Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Democracy and the Abuse Family Dynamic - Gaza, the innocents and you!

1. It's a fact that in War, 'restraint' is a myth. Winning means destroying the 'other'. It's a mirror of that odious word ' debate' - One side must win! One side must beat the other! We see this infantile approach every day in the UK Parliament, the House of Commons.

We see it in the media. We see it in comment sections, in blogs. Unrestrained, abusive, willfully inaccurate, biased 'reporting' or 're-tellings'. It is ubiquitous.

Many people are unable to see this as part of an abuse dynamic, largely due to the careful conditioning of State Education, Religious and Ideological Indoctrination and Consumerism Marketing.

2. In the psychology of abuse relationships and dynamics, dysfunctional families, trauma studies etc a common theme is one of the abuser blaming those they are abusing...

"look at what you made me do!" and "this is for your own good!"  The abuser has to do this, has to be able to manage, manipulate or condition those around him or her, to maintain the position of Power.

Both Hamas and IDF do this.

They do it to their own, and to each other. And innocent people get caught up in the cross fire.

The rest of the family gets caught up in the cross fire.

Other common themes of the abuse family dynamic are that some family members become allied with the abuser, some create and maintain an external myth that says the family is really a good one, some who resist become scapegoats, then there are those who cannot escape and just keep their heads down and pretend it is not happening. And there are those who flee.

These are all survival techniques or modalities.

People who are genuinely thriving do NOT behave in this manner.

Political Power, as we know it. is a mirror of the abuse family dynamic.

Power over others is a key abuse dynamic, and the majority of our great Institutions are mirrors of the unresolved trauma of their creators, and their psychologies, their need to exercise control over people, over society at large.

The current power disparity between the citizen and the state is a mirror of the power disparity between an infant and an adult, with the adult using his or her power to control the infant and to enhance the adults power, rather than using that power to nurture and empower the child.

3. The support that the Israeli State receives from the UK State reveals that the UK is not a functioning Democracy, in terms of have a Representative Government. There are many other examples of UK State action that has no mandate amongst the majority of the people. This is a similar pattern across ALL modern 'State Democracies'.

4. In fact , we in the UK live in a situation of permanent oppression, and most of us refuse to see it for what it is. We do not resist. We 'adapt' or 'adjust', we 'fit in'. Or we 'rebel', reflexively, most often in ways that in the end, serve the abuser - because the abuser understands the limitations of 'rebellion'. Rebellion is not the same as resistance, and liberation is a much deeper dynamic than mere rebellion.

This 'adjusting' includes taking sides on issues - left/right, religious/atheist etc etc rather than being willing to think beyond such narrow definitions, being able to examine the world and one's own experience and subjecting both to a critical analysis. This is a key outcome in all indoctrination systems. It's a key outcome of the UK's State Education System. We learn to love our oppression. We learn to not see it. We learn to participate, we learn to debate, to win or to lose.

We do not learn how to craft win-win resolutions.

This learned refusal to see, this learned inability/unwillingness to look at and to understand what is happening all around us, supports the abuse dynamic, the conflict dynamic, which is largely exported by the UK State and her 'allies' - the banks, the military-industrials - to other places. For profit.

The raging arguments about Gaza and Israel that take sides, that do not see the entire human family picture, will only serve to continue the conflict. The appeals to our own Government are for the most part wasted energy. They will not heed us. Nonetheless, it is valid to register our concerns, our sadness and our outrage and to keep these alive. However, this leads to a serious question.

The Question :

If we are to resist, if we are to seek a dynamic of Liberation, what would that have to look like to be successful, both in the short and long term?

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

WHY we hear so few Survivors voices in the Public Domain.

There is a term for this coercive behaviour  towards children, which is typical within 'traditional education systems' : Poisonous Pedagogy:

"Poisonous pedagogy", is described by these theorists as what happens when a parent (or teacher, nurse, or other caregiver) believes that a young child's behavior demonstrates that the child is infected with the "seeds of evil", and therefore attempts to weed out the evil, either by emotional manipulation or by brute force. Simple examples include the beating of children as punishment for lying, or mothers who refuse to feed their newborn until a set time, in order to "teach him patience, which will be useful for him in later life".

And on top of that is a Hierachically Violent social power system, which requires pathologically dysfunctional people to maintain, defend and expand that power system. Hence the coercive education. 

It's a form of deep conditioning to ensure a constant supply of willing participants, though they do understand that it's not the perfect system, and some children escape, some breakthrough and others are utterly broken, whilst the majority just conform and internalise the values of the system.

And then there's the few that will become the one's most suited for power. With the least empathy, a thread of intentional brutality and the greatest ability to manipulate others. They are 'spotted' and groomed for power.

Distal Power has a great influence on ALL our lives, and the further removed from it one is, the greater the vulnerability. the greater the adverse affect, with little ability to protect oneself.

ALL Institutions of Power will seek to protect themselves from 'scandal' - the problem for them being the exposure of the truth, rather than the outcomes for those who have been victimised : The Vatican (Ireland, America Sexual predation of children within Catholic Institutions), The Canadian Protestant Churches,(Indian Residential Schools) The Australian State and the Australian Churches (Stealing Aboriginal Children by force and placing them in Boarding Schools).

This list must also include the people's of Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, South Africa : all the 'inquiries' that have been National Political events controlled the voices of the Survivors, filtering them so only those approved spoke in the public domain, and these Inquiries focussed on reconciliation and settlement over prosecution. They carried out massive, expensive, well advertised campaigns to say 'Sorry'. In order to protect their power. They paid out billions in civil damages. In order to protect their Power.

It is a common pattern, a constant thread through the entire historical record covering the past 5000 years in Hierarchically Violent Societies that grew through conquest. Through violence. Extreme violence.

Here's a psycho-dynamic theoretical outline of how such cultures emerge from the human story. What I wrote.

The REAL story is the Survivors story - they were there, they have the most pertinent insights in all of this. And they are still not being heard, not being listened to, not being understood.

Be they Survivors of child abuse, war, police brutality, bullying in schools, offices etc etc etc... be they aboriginal peoples, the environment, the elderly in 'care homes', teens in 'secure care homes', people who have been sectioned...

They all know more about this than anyone one else.
Which WHY we hear so few Survivors voices...... in the public domain, in the 'News' etc etc ..

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