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Un Convenient Truths - a message to Greenpeace et al.

Please read the quotation below, with regard to the purpose and intent of the Institution known as State Education (COMPULSORY) for it has something in it for all people who share an intention (at the very least) of contributing to bringing down the tyrants, the real tyrants, in our society. It's not an overnight job. 
This is, for all of us a lifetimes work, for our grand children.  
We must, like Howard Zinn, be prepared to work tirelessly, and die, without seeing the fruit of our work.  
We must also be prepared to ditch theory, hope, dreams and ideologies of all hue and be prepared to honestly embrace the meaning of lived experience, and be careful to apportion responsibility for harm where it truely lies...  
The base line for me is this : it is an abuse to tell a child what to think, and to enforce that thinking with any form of sanction, be it subtle or gross ... and this culture of domination is founded upon that primary abuse, for children who adapt to that adverse power relationship, as most do, will either take part in further abuse and rationalise it or be subject to the manipulation of others..... or as many 'alternativistas' do, take refuge in warm hearted cliches easily assimilated from books published for profit, to whit manipulated symbolism of other cultures myths taken totally out of local and historical context and then repeat those same cliches to prove they have learned the work, and attack those who challenge these ideas.. it's all one , maaaaaaaaan!  
How this works is is clearly laid out below. Charles Pierce, the eminence grise behind William James and John Dewey, architects of Compulsory State Education in the USA wrote, in the mid 1800s :  
“Let the will of the state act, then, instead of the will of the individual. 
Let an institution be created which shall have for its object to keep correct doctrines before the attention of the people, to reiterate them perpetually, and to teach them to the young, having at the same time power to prevent contrary doctrines from being taught, advocated or expressed.  
Let all possible cause of a change of mind be removed from men’s apprehension. Let them be kept ignorant, lest they should learn of some reason to think otherwise than they do. 

Let their passions be enlisted, so that they may regard … unusual opinions with hatred and horror. 
Then, let all men who reject the established belief be terrified into silence…. Let a list of opinions be drawn up to which no man of the least independence of thought can assent, and let the faithful be required to accept all these propositions in order to segregate them as radically as possible from the influence of the rest of the world.”  
We can see this in operation in the media, and in school text-books. 
And we can see this in operation in our own minds as we sometimes struggle to grasp the truth of our current situation. Unexamined assumptions are a good guide to those areas of our thinking that have been 'adjusted' to fit into this 'sick society', an adjustment that Martin Luther King made clear was unacceptable.  
THIS HAS TO BE INTEGRATED INTO ALL MAINSTREAM CHANGE MOVEMENTS and the conditioning of children must be seen as the crime it is ...  and identified as the key it is...
Because, even if the tyrants are removed, those who do so will, if they have not dealt with the issues I am highlighting, inevitably do the same again, and again... as we see.  
Ghand! Great PR, He facilitated an honourable withdrawal of the British Empire, as dishonest and cruel an Empire as ever existed. Nonetheless Ghandi was a misguided ideologue with regards to this issue of conditioning. His treatment of and perspective on women was instructive. India has remained a horror story in spite of the 'great' man.

Mandela! Sold the economic power of 'his' people, 'his' country down the river upon gaining Freedom..he is not solely to blame for this, of course..... the gold and diamond mines still in white hands.. whilst the story of his wife, Winnie, certainly no angel, is hardly ever told in honest terms...... and so it goes..  

Time to wake up people.


The recent tragedy in Haiti serves to illustrate this point. About conditioned gullibility. Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama stood on the White House Lawn and urged the American People to share generously their wealth with the troubled people of Haiti.

Notice the smirk on George Bush's face, and the intonation of his voice, as he reads from his script, and tells the American People to not send blankets, shelter, food, medicine.... 'just send your cash'.... 'we will effectively spend it' which is quite different to 'we will spend it effectively'...

And the reality?

 "Less than a penny of each dollar the U.S. is spending on earthquake relief in Haiti is going in the form of cash to the Haitian government, according to an Associated Press review of relief efforts."

Only a nation of people who have been passed through the system of Compulsion Schooling, like cattle through a meat grinder, could possibly be so gullible, so easily lead.... so profoundly shafted....

And there are many nations, if not all, whose people are and have been subjected to the ministrations of men such as Charles Pierce, and for whom all too often warm hearted gullibility is a refuge.

Hitler passed laws to ban home education while he was in power. Those laws still stand today in modern Germany.

I don't hold the bulk of people responsible for the conditioning they have been exposed to. 

I blame the conditioners. 

And it's not enough merely to apportion blame, but also to expose this activity of the state for what it is, to cease it and to seek solutions, some of which have been outlined by Paolo Freire, Ivan Illych, John Taylor Gatto, John Holt and others, some of which will evolve from the needs and experiences of different peoples, and their children, in differing circumstance and location.

Kindest regards


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Monday, 11 January 2010

What Copenhagen Climate Talks Revealed...

"Scottish Environment Minister, Roseanna Cunningham, says that "in a democracy the politicians can only lead so much ahead of the electorate otherwise they'll not only get voted out, but the lot that replace them will be even more wary of such policies. To whinge on about the politics is a displacement activity, a process of projection and scapegoat, unless we, as the electorate, first put our house in order. "

I disagree here. Rosseanna Cunningham is being a clever little 'spinning' piggy; (droll pun!) here's why.

I know that societal conditioning has a lot to do with the play of events, and that societal conditioning is intentional, as it is an industrial process, seeking to craft or produce predictable 'graduates' for industry and consumers for 'markets.. Marketing is the same, and both follow on from indoctrination, a religious necessity for the permanence of a church system or bureaucracy.

That both politicians and public alike are subject to the conditioning is obvious. No child left behind. That one lot (seriously corrupt politicians, business leaders, religious power leaders and whistle blower activists) know more about the how and why that such conditioning exists, than do the majority, speaks to the success of the project; it remains hidden, a taboo subject. That sad truth, along with the continued concentration of vast wealth in the hands of the very few: its ultimate purpose! Maintaining the status quo - mirroring in perfect proportion the systems abject failures in environmental and social justice.

And it is these people, the rulers, the owners and the leaders, who are causing the most damage - they cannot blame an electorate because most of the time they make decisions without any powered input or consent from that electorate; they claim 'mandate' by virtue of the number of votes, and little else - and many attempts are made, time and time again to get them off the hook.... like that quote above which came from a Roseanna Cunningham... like Tony Blair 'hand on my heart, Guv, I only did what I thought best' ...George Bush 'God told me.... : They do it themselves... and they always blame others ...

The electorate can never have a real voice or exercise any real day to day and long term power as long as Party Whips, Private Funding, no 'none of the above' ballot slot, absence of any re-call procedure, are allowed to stand : ... because once in power, politicians time and time make laws most people later wished repealed...and thus the pretension to democracy is demonstrated as the lie it is, and for whose good reasons...?

The rulers and industrialists are the ones who today determine much of the situation: they made the laws: they instigated the policies: they build the factories, they start the wars, they allow the continued pollution even when we protest: that factual lived experience must be faced up to, and given that we know those who control won't change: they like their sense of power too much – petition, protest and activism is NOT WORKING AT ALL on those who hold power and that's what Copenhagen has shown.

That’s what Copenhagen reveals to those with eyes and hearts to see past their hope.
Power and corruption go hand in hand, and thrives because those who exercise power in the top down manner do so absolutely, and those who submit do so absolutely.

How we change from Adverse Power powering the situation of our lives to grass roots decision making powering our lives is partly our problem. It always was. Voting always was a distraction. Decision making power is the issue.

None of this is to say that we do not have a strong sense of responsibility, that we are not creative and intelligent as people and that we do not have the ability to respond appropriately to that responsibility. We do. Far more so that any current leadership dares acknowledge. The myth of leadership is just that. A  myth.

What matters is organisation. At grass roots, local action level. The cumulative effect of conscious behaviour at grass roots  has within it far more power for healthy change than any led system.

How we bring the existing systems under grass roots control is our problem. How we re-humanise and naturalise our societies is our problem. And we are the answer. Ourselves and our children. How they deal with it will be theirs, whatever happens...

And if we are even moderately successful in our own time, then our children will be the ones to carry on that process and perhaps their grandchildren will see the return of a culture of tool making human beings that is as varied, healthful and balanced as nature, as all life on Earth.... and improves the habitat for all life...

Kindest regards


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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

"The Case Against Adolescence," that teens are far more competent than we assume,"

Really fine article on the way in which childhood was purposefully 'extended' as part of the Industrial Revolution at the same time that JP Morgan, Carnegie and others pushed the Compulsory State Education (conditioning/training program for factory life, dumbing down and control of future populations as they expand) and how that translates today into the previously unknown 'generation gap', teen rebellion and consumerism.

Here's a few pertinent quotes just to whet yer appetite!

" In every mammalian species, immediately upon reaching puberty, animals function as adults, often having offspring. We call our offspring "children" well past puberty. The trend started a hundred years ago and now extends childhood well into the 20s. The age at which Americans reach adulthood is increasing—30 is the new 20—and most Americans now believe a person isn't an adult until age 26. 

The whole culture collaborates in artificially extending childhood, primarily through the school system and restrictions on labor. The two systems evolved together in the late 19th-century; the advocates of compulsory-education laws also pushed for child-labor laws, restricting the ways young people could work, in part to protect them from the abuses of the new factories. The juvenile justice system came into being at the same time. All of these systems isolate teens from adults, often in problematic ways."

Which ties into what I have been saying for some time : that all creatures have innate learning abilities that enable them to master their being within the habitat. Only in Industrial Societies are children deemed unable to learn and therefore require enforced 'tuition'...

Schooling was inspired by the Hindi Rote System of conditioning or 'teaching', brought over to England and adapted to the needs of the factory owners, at the same time that the enclosure acts took the bulk of the common land from the people. Thus forcing them into the factories to 'work' to get cash to buy food....

It was an Anglican Military Chaplain who first observed and understood how this system worked. His name was Andrew Bell.

"“The entire purpose of the Hindu Schooling was to preserve the class system.”" A direct quote.....

What Andrew Bell saw and understood in the early 1800s was that by gathering the children into large groups, where they had to learn drills by rote, where corporal punishment was widely used, where there was a number of powerful external imperatives to show that one had learned, (could repeat the scriptures, perform the rituals, read the texts, and today pass the 'exams' ....) the Hindi Caste system had created a solid state and class structure that had endured for thousands of years, and had resisted the British in spite of the British technological superiority in sea faring and in warfare.

"Imagine what it would feel like—or think back to what it felt like—when your body and mind are telling you you're an adult while the adults around you keep insisting you're a child. This infantilization makes many young people angry or depressed, with their distress carrying over into their families and contributing to our high divorce rate. It's hard to keep a marriage together when there is constant conflict with teens."

There's the fundmental of the generation gap/teen rebellion. In one paragraph.

I could go on, but I think you should read the entire article as it is so well written, and 'twould be rude to re-publish it here.... and the research you do to follow up this will be more useful to you than anything I could say or write... trust me!

The recent attempt by Ed Balls, and Mr. Badman, to taint homeschooling with the brush of paedophilia resulted in the largest ever submissions of petitions by MPs in the House of Commons to reject Badmans assertions.

This shows the power of relatively few people (50,000 families home school in the UK at present) whose minds are clear, who refuse the conditioning of their children by strangers, who trust their childrens abilities as learners, when they get going.. A nation of such like would NEVER have allowed Tony Blair to prosecute the Afghan and Iraq wars, privatise the NHS and Post Office, etc etc... would never allow their children to be trained as profession killers.

These are the kinds of people any nation would be proud of.

One of the reasons the media focuses on 'teen knife crime' is to keep the teens under control, to keep the adult wortd fearful and envious of our youth.

Kindest regards


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Wooton Basset, Islam4UK and the truth about fighting for our freedoms

First off, let me say this: I think the proposed march through Wooton Basset is wrong in every way... I have great respect for those who 'serve', many of whom I have met in my life time....

The petition and facebook pages to oppose it are badly thought out, and are effectively a propaganda tool. As are ISLAM4UK and the march itself .......

The 'respect' for fallen heroes obliterates the 'respect' for fallen civilians. Wherever they be, and who ever they are.

In Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the 21st Century the comparative death rate between soldiers in uniform and civilians is 3 to 97.... with terrorists coming in at about 1 to 10000, ie for every confirmed 'al queeda' type terrorist, 10,000 civilians die.... at the very minimum.

The soldiers have the best medical care. Thats why the death rate is so low. The trauma rate is a lot higher. Troops survive terrible woundings. The civilians, most of whom are very poor already, have almost none. No health care, no pension, nothing.

This is a deliberate set up. The CIA funded and set up 'Al queeda' and the Mujhadeen in 1979.... with skills they had been training the South American 'police' in since the 1950s, at Institutions such as The Fort Benning School of the Americas. Google it. Don't take my word for it.

The set-up, from the point of view of 'our heroes' works like this : recruit youngsters who have been conditioned, who have no idea of what combat is really like, (how could they?) apart from romanticised war movies etc etc, and 'train' them for fitness, in small groups ... if one trainee fails, the whole squad is punished - that builds the bonding process.

The train them to be professional 'killers'. Then send them to low conflict zones to 'harden' them.

Then they go to a real war zone, and come under fore for the first time....

When they see a mate killed or wounded, reality strikes and they HAVE TO PROTECT EACH OTHER. Who wouldn't?

Thats when they start to shoot to kill, to protect each other.

They are NOT thinking of our freedoms at this point. But the civilians back home are. Because these are our 'heroes'.

Under these conditions, into which they have been deliberatley placed, it is inevitable that they will kill and maim far more innocent civilians than 'terrorists'...

When they return they cannot tell this to their families, to the media, because they know they have comiitted war crimes and they know the civilians want to see them as 'heroes' and so the truth is buried. The soldiers suffer in silence. Suicides amongst troops in US/UK Military now exceeds combat deaths...

The Government and the Military KNOW ALL THIS because it's an old technique.

They also know that some few become addicted to killing and 'adventure' and BECOME MERCENARIES.

They have their uses. EG David Stirling, who set up the SAS, started a private mercenary army, which worked on behalkf of the UK Govt, and private corporations in Africa : their first mission was in Yemen. Topical Country at the present...

Check Adam Curtiss Documentary " The Mayfair Set" which looks ate Stirling and his activities and traces this kind of thing right up to the 1990s...

and this on the Long Term Psychological Trauma of War:

A better petition would be to prosecute Margart Thatcher, Tony BLair and all those who command for carrying out illegal orders, as all UK military have been engaged in absolutley, clearly, as defined by UK and International Law, ratified by the UK Government, illegal wars since 1991 - since the first Iraq war...

The perhaps we can end the bloodshed. None of the stated aims of UK Government stand up to careful scrutiny with regard to these wars, nor would they stand in a fair court of Law.... and none are worth the harm our young men and women are forced to endure, forced to cause....

For further research, particularly with regard to serving combat troops who expose the reality, check out winter soldier :

and a look at the Military response to the original Winter Soldier :

Kindest regards


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