Sunday, 11 October 2015

What I stand for, simply put.

What do I stand for? What is the closest to my whole being in all of this? I can answer that only for myself.

You, for your self.

This is what I stand for.

I stand for the politic of care. of empathy, of justice, of honesty, of human value, of love, of shared destiny, of shared habitat, of shared life. I stand for healthy human relationships where nurture and pleasure are the core experience.

WE need to Govern, with Corbyn and men and women like him overseeing how Government implements our evidence based, well researched and informed decision making, enacting our chosen policies with our taxation contributions..

The 'blowback' from trolling (which is what Cameron did to us all in his Tory Conference address) is the evidence, and it has to be clearly presented.

I try to keep it polite, evidence based and robustly clear as to where the harm is being caused and by whom.
I aspire to use the trolling, as a foil to publish the truth, to inform. assure and encourage those other readers, the silent ones, the many!

It's great practice for all sorts of key skills.

Identifying and deflecting triggering, for a start..

Which is a really good one to develop. 

Go Jedi on them, use their energy. ;-)

Human grace, honesty and justice. And Empathy.

Are these not the key markers of optimal human biological health?

It is therefore all about how we relate to one another, how we treat each other, from the individual level, to the collective.

There is a healthy, humane, biologically sound way to live in relationship to all others.... 

Human grace, honesty, empathy and justice. Nurture. These are the attributes of a genuine peace.

There is however, something obscuring that happy biological reality, and that is currently the dominant mode of relationships, something clearly disrupting the biological mandate, and that my friends is the mainstream power behaviour, on all sides, it is what we called in the 60s and 70s 'the straight world', a shituation where a violent hierarchical power system determines the context and material realities within which most peoples  life experience and relationships occur, and we quite clearly can see that this is clearly harmful, obviously dysfunctional and anti-democratic.

Violence, dishonesty, psychopathy, injustice and grooming. Might is right.

That's the simplest way to put this.

Apparently, for many people there is something quite disturbing with pointing that out, in such clear terminology, and then suggesting, cheerfully, that we must now  exercise our utmost effort to command an end to the harming, make safe and secure the harmed, likewise the most egregious offenders, justice is essential.

What is that all about?

End the behaviours that cause harm and move onto healthier social behavioural processes, that nurture and thus bring about the natural dynamic, a state of peace?

It could not be more simply put!

What’s not to like about it?

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

Saturday, 10 October 2015

NHS : Prevention - Don't mention induced chronic stress!

The NHS Question: A few thoughts or 'just sayin' ... or it be, like, this.

Warning: polemic ahead.

Read on.

What do I sense of being human as biology, as the bacteria 'we' are, the wider life we are, the 'I am the living habitat' sense of 'we' and 'i' . What is human health? Who defines it?

Here is what pondering those questions that might implies to me.. or 'here's another one I made up...."

I knew this always, that science and common sense observation of the whole helps assert what is factual. I tell myself this often..


We are biology.

And there is the possibility of sustaining a biologically mandated healthy state, and there is an emergency stress response state, which is activated when the situation demands it.

Both these states of being can be described at the level of hormone cascades that happen across a range of the human body systems, and to use those to indicate what is happening,what outcomes are resultant: one can be healthy, and deal with a stressed state as an occasional event in a dynamic habitat, meeting the challenge of changes, threats, and situations which demand focus on dealing with the immediate present.

Right then what is needed and available, as a fully evolved capability,  is a flood of short term hormone cascades the moved rapidly and efficiently across the body in thousandths of a second, all increasing capability in terms of hyper focus and mobile ability, initiating accurate action in response, without thinking, that rescues the situation. In natural biology shit happens. Leggit!

An optimally healthy human being's endocrine system can experience the occasional emergency and return to optimal healthy behaviour baselines.

However when there is a chronically stressed state one regular outcome is that the response ceases to be a response; this happens because the original response, and many subsequent response made no difference or made matters worse and a new behaviour had to be worked out, arrived at, to successfully avoid the stress or worse, resist the stressors, becomes a triggereable reaction. Its' the strategy of the powerless in a threatening situation - as a result learning ceases. Habit forms, dependency follows.

And it has direct impact of healthy functioning of all body systems.

Thus we can look at the stress induced on an organism in such manner that the organisms body systems adjust to a state of constant near to hyper-arousal required for that stress, (it will always be there) as their 'new' baseline, and only because the power status quo actively reinforces it's dominance with the threat of violence and is able to control enough of the material situation to be able to perpetuate the 'stress position'.

The stress is maintained.This appears to be common policy in power institutions world wide.

Science can be used to describe how the hormone cascades of healthy happy people behave.

It can also describe the effect of stress hormones on the body systems, in both immediate, medium and long term outcomes, many of which prefigure in a whole host of disease states and which are all outcomes of chronic stress..

Tell me that life under the current social-political power structure is not chronically stressful for a vast majority of people who live with that presence in their lives?

Tell me gain, what is the leading cause of disease?

Induced Chronic Stress. No-brainer!

This is what I sense of being human as biology, the bacteria we are, the wider life we are, the 'I am the living habitat' ... fully participant.

The NHS is dealing with this above all else.

How is that fair and just?

Fund it to the full!

Essential, mandatory:  turn attention and focus to the way the abuses and misuse of Political Power is inducing stress on people and society, and tackle that one, without calling it a war, or a 'fight' for a 'cure' and seeking charitable donations.... too much is focused on putting a saddle on a bolted horse.

Savings and improvments on the NHS - 2015 onwards!

1. Prevention - active attention to induced chronic stress! identify all those socio-political dynamics and behaviours that induce stress and maintain it, carry out a diagnosis so to speak; and prescribe a recovery pathway, a prognosis.

Honesty and transparency are the basic prescriptions.1.2. Continue to look after all those who need it, and with dignity and respect, for all involved. No more political interference in caring for those who need it.

2. Yeah, and stop that profit gouging, sweet deal making, error prone,  privatisation estate agency work!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

One generation is all it would take... get stuck in!

ANY Family, Community or Society that does NOT care for the most vulnerable within it's domain is dysfunctional. Those that engender shituations where more people are made vulnerable through ideological, military and economic war are pathological.

The concept that democratic electorates should be satisfied and happy to merely vote and let others do the work of Governance and policy decision making is out of touch, out of date and, to be frank it breeds subservience and irresponsibility.

We all bleed red, we all cry tears of salty water, we all experience loving kindness and we suffer abuse in pretty much the same way.

We are human, first and foremost.

One generation is all it would take.

If History was taught honestly, humanely, with the children encouraged to do their own research and then share it and discuss it and write it up in in schools, the BNP/EDL and ISIS/Wahabists could not exist.

Nor would the far right or the ideological left nor the various factions within which anger and rage is the dominant currency have such a support base. If critical thinking was encouraged rather than opposed in schools, the lies and propaganda of any political power base would be seen as the lies they are, and resisted.


One generation is all it would take.

Healthy behaviour is always realistic, and abuse is always idealistic, in as much as there is a biological mandate towards optimal human biological health and behaviour, and this mandate is more real than any invented social system that attempts to impose it's concept of what should be, through coercion and indoctrination, through punishment and reward - be it religious, ideological or any other form -  or any other method to undermine, disrupt and replace the biological mandate of optimal human biological health and behaviour.

There is a war being perpetrated by Power Establishments against any and all people who no longer accept the 'right' of 'might' and it includes spreading discord between people, between the genders, between the young and the elderly, between the different faiths. Conspiracy theories, hatred of the Jews as 'controllers' of the banking system (a lie), hatred of Muslim people, hatred of LGBTi, escalating violence at home and abroad are all planks of this war.

There is no war against white people by brown people, nor is there a war against black, brown or any other colour by white people. There is no 'clash of civilisations' as Tony Blair claims.

Study history, see the patterns, study predatory psychopathy, see the patterns and study optimal human biological health and see the patterns. Break free of your own social conditioning. Liberate yourself from mental slavery!

Become fully human, fully humane.

Check out the Power Inquiry folks, and examine the detail of what genuine devolution of power means - it means taking up the shared responsibility of decision making, policy formulation and oversight -- which means getting down into the evidence, the data and working with others to suss out what is most beneficial to the community as a whole - business, community and social welfare alike... it means challenging those in our communities who are ideologically bound, angry, abuse with the evidence, face to face, it means understanding what needs and insecurities lie behind those fears, and offering ways to meet those needs, allay those insecurities.

Deterrent Claim Debunked. Socratic Method. It works.
1. Who had the first Nuclear Bombs?

2. Who used them, twice, on massive civilian populations, when nobody else had them?

3. Who were their declared 'enemies' after WWII? Were the detonations of the two bombs over Hiriohima and Nagasaki a 'demonstration' of who had the ultimate power, and the willingness to use it?

4. Did the declared enemies have any Nuclear Bombs?

5. Did they build their own bombs as a deterrent against the already existing bombs because they were declared enemies of the State that had the Bomb and they believed that the bombers would use them again, as the threat implied?

6. The deterrent is to deter the original threatener.

The rest is lies and hyperbole.

That aside, the possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction is a question of insane power politics trumping common sense and humanity. On all sides.

Peace is more, much more than the absence of War!

Don't get me wrong,

All the States that operate Hierarchical systems of organised politically motivated violence are the result of historical psychopathic behaviour, whose origins in violence are beyond doubt, which are re-created and managed by psychopaths, sociopaths and their servants, run on a day to day basis by carefully conditioned ‘citizens, all of this paid for by tax payers under coercion.

David Cameron's evasive answer to an honest question is illustrative.

The recent reports on the dealings between Saudi Arabia and The UK Government regarding mutual support for each others election to the UN Human Rights Commission, and the case of Ali Mohammed al-Nim, who was arrested at age 14, for making a pro-democracy protest in Saudi Arabia, and who is now 17, in jail and has been sentenced to being beheaded and then crucified, and David Camerons evasive answering to the question put to him by Jon Snow, "Why did you make this horrid deal with Saudi Arabia?" is illustrative.

That Cameron blurted out an unsubstantiated claim that Saudi Intelligence about a 'bomb flying over the UK' and that Saudi intelligence helps UK Security is appalling, devious and obscene.

He must be put to the test, and he must present the evidence for his claim. Even if it turns out to be true, the fact remains - the deal made to infiltrate the Saudi Regime into the UN Human Rights Commission, given their record and intransigence on Human Rights is shameful and repugnant, and brings the British Government and all it's offices into disrepute.

Is this really acceptable in the 21st Century?

Corbyn says, as did the Power Inquiry, and as many, many millions of people do, that the electorate and party membership is ready to mature our political activism and engagement, that the grass roots wants to step up to the plate and get stuck in, examine the data, the evidence, craft policy, and maintain oversight of how policy is being implemented - rather than leave it to a self selecting minority of whom we cannot be assured that they have all our best interests at heart, be it the people, our children or our business activities.

One generation is all it would take, just a matter of 30 years.

Be part of that generation. I am part of that generation. We have nothing to lose and so much to gain by engaging with all our abilities, our heart and passion.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe