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Facebook is looking more like The Vatican with every passing day.

Political Grooming Gangs are undermining our democracies, escalating social tensions and disrupting our communities.

Knowing that abuse is happening, paying lip service to addressing the situation (even as the abuse continues with no meaningful remedial action being taken) in order to preserve public status, image and income is dysfunctional behaviour and it causes more harm.

I don't buy the apology, until I see behaviour that confronts the harms in full, openly and honestly.

Political Grooming Gangs are abusing Facebook and deliberately undermining our democracies, escalating social tensions and disrupting our communities with lies, manipulation, gaslighting, emotional hijacking, neuromarketing false narratives....

Apology is oft taken as meaning remorse, when in fact what we see with powerful institutions that it is a line of defence, a public relations exercise.

The etymology of the word 'apology' is revealing : "defense, justification," from L.L. apologia, from Gk. apologia "a speech in defense," from apologeisthai "to speak in one's defense," from apologos "an account, story," from apo- "from, off" (see apo-) + logos "speech".

The original English sense of "self-justification" yielded a meaning "frank expression of regret for wrong done," first recorded 1590's, but it was not the main sense until the 18th Century. The old sense tends to emerge in Latin form apologia (first attested 1784), especially since J.H. Newman's "Apologia pro Vita Sua" (1864).

Thus when The Church or The State apologises, it is most often adopting a position that defends it's current image, status and power. Truth and Reconciliation processes are likewise marred by competing institutional interests and the wish to avoid the most honest accounting of harms caused, the parties culpable seeking always to mitigate the costs of facing the truth, addressing the harms, accepting the punishment.

Make no mistake about this - powerful Institutions of all kinds understand the intent and the meaning of the words they use, for both State and Church and Corporation are the source of all legal language, and this language and it's use allows these and other institutions to continue to maintain their status and power. Apologies most often avoid the necessary full accounting of the consequences of their actions. Polluters pollute. get caught, are fined and continue business without ever fully confronting the externalised costs dynamics of their industries. The Vatican fights every case, yet withholds information on thousands of untried cases. Facebook was fined, and their stock rose.

Sorry, but not sorry: they paid the fine, it is a business expense.

We see this is so with the way both Church and State in Australia  have responded to the emergence of living witness evidence with regard to Residential School Systems in which poor and Aboriginal children have been incarcerated by force and brutally harmed in systemic fashion, over long periods of time.

We see it in terms of  Institutions defence of themselves against the interests of Survivors  and the genuine demands for Justice within every State on Earth.

It is a pattern of behaviour.

Saying 'I am sorry' or 'We are sorry' has no meaning unless there is material action to back it up, unless there is a clear indication that whatever transgression occurred will not occur again and that any perpetrators will be made to account for the harms they have caused.

And in cases where the harm caused is beyond remediation, then corrective legal punitive measures against Institutions,  and judicial incarceration  of individuals who have caused harm must follow, to protect from any future harm and to provide a meaningful deterrent.

In the case of The Vatican, and Facebook, there has been no internal driven action to correct the situation where known abusers operate within and through their structures. They resist rather than putting their hands up, and admitting responsibility.

To be fair, they are not the only institutions feigning apology for allowing abusers to operate within their systems. It is a standard behavioural pattern within in every powerful institution, every gang,  every dysfunctional family - to protect their status, image and ability to operate, at all costs.

Facebook, Masks, Brexit and Donald Trump

Facebook permits micro-targeting of content that absolutely has caused harm, is causing harm and will continue to cause harm - for example, the current issue of anti-mask wearing freedom conTheory content.  We know that activists are using Facebook and other social media to organise protests and live events.

That content is helping spread the SARSCOV2 virus within the United Kingdom and The United States of America. That is causing harm.

We know that military grade disinformation and disruption campaigns are being waged on Facebook, and that Facebook is earning billions from this activity.

"Emma Briant, a scholar of propaganda at Bard College who has spent years studying SCL, says the company’s mix of work demonstrates how military-funded psychological research can be exploited to wage domestic political warfare, establishing a dangerous template for political campaigning. During elections, tactics intended for battlefields could be used to foment division and extremism or discourage voters."

We know for certain that Brexit was in large part 'won' using these techniques against an unknowing population, a vulnerable population.
"Vote Leave’s campaign director, Dominic Cummings — now a special advisor to the UK prime minister — wrote in 2017 that the winning recipe for the leave campaign was data science. And, more specifically, spending 98% of its marketing budget on “nearly a billion targeted digital adverts”.
Targeted at Facebook users."
We know for certain that Trumps election in 2016 was in large part 'won' using these techniques against an unknowing population, a vulnerable population.

Facebook's position is similar to the Vatican knowing that pedophiles and adults who beat and bullied children were operating within their ranks, and yet it did all it could to preserve it's external image and income revenue stream.

2020 US Presidential Election

Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP) was Nixon's baby. I remember reading Hunter S. Thompson's scathing writings on that odious little man and that disgusting campaign.

Nixon, Johnson and Trump are not too far apart in morality.

'Making the economy scream' so it hurts the people.

Now it is online micro-targeting and political grooming gangsterism.  News media are part of the corruption.

Trumps re-election campaign has a $1 billion dollar 'advertising' budget just for Facebook in the coming months.

And it is already well under way.

"Thousands of micro-targeted ads had flooded the internet, portraying Trump as a heroic reformer cracking down on foreign corruption while Democrats plotted a coup. That this narrative bore little resemblance to reality seemed only to accelerate its spread. Right-wing websites amplified every claim. Pro-Trump forums teemed with conspiracy theories. An alternate information ecosystem was taking shape around the biggest news story in the country, and I wanted to see it from the inside.

I was surprised by the effect it had on me. I’d assumed that my skepticism and media literacy would inoculate me against such distortions. But I soon found myself reflexively questioning every headline. It wasn’t that I believed Trump and his boosters were telling the truth. It was that, in this state of heightened suspicion, truth itself—about Ukraine, impeachment, or anything else—felt more and more difficult to locate. With each swipe, the notion of observable reality drifted further out of reach.
What I was seeing was a strategy that has been deployed by illiberal political leaders around the world. Rather than shutting down dissenting voices, these leaders have learned to harness the democratizing power of social media for their own purposes—jamming the signals, sowing confusion. They no longer need to silence the dissident shouting in the streets; they can use a megaphone to drown him out. Scholars have a name for this: censorship through noise."

What the writer is describing is grooming

Studying populations to source vulnerable people who are then targeted with content that exploits cognitive biases, insecurities, pain, fear, distress and concerns in order to exploit them at the ballot box, by triggering and re-inforcing those biases. Truly evil behaviour and activity.

Zucked! and MindF*ck.

I have just finished reading two important books - Zucked! about Facebook and MindF*ck about Cambridge Analytica

Here's a few pertinent quotes from Mindf*ck!

“In psychological warfare, the weak points are flaws in how people think. If you’re trying to hack a person’s mind, you need to identify cognitive biases and then exploit them.”


“We were spying, pure and simple, with cover from Trinidadian leaders. It felt bizarre—unreal—to be observing what people were watching on a tiny, faraway island, somehow more like we were playing a video game than intruding on the private lives of actual people. Even today, thinking back on it, Trinidad seems more like a dream than something we actually did. But we did do it. The Trinidad project was the first time I got sucked into a situation that was grossly unethical, and, frankly, it triggered in me a state of denial”


“perspecticide – the active deconstruction and manipulation of popular perception – you first have to understand on a deep level what motivates”

So notice the terminology - psychological warfare, notice the anger and abuse that is being 'stimulated', notice the irrationality of the to and fro of online 'debate' - that is warfare!

When we have well funded, well organised entities observing people as they are manipulating content being broadcast to the people they are observing,  and when they are refining the manipulation of that content in real time to better exploit the reactions of the targeted people, all the time actively working to undermine the perceptual dynamic of an entire population, person by person, intimacy at scale, in order to exploit the people for political advantage, we have a huge problem.

Political grooming gangsterism, no less.

I had not read these two books when I wrote my first blog pieces on Political Grooming Gangsters.

Even back then I was exactly on the money in terms of the dynamics, the influence, the covert nature of the manipulation.

Now I know a little bit more, I have some extra detail, I have some witness testimony and all I can say is this - our social systems and our democracies are being undermined and harmed by the most abusive grooming type behaviours imaginable and the grooming is operating at scale. To be fair, it's not like there were not problems before this micro-targeting emerged. The dynamic of propaganda is old. It is the way that the digital online tech has created intimate access to people's psyche at scale that is new, and extra harmful.

Zuckerberg and Sandberg are allowing this to happen on their Facebook platform, and Amazon and Google likewise and others - and I cannot say it is just for the cash, because if any of them took action to prevent this abuse happening (and they could) they would make immeasurable gains in reputation, and that would translate into long term business stability, and therefore I have my questions about why they are allowing this to happen.

I cannot see into their minds nor would I want to.

That they are allowing this to happen is a best feeble, greedy and arrogant and at worst, it is truly evil.

Here's the thing, if you -,the user - know and understand what is being done you can counter it. If you do not know, then you can be influenced by this activity.

At the collective level, across a society there needs to be regulation, and intense, legal or law enforcement level active opposition to political grooming gangster activity. We need both. Now.

Wear a mask when you are out and about and in shared public spaces. Stop the spread, spread the Love.

Wear a mucking fask,
Not so much to ask,
Stop the spread,

Spread the Love,


when push

comes to shove

It's you I am caring for,

My brother
You I am caring for,
My sister.
Yes! its you
I care for -
care for me too.
Why don't you?
I masking for you
are a friend,
who ever you are..

Wear a mucking fask!

Kindest regards


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Saturday, 4 July 2020

The Arts and the Creative Industries in the UK, amidst a UK Government Policy of Herd Immunity, Voiceless.

The outcome of current UK Government policy is placing producers, singers, dancers, booking staff, sound engineers, riggers, buskers, hospitality staff, writers, choreographers, lighting engineers, technicians, set designers, graphic artists, poets, copy writers, actors, musicians, empresarios, directors, hosts, comedians, cameramen, cleaning staff, ushers, set painters, make up artists, wardrobe directors, tour managers, security staff, catering staff, poster makes, printers, flyer distributors and  many, many others - the Creative Arts Industry - in a stress position where we will, due to impending economic poverty  as a direct result of lack of adequate support be forced to demand to be able to return to work in unsafe situations.

This will without doubt increase the risk of spreading the virus, and then we and our customers will be blamed for spreading the virus, for our lack of 'common sense', and then our businesses, theatres, recording studios, clubs, halls, festivals and pubs will be shut down a second time, and there will be no furlough offered - everyone will be expected to move onto Universal Credit.

Then the Industry will be ripe for a business take over.

The Creative Industries are a potential bonanza for those with the cash to buy up existing yet struggling enterprises at knock down prices.

Those who have cash reserves will be in a position to buy up what ever is left, at very low prices, to be held until the economy opens up again, and then make investment gains for the purchasers as those assets regain value. The kinds of people who bet against industries failing, and make a lot of money doing so.

Jacob Ress Mogg and Pater,  aspirant minnows among that shark infested pool of avarice.  Government issuing muti-million pound contracts to tiny companies with little experience, no staff, minimal turnover. Clearly the shock doctrine opportunists are in full flow.

European countries have seen this threat and are taking steps to protect their native Arts and Creative Industries. Not the UK. They have abandoned the Arts and Creative Industry.

When what was needed, and what is still is needed, is to pay everyone to stay home, to be able to be comfortable enough to stay safe for 12 weeks, to follow the proven eliminate the virus from community transmission protocols,  which includes, of course ,strict quarantine of incoming travel, as have other states done, as Scotland's First Minister will have to do very soon to protect her people, those she genuinely serves.

Then, when the country is made safe, we can return then return to work, to live and to play in a happy State, having succeeded has New Zealand has, in eliminating community transmission, with secure quarantined borders (taking back control) and with vigilant systems in place in case of any outbreaks. This is all eminently feasible, and necessary - with the UK population of 67 million still only at under 5% infected, there is 95% and more to play for.

Bearing in mind that elimination of community transmission will protect people and the economy and make the wait for a vaccine so much less burdensome and frightening.

Rather than making the economy scream so that Hedge Funds and others can game the situation, which is the existing policy stance of the Johnson Government - they are not the UK Government, they are the Hedge Fund Mining Giants Government in occupation.

An interesting article on what is known as Sage Gate. The gaming of a novel infectious viral disease.

One Voice

With that in mind, I feel a deep and painful frustration, a pain in my heart that is heavy with dismay and disillusionment, as I look at the 70,000+ excess deaths that have 'happened', each and everyone avoidable.

How can the Arts community stand to look at itself in the mirror, aware as we all are of so much avoidable death and taking notice of the lack of a voice in the UK and in Ireland, a clear speaking voice, a creative communicative voice grounded in the evidence of epidemiology, virology, public health, social care and economics, a hearty voice speaking out for the suppression of infection rate leading to eliminating community transmission of the virus within the island population of England,  Wales, Scotland and Ireland as a whole bloc as the most appropriate policy to protect both people and economy alike.

What is Art if it is not a voice? Mere entertainment? If so, then the typification of the role of artist as non-essential is a correct typification, for we can all entertain ourselves if push comes to shove. Boredom is always a choice.

Why is the Arts and Creative Industries collective unable to find a common voice, unable to use it's vast talents to speak up for the vulnerable, the disabled, the teachers, the students and the parents who are all being placed at great risk by this governments odious behaviour?

When any figure has a public voice, and there exists a verified threat to the public, to the commons, then it behoves that voice to speak up.

The sound of silence is deafening.

So I wrote these a while ago, trying to suggest we push for the kind of policies New Zealand have proven. Why not? Otherwise it's just more death, sadness, greed and gas-lighting? What have we go to lose?


Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to Universe.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Living with the English Ruling Class Corporate Kleptocracy is living within an Abuse Relationship Dynamic, at scale..

"The grooming (gaslighting) of human vulnerability is one of most vile things any human being can do to another."


In this piece I want to describe what I see in 2020 England - that we are a population are enduring an abusive situation, which is similar in dynamic to that of a family living with an abusive parent where the parent dominates the household, where the members of the family cannot leave and are therefore forced to adopt distorted roles within the situation, where the parent denies the abuse, and gaslights the family members to deflect criticism, awareness and action to address the abuse.

Johnson is symptom, the problem lies deeper than him and his cronies. Living with the English Ruling Class Corporate Kleptocracy is living within an Abuse Relationship Dynamic, at scale. Robber Barons Magna Carta Libertarianism at it's worst.

The current political policy decision making system in England, as it stands, is not fit for a healthy 21st Century Democracy and  it cannot protect the people's human rights, or our right to health from an adverse Government. These two papers examine the Right to Health betrayal of this English Government.

"Using the UK as a case study, we examine critically the extent to which the government’s response to COVID-19 complied with the legal framework of the right to health. We review further key states’ obligations on the right to health and assess its suitability in times of pandemic. Finally, we offer some recommendations for an update of the right to health."

"The concerns caused by the profoundly disturbing announcement of a herd immunity strategy in March 2020 (3) were worsened by the consideration that such medical strategy might have been shaped without peer review and adequate multidisciplinary input. This highly disputable decision supposedly was taken following the guidance of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergency (SAGE). The legitimate concerns were accrued by the perceived lack of transparency as the members of the group remained secret for a considerable length of time, being publicly revealed only in April 2020 (4). Unsurprisingly, the quality of the scientific advice to the British Executive Authority has been openly criticized by numerous professionals holding international reputation; to the extent of being publicly challenged by the spontaneous constitution of an alternative and independent advisory group (5). Such events remain unique to the UK"

They make it clear that democratic institutions in England have failed to protect the population.

October 2021 - Parliamentary Select Committee's on Health and Science issue a report excoriating the policy choices of the English Government in the early stages of the pandemic, but stop short of demanding accountability or change in the current status quo.

October 2021 - this article describes the English Government as a plundering entity.

"although the Johnson government has been reluctant to spend even relatively small amounts on some issues – such as school meals for the poorest children during holidays, pay rises for nurses, or benefits for the poorest – they did not hesitate to spend money in large quantities on a new ’Royal’ yacht which the Royal family does not want (£250 million), on PPE (well over £1 billion), on the so-called “NHS test and trace” (£37 billion ) – when this spending was directed into the corporate sector, via a special VIP lane which crowded out experienced suppliers in favour of donors and contacts of ministers. As a result, much of the money spent was (from the taxpayers’ perspective) wasted.

Indeed, the government’s attitude to NHS spending – or indeed to any spending which can in some loose way be linked to the NHS – seems to be: “tax-funded spending is fine, as long as we can direct it to whom we want and as long as the tax burden does not fall on the wealthiest.

Taken together these all indicate a serious situation, where duty of care to the population is denied. To deny that duty of care to the population, whilst enriching associates, is abuse of power.

A healthy deliberative democracy involves the people as a whole, including our best experts and minds, as well as each and every citizen, active and engaged in policy design and implementation, nationally and locally, especially where it impacts our lives.

We, the ordinary people, have understood this long time.

We have the elements of a solution - we laid it out in some detail in 2006. Much of Corbyn's policy agenda was designed by people, by the Labour Party general membership working with experts in the various areas of concern, and Momentum's trajectory aimed to empower people in political decision making. Scottish Independence is driven in large part by the ill effects of Austerity, unjustly imposed by the few upon the many. They want to be free of such adverse imposition. - making democratic power safe for people.

It doesn't have to be this way, The current situation is not inevitable, it is not set in stone, it is not inherent or innate to our humanity. 

Today we see the problem - in excess deaths, avoidable chronic disease, economic harm and expanding poverty, even as the class of millionaires and billionaires grows wealthier and politically stronger.


The English Government's reliance on the Vaccine and their rejection of Elimination of Community transmission strategies is, in part, a tacit admission of a deliberate failure rather than incompetence. The English Government is quite clearly exploiting the situation to preserve their power, to enhance their personal and collective wealth and choosing, repeatedly, to let the 'herd take it on the chin.' This is abuse of power.

Under the guile of 'personal responsibility' they have withdrawn all support for limiting the spread of the virus. Even people who have been vaccinated will be exposed to the virus. Those who survive, survive. That is and has always been the plan. Herd Immunity via infection, mitigated by the Vaccine.

The people have not chosen this plan. The people have done as much as we could to stop the spread. 

Our behaviour has been communitarian, and the Government's ministers have behaved selfishly, arrogantly, dishonestly. The Government rejected the best strategy, out of hand, with no public discussion on the matter. 

Elimination Strategy Works Best.

Elimination of community transmission within any given population or district is the go to strategic policy - because it is a proven strategy. 1.8 billion people and their economies are being better protected by elimination of community transmission strategy than those that have allowed the virus to spread. It is a complex operation because it requires providing support to meet a wide variety of social and economic needs.

It is made complicated and rendered almost ineffective if tainted by considerations of retaining power and pursing economic gaming, as Test and Trace and as Crony Contracts for PPE and other kit have demonstrated.

Civil Liberties and Economics

"Among OECD countries, liberties were most severely impacted in those that chose mitigation, whereas swift lockdown measures—in line with elimination—were less strict and of shorter duration (figure). Importantly, elimination has been framed as a civic solidarity approach that will restore civil liberties the soonest; this focus on common purpose is frequently neglected in the political debate.
Evidence suggests that countries that opt for rapid action to eliminate SARS-CoV-2—with the strong support of their inhabitants—also better protect their economies and minimise restrictions on civil liberties compared with those that strive for mitigation."
Vaccine is not a stand alone protection.

Hoping that the vaccine will  resolve the epidemic and the pandemic is an admission of failure to pursue elimination of community transmission with the determination, resourcing and energy required.  It is allowing the virus to spread, for ideological and economic reasons and that is an abuse of power, a betrayal of duty of care. 

The work being done to develop vaccines is superb, and reveals a co-operative energy that is truly international and life affirming. Nonetheless, there are priorities being missed by the English Government, and their banking on the Vaccine as the get out of jail card in the future is reckless, callous and is not avoiding avoidable harms.

Duty of Care

I want to be really clear here - it is the duty of every nation, every government to eliminate community transmission of the virus within it's territory, not only to the people of each territory but also to every other state - knowingly exporting the infection is a breach of that duty of care.

New Zealand was completely free of the SARSCOV2 virus, (as I edited this in January 2021) and as such does not need the currently available vaccine, which is not, in any case, an immunity conferring medicine, as it is designed to attenuate the severity of disease post infection. New Zealand can maintain tightly quarantined borders, and their economy will thrive, even without international tourism ( a primary vector of global viral spread) - they have enough people to run an internal tourism that will benefit it's citizens hugely - it is important to put to bed the sanctity of the tourist industry at this time. Yes, by all means states must provide adequate support to workers in all areas afflicted, and the money creation systems must bend to that task, willingly and not as profiteers - the irresponsibility inherent in the UK allowance of unquarantined travel has given the world the Kent Variant, and indeed the Delta Variant, and the tourist industry has not gained by that at all. Delta and Tourism In October 2021 (as I update this piece) New Zealand are faced with an outbreak of Delta, which started in early August, arriving via a flight from Sydney. The New Zealanders are struggling to contain it, making slow progress. Some speak of New Zealand 'abandoning' Elimination Strategy. That is deliberate misinterpretation of what New Zealand's government and people are doing. They have made ground, but are facing another surge of cases, which they believe to have arisen from non compliance of a few people. The ill effects of misinformation misleading the few undermine the whole. They are still intent on stopping community transmission, and maintaining vigilant over sight and the capability to get on top of localised outbreaks, bearing in mind the development of Vaccines and the emergence of Delta. They are pushing ahead with a rapid vaccination program. They are still focused on their primary duty of care for the health of the population. We in the UK, on the other hand, have lost ground by a deliberate lack of attention to duty of care.

By all means we must pursue the vaccine trail, but surely we must not let it be said that elimination was not given the fullest possible resourcing - let it not be said "we will open up, and take whatever casualties arise", because we have a vaccine.

Let us do everything in our power to protect our populations and our economies at the same time - this does not have to be an either or situation, indeed justice suggests it must not be so. 

The Public Discourse is not truthful.

The news media, the press, the broadcast news are not being honest. There are ample cases of gaslighting, misleading disinformation, outright lies in all our News and Press Media and in Government communications.

There is no community without honesty and transparency.

The relationship between Establishment /Government and the people of the UK, and in particular the people of England, as it stands today, is abusive.

It's a scaled up, institutionalised version of the abuse family dynamic. We can see various roles being played out by the key sectors that  function to keep the family together, that maintain the status quo.

What role do each of us play in this dynamic?

Bearing in mind these roles, these behavioural patterns, are imposed by the abusive situation, and they are, within the family, survival strategies, as well as part of what enables the family system. They are mostly not consciously chosen, but are places the abused go to in order to hold some degree of psyche-level stability, and attempt to survive the situation.  Sometimes people will adopt or be forced to act out more than one role.

At the institutional level, that distinction is no longer applicable - institutions are engines, agencies of intentional action.

So here's a few suggested markers, and I'd be happy to read critiques of these to refine this study...

The Abuser  - Boris Johnson and the Cabinet, The English Establishment of Power, Oligarchy

The Enabler  - The right wing media, the left wing media, the centrist media, the Churches, Parliament that refuse to speak the whole truth.

The Hero - Idealised images of Nurses, Policemen, Troops, Doctors - Personalities such as Farage, Rees-Mogg, Tommy Robinson, National Icons that distract from the wounds by claiming British 'Spirit' etc..

The Scapegoat - Immigrants, the poor, the low income workers, the Blacks, the Browns, the Whites, the China Virus

The Lost Child - The Establishment Arts that refuses confront the truth, Britain's Got Talent, people groomed by Conspiracy Theory, Cultism etc..

The Mascot - The Queen, The Flag, The Establishment Arts, Parliament

These are all wide generalisations, and there needs to be a discussion around how truthful each of these elements of our Society are, in the face of this immediate situation.

Adding nuance, it is fair to point out that whether one chooses Left, Center or Right, within a Violent Hierarchy, it is still a Violent Hierarchy. That is a core truth that remains taboo. Rejecting elimination strategy was and is act of violence. Nobody wants to speak or write about this in the public domain.

We must break that taboo.

Or are you, like me, one of the innocent: victimised citizens, born into this mess, and trying to live as honestly and as harmlessly as possible?

Are you one of us, the ones who didn't f*ck it up?

Here's a very cool, comedic, musical reminder of who you are, where you are and what we are dealing with.

Enjoy, then read on.

How do we shift out of these situational roles?

How do we help unf*ck this situation?

The situation - State level lethal domestic abuse.

Recent past 120,000 avoidable excess deaths due to Austerity - a policy based on a fundamental lie - since 2010, a situation the UN described as an abuse of Human Rights.

65,000 excess deaths due to the epidemic, at the time of writing, the majority of which could have been avoided.

Deliberately punitive and harmful policies protected by lies, masked by manipulation and and covered up with misleading information in news media and by Government.

Online political and marketing grooming, playing on people's fears and prejudices, deliberately exacerbating cognitive biases to generate extremist positions within the population in order to exploit that social division.


These are all wilful harms, caused by political grooming gangsters.

Forcing children into un-safe 'covid-ready' schools in order to push parents back to work, in order to reduce furlough in preparation for a second peak, a shut down, business collapse, and then offering Universal Credit in place of furlough to a traumatised workforce. 

Gaslighting and emotional black mail the chosen strategy of the Education Secretary to get the schools re-opened. The Shadow Minister for Education who opposed opening in un-safe fashion, who supported teachers Unions, removed from position using a false accusation of anti-Semitism.

The Education department confirming a day later that parents holding their children back from returning to School in September will be fined.

Encouraging irresponsible behaviour - the purpose of the Cummings Road Show - in order to then blame the people for the surge in community transmission of the virus.

Stanley Johnson's rule breaking visit to his Greek villa. The rules and regulations to protect the people and the economy are for ordinary folk, they are for the plebs and they are not for the likes of Johnson, and Cummings who married into the aristocracy, whose wife's father claims to be genetically superior to ordinary folk.

A publicised behaviour that is designed to elicit the logical and obvious complaint that 'it's one rule for them and another for us' which then becomes the excuse for irresponsible behaviour, which once it is engaged in, cannot be withdrawn. But the ordinary folk can then be used as scapegoats, to let the Government that has abused the population off the hook.

Deliberate action by a man known to be a master baiter, a master at manipulation of cognitive bias in target groups as a means to winning elections.

Opening pubs when the virus is still at large, with tens of thousands of new confirmed infections weekly, more than a hundred deaths daily, with infection rates static rather than falling across the country, and surges in a number of areas. The risks are real.

How many others will one person, unaware of their infectious status, infect in a pub or restaurant  environment? The Government said fire ahead, so you and I cannot blame that unawares person. But the Government will. They will blame ordinary folk for not using 'common sense'. They will not take any responsibility for any adverse outcomes.

Across Europe most countries have mandated strict regulations governing people's behaviour regarding managing the risk where they have opened up. The UK has nothing in place approaching those countries. Nobody in Europe is complaining about their freedoms being limited. Most ordinary folk across Europe are looking at the UK in utter dismay and horror.

The Prime Minister in parliament suggesting to concerned MPs of coastal and beach towns that "they should show some guts and support the opening of their beaches, to help the economy" in a week where half a million people thronged at seas side towns, leaving rubbish all over the beaches, bringing drunkenness, aggression and anti-social onto the streets at night. Bullying is as bully does.

The UK Government are abusing the population. Their deliberate action and chosen policies have led to 65,000 avoidable deaths in 4 months. Millions of job losses remain on the cards, all of which was  avoidable. New Zealand had the same information at the same time as the UK Government, and they have eliminated community transmission of the virus, had a minimal death rate, minimal infection rate and are now out of lock down, safely. UK Government has no excuse. They chose to abuse the people. Why?

Whatever, can we just put a stop to this abuse, and work out what happened later, after we have arrived at the happy state that Vietnam and New Zealand have demonstrated is possible?

I wish someone would say that, out loud.

"We are living with an abusive PM, and abusive Cabinet, an abusive Advisor, and abusive Government Ministers, and it is lethal."

Can we say that, out loud?

Vaccine is irrelevant

I have been criticised by many for my stance on Corona Virus. Not least by people who are focused on the Vaccine as a solution or as a problem (Bill Gates being a bad actor etc).

I have made it very clear that the vaccine route is already an admission of failure.

I have made it clear that elimination of community transmission is the only safe, proven long term protocol that we have right now.

I have made it clear that this is a question of will, it is a matter of intent and the provision of funding and resources to where they are most needed - that the present spread of this virus is not an inevitability.

There is more than enough wealth and resources globally to eliminate community transmission, and to set up vigilant systems to eradicate the virus in any given population.

Every country has a duty of care to all others, on it's borders or throughout it's holiday destinations, to prevent the spread of community transmission. The UK has not only failed to meet that obligation, it has consistently refused to do so. In the end, events will force it to take that action.

I am more concerned about 'The Vaccine Solution' than most anti-Vaxxer, anti-Gatesers in that I urge solid, evidence based proposals on how to deal with the epidemic locally, and globally, using proven zero community transmission strategies now. Yesterday was already too late. Today is not too late.  We are along way from the exposure that would generate 'herd immunity'...

The anti-Vaxxer anti-Gatesers are against the Vaccine for reasons of political, ideological and belief systems,  rather than reasons grounded in epidemiology, public health, social material outcomes and the practical work of saving lives, right now, starting to day. If a useful, efficacious Vaccine emerges, then that is superb, and I support that. If it is exploited to avoid other necessary action, then that is abuse. If the first wave of vaccinations is an experiment, then we need to be told so.

If anything the irrational stance of anti-vaxers and UK Government alike lend themselves to more avoidable deaths, in that both avoid facing the practical realities of implementing elimination strategies, because they are keeping the vaccine hype, hope and horror narratives up front, when what should be happening is that the elimination narrative ought to be front and foremost in all public discussions on Corona Virus, because it effing-well works. 

Excuse the expletive, the issue is that intense. People are dying, people's economies are being broken, there is sadness, grief and pain across this land.

So unless my various critics can add to my thesis on how practical it is to eliminate community transmission and in due course eradicate the virus, then they are wasting my time, wasting their own time, and adding to the problem rather than helping to resolve it.

Elimination of the virus is both practical and possible, in every country on Earth. All that is missing is the will to make it so.

Live Data as part of an Elimination Management Protocol.

In Croatia, the government daily briefing includes detailed information on the national test, trace and isolate strategy. The public is informed about the exact locations of positive cases, how many people were tested and how many contacts were placed in isolation as a result. This has been happening since the first patient was tracked at the end of February. Like New Zealand, Croatia also announced reaching zero cases on June 11. Some local outbreaks followed, but the death rate remains low.

In Spain there are infection case maps available for the whole country and for each region and local area.

A well informed, engaged population is a key element to any elimination management strategy, something completely avoided in the UK. I suggest that deliberate lack of clarity is abusive.

There is no good reason whatsoever, bar deliberate government policy, why such detailed maps have not been up and running for the UK since March 23rd. To deliberately keep a population so ill-informed of a genuine public health risk is abuse. There is no other way to state the position. It is abuse if one is aware that any given inaction leads to harms being caused, and one continues to not act when one could act and prevent those harms.

Here's my song about Jacinda Ardern and New Zealand vs UK Government Policy, which I wrote before they had eliminated community transmission, which I KNEW was going to be effective, because I had studied the evidence in some detail.

stop the spread, spread the love.

and this I wrote after Johnson's May 10th classic passive aggressive management speech...

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