Monday, 15 June 2009

Do What You Love, It's Your Gift to Universe

As far as I know I thought of this phrase myself, back in 1995, after reflecting upon the perfection of universe.

How everything in universe (that we know of) IMPROVES the habitat for all life, how everything in universe does what it does SO WELL, so precisely, maintaining dynamic equilibrium.

How we are the only species on earth who live with constant background personal and external anxiety as 'normal'.... which being the exception proves the rule : that the natural child, like any seed, is innately capable of developing his/her mastery of self so that he/she too improves the habitat for all life, in the course of her/his chosen path in life and day to day activities on this Earth.... and if innate, then it is children who must surely lead the way in their process of learning and adults who assist, sharing their experience when requested ...

A process I see leading towards a natural human community that improves the habitat for all life AND enjoys life all the more deeply, empathically connected to the very process of life itself, moment by moment. Bliss. Dynamic Bliss not the Perfect Bliss of myth and seduction.

The inspiration to abandon the tuse of the definitive article before 'universe' comes from Buckminster Fuller. He correctly pointed out that using the definitive article before universe creates two seperate entities : the speaker, and the universe. That seperation is illusion.

Being oneself, honestly, transparantly therefore completes oneself in universe and completes universe too (though universe is NEVER incomplete), and one is yet another part of the precise dynamic equilibrium that is natural life in motion.

That is, in my heart at least, the best response to meet the gift of life itself and the wonder of experiencing life through the human body and mind.

And all the more reason to simply stop those activities engaged by adults such as war, oppression, abuse of environment and the conditioning of children.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Saturday, 6 June 2009

We are the only creatures...

....that turn our poo into toxic sludge, and we are the only creatures that claim superiority over all life forms on earth......... ha ha ha ha!

How utterly crass! How rude is that!?!

We deprive the habitat of nutrients that we cannot use (only 20% max of food is metabolised, the rest passes through, and in nature is re-used by other life forms to create more abundance, more food).....

The phrase "dealing with your shit" comes to mind....

Learn about yer poo and it's potential, and deal with it, if you can or if you are wise enough to do so.

Good poo inspired essay!


Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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