Thursday, 28 February 2008

Free Will and Indoctrination

Free Will and Indoctrination

Two concepts at odds with each other. One much vaunted, by those who gloat over their ability to control others whom they indoctrinate, above all else. The other seen, rightfully so, as a threat by those who value their integrity as humane beings.

Children sense that threat, though being small and vulnerable, they must acquiesce, in order to survive. It is unfortunate for so many that they forget this acquiescence.

Those that organise the indoctrination of others rely upon that forgetting for the only source of their power, and thus those who recall the resignation of their acquiescence, and recover their free will, are the ones who will no longer comply with those who indoctrinate.

As it is with taxation, under current circumstances, so terribly demonstrated in Iraq and Afghanistan. So many horrors, daily fare for those we have abandoned. Can you imagine the pain, the terror, the wounds those people must live with?

As it ever has been, since the city states first formed and centralised governance based upon might, a governance that feeds upon the forced labours of people, that exercises the supreme ’right’ to kill, to imprison, to torture and to bomb, and so darkened the lives of human beings, and of natural creation

The tide must turn.

Will you turn it? Will you be of the rocks, the beaches, the cliffs that repel that tide, so that your children, and theirs, may walk freely upon this Earth? Will you recover your free will? Will you reclaim your soul? Will you refuse to comply with the indoctrinated systems of fear and retribution, the powers of the wrathful state, the folly of the consumer capitalist dance of death?

For that is the first step in the rebellion that must take place if we are to truly honour the miracle of our children. Parents who have reclaimed their souls, who have seen the truth of the indoctrination will know at their very core the base crime it is to indoctrinate, and will not do so.

A generation of children allowed to grow naturally, to express their true identity, to read with their own innate intelligence, the world around them, will naturally resolve the issues we are all faced with.

They will also inspire their parents in ways that their parents, and their wider community and extended family cannot but be grateful for.

The real battle is won internally, without recourse to violent confrontation, in the reclaiming of our free will, our very soul, our ability to love unconditionally. This battle is the one those that seek to control us fear the most. That is why the weapons of mass distraction are so sophisticated, so relentless.

That is why the internet is feared, that is why there are attempts to enclose the web, to integrate censorship, to flood it with banal distraction and pornography, as it is where free will may reign, it is where conversations may take place that can assist in the internal battle, for we soul seekers in the west are beginning to realise that we are not alone, we are not isolated and that we are not mad.

As we reclaim our souls, as we release ourselves from the bondage, from the mental slavery, from the fear, as we reach nirvana, as we assume our birthright of enlightenment, we will then have the sweet question of what to do with that free will.

The further work will be strenuous, will tax us to our limits at times and yet is underpinned by the true essence of nature, our own nature, the very spirit of life. It is not to be taken too lightly, though it must be taken with delight. It is a work that is a mirror of natures amazing ability to feed and nurture all living beings that exist.

One must be happy to assume this work. Proud, determined, convinced and at ease with the role we must, each of us, play. Each of us the saviour. If we so chose.

Free will.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Alco-idiot (with a silent ’t’ a la France) - a terror orgainsation on our doorsteps!

It’s Monday night, I am watching a riveting lecture about 9/11, CIA. ISI, MI6 et al.

I am pissed. Organic Cider. Lovely stuff! Which makes for difficult viewing of aforementioned lecture.

Note to self : do not drink alcohol after getting up from sleep, on an empty stomach, irrespective of the time of day and expect to be able to take in a lecture.

However I am not brawling in the street. It’s not Friday night. Blessings counted.

When we see reports on the occurrence of regular English Friday night centre of town street brawls, and when we know that the government is doing nothing useful (24 hour licensed drinking??) to help ameliorate this situation, we see evidence of Terrorism, encouraged by the state, sponsored by Alcohol Companies

Terrorist organisations working for the tax-man? What gives?

Well. If one is not of the brawlers fraternity, Friday night can be terrifying….. if one happens to be in the locale. To be terrified in one’s own homeland is the object of all terrorism!

Alcohol, that curious substance, is subject to strict control by Government. Pot, which grows naturally in many blessed places is not.. The government refuses to 'control' pot is because the very last thing our political and business leaders want is a happy, gentle and thoughtful population. Those kinds of people DO NOT GO TO WAR!

So the Government bans Pot! Now you know why.

A daily ‘tot’ of rum was part of the pay structure of sailors and soldiers of the Imperial Military forces in the 1800s.

A tot of pot would have been somewhat inconvenient.

One of the phrases the lecture turned up was “the criminalisation of the state“. Nice phrase!

I understand, from the historical record, that in most cases Government is really all about the legitimisation of what ought to be called crimes. Education (Indoctrination into Obedience, Privatised for Profit). Farming (Pharming - Animal Slavery and Cruelty). Entertainment (Weapons of Mass Distraction, Entrainment To Fear and Insecurity). Sport (Negative Nationalism). Capitalism (Wage Slavery, Commodifying Life). Consumerism (Addiction, Environmental Destruction). Vaccination (Cash for Pharmaceutical Companies, Population Control - AIDS). Health Care (Disease Creation for profit), Mental Health Care (Disease Creation for Profit - Seroxat, Prozac et al) and so on.

Manufacturing of dissent. Another cool phrase. Applies to those who read material that suggests that ‘going after the terrorists is good, but NOT invading Iraq is not”…duh!……..and think that they are somehow part of the anti-war movement. I dissent!

Sustainable Development! What the hell does that really mean? It means the supremacy of fantasy over practical probability. Applies to those who believe that we can live as we do, and NOT destroy use up or otherwise exploit the various ‘resources’ scattered about this planet. Like driving eco-fueled cars and not considering the HUGE cost to environment of the manyfacture of the damnd vehicles themselves. Green? Bloody naive if you ask me!

Proper Gander. Take a GOOD look at things! As opposed to propaganda.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Friday, 22 February 2008

Behaviourally Modified Organisms

The Real Legacy of Education in the 21st Century or The Death of The Species!

Creature abuse for cash!

Over the past decade or so much has been written in the media and elsewhere about the issue of genetically modified organisms. And of course it’s a vital issue to get to grips with. The idea of tinkering with the core of any naturally evolved creature merely for profit is both repulsive and ignoble.

What have we done to our children?

However there is a far more dangerous practice underway, one that has state and societal sanction and has been happening for centuries. This practice is at the root of the causes of disease, war, greed, psychological insecurity, racism, sexism and much more besides.

I speak of the process of behaviourally modifying organisms, specifically, children.

Most of us are well aware of the religious inspired dictum “give me a child before the age of 7, and I will give you the man.” That this is now being done by the state is probably no surprise. We have, most of us, been to school. Sat exams. Failed or succeeded. We have been judged.

That it is now mostly being done by the state at the behest of Industry, an is not primarily for the welfare of the child, may come as a shock. That it is hardly ever clearly articulated, though current politicians and educationalists are quite brazen about this, as in describing education as a way of training a work-force, but is couched in terms of ‘opportunity‘ and ‘equality‘ is plain to all!

Work, as we all know, is well trodden path route towards opportunity.

That parents willingly submit their children to this process is, initially, far more difficult to understand. Though of course those parents themselves have been behaviourally modified, and having been told for many generations that it is for their own good, they concur. Swimming against the torrent is somewhat difficult. Ask any conscientious objector in Americas Armed Forces!

And these are the facts. Parents do send their children to be behaviourally modified by the state, primarily for the pecuniary benefit of rich industrialists, those who own the means of production of goods, be it steel or plastic, dull or colourful, toxic or otherwise.

And we all know that this incessant production of goods is causing damage to our environment in such ways that it’s very ability to support us is seriously threatened.

We know too from history that those who exercise power over others will not desist, that they are struck with a congenital madness that precludes change. There are the victims of their own behavioural programming. They are stuck.

And while we may appear to be stuck, that is not necessarily the case.

I don’t want to appear to trivialise the ‘achievements of civilisation’ or the ’sacrifice of past generations’, nonetheless it cannot be said that the rampant unhappiness of peoples in industrialised and developed nations is a form of thriving. It is more like mere survival. With abstract distractions a plenty to take one’s mind off the matter.

Entertainment, as the Roman Emperors well knew, has it’s value in an Imperial Society!

Nonetheless, like the so called weeds, we, the people, the plebeian masses, the proletariat, the consumers, require constant ‘pruning’ so that we do not thrive, other than in prescribed ways that serve the Empire.

That is so, and from the pint of view of Empire, must be so, because it is our very nature, as human beings, as natural creatures, to thrive upon this Earth. Empire knows this! Entertainment serves to distract our attention from that various pruning’s that occur.

Investigate your educational experience.

Look carefully at the literature you were exposed to at the various stages of your education. Look carefully at how you were made to feel about yourself, in comparison with what was presented as the ideal.

And whilst doing so, bear in mind the following quotes, from those that founded the education that you and I underwent. And that our children will undergo. If we allow it to happen!

What they wrote about us!

Excerpts from the first mission statement of Rockefeller's General Education Board as they occur in a document called Occasional Letter Number One (1906):

"In our dreams...people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present educational conventions [intellectual and character education] fade from our minds, and unhampered by tradition we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive folk. We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, educators, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have ample supply. The task we set before ourselves is very simple...we will organize children...and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way."

In a speech he gave before businessmen prior to the First World War, Woodrow Wilson made this unabashed disclosure:

"We want one class to have a liberal education. We want another class, a very much larger class of necessity, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks."

From John Taylor Gatto :

If you have a hard time believing this revolution in the contract ordinary Americans (and Europeans) had with their political State was intentionally provoked, it's time to meet William Torrey Harris, US Commissioner of Education from 1889 to 1906. Nobody else who rose out of the ranks of professional pedagogues, other than Cubberley, ever had the influence Harris did. Harris standardized our schools and Germanized them. Listen as he speaks in 1906:

Ninety-nine [students] out of a hundred are automata, careful to walk in prescribed paths, careful to follow the prescribed custom. This is not an accident but the result of substantial education, which, scientifically defined, is the subsumption of the individual.

-The Philosophy of Education (1906)..

Listen again to Harris, giant of American schooling, leading scholar of German philosophy in the Western hemisphere, editor/publisher of The Journal of Speculative Philosophy which trained a generation of American intellectuals in the ideas of the Prussian thinkers Kant and Hegel, the man who gave America scientifically age-graded classrooms to replace successful mixed-age school practice:

The great purpose of school can be realized better in dark, airless, ugly places.... It is to master the physical self, to transcend the beauty of nature. School should develop the power to withdraw from the external world.

-The Philosophy of Education (1906)..

Nearly a hundred years ago, this schoolman thought that self-alienation was the secret to successful industrial society. Surely he was right. When you stand at a machine or sit at a computer, you require an ability to withdraw from life, to alienate yourself without a supervisor. How else could that be tolerated unless prepared in advance by simulated Birkenhead drills? School, thought Harris, was sensible preparation for a life of alienation.

Can you say he was wrong?

That was from John Taylor Gatto's essay.

These brazen statements of the hiddden agenda of Education belie the stated ‘commitment’ of the State and of many others, to the child’s welfare. Rest assured that nothing of this has fundamentally changed in the intervening years, the agenda is till firmly in place. Witness the charade of elections in the USA, the horror of wars in worldwide which we fund with our labour and taxes and the blood of our sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, our fathers and mothers, be they civlians or military. Observe the destruction of the environment. Join the dots!

Now, do the work, free your mind from all mental, psychologicl and emtional slavery. And do the real work of Revolution. Start with yourself and the rest is assured!

For inspiration I reccommend, if I may be so bold, my song about education.

Children are intelligent, Children are beautiful, Children are creators

Robust Version

recorded, at home, with Ableton Live

Hippy version

recorded around a fire, at a festival, by Tribal Voices.......

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Thursday, 21 February 2008

All in this together

This is a sweet, sweet lil' video....enjoy!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Nature Works!

And this we know to be one of the fundamental truths of our very lives.

Nature works beautifully, and in doing so provides every living thing within nature the resources to meet those beings needs so that each can grow towards full potential, from microbes to the largest whales!

Nature does this by sharing those resources, through the growth of each living being and through constant recycling, thus creating no waste.

We would do well to mimic natures observed proceeses and innate values - in general resources are not witheld from those that need them, and there is ample evidence of widespread altruism in nature too!

Nature is not a series of mechanical processes that science of old held, there is a sentience and intelligence at work here. Just because we do not speak the lingo, does not mean the inhabitants are stupid..

Western Civilisations idea that the human being is the most intelligent creature here, or that humanity is to dominate nature and exploit nature are blatantly untrue. We are differnet, yes, and so are all living beings.

It follows that there must be something within all living beings that allows them to get information and to respond appropriately to that information so as to thrive.

Current research into the heart suggest that the heart is also a sensing organ, and that the heart can transmit and receive electromagnetic signals. The heart emits an electromagnetic pulse that is 5000 times greater than that of the brain.

Find out more about this incredible research and what it implies.............

Note too that in school the heart is sentimentalised, through literature and a false evelevation and portrayal of science, and thus the conditioned brain is favoured as an information processor.

Without access to that part of us that connects to, is integrated with therefore accurately and reads nature, it is no surprise that so much of what we, in the westernised post-idustrialised world do that does not work, and is in fact destroying the vary basis for healty life, for all life.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Yes We can!

Obamas latest video juxtaposes various singers against his electioneering phraseology and uses slick marketing techniques to make him attractive. It appalls me that otherwise intelligent friends of mine, not to mention millions of other people, are taken in by this sort of thing. So here's my reply!

Yes we can, yet not the way THEY prescribe! Here's why.

The progression of what can be called 'urban culture', the culture of the (scare)city has evolved through interfering with the naturally evolved, direct and sustainable relationship between people and their food. A middle man was created. A violent one at that.

Thus the creation of the Wrathful Gods of the Sky and Beyond, as opposed to beneficient Gods of the Woods, the Plains, the Sea and the Rivers, evolved to redirect peoples awareness away from what is all around us, away from what nurtures us in abundance, to what exists in the suitably conditioned mind. The process starts with the indoctrination of the children. The work ethic is amyth of Imperial Culture.

Given that we KNOW that indigenous aboriginal peoples are fitter, happier and more or less in tune with their habitat where as we are less healthy, deeply unhappy and obviously out of tune with our habitat, it makes sense to me to re-establish those prior relationships within the infrastructure that exists.

For example Cuba, a country of 11 Million People, have managed to convert their entire food production to bio-dynamic permacultural methods, with the resultant improvement of health physical and psychological for their people.

That process also had the effect of strengthening community, as people exchanged both foods and growing tips (valuable comoodities and valuable information) from person to person, community to community.

Most if not all 'underdeveloped' countries could easily do the same. That is a large part of what most of the 'campesinos' in South America are fighting for, the right to live that much closer to their roots, according to their own chosen culture. We can too, though the process will be more difficcult for us. That does not make it any less worthy of our fullest attention.

We in the west are funding our Governments. We are funding our Corporations. Thus we ARE partly responsible for what those entities do. If we cease to fund them, then we are taking responsibility for our part in their negative and destructive activities by withdrawing from them.

That is not to say that those in Government and in control of the Corporations (and Banks) are any less respsonsible for the choices they make, fo what they are doing with our money and energy that is damaging our environemtn, and harming people.

Nontheless, if I pay taxes, a large proportion of those taxes are being used to pay off loans which are used to support the Military Industrial Complex, the Pharamceutical unHealth Industry, etc etc and are ultimately pocketed by the bankers who lend the money. The Politicans and CEOs are bought off with cash, once they have done their jobs. As in Tony "three jobs" Blair or John "Carlyle" Major, etc etc....

I am labouring a point here. It cannot be overstressed.

The best way for us to recoup our moral and practical responsibility is to therefore refuse to comply, to start to recraft our lives so as to recreate a closer relationship between ourselves and our food, our environment, to recraft our lives so that our values are to do with family, community and sound ecology as oppose to consumerism, warfare and amassing wealth.....

We can do this. We know that our governments WILL NOT DO THIS. Those that oppose systme from within are dealt with quite severely, and in such a manner as to warn off others.

To all those who believe (and it is a belief) that we NEED RULERS I say this.

No we don't. What we need are good co-ordinators!

There is a far greater and natural desire amongst people to work together for each other than there is to compete. But since we have been born into an Imperial Cutlture, we were raised to believe its myths, and to fear both it's rulers and the lack of rule at the same time... a common dichotomy, beloved of Catholics, Jews and Islam as well as a quite few others......

Nature is self-organising, it is a sentient process and we are fundamentally of nature, moreso than we are of the Imperial Culture. Of course the conditioning is profound and held in place, as I have said, by fear.

The antidote is love, and the source of love is a heart felt awareness of who we really are and how fortunate we are in being on this Earth, with all the freely avilable abundance that is nature.

The history of the vote is the history of a sorry compromise whereby the pain has been transferred rather than dealt with. In much the same way that the pollution of manufacturing has been transferred to China, alongside the drudgery of the 7 day factory week, workers hostels etc etc..... basically the same conditions that existed in 1780 in Englands Industrial revolution, with the ever present threat of death and brutality by the state to maintain the status quo. Chine executes, under law, at a minimum, 10,000 people annually.

Look to your history, my fellow citizens of the UK and the USA. These are the facts. When the 'workers' got the vote, the women did not. When women first got the vote, they had to be property owners! Or married to property owners.

And still today, ALL mothers are as yet unpaid in our culture. Think about that. The single most imoportant human activity, nurturing the young ones, is still a form of slavery. For many it is a comfortable slavery, yet that comfort was the painful subject of "The Womens Room" and "The Female Eunuch" and others, and the truths expressed in those books remain unpalatable for the majority of men in our culture.

No, I do not subscribe to voting for an elected representative who has been compromised. I subscribe to what was outlined in the POWER INQUIRY, a devolution of power to the community, so that Government merely manages as we direct. We are intelligent, compassionate and willing, most of us, to work together... do look at the research done by the POWER INQUIRY, and come back to me - the political and corporat(e) elites have poo-poo'd that research because it is a serious threat to their power.

And for those of my critics, let me say this. My current Carbon Footprint is one 5th of the average of the UK, and it is so by my choice. I choose to live without central heating, without a car, without holidays, without a bigger TV screen, without newspapers. I choose to eat a less varied diet of organic UK sourced foods. I choose to wear out my second-hand clothes. I choose to not use chemicals in my home. All these are choices. One day soon I hope to access an allottment and grow as much of my own food as possible. I live on around £70 per week, I contribute taxes only through my purchases. I am self employed and that's fine by me.

We can, all of us, live well, with far less than what we currently use up of the earths resources. Indeed there are many who do so. We could certainly live without Governments and Corporations that make and profit from wars. The Merchants and Managers of Death. This all boils down to a choice, and it is our choice. It is not fate nor is it an accident.

So, yes, we can. And we will do it sooner or later, or quite possibly perish. Sooner would be more honourable. Certainly more enjoyable. What a mission! And surely, a gift to those to come.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Change Values for Survival. Do not Comply!

Four words, one reality. Unavoidable truth expressed in words, a truth so deep and clear as to be a necessary message to all people, to all my brothers and sisters.

I have spent most of my life on the healing path, firstly to heal my own wounds, so that I may breath freely, relax deeply and enjoy my being. Secondly and perhaps more importantly, to ensure that I do not inflict the same wounds upon my own children. Thus they might too breathe freely, relax deeply and enjoy their being.

That is the best possible gift I could give them. Peace as an internal reality

Much of that healing has been through taking responsibility for my diet, my thought processes, my actions. A bumpy path, with many ‘wrong’ turnings, yet something in me keeps me to the path. That something I have come to sense as my innate nature.

I recent years I have also spent much time attacking the structures that caused my wounding, by exposing them and by taking the piss out of them. A sense of humour is a great gift to receive, and a necessary tool!

I have also devoted time to researching alternatives that are truly healthy and in that now common phrase, sustainable.

One of the things I know for sure, is that consumerism, market economies, power exercised over people and much else of what is taken a granted by industrialised peoples is not sustainable.

The industrial revolution started the process whereby most people did not grow their own food, but worked for money, and generally a pittance at that, so that they could buy food, inserting a middleman in the chain between food and eater.

Ignorance is not not knowing, ignorance is ignoring what is

That middleman does not exist in nature, and there’s the core of the problem. That fact is that in nature all living entities, from the microscopic to the macroscopic, have a direct relationship to their food, their nourishment. As lungs to oxygen. Eyes to light.

Nature ensures that all living entities have access to what they require to reach their full potential, and that in the process of reaching towards that potential, they also guarantee all other living entities the resources required for reaching full potential, notwithstanding ‘shit happens’ as in natural ‘disasters’ or being eaten…….shit is not waste, it is a resource, if treated in the correct and natural way.

Given the complexity and perfection of nature, the exquisite beauty and balance of the vast system that covers the surface of our planet, it does not make sense that this is a mechanical mindless process, but an intelligent one. The seed must ‘know’ that it is to be the plant, and must know how to become that plant, or at the very least be able to learn how to become that plant. As must all living creatures.

The culture into which I was born is by design quite different, insofar that access to resources is controlled so as to alter the innate behaviour of those that are controlled, be they plant, animal or humane being. That control necessitates the abuse that I experienced as a child. It necessitates the abuse of billions of animals which we ‘farm’ for food. It necessitates the enslaving or exploitation of plants in much the same way, insofar that the natural life path of plants is controlled, carrots are planted in lines, forests are destroyed etc etc..

The controller is the middleman, the interventionist in the process of life.

In nature all is food, and thus food is generally speaking, abundant. Strangely enough though, obesity is not common place, nor is starvation, in natural systems. Neither is existential insecurity as we experience it.

In Danger of Falling Fruit.

Permaculture seeks to replicate those systems in such a manner as to obviate the ‘clear the land and grow food in lines’ for profit way of doing things.

Bill Mollison made a great video about permaculture forest gardening entitled “In Danger of Falling Fruit” …….. as opposed to the Danger of falling bombs, as espoused by our governments, as the way towards ‘freedom‘ and ‘democracy‘.

As ever, old Bill expressed a profound and beautiful truth in pithy terms, with no wasted words. A beautiful human being who with David Holgrem, has bequeathed us with an opportunity to get ourselves out of the mess we are in. Perhaps that was the only danger in the garden of Eden. Would that it were the only danger facing us today!

Alice Miller and Carl Rogers are two others whose observations ring true in a similar manner, with respect to how we treat children and how we treat each other.

If, in my life, I could add to, or share those great gifts, even in the slightest way, then I would judge my life worth living, beyond the sheer joy of being alive, which as ever I regard as a great mystery, a profound gift for which I am ever grateful.

We can do this!

To subvert the systems of control, we need only to not give them our compliance. If nobody enlists, there can be no war. If we grow our own food, we do not need the money nor do we need Tescos. If we don’t watch television, we don’t need the BBC. If we sing our own songs, we don’t need Bono, nor do we need the Rolling Stones.

If we are prepared to be visionaries, we would need no movies nor would we need scripture. If we think for ourselves, we will need no leaders. We are born, each and every one of us, with innate wisdom and a great learning ability. Our expressions would be the sharing of that which enriches us all. Open sourced.

Change values for survival and thrivival.

kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Friday, 8 February 2008

Theories and Fact! A primer!

Theories are theories, and only a fool would take them as fact.The only things we KNOW about nature, at this point in time are the following :

1. There is nothing that nature does that does not work! Nature works, impeccably.

2. Nature provides every living thing in it exactly what it needs to reach its potential.

3. The process of reaching that potential, namely natural growth, provides food or resources for other living things.

4. Nature produces no waste. Everything is returned to be made avilable to life processes again and again.

5. We, human beings, are of nature. We are not above nature. We are within nature.


A. Therefore, if we are to thrive, we ought to mimic natures ways. That means that profit must be redefined as that which allows all to thrive in balance. No hoarding or denial of resources to other living beings.

B. It also means that we ought to meet childrens innate expectations and NOT impose adult projections onto children.

C. Knowing that nature works impeccably, (see above) knowing that literally millions of different organisms work seamlessly to co-create the bio-diversity of nature, it makes sense to assume or theorise about an innate knowledge building quality in all living entities. That process could be defined as a genuine, useful and location relevant wisdom, an innate wisdom of how life works.

D. Being told WHAT TO THINK would tend to get in the way of building that innate wisdom.

E. Religion and Ideology both require TELLING CHILDREN WHAT TO THINK, rather than asking children what they think. Oooooooooops. Bad move, methinks!

What do you really think?

Is what you think what partly or largely what you’ve been told, in many different ways, to think?

If so, ditch it.

Now, what do you really think?

What do you think with?

Who are you?

The three questions an adult ought to ask a child, if that adult is truely willing to be of service to the child, are as follows :

a) Who are you? - This means the adult is willing to listen to, and to hear the child, and learn the childs definition of who that child is, at that point in time.

b) What are you interested in? - This means the adult is willing to listen to, and to hear the child, and learn what that child is interested in, at that point in time.

c) How can I help you? - This means the adult is willing to listen to, and to hear the child, and learn what that child thinks or feels would be helpful to her or to him, at that point in time.

Children know who they are, they know what the think and feel, and they know what they want.

Our warlike culture is fundamentally based upon abusing these qualities and upon exploiting the children for adults purposes, be they ideological, religious, psychological or commercial. On making sure those children grow up and become happy workers!

This last paragraph is not theory - this is fact.

Kindest regards


do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Illegal Wars and your Taxes!

Campaign to Make Wars History

If you are tax payer in the UK then you are breaking International and UK Law, by supporting the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Given the existence of the International Criminal Court Act 2001, and in particluar, sections 51 and 52 of that act the prosecution of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, by UK Military at the behest of UK Government, is an act of genocide and a war-crime under English Law.

International Criminal Court Act 2001 : The text

International Criminal Court Act 2001 : Section 51,52

Under these same statutes, it is also a war-crime to assist in any way the continued commission of these crimes.

Thus the paying of taxes, or that proportion of taxes which goes towards supporting that contuinued military activity or any infrastructure that allows those military activities to continue, including the parliamentary offices, staff and infrastructure of all parliamentarians who support the wars, is also a criminal offence as outlined by the above mentioned laws, which are ratified English, Welsh Law.

Not many people know this. But then not many people are paying attention. Certainly the mainstreammedia are not reporting this.

Spread the word.

Campaign to Make Wars History

It is possible to access the evidence, as the lovely people behind The Campaign to Make Wars History have collated and prepared all the evidence (see the videos below) so that YOU can then present it to your local police station, requesting that they investigate the war crime which you are reporting. I am at present doing just that, and looking for people from my own area to accompany me. The more the merrier! If I can get one presentation a day for the next year, great.

My local MP is Gareth Thompson, who has strongly supported the Government line on the Iraq War, and I will be naming him in particular.

Campaign to Make War History

Videos of a recent Press Conference, presenting the work being done to expose the illegality of the Iraq and Afhgan Wars, and the work being done to investigate the breachs of English Law with regards these crimes and to bring to account all those involved.

the Press Conference was held in

Room C, 1 Parliament Street
Tuesday 15th January 2008 3pm

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As a journalist, I pride myself on being media savvy. Unfortunately, like everyone else, I have to scour the internet to by-pass the mainstream media and sometimes miss stuff.

So I wish to now report the press conference held with John McDonnell MP and members of the Campaign to Make War History who briefed MPs and the media on allegations of war crimes committed against the people of Iraq by Britain's former Prime Minister and the former Attorney General.

Officers from Scotland Yard have started a criminal investigation into the deaths of Iraqi citizens killed during the armed invasion and occupation of Iraq.

The Metropolitan Police are also acting in response to crimes reported by peace activists from We Are Change UK and The Campaign to Make War History. In an unprecedented step, the case was handed to the War Crimes division of the Counter Terrorism branch who are now investigating allegations of 14 criminal offences committed by Tony Blair, Lord Goldsmith and others. The offences are under the International Criminal Court Act 2001, which came into effect under English common law, just two days before 9/11.

Evidence was provided to the police relating to the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and conduct ancillary to these crimes under Sections 51 and 52 of The International Criminal Court Act 2001.• a crime against peace and complicity in a crime against peace under Articles 6 and 7 of The Nuremburg Principles.• murder, incitement to murder and conspiracy to murder under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.• conspiracy to commit genocide, a crime against humanity and war crimes under the Criminal Law Act.

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Friday, 1 February 2008

The 1970s : The Sequel in Iraq!

The 1970s In South America is the Model for Iraq, Afghanistan.

There are a number of key senior people who had roles in South America who are now working flat out in Baghdad, advising Gen. Petraeus to bring back past glories such as the Phoenix (torture and terror) Program, which was operational in South Vietnam, James Steel - who was the lead man in developing the Death Squads in Equador, John Negroponte who worked as the direct Overseer of the 301 Death Squads  in Honduras.

The sordid history of how this was orchestrated has been written into Naomi Kliens 'Shock Doctrine' Chapter 1 on Iraq. Here's an excerpt which gives an overview of the policies inflicted upon the Iraqi people.

The pattern of killings, beheadings, tortured and maimed bodies seen in iraq since after the Invasion in 2003 belongs to the American Modus Operandi which actually stretches back to the Wars against the Native Americans in the 1800s.

In the fall and winter of 2003 Iraqis held local and municpal elections, which were multi-lateral - that means comprised of Sunni, Shia, Zoarastrian, Christian, Secular and other communities - and were observed by internatinal observers as being fair and free elections. They had installed councils, police chiefs and other civilian officials in some cities and many towns and villages across Iraq.

"They culdn't organise a two-bit parade!" Bremer said " The simply were not able to make decisions in a timely fashion, or any decisions. Moreover, I felt strongly the importance of getting a constitution in place before we handed sovereignty to anybody"  Paul Bremers own words.....  

The American led CPA annulled those elections, stopped all elections that were underway, fired or removed all the officials, and instead installed their own chosen Iraqi candidates - many of whom were part of Saddams command structure. Bremer claimed the Iraqis were 'not yet ready for democracy'.

The Iraqi people took to the streets, and their protests grew ever larger, populated by all segments of Iraqi communities. The new Iraqi Police then started to round up the co-ordinators and speakers, and started to brutalise them. The protests continued, and gained momentum. It was at this stage that James Steel was drafted in, along with 700 Chilean ex-special forces to 'train' the Iraiq Police in 'counter insurgency' tactics, tactics that had been used all over South America in the 70s and 80s.

As the US sponsored Police tactics became more violent, more bloody, the Iraqis started to defend themselves. This was then labelled a Civil War by the media and by US and UK Politicians. It wasn't a Civil War. The Iraqi thugs were being paid and armed by the invaders. If anything it was a struggle for Iraqi independence. And that reality is that the US sponsored campaign was better armed, better funded, than anything the Iraqis could gather....

In fact the death toll in Iraqi rose between late 2003 and 2006, when the John Hopkins Survey estimated the death toll at 1.3 million Iraqi civilians.

You will note that we have had few beheadings on video released over the past years - because the American cover was blown by the fact that the videos were released via American Servers! For American and European Audiences! As a propaganda and a warning! A modern Tyburn!

Those beheadings were US Covert Operations Propaganda Adverstising designed to dehumanise the Iraqis in the eyes of the US/UK Population and their troops, so that the continued slaughter would not be questioned.

In 2008 the Iraqi Troops are called the by the pet name, the 'Kit Carsons Scouts', recalling the American War against The Native People, wherein Kit Carson, American Hero, PAID the UTE indians to fight the NAVAHO, supplying the UTE with weapons, money, other words getting the locals to fight each other.

"These people know what they're doing. It's the failure or inability of the media and the antiwar movement to grasp military doctrine. I'm not saying they're all Quakers, but none of them went to school to study war. They went to school to study war-no-more. So they don't know what's going on here. And unless you break the monopoly on the discussion by getting these questions to the candidates, you'll never find out."

Tom Hayden, Author, Activist

This is how Empire works, has always worked and is working today.

The only people who can stop this Empire are the people who pay it's taxes. The people who send their sons and daughters out to kill and to die in uniform. Those of us who know and understand are duty bound to expose, explain and convince our less well informed brothers and sisters of the truth.

The alternative is what we are seeing, and not seeing.

Watch this report for a good explanation of this reality.......

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