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Two Poles of Society, everything in between, and how we got here..... and where next?

There are, in this brief outline, two poles, two ends of a spectrum of the kinds of societies of human beings that have emerged, with a wide spectrum of variation between the two.

For the purpose of this article, I will describe the poles as Egalitarian and Hierarchically Violent.

These are trends, characteristics rather specifics. History is littered with the specifics, and standing back from the present to look at the whole allows one to observe the patterns that emerge.

I am trying to get under the social institutional reality-as-it-is-ness, face value assumptions, to peer into its inner core, the bio-psycho-social mind of culture, if you will.

These two pages that follow are of a survey of behavioural characteristics of different modes of society - egalitarian at one end, hierarchically violent at the other. The rest of this essay is an exploration of what I think these comparisons reveal.

source :

These Societal variations are to a very large degree confirmed by evidence and research emerging from the sciences of Anthropology, Neurology, Neuro-Chemistry, Biology, History and Developmental Psychology.

To be more precise : there exists a spectrum of societal behavioural characteristics, from Egalitarian to Hierarchically Violent, expressed by different societies, in different times, locations and times, all over our Earth.

I will speak in present tense because the data emerging from known Aboriginal cultures still with us, c.350 million peoples in all, confirms much of what the vast bulk of first contact data consistently described in their meetings; societies that were apparently power balanced, non-hierarchical, peaceful peoples in the majority of  the recorded observations.

What has been found is that there was a wide range of social and organisational activity such that 'hunter gatherer' is no long considered a viable generic descriptive term for egalitarian societies.

There is evidence of formal and informal agricultural activity, as much as there is evidence of nomads, traders, season followers, herd/swarm/food followers, mixtures of all these and more, organised from small bands to large sedentary living groups.

The picture emerges of a diversity of language identity based social groups who thrived, and exchanged goods and words, who intermarried at the edges, and who were stable for millennia.

This not a picture of a struggle for survival.

That said, the first contacts also met a few openly hostile and some profoundly violent societies as well. It's not all a Garden of Eden out there.

The egalitarian society is the biological normal, the healthy normal for the  majority of our existence as a species.

The healthy society nurtures the whole, together .

The Healthy Society tends towards co-operation. These societies do not tell their children what to think or do, they do not use reward/punishment as a way to 'teach' children, and they tend towards less religiosity, more often expressing a sense of alive-ness in everything we the civilised always mistake for Spirituality, a sensitivity that is individually experienced.

These societies seem to understand or sense deeply, in a pre-verbal and verbalised manner, that the lived experience of each person, each being, is unique and each child is already a person to be trusted, and that trust of the innate natural intelligence of children results in adults who craft societies that are stable, happy and sustainable.

There are fewer rules required when innate empathy is functioning.

The healthy culture tend towards attachment parenting as the most natural and nurturing care of children. This is critical in developing the core biology of self regulation, awareness and mastery of one's emotions. They are able to deal with a wide variation of behaviours, for they give space to the diversity inherent in those variations. They tend towards non hierarchical communities.

Mothering is natural, and permeates the society, informing its wisdom and practices at every level, without being authoritarian, and yet holding authority. It is generally considered that being the birthers of the society, mothers, and their sisters, have a certain sense of nurturance that brings balance to their society, and that this is well understood. That is to say it is also a rational choice.

When they are faced with anger, frustration, misunderstanding etc within their own communities they tend towards conflict resolution. Healthy cultures tend to ritualise violence when the feelings run very high, as and when any issues arise, as a way to de-escalate and defuse.

However these kinds of societies are vulnerable. They have great difficulty in dealing with the other variation of society, (see below) because they are innately non-violent.

Of course it's all too easy for critics to claim it's simply 'noble savage' romanticism. It's not that at all.

We estimate that a total of 1 billion Australian Aboriginal people lived and died in the 60,000 years of their continued sustained healthy society. That's a lot of happiness.

At present there are about 350 million people of these pre-industrial societies alive, and much is being learned about their cultures from their point of view.

Among them are whole survivor nations, comprising many hundred of thousands of individuals, in families, clans groups, whose stories are being heard, perhaps for the first time, in the wider Euro-American conquest culture, and whose truth telling is blowing apart old comforts such as un-examined assumptions, false premises, historical lies, propaganda about savage and primitive societies and people....

Across the Euro-American culture the stories of abuse of native children, as part of a deliberate colonial cultural destruction project, emerging from within the State, under the operational control of the Catholic and Protestant Churches, is part of that story too.

Survivors are a potent voice, and must be listened to, and to be felt to have been heard and understood as part of a greater integration of the meaning of the lived experience.

And those peaceful cultures, they embody a lived natural logic, one that is purely crafted from the biology, the natural world with the human organism as one of its many expressions. 

It has to be recognised, not to be marketed. It's a question of heart. Empathy is the innate ability of any biological organism to 'read' or sense the elements within its habitat, the environment with some degree of accuracy.

The other pole, Hierarchically Violent.

When any Society endures a trauma, and is for whatever reason, unable to resolve or metabolise (process) the experience and their feelings about what took place, there is a strong tendency to engage in controlling behaviours which emerges, unconsciously, as a  coping mechanism, a survival strategy that becomes institutionalised over time.

Just the same dynamic can happen for a person, a family, an extended family....

This is one of the many learning’s that has emerged out of the survivor’s stories, their lived experience.

If unresolved, those behaviours will be passed on, through inter-generational trauma patterning.

Rapid Climate Change

There is evidence that correlates the emergence of hierarchy cultures around the timing of rapid climate shifts in different parts of Earth's habitats, and at different times.

This list of such events is of interest. Other trauma events could be Volcanoes, Earth Quakes, Floods and infectious diseases that harm entire groups.

What is also of equal interest to me is that we know that the Australian people's thrived for 66,000 years as egalitarian cultures, with 250 or more distinct language groups existing when the first Europeans arrived as an invasive culture. We know, from the genetic record, that they lived through at least two major rapid climate shifts without a major loss of population or a reduction in genetic diversity.

Indeed as the European conquest spread out across Earth's continents in the 1400s onwards, they met mostly egalitarian cultures which all suffered terribly from that contact. Pre-conquest cultures being largely peaceful, were and remain vulnerable, and it is not just down to technical prowess of weapons - it is more due to the willingness to deploy weapons against an entire people, often justified by Religious or Ideological bias and discrimination. 

Parents are not the problem.

Most certainly, it's not that the parents are malignant, it's that this is what can happen when a person, or a community, is traumatised; the controlling behaviour patterns acquired in a moment of trauma remain, the body systems remain in fight or flight reactive mode.

Thus the feelings of threat and need for security are passed on, because their children will have only that psychology of their parents to work with, and the parents are in truth not the problem - the social setting that blocks recovery is the larger problem.

The child will attempt to explore and express him or herself.  The natural desire to learn, the impulse to be part of the family ensures that.

If the parents attention is distracted, if the child's needs are not met, due to external stress, then that can set up insecurity in the child.

With the limited power at their disposal, a child can develop attention gaining behaviours, where the power disparity between adult and child is so great, and the relationship can become a hard battle of wills. Not every child responds or reacts exactly the same way. This is how unhappy children learn about life the hard way, beneath cognition. Day by day habituation.

Thus, at some stage, some time, somewhere it has happened that changing conditions affect the natural parenting processes within that culture or community such that the natural child mother bonding process begins to break down.

This is the driver; an emergent lack of empathy that will turn a community or society ever more hierarchical, rigid, rule based, punitive, and ultimately violent over generations.

A healthy society is traumatised, and unable to resolve the trauma, and enters into a collective cPTSD mode of survival.

In time that leads to hierarchy of power relationships normalised.

Being insecure, and building the repetition of that insecurity into the child rearing will lead to for example, the development of tools to enhance control, driven not by 'innovation' but by the 'need to control'. If it was the latter, that need being unconscious learned neuro-pathways, it would always want to expand.

To put it simply, a tool making animal that feels insecure will make tools to create a sense of security. That's the Nuclear bomb in a nutshell. It's also the basis for the current economic system.

There are those societies that do not trust the innate intelligence of children, and the adults, who themselves were dominated as children and therefore 'adjusted' to that society, seek to control or dominate their children so as to 'form' them in their own image as extensions of themselves.

Children are seen as extensions of the adults, and are often treated as possessions. These kinds of societies are typified by a lack of empathy, a justification for coercion and violence and a generalised emotional blindness. They tend towards rigid structured hierarchies. They tend towards religiosity. They tend towards competition.

They tend towards hoarding great wealth and building huge structures to reflect their sense of power. They tend to fear nature, and seek to dominate nature. They actively suppress any children whose innate intelligence resists that domination. These societies are trauma based, in that they are unable to metabolise their trauma and thus the PTSD is transmitted from generation to generation. This is the unresolved trauma society. This kind of society is the current dominant society, because they have been willing to cause harm to build and expand.

What is happening now, and has been brewing for a long, long time (well over due and absolutely critical NOW!) and what this piece is a small part of, is a recognition that these two streams or variants (and of course there's a wide spectrum between both these stereotypical descriptions) of human society have their roots in child 'rearing' practices within a given Society.

As such there are neither good nor evil forces, but rather the outcomes of unresolved trauma. And there are some very evil people. They must be confronted. By all those who are not.

We can choose, firstly as individuals, then as communities, and beyond, to work through the trauma, to metabolise those experiences, and, by locating attachment parenting at the centre of societies response abilities,  by having the natural wisdom of mothering inform society, as one of it's pillars, to build a future for all children, one that is a co-operative effort, engaged in without the need for excessive control, or we can choose to ignore the unresolved trauma and continue as we are, with more wars, more harm to the environment, and more excessive control being exercised over people and habitat and all that dwell there. And those who are vulnerable will go to the wall. That is inevitable.

Those who choose the later path will manipulate everything and anything the can to stay on that path.

It has to be understood that Nature is absolutely founded on co-operation, that the twin concepts of 'survival of the fittest' and 'competition for resources' are projections of the Dominant Culture's psychology and perspective, the viewpoint of society gazing upon Nature, which is easily carried off as we can see that all living beings eat; plants eat sunlight and raw materials and metabolise them into new materials that other living beings also eat, and many animals eat other animals; yet nor single 'predator' eats the entirety of the 'prey species; in fact most species live full lives, into maturity. Predators function in ways that work to ensure the continuation of their prey species in thriving numbers.

There are natural boundaries in all natural relationships. They are best observed.

In nature the core biological function, in terms of effects, that is to say, the actualised material results of natural living processes, of all living beings, is to improve the habitat for all life, each by being their natural selves. Sometimes that means changing, learning, evolving. Those societies who trust their children's innate nature are closest to the biological function I have described. The return of nutrient to the habitat as a fundamental material reality. They nurture their nature.

Everything I have written is factual, supported by Scientific Evidence across a range of disciplines. Not to mention experience and feeling, which Scientists and Ideologues all too often refuse to admit as data.

It is also crucial to understand that the damage to the developing brain of a human being, the natural child, that occurs in dysfunctional child rearing practices, be they subtle or gross, can be very long lasting as they can hard wire that brain for 'survival' in an near permanent anxious state, the state a child so treated grows into.

This damage can, with care and support,  in most cases be attenuated. There are known pathways towards recovery for survivors.

Obviously, it's a better option to avoid causing the damage in the first place.  But we're not there, we're here. That leads me to identify two tasks.

Stop the abuse, help the survivor to honestly metabolise the experience.

The first might well occur across society, silently, as we as people learn to understand the trauma-society dynamic in ways we can test, verify and articulate.

As we step away from Power Relationships, we will inhibit the psychology of power relationships at home. We will decolonise in our hearts and minds, our bodies, our streets, amongst our neighbours, long before we permeate the power structures of the Dominant Culture. We have to.

We have to, because we must be clear that we cannot allow any co-opting influence succeed.

Much of the learning is coming from survivors, and whole survivor communities, survivor societies (of these many generations) and from many the independent academic researchers in a wide range of the sciences.

Survivors speak up, not out of a desire for revenge, but to see that the abuse does not continue; we know it continues because of the missing information; what lay behind our silence for so many years is now being told, now that our chains of shame, fear , confusion, loathing are disintegrating.

We know this: it will take whatever it takes.

Please do some researchm  check what I cite as evidence, and check that my take on that evidence and it's meaning is accurate, or an error, and do so for yourselves...

Kindest regards


Thank you for reading this blog.

"Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

ACE Study : health outcomes and child abuse

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study is a major research study that compares current adult health status to childhood experiences decades earlier.

It is one of the largest studies of it's kind, and it has brought new startling evidence to the table, with regard to a number of inter-related issues. 

This is the core of the fire underneath a large smoke cloud. This is about root causes.

The study reveals, as it is ongoing, that there is a direct linkage between the number of incidences of adverse early childhood experiences and the development of health related issues, risk behaviours and pathologies that emerge over 50 years later. The data is so clear, as to be able to show that much risk behaviour (smoking, addiction, obesity, self-harm, suicide) could be described as a form of self-medication, albeit ones with serious risks in the future, that seeks to manage unresolved the feelings associated with adverse childhood experiences.

"A striking finding was that adverse childhood experiences are vastly more common than recognized or acknowledged. Of equal importance was our observation that they had a powerful correlation to adult health a half-century later. It is this combination that makes them so important."

The study found that within middle class society, fromwhich it drew it's first data from, the incidence of child abuse is at least one in four. The study demonstrates that the more abuse is encountered in a childs life, the more the risks of disease and risk behaviour will manifest, and that there is a perfect curve in all the comparisons that described this relationship  throughout.

Figure1. Graph shows relation between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Score and smoking status.

The ACE score is based on zero adverse childhood experiences, 1 adverse childhood experiences,2 etc etc... Thus the relationship between the levels of ACE's and health outcome are clear.

Figure 3. Graph shows relation between ACE Score and illicit use of injected drugs.

This has very serious implications, for Health Services, Social Services and Society in general.

"Intravenous drug use is a major public health problem. In spite of massive efforts to curtail it, little progress has been made. We found that IV drug use may properly be viewed as a personal solution to problems that are well concealed by social niceties and convention. For example, a male child with an ACE score of 6 has a 4600% increase in the likelihood of later using intravenous drugs. This relation to adverse childhood experiences is powerful and is graded at every step; it provides a perfect dose-response curve; and epidemiologically, these outcomes are nearly unique in magnitude."


"Beyond these few illustrations, we found many other measures of adult health to have a strong, graded relation to what happened in childhood: hepatitis, heart disease, fractures, diabetes, obesity, alcoholism, occupational health, and job performance. These findings are detailed in the original and subsequent articles and will further be reported in publications of the yet-to-be-analyzed prospective arm of the ACE Study. " 


"The findings ........ provide remarkable insight into how we become what we are as individuals and as a nation. The ACE Study reveals a powerful relation between our emotional experiences as children and our adult emotional health, physical health, and major causes of mortality in the United States. Moreover, the time factors in the study make it clear that time does not heal some of the adverse experiences we found so common in the childhoods of a large population of middle-aged, middle-class Americans. One doesn't 'just get over' some things."

The ACE Study shows clearly that a number of key issues must be addressed.

1. The current paradigm set out for Health Care needs to undergo a rapid transformation, in that it must address the roots of disease, and not merely the emergent symptoms. All those working within Health Care must actively enhage within Society as a powerful lobby for that change, and not wait for instructions on the matter, advice from 'think-tanks' or any other consultative 'Authority'. Get on with it!

2. Social Services and Politcans, Media and others with voices in Society must address their current overtly judgemental and hopelessly aggressive approach to 'management' of risk behaviours that emerge from within any given population or community. It's not the individuals fault. And it's not that there is something intrinsically wrong with the distressed indivdual. There are issues with the Society itself, with regard to illegitimate power of many operators to influence the situation of peoples lives at a distance, and adversely, and they must be dealt with.

3. Society must address the incidence, that is to say, the frequency of Adverse Childhood Experiences across the entire Society, and identify all those social factors that give rise to intergenerational trauma patterning such as deprivation, poverty, institutional racism, war and so on.

4. Survivors must be respected, and given the space to talk about their experiences. It is the silence, and the discomfort of those who find it 'difficult' to face the truths, that traps survivors, far more than their own discomfort at their own lived experiences. This respect must be visible throughout Society. 

5. Survivors, by telling their stories, release themselves from the binds of silence, and are free to grow again - though that said, it has to be recognised that 'getting over it' is about the practicality of living or of being cared for as best one can by Society, Community, Family. And it's not always easy.

"This is not a comfortable diagnostic formulation; it points out that our attention is comfortably focused on tertiary consequences far downstream. The diagnosis shows that the primary issues are well protected by social convention and taboo and points out that we have limited ourselves to the smallest part of the problem: the part where we are comfortable as mere prescribers of medication. Which diagnostic choice shall we make? Who shall make it? And if not now, when?" 

That taboo must be utterly broken.  The matter must be addressed in public, and in private, where appropriate, at all levels. 

Kindest regards


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Monday, 25 October 2010

Huge areas of woodland to be sold by government

Headlines this weekend :  Forests for sale by UK Government!

Ian Duncan Smiths comments on the utility of buses, with regard to seeking gainful employment in an economy he and his colleagues are decimating!

Hang on a second! This is nuts!

Who caused  the major 'economic' problems?

The Bankers and The Economists and The Politicians, that's who.They MAKE policy. They see that it is enforced. Gold Command.

Oridnary Taxpayers did nothing other than live within the system the three Pillocks of Society built. Most of us are so not within the command structure. If we had a command colour it would be transparent. Null.

Yet the Ordinary Taxpayers are now being asked to watch whilst the very poorest, the long-term unemployed, the vulnerable elderly, the distressed, the unwell .... (all of whom pay quite a few taxes, apart from income tax, by virtue of their spending the most if not all of their 'benefits' back into the economy), are beaten into oblivion.

So who ought to pay?

I say transfer all Crown Land, Heritage Land and Private Estates immediately to the stewardship of The People, knowing as we do, as now accepted by virtue of the masses of peer reveiwed Science that proves the case, that permaculture, forest gardening and smallholdings can work better with the land than industrial farming, large estates or the few allottments that remain because those processes build in the fecundity of the soil and biota, year on year. Urban allottments ought to be an absolute priority.

It would also mean decent work for many millions of people, (and there would be many takers of the opportunity to decamp the cities) and not least the long-term strategic security of a more natural local based food cycle that is not damaging the habitat.

What's not to like about this? Long-erm employment for millions of happy people, happier children, long-term food security strategy all rolled up in one?

The fact that it cannot be done overnight ought not be seen as grounds for any objection. We could start now.

However none of this would benefit the 'economy of the bankers'. It is their 'economy'. The own it and they run it. The Ordinary Taxpayer is simply forced, by birth and circumstance, to live within in it.

Gross National Happiness is an irrelevance in State which has the dubious honour of hosting the unhappiest childhood experience of any 'developed' Nation. And is doing what it is doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. These are not happiness creation programmes.

I say make the Bankers, Politicans and Economists personally liable for the itent and consequences of their decisions. I say intent, because in nature, results always indicate intent.

The poorest, most vulnerable folk in the UK are being targetted. By those who have most responsibility for the situation. Who will pay far, far less, in terms of relative wealth and in terms of stressing conditions imposed by the cuts to public services.

And they are ignoring the DATA regarding the environment, farming and stewardship.

Both acts are abusive, and criminal.

This cannot stand. 

And sometimes one has to somehow laugh at it all, to thwart the Bankers, Politicians and Economist dubious claims on intelligence. Or even common sense. These are partners, they go hand in hand. Though not whilst walking down Wall Street! Nor do they entwine themselves in the corridors of power. Clever is not neccessarily intelligent. It's cleverness that allows the environment to be degraded to the extent it has thus far. Criminal cleverness. Utter stupidity!

Unlike that old saying by George Carlin 'MILITARY INTELLIGENCE - two mutually exclusive words!" which is to say intelligence without common-sense empathy is lethal. - George Carlin, Who owns Society?

and - Corneilius, Bears don't shit in the woods no more.

And after the laughter, comes resolve and action....

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Nurture the Nature : genes will respond

A baby in utero who is exposed to stress develops his or her hind brain more than his or her fore brain. The fore brain is the neo-cortex which deals with intelligence, perception and creativity, the hind brain deals with physicality, defence and stress situations. Thus the stressed baby emerges prepared for a stressed (violent) environment and the relaxed baby emerges ready for a relaxed (empathetic) environment.

These factors are compounded by life learning; thus adverse conditioning or adverse childhood experience(s) can increase the tendency towards violent and controlling behaviours, which are often the symptoms of brain damage caused by those experiences; and empathetic nurturing increases the tendency towards peaceful egalitarian non-controlling behaviours, as the child’s brain is nurtured according to it’s nature.

Babies in utero develop touch and volitional movement by 7 weeks, light sensitivity at 10 weeks, (even though the eyes are not fully developed until 26 weeks), sensitivity to pain at 12 weeks, taste at 14 weeks, hearing at 16 weeks (even though the ear is not fully developed until 24 weeks), and spend more time in dream state at 30 weeks than in awake state, awareness and response to the language of the mother is evident at 25 weeks.

* Consciousness at birth: The range of empirical evidence (1983/1987). In Thomas Verny (Ed.), Pre- & perinatal psychology: An introduction (pp. 69-90). New York: Human Sciences Press.

Evidence of birth memories indicate full cognitive abilities at birth, equivalent to an adults abilities...

What is also known and well understood is that the environmental conditions act so as to switch gene expression on or off and indeed 'writes' new genetics, which may then be passed on….another way to say this is that genes are responsive, though it's the RNA which initates the 'writing' of or 'ateration' new genes. There is an interplay between the structual instruction sets and the environment, and they affect each other.

The tendency towards obesity evident in the current epidemic of obesity arose first out of a generation of people who ate fast foods, processed foods, were exposed to toxic chemicals and who have experienced various societal stressors such as trans-generational trauma which is directly correlated to symptoms of distress (“it’s my wall of protection” or “life is shorter” given as felt explanations of their obesity by obese people) and we now see obesity emerging in very young children.

Whilst there are genes that are 'related' to the incidence of obesity, it is the environmental experiential conditions that cause their expression in the first place. And those conditions are man-made with regard to obesity and many other health issues….

Seeking or promoting a ‘cure’ with first dealing with the environmental issues is a way of protecting the creators of those environmental conditions and of blaming those who become obsese, addicted, distressed as a result of those conditions. The 'cure' is aimed at the symptoms of the person distress, not at the conditions that give rise to that persons distress in the first place.

And it is the lack of prevention, implicit in the marketing of those toxic processed sweets and 'foods' precisely directed at those communities that experience most deprivation, and thus distress, that brings that tendency or genetic environmental reponse into material reality.

Essentialy, a massive act of control-freakery. Industrial civilisation tends towards the more violent controlling behaviours common to, if not essential to, Power Relationships.

To change the trajectory of the dominant civilisation, we have to treat ourselves and our children with far more empathy, detailed empathy, from conception onwards... to create the conditions that will support an emerging Empathic Society we have to examine Power Relationships carefully and make changes. And then we must continue, day by day, to build in the genetics of that natural empathy, in the path towards natural sustainability for all life on Earth.

Here's a classic example of the environmental factors being downgraded in importance, compared to genetic factors. They barely mention the fact that economic deprivation, cultural derpivation are often INTENSE as environmental operators, or signals capable of affecting the genes themselves, as much as the day to day behaviour - and they omit the knowledge that brain damage caused by trauma, adverse childhood experiences, toxic chemicals; thus slanting the focus on the genes.

Much of the info regarding a babies consciousness comes from the research of David Chamberlain :

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

There is a world of difference between Religiosity and Spirituality.

The roots of that divide are to be found in the ways in which natural child-mother bonding processes, which are biologically determined, are either nurtured or not.

The research of James Prescott, Phd back in the 70s into primate mother-child bonding and the emergence of violence indicated to some degree the dynamics of this.

However, the research he carried out on primates was not possible for human beings - separating a child from his or her mother and providing a surrogate for 'experimental' purposes was correctly seen as 'unethical' - though Social Services and Hospital Protocol dictate that this separation does indeed occur, and with alarming frequency... how else is a circumcision to be carried out (60% of males born in the US are circumcised....)

So Prescott decided he'd do the next best thing and started a cross cultural survey of all known Aboriginal Societies to see if there was any patterns that could be observed that would suggest that his learnings with primates applied to human beings.


Absolute proof, statistically solid, that the ways in which the child-mother bond are nurtured or not are an rock solid indicator of the emergence of violence, hierarchy, sexual repression, rigid gender roles, territorialism and religiosity.

The facts are that when the needs of the natural child for healthy development are not met, when natural empathic nurturance is not fully functioning, abuse flows as a direct result.

"David  Smail correctly points out, in his book The Nature of Unhappiness, that psychological theories rarely move beyond the power exerted within the family - where by the oedipal child or the tyrannical parent - and generally fail to see the importance of wider social structures. He widens the ‘power horizon’ to include the effects of politics, culture and class on personal relations, and the impact of ideology on family life and education.

If emotional and psychological distress is brought about by social and environmental powers which originate at some distance from those ultimately subjected to them, then it follows that the best therapy comes in the form of political, ethical and ideological change. We need to move beyond the microenvironment of the therapeutic space, and through our interaction with patients provide three essential things: comfort, through proximal solidarity; clarification, to undo the mystifications of power, by helping patients to remember, see and say; and encouragement to physically and materially alter their position in the world."

 from a review by Christopher Dowrick, Professor of Primary Medical Care, University of Liverpool,

Furthermore, the research carried out by David Chamberlain, Joseph Chilton Pearce and many others into developmental neuroscience with regard to peri-natal experience, birth experience and the first years of a childs life absolutely support Prescotts insights.

Religion wears the mask of empathy, yet demonstrates time and time again a complete lack of empathy.The same applies to much of Social Services and Governance.

It's  BELIEF that is imposed externally, whereas true empathy emerges from within.

It is indoctrination that typifies Schooling and much of University 'Education'. Whereas true learning emerges from unfettered and honest exploration of the world we live in.

We need no more Religion, no more belief.

We need, we are desperately crying out for EMPATHY.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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On Big Business

A letter from Big Business urging George Osborne owards with the 'cuts'.

To all those who claim big business generates the taxes that the Government spends... WRONG.

Who buys the products with built in obselesence?

We do, consumers, families, on the pittance Big Business throws our way in compensation. Because we have no choice, as durable goods that last for many years are rare.

Who exposes their children to scientifically applied 'nagging' marketing?

We do, because there is no alternative. Big Business has seized all public space for it's propaganda. And is busily finding 'creative' ways to invade private space as well.

Who takes a slice of every transaction between food producers and our tables?

Big Business: through it's myriad of subsidiaries and shell companies.

Who makes processed foods that are a root cause of about 80% of degenerative disease, which costs the Health systems of all State so many billions - much of which is profit for those Big Business suppliers to State Health Systems..

Big Pharming. The simple and ugly elegance of this particular scam was outlined in some detail by Anne and Harvey Diamond in the early 80s in their soft-cover 'Fit for Life'. The data on this is now vast!

Who makes a profit out of 'care' and most often gets it badly wrong?

Private Care Homes. Who were foisted on our elderly, under the impression that private enterprise would upgrade the lived experience - well, Gerry Robinsons programme on that very subject last winter made it really clear that is NOT the case. And the Government chimed in with a policy that demanded that the elderly sell up and move into these homes (to fund the programme, thus converting their homes into someone elses profit)

Big Business functions to convert 'resources' into profits - the means to do this are the  sale opf mostly useless products and services, (80% of all consumer goods inthe USA are placed in a bin within 6 months of use - The Story of Stuff : ) and they are a morbid compensation offered to the majority in teturn for their toil in work that is not for their own benefit, and often not at all satisfying, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually.

The lack of adequate analysis and empathy in those who blow the trumprt of commerce is equal to those who blow the trumpet of what passes for corrupted Governance as we know it, be it centre, right or left - which is fundamentally the legalistic contractual licensing of Big Business to do as it will and earn those amassed profits at the expense of all but themselves, and the illegitimisation of any one who dissents and or provides an alternative vision of Society, and of course, with the added topping of  exercising that nasty urge to take an good hard kick at the under-dogs, the very much less well-off, the vulnerable, the damaged.

The unwillignness of Big Business and or Governance to honestly enagage with those alternatives in an open discourse on the best possible future for all our children belies the strength of their logic, practice and propaganda.

The truth is in this Society the many work for the opulence of the few, and the poor, damaged and vulnerable are fair game in the war to preserve comfort over dignity.

Big Bollocs! more like it. One has to have BIG BALLS of some kind to write such a letter under such circumstances where the people's debt is due to in large partt Government borrowing money from Banks to bail-out Banks, for conducting long term policies that have made nearly all people into debtors, finally stooping so low as to offer 'credit' to poor people in crap housing to buy the house and 'do it up', and than claiming that Society (apart from big business) and Nature must pay the costs, whilst the bankers suggest the price!

It's almost as good a con as the "God Loves you and HE NEEDS YOUR MONEY!" scam.

That both are frankly unbelievable is borne out by the formers imposition of it's creeds upon small defenceless chidlren, and in the latter case, by the walled enclaves and hired guns euphemistaclly called 'security contractors' of the super rich (Monsanto now OWNS  a good proportion of Xe, which was formerly known as Blackwater) and the existence of poverty itself.

Here's George Monbiots article on the list of quangos the media DID NOT Examine....

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Saturday, 16 October 2010

On Human 'Rights'.

The concept of 'human rights' has a serious flaw, in that 'rights' are granted, by some form of authority, and equally can be withdrawn, or altered in definition, as we see. This flaw leads to and emerges from an acceptance of Authority, a percieved need for Hierarchy, which has no correlate in the Natural World which we are, biologically speaking, an expression of.

Culture and Biology are very different, with this in mind: The core biological functioning of every living cell is to improve the habitat for all life. This is easily observed in the wild. That same fundmental applies to us as bio-logical organisms.

It is therefore more appropriate to speak of innate and natural expectations that if fulfilled, lead to optimum health, not only fot the organism, but for the entire habitat. Air to lungs, food to the belly, light to eyes, EMF singlas to tiny cells rigged for perception in that manner, faeces to ground and to bacterial breakdown into metabolised nutrients.

Being innate and intrinsic, they cannot be granted, but simply recognised and responded to appropriately, so as to improve the habitat for all life. Or not. They cannot be denied, simply obstructed. They are ever present, even in the moment of darkest oppression.

Being a biological imperative, they operate from the grass roots UPWARDS, and in reality, all directions, as Nature is a non-linear living process.

One the fundamental of this is recognised, and integrated, a different discourse regarding the welfare of people and plant must arise.

It is one long overdue.

As for human conflict being inevitable, it is not. Choice is always present. Informed choice is a distinct possibility.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Freedom and Response Ability

The ability to respond appropriately so as to enhance the living environment for all life is not a burden; if anything it is a liberation! 


 It is also a biological imperative, and it absolutely inhere's to all natural living processes.


The responsibilty of those who refuse to do so, to respond apropriately, for whatever reason, is indeed a burden. 


Hence the denial. Hence the ultimate futility of that denial, for it is a prison of one's own making. 


In a world of many prisons, that is the one most tractable, the easiest to escape. 


Make your way to freedom.


Let ruthless self-honesty be your chain breaker. 


Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Institutional ‘care’ is abusive in it’s current form : that is the reality.

Institutional ‘care’ is abusive in it’s current form : that is the reality.

Workers within State, Church, and within Private Care systems (which are businesses first and foremost) know this. Most ignore it, and carry on doing their job. These are tough times, and there are tougher times ahead. It is true that this work is not easy, yet it is also true that the Institutional Systems do NOT make that workk any easier, for patients or the workers.

Top heavy with Administrative Management, driven by 19th Century perspectives and attitudes towards psychological distress, those who ‘receive’ that care know it too. And they frequently tell those who are ‘caring for them’ this. - Gerry Robinson on Elderly Care Homes - one story of a boy called Conor

The management and workers, for the most part, take this is further ‘evidence’ of the ‘illness’ of those in their care. How dare they criticise those whose daily work is to take ‘care’ of them, this, of course, drives the ‘clients’ into further depths of retreat from the world around them.

Billions of Pounds. Dollars, Euros, Yen and Rupees are spent every year on these systems of care, and a large percentage of those funds are taken off as profits by the suppliers to this vast Industry.

The ward workers, that is those who ‘work’ with the patients, the recipients of care, are typically the least trained and the least well paid.

Those with ‘careers’ with the care systems are psychologically trained as ‘teams’ of mutually supportive people engaged in a difficult yet necessary job; and the fundamental rule of the team is to support the team. Always support the team. Only constructive criticism is allowed. This is what they are taught from day one.

Critical analysis is impossible in such an environment that does not take the criticisms of those who are receiving the care provided.

This translates into being told that any critical analysis that might arise from within the team, no matter how well explained or justified, is ‘negative’ in that it is not supporting the team. “You are being negative. You are breaking the team!”

“Whose side are you on?”

No mention of the non-team on the other non-side, the recipients of the ‘care’ the ‘team’ is supposedly ‘providing’. No real advocacy for those real human beings, as vulnerable people in an invulnerable system.

No mention of the now widely known and well understood dynamics of intergenerational distress and abuse that lead to severe breakdowns of a persons psyche. No mention of the feelings and sensing’s of those who are so troubled by these dynamics, through no fault of their own, and who do not ‘fit in’, who give the lie to the illusion of Society and it’s assumed beneficence.

Psychological Distress is not a life choice.

Blame is not an appropriate word to assign to those whose natural response ability has, for whatever reason, broken down. Control is not an appropriate response to the presence of people whose psychological distress is evident.

Lacking in real empathy, administering more control than care, the systems of ‘care’ as they currently exist are in reality a deepening of the abuse dynamics that led to the psychological distress in the first place.

And the massive and widespread denial of these facts is akin to the actions and mind-set of The Vatican, as it avoids any calls for true empathic response ability, with regard to the many hundreds of thousands of children who have been abused whilst in it’s ‘care’.

Kindest regards


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Friday, 15 October 2010

Media Miss the Point, Again...... this is infuriating!

 A head line for October 14 2010  :

Tax investigation could land Pope with €8bn bill
European Commission to investigate exemption allowing the Vatican to avoid paying £2bn a year levy on 100,000 properties
By Michael Day in Milan

"The development is the latest blow to an institution that has been rocked by an annus horribilis following the global clerical paedophilia scandal that broke earlier this year, and investigations into money laundering."

What is wrong with the media?

For 20 years or more Survivors of Church abuse have been bringing their stories as EVIDENCE not only of the abuse, but of the cover-up of the abuse and the active protection of abuser priests from public scrutiny and prosecution. For 20 years an more, Survivors have suffered delays, obstruction, mis-understanding, fear and resistance to the truth from almost every quarter.


What an utter falsehood! This 'story' broke many, many years ago!

Consistently, it is NOT survivors who write these articles, it is NOT Survivors whose opinions and insights are sought after, it is not Survivors who are asked for ideas on the possible resolution, it is not Survivors who are asked for their insights into how Power Relationships operate within the Society they were, unfortunately for them, born into.

The not so silent Survivors have no real voice in the media.

Why? What possible excuse or rationalisation is there for that abscence?

It is bad enough that the EU sees fit to 'probe' into the Taxation Status of The Vatican, yet has not launched a 'probe' into the endemic problem of the mistreatment and abuse of children in the 'care' of The Church; but that no-one inthe media no-one comments sensibly on this glaring omission is frankly unforgiveable, and represents an appaling abdication of mature response ability!

It speaks of a clear and widespread lack of empathy for Survivors and a profund mis-understanding of the nature of the problem, or worse. .....

An attempt to avoid facing this problem square on, for whatever reasons, abandons Survivors, abandons current victims and indictes the media as much as the The Vatican, the protectors of the abuser priests themselves.


Let Survivors tell their stories, for they HAVE survived, and they are many, and their paths to resolution, in as much as it has been possible, within their own lives are each a unique struggle for liberation, a font of lived wisdom.

Without their wisdom, you KNOW NOTHING!

And finally, to compare the Popes current problems with those of the Queen in recent years is ludicrous; yet there is dark mirth in it all....

Anus Horribilus!


Kindest regards 


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Ceremony of Expulsion and Cleansing

 This is the text of the Ceremony held outside Westminster Cathedral on 10-10-10 in London.

All actions are seeds, seeding the future, all actions have consequences that cannot be avoided, all actions are choices made. Make your choice, live with the consequences.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

We call on and represent the spirit and energy of life, of the natural world, of which you and I am a living part, which permeates every cell of my being, of which we are all a part, and which permeates every cell of our being, which inhere’s in our very existence, which many past carriers of wisdom, including he known as Jesus Christ brought as their shared learnings, to help clarify the un-clear, to make honest the dishonest, to respond with all strength to the dysfunction of the lack of empathy that typifies your Institution and all like Institutions, to flood through,  and to wash away, so as to cleanse this place of all that dysfunction and all thoughts and deeds that mask that dysfunction, such that the Natural Principle of Nurturance may now take precedence over the false and artificial Principle of Dominance.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.
To The Vatican and The Pope, we say this; we are calling you to listen to these words and to see these actions as being the natural response ability of natural people, under common Law, upon which all other Laws are founded.

That Law is ‘all is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children!”

You have broken that Law, into many millions of shards of pain, each shard a human life, a sacred and precious gift of Nature, a life destroyed, and we, and all our common ancestors and relatives, are declaring this for it is true, and we have come to say ENOUGH! And to reject and repudiate any authority you claim, to expose the fallacy of your lies, to unmask the cruelty of your actions. You are now made as naked in the eyes of Nature. Your power is nothing without your violence. You are now made as naked in the eyes of the people. You are nothing – a No-thing.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

In the void, the newly empty space once made to appear occupied by your teachings and actions, by your fine clothes, your grandiose and repugnant wealth and by fine buildings, Nature now re-seeds life.

Mother Nature now nurtures life so as to improve that habitat, the living conditions for all life. Nature will now metabolise the remains of your body, the fears and darknesses of your philosophy,  and your deeds and in so doing release those materials for natural living processes.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

(Water is sprinkled)

From this moment onwards and for all time, in all directions from this point, all those whom you beguiled and imprisoned are set free, for you are no more. Neither fear nor shame will impinge upon their hearts.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

Mother Nature, that which nurtures life, has been called and has responded, as she always does, to give forth new life and to express herself in the hearts, actions and in the lives of her creations, and in particular the hearts and minds of all natural people.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

(Water is sprinkled)

In place of enforced the old coercive order, in place of this Institution and all Institutions like it, intrinsic and empathetic co-operation, the natural self organisation and wisdom inherent to natural living process now emerges, as the freedom to grow as a healthy, robust and vibrant part of the life of Earth with gratitude, respect and a joyous embrace of the sensory wonder of being alive, which all life expresses.

(Water is sprinkled)

 All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

Mother Nature, and all her children, let us now bear witness to this exorcism, this repudiation of a dysfunctional system of coercion and proclaim, yea let us sing of the new life and the joyous recognition from the loving heart of life itself, within the hearts of each of her children. Together we banish the psyche of this Institution and all others like it from our midst. Begone! You are a no-thing.

 All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

Mother Nature, we accept the nurturance of your wisdom. And we know now, in our hearts, in our minds and in our bodies, that we are with you, we are of you and that we will live as your expression of life, and that all illusions of division are shattered, that war between mother and child, father and mother, brother and sister is finished, over, and that the philosophies of coercion are now finally and permanently discredited.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

 (A candle is lit, the papers are burnt)

All actions are choices. All actions have consequences. All choices must be accounted for between men, women and children. This is the light that shall never be extinguished. You will NEVER kill the will to grow free This is the light never to be extinguished. You, of this Institution and all others like it, to you collective psyche and will I say this and declare : your own hatred will eat you up and spit you out, and the lies will be no more. This is the light never to be extinguished.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

Mother Nature calls now, to all of her children, to walk in freedom and true responsive autonomy, to live with empathy, to act with compassion, to feel the vibrant joy of being nurtured and of nurturing and to take part in the healing of wounds, the recovery of forest and plain, and to receive the gifts of life as free men and free women. As nature ever intended!

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

Mother and Father Nature, I call on you now to enter these places and to absolutely penetrate and permanently permeate these old and fallen places of what was once called worship and to breathe into them the air of your nurturance, to render these places as places of comfort, sanctuary and honest reflection, open in all directions, to all people, that the true meaning of love be the lies will be no action, content and form.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

Mother and Father Nature!

Enter into the land and make it a common garden again, where yours and mine is abolished, and all things are held in common so that all may eat and prosper.
Mother Nature in your name and in our children’s name, and in our own names, we fully reclaim your world, we honour and align with your nurturance and we call you back to our hearts and our lands, that together we make it that all are free to eat, to thrive, to live as Nature intends.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

Mother and Father Nature. Enter into the former places of power and dissolve the greed and violence that remains there. Dismantle the weapons of death and bring final peace and love to all nations. For what was prophesied has come to pass: they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning forks: the lion shall lie down with the lamb, and man shall not learn war anymore. For the old order has passed away forever.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

God and Goddess of creation, Mother and Father Nature in whom we live and breathe and know our being, we bless and praise you for bringing us through the long night into the light of your eternal nurturance. Help us now and forever to live and proclaim with one heart and voice these words:

Our Mother and Father, who dwell among us, your name is sacred, your children are sacred. Thy world, which births us, which nurtures our very being, which holds us in relationships of love and honour, has come, is here, is being lived and is eternal and Thy unity which holds us has been re-established. We are the bread that will feed the world, as forgiveness with integrity shall mend all that has been torn. The darkness has gone. For your Nurturance and Intent is established amongst the people, now and evermore.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

Go now to live and love in the light of the new creation, walk with Mother and Father Nature, within you and among you. It is accomplished.

All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

All actions are seeds, seeding the future, a future that belongs to all our children, and all actions have consequences that cannot be avoided, all actions are choices made. Make your choice, live with the consequences. Do no expect your children to accept the consequences of any action taken that is dysfunctional – to do so is to abuse your own children, and all children.

         All is born of woman, no harm shall come to the children.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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