Monday, 27 April 2009

The Bears don S**T in the woods no more.... live!

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Let the will of the State act, then, instead of the will of the indiviual (or community)

Here's a nice quote to illustrate the way in which childrens minds were targetted through compulsory state education, on behalf of the Industrialists who were hell-bent on turning States into representatives of business, and to do that they felt it neccessary to exercise mind-control, to deflect dissent, especially reasoned dissent.

You will recognise the elements, and for sure, each of us has fallen foul of these. I know I have.

Charles Pierce, the eminence grise behind William James and John Dewey, architects of Compulsory State Education in the USA wrote :

“Let the will of the state act, then, instead of the will of the individual. Let an institution be created which shall have for its object to keep correct doctrines before the attention of the people, to reiterate them perpetually, and to teach them to the young, having at the same time power to prevent contrary doctrines from being taught, advocated or expressed.

Let all possible cause of a change of mind be removed from men’s apprehension. Let them be kept ignorant, lest they should learn of some reason to think otherwise than they do. Let their passions be enlisted, so that they may regard … unusual opinions with hatred and horror. Then, let all men who reject the established belief be terrified into silence….

Let a list of opinions be drawn up to which no man of the least independence of thought can assent, and let the faithful be required to accept all these propositions in order to segregate them as radically as possible from the influence of the rest of the world.”

We can see this in operation in the media, and in school text-books. And we can see this in operation in our own minds as we sometimes struggle to grasp the truth of our current situation. Unexamined assumptions are a good guide to those areas of our thinking that have been 'adjusted' to fit into this 'sick society', an adjustment that Martin Luther King made clear was unacceptable.

Here's a few more quotes to flesh this process out a bit.

Woodrow Wilson speaking to an audience of businessmen in New York City in 1909 :

“We want one class to have a liberal education. We want another class, a very much larger class, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.”

This is the technology of modern management ……this is the doctrine which drove William James in “Principles of Psychology” (1890), to assign habit-training, not intellectual development, the place of honour in schooling :

“Habit is the enormous fly-wheel of society, it’s most precious conservative agent. It alone is what … saves the children of fortune from the envious uprisings of the poor … it alone prevents the hardest and most repulsive (jobs) from being deserted. It holds the miner in his darkness. It keeps different strata of society from mixing.”

All of us who attended state schooling have been exposed to and conditioned to accept the imposed and limited ideas that are taught through that education, reinforced through the media and that underpin the success of marketing.

This is the core technology of psychological state control upon which the likes of Tony Blair, David Cameron and the leaders of Indusrty et al depend upon.

Of course they retain that other oh-so familiar stick, that of poverty, physical violence or imprisonment to curtail those few who escape this conditioning. That’s what the War Against Terror and the consistent attack on civil liberties is all about.

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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Bees, the BBC and the obvious but obscured truths about food production

Just watched a docu on the BEE BEE SEE about bees and the massive die-offs of bees everywhere except Autralia.

It’s really obvious, to me at least, that the single most important factor in this occurrence, and in many other similar ‘events’ throughout nature HAS GOT TO BE the kinds of human interventions that tend to undermine natural resilience, which is founded on bio-diversity …. variety is the spice of life, so to speak, and when humans monocrop for profit, on a huge scale, the natural resilience and variety is destroyed....

Nature is a huge ineteraction of trillions upon trillions of creatures and plants, with no hierarchy other than that which human beings of the ‘civilised... Read more’ sort project onto it…(we project our own ideas onto others, because we have an inability to see others as they see themselves).

Thus messing around with something that works (nature definitely works, which is the strength of permaculture) is utterly stupid, and pretending that we are somehow ‘more intelligent’ than that which makes us is hubris of the worst sort.

We (industrial civilisation as is) are to nature as Tony Blair is to Iraq, Education and Spirituality.. and we brag about it….

Somethings got to give, and unless we revert to localised food production, and in ways that rebuild natural diversity, and fast, we are seriously and possibly fatally compromising our very existence.

There have been a few other programmes on the BBC which show how food production has changed since the end of World War II, when the Pharmaceutical Industry switched from killing people to killing bugs and plants - the same chemicals are used to 'fertilise' crops as were used to make bombs - and what nobody mentions is that the HUGE profits that the Pharmaceutical Companies made out of the war (while everybody else near starved on rations) allowed them to expend huge efforts to lobby Governments excessively so as to promote their chemcials as the 'green revolution', which has led inexorably to Monsanto, GMOs and patented seeds etc etc... and has been the cause of massive toxicity in our foods, our soils, our waters and also placed us in a very vulnerable position as food growing is ever more concentrated if fewer and fewer hands (only 1400 dairy farmers left in the UK.....!).

Keep on blowing the trumpet for local growing and eating. It’s the only tune that nature knows… apart from some species that travel to food such as some whales, great white sharks, birds etc etc….

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

A school run by children, assisted by adults

Short documentary on an independent 'school' in Copenhagen, from the 70s, that explores why such a school might exist. The footage shows happy lively children and adults learning together, and the commentary reveals the thinking behind the school.

This is what all children and parents need to understand, that childrens learning is best driven by their own motivations, that children want to become competent in the world they are born into, that 'thinking alone' is a vital creative drive in all people and that democracy without this in place in all it's constituents is a farce, a soap opera that distracts attention and enables control by forces whose interests are not the same as those of most 'ordinary folk'.

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Somehow, the ice has to break,

Somehow, the ice has to break, the illusion has to be penetrated, the conditioned reflexive defence responses must be seen for what they are. Industrial Society is a (disease) State that is expanding, thrashing the habitat of all living creatures, that is wilfully ignoring the costs to itself and others, in much the same manner as a crack addict destroys his or her body…

It is one thing to lay blame for this at policies, industrial practices, corporations, weapons manufacturers, bankers. It is another to seek to understand the core psychology of those who implement all of the above, and those who comply with instructions (authority) of the implementers.

And it is this second option that is necessary for any healthy change to become a possibility.

Contrasting the fundamental processes and facts of nature with those of Industrial Society, I see the following :

1. In Nature everywhere is food….. All beings receive what they need in order to thrive, there is food everywhere, even though the supply of food may have seasonal variations….

1.a In Industrial Society food is restricted to those who can buy food with money … thus all people must earn money in order to buy food. The ability to earn money is tightly controlled, with an elite 1% of people controlling the distribution of money to other 99%. These variations are imposed. Poverty is invention.

2. In Nature everything that is excess to metabolism is returned to the habitat in a form that others can metabolise, and the processes that enable this occur from the macro to the micro. This means that life is constantly being nourished on all levels. It is the basis for the continuity of Natural Life on Earth…

2.a In Industrial Society, excess is either hoarded as wealth or discarded and turned into toxic waste, thus robbing the environmental system of nutrients. That can only have one possible outcome.

3. In Nature, all young have the innate ability to learn what is needed in terms of physical mastery of self, intimate knowledge of the habitat such that each can thrive. The struggle for survival is merely a projection of Industrial Society onto Nature.

3.a In Industrial Society, it is assumed that all young have to be carefully conditioned, that they are fundamentally incapable of learning what they need to learn to thrive, that they are effectively blanks slates upon which society should write it’s own script. This is called ‘education’….

4. In Nature struggles to the death are rare, apart from when one form is eating another.

4.a In Industrial Society, struggles to the death are a regular occurrence, most often highly organised, and most often orchestrated as a means of establishing and defining power centres, known as States.

All of the above can be said to be obvious.

So how can it be that the obvious is ignored by so many people, such that 99% of the peoples living in Industrialised States comply with the status quo, and seem almost powerless to effect a recognition of the facts, never mind to effect realistic change?

The Myopia of Emotional Blindness.

It has to be the case that the human being is but one of many life-forms living on Earth. And that the source for the human being is Nature. The human being is a natural phenomenon, a natural being, part of the wild. The cells that make up the individual writing this or reading this essay are natures creation, they are natural and wild - yet the thought processes and behaviours of the collection of trillions of cells that is each human body are often not natural - they are the result of cultural conditioning.

The conditioning processes we are exposed to in Industrial society reflect the needs of Power and the use of Power. They do not reflect the processes of nature nor do they reflect the needs and processes of a natural human being. Thus the vast majority of the people of Industrial Society are exposed to conditioning processes that effectively de-natures the individual, alienates the natural self, and replaces the natural identity with another identity. That identity is one that serves Power.

This process has to be pretty robust, and it is, in that people will live 100 years of life and never realise that they are nature at the cellular level - they will live within the confines of the prevailing mind-set, imposed by Power.

The one core element that all this hinges upon is inculcating emotional blindness in the young at a very early age, in such a way that it is all but invisible to the individual and to the community at large.

The young must quickly become emotionally blind to the value of their own feelings and insights, a process that has to cause some pain and at the same time carried out in a manner that ensures each individual will suppress awareness of their pain. This is one of the basics of extreme physical training - be for animals or human beings.

Pain is recognised, yet at the same time accepted, worn like a badge of honour. This does not occur in nature - pain is information, and it tells creatures what to avoid or it lets them know there is something wrong. An animal or human being that is capable of ignoring his or her own pain is one that will continue to make serious errors, ad infinitum, errors that the trainer sees as desirable results.

And so it is with kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and beyond. Students learn to modify their behaviour so as to conform to the requirements of these institutions, by virtue of pain and pain avoidance. Shame, public humiliation, physical violence have all been used as teaching aids within the compulsion schooling systems. These days while physical violence is less common, shame and humiliation, the hidden results of ‘testing’ are rife. There is also the terror of ‘peer pressure’, much of it driven by commercial propaganda.

The lesson is conform or be outcast.

Outcast to where? The only place left to go is nature - your nature, your inner intelligence and sensing. Within. This has been the wisdom of the ages, and indeed it is the best place to start.

That wisdom has seemed as though it were alien to many in the west. When various ‘teachers’ and ‘gurus’ have spoken of this, many in the west have found it very difficult to ‘get’ exactly what was meant, we are easily confused by arcane language due to the conditioning processes we underwent and so looked inside, yet saw images gleaned from externals ….false images which reading and watching others produced. We have become emotionally blind to our own realities and replaced them with myths and fears of others.

The personal inner world is not of such images, it is of the honest feelings and sensings we have been told to avoid, to fear. Those who seek to control others know that that honesty is their un-doing.

And so we can start the journey by asking ourselves to remember our first responses to teachers and domineering adults. We all have at one time or another looked at the adults and thought “You are wrong!”. We were right. And thus honesty, fearlessly opening up to how we really feel, is the key.

Clean, happy organic food, grown for nourishment rather than purely profit helps greatly.

Reducing or eliminating the toxic influences of mainstream media, TV, movies and fear inducing conspiracies is also useful.

The point is to get to the original feelings, insights of ourselves, and to draw those out, to bring them into the light that they might once again threaten those who seek control over our very being, by rejecting utterly such controls, by trusting our innate life urges to love, to live well, to enjoy being who we are, as we find ourselves and to grow and change from there, exploring this existence with our own personal resources, which are immense.

There is room for hope, yet not in externals. We have the seeds for freedom in every wild cell of our being. Call to the wild in yourself, the natural, the honest child and follow the clues.

Here is a loopstation version of my song, Peace of Mind, in which I sing of the ways in which the natural peace within can find it's expression in the external world.

It can also be found on my reverbnation profile and player, a shorter version....

Kindest regards


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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

MPs Expenses - restoring confidence?

Gordon Brown put in quite a performance, reading the script to his annoucement that he was going to vote for changes in the expenses regime currently under the mdia and public spotlight, if not quite the microscopic detail we'd all like to see.

Gordon does a ham fisted job of appearing 'happy' - watch his expressions.... he's no way as good an actor as his predeccessor, though he is his equal in every other way - as in promoting the Iraq War of Aggression, promoting Nuclear Power generation in the UK by Foreegn Corpoations, toadying to the bankers and so on.

I just love the way his facial expressions change from bored to happy to doomed to confused and back again, and how he bounces cheerily as he reads the cues .. one can sense the slight delay, as if he is out of sync, (he is..) following the script rather than being spontaneous, which he is trying so hard to appear.

However, joking aside, two things came to mind, watching this bouncing Gordy 'performance'.

1. Are the MPs going to return the cash they have bludged off the taxpayer, by way of their extrordinary expenses over the years, just to show that they really are working FOR us?


2. Doesn't he realise that a lot more must be done to restore public confidence in the political and parliamentary process as they stand?

YES, of course he does, he knows exactly what he is doing, but he doesn't give a shit. He's continuing with the charade, the soap opera, while his Chancellor takes £15 billion out of public services, after handing over more than £140 billion to the bankers. And they both look forwards to future lucrative advisory roles and 'speaking engagements' when they leave office.

Nice work if you can get it! But nasty.

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Monday, 20 April 2009

Trauma, Society and the work we must do, all of us.

It is very important work to understand how this society, the one we (Europeans etc) have all been born into, industrial society, is built upon trauma, subtle as much as gross.

We all have two aspects to deal with in this : the personal (ones own story) and the trans personal (the institutions that are built by dysfunctional people to control other people - police, army, banks, education, prison.

Both aspects must be understood, and worked on. And especially in terms of the various movements and campaigns for change, if this work is not done, the those campaigns are de-facto limited to dealing merely with symptoms, and not root causes. This is the kind of dissent the system likes and tolerates because it does not threaten their position, merely asks them to be 'nicer'.... which they are adept at making it LOOK as if they are being 'nicer'....

Just to pass on some links for anyone who wants to follow their own research. - history of education set-up and back ground on those who made it so, and their ideas - dedicated to promoting awareness of the natural child, and how societal misunderstanding of the natural child affects us all - Alice Millers, whose main work, "The Roots of Violence in Child-rearing : for your own good" is one of the best on how society treats children, the history of written child rearing texts and societal compliance.. it's a translation from German so fairly challenging to read - more recent works such as "the drama of the gifted child" and "the body never lies" are a bit easier... but all are so worth the effort... - John Holt, author of "how children learn" and "how children fail" .... this and more on how children naturally learn ... inspired, and one of the best! - Sue Palmer, research on children's development, on how early schooling, TV, foods, media affects children's, plenty of research from neuro-science to support her observations...blows the use of 'genetics' as a source of distress out of the water - site for writer Oliver James, author of "Affluenza", details the psychological impacts observed in adults, which arise from early childhood, common in the industrialised world. Suggest parents of very young ought to be free of encumbrance to devote time to their children, funded by the state to avoid the depression and psychological distress common in industrialised society. Severe critic of profit/consumerism. Good research, blows the 'genetics' as a source of distress right out of the water... - David Smail,probably one of the best writers on 'Power Over Other's as trhe root cause of all human dysfunction. The way power is expressed is the problem, the rest is symptom. Great essay on Thatcher are the rise of the 'new age' healing business! Lots of his work is available on-line..

That's enough to get started.... all the best m8.

The following ideas around nature are my own, in that I originated the following concepts, independent of my reading : 'nature does not do stupidity', our 'cells are wild, so are we', 'nature works, so why are we so different', we 'project our concepts and ways onto the natural world, and cannot see nature the way nature experiences self, so we are lost in a country whose language we do not know - which is why industrialised society projects it's own power structures on to nature..."everything in in nature gets what it needs to thrive, bar being eaten"... "THRIVIVAL" ... "all living creatures have the innate learning ability to learn what they need to learn to master their being and to thrive in life"...

Kindest regards


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Friday, 17 April 2009

Derrick Jensen on Compulsory Education Systems

Short piece on Education by Derrick Jensen, in which he details the truth about the Education System... He notes that Educations latin root is 'educare' meaning to draw out, and comes from the greek, used to describe the work of a midwive "to be present at the birth of" and compares that with Seduction, which has the latin root of 'seducare' meaning 'to lead astray' or 'to lead away from oneself' - in essence a process of self alienation.


And it is this that teachers, and their Union Leadership, should properly be addressing when drawing attention to their 'stresses' because it is this more than anything else that lies at the root of their stress!

Kindest regards


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Discipline, the other side of Compliance and Teacher Stress..

Apparently Teachers are stressed. Yet unwilling to analyse in depth the roots of the situations and condition(ings) that are causing them stress. They seem to ignore their willing compliance, their own participation in accepting the stresses imposed upon them and the children they claim to serve. Have they stopped learning, so that they might then help others to learn? - What a farce! A dark farce indeed. The farces of darkness!

Have teachers become so unthinking, so unwilling to study that they cannot SEE the real world and it's history around them? Are they truly unaware of the agenda that underpins compulsory state schooling?

Certainly their Union leadership seems more concerned with the money they can earn, and the 'health and safety' of their members, whilst enforcing the compulsory schooling of the majority of our children, than they are concerned with challenging the basis for the system itself. They are thus like innocent prisoners campaigning for better conditions, and leaving the fact of their imprisonment well alone. THAT is not to be discussed.

All I can say is TOUGH! You morons! Wake up! You are being used to harm children, to make good factory workers, good pen pushers, good soldiers, good policemen, (the likes of which most green activists have met on a regular basis) and you are in denial! You are marketing compliance with a sick and toxic society. Get over it!

Though they are in this somewhat eclipsed by the moronic superstars of Government, Sir Alan Steer, Ed Balls and Gordon Brown.

Sir Alan Steers self-satisfied suggestions for enhancing discipline in schools amount to a conditioning process, a sweetened spy-ops behavioural training of children who are crying out for something that they can genuinely respect, who show that need by rejecting (correctly so) what is offered as meaningless.

Gordon Brown and Ed Balls are looking to coerce ALL children into community service of some form or other. Look at the legislation that might set that up, and in typical business style, there will be such a multitude of generalisations and vague definitions within it that it will be applicable in many different ways, it will also have sanctions built into it. And I bet that a good percentage of the thinking behind it comes from American think tanks and Foundations. Not that we will ever SEE those inputs. Sensitive Information. State secrets. It stinks. And luckily, there are those who dissent. But are they enough to impede these nefarious schemes? Only time will tell!

the details behind this 'community service scheme'... from a think tank!

- some comments from readers, replete with humour and common sense

- ordinary folk have much to say on this, some foolish, others issuing a warning!

Here's my version of Gordon Browns Article published in The News of The World : my comments in italics.

Young can boost community spirit
By Gordon Brown

EVEN in the face of these difficult economic times, the generosity and community spirit of the British people is humbling.

HUMBLING? You have no right to even utter such words, with your prancing on the G20 stage, your theft of the UKs Gold Reserves, your largesse towards President George W. Bush, notorious war criminal and torturer! You and your ilk IGNORED the people of England and Wales when you, and others like you said that the concepts and proposals for devolving POWER to the grass roots developed by the people of England and Wales and outlined in The Power Inquiry were ‘impractical’. Now you say their sterling effort to shore up the shoddy services your Government provides is ‘humbling’. The nerve!

Whether raising record amounts for Comic Relief or rallying round after disaster struck in the North Sea, we have seen communities across the country draw closer than ever to help and care for each other in times of need.

Only because you and your cronies have all but bankrupted social services or farmed them out to private corporations for profit, you disingenuous twerp!

What is inspirational is the number of young people who are serving their communities in endeavours from charity fundraising to green activism. We want to harness and encourage this community spirit.

Oh yes. We SAW that last week in London, the Governments desire to harness Green Activism, especially the Climate Campers… who just happened to be pointing out how ludicrous you Carbon Trading Taxation Schemes really are…how very inspiring indeed. Batons and shields, dogs and peppers spray, arrests under terrorism laws are deeply inspired, but not by the willingness of young people to engage, rather by the likes of Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin and Mugabe! You’re in good company, Gordon.

Already three million young people give their time to community service each year, usually without recognition or reward, whether by helping in an old age home or tutoring younger pupils, campaigning on local issues or fundraising for global causes, organising community activities or helping deliver environmental projects.

And by ‘conspiring to commit trespass’ in Nottingham!

But (there’s always a butt to kick, isn’t there Gordon?) we can achieve a step change in the participation of young people in community service.

It is my ambition to create a Britain in which there is a clear expectation that all young people will undertake some service to their community, and where community service will become a normal part of growing up.

YOU ARE GOING TO CREATE A BRITAIN? You have such great ambition for us! A nuclear Britain, fighting an unending Bogus War Against Terrorism is what YOU are going to create, by the sounds of things, m8!

Compulsory - no child left behind

That would mean young people being expected to contribute at least 50 hours of community service by the age of 19. This will build on the platform provided by citizenship classes in schools.

Yes, but you won’t be teaching the UN Charter, or The Universal Declaration of Human Rights or The Universal Declaration of Children’s Rights, will you, you ugly fat twat! Which is a legal requirement of countries that have ratified the UN Charter, which the UK has done. Funny omission that one!

As we set out our manifesto for the next Parliament, we will consider the best way of achieving our 50-hour goal. By building from compulsory citizenship studies in the 14-16 curriculum, we can create an expectation of national youth community service.

Create an EXPECTATION? What about our expectation that you and your buddies won’t scam the system, even by legal means? Eh? Eh? What about YOUR responsibilities as a citizen, employed by us, the people, the taxpayers…to be honest, transparent? Your predecessors Tony Blair works part-time for UBS and JP Morgan Chase, both of whom are shedding jobs like an Oak in Autumn.

And we can take immediate steps in the next school year to boost national youth community service. This will give thousands more pupils the opportunity to participate in community service and many more school-leavers the opportunity to undertake full-time and part-time placements.

Martin Luther King once said that everyone could be great because everyone can serve. And with our younger generations more involved in their communities, we can build a stronger, more united Britain.

You take the words of Martin Luther King and mire them with your foulness. You twist his meaning, his image, his soul to suit your insipid greed based banker inspired vision. You, who pay-rolled the slaughter of 360,000 Iraqi children under the age of 15, you who is even now sending troops to Afghanistan, you who is responsible for holding over 2000 children in ‘preventive detention’ in order the stop their parents from ‘vanishing’ into the so-called immigrant communities! You nasty, bloated, gormless bankers friend, YOU WANT TO GIVE more pupils the opportunity to participate in community service? By Compulsion? A compulsion is not an opportunity, and you know it! It’s a sentence!

Well YOU , m8! Are a great ARSE, and you serve none but yourself and those who direct you - the likes of RBS, E-on, UBS, JP Morgan Chase, Bae and the Saudi princes…. You miserable, fat toad.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Teachers, Stress, a good income and compliance!

I woke up this morning with thoughts about the pressures teacher friends of mine had been living with. These thoughts were stimulated by a recent BBC Panorama expose on 'care' for the elderly and infirm, which showed 'carers' as being untrained, under pressure and cutting corners whilst earning just above the minimum wage. I was enraged that they'd continue to work under such circumstances, when they daily witness the distress this causes to their 'clients'. I wondered how they could justify continuing that work in that way. They could of course lay the blame at the foot of the organisations they worked for, but that is simply not good enough.

In the same way, those policemen who assaulted the climate camp bear individual and collective responsibility for the harm they have caused. No-one can argue with that.

And then this report came out in the media today :

More teachers 'suffer breakdowns'

Teachers' mental health is increasingly being put at risk by the pressures heaped on them during school time, union leaders said.

Now given the stresses that teachers experience AND the stresses they observe in the children in their 'care', all they can do is ask for more money? How dumb, how emotionally blind are these people? Why don't they strike to change the system? Do they feel that the income (average £25 grand a year) is worth all that stress, to themselves and the children? How stupid is that? How dumb? Very.

With regard to dumbed down people, one must understand what one is dealing with.

John Taylor Gattos work "The Underground History of American Education" and "Weapons of Mass Instruction" detail the historical processes behind the imposition of enforced schooling (compulsory state education) as the essential tool for the dumbing down the people, so that the Banking and Industrial owners could direct society and craft a predictable mass of people. His work is illuminating. Gatto went to the Archives of the great foundations and their acolytes and unearthed such pearls as the following :

“The primary purpose for government is to be a vehicle for the rich to get their hands into our pockets” Buckminster Fuller in Grunch of Giants

“The purpose of the foundation was to use the power of money, not to raise the level of education…, as was widely believed at the time, but to influence the direction of that education… The object was to use the classroom to teach attitudes that encourage people to be passive and submissive to their rulers. The goal was – and is – to create citizens who were educated enough for productive work under supervision but not enough to question authority or seek to rise above their class. True education was to be restricted to the sons and daughters if the elite. For the rest, it would be better to produce skilled workers with no particular aspirations other than to enjoy life.” - G Edward Griffin in The Creature from Jekyll Island, on Rockefeller’s General Education Board, founded 1903

“In our dream, we have limitless resources, and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our melding hands. The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good upon a grateful and responsive rural folk.” - from 1st occasional paper of General Education Board, The Country School of Tomorrow

The City Academies, Blairs baby, the one that cried "Education, Education, Education" is the first stage in handing our children over to private corporate interests, free of democratic or local oversight. For example, AEON, the Pentagons largest buildings management/ facilities contractor is managing 9 of these City Academies in London.

On a deeper psychological and personal level Alice Millers work 'The Roots of Violence in Child Rearing Practices" traces the history of how the elites infected the people with their own child-rearing practices, which were designed to ensure that those children who 'inherited' POWER would wield it without remorse. In essence they needed to ensure a certain level of emotional blindness in their children to ensure they would be as brutal and venally corruptible as they themselves were.

Her work explains why in Nazi Germany many 'good people' complied with the system of brutality and lived in denial of the reality, in much the same way the people of the UK have done with regard to Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

And it explains how 'good people' become compliant partners with Government in the dumbing down of our children.

'nuff said!


Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Permaculture and Food-Oil Dependency.

This is a great documentary on how permaculture can effectively replace current food production practices founded on agro-chemicals (the same chemicals that make explosives!) It is the story of Cuba's recovery from near collapse in the late 80s as the USSR imploded. The Cuban food production was dependent on imports from the USSR for agro-chemicals, industrial farming tools and oil.

Here's the direct link...

The effect of this on Cuba was akin to a decline in oil as a resource, a post-peak oil situation, one we are facing now.

Watch this video and be inspired, be very inspired. Growing food in communities has also other 'side effects' as people trade or exchange food and food growing tips.

In Robert Blums book "Rogue State" he writes about the United Nations and how it is controlled by the security council. That is to say controlled by China, UK, USA, USSR and France. The Nuclear Powers....

One example he gives, which is related to food, goes as follows.

The United Nations General Assembly had been hosting conferences and discussions centered on drafting a legally binding resolution determining food as a fundamental human right.

This resolution would have protected all those who live as hunter gatherers, or who live on land they grow food on as well as made it the responsibility of all governments to ensure that their populations were properly fed and had access to food.

The vast majority of the General Assembly was in favour of this draft resolution and in 1986 held a vote on the issue.

The USA and UK rejected this and veto'ed the resolution, after first offering instead their amendment which read that it was a human right to buy food. This would have allowed Governments to force people of the land, as long as they were given food aid or cash to buy foods (GMO soy, US pesticide rice, hormone laden milk and meat products etc etc).

The General Assembly decided that this was not acceptable, and ditched the entire project on food as a human right. And at the same time called for a profound change to the way the Security Council Veto works, claiming correctly that it's very presence was anti-democratic and thus runs counter to the principles and aims of the UN Charter. Which is true.

Now very few people know about this story. The world-wide mainstream media made sure it never received any attention.

Another pertinent fact is that by law, under the UN Charter, all ratifying member states have to teach their school children about the UN, about the legal status of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how the UN works. The reason being that informed people can make informed choices. Human Rights awareness was seen as a tool to thwart future totalitarian tendencies.

Very few of the Western Governments actually include this in their school curricula to the degree that students emerge from schooling with an understanding of the UN and how it works. None of those Governments who are the permanent members on the UN Security Council include these subjects as part of the school curricula.

The reason behind this failing is that people, if they knew the details, could be mobilised to make the changes required, not in the UN per se, but by electing parties or individuals to National Governments that would then make the drive to push for the changes required in the UN to make it truly democratic, and thus functional as an international legal body with the power to disarm nuclear powers and uphold human rights.

Something the UN Security Council Permanent Members wish to avoid at all costs!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Monday, 13 April 2009


While the issues raised by the policing tactics are of vital importance, and rightly should be discussed openly and honestly, what has NOT HAPPENED is the open and honest public discussion of the issues that brought the climate campers to the Carbon Trading Exchange in the first place.

In terms of how Government and Business works, that is 'mission accomplished'.

Silence on the key issues has been maintained.

The violence directed intentionally at the Climate Campers AND the issues they were there to highlight are inextricably linked.

Those issues are both about violence as a tool of 'policy' and as an instrument of 'business'..... the culture we have been born into is founded upon the rationalisation of and the justification of violence against all creatures that refuse to comply or cannot be tamed.

'The Government Hates'

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Friday, 10 April 2009

Fuedalsim, Capitalism, Socialism : all kackered - whats next?

A Guardian Article, entitled We need a bigger shift,

prompted me to write this. I like it. I thinks it's rather good.

A number of things spring to mind.

1. Top down organisation does not work for the majority.

2. Nature and children's learning are based upon self-organising systems. Our bodies are self-organising systems, as are forests, coral reefs etc etc.

3. Happiness is the only currency of a life worth living. Unhappiness is rife and on the increase. As evinced by the facts : 25% of Americans on anti-depressants, at least once in their lives. 20% in the UK. And rising. Even amongst children!

4. Ideologies can never deal with reality, because they are always an imposition upon reality.

5. Common-sense wisdom is under-rated in the current paradigm of top down management.

6. The Power Inquiry showed how 'ordinary' folk would, if given the chance, redesign democracy, at least as far as the UK is concerned, so that the grass roots (those who pay the bills, and foot the bill, so to speak) make the decisions and the civil service, serves, civilly. Or gets fired.

7. The future emerges from the behaviour of the present, in the same way the overall intelligence of an ant colony emerges from the behaviour of it's constituent ants. Day by day the little ants do their thing, and before ya know it there's a huge city, perfect in every way!

8. A sea change in our behaviour is required. One that is emergent, not dictated by 'experts', Utopians or 'leaderships'.

9. Ownership of society is properly innate to all of us.

10. Growing as much of your own food as possible, in yer own patch or collectively, is really, really healthy. And fun!

11. Mix that lot up, and lets see what transpires ( and perleeeeease! lets put down the WMD, shall we? They are soooo last century!)

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

G20 : What it means to me

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. or I must not fool myself, and I am the easiest person to fool!Justify Full

Here's my angry look at the 'whole picture', in no particular order :

1. Policy and Policing is 'Force Majeur' in the context of the incidents at G20. The following is offered in support of this contention.

2. Police have never been mandated, other than as lip service, with anything other than protecting the state. The 'peelers' were 'invented' to keep the streets of parts of London clear of beggars. Safe for the new emerging middle classes and their lordships.

They exist today because most people would not accept troops on our streets. This is historical fact. That some volunteeer for 'good' reasons eg to protect the public etc etc is merely a reflection in the quality and depth of conditioning in our society.

3.a. Police arrests following public incidents are notorious for bias, falsified evidence. I am Irish, I came over here in '79. I was treated like Islamic people are treated today. I was under surveillance. I was 'interviewed' by Special Branch. I was regularily insulted by English people. I was a 'paddy'. I was and am innocent of any indictable crime against the state.

The Majority of people arrested in the UK for Irish Bombing Campaigns in the 70s vand 80s were eventually released, not guilty! Quality policing at work! Yeah Right!

Most cases against so-called 'Islamic Fundamentalists' have failed. Why?

4. Thinking we have freedoms and comparing those freedoms to the brutality of Dictatorships (who for the most part are put in place by the same ECONOMIC POWER that controls our society - JP MORGAN = PINOCHET, UNITED FRUIT murdered ALLENDE, Standard OIL/BP and THE CIA placed Saddam Huissein in power etc ect) is part of the control system that we take on. Hook, line and sinker.

Ask yourself why is Tony Blair paid to 'advise' JP Morgan Chase and UBS, the largets Banks in the world, who are buying smaller banks at a rate of knots, with taxpayer money given to smaller Banks that have ' toxic assets' - ie: loans they owe to the likes of UBS and JP MOrgan Chase : What possible 'advice' could that craven man offer the worlds financial experts?

Why is Tony BLair a paid consultant to the Columbian Government of Uribe? What could he offer to a Policital leader, Uribe, whose hands are red with blood, the blood of campesinos, students and people who work at grass roots to oppose POWER.

5. 'Our' Police, the MET in particular, have at least four recorded cast iron requests to investigate the war crimes of the UK Cabinet, which they are deliberately blocking. Policy is Force Majeur. We are talking about the murder of millions of people, and the plundering of an entire nation, facillitated by OUR GOVERNMENT. And we pay the Governments bills. AND THE POLICE PROTECT THEM.

6. Following illegal orders is still a criminal act. Nuremberg. The International Criminal Court Act 2001 (England)

7. The Banking crisis is pure fraud. The same people have been revolving from Government to Banking/Finance and back again, undermining regulation, the lining their own pockets, allowing corrupt practices to flourish. Tony Blairs jobs for UBS and JP Morgan Chase are PAY-OFFS for following Instructions... These are not seperate events to the G20, but part and parcel. Google LIAR LOANS for a quick deconstruct of the so-called sub-prime crisis.

8. POLICY IS FORCE MAJEUR! And policing is the enforcement of policy, which ever way you look at it.

9, The South American peasants have managed to take back power in a few countries. Mostly peacefully. However, and this is the caveat, they were willing to stay on the streets, to campaign, to face down the troops and riot police, many died in the process, they continued in spite of the forces pitted against them, to build grass roots community from the poorest sectors of society upwards...

the South Americans are building their future upon the welfare of the poorest..... and upon a solid understanding of the forces ranged against their interests.... both of which are sadly lacking in the UK....

10. APPEALING TO POWER REAFFIRMS POWER. And thus far, the main public strategy of the mainstream campaign groups leadership has been to appeal. To petition. To follow the lead of the Intellectuals, the state sanctioned Scientists, the Media and the Politicians, rather than set the agenda, rather than start to build at grass roots the solutions - why wait for Government when you can build permaculture NOW - Climate Campers have taken successful direct action, and many are involved in grass roots work. Thats why they got hammered. They are winning the discussion! Thats why they got hammered at g20.

The RBS incident was a set-up. It set the condtitions for the hammering the Climate Camp peacefully edured. NOW THOSE ARE STRONG SOULS!

10.a Ask yourselves why have the largest mainstream campaigns largely ignored the poorest in England; they have avoided the Poor, (2 million families living in relative poverty in the UK) the Muslim community, (apart for the anti-war groups) the Black Community, The Sikh Community, The Christian Community, The Children in our Schools, the elders....... I may be wrong, but I see none of these constituent groups being involved deeply in policy making in these campaigns.

11. The only way to deal with power is to take it back, and we have mechanisms to do that, though only just...

Power is not a parlour game, it is a war. And since we don't have the weapons, nor do we have the stomach for violence (which is fine by me) then we must use intelligence, craft, guile and an unbelievable stubborness to retreive POWER as communities. And that means grass roots.

THE POLICE and THE ARMY are not GRASS ROOTS - they are the visible hand of force in this land, and anyone who misses that is either willfully ignoring the honest history of this land, or living in a fairie tale of their own making : neither of which will do anything for the future of our chidren, for which we are ALL RESPONSIBLE.

For those that want to understand the nature of that Force, of Agent Provocateurs, of resistance to grass roots changes by UK Governments and the depths to which they are prepared to go, please read EP Thompsons "The Making of The English Working Class".... without it you are blind. Or Geiorge Monbiots Captive State'... order them vis your local libraray, read them and leave them for othjers to find.

I am appalled at the willigness of so many of my contemporaries to watch media movies, to take jet-set holidays, seek healing, talk to their animal spirits, devote huge amounts of energy to 'spiritual practices' etc etc and NOT ENGAGE WITH A deep and PROFOUND analysis of the FACTS of our time, our history,

Comments I have heard time and time again indicate that most people seem to have very little detailed knowledge of what has been happening, and is happening, here and in places far away, that has been driven by our culture. None of this info is 'hidden'. If you wish to learn, its' all there.

It's not my job to do all that for anyone else. It is my role to share what I have learned and ask that YOU LOOK AT THE SHIT with me! If you don't I will not stop. Thats no longer an option available to me. I have children to think about! Many of us do.

It's almost as if many, many people DO NOT WANT TO LOOK SQUARELY at the harshest realities, in the hope that some alien or god or other will come along and sort it all out!


Only facing FACTS will bring any possibility of change. Because the FACTS drive action that works.


For those of you with a few quid to spare, I highly reccomend Naomi Kleins work " The Shock Doctrine!" just so you can catch up on the detail OF THE PROCESS UNDERWAY, .....away from 'conspiracy' theories and Alien Saviours heralded by ancient societies as discovered and interpreted by westerners who publish books that make one feel good and do nothing...... and begin to understand what is happening and what is rapidly becoming a toxic farce. 2012 my arse!

Her website is helpful :

in a word, shit or get off the pot, folks!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Saturday, 4 April 2009

G20 protests and leassons to learn

What we need to learn from the G20 demonstrations and the reality of POWER and how it induces violence…. to it’s own ends.

The leadership of all the campaigns have a tough nut to crack. And a severe weakness.

It is their willingness to continue to appeal to POWER to change (not going to happen), their love of the media circus, the big event with impressive speeches etc etc and their apparent unwillingness to go out and meet and work with the everyday folk of our society.

Those whose views and real concerns, whose issues are most often ignored to a large extent by mainstream media, and certainly by Government, local and national, and to share with these people the campaigns learning’s, aspirations and concerns, and to listen too; to work much more vigorously at the grassroots levels, as do the South Americans, away from the attention of media and ‘charidees‘ and big name NGOs, in housing estates, in deprived areas, in inner cities, in small town estates, and in the schools in these areas, to show people skills they can use to become self-reliant and independent, to grow food, to develope credit unions, local community organisations, to share skills that help one to live well on what little there is, thus to use perm culture, to use natural health care, to use co-counselling, to use conflict resolution and to help to heal the wounds of their brothers and sisters who for the most party are the volunteers in our Army, who have been sent under false pretences, by the elites, the managers, to kill other poor people, and so on, effectively to side step Local and National Government as it is and deal directly with the poorest people, who are the ones who bear the hardest burdens of all.

These people have the right, as well as the ability, given time, and resources, to do the research needed for any decision making process to be effective, to set the agenda for their areas, and to select candidates for local governance from their own communities, away from current partisan political structures.

The campaigns should focus on facilitating that right. On taking power back from the hierarchy, and devolving it to the local communities, who are intelligent, common-sense people of great heart, who are stereotyped in ALL MEDIA….

No longer can political parties or others such groupings be permitted to determine policy and then offer that - real people must determine policy, and then select those who will facilitate that policy. And have the right to oversight and recall procedures as and when necessary.

The campaigns must reach out too to all children and not attempt to condescendingly inform, but to listen. It is their future we are discussing here. Children have a deeper understanding of things and a far greater comprehension of reality than most adults would assume. Ye they have no real voicing that is heard.

The campaigns must reach out to the elderly, and also listen to these people for they are wisdom walking, if one would but listen.

The campaigns must start now, must deeply unite and must now start to build an effective alternative to the current status quo, away from the middle classes, the managers, the collar and ties, the media, etc etc…. to empower those who always bear the worst of it all, and they are many… and they are good people, strong people though much burdened…

The next big protest ought to be a huge sit-down protest, a gathering of thousands if not hundreds of thousands, if no tmillions of people willing to sit and do nothing other than sit, for an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year if necessary : thus a demonstration of the variance between people and POWER…… and it must include all the most deprived in our society, be extended to schools and all places where children are gathered, and be an expression of gentle, determined power.

And when those who will to violence appear, be they hotheads, police, military or agent provocateurs, they will be isolated by their actions, identifiable too, and exposed for the insecurity they truly represent.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Anarchism, Violence and pay-per-view porn

We are all well aware of the various dynamics of violence at protests and demonstrations, and of the current media hype aimed at inciting violence - any policeman reading the current crop of media bollox who will be in 'attendance' at the G20 protests will probably be feeling a little tense, shall we say.... and it struck me that actually, an anarchist is in essence against violence, apart from the possibility of defending oneself from attack.

To me, Anarchism means NOT TAKING POWER OVER ANOTHER, it is about sharing power and meditated violence is all about TAKING POWER OVER OTHERS..... holding onto power when threatened....

And those so-called 'anarchists', as described by the media, who prepare for violence, who provide maps of 'targets' and who issue instructions on 'clean mobiles' to 'avoid surveillance' and so on blah, blah, blah, are really either provocateurs or idiots. Whichever they are, their actions undermine the thrust and intention of protest and demonstrations.

Which is to engender the grass roots with the power to make decisions on issues that affect our lives. Which is basically sensible. Giving someone else money to make decisions on our behalf is basically stupid and naive. And that's what we do all the time. Even when those people are blatantly screwing us - MPs on 60 odd grand a year, plus 'expenses' which can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds ANNUALLY under the false justification that such 'remuneration' is required the attract the best minds (politicians are not the most shining examples of such qualities as the term 'best minds' are they?), not to mention the revolving door of employment in Corporations, Banks etc and the dodgy laws they create and their crass stupidity; as in the current Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, handing in a receipt for porn movies viewed by her husband - DUH! don't they LOOK at the expense sheets they submit? The devil is in the detail as they say...

Though I can understand the poor man being sexually frustrated.... who'd want to 'make love' to a Home Secretary...... eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeee! I seen her in Parliament wearing high heel fuck-me pumps........ gross...

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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