Thursday, 23 October 2008

Conspiracies and Fear

As regards 'conspiracies'.....

One of the things to take into consideration is that those who make profits, off of the backs of others who are directly harmed by the activity that generates the profits, are fundamentally psychologicaly unwell. Damaged goods.

Psychological Dysfunctionality tends towards unconscious and conscious defensive protective behaviour and justification of both- I know from personal experience and much study of the subject, as I was terribly insecure as a younger man, and spent a lot of time justifying my negatiove behaviours to anyone who would listen - and when you get a bunch of such people together their actions will appear to harmonise, without much need for secrecy orconspiracy.

If one looks at our culture of rulers, who are essentially the owners and hoarders of vast wealth, one can understand how they would create a dysfunctional system, that to others who are healthy, would appear like a conspiracy.

The strange thing is that these dysfunctional people actually use glorified and mystified names and structures to create the illusion of a conspiracy, fostering paranoia (which is debilitating for anyone truely interested in change for the better) and a deep sense of fear in those that might oppose them - as in the Illuminati et al., (i call them the gloominati) : the name being of latin origin, sounds BIG, has a certain cachet and then add in a mix of freemasonary and satanic (mumbo jumbo) rites and you have a pot boiler that sends many people into paroxysms of Fear.

The truth is more banal - greedy dysfunctional people are in control, and have designed the system often unconsciously as part of their defensive dysfunctional psychology, to filter out healthy people before they get any real power, or access (recall that article on the media filteration process), and multiply this phenomenom across all schools, companies, institutions, etc etc - you'll get the picture).

It will take an emerging healty functional humanity to take back the control at the grass roots level. And that emerging healthy humanity is on the move, outside the reach of the dysfunctionals. It is a question of time.

The dysfunctionals make sure that news of the healthy is kept under wraps - the media is awash with deadly pop psychology and ignores and suppresses anything grounded that opens things up a bit. But that does not mean they/we are not here. We are.

The voting electorate is shrinking year on year, and they keep the electoral hype up in order to give the impression that it is not. More make up!

There is a sort of a race between the emergent health and the dysfunctional control, a race the dysfunctional control can never really win. They simply have not got what it takes.

The dysfunctional control must ALWAYS exert huge amounts of energy supressing the healthy, for as soon as the pressure is off the healthy flourish. Weeds through concrete. They are running out of steam.

All we have to do is to keep on growing, learning, working out ways to avoid contributing to the system in a relaxed yet agile and effective manner. The system of control will fail. That is inevitable. Entropy.'

Hence my wanton optimism.

I survived a hellish childhood, throughout which many adults attempted to break me, at home and at school. I emerged a warped human being, and luckily by age 28 I somehow managed to realise my childhood was not normal or healthy, that there was something dysfunctional about me. At 28 I though I'd have it all sorted by 30! lol!

The work of healing has been really tough at times, nonetheless, the healing was inevitable for I met enlightened witnesses and they helped me access the powerful inner self healing mechanisms that I used to recover. Those self healing mechanisms are innate to all life. They cannot be destroyed, only diverted.

Our main task then task is to expose the diversions, and hold out a hand to those willing to do the work on themselves. And that will look like a conspiracy to the dysfunctionals!

We also have to do our level best to protect those who are in harms way, as best we can. Not so easy, yet unavoidable.

"when the going gets weird, the weird turn professional" Hunter S Thompson

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Monday, 20 October 2008

1968 and all that!

In 1968, there were riots in Universities, on the streets and in many young peoples hearts and minds, and many elders too : a change in the way people percieved their role in this culture of the work ethic, the war ethic, the religion ethic, the 'straight' ethic.

The student bodies that protested and campaigned learned from the civil rights movement. And in both it was the women who did the most organisational work, the most behind the scenes stuff that enabled the 'movement' to flourish and to survive the repeated attacks launched by the state and others.

Seeing this the psychologists working for the system decided to undermine women, indirectly, by crafting 'skinny' role models for young girls - Twiggy, Barbie et al. They understood that if a young women was in any way distracted by feeling inadequate due to her natural shape in comparison with the role model, that her energies would be sapped by that struggle to change her body, and that she would no longer be available or concerned with the organisation of a rebellion. She would be more concerned with 'attracting' a mate to prove her worth and power.

Of course boys were given the 'hero' tough guy, and sold the concept of a skinny girl with big breasts.

Such is the power of this conditioning, that today there is no real 'movement', there are no 'dangerous' University Students and Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Geroge Bush et al sleep soundly.

The so-called 'Stop The War Coalition' have no balls at all - if they had they would have called for a general strike to stop the UK involvement in the attacks upon Afghanistan and Iraq, and to give meaning to a protest against the US attacks and intentions.

There is no movement worthy of the name, none brave enough to risk a little to save the lives of children. Just people mortgaged to the hilt, sucking on the teat of the consumer sacred cow.....

Although if you travel to South America a different picture emerges - the peasants and indigenous peoples are carrying the struggle for freedom foward, day by day. And yes both men and women are intrinsic to that struggle, as are their children. These people really do care for their childrens welfare. They lack the conditioning that you and I have been subject to. We lack the clarity that they have.

It is time to awaken. Throw away the toxic make-up, lose any sense of image other than loving oneself the way one finds oneself, grow up and get real!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Core Crime upon which all others are founded...

The core crime against life is the indoctrination of children. The cure? Listening to children. Children know and will tell any adult preparde to truely listen, open hearted and open mindedly.

By listening, we adults who as children were not heard, and who have resigned ourselves to this in order to survive, can heal our own childhoods and gain insight to the unique natural individual that we, each of us, are.

And in doing so, only then do we realise why we must not harm another, not because it's a question of 'right' ot 'wrong', more because we sense the pain in our own being of that harm, and would never, ever knowingly inflict that upon any other. And should we unwittingly cause harm, then we would move to cease that as soon as we were made aware of it.

This is the innate childs sensitivity, and we are naturally adapted to live with such a sensitivity, for in that sensing we can interact and relate to the world as it really is as opposed to the world interpreted and constructed by faith, ideology or other paradigm.

This sensitivity is a form of intelligence that those who seek power over others fear the most.

Here is my song, "Expectations of every Child"

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Thursday, 9 October 2008

War, Nation States and People

With regard to Nation States, America et al, I like to make the distinction between the Institution known as a state, its apparatus and its servants and those people who just happen to be living in the areas claimed by any given state.

As in, America, the State, sent people known as American Soldiers (Servants of the State) to depose Saddam Hussein and the State Aparatus he represented to the area known as Iraq, uninvited by the people if that area.

Thus the American State, an Institution, toppled the Iraqi State, an Institution. Those who suffered the most (1.6 million dead, 4 million 'displaced' 27 Million traumatised) were not part of either Institution other than being born in either area and/or paying taxes to either Institution. An accident of birth, more or less, becomes the rod with which to beat them to a senseless pulp....

If one travels the world, one finds that PEOPLE, are pretty much the same at the grass roots levels, and that the Institutions of Power Over People are also very similar.

They are two separate entities, one controls and abuses the other.

Thus generalisations about nations (national identity, characteristics) are all about crafting and illusion of us/them, serve the rulers and divide the people...

Do not ever fall into the trap of thinking that YOUR Government is BETTER or WORSE than any other.... all are utterly corrupt. Every Government has hired, and directed KILLERS, be they assasins, mercenaries or serving military, to KILL others to protect their Interests.

Every Government TAKES wealth from people that properly belongs to people, and concentrates that wealth in the hands of a few.

Every Government forces all the children of the people into Education, which is merely indoctrination dressed up as learning. The Children of the Elites get their own schools. And a different learning experience.

Time to get real, folks and to drop all that does not truely serve us, even if it exposes us to an unknowable future - the known of our future at present is the sum of the depredation, degradation and insanity of our consumer war mongering culture, and well worth losing. Indeed it is an appallingly gross insult to the great gift that life truely is.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Nature Works : Logical Conclusions


There is within us all, an innate, cognitive intelligence that enables us to live in a direct and intelligent relationship with the biosphere. This intelligence is heart based, is the seat of all true learning and of love. Nature is unconditional love, and seeks no profit margin, for such is unconditionality - our future as much a sour present will depend upon our willingness to know ourselves from within as opposed to those definitions that we are subjected to by culture, by religion, by ideology or by abuse.

Nature uncorrupted provides all living creatures what is required for a life of vitality. We 'civilised' humans know nothing of the inner life of plants and animals - we do not speak their language and we have lost all empathy for those that share this life. Nonetheless the awareness is available, for it is innate in every cell.

Trust me, on this.

More importantly, Trust yourself!

Trust your cells, for they are your life.

Feel and sense the intelligence that is innate. Allow yourself to define yourself thus.

Peace and blessings of life to all.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Heart and accurate percepttion!

The core of our 'power' or inteeligence is in our ability to cognitively preceive or observe what is happening around us through our heart. The heart has a nucleus of brain cells, linked directly to the brain, and experimants in percpetion have proven that the heart 'sees' before the brain does.

The heart is a 'device' that 'gets' whether something is appropriate or not, no confusion. This is the best way to describe the accuracy of nature, for all creatures have a similar percetive quality. Those who have been disconnected from that perception are those who experience confusion.

The system of Compulsory State Education is designed to thwart that accurate perception. The teaching of 'romantics' in literature is part of that process. The heart is 'sentimentalised' and then compared to the 'rationale' of science, and of course in terms of 'profit and loss' is found wanting.

Thus pop songs, sloppy movies and novels focus on attachment rather than unconditional positive regard (which is what love is) and so the youth, and others, are misdirected. That is why Mills and Boon exists, and is at the core of much of what is called New Age. The same dynamic exists in 'evangelism', and it's similars.

The core of thinking independently revolves around generating thought from within, not in rehashing the thoughts of others. The heart starts the process, the brain follows it through to it's logical conclusion.

I have a song on the heart, which I will be uploading very soon.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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