Friday, 14 September 2018

Brexit, Blair, Bolton and The ICC - The Healing Powers of Prosecution

Iraq is never far from my mind.

The Healing Powers of Prosecution.

Last year, in July 2017, an Iraqi citizen's attempt to bring a private prosecution against Tony Blair for War crimes was rejected, because the "High court rules that there is no crime of aggression in English law under which former PM could be charged".

"The decision blocks an attempt by a former Iraqi general, Abdulwaheed al-Rabbat, to bring a private war crimes prosecution against the former Labour leader."

John Bolton , National Security Advisor to President Trump, tipped as the next US Ambassador to the UN, has this week threatened the ICC, it's officials, funding and infrastructure with direct material reprisals if they pursue any American citizen or military personnel for War Crimes, anywhere. "The ICC is dead to us.." And here, an history of John Boltons criticisms of the ICC. John is a nice man, but tough, he'd have us all believe. He is, of course, a Patriot. He softly says, "The ICC is dead to us.." speaking for the US State, the way a 'compassionated' christian right winger semi-ideologue would to an errant son or daughter, who had become athiest, and was being disowned ... the drama, the guile, the guilt tripping..... all to mask a heart of stone, an intent towards evil. Nice man, nasty behaviour? Charm, and presentation skills. So what is the ICC? How does it relate to the UK, and why does no-one in the Brexit Camp speak of the ICC in the same tones as John Bolton?

The ICC is a European project, based on European Human Rights Legislation and International War Law. Surely the Brexiteers would be delighted to see that go, yet they rarely mention it. That is a bit odd. As if they did not want to talk about it. The ICC is convened and instituted under the Rome Statute of The International Criminal Court, and is the recognised International Court where War Crimes, Genocide, etc are prosecuted.
The ICC has been ratified under international treaty by 132 of 195 States. The USA is a signatory, but has not ratified the ICC.

The UK is a signatory and has ratified the ICC, by international treaty, and the International Criminal Court Act of 2001 did integrate the ICC and it's procedures into UK Statute Law, in the aftermath of the Pinochet debacle. Tony Blair over saw this. I bet he regrets it now.... His role in Brexit is divisive, and he is fixated on using the Remain extreme to undermine Corbyn and the democractic emergence within the Labour movement. Whilst the judgement of the High Court (see above) is technically correct, it is in fact misleading, and therefore wrong.

An ICC investigation and indictment can be initiated here in the UK. Once indicted, the defendant is trasferred to the Juridstriction of the ICC. Because there is no Statute Law to prosecute a War Crime in English or Welsh Law. Obviously. I repeat , the investigation can be initated in the UK, in England, and if it leads to an indictment, the prosecution will happen at The Hague, and thus the indicted defendants are transferred to The Hague for actual prosecution.
I think some people are very worried, very worried indeed. Who is worried, and why?
Jeremy Corbyn is among the few leading active politicians who has suggested that War Crimes investigations into Iraq are a necessity for the UK State to regain it's honour. He has some support among the populatioon for this. Indeed, the evidence we already have demands it, and nothing less.

However, we have a problem. Here it is.
1. The fact is that unless the next Goverment has the support of an active grass roots across the country and also within the Civil Service, Military, Police and Justice Systems, and the News media, this cannot succeed.

2. A leader or party cannot do this on their own. They needs us, the entire taxpaying population, not just cheering on, but materially active, ensuring that the Establishment do not derail the process - people power as a restraint on those who would wish to avoid accountability, and justice...

3. The list of people to be prosecuted is long. Think about it, all the high officials who acted, knowing that there were no weapons of mass destruction, and that the action itself was an illegal act of the War of Aggression. All the pundits, the editords, the media owners who dictated the agenda to support the war, the mercenary companies, the supply companies, the contractors of war.

4, A divided electorate, an ideologically divided population, groups who are being trolled to target each other, to hate each other, to fear each other, in our own communities, the distractions of debt, poverty, property ladders, Brexit, Control and Love Island. This is the situation we have been quite deliberately manipulated into. That manipulation, the fact of it, is a far greater problem than the Austerity Brexit it spewed onto our communities. I digress.

5.Jeremy Corbyn is the only leading politician in the UK whom I am aware of that has said in public that he supports War Crimes investigations, indictments and what flows from the evidence trail.#

6. The entire Establishment will resist this with all their might.

7. How far do you think thay are capable of going to prevent this?

8. Are we strong enough as a population to do this?

9. Am I strong enough to do this?
10. Are you?
11. It needs to be done.

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Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

The Psyche of the International Competing Powers and our Children's Futures.

Benjamin Netanyahu, The Pope, Tony Blair.

Why are these men at liberty to carry on as if they had not comitted Human Rights abuses of a global nature?

Compassion takes into consideration the effective social conditioning processes being constantly tweaked and adjusted by a network of deliberate and attentive institutional bullies.... they are effective.

Yes - adults over the age of 40, me included, have failed our resposnsibilities to our chidlren, as a culture and a generation, and we have done so within the context of the entire culture and it's structures that resists the urge to peace that is the grass roots of society.

Most of us are innocent, in that we have been conditioned, to one degree or another.  I recall what it was like to think I was a Catholic, what it was like to think 'Dallas' had any insight into real life America, to follow given thoughts without examining them; I recall what it was like to feel assaulted if my beliefs were challenged. I know. We all know this.

That said, a few people, quite a few, hundreds of millions of poeople, have made huge efforts that will reverberate through the years - Permaculture is one example. Trauma Informed Care is another. Health care, Nutrition, Psychological Health, Housing are all areas where a committed cadre of our society are creating sustainable, humane resolutions to previous structural problems. More and more we see, from the grass roots, proposals for resolution and long term planning emerging, evidence led porposals.

Some of those people were in the conditioned state too, before they began to dig deeper and ask honest questions... anyone  who is safe, can do this..

Trauma Informed Health, Policing and Education will make huge differences in the coming decades is another area that is ignored by the ruling classes.... they are winding down all three, for a fire sale! The issue is critical. Just as resolutions emerge that are practical, the bullies harden their stance, dig in deeper, and launch offensive, after offensive.

There are many, many more working flat out to heal and create healthier sustainable ways to do things, and they don't get much News Media coverage.

What does happen is every statement the ruling class issues is fact checked, open source, on line and any lies, manipulations, incosistencies etc will be analysed, and countered...

These are heady times, indeed.

The Millenials.

There is a generation who have been able to reliably fact check their teachers, parents and politicians and have found them wanting, and have seen, to some degree, through the Emperors clothes.

This massive constituency is the one driving the confrontation with bullying in all, and any, form across our society - which is why the bullies call them snowflakes.

I am one of the failing generation, and I support the kids, 100%.

The system is a bully system and until we adults face that fact collectively we will still be co-opted to cause harm to our own children, and to other parents children too.

The Psyche of The System

Vladimir Putin, the Baby boy, was not born to become the Leader of a Nation.

Donald Trump, the Baby boy, was not born to become a bully.

Martin Luther King, the Baby boy, was not born to become a political leader.

Neil Armstrong, the Baby Boy, was not born to walk on the moon.

Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, General Custer, Cromwell, the babies, were not born to become military leaders who ordered the murder of millions.

They were and are all products of the societal psyche of 'Power', 'Hierarchy', 'Authority' and 'Security', terms which aggrandise the basic act of bullying.

Just as the populations of soldiers, willing or conscripted, are products of the societal psyche of power, which is a wholy cultural over lay and has no basis in healthy biology.

The chronic stress and trauma of this culture affects biology adversely. We see it first in our own disease vectors, within our own bodies....

Civilisation or Bulliliessation?

War is wholly avoidable.

The Wounded Psyche

How children are mandated to grow and develop as social beings according to biological optimal behavioural outcomes is now quite well understood.

The intergenerational affects of chronic trauma, on the body and the mind, have been and are under continious study, and we know so much more now about the way these dynamics perpetuate.

Therapeutic responses have been developed that help with recovery.

These are not yet widespread.

The evidence begs the question 'why the trauma?' directed at the society at large, at the social, causal and material environment.

Medicine and Psychological Health professionals must become activists, advocates of healing this cultural psyche.

"Given the place and time of your birth, what you were born into, and all that who have experienced/endured/enjoyed, it's no wonder you feel they way you do."


Prevention is understood to be more efficient, inherently sustainable.

Prevention is justice. Compassion is clarity. Integrity is strength.Transparency is honesty.

These are ancient human mandates, the mandate of Mother and child, the mandate of sociality as a joyous bond, the mandate of learning as self motivated, the mandate of sense of self as emergent, the mandate of robust health and ability to read the environment accurately, to respond creatively to changes, to notice changes and muse upon them, thus spotting patterns... these are all key skill sets for living in 'the wild'. Ancient.

Love drove our species as much as any, and probably for far longer than any other 'urge', because to love in that ancient way is not possessive, it is egalitarian .. and within that, we are sensitive, we vary in temperment and inclination, we are not drones... and we are moody, so tempers can flare - it's what we do when that happens that decides if we are at peace or at war...

Older societies laughed, talked it out worked it out -  this one eggs the adversaries on.

Netanyahu’s Namaste.

Speaking of the psyche, and Benjamin Netanyahu comes out and articulates it, precisely, in public, with a big smile on his face. He’s a happy man, it would seem. 

Here he speaks to the PM of India, Modi, who paid Israel a State Visit, in January 2018.

Here is his speech, the full context, from which the recent quote about strength emerged. Netanyahu’s speech starts at 6.55.

Note that both India and Israel are Nuclear Powers. Note that this is the first Indian Government State visit to Israel. India was created in 1945, Israel in 1948 (expanded by conquest to where it is today). Both States are engaged in irrational political behaviour.

Here he is a few months later, with a much more aggressive version of that psyche, speaking with regards to Iran, at a naming ceremony for an Israeli Nuclear Research Facility...

“Shimon aspired toward peace but he knew that true peace can be achieved only if our hands strongly grasp defensive weaponry. In the Middle East, and in many parts of the world, there is a simple truth: There is no place for the weak,” Netanyahu said,

“The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong,” Netanyahu continued.

The latter paragrah was tweeted on his official Prime MInister Tweet account. On it's own.

The Psyche : Syria

Syria back into the visible news cycle:

Some thoughts.

1. ALL the violence is wrong. This we know.

2. The set-up is the International Competing Powers Dynamic. Institutionalised Gang War Fare.

2.a In spite of the emergence of mass Democracy through workers and women seeking to participate in electoral and legislative processes, and years of political struggle, hard work and daily effort of millions of people to slowly bring change to society, the Competing Powers dynamic remains dominant.

3. The leading gangsters always try to ensure their PR is dominant among their own populations, as that's where they get the money and men to run armies, spies, trade missions etc...

4. Within that, there are the relatively recent international Laws created via the League of Nations, the UN, WTO, EU, BRICS, etc etc.... whilst the Laws exist, the underlying psyche of seeking dominance is untouched.

4.a Thus when the Laws are broken, and because everyone is participating in the competition, no one gets arrested. So the Laws are not fully applied.

4.b Because the seeking of advantage, the seeking dominance psyche goes so deep, it is embedded in popular perceptions of biology as the brutal competition of Social Darwinism, in Religion as the Fear of Hell, Hope of Heaven, in relationships 'conquest', etc..... indeed it is fully institutionalised.

5. And that psyche is the problem.


Syria is hardly unique in this regard. Syria has also been under intense external pressure since the British 'created' it in 1920. Let alone the lived experience of those born in those lands since 3500 bc, who have been subjected to various Empires trampling upon them as they passed through. A genetic history of being trampled by Empires.

Can you imagine what it might be like to live in a State whose emerging Government is caught between hugely power external forces who use covert violence, intimidation, bribery, sabotage etc to get their way...

Syria is the outcome of a world wide culture of violence, that is deeply embedded into the existing structural dynamic of power, it is a human and institutional pathology, and taking sides is futile. If there is a side, it is the innocent citizens, and their families, who suffer repeatedly, that I side with on, all sides.

This war will continue until the Syrian State can assure that it is not being attacked from within it's own borders by externally mandated militia. That's the facts on the ground. Whatever it takes. They have seen Iraq and Libya. They are supported by a majority of Syrians remaining in Syria.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Gaza, Palestine. All European creations.

From their first days as international states, European creations of colonial policies and commercial security over raw materials resources.

Who has exercised the most violence?

The Europeans, and the many tyrants they support...

The question for us is this - have we the courage, skill, determination and resilience to confront the War Lords and Gansterism in our own History, past and present, with regards to the state we fund? Can we stop Great Britians covert wars?

Our role in Syria's peace is to arrest Tony Blair and ALL the War Criminals who prosecuted, and continue to prosecute Great Britains dirty wars.

Will we do this?

What will we do for our children, and their contemporaries, their futures?

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"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Bullying Behaviour - the core dynamic, obvious, yet carefullu avoided. Why?

Mother's bleached out of History is a form of institutional bullying.

The Official History does not give voice to the mothers of wars, for mothers rarely go to war, war comes to them.

From my view, I see the parade of war lords, kings, presidents, emperors, queens, prime ministers, dictators that stretches back such a short span of  our human existence, a span where wisdom has fled, and the bully proceeds. The competing powers dynamic is a pathology.


pregnant mothers.

your mother.

my mother, 

our mothers.


For me it has been a gently creative summer, this warm, balmy 2017,  and I am now leaning into a leisurely and hopefully creative autumn.

I have been sitting with the plants and bugs, I have been musing and ruminating, mulling over things, whilst ensuring I took time to fritter away being idle, indolent and chilling the way out..... for me, life is to be savoured, not for it's peaks, but for it's intense essence, it's mere presence. Being alive and sensitive is amazing!

Which is really at the core of why I detest bullying, or coercion, or manipulation, or any attempt to 'nudge' one person in anyway in order to gain an advantage, or have ones perceived need met, whatever that might be.

Bullying intrudes upon and disrupts that space of presence. Peace is more than the absence of bullies...

It's ugly behaviour, really.  We know it stems from insecurity, from a wounded place.

I prefer transparency, honesty, integrity. It's strong, until it is broken.

I look around at this culture, it's icons, it's goals, it's actions and outcomes and I understand that bullying is normalised, institutionalised, mythologised, theologised, dramatised, fetishised, attributed to Divinity and demonised as the most foul, in equal measure, across this existing Militarised Industrial Civilisation.


It's like varieties of mint.

Racism, Misogyny, Sectarianism, Colonialism, Sexism, whatever......... same plant, different flavours, the flavours are not the problem.

Babies are not born bullies. This we know.

Some babies may be born with damaged or weakened systems, and if not spotted, these can become pathologies, through a variety of vectors. A lack of empathy, or inability to self regulate may lead to overt control rather than attempts to heal that area, deepening the behavioural dynamic. But more than that the evironment and social experience of the child will determine much of that child's development, and each child will carry elements of the epi-genetics of the past recent generations as well...

"There are things in a child's life that should happen, and do not. And there are things in a child's life that should not happen, and do."

The child's agency in this is limited.

The task then falls to the adults to correct the balance.

As many have observed, a loved child is more likely to become a loving adult, than a child which has been abused, neglected.

I think children are being bullied quite a lot, in institutional settings, and in the public domain, and I think it's so common, that no one can see it.

And I think it is one of the many dots to be joined regarding how healthy behaviour is distorted. How do we relate to and treat children? How those with power relate to and treat those who hold little power?

A song about bullying and honesty.

A parody of Abba's pop song 'Money, Money, Money'

A reflection on our times, a gander at the cost of bullying in politics, and in how bullied politics afflicts peoples lives, in the knowledge that all of it is wholly avoidable. And how the best approach is honesty. Clarity.

Break it down : as soon as a person speaks and promotes their bias, prejudice, animosity etc in a manner that is in any way intimidating, or denigrating, or that seeks to base legislative powers on the false assumptions of their prejudice,  or that demands change be forced through based on those false assumptions.... that then is bullying.

Political bullying is a fully professionalised enterprise, effectively a world of well funded, well resourced war-gaming.

That's all bullying. IT HAS NO PLACE IN CIVIL GOVERNANCE. Ever.

We talk about racism, sexism, genderism, etc with regards to the reasons for each petty prejudice.... yet we rarely talk about bullying, we talk about trying to alter the reasoning, yet bullying is so normal that the bullying continues...

Let's be honest and call it out.

Here's a fine article on how bullying operates in politics - the tactics and technicals. 

Well worth a read.

The writer connects the dots between bullying dynamics observed in inter personal situations and tactical political behaviour, and it makes much sense of a confusing world, in that it describes an arena of happenstance as much as one of seeking control, that there is a chaos element to the bullying. Bullying is inherent unstable.

"Here are some recognisable bullying traits and tactics, designed to damage, isolate, discredit and eliminate the target:

  • bullies are adept at exploiting the trust and needs of individuals, organisations and groups, for personal gain.
  • bullies react to criticism with denial, retaliationfeigned victimhood.
  • the bully grooms bystanders, and the target, to believe the target deserves the treatment they are receiving and attempts to limit contact between others and their target. Often the bully will use communications that exclude the target so that there is no opportunity for them to defend themselves and present their truth.
  • the bystanders see only the Dr Jekyll side of the bully, but only the target sees the Mr/Ms Hyde side; Dr Jekyll is sweet, manipulative and charming, Mr/Ms Hyde is evil; Mr/Ms Hyde is the real person, Dr Jekyll is an act.
  • bullies exert power and control by a combination of selectively withholding information and spreading lies and disinformation, therefore everyone has a distorted picture – of only what the bully wants them to see. "

Babies are not bullies - the behaviour is learned...... prevention is the only sustainable  approach.

A Societal Psyche

Vladimir Putin, the Baby boy, was not born to become the Leader of a Nation.

Donald Trump, the Baby boy, was not born to become a bully, and a Leader of a Nation.

Martin Luther King, the Baby boy, was not born to become a political Leader, to be assasinated.

Neil Armstrong, the Baby Boy, was not born to walk on the moon.

Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, General Custer, Cromwell, the babies, were not born to become military leaders who personally ordered the murder of hundreds of thousands of people, all largely innocent..

They were, and are all products of the societal psyche of 'Power', 'Hierarchy', 'Authority' and 'Security'.

These are the terms used which deferentially aggrandise the basic act of bullying, which is what lies at the core of each and every one of them.

The Bully System.


The powerful influence of the bully system does not excuse their crimes. It's more a question of understanding the development of that kind of predatory psyche, in order to deal with it.

Just as the populations of soldiers, willing or conscripted, are products of the societal psyche of power, which is a wholy cultural over lay and has no basis in healthy biology.

Healthy human biology is largely mandated towards egalitarian localism.

That power based predatory psyche acts as an inducer of chronic stress, and it affects our own physiology, or very biology, adversely. The stress to maintain military outposts takes resources away from what ever community is paying for it, in many different ways, where local need is not being met..... it's crazy.

Chronic stress is a MAJOR disease and degenerative vector. Yet the masters of the economy impose more and more stress on ordinary people.

Civilisation or Bulliliesation?

We cannot continue to vote for bullies, and expect material change....

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.