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Popes, Power and Native Peoples

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Been a good few weeks of Festivals, though I did not do as many gigs as I wished I had done.... nonetheless, the shows were great and with such variables, quite interesting.... lots of noodling was the order of the day at Secret Garden...

August will be busy... if not very lucrative..

Here's a heads up on some important stuff ............

Protest The Pope Film Festival, Telling Stories, Survivors Wisdoms

What will it take for those who are insensitive or invulnerable (for whatever reason) to accept that in fact to listen to the wisdom of the stories of lived experience and to understand the meaning of those experiences is a deeper Science than any other, and that those who are vulnerable, sensitive, connected are equally important in terms of information about life, and that non-acceptance creates more distress than anything else.

Anecdotes are information.

A mother’s empathetic bond to her new-born child.

Does it have to be ‘proven’ by Science? Is that what it will take?

In, fact it is now well understood that the empathetic child mother bonding is essential for the healthy development of every child; that this process is soft-wired in, as it is the expected biological route towards maturity and effectively the experiences that that process generates write the neurology and physiology of the child from in utero upon which learning experiences the child's entire psyche will rest. Their potential for violence is originated in dysfunction experienced by the child in utero, during child birth or in post-natal experience... and indeed throughout life, the healthy human is vulnerable.

What does that say about the Society these questions arise from within?

What does it say about us as people born into such a Society?

For too many years the vulnerable have been admonished to ‘be seen and not heard’.

Their voices erased from History, except as a foot note of economics, an anecdote on childhood past, hyped as heroes and hung for treason.

The victims and survivors: Hidden from History. Their abusers: Unrepentant.

Official history serves but one Lord: Apparently so too the Pope.

The Power.

Official History does not serve progressive Society, nor does the Pope serve justice throughout the Community.

How is it that it’s almost never said in public that Society and Pope are linked and entwined, and are both soaked and mired in the blood and lands of many, many, many peoples..

Both Church and State have claimed to be liberating Institutions. Power always claims a beneficent purpose to the exercise of power. And lies; every time.


You many not know it, but a world wide program of kidnapping the children of First Nation Peoples, carefully dressed as the manifestation of a ‘progressive’ policy move, with the barely hidden intent of breaking the cultural cycles of the First Peoples and replacing those ancient way with a compliant version, a tourist version; and that this was carried out with collaboration from within the First Nation Peoples, driven by bribery and corruption, and was planned, implemented and maintained by both The Church and by the State, for over 100 years.

It’s absolutely well documented, after all it was often administered by vast bureaucracies with efficient record keeping; indeed there is no longer a denial of the practice as policy.

What occurs by way of effective public relations performed by Governments of Colonialised lands and peoples are generally show-pieces,  carefully scripted, paid-for shows and rituals of ‘tolerance’ and ‘forgiveness’, of honouring the wounds of the past using ‘traditional’ rituals - some form of recognition,,,, - and of moving on, of some small compensation, of limiting claims by bureaucratic bungling or simply an avoidance of any responsibility as it really is.

The land ownership/stewardship, ancient ways, acknowledgement of a different way of life as equal if not in many ways healthier all round. These are not mentioned. Criminal Charges against abusers for whom there is sufficient evidence. These do not happen. Nothing happens.

There is no remorse amongst those who rule, and there never has been remorse for their policies and the consequences which many are forced to live, and for the ways in which they use power to such destructive effect.

Which is why the stories must be told, and the community at large must engage in this story telling… if not as a survivor, then as a witness.

And, if need be, a prosecutor.

Protest The Pope

You might not know this but The Pope is to visit the Queen this September. Kevin Annett will be travelling from Canada, where he has for the past 20 years supported the lives and the voices of those who survived the Canadian Indian Residential Schooling System, as will others from around the world who work to give voice to these stories, to confront the Pope, the State and the Church with their dysfunctionally adverse behaviour patterns, past and present.

To present for the perhaps first time in England a world wide exposure of the ways in which children have been abused by Church and State and how that experience is of our common history, a hidden history.

Survivors of State and Church Residential School Systems from many nations will present their evidence, and will quote much more documented evidence of Institutional Abuse of Children as Policy at the State level and within the Churches during a period of 100 years, with some similar Residential Schools with similar issues extant, as Christian and other Missionaries operate in or near Minority Native Peoples…..

And that these practices being common across the globe constitute a crime against humanity of the most serious nature, and require full disclosure, accountability, remorse and reparations as well as a fundamental examination of the nature of hierarchy and its future as a human societal model.

Kevin Annett is, like many others, seeking only resolution, the exercise of justice and finally, the freedom to heal, and to live good lives as natural people.

Kevin Annett will be presenting his documentary “Unrepentant” in London at …… and I highly recommend attending. The film is beautiful, albeit shocking, for there is a start to the healing in the telling of these stories of loss and woundings. There is a strident challenge to Society in the voices that are heard, and one can hear and feel the strength of those people, who intend to see this process through, expressed in the documentary.

One event to recommend is this :

Protest the Pope
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square , London WC1R 4RL

Monday 13 September – Thursday 16 September

Kevin Annett is an inspiring speaker, gentle, compassionate, determined, impolite, at times funny and insightful; clear as a bell he explores what the Hidden History means for us all and shows a clear path towards resolution and justice.

Here Kevin speaks outside the Catholic Cathedral in London on the issues outlined above.

The website is the main website for Kevin’s work.

You will find the full story, plus be able to keep upto date with Kevins work…..

That's all, as that's more than enough to be getting on with!

Seriously, don't take it toooo seriously, just be aware and share the stories... there's a lot of work to be doing.....

Kindest regards


do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Responsibility, Blame and the mediated disempowering of the people

Apportioning responsibility, rather than blame, empowers healing AND effective resistance to oppression.... 

Blame is the tool of the oppressor, for it entangles and disguises the various layers of responsibility and is used to confuse those who are in distress... such is the nature of our society that blame and it's partner guilt is more common in law than responsibility or remorse.

As David Smail points out in his Essay "The Moral Tyranny of Therapy" when a person who is in distress present themselves for help, what is left out of the picture is the ways in which Societal Power Relationships mediate in all our lives. What this means is that ALL the responsibility for the distress causes are heaped upon the person seeking help, instead of allocating it where it belongs.

There are powerful Institutions who directly profit from and impose conditions upon people whose effects they know about and routinely disguise, lie and cheat about, and about which Education and National Health Care Services DO NOT examine or reveal in any great detail and consequently those forces are NEVER mentioned AS PART OF THE PICTURE.
If on the other hand, someone in distress hears the following "Well, given the nature of the society into which you were born, the rampant conditioning and violence which characterises it, AND your personal experiences, all of which are at variance to your natural expectations and healthful needs, it's no surprise that you feel as you do. Let's talk about this, shall we?" then the person in distress will immediately heave a sigh of relief and get to work on the issues they face, disentangling those aspects that they themselves are genuinely responsible for or to and begin handing the others back to where they rightfully belong.
This of course is being studiously avoided by mainstream psychiatry, psychotherapy and their various mouth pieces, as much as by the mass media, the Governments, the churches etc etc..... and by MOST official mainstream Charities......
A potent example of this is the phrase oft used "Look at what YOU made me do!"
I KNOW that program because I too used it AGAINST those I bullied or hit out at in irrational anger to justify my behaviour.
As an example of what I am writing about, I can tell you that I suffered from fear and self-loathing for much of my life. This manifested in self-sabotage, depression, irrational anger and other symptoms of distress.
I blamed myself for all those symptoms and others around me did the same, including many 'therapists' and officials.
Only when I was able to discern that it was the conditioning and abuse to which I was exposed to that inculcated that self loathing, as a survival strategy of a small child, (to accept that the adults brutality was justified is a survival strategy) that I was able to address the way I thought and felt about myself and finally release the suppressed pain of the wounding’s that gave rise to those feelings. That was me taking my responsibility, my ability to respond, as my own.
I was then able to apportion responsibility to those who harmed me for such a long time, and then to those Institutions that crafted such conditioning that those people became part of.
And so I no longer ever use that phrase "Look at what you made me do!" as a get out clause or for any other reason.

Kindest regards 


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Trauma and Abuse Dynamics : A flow chart of sorts.

When a trauma event occurs there are possible flows or directions emerge, one direction is life enhancing, the other is life restrictive.

Resolution of trauma requires safety first. If the culture itself is unsafe, then resolution is more difficult to attain. 

Those who resolve the trauma resultant feelings and experiences have restored their natural vitality, their flow, their ability to express authentically (since they do not shut down their feelings) and consequently are better able to respond if another trauma occurs; those who do not resolve the trauma resultant feelings and experiences may be more likely to repeat the cycle of adverse control indefinitely as they become locked into behaviour patterns, many of which are un-conscious - they ought not be 'blamed' or judged for this. 

They need support, understanding, empathy and obviously safety.

The roots of the perception of nature as a 'survival struggle' emerge from this coping mechanism when it is established as a chronic dynamic, andis then  institutionalised, built into the structures of society as those who do not resolve the trauma resultant feelings and experiences WILL build that controlling psychology into whatever they create... 

Of course, it is obvious that it also serves those Institutions (Rulers) to convince others that nature is indeed a 'struggle for survival' because that is used as a justification for their behaviour..... such as 'extirpating' native societies, fighting wars, competing adversely... 

Breaking the cycle is the result of not so much as 'adopting' different behaviours (which mask the insecurity - and is to be found in the use of behaviour modification, outcome based education, punishment, religion, etc etc ); it is a matter of facing the feelings, experiences and perceptions that the trauma generates and resolving them so that one is able to respond rather than react, and that natural vitality, the 'flow' of feeling, of direct perception into the world is restored.

Thrivival and natural dynamic equilibrium converts solar energy into more abundant life processes, utilising Earth materials, to build more topsoil, more abundant life for all; 

Survival Modality seeks to coerce, to solidify and conform material reality to the self limiting perspective of those who rule (and for whom survival is always in question, in that coercion ALWAYS generates resistance) and do so for their own exclusive perceived needs - which are to to maintain control, to keep the feelings at bay.... yet, by ignoring the symptoms, by suppressing them, they bank more and more dysfunction and that can lead to one outcome alone; collapse. 

It might take some time, yet it is inevitable.

Kindest regards


 Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Friday, 9 July 2010

Nurture, Nature and the Joy of Sense.

Nurture, Nature and the Joy of Sensory Acuity.

The core biological function of the adult human being is to nurture the true inherent nature of the natural child so that the natural child lives as a natural expression of life itself, of Earths emergent biology. 

Another way to say this is that the core biological function is to improve and or maintain the natural life sustaining habitat of the natural child, and of all natures children.

Reproduction arises not as a means of passing on, but as the companion of death, the companion of those processes that metabolise materials from one form to another, releasing them so that those materials can be utilised by natural living processes to enhance the fecundity of Earths biology. 

To effectively increase fecundity, earth materials have to be gathered, energy has to be expended, so that metabolic processes can act on those materials. This is what plants do, using the freely available energy of the sun to drive photosynthesis. 

Animals consume some of those materials, as do bacteria, and metabolise those materials as an intrinsic part of their living processes. Animals and bacteria also excrete metabolised materials, as well as providing them on their death and decomposition – a process I refer to as bio-returning.

This process increases the available materials for life for all life.

Trees and squirrels, which we can see, need each other. All need bacteria, who remain invisible to us, to do a huge amount of the work required to metabolise materials from one form to another.

All the senses of the human being are emergent properties, crafted by biology, to enable a high degree of functioning within the paradigm I am describing. 

These senses can be seen to operate at both the cellular level, the organ or organism level and the macro level of the habitat. They are all physical interpretations of electromagnetic frequencies that inhere to the fundamental atomic level.

Photosynthesis is a response to photons, to light and is therefore the primary precursor to the human eye, which also responds to light.

The concept of passing on DNA, of the selfish gene, of inheritance itself, is a concept that emerges from within a society that typically expresses power relationships as opposed to egalitarian relationships. 

It is an expression of Empire. For it is the case that all Emperors wish to pass on what they have ‘achieved’ to others whom they are certain will continue that achievement as a form of narcissistic ‘immortality’….. a form of vanity if you will… 

Empire tends to mould the habitat to meets its own perceived needs above the needs of all others – recognition, the placating of hubris, the placating of an irrational fear of nature, all are processes that leads directly to the desire to dominate nature. And with that to dominate ALL people.

And what is truly insane about this desire to dominate is that it negates the ability to truly sense the Earth and the habitat, and each other, with the awesome sensory abilities that inhere to our biological forms, which are freely and unconditionally given and are indeed of such stunning beauty and exquisite pleasure that they define bliss itself.

Empire has come to the party and missed the point completely and is in the process of ruining the party. 

For ALL concerned. Doh!

Kindest regards 


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Monday, 5 July 2010

Natural Expectations : a definition

Natural Expectations : a definition

Natural expectations are sets of inherent, intrinsic design implications that emerge from within living organisms.

Another way to express this would be to say that a three legged stool has obvious immediate design implications, as would a mug, or a palm leaf woven basket. The stool is a seat or a table, the mug, an open container with a handle, is for drinking or scooping, the basket is for carrying, or holding objects within it, and it’s strap arrangement, if it has one, might indicate how it is to be carried. It’s an analogy because the stool, the mug nor the basket, are all non ‘living’ ‘things’ and are used by living beings. The materials that comprise those objects may in time be returned to nature, yet they as objects do not live, nor do they grow.

What I am writing about are the natural expectations’ of living processes.

Plants are an expectation of sunlight within certain frequency ranges, varying from plant to plant. Some utilise more direct sunlight than others. Each one has its place.

In the forest habitat Perma-culturists and Forest Gardeners describe 7 layers of light variation, from the ground to the topmost leaves, and have observed that a myriad of different plants work on all those varying levels of light, collectively and individually. Put any one of those plants in a layer it’s not normally naturally part of and it will struggle, and its natural growth cycles will be disrupted. The plants natural expectations are not being met.

Each plant in the web of life provides materials and more often than not often living space for many, many organisms, all of whom are part of the essential optimum health picture. In a forest with many hundreds and thousands of species those relationships will be incredibly interwoven in a non-linear fashion. The entire web is an expression of many, many specific natural expectations being fulfilled. All inter-related! That inter dependence is also part of the natural expectations, or design implications of living processes.

Eyes are an expectation of sunlight within a certain frequency range. We human beings cannot see ultra-violet or infra-red light with our eyes. Yet there are many animals that do use those frequencies. It is interesting to note that civilisation has developed technology to extend our sensory range, to ‘see’ those UV or IR frequencies, primarily as military/security tools and as such mostly for ill.

Ears are an expectation of sound waves. Again there is a limit, a certain frequency range outside of which nothing is sensed by that particular organ or organism or collective of cells operating as they do. Nature has determined this limit. It is no accident. Irrespective of whatever determines such processes, these naturally determined expectations are absolutely meaningful, and of vital importance to all living processes.

Plants need water. Some more than others. The local availability, source and quality of water determines what plants will thrive, and of course those plants will live there and will thrive. Salt Marshes and Bog Marshes are quite differing habitats. A few plants can handle both, most are specific to the precise habitat and it’s variations.

Another way to sense this would be to say that what we see in natural living processes is that those intrinsic, that is to say, essentially innate and natural expectations determine the parameters for the optimum health of any living process. Meeting those natural expectations ensures optimum health.

There is one other natural expectation that inheres to all living processes; that is that there is no such ‘thing’ or ‘concept’ as ‘thrash’, ‘rubbish’ or waste.

Nature does not create any waste. Ever. In natural living processes ALL materials utilised by living processes are returned to the nutrient cycles in forms that other organisms or living processes can metabolise. That return processes is pee-ing, poo-ing, leaf shedding, skin shedding, and of course dieing.

Decaying. Bio-degrading … though I don’t much like that term.

Bio-returning would be a better description, less judgemental.

This constant return of metabolised materials increases the over-all fecundity of the natural habitat. That too is a natural expectation of the entire biota or habitat.

Another way of saying this is that this very simple no-waste principle ensures the continued optimum health and growth of the habitat.

What it means, for me at least, is that EVERYTHING that lives on Earth, and everything done by those living organisms is inter-related, profoundly connected in a vast food web that feeds all life – all waste is food for life - so that life grows ever more abundant on Earth. And each and every living organism is embodied with a set of natural expectations

It follows that even the slightest input of ‘new’ or ‘alien’ materials will have consequences and those consequences cannot be easily predicted, in that because nature has not determined a bio-logical metabolic living process to handle that material, to utilise it and or return it to the nutrient cycle, the ‘new’ or ‘alien’ material can become toxic if it ‘accidentally’ interferes with natural bio-logical processes; though hind sight does of course reveal the extent and depth of those consequences, even as this is strangely ignored by so many in this modern dominant culture.

To recap, ALL natural living processes have specific and precise natural expectations that are intrinsic and that determine the parameters for the optimum health of each living process; and that the constant meeting those expectations at the individual and community levels increases the overall health of the entire species, and those many species living at optimum health, by metabolising materials created by each other they collectively ensure the optimum health of the entire habitat. There is no ‘waste’ in natural processes, because all materials are left in a state that specifically enables them to be metabolised by other living processes. Life feeds life.

Here's my song on this :

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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