Friday, 27 March 2009

"Why we must all do God" : Tony Blair imparts wisdom.... ahem! cough! cough!

The wisdom of Tony Blair has just been published by The New Statesman in an article entitled....

"Why we must all do God".....

My good friends Pulsemedia flagged it up here

"Religion has never mattered more to the world than it does now, says the former prime minister, launching our new occasional column on faith"

Blair rambles on about 'faith' and 'poverty' and his foundation and all the good work he is doing and ends on this warning note :

"The 21st century will be poorer in spirit and ambition, less focused on social justice, less sensitive to conscience and the common good, without a full and proper recognition of the role that the great faiths can and do play. I hope my foundation, in its own way, can work with others in those faiths to help harness their full power to transform our world for the better."

Less sensitive to conscience? This from Blair? The mind boggles at how a) he could utter such tripe, and expect anyone to take it at face value and b) how The New Statesman could publish it...... pour another glass of hubris champagne please....

I left a comment which is pretty much as follows : Italics are edits made for this blog....

The fundamental that all religions are based upon is the imposition of their world view upon defenceless children. That is an abuse. To tell a child WHAT to think undermines that child's own innate ability to think for themselves.

Why is there no organised religion that opts out of such a process, that waits until a child decides out of their own heart to follow a spiritual path? Because natural children sense the hypocrisy of adults no matter how the adults attempt to mask it. And natural children will tend to avoid such hypocrisy unless of course they are terrorised into internalising the values of those who terrorise/indoctrinate them, with tales of hell, lists of sins etc which are core to all organised religions.... more or less. In the secular consumer world, children are terrorised by the prospect of poverty if they do not comform - study to get a job or you will be poor... it amounts to the same thing. Being ones true self is dangerous.

He knows that enough people are religious and will buy it. He also knows there's lots of others who also buy the ' I did what I believed to te the best' - they to believe they are doing the best (and ignore the consequences of their behaviour).

To me it's clear that
Blair uses religion as a cover for his criminality

He works for UBS and JP Morgan Chase who are currently buying banks left right and centre at discount. JP Morgan Chase pretty much owns the Iraqi Central Bank. Thus Blairs reward for supporting the invasion and his willingness to see many, many dead and maimed by HIS LIES is a £1 million per annum part time job as an 'advisor'.

Those who chose NOT TO SEE reality and then publish the words of people like Blair, with out any hint of a critical analysis are as guilty as Blair is.

Bet ya the comment doesn't stay long, or even get published...

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Open Letter to Stop The War Offcers

An open letter to all officers of the STOP THE WAR COALITION

Chair: Andrew Murray (Unite – T&G section)
Convenor: Lindsey German
Treasurer (acting): Robin Beste
Steve Bell (Communication Workers Union)
Andrew Burgin
Jeremy Corbyn MP
Noreen Fatima (StWC Muslim Network)
Kate Hudson (CND)
Sabah Jawad (Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation)
Chris Nineham
Trevor Phillips (University and Colleges Union)
John Rees (SWP)
Jane Shallice
Carol Turner

As a officer of the Stop The War Coalition you have borne and continue to bear a heavy responsibility. You are charged with the leadership and co-ordination of the efforts of all those who seek peace, who abhor war as an instrument of Government Policy. You have taken this role upon yourself.

That places an even heavier burden upon yourself.

I am writing to you to enquire as to why neither you, nor the Stop The War Coalition leadership, did not call for a general strike in the UK to block the UK Governments role in the Iraq War? To bring this Government to it’s knees, as they so utterly deserved, for such a heinous crime?

History tells of the power of a general strike, and of the feebleness of ‘permitted’ protest.

Is it not the case that an all out general strike, by well informed and committed people might well have dislodged all those who conspired against humanity to pursue this Illegal War of Aggression, that was obviously, from the start, going to harm many, many innocent civilians? WMD were used by coalition forces. These are the facts. Those in power KNEW that this would be the case.

Yes such a strike may well have been tumultuous, and would have been opposed by Government and Media alike, with all the forces they could have brought to bear, forces that are not inconsiderable, yet pale into significance when confronted by a united people..

Yes it would have divided the country, though not in equal measure. Those who sought war were and remain in the minority in terms of the whole population of the UK. It would have served peace for that divide to be forced to reveal itself. It still would serve peace for that divide to be forced.

Yes such a strike might have meant hardship and sacrifice for many people in the UK. Yet at the same time, it would have been so much less a sacrifice than that imposed upon innocent people in Iraq.

Would that you and your colleagues had had the courage of your convictions to suggest such a small sacrifice on our part, on behalf of those we sought to protect!

I write because I want to understand what happened, back in 2003, when so many people took to the streets, not just in London, but world-wide, in order to prepare for what is to come. These are dangerous times, with the media and politicians hyping the prospect of a summer of rage.

Someone must give voice to the powerful urge and intent of the various movements for peace, for the environment, for justice, to lead towards effective and peaceful action - one with out the other is futile and at best abdication of responsibility. At worst cowardice and deluded folly.

I write because I assume that you share my same love and compassion for all human life, for all life, and that you share my commitment and determination to radically alter the way Power is exercised in our democracy.

I have less access to and far fewer of the facts or resources that you have. I admit that my perception is limited. I write to enquire, to learn. I write because my children will reap the benefits of bear the consequences of my actions. I write because I care.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Protest, Dissent and What Works.

Naomi Klein talks about protest and what actually works. As I have written many times, if the UK population had gone on strike in March 2003, stayed on the streets for just a week or two, the UK involvement in the Iraq War of Aggression would have been impossible without a direct confrontation between the UK Government and the people, the tax payers who fund that Government.

We have to look at what stops people from taking to the streets to express dissent, to demostrate our power as a collective of diverse and humane people.

There are the various Laws and regulations that Government puts in place to inhibit protest or dissent on the streets. Those Laws must be broken, by large numbers of people, so as to render them useless. This is alegally viable option, in that it is permissable to commit a lessor, non-violent crime to prevent the comission of a far greater violent crime.

There are the perceptions of protest that the media present. Those who work for the Media and promote such precpetions must be confornted with their actions, by letter, email, by phone and by written criticism.

There are the various psychological inhibitions, imbued primarily through schooling, that are the basis for obedience. This must be addressed by parents, to protect their children and protect their childrens autonomy and intelligence.

And there are the divide and rule tactics that pit us against each other, that comparmentalise people by religion, status, class, sex and stereotypes. This must be addressed by all those subject to such labelling and by the leadership of any such groups of people.

Each has to be addressed and understood by all those who dissent and where they rear their ugly heads, let them be identified, named and revealed for what they are, for that will disempower these inhibitions.

I found this first here :

Kindest regards


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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Obedience, Discipline and Environmental Health.

Here's two essays/articles passed to me by contacts.

"So next time you see a 2 year old running round, singing and dancing, bear in mind that it is not necessarily the case that the child should sit down and shut up. Unless there is a rational and explicable basis for him not to do so, then, quite simply, there is no rational or explicable basis for him not to do so- so let him do so. Or else, explain it to him. Blind obedience to authority is one thing we don’t need any more of."


"For example, the 'solution' to what is probably the world's number one industrial disease, cancer, is to call on industrial medicine to create more industrial chemicals that are marketed as drugs to mask the symptoms of the underlying cause -- instead of doing anything to stop the underlying cause.

Of course this is how a dominator paradigm, which is the dominant paradigm in Western industrial civilization, wants things to be. If they can keep people focused on, or distracted from, the symptoms, they don't have to worry about them demanding change to the underlying cause.

As Thomas Pynchon wrote, "If they can get you asking the wrong question, they don't have to worry about the answers."

These two pieces serve to tie in together the related issues of psychological conditioning and the damage the current status quo of Industrial Society is inflicting upon all life on Earth. And they show the way forward.

End the conditioning. Engage the natural wisdom and common-sense inherent in the people who form the grass roots of industrial society to make the changes necessary to halt the damage and to heal the wounds. Work with nature.

It really is that simple. Honor the innate expectations of the natural child and all will be well for those that do so.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thugs vs Warriors

Thugs and Warriors

Warriors prevent violence, firstly by their firm presence, secondly by their focused applied might… should the genuine need arise.

Thugs act as a threat, and carry out violence as a form of ‘insurance’ for their employers and because they enjoy the power. Some like the blood.

Do our soldiers stand AROUND communities to protect them, or do they STAND AWAY, threatening violence subject to conformity with their leaders wishes?

I assume that a large percentage believe themselves to be warriors. How could it be otherwise? I know that those who send soldiers into war, especially the political leaders, understand that 'their' troops are employed as thugs. One has only to look at the results of such leadership and the ‘reasonings’ that they proffer for knowingly sending troops into harms way. And worse, those leaders know full well that it will be civilians, women and children who will bear the brunt of any fighting.


While so many people get worked up about 'climate change' and GET VAST MAINSTREAM MEDIA ATTENTION : (The Age Of Stupid, An Inconvenient Truth) and concurrenlty the war crimes being committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo et al are pretty much unexplored by that mainstream media, are 'reported' without any real depth or analysis, I am left wondering WHY?

Who benefits from this?

How can anyone honestly expect success in the realm of 'climate change' without also addressing directly the huge investment in War that is at the core of our societies?

The fact is that we cannot change the weather, we must live with it - and that is an adaptive process. We know that climate variations are the norm for Earth - and we know that the processes we are engaged in do not, as nature does, return nutrients to the system, so that they are then ready for use by other life forms, the ones we co-habit with, the ones we are dependent upon for everything from oxygen to clean water, once we have utilised the 'strategic raw materials' and that this is the biggest single identifiable causative factor in environmental degradation. The robbery of materials from those that need them.

This and War are not being addressed by the mainstream. The solutions proposed tend towards regulation and the monetising of pollution, so that the rich can afford to pollute, the poor pay with their lives. And The War Against Terror is also seen by those in power as a ‘solution’? And large numbers of intelligent media types buy this?

The 'stupidity' is deep indeed!

It’s roots are to be found in suppressed trauma.

Suppressed trauma.

Unless one has been through the process of working ones issues when one has been harmed or abused or humiliated as a child, it's very difficult to understand why so many people seem to appear to not take responsibility for themselves ..... to explore one's pain, and identify it's source takes courage and requires great honesty and energy. With all the pressures of living in a dysfunctional society that normalises dysfunction, it is hardly surprising that few take that hard road.

One must not be too harsh on people ... and at the same time we must seek to awaken the awareness of the effects of suppressed trauma ... though that is not to say to treat lightly those who abuse, especially when the abuse is obviously causing distress....and is visible, even if ignored or justified, by the abuser.

Those who as children experience abuse tend to suppress the memories (sometimes) and feelings (nearly always) associated with that abuse in order to survive psychically ...they most often have no-one to turn to after the events....supression is a survival tactic.... thus the pain, fear and anger remain within, buried deep within. Science now supports the concept that memories are stored not just in the brain, they are stored all over our bodies and that those stored and suppressed negative memories have severe consequences for those whose bodies hold such secrets.

There are so many societal sanctions against those who open up these wounds and who seek honest resolution, (which is less about punishment than it is about healing and remorse) not to mention the dynamics within families that 'cover up' and carry on...... a facade that is endemic in our society - the mainstream media being a concrete example of this being institutionalised and normalised.... state scerets indeed!

And to open up old wounds is often terrifying for the wounded, for there's a strong sense that the opening will cause serious trouble, break families apart etc etc.... so much resistance to the most painful truths of our lives.

This is 'struggling with your demons'.....

Thus most people have to suppress the feelings associated with trauma and just get on with it..... for who will listen to their stories, who will hold them while they cry, who will hear their anger and be there for them as they work through what they must if they are to live full, open and joyous lives, not to mention bringing about fundamental changes to our society in favour of healthy living for all life.

These wounds exist, the pain exists, they do not vanish, and these hidden wounds and pains are often triggered by current non-threatening yet irritable events in peoples live eliciting often extreme over-reactions and adverse control behaviours that cause further problems for all concerned.

Suppressed Trauma as a Policy Tool.

And worst of all, Governments and Religious Hierarchies understand this and use it in a quite calculated way to divide people, to create ’demons’ for people to dump their anger onto, to hire armies and deploy them and to distract people from the abusive nature of our society. .... eg : the near constant hysteria about paedophiles in the media, whilst almost complete silence about the deaths of over 340,000 children in Iraq ... and of course elsewhere... can you now see who benefits? Do not the weapons manufacturers, the jet makers and all the suppliers of war benefit? Do not the elite wealthy families and communities benefit? In their understanding they do indeed benefit.

While I of course undertsand peoples justifiable anger, I find it horrifying to hear people say 'paedo’s should hung, castrated etc etc' and at the same time those people will happily ignore The War in raq, where over 360,000 children have been murdered, and many more maimed for life (not to mention the 500,000 childrens lives lost during the 1990s as a result of the embargo and bombing campaign carried out by UK and US Air Forces, lives which Madelaine Allbright claimed were worth the price'..) - those people must be deeply conditioned to NOT REALLY THINK, to not really feel, to take emotional blindness as normal and that is very dangerous for us all, for our society. The unthinking cruelty of such statements is standard fare in the Mainstream Media.

The cruelty of those who cannot or will not think, who were the descendants of traumatised people themselves, was all too apparent in Rwanda, Germany in the 1930s and 40s, and indeed is blatantly obvious and can be read every day in 'newspapers' such as The Sun (UK) and others like it, and somewhat more modulated in the more 'intelligent' (?) press, yet present nonetheless.

Until we face the trauma, and release the pain, as individuals and as a collective, our society will create more and more thugs to thwart and crush the few remaining warriors amongst us. Those who ignore their inner pain are often those who cause the most pain.

That history repeats itself is a well worn and threadbare trusim, one that slips off the tongue far too easily, and mostly, unexamined. That is a serious flaw that must be addressed by all those who seek to help.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Monday, 16 March 2009

Lost Generations

We hear so much in the media these days about how teenagers are apathetic, selfish, rude, arrogant.

The reality is that most teens are well aware of whats going on around them, and pretty angry with the adults for the mess they are creating. Teens are generally intelligent people, they care deeply about their own future, and you will find that lots of them are working in many many ways to deal with the issues.

So why this negativity towards teenagers?

Divide and rule..

Here's one answer to that tactic .....

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Nazi Germany, Compliance, Families and War in the 21st Century.

Alice Millers work, "The roots of violence in child-rearing practices : for your own good" looked at this, and in particular, the Nazi Ideology and access to power, and came to the conclusion that most people are bullied by parents, by school, by religion, by commerce, by government ... and it ranges from subtle to intense and lethal.

It is the conditioned acceptance of such a psychologically dysfunctional status quo as 'normality', that each individual must take on, that is the source of such mass emotional blindness, as emerged in Nazi Germany, and which can be manipulated by those in power, by way of propaganda, schooling, laws and force.

a show concept promo

What pins it all together is the phrase "I am doing this for your own good!" uttered frequently by those who punish others .... and for the child who is frequently punished, by living through it and surviving, and then shutting down what is unresolved of it, this a survival tactic of the child. The child adopts that same justification/values as ‘good’ and internalises those values as their own. That
process is essentially how the system is set in place.

And it will remain so until the child/adult recognises it, and works through it, for themselves, in their own way..

Bush invaded Iraq and killed Iraqi civilians for 'their own good' - Blair bombed Kosovo’s for 'their own good' ... all of them say this, and then murder civilians (these days, 90% of war casualties are civilians..) ... and we let them get away with it. What has changed since Nazi Germany? Not much, really when I analyse it.

We comply. And that compliance is why the banks are getting away with robbing us blind. Now we each of us can sort ourselves out, by being ruthlessly honest, and at the same time we can work together to spread the word, to learn and to build grass roots resilience. WE CANNOT influence the fundamentals of Governance as they won't listen and will not voluntarily change... Sop we must change, we must break the cycle, because we can : and so we must build grass roots resilience, health and food and a sense of community being of vital importance.

This mission, should one chose to accept it will be lifelong. It may involve laughter and tears, joy and horror. It may be short or it might seem at times eternal. Luckily, nature has ensured that all one needs for one’s mission (essentially just being your true self) is either within you, or just within reach. Apart from those moments when you can’t see or grasp them…. that’s what ones senses are for… as well as for bliss, to which human senses, amongst others, are exquisitely attuned. Naturally!

Comparing Government and people to dysfunctional violent families works really well as a model that helps me, at any rate, to understand why people play power games, and how and why the system is being perpetuated by conditioning..... abusers, justifiers, abused, scapegoats, children who parent the parents, favourites, outcasts, power pyramids, suppression of the truth by all , even the victims, projections .... these are all political power characters as much family dynamics. They all have a tale to tell about their experience, and they all feel their place in the structure, identifying with it. That it is strong structure is obvious.

However the good news is that when the bulk of the family/society refuses to continue to play the abusers game, the abuser has to stop ….and this is true for all power relationships ….and power must then face the truth, or endure a breakdown, a collapse of the shielding justifications, if healing is ever to be a possibility …..

I see no logical reason, no incontrovertible data as to why this is not possible, and certainly none that would question the innate and natural desirability of such. This is how natural humans tick. This is no utopian an ideal.

Utopias usually arise out of Autopias. That is to say, an imperfect condition is ‘improved’ and the imperfect ‘instructed’ by those wise enough. Utopias arise out of mechanical applications of concepts, which is yet again, an exercise of POWER over others ……. Hence my word Autopias. Utopias tend to be perfected authoritarian human lawns.

The best hope for the abuser/power user is in their own hands, and responsibility for that must be left with them, and them alone.

That is why imprisonment has to be seen to be realistic and understood to be applied as a viable restraint, and not as a punishment, until such time as the potential for harm is reduced, by virtue of strong healthy communities, grass roots power and natural balance in the society as reflected in good relationships throughout society. In other words, that POWER to punish is never exercised, or even seen as a last resort.

By taking responsibility for what we allow in our communities, we ensure the safety of each other, and we can then safely absolve the power users of all but the crimes they have committed and the adult responsibility for facing their own dysfunction. And dealing with it. Or not.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Give To The Rich To Help The Poor

Marina Hyde, writing in the Guardian 'comment is free' web pages outlines a fantastic new philantrophic concept designed by elites themselves, the super-duper rich.

"Give to the rich to help the poor? An idea worthy of Bono

Satire? No - a genius really has concocted a tax proposal to put our aid budget in the hands of the super-rich"

"On Tuesday night, 100 billionaires will gather at London's sumptuous Dorchester hotel, to watch Mr Ted Turner in conversation with Ms Carol Vorderman. Ms Joss Stone will sing, and some model or other will be in attendance. Can you guess the aim of this evening, which I trust you would cross continents to avoid in the infinitely unlikely event that you had been invited? No? Then allow me to assist. The aim is to make the government give tax breaks to the super-rich, in order to tempt them to give the same percentage of income to charity as the poorest 20% of people in this country already do.

Feel free to be taken unwell.

Initially I assumed the Fortune Forum, for so it is named, was an elaborate living satire, designed to highlight practically everything that is wrong with contemporary life. Alas, The Fortune Forum is all too real. It was dreamt up by an heiress called Renu Mehta, as a kind of vaguely benevolent mini-Davos."

Marina continues to explore this fantastic world ... She doesn't go far enough. Like George Monbiot, she holds back the full fury of common-sense.

Nonetheless, 'It' has to be said. And both are saying it with some subtlety.

Read Full Article Here

The hubris of these immensely rich people, often from long lines of generations of wealth, has become, for the majority of people, an almost pathological issue, in that it is an attitude that informs many of the practices which we know are harming rather than assisting life, geared towards gathering and hoarding 'resources' and wealth, and often with great violence, and these super rich people know this, and they continue nonetheless, sitting on charitable boards, with all that is going on around the world, driven by their pride in their immense wealth and paranoia about their 'strategic interests'.

I have re-written the song 'streets with no name' as 'thieves with no shame', as a parody. I don't sing the song, as I find the melody irksome. I do sing 'I don't like geldof' and parody of 'I don't like Mondays'..... Goldloaf at least wrote some catchy tunes...

Both have done more harm than good. thieves with no shame I don't like Geldof

There's also background info on Geldof and Bono business dealings and investments, and an analysis of Label Red, sponsored by Bono, American Express and the large pharmaceutical companies who control aids medicine patents. - Label Red - Bono and Africa

I have sent this out before, it's not my own research, so blessings to all the various people and ways that info flows.

And it's worth repeating, it's worth all the effort to expose these fools to their own folly, and show them how they can help, if they seriously want to help, if it is to do with their experience of their common humanity, common soul, common nature and common sense!

We'll show them how by doing it ourselves, as many are already doing. Ask Jane Goddall....

Ask the lovley people, voluteers all, who facilitated The Spike community centre evicted by Southwark Council from their home in Peckham! A home the Council are selling to property developers, handing it over to the private sector for profit.... wealth is transferred, from poor to rich yet again, another drop in the constant flow.

One the one hand the rich have charidees, and on the other hand their ideology keeps shutting these grass roots initiatives down.....!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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