Sunday, 22 January 2017

2017 and the centrality of bullying in all our lives.

Donald Trump and Miss Universe, DAESH and Jimmy Savile and are indeed part of a wider problem within our Society, our world culture of Power and State.

They are not the problem, it must be said; their behaviour are symptoms of a problem.

The problem is bullying.

From within an Imperial culture still heavily invested in 'Christian Ideals' even as it lays claim to a secular grounding; from within a 2000 year old culture that has undermined egalitarian and empathic relationships in all areas of life in favour of the relationships demanded by hierarchies of Power who see themselves as involved in a struggle for 'survival' (that is to say, a struggle to preserve their power at any cost); in that paradigm a key dynamic is the ad-mixture of sexuality and power.

The poor are ugly. The rich are beautiful.

Christians are beautiful, Pagans are ugly.

Primitive Peoples vs Civilised Peoples.

Gods view on sexuality is Law.

The unspoken line is that one must use one's sexuality as a tool to get something, as proof of one's power and potency, as a marker of who one is, as a sign of loyalty and conformity.

Marriage as a political tool.

The dynastic model.

Fucking for power.

Fucking for security.

Fucking for money.

Pleasure and Power.

When our innate, emergent and natural sensing of self is assaulted by forces we are unable to confront, specifically those forces of power that indoctrinate a people's children, a force that defines who we should be, then a wounding occurs, a wound to the emergent sense of self, and in order to survive that wounding and 'get by' on the terms power has set out, (a thriving healthy peaceful egalitarian society at all levels is but a pipe dream) within that woundedness, we are forced to 'adjust' to the status quo.

It is not that sex sells, it is that the illusion of power that sells.

You can be more attractive. Buy this product, subscribe to this belief. Gain power.

Rape is about power above all else.

Strict gender roles emerge in societies that are hierarchically and institutionally violent. Adherence to these self limiting roles is demanded by power. Seeing oneself as merely a man or a woman as defined by power.

Such societies repaint Nature, and create Gods in their own image.

Hierarchical, vengeful, domineering - and they love us!
 God loves us?

Our leaders and our Power Establishments love us.

They ‘serve’ us. It is an honour and a privilege, they acclaim.

And when our children are sacrificed, that too is an honour.

Yeah, right.

2017 onwards - can we end single issue political activism?

Or at the very least join the dots.

It's yet anoyther way the system has of dividing folk, of diluting and preventing a solid critical analysis of the situation, a way of undermining solidarity amongst our many strands of struggle. Fund and promote one above others. Create a climate of competition for funds and attention. Let the unresolved psyches of activists do the rest.

Homosexuality allowed openly within the Military is touted as ‘progress’.

"We will accept anyone who wants to enlist as a trained killer and help us bully other States!"

Gays for Trump! Fathers for Justice! Feminists for Clinton! Blacks for Obama?

How about Gay people for Heterosexual people against war and the bullying of women?

How about Climate Change activists against Bullying?

There is one issue.

It is called bullying. Power exerted over others.

Rape is bullying.

War is bullying.

Bribery is bullying.

Misogyny is bullying.

Sexism is Bullying.

Religious indoctrination is bullying.

Ideological indoctrination is bullying.

Usury is bullying.

Mortgages are a mass bullying device.

Debt is bullying.

Aspirational Marketing is bullying.

Mountain top removal is bullying.

Sex trafficking is bullying.

Uranium Mining is bullying.

Bullies always discount the costs others bear for their behaviour.

Fake News is bullying.

Every US President is a bully in Office.

Every Home Secretary is a bully in Office.

The Christian/Muslim/Jewish missionary is a bully.

And so it goes.

To cast any adverse judgement on a person's sense of their sexual self and their desire to live that sense openly where it does not involve any abuse of another is bullying.

It's not that people are homophobic, it's that they are bullies and they seek 'approved' targets, set by Higher Authorities, to vent their own frustration, pain and rage, again, and again (because their wounds remain unhealed) in the service of Power.

Bullying. Bullets. And Bombs.

They are the signal that something is out of balance and dis-eased.

I applaud everyone who engages in the work of confronting the issues within their own lives, I praise the disabled who campaign against cuts and discrimination, I delight in the peaceful who campaign against the weapons/war industry, I love the environmentally aware who campaign against environmental abuse, I admire and laud the Survivors who campaign to demand accountability from their abusers and the Institutions within which they are protected, I sing for the local folk who campaign against the imposition of fracking.

I understand the need for focused, evidence led campaigns, and I understand that they can be effective. I cannot dismiss these on any level. I can only praise these efforts.

It is the combinations of a one behaviour - bullying - across many areas of life that is the central issue.... the symptoms are not the central issue.

I hope more activists and others can make this connection as we move forwards with our struggles.

We need to see a focus on the central issue, Bullying, within and across all single issue campaigns.

We need to see that in our homes, schools, work places, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples, and across all areas of Civil Governance.

We need to see that in relation to imposed taxation.

The urge to Power.

An origin story. A paper I wrote on the origins of Hierarchically Violent Religions and Cultures as an unresolved trauma-behaviour pattern that has become institutionalised over time, and thus deeply embedded within the modern industrial cultural psyche.

A short video on one aspect of the origin of the behaviour patterning that leads to the urge to exert power over others so that they meet one’s perceived needs.


It never strikes back.

Listen to the child.

Hear the Child.

Adults Don't Heed my Distress.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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