Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Adult Psychological Distress and Physical Disease linked to abuse and mistreatment in childhood.

Here are four recent articles that show a direct causal link between child mistreatment and adult disease and distress, as 'discovered' by Scientists.....

‎1. Abused Children Appear Likely to Have Mental Disorders as Young Adults http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/07/100705190540.htm

2. Link Between Childhood Physical Abuse and Heart Disease

3. Child Sexual Abuse: A Risk Factor for Pregnancy, Study Finds

4. Disclosing Sexual Abuse Is Critical

This is all common sense, yet such is the myopia of Western Industrial Civilisation, that it requires some formal Scientific Proof..... doh!

This is merely the tip of the Iceberg..... Childhood mistreatment is a wide spectrum of behaviour, ranging from gentle manipulation and humiliation to outright protracted violence, and is evident in State and Private Education, State and Private Care, Parenting by adults who have not been able to resolve their own trauma, Religious Indoctrination, PE or Sports Education and Military Training.

These behaviours are in fact deeply EMBEDDED into the underlying psychology of Western Industrial Society and are at the roots of many of the problems we are all currently faced with. The unwillingness of The Vatican, The Canadian, US, Australian and British Governments to fully  acknowledge the historical and current abuse of Native First Peoples which is well documented and was formally legalised in many cases demonstrates that this is indeed the case. Why else would they avoid the truth?

There are NO GENETIC components for any of the above described links, other than if untreated, over time, those behaviours do re-write or alter genetics of entire populations. Studies of 'civilised' populations are thus wildly inaccurate in terms of describing Human Nature. They describe the conditioning, which is NOT natural, as it runs counter to the biology of the natural child.

And what is true is that for most of History these abuse and trauma patterns have not been treated or resolved. War after war after famine after collapse, which the Bible describes, and indeed is partly the seeding of such psychology, which our own Histories describe and no real healing, no full disclosure of the abusers; just the desire to cope which allows one to be manipulated. All of which is understandable enough.

Our Society mediates much abuse as 'normal', even desireable, and justifies it as the struggle for survival, the survival of the fittest, as the selfish gene, as competition, as the 'superiority' of white Europeans and their 'culture/religion' over native savages and their traditional ways.

Here's a paper written in 1975, that looked at hunter gatherer societies and PROVED that there is a direct link between childhood mistreatment and the emergence of a violent society, and that that mistreatment is ALWAYS mediated by Power and Hierarchy so as to maintain it's status. And it is in the minds of such people that the struggle for survival, the competition of the fittest, the selfish gene exists and not in Nature. And it is in their own interests that they promote such ideas.

I present these data to you to help explain the dynamic of abuse that we are faced with so as to enable an appropriate long term response to these problems.  

There is no need for Aliens, Reptiles, Demons, Satan or The Annuki to understand the genesis of such behaviour.

Here's how, in my understanding, it runs.

There are and have been communities of people on Earth, living within and emerging from the Natural Habitat. The majority of which have always been egalitarian, non-hierarchical, non-violent and stable over long, long periods of time. This is a biological reality. The human being, the mammal,the animal, is profoundly sensitive by nature, as in we inherently embody a sensory acuity that senses across a range of wavelengths of energy, and that due to it's subtlety and finesse enables us to read our habitat and all who dwell there with great accuracy so as to mediate our nurturing within nature. 

Some of few communities may well have experienced a trauma or extended series of traumas that they were unable, for what ever reason, to resolve internally, and so they adopted controlling patterns of behaviour that arise from the feelings of insecurity and pain that they were unable to resolve, that remain within, suppressed and internalised to the extent that they direct the thinking and externalisation of the need to exert that level of control. These patterns of behaviour are passed from generation to generation in what we now call trans-generational trauma patterning.

Add to that the tool making ability of the human being and one has the basic ingredients for an abusive hierarchically structure society that seeks to extend it's control through deveolping ever more advanced tools to enhance that control - from rocks and fists to swords and tasers, etc and of course psychological tools - religiosity as opposed to spirituality. A toxic mix indeed.

An abuser tends to condition those he or she abuses to accepting the status quo by manipulation - and those caught up in the abuse dynamic will accept that manipulation and their 'role' within the abuse system in order to survive... some will become apologists, some will try to 'reform', others will rebel and be scape-goated, others will simply disintegrate or go 'mad' with pain - and all will be manipulated by the abuser.

And so it is with Elite  Power and The Middle Classes - the poor and The Native Peoples are, of course, the scapegoats.

Understanding these dynamics, examining one's own experience for correlation and doing the hard work of resolving as best one can the issues that arise are the first steps in changing the system of abuse -  because one has to excise and resolve the systemic abuse dynamics and their effects from within oneself in order to be able to see it for what it is in the society one is born into or within which one lives - further steps require a confrontation with the abuser and the abuser system on our own terms as natural people (not theirs, not ever!) and that of course requires support from the entire community.

We have a way to go. So get on with it!

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Artificial Intelligence : Arrogance and Dominion

MY Body and MIND IS NATURE long before it was civilised, and now I am reclaiming my true biological identity... and intent!

The project to insert Artificial Intelligence INTO the human being is nothing less than a narcissistic fantasy akin to the immortality of Kings, the Inheritance of Power to Rule through Blood Lines and/or Criminal Alliances....

It is a rejection of the Natural Human Being and of Nature itself - Nature is what makes the human body, is it's Mother. The rejection of The Mother is only possible in children whose experience of The Mother is Toxic, whose natural empathy and intelligence is thwarted by external events mediated by the Psychology of the Society into which the child is born.

SO I made this short mash-up edit to comment on a recent documentary : Visions of The Future : The Intelligence Revolution : which is part of what I see as a DIRECT THREAT in the same way the George Bush threatened the entire world - "You are either with us or against us"......


And here's an alternative way of Natural Thinking demonstrated with beauty, with, elegance and verve!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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