Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Natural Children Victims of a Crime..

For as long as can be remembered and longer, The Church, State and 'Charities' have taken children in their 'care'...

And behind closed doors abuses that are as horrific as any committed by the Nazi's, the main Historical Scapegoat taught in Schools and mentioned often in the media as an aberration from the 'norm' were perpetrated upon those beautiful, vulnerable children by those who 'cared' for them.

These crimes were part Policy, part recycled abuse and were designed to 'mold', cripple or destroy those children - in every Country where indigenous peoples were forced off their lands these practices existed and exists to this very day.

The current reporting of the Vatican's crimes is but the tip of the iceberg...

And even today, 'damage limitation' exercises are under way, by all Institutions involved.

The spin, avoidance of responsibility and suppression comes not from shame, but from a desire to protect the status, wealth and power of these Institutions.

The wealth of Scientific Information that confirms the cyclical nature of abuse is routinely suppressed, ignored and co-opted by these Institutions - Ritalin prescribed to 'manage' children who refuse the yoke that was in the very recent past enforced by corporal 'punishment' is an example of current 'tactics' mediated against children and their parents, who for the most part are unwittingly enrolled in the conditioning processes that are very much in use; marketing, propaganda, spin, debt based lives and of course extreme violence is still utilised - Iraq, Afghanistan, Columbia and elsewhere - and the 'public' appear unable to respond.

The victims, the survivors are courageously telling their stories, and a few brave advocates are supporting them.

Some few are recognising the cycles of abuse in their own lives... and breaking them, so that no more abuse is visited upon others within their sphere of influence.

Here is a letter I wrote, that was published in the Irish Times November 2009, with typo errors included ... uneditted.

This is issue runs to the very heart of the State System and Society.

The future will be defined by whether or not these issues are faced up to and dealt with; punishment that is abusive will not help; incarceration of the perpetrators, the spin doctors, the official deniers is a must; full accountability, reparations and the widespread sharing of the information that can help the victims and active support for the victims is a must.

None of us can afford to turn our hearts from these facts....

Kindest regards


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Monday, 29 March 2010

Free Food is Freedom.

Free Food IS Freedom, especially if one grows or gathers it from the land base one lives on...

Did you ever consider that of all the creatures on Earth, only the civilised are forced to BUY food?

Here's my short video song, Springtime is planting time...

Springtime is planting time, work it in my garden

I put the seed, into the ground
sit back and just hang around
the roots grow down, the shoots grow up
I sit back and the plants do their stuff

Springtime is planting time, work it in your garden

You put the seed, into the ground
sit back and just hang around
the roots grow down, the shoots grow up
you sit back and the plants do their stuff

Springtime is planting time, work it in your gardens

Free food, Free food
Free food is Freedom

Springtime is planting time, working in my garden
Summer time is growing time, I'm growing in my garden
Harvest time is harvest time, I'm living off my garden
Free food is Freedom, work it in your gardens

Springtime is planting time, work it in your gardens

We NEED edible municipal parks, edible national parks, edible hedgerows.... scatter food growing seeds wherever you go....

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Monday, 22 March 2010

Manuals of Instruction : Black Pedagogy, Telling a Child What to Think

Cultures that are Hierarchies of Power are not the 'natural order'. They are entirely human creations, born out of trauma. Every child born into a culture of hierarchical power and violence suffers the slings and arrows of that creation. No child left behind. Some deal with more adversity than others.

Black Pedagogy or Poisonous Pedagogy : the process of instilling a social superego in the child, to construct a basic defence against natural drives in the child's psyche, to toughen the child for later life, and to instrumentalise the body parts and senses in favor of socially or culturally defined functions.

Gender roles are an example of culturally imposed behavioural dynamics. As are the roles of Ruler and Heir. As are the roles of Soldier, Accountant, Magistrate etc...


Tell the child what to think, use coercion to ensure compliance, and you then can control the adult for life. Even if the adult resists, that can be used too.

We know is that there is written evidence going back many thousands of years regarding concrete knowledge on the processes of imposing the adult worlds will upon the natural child. We have a long recorded history of discussions on how to 'tame' children, how to forge them into the 'ideal adult citizen'  or 'warrior' to the extent that it can be called a scientific approach, mediated intentionally by adults carried out in the name of Institutions such as Churches, Crowns, Rulers, Governance and Education.

"Give me the child until 7, and I will show you the man!" goes back as far as the Spartan culture, and further back than that...

The simplest way I can think of to describe the origins of such practice emerge from looking at the reality; that those who hold power wish always to pass that power over to those who will continue to exercise power over others in order to preserve that power indefinitely. 'My legacy, my Kingdom, my Empire'.

Those who hold power over others will want, of course, to KNOW that they can trust those to whom they pass that power to. They will want to know that the power they so assiduously built over their lifetime, and that which they may have inherited, will remain, it will expand and it will not dilute.

In order to do this, those who hold and exercise power over others have to be certain about the psychology of those to whom the power is passed..

That certainty is the certainty of the ‘trainer’ with regard to the ‘tamed’.

A thought exercise - Imagine

If you are the Leader, and have gained your power by abuse, inheritance or by guile you will want to teach your own children to follow suit; you know that they will have to be as manipulative, as well versed in human psychology, as willing to be coercive or brutal as you were in your rise to power and your maintenance of that power.

If you co-operate or compete with other rulers to retain power over large territories, this knowledge about educating the next rulers, and their servants and assuring they are psychologically attenuated to be brutal, to rule with a sense of entitlement, will be shared or stolen, and it will be applied.

 Any new learning or observation that adds to the toolkit will be recorded and added to the knowledge, and will become part of the custom, literature and behaviour that is black pedagogy.

Because power is coercive it always meets resistance, and those that are resistance always learns new ways to resist, so the rulers are forced to ever study the forms and manifestations of resistance and devise and test new methods to quell that resistance or at least neutralise it. The rulers can never relax their vigilance.

As pesticides to ‘pests’ and herbicides to ‘weeds’ ….

An example in modern times….

It is interesting that the use of Ritalin and other similar drugs correlates closely with the banning of corporal punishment of children in schools - it replaces violence as the extreme way of controlling those natural children who react against the impositions inherent in compulsion schooling. Exams and targets are the less extreme mechanism of control... less extreme in that they are designed to encourage acquiescence rather than compliance.

By saying that the children’s behaviour is ‘caused’ by some chemical imbalance, the locus of investigation and ‘blame’ is moved away from societal causes of distress or resistance.

Another element of this problem is that the parents will need to investigate their own adverse childhood experiences, their own mis-education and social conditioning as a necessary and separate task to the actuality of day to day parenting.

This is a personal task, and yet it deserves social support.

Healthy parenting demands we learn ways to avoid adverse power dynamics in the day to day parenting experience with ourselves and our own children so that we can 'get out of the child's way' of his or her natural development. Parents and children are biologically designed to grow together, each maturing the other..

That requires some basic understanding of the natural child, it is helped if the dynamics of controlling others to protect oneself from hidden wounds and the suppressed feelings is also understood.

The problem for parents is they have to accept what for most parents is most difficult - that they have been 'set up' by the ruling class of this society and are not to be blamed or shamed for any of this, but must yet face it.

The good news is that children who are allowed their natural development will help the parents by being a natural and actual source of experience and information that helps the parents recognise where they are blocking or controlling their children to ward off awareness of their own wounds... and then the parent can take time to reflect on their own experience and heal it by working through to their original natural child perspective

Kindest regards


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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Natural Child, Authority and The Problem of Civilisation

some research on the nature of the parent child relationship within the hunter gatherer culture


Kindest regards


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Monday, 15 March 2010

An inconvenient fact

The work of exposing and understanding all the ramifications of the inherent abuses that arise from the adults world views that are imposed or coercive with regard to child rearing practices and how that dynamic reverberates around societies as a power relationship is the most radical approach, in that it encompasses ALL single issues, because it transcends gender, race, religion, spirituality, economics, environmental concerns, psychological concerns, location and any other single or combined locus or focus for resistance or change; it is grounded in material reality, is proven and well researched : this approach wins all arguments as to what to do in that there is no counter answer to this claim, no data worthy to counter it, no other analysis that reaches so deep into the human psyche..

This approach immediately includes ALL human activity as it is the base of all human activity, we are all born as natural children, and if one advocates for one child, it must be for all children, for all time.... there can be no exception to this that is not a dilution of the thesis, and as such a betrayal of the core aim : an empathetic humane society living in balance within nature, where coercion is a word that has no meaning, where the act of hunting and gathering is a sacred act, replete with all that makes life truly sacred - unconditional love.

Unconditional love allows no lies, confronts abuse in all forms, favours none and fears none. That is the essence of the natural child.

So, the gauntlet is thrown. Are you with the natural child, or not?

Do not answer this question, for there is no gauntlet to throw... it's merely a turn of phrase often used. I am making a counter point to the duality that leadership imposes on followers.

What is important is to feel into this issue and to allow your most honest and fearless responses to emerge..... who knows where that will flow? I don't, that's for sure.

we all start here

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Natural Children Victims of This Crime

This song is for all the millions of natural children harmed by priests all over the world, over the past 100 years, calling on all people to recognise this horrific crime, and to support the survivors with all the empathy and compassion you can muster, to use whatever means at your disposal to engage and confront the Catholic Church and demand immediate accountability and suitable reparations and if those are not forthcoming in an open and transparent way, to call for a total disestablishment of the Catholic Church and all it's institutions wherever they may be,  that they be hounded from every corner of this Earth for the dark deeds they have enabled..... Spun Apologies and cant will not suffice....

Natural Children

Natural children

Walking on this Earth

Natural Children

Natural Children

in the place of their birth

Natural Children

Natural Children

Victims of this Crime

Natural Children

Natural Children

Frightened all the time

Natural Children

Natural Children

When will we draw the line?

Natural Children Natural Wisdom

When will we draw the line?

Natural Children

Natural Wisdom

Actual Wisdom 

Act on the wisdom

of Natural Children

When will we draw the line?

Kindest regards


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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Motherhood, Feminism and The GDP

Motherhood, Feminism and The GDP

Motherhood is at once reviled and lauded throughout this profoundly sick Society.

Reviled, in that it is deemed unworthy of a living wage, and all too frequently blamed for children’s problems, it is not a ‘career choice’ and is seen by many as an obstruction to their personal fulfilment.

Freud certainly did nothing to elevate motherhood beyond the slavery of Christianity and The Factory System. He blamed the mother, the son, the daughter and let the father run free.

Jung did not puncture this false imagery, merely embellished it.

The laudatory aspect is really a fig leaf for what I have just written.

Marylynn French, in The Womens Room, punctured the bubble of silent pain in the same way that Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring blew open the hubris and the pain of massive pesticide use… both writers were mothers….

And we owe so much to them for their courage and diligence in their work. We all owe motherhood more than we can even imagine, irrespective of our particular circumstances.

There have been many women who have fought, and thought, and written about the woman’s experience as an inferior in this Society…

And yet….

Mothers are praised when they bury their dead soldier husbands, sons and daughters, they are given a flag, a medal and a series of hollow pronouncements are uttered at the graveside and in vacuous political speeches all too familiar.

The mothers of Iraq were not featured in the News stories about the Iraq War. The cost they paid in dead and maimed children, in dismembered boys and girls, in hours of literally picking up the pieces, blood and bone, gut and sinew of their children was never mentioned. Instead they are reviled for wearing the Hajab or Burqa. You see this on the streets of the UK every day.

Mothers Day is an ‘occasion’, a marketing and propaganda tool. Once every 364 days or so.

Motherhood and it’s meaning is all but invisible. Cloaked by devices worthy of the Klingon Psychosis.

In Julius Ceasar, the Shakespeare play, Mark Anthony speaks  “I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him; The evil that men do lives after them, The good is oft interred with their bones, So let it be with Caesar”

And he continues to work his way into praising Ceasar, in an attempt to bury the evil, and exhume the good. Ceasar is The State. The Boss. The Bickus Dickus!

Yet looking at motherhood in realistic terms, with regard to the lived experience of mothering, Mark Anthony’s opening statement is a statement of fact – and the speech tops there – mothers are blamed for the damage society causes to them selves and their children. The good they do is pretty much unrewarded, in effect ignored. Interred.

Mothers Day is a feeble capstone in Memoriam. The flowers are for a living grave. Ask Mothers how they feel when the children have left the home and it is empty…

The failure of the mainstream Feminist Movements and of all of us, men included, are simply this :

The Feminists and the Blacks and the Irish and The Gays and all who struggled and fought for equal rights in an oppressive system, did so as single issue projects, out of self interest, yet not to change the system itself or to replace it with something more humane, more child friendly.

The Feminists fought to be seen as equals to single men in a career system, to break the so called glass ceiling, yet who amongst these fought for the right, nay the respect for the natural expectation to be seen as Mothers with equal rights to a solid income and an elevated status based on the work they do, the understanding and compassion the constantly exhibit in action, on a  day to day basis, under the circumstances they find themselves in.

Why did the Feminist Movement NOT fight tooth and nail for the mothers? Why is Green Peace NOT fighting for all the mothers of life?

Why is it that, even still, motherhood is not factored into any economics philosophy currently practiced? It is not measured in the GDP?

Why is it that motherhood, and parenting in general, is being put under extreme strain by consciously applied economic policies that coerce both parents to work to pay a debt to very rich people who make the money they 'loan' out of thin electronically charged air, but pocket the REAL CASH they are given plus interest?

Why is it that so few can actually SEE this?

Why do so few challenge this, and when they do, are derided from all sides?

Why is it that it is an unquestionable practice to tax a single earner in a household that is caring for children at the full rate of taxation?

Why is it that so few people can see the value in nurturing motherhood, an 18 year contract of 24/7 concern and care as being at the very core of our society?

Why is it that so few people understand empathically that the wilds of nature are our mother and father in every possible way, ad that they too are being subsumed to the needs of the economy?

Mothers are being fucked over in every possible way.

International Woman’s Day is coming soon, this very weekend.

Let’s make it a day to realign with Mothering as a fundamentally vital process of nurturing a society into being, into which one would happily, joyously  want to bring children who would enjoy their lives naturally untainted by the processes of conditioning, marketing, racism, fear, mistrust and greed that define our culture.

You want a revolution? Well try this for a start …

Pay the Mothers, you Mother Fuckers!

And perlease do not respond with whiny complaints regarding fatherhood - that is a distraction, a tactic to divide - because Motherhood and Fatherhood are one and the same, and it is merely myopic thinking to miss that point


The future human

from : http://www.violence.de/prescott/byron/article.pdf

The human brain is the organ of our emotions, social relationships, moral values and cognitive/intellective development. The developing brain of the infant/ child is encoded or programmed either for depression or happiness; for peace or violence and for human equality or inequality. These are learned behaviours rooted in the biology of our early life experiences (Montagu, 1971).

The transformation of a violent culture to a peaceful culture begins with the transformation of the individual who, as an infant/child, is placed on a life path of acceptance rather than rejection; of joy and happiness rather than rejection and depression; of love rather than hate; of peace rather than violence. This transformation of the individual requires the building of a new cultural brain, one that embodies and expresses naturally peace, love and happiness. That brain can only be built with radical cultural change. Clearly, these changes are not possible without a restructuring of culture in ways that support and enable mothers to be nurturing mothers.

National legislation that interferes with mother-infant/child bonding must be replaced with legislation that supports nurturing parents and families.

The need for infant and early institutional child day care should be eliminated and public funds now utilised to support commercial infant/childcare enterprises should be used to support mothers and fathers directly, a policy whose proven effectiveness has been well established in Scandinavian countries.

Bowlby (1953), Cook (1996) and Belsky (2003) have warned the world of the dangers of institutionalised day care of infants/children and Montagu (1971) informed the world of the dangers of loss of mother love, lessons that have been ignored by the modern world.


This is the true cost of two parent working families, and is the hidden social engineering  intent, given the refusal of 100% of Governments and Health and Education Departments and other Institutions  to accept the implications of this research and respond accordingly.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Friday, 5 March 2010

The Economics of Habitat and The Invisible Natural Child

Tony Juniper @ LSE

Last night I attended a lecture by Tony Juniper, a well known ecology activist, at LSE. It was titled 'Education for Sustainable Developement.


“This event will explore the role of universities in driving the sustainability agenda.

Tony Juniper is a campaigner, writer, and a senior associate with the Cambridge University Programme for Sustainability Leadership.

Professor Janet Hartley is Pro-director for teaching and learning at LSE.”

It was for me an informative occasion. I learned nothing new about the problems we face.

So what did I learn?

I learned that for far too many ‘educated’ and ‘concerned’ people the blindingly obvious is absolutely unseen, and more importantly not felt.. Even when it is pointed out in the starkest of terms….

Tony Juniper started out by saying we have to look to where we are going, what is next, what lies ahead and reviewed what had already happened, what ‘we’ had already achieved.

By way of mitigating the worst or at least some of the worst problems that have arisen.

By way of pressure groups helping to drive some Government Regulation.

Tony pointed out that ‘we’ had some successes in the past since Silent Spring.

‘We’ had banned DDT and a few other powerful pesticides, and changed the methods by which pesticides and herbicides were applied – from a wholesale drenching to a carefully modulated application. What he did not mention was that the use of GMOs and novel pesticides and herbicides, in smaller quantities is still the standard practice for the bulk of the US and US AID sponsored farming wherever it is delivered…

Tony pointed out ‘We’ had stopped the production and use of CFCs. Tony pointed out that these measures did not preclude the use of fridges, etc etc. that solutions were found, alternative chemicals produced to do the same job.

What he did not say was what effect those new chemicals will have in the long term. He didn’t even mention this novel concept. Because no-one knows in the long term. Not really. Probables, with caveats. We don’t even know if the Ozone hole will repair itself..

Industrial Chemistry is one giant experiment....no! really, it is an experiment. and the only pertinent data-set produced thus far has more to do with this is how NOT to do things... than anything else...

Tony pointed out that ‘we’ had managed to deal with acid rain, a by product of massive coal burning, by installing technology to clean and sequester the carbon emitted from power stations..

What he did not say was that the burning of coal in massive quantities for manufacturing was exported to countries with less onerous regulatory systems. So that they too could develop. By making our consumer products using cheaper labour, garnering greater profits for the brand names.

Tony was saying that ‘we’ have had some successes, that Governments have been able to encourage these moves, and to regulate them…

Tony also made the point that this was not just a question of economics, but of justice, and referred briefly to the imbalance in wealth, and in use of the earths ‘resources’ between the West and the developing world… the figures are well known, though variable…

Tony’s brief lecture ran over the salient points regarding the environmental approach that sees nothing but ‘resources’ in nature… and is causing untold damage everywhere that approach is actively being pursued.

Tony made comparisons between what nature provides as ‘services’ that are not paid for, ‘externalities’ as they are known in the economics trade.

The ludicrous, yet to all economists, sound evaluation of what those ‘services’ provide in dollar comparison looked like this at the time of the comparison : the world economy valued at $18 Trillion, nature’s services valued at between $30 to  $50 Trillion, all in US dollars? As if US Dollars are somehow a standard against which nature can be assessed.

Nature traded as a commodity.

Is this comparison itself not indicative of the myopia of the ‘educated’ and ‘concerned’? I think so. I feel it. However Tony suggested that the work done to point this out was good work. It was done by an LSE alumni, I believe.. well of course!

In essence Tony was pointing out that Government regulation must increase, and must be focussed on all of the above and on Justice.

Finally Tony pointed out that ‘we’ need to see our selves as part of nature, that there needs to be a philosophical, social and psychological element to the changes ‘we’ need to make.

 And that more or less was his lecture. Question time.

I was sitting in the front. I was determined to put the cat amongst the pigeons. I had no intention of asking Tony a question. I had a statement of fact to make….

I introduced myself as Corneilius, who is writing a book about the harmful effects of telling children what to think with sanctions imposed on them for any reasonable dissent, and that I was pleased to hear Tony’s remarks concerning a change in philosophy, as surely this was the basis, the baseline, if you will.

I pointed out that imposing thought on a child with sanctions for non-compliance was damaging to the natural child in much the same way we are damaging the environment, and is a cultural phenomenon that lies at the very heart of Compulsory State Education.

I mentioned ‘tabula rasa’, the blank slate, the empty vessel mode of seeing children, a mode of perception (not observation, and certainly not scientific) that viewed education as the process of pouring information into these empty vessels. And how that was the scientific basis of Compulsory State Education….

I also mentioned that the use of Ritalin as a means to manage dissent  amongst children no longer subject to corporal punishment was an appalling indictment of the culture.  I ended by saying that we do indeed need to change our philosophy and listen to the natural child.

Tony understood what I was saying, and pointed out that for example, the state spends £140,000 a year incarceration children who had been failed by the system, and that within the Green Party, they are discussing this issue.

Then questions went on to other attendees…. Mostly asking Tony what we need to do…. The great man advises ….. and to be fair his advice centered on the change of heart, of philosophy that is needed more than the technicalities….

There was one question, to my right, quite late in the session, that referred to my statement, by stating the following, quite energetically, after someone had pointed out the homogenising effect of the predominant culture….

 ‘It’s all very well talking about listening to children, but the problems we are facing are immensely complex, and require complex solutions …. For example The Body Shop spent 10 years and more getting to know the individual farmers and producers of their range of raw materials and products, so that they could say they knew who their money was going to, how it was being used to support those communities. This was a complex operation. Now the body shop is taken over by L’Oreal, a huge international corporation, for whom such an operation is way to complex… so my question is this. How can we get these companies to undertake these very complex processes?”

Tony’s answer to this question eventually came to the point that basically it all starts from simplicity.  I would have cited bacteria and simplicity as the very basis of natural complexity…. And thrown in a few well known examples… but there wasn’t time for Tony to do that…

I think Tony Juniper is a good man. I think he understands the problem of conditioning. The chair of the LSE lecture is a committed , conscientious educator. As are all those who attended. WE are all well meaning. The good intent is clear. Based upon my observations,  in nature results indicate intention... and there is much research to suggest this a fair generalisation.

Tony let us know that he would be  standing as a Green Party Candidate in Cambridge. That came up in response to a question what on the prospects for the environment were if David Cameron were to be the next Prime Minister. (Jesus wept!) Politics is irrelevant in this debate.

These issues lie beyond politics. Post normal science is the technical term for the philosophy behind climate change science.... decide policy in extremis, use focussed science to find what you want to solve the problem......

I feel the discussion did not pick up on the meaning and import of the statement I made at the start of the Q&A, not in any real way. Because for the most part people cannot see it, feel it. Really? Actually they can...

And is that itself not the core problem?

By not listening to, and acting on the sensing of the natural child 'we' are setting the grounds for the very philosophies and mind-sets that are creating the problems, and it is a mirror of the way in which nature is treated as a commodity. An object to be used, to be trained and coerced to meet ‘our needs’?


As ever 'We' discuss the symptoms, 'we' ignore the cause and 'we' watch the patient die…..

Tragedy and Farce…. Oscar Wilde would have known what to say…

“I am so clever that I do not understand myself” or words to that effect…

note :

It is of course truthful to say that I have omitted 90% of what actually was said during this lecture…

There will be a podcast and transcripts of the lecture posted on the LSE site in the next few days - and I will be interested to see whether or not my take on this event is at all accurate.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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