Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Generation Gap. Mind the Gap. It's a bridge back to nature.


Are you tired of dealing with surly, uncooperative, sarcastic young people whose attitude has everything to do with not being accepted as seen, as valid, as complete and whole, unless they conform to the values of others, whose example and behaviour is not necessarily seen as being worthy of much respect, through they might love the person, the parent, they cannot mask what they see.

And it has to do with a masked and subconscious parental jealousy of the emerged young adults potential for freedom, a freedom many parents mortgaged, a freedom which voting and working atrophied, a wound not of their own making, for it is intergenerational. 

If it is not really talked about, the hurt is great indeed.

Generation after generation..... the trickle down effect.

They were told it was the 'right' thing to do. So they did it, in good faith, and the system betrayed them.Most unfortunately do not realise what they have been put through. Their identification with the system had penetrated too deep, and self empathy is replaced with fear or certainty.

Generation after generation..... the trickle down effect.

I have learned to accept it all, not fatalistically, but in order to observe, and to see then what happens, and perhaps sense how the resolution might be nurtured, within myself. This has taken some time. I was listening to me as I was, when others were not, and remembering. And connecting that to the fact that my life experience certainly left me wounded, and lacking self empathy and so it must be for so many others, just as intensely as I experienced it, and for many much worse indeed.

The least measure of a life of all measures, is the intensity of self loathing, (which is really the introjected loathing of society for the natural child, and the degree one has internalised that so deeply determines to some degree the intensity of it's external expression). Yet it is crucial in all power relationships.

We need to listen to our children, we need to get used to living lighter, on less cash, and understand the immense benefit of the experience of being present, with much more time to be, and to be with the children, more than at work. To be with life, more than with the 'economy'.

Parents and children need more free time together, and we need it across the generations, to help recover from this intergenerational re-traumatisation, be it from the adverse affects of hierarchical power structures behaviour, or laterally,  amongst us as people ..... we must see the setting into which we were born and have now to deal with.

Power Relationships vs Empathic Relationships?


has been

for decades, elsewhere .........

Of course, it has to be said, this applies across all generations .... the same dynamic occurs when a gap is perceived and 'us' and 'them' becomes the sense of the generations, rather than it being perceived and felt as a continuum - a healthy functioning empathic family, community or group.

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Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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Monday, 21 November 2011

Self empathy is the source of Wisdom.

Self empathy is the source of any 'wisdom' .... because from there genuine empathy flows, and it is a genuine empathy that is not an absorption of others feelings and content, but an accurate felt, sensed perception of these from a place of knowing oneself, where one is.

Genuine empathy accurately perceives both nurturant and non-nurturant realities, and responds as needed. The prey flees, not merely out of blind fear, but out of knowledge. It's what legs, eyes, ears, the sense of smell are all for.

And it takes psychological control over people to ensure that people remain attached to a system, to hierarchically imposed values and judgements, when we could have run, or walked, or said "NO!". That psychological control is engineered through the internalisation of the values of the system, such that we become judgemental, moralistic rather than empathic perceptual. This engineering is done by indoctrination, by marketing, by abuse and by trauma.

So all 'teachers' ought to lead us back to ourselves, and do so with a deep trust that from there we will know where to go.

There is no religion or spirituality that is for all: each person is their own way of spirituality.

There is no ideology in Nature.

There is one ethic of life, and that is to nurture life for all life. That's what nature does and we have emerged from Nature.

That's how I see it.....

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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Friday, 18 November 2011

The Bail Outs, Banking Fraud, Gambling and unelected Governments

With all that is happening, and happening fast - the Governments of Italy and Greece are now effectively an unelected, imposed Government, and populated by people who have been executives of Goldman Sachs, by 'economists' and technocrats whose conflict on interest is clearly weighted in favour of the banking system.

Whereas in Iceland this has been avoided by the determined action of the people ..... who put so much pressure on their Government that their demands were met...

The current Government in the UK is also effectively unelected, as the coalition was NOT voted for, but arranged behind closed doors, at a crucial time.

Here's a documentary that explores how the recent 'crash' was the natural outcome of policies of deregulation by Governments populated by people closely aligned to the 'Investment' Banking sector and the privatised Central Banking systems, fraud and unfettered greed.

The story of New York Governor and former Attorney General Elliot Spitzer's downfall is instructive, and well documented by the BBC Storyville Documentary "Elliot Spitzer : The Sheriff of Wall Street".

This documentary is clear, it is not overburdened with exotic detail, and it shows exactly HOW the current crash and bailout was engineered ..... worthy of a couple of viewings....

on Vimeo

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Roots of Participative Democracy : Children

We cannot have an effective and efficient democracy unless the children experience the reality of mutual responsibility and accountability.

Democracy goes wrong when people are trained by schooling to not have a direct participation on the decisions that are made that most affect their lives....... schooling is a 12 year conditioning process that instrumentalises the child's mind and body to obedience, to a dependency on the approval of others, to negating his or her unique insights, and innate right to pursue those insights, to such degree that it becomes a hard wired neurological and physiological response...

A response that they later defend in a visceral and almost feral manner....

That said the intentional process of 'compulsory' schooling is not 'perfect' : some do escape, intact, many more partially intact.. - hence the constant faux 'reforms' imposed by Central Government.... and their denial of the benefits of a truly libertarian education where children are self directing inner motivated learners facilitated by supportive and empathic adults.
It's also the case for me at least, that as I began to honestly appraise my OWN abusive and manipulative behaviour, I began to UNDERSTAND that of those who abuse.. and gain insight into political behaviours of all kinds.... the key is not just in 'being good' but also in understanding, empathically, the behaviour of those who are oppressive...
Which is another reason for activists to REALLY go deep within themselves and find that understanding all the better to help make the wider societal changes, and to provide pathways for others to free themselves of their need to oppress.

This is what Paolo Freire wrote about in Pedagogy of The Oppressed...

And what Alice Miller wrote about in "For your Own Good: The roots of violence in child rearing"

Kindest regards


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Letter to President Michael D. Higgins

Dear President Elect,

I urge you, as President of Ireland, to be a constant and energetic voice for the Survivors, and for all the children, past, present and future, to bring empathy and clarity to bear on Irish Governance, to be fearless in this, to use your privileged position to help Irish Society to undergo changes that are healthy, that are geared towards the long term, that are nurturant of life and that make the abuse of Power a thing of the past.

You used the term 'Historical Trauma' in one of your speeches. You must now bring this phrase and it's meaning to the fore, because it is this that has driven the dysfunctional behaviour of so many, inside of politics and outside for centuries.

Greed is a learned behaviour. Abuse is a learned behaviour.

The psychology of any given Society is both revealed and perpetuated in how that Society treats it's children. To change the Society, we MUST change how we relate to and treat all our children, for they are the future..

Kindest regards

Corneilius Crowley

Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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