conspiracy Theories can wait.

The work to deal with climate change can wait, just a few months, even a year. That can wait.

The work to deal with who is liable for bad advice during the run up to this crisis, that can wait.

The Rapture can wait.

The fear of a global dictatorship being introduced can wait.

The run-to-the-hills and get away delusion is just another vector of transmission.

Evidence based medical and clinical and epidemiological really matter.

This video, one of many by Doctor John Campbell, is crucial.

Doctor John is a Nursing Trainer. He knows his onions.

Let us learn from those who have the experience.

It ought to be on all TV Networks.

It concerns what all the people ought to know, in order to make good decisions...

Let us learn from the experience of others.

Why re-invent the wheel?

Watch this video.

John Campbell is a Nursing Trainer, with decades of  experience,

He presents the information the Government is not presenting, in a timely manner, so that we can integrate  that information and understand why we must isolate, shut down, identify all infected people, treatment, quarantine etc, in order to see how far the infection has spread - to make the disease path visible in order to slow and stop that spread.

He suggests we (The UK, where I live) learn from those who have already been through the experience.

Knowledge is far more efficient than belief, assumption, prejudice or ideology in resolving problems.

In my own past experience, in roles where I held responsibility for large teams of workers, whenever I was in a situation where I did not have enough accurate information which I could absorb in a timely fashion, I noticed a tendency to imagine, to make assumptions, to guess, to fall back on belief and opinion, rather than the evidence,

This created numerous problems, for me and for others. I learned very quickly to stop, seek evidence, and work with the evidence, Belief is a very dangerous thing, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Opinion is generally useless, and tends to be a reflection of the opinion holders internalised beliefs...

It is an understandable dynamic.

If you don't have accurate info, and you are worried or frightened, what do you do?

Most people fall back on beliefs and prejudices. I know because I have done this myself.

The job of those who Govern is to provide that accurate information, in a timely fashion, so that the population, understanding the situation, can act in congruent manner to face the situation.

Good quality information, delivered on time.

The British Government have failed in this, and the Media has failed in this with regards to COVID-19.

This is not a 'flu. 

I know because I am in day 7, or possibly day 13 of the illness.

I know because I know others going through this, and I see the statistics... of those who recover, many recover with lung damage that will afflict their lives.  There is a wide range of symptoms, and variations are because each human body is different, there is no average.

That means that each of us going through this must pay attention, close attention to our symptoms, we must understand them and then take action based on our understanding. Belief will not suffice, except as matter of sheer luck.


Then there is the trauma of such an experience, individual and collective.

How do you quantify that qualitative lived experience?

How do you prepare for that?

Honesty is the only way through.

So I repeat, do not be complacent because you have had flu's and colds before and gotten over them.

This COVID-19  disease symptom progress is way more variable than we are being told, the media and politicians throw the word 'mild' around as if it had value - as evidence it is void because we have no immunity to this particular virus, and bad management will kill many, many hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, millions world wide. Mild is deeply misleading.

The Government and Media have failed to inform the population in ways that would support our home treatments, in ways that would engage with is to follow the epidemiological protocols.

Herd Immunity and Take it on the Chin...

If you don't have accurate information, what do you do?

You make it up, you make decisions without all the necessary information.

Which is why so many people have been 'behaving' in ways others regard as insanitary, or even insane, and it is notable that much more voice is given in media to targeting those people, than the people who mislead them.

The media repeated the Government line, they did not challenge it, in the way it needed to be challenged.

The media is not baying for the head of Boris Johnson.


They are not calling for his resignation or his arrest,  nor or they calling for a Government of national unity, non-partisan, committed to the task, void of party politics, power grabbing and profit gouging.

Lateral Violence.

It is glorious of course, to rail about the stupidity of the masses. It's a buzz. People get off on that. It allows one to vent, to feel superior. It is a form of lateral violence. "Look at all those people who are so selfish -The loo roll hoarders, the caravans and RVs fleeing west, the frightened, the confused, the mislead, the hopeful. How stupid they are, how uncouth!" Easy targets. Wrong targets, this does not help the situation...

Social conditioning is real and it afflicts many peoples lives.
Powerful groups publish through their networks lots of dodgy 'information', gossip deliberately to mislead, mask, trigger, bully.

Where do we find accurate information delivered in a timely fashion?

Be VERY cautious of material that sets one group of ordinary folk against another. Be alert to materials that might trigger lateral violence.

I wrote previously about this misleading, manipulative dynamic. I called it grooming. Political grooming that exploits ordinary folk's varied perceptions and beliefs, assumptions and blind spots.. "The Chinese Virus".....

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Saturday, 14 March 2020

Kindness is the key strategy when faced with vulnerability.

Kindness is the key strategic dynamic when faced with vulnerability.

People spontaneously making public music for pleasure and solidarity.

Bella Chao!


We do not need ever to be cruel to be kind, when faced with vulnerability.

These two pages of the same corporations news narrative speak volumes, dated Friday 13th March.

I breath in and I exhales gently. I am letting that go for now.

Monday 16th of MarchBritish Newspaper Front Pages focus on protecting the elderly, the economy, police powers to arrest suspected covid-19 patients (with no testing available?) and a front page portrayal of people of colour as loo roll panic buyers. Crime and punishment as grooming devices.

This portrayal reminds me, again,  of everything repulsive that has gone on in British Corporate News Media in the past decades, and in Irish History we know this pattern well - the dehumanisation of demographic groups, and  the caricature of situations as emotive trigger material, and the dearth of honest analysis leading to confusion across our population.

That said, I think there is a way to tie this together, logically.


Travel with me to zone in on kindness as a praxis, as a way of learning and growing in the real material world, through experience, reflection, deliberation and honesty and as a social organisational strategic modulation or behaviour, in and of itself. Especially in a time of great difficulty.

Kindness is looking at the whole situation, taking the detail as well as the larger field of view. Making that extra effort.

I realise I will probably write errors into this piece - there's so much more detail than I have access to.

I invite comment, correction, verification and attenuation, nuance and depth.

Kindness is responsive, rather than reactive.

Kindness is receptive : "I  hear you and  I have made sure that you know that I do and that I am responding to your need."

Kindness is focused.

Kindness is political, in that the lack of kindness in managing a power disparity is inverse exponential scale to the well being of the governed, who have less power by an expotential of magnitude.

A small policy adjustment of the powerful leader or official or office can alter the lives of millions of people, one way or the other, in ways none can counter.

That is not safe.

Kindness is political.

Kindness is what is missing from the concerns of budgets, population models, behavioural modification, reward/sanction dynamics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning .

Kindness cannot be found in an algorithm or in coding.

And this kindness is what is missing from the interactions between the powerful and the vulnerable.

This translates into a consistent incremental escalation of chronic stress in vulnerable people, whose immune systems, living conditions or will to deal with that lack of kindness breaks down under the combined pressures.

This is what is playing out at home, on TV and on the international political stages.

T-Cells and The Virus

To the biology of the virus, and to the body and T-cells of the human being it does not matter what kind of political or economic model China operates .

What mattered was that State and the people agreed to the strategy that limiting the spread by lockdown, identifying the unwell, treatment and quarantine, offering treatment all the way to ICU level support where necessary, covering everyone's living costs, resourcing transparent and on point, and the experience of working in it together because in this, everyone is in it together works.

We have known since 1918 that it does. It is established scientific and clinical practice.

This one chart demonstrates the efficiency of social distancing, treatment of infected, reduced transmission during the 1918 flu epidemic - two cites, two different policies, two different outcomes.

One city went into lockdown, the other did not.

Because cities varied in their responses, we also know that this pattern repeated itself across the Earths population affected..

The Chinese Government and people know that they will see future out breaks, and are devoting funds to prepare for that, right now.

The Chinese Government did not suppress information about the outbreak, There was a case of local Government having a go at a number of doctors, for sharing information in online social media.

The Chinese medical, clinical and epidemiological communities were totally open about what was happening, and were sharing there information with others in other countries across the Earths nation states, including the British Government who rule over me and my compatriots, and our visitors.

It was the National Chinese Government that initiated the lock down, and threw all available resources into limiting and stopping the spread of the infection, and ramping up hospital and treatment facilities.

Boris Johnson's plan is bogus.

Boris Johnson tells us that "many of your loved ones will die".

He says the strategy is to move 'from contain, to delay.'

Containment would mean social lock down, social distancing, testing to identify pockets of infection, quarantine and focus resources in order to delay the spread of infection...

Delay is to delay the correct action as indicated by best practice epidemiological protocol.

The UK Government, 'led' by Boris Johnson has carried out no such program, and has not acted according the best medical practice..

"Our policy is informed by data modelling and behavioural science" Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, UK Government.

Behavioural Science - not epidemiology, not medical practice, not public health protocols.

Nudge, anyone?

Herd Immunity, or Hoard Immunity?  People or the Economy?

It can be both. This is not an either or situation.

As of this date, there is no testing offered locally, no public information on symptoms, such that he had to say that this was not a flu, but something much, much different.

No  testing, identifying infected patients as early as possible, offering correct protocol advice for self management and when to move to more intensive care, having the facilities to operate that care at sufficient strength to be kind all the way through. Nothing.

Social distancing, identification of people afflicted, quarantine and treatment support works if put together, any gap undermines the whole..

It worked in 1918, where it was applied, and where it was not applied, mortality rates went way up.

There are more examples, detailed in the history of 1918, and beyond.

They chose to deploy all available resources to ensuring as few people as possible become infected, and that as much resources as can be made available to treat the unwell, and the seriously ill... and to acknowledge the fatalities, and keep accurate up to date information at local level, so people know what is happening..

This method had form, has been used to contain epidemics for a long time, and was clearly successful where applied during the 1918 worldwide flu outbreak.

The worst misleading public narrative for me was the insistence in Mefia that the illness was similar to the 'flu. that impression of a 'bad flu'  started from the beginning, even though the Chinese State Health System understood it was a lung infection, and made that quite clear sometime ago -

They knew that this virus entered the body in a two wave process, a fever, dry cough, which passes, to be followed by the second stage later on in which the lungs become infected and breathing becomes stressed.

This is a two stage mechanism to enter the lung environment where it replicates, and the rapidity of replication stresses lung capacity causing stress throughout the body.

This is not a 'flu.

That was deliberately misleading..

That was a dangerous lie.

In terms of prevention, and of treatment, the Chinese appeared to have developed practical protocols which we know to have been helpful, and there will have been many variations in dosage and reaction, that they can analyse the data, the evidence.

 Field tested.

Saves time in helping other States draft responses within their own territories.

The understanding since the Spanish Flu of 1918 is based on real experience, the truest evidence set of all. It is recorded in detail that social distancing, self isolation, testing, treatment once infected or infectious until recovery, acknowledging the tragic fatalities... was the most effective action in limiting the transmission.

We can arrive at a reasonable and rationaL evidence based observation.

In amongst all of this, I watched  some live Al Jazeera, today and a segment on refugees, in refugee camps, about the vulnerability of those 100 million displaced people.

How can that not be front page news here?

What about the 320,000 people in the UK who are living in temporary accommodation, in B&Bs, Hotels, Hostels.... most are families, living in very close quarters...

Are they left to play a loaded dice of life and death with Boris Johnson's pseudoscience and behavioural nudges?

"Take it on the chin."

Why is war still happening?

This is unacceptable, pathologically insane behaviour.

"Take it on the chin." The civilians of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Mexico and Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the bullied, the victimised and the vulnerable must 'take it on the chin'.


"Take it on the chin"

Back to the issue with Covid-19, and Cytokine Storms., and other complications, the risk factors, the real risks to real people

... breathe,,,, calm, relax, for now I am ok.

Some reality checks.

The T-cells do not care about our political consciousness, they care about us supporting the living beings, our brothers and sister, our mothers and fathers and grandparents immune system with every tool available.

That kindness of quality care at all stages - that people care enough to engage with and carry out shutdown social distance for a temporary situation, that the care the state and agencies take in carrying out action -  all ,of that care is our immune systems ally, and is a counter to the survival of the virus within the population in this outbreak.

Boris Johnson decided the UK would not follow the Chinese experience of slowing down transmission, isolating the virus by supporting people to stay at home, by testing every person who showed any signs of symptoms, by intensifying care for the infected once identified.. thus limiting the spread until the virus has no more hosts and is rendered inactive.

What happened - real material evidence - was the transmission from person to person was reduced, those who were infected were treated until they were clear, no longer infectious, had proven immunity, so they could then not be a transmission or infection agent or submit to the disease state again, because their immune systems now know the virus, and have anti-bodies. And there are variations in peoples immune systems which led to variations in outcomes. Including, tragically many fatalities.

Boris Johnson would not follow this practical, proven advice for all the T-cells in China!

Excuse the pun and alliteration, kindness has a sense of humour.

Kindness has to be robust, firm, gentle, determined, and given an unquestioned budget for cost only delivery - the profit is the health of the population, our welfare and well-being.

Jeremy Corbyn is the kind of public figure who could hold that together.

He has ideas, based on the evidence.

 If the competing bullies just stood aside,  within Labour as much as anywhere else, and if the rest of us organised, as the grass roots turned to mutual aid, in conjunction with NHS, social services, councils and military logistics support, to self organise around resources placed at our disposal and need, so that we can all live within infecting millions to watch millions die?

Would that be so bad?

Genuine Social Kindness is demanding all of  this, and more, and if those who dominate the reality of the lived experience of others for power and status, the ruling oligarchies,  do not agree, what they will tell you, is that Genuine Social Kindness is a threat.

Corbyn is a threat.

Sanders is a threat.

The Chinese are a threat.

Grass roots request for the human right to regulate and eliminate industrial pollution is a threat.

The virus is just a virus, doing it's thing.

There is no WAaV, no 'war against a virus', there is living with it, having strong immune systems supported by nurturant social behaviour.

There is knowledge based proven efficacy care.

The Virus has no political or religious affiliations or concerns.

The threat comes from whether or not the state and the oligarchy, the organisations that hold vast material power over all our lives cares for us, as recognising as real meaningful autonomous people in real materially evident and functional terms, observed beneficial outcomes, reduced harms improved long term prognosis, prevention.

That is where this all needs to go, kinda.


Kindest regards

"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Australia - work with the wisdom of the land.

I think Australian folk must now look at the situation, and understand that those areas that are damaged, the homes, businesses, the families and communities that suffered so greatly during the recent forest fire season (extended) need to be very much involved in and directing their recovery.

Government, The Australian State must provide total support, but not direction.

Bill Mollison, a man with a plan.

The Colonised, and a man with a plan, backed by a gun, he having being assimilated into the colonial system such that he guards his chained brothers, that they might not escape.

It is the lives of those people, in that land that must, given the context, set out future policy that will affect them directly - their autonomy and their love for the land has never been more important.

The State can and should maintain oversight, in it's role as a supporting agency -  this recovery work will need to be studied as it rolls out and adjusted as results emerge, and the local people must therefore have all of that information and be the core decision making group on overall policy as it affects them, their lands, their children into the future, and they deserve free unfettered access to the best skills and information available to support their decision making and efforts.

Local deliberative democracy.

Take a billion from each of Australia's billionaires - and weight it so they more they have, the more the contribute, so someone with 4 billion could drop half a billion someone with 14 billion could drop 2 billion, and not really be put out. 

The Australian Government has plenty of cash available, it's called Taxation and State borrowing..

So too does it's Oligarchy, if they paid all their taxes fairly.

Give each of them an award, a medal and some honourable title for helping out. Assuage their narcissism, and get that cash.

There's plenty of cash, and it doesn't need to be a profit seeking investment.

"Any profit taken where harms of any kind have been allowed, and the costs of resolving those harms has been deliberately or accidentally avoided, is a deceit."

The profit is happy people on happy land, developing a sustainable local economy.

They Australian folk really ought to be working with Aboriginal Culture and studying the dynamics of their cultural land sensitivity.

The Australian farmer, what ever is farmed must be supported to be re-skilled in perma-culture as one of many ways to engage proven tools of ecological rehabilitation.

 The spirit of community that is already there, and move it into the 21st Century, to create a culture of healthy land and healthy peoples.

In essence, all this to arrive again, and to meet the already here, and integrate into this ancient culture that is a relationship, rather than a skin colour or a ceremony, a living relationship with an abundant land.

Reverse the damage of 1788.

The introduction of healthy land use will necessitate bringing more people to the land to hand tend, instead of machines and robots and bio-cides.

The Australian State needs to cede Aboriginal title where there are existing Aboriginal communities on traditional lands. Let them be, for they are totally a valid lane tenure polity.

I am saying this direct to you, the folk of burned Australia, your friends and families, your neighbours and compatriots and commatriots.

This could help build the bridge among rural Australia that brings you back to the people you did not heed, to meet again, this time as sharers, carers, nurturers, rather than the descendants of conquerors, colonisers and settlers.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

The Human Species is fine, it's the Culture that is the problem.

I have been thinking, reading, writing about hierarchically violent social behavioural characteristics for 30 years, dipping into the best work being done by serious, hardworking scientists, clinicians, practitioners and trauma survivor populations.

What I have learned can be summed thus:

The default mode of healthy human species specific social behaviour is trust.
Unhealthy behaviour is not a biological norm.

The default mode of healthy human species social behaviour is emotional trust, which is initiated in utero, through birth, infancy and toddler-hood, maintained into childhood, youth and adulthood through loving, bonded relationships where power disparity is never abused, where empathy, compassion and insight prevail.

Such cultures do not have any generation gap, they do not bully children, they do not go to war, they do not rape, they do not create power hierarchies, and our bodies are absolutely perfectly adapted to that healthy state as our normative state.

The Bully is not a bio-logical behavioural default.

The Alpha Male is a projection of a bullied mind. It was crafted in a prison, and blown apart as a theory in the wild.

'Struggle for Survival' biological competition is a dystopian fairy tale, the  projection myth of an insecure bully culture. No such thing exists.

The way our endocrine system functions proves this beyond all reasonable doubt.

This is confirmed knowledge, tested profoundly. This is not belief.

You can stick to your beliefs about 'Humanity'  or the 'Human Condition'- be warned, they are just beliefs, and they confer no accuracy of perception.

The Biology Never Lies.

Biology does information rather than belief.

Evidence matters.

I started out with the evidence of my own subjective experience. Learning to be less subjective required that I recover from the trauma of my childhood, which in turn gave me more empathy for the child I was in the situation I was in.

Part of my 'learning' is the lived experience, examined in hind sight, often less than 20/20, often appreciably so.

The lived experience of surviving long term abuse as a child, and dealing with the invisible affects as they emerged, whilst living in a bully society... I am not alone in this, not at all unique.

Part of my 'learning' has been muddling through, barely coping with depression, heartache, shame, self loathing, bullying, confusion, loss, despair.

Part of my 'learning' has been reading, studying and learning from what others had to present, by way of evidence and insight. 

Crucially when I began to see the Social Material realities of where I was born into for what they are I began to realise that I was, we all are, living in a bully social system,

I began to understand  more of why I had been made to live through all of that, how everyone is living through all of that.

The awareness is slowly growing that the Hierarchy of Power culture is inherently toxic, and has no natural mandate.

It is a traumatising chronic stress dis-ease dynamic.

The Human Species is perfectly evolved for healthy attachment, bonding, co-operation, creative intelligence as part of 'natural' behavioural dynamics of a species living in and on Earths surface.

More is being understood about this by more and more people.

This work that is being followed to understand, contextualise and heal social violence, oppression, hierarchy and abuse of power is beyond any single life time; it was there before, and will be there after I or any of my readers have been long forgotten, because it is a historical process of recovery, it is not an evolution, and certainly not a revolutionary process, it is a process of recovery of healthy relationships.

Dominance is the language of the bully. 

Coping is the language of the bullied, who cannot escape.

Revolution is the language of the status quo.  Exchanging one Power for another.

Healing is the language of healthy human behaviour.

Reducing Power disparity abuse is a prerequisite for healing and recovery from trauma.

The defining indicator, a predictor if all other data is unavailable, of a bully culture is how the institutions, the social structures and the adults relate to and treat the children. Authoritarian control, punishment/reward dynamics to assure compliance, children as projections of parents desires and perceived needs.

The defining indicator of a egalitarian culture's character is how they relate to and treat the children. Autonomy and loving, shared responsibility.

It really is a matter of existing and imposed power disparity, and who uses or abuses it under what conditions.

It has nothing to do with 'species' and everything to do with culture.

Humanity is not the problem, it is the solution.

Healing is possible, to a large degree.

Healing and recovery are biological mandates.

We live in a traumatising and traumatised culture.

The Trauma transmission is layered - Violent Hierarchies study the effects of poverty and violence on a population, to know how to exploit people's pain to maintain loyalty to the system, and to be able to continue to wage war. That is deliberate. They cause trauma deliberately.

The lived experience - ordinary folk whose lives are afflicted by the actions and behaviour of Power, ordinary folk who are caught in the crossfire of war, economic sanctions, impoverishment, who have to flee on foot, who are offered no genuine support (veterans, refugees, the no income, low income poor for example)

People are mostly are just doing the best they can to keep a lid on that chronic stress burden, so that they can look after themselves and their children.

Nonetheless there will be varying degrees of trauma behavioural transmission, and epi-genetic changes that disrupt development and behaviour, that are NOT the fault of those people, there is no malice there, and it must be understood that dynamic will impact every person affected in profound and long term ways.

The malice emerges as powerful States refuse to acknowledge this, because they are engaged in a competitive power struggle dominated by the most powerful military states, who seek dominance, globally. Obama 'twisting arms'.

I know of Indigenous groups who protected their native lands by defending with spears and arrows, guile and forest skills, who faced down Loggers, Miners, Farmers, Oil drillers and others who had guns, and no problem with using them to kill.

Decades passed and people were murdered on both sides.

Then, eventually when the defence of their lands and cultures ceased being 'operational', when they had manage to slow down the intrusions and find external international and national support for legislation to protect their lands, they withdrew and they deliberately went through a slow multi-generational healing process, so that they do not carry the wounds forwards... they did not want to become like the invaders, numbed through their own wounds.

They chose, as a community of adults, to heal. That is a fine example of biological conscious awareness and courage. That is highly evolved healthy human behaviour.

Those same groups are still facing invasion, assimilation and violence : they are stressed to the limit, because their shared habitats are under still threat, and yet they offer insight, they offer wisdom rather than seeking revenge.

The Human Species is fine, it's the culture that is the problem.

You are NOT your culture.

I am not the culture.

Therefore I will not let it be a trap that robs me of my sensitivity and humanity.
I will not let it undermine my determination to nurture the world around me, to nurture all people, our shared habitat, the common environment. Determination goes where hope falters.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy

Sunday, 5 January 2020

If we had been listening to the old, old peoples, we probably wouldn't be standing in this mess.

First People's

Axiom Poem

"If we had ever listened to   
the old, old peoples,
we would not be in this mess,
right now!"

I have been hearing the ancestors all my life,
heeding their call.

Others, born before me, and after,
have put me and kept me in this mess.
They call it civilisation.

Others, born before me, and after,
are doing their best to clean up this mess.
They call it living well.

"We are the forest, 
we are the rivers and the valleys, 
we are the weathered rocks, 
we are the trees, 
we are the roots and vines, 
the creatures are our neighbours, 
and we theirs.
living together, 
in a shared living space. 
we all nurture together. 
We are the food we eat. 
Knowing this, our intelligence, 
our sensitivity and 
our love is what makes us truly healthy human
in this place.."

We will tidy up the mess, if you let us.
We will help you heal, if you want to come home.
We will care for you, we will nurture you.
Oligarch, Pope, President or Prime Minister, Slave or Worker,
Your status not really matter,
Our intention is not sinister.

This is the generosity of ancient cultures,
Who have seen so much you do not know,
Calling to your heart and ears -

"Listen! We have much to show you,
and you have much laughter ahead,
when you heal the bully behaviour.
then you can safely rest your heart,
unworry your head.".

This is the generosity of ancient cultures,
Who have seen so much you do not know,
Calling to your heart and ears -

"Listen! We have much to show you,
and you have much growth and love ahead,
when you heal the bully behaviour.
then you can safely rest your heart, unworry your head"

whisper in their hearts :

"unhealthy behaviour is not a biological norm".

Now it is also a song...


Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be genuinely honest, responsive to the evidence we find, and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easier .