Saturday, 31 March 2018

Scam Society or Honest Society?

Bullies seek to co-opt the decent.
In practice it is both a behaviour pattern (unconscious), and a deliberate tactic (conscious).
If the bully cannot co-opt, the bully will denigrate the target in the eyes of others, the on-lookers, the bystanders, the target population.
'Corbyn is a Marxist', 'Corbyn is un-electable' , 'Corbyn is an anti-Semite' are all untrue, and the reason these untruths are spoke is because he would not press the Nuke trigger. That's the real reason the established power networks hate him so much.
It has nothing to do with Socialism.

The issue is with being willing to follow orders. to be willing to press the trigger, to launch mass death upon an innocent population, Because when he is stating that he would not press it, and would in fact seek to disarm it, that is publicly rejecting their co-opting of the job of Prime Minister into that of a Warlord.
However the bullies cannot speak the truth, they cannot say "We will never let a pacifist have the power to stop War!"

Instead they lay allegations against him, with ad hominem twist for spice, and then associate him with a hate figure. It is when one understands this behaviour, that one tends to look more closely, and observing the precise moment of co-option, then immediately defusing that trigger, that this kind of bullying is disabled.
You knock it on the head there and then. You name it. You say 'This Emperor is Naked!'

This is the only way to activate the will of the people, the energy and engagement of the people with what is happening. People will only respond if they can see that there is ruthless honesty and it is clearly felt, absolutely understood.

When that practice is common amongst the electorate, we will see progressive change, because we will be driving it.

The Bullies will not, obviously, volunteer in this effort, and will resist any such efforts by every tool of disruption.

Hence the need for active engagement with understanding grooming, manipulating people through studied vulnerabilities.

Hence the active divisive marketing machine going over drive.
Corbyn, Gaza and marketing propaganda

Where ever we see a military force arranged against a civilian population, we see oppression, organised, institutionalised oppression.

We see the combined efforts of millions of workers, hundreds of thousands of troops, thousands of officers and many hundreds of civil officials, the logistical, industrial supply lines, the collection and expenditure of taxation and State policy all geared to that military operation.

That's a lot of people, that's entire cities, whole economies of regions devoted to oppression, rather than nurturance.

Today is a 15th anniversary day of so many needless deaths and maiming's in Iraq in the first weeks of the War Against Iraq. Every day is an anniversary of some horror perpetrated upon innocent people by States and their proxies in the international arena of competing militarised powers. Every day.

'Department of 'Defence'.

Yeah, whatever

ISIS. The IDF. The Burmese Army. The US Marine Corps in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Russian Army, Al-Nusra Front, Argentinian Troops in The Falklands, The IRA, FARC, Nazi War Machine, Nuclear Weapons, Bio-Weapons, covert and overt support for militia - it's all the same psycho-social dynamic.

Sides are an illusion. Taking sides is a delusion, and insane delusion.

None of their justifications or rationales for political or economic violence stand the test of honesty, evidence and justice. None.

Not even WWI or WWII.

Taking sides within this culture of hierarchically organised violence merely perpetuates it.
Debt is political leverage, and the narrative of the property ladder is merely a grooming operation for debt creation as a hobble.

New Labour continued the deregulation of the banking sector, they broke the separation between high street retail and investment banking, flooding the retail sector with electronic credit, to make it easier for workers to buy property - the credit was then converted into real earned revenues by the workers, as they paid pack the mortgages, and that real wealth was transferred to the lenders.

The property remains, is perhaps redecorated, and renovated.
The material value does not fundamentally change, it is still a property, but it's nominal land price does change, because the market pushes the prices up to attract investors in debt, and so the cost of fitting in and participating in property ownership as an investment model has an entirely fictitious 'market driven' price.

It ceases being a home, part of a community of homes, it becomes an investment vehicle ofr an individual and the village dies.

The lenders convert imaginary assets into wealth.

They set the market, and politicians legislate for that need.

The home owner is politically inert, reduced to a cog in a machine.

Debt clouds the debtors horizon.

The Tories are continuing the process.

Load debt onto the electorate through credit, load the State with debt to a similar degree, and the entire country is on hock to the money men.

This is but one of many scams.

Sold as upwards social mobility.

Sold as aspirations.

Thatcher birthed some of it's recent spawn, but it started long, long before she emerged.
It's less Left vs Right any more, than it is Scam vs Honesty.

Scamservatives and ScamLabour vs Honservatives and Honest Labour

Scam vs The Honest People.
Kindest regards Corneilius "Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe" Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Theresa May, Gaslighting: we gotta talk about manipulative behaviours.

Name the behaviour.

Theresa May responding to Jeremy Corbyn, in Parliament, on our taxes...

She rejects his point, she lies about the situation, then she gaslights Corbyn (and the opposition, and indeed the entire country) which is to say she switches from the direct question, disguises it with lies, and then blames the other for the problem...

And nobody comments, nobody stops her, nobody points out the lies,no says you are avoiding the question, no one points out the gas-lighting, the tactic of not only not answering the question directly, but of also implying the questioner is in the wrong!

This tactic is anti-democratic because it is abusive in intent. It is bullying, no less.

It is disruptive to good governance.

Parliament and the media alike must be challenged about these tactics...

We need to talk more about this kind of dynamic in public affairs....

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Muralgate, Corbyn, Anti-semitism, Racism and Education.

* apologies to early readers, for the horrendous lay-out.. edit, 21:57


A mural was created on a London wall. In 2012. Jeremy Corbyn made a comment about it, without having seen it, and his comment was related to free speech, rather than the particular, specific image.

The mural, depicting white old men playing monopoly, on a board which is carried on the backs on kneeling non-white people, and there is an all seeing eye/pyramid above them....

It's about state colonialism, empire, wealth and power and the harms

6 years later, this becomes a media storm, insinuating that Jeremy Corbyn, and by extension, those who support him, are anti-semetic.
The mural has been tagged.

This is Mear One, the graffitti artist speaking about this piece, his mural. This video is on facebook.

A few things I would like to add.

1. There is no such thing as Race. Racism is built on fantasy, not reality. Treat it as such. So too misogyny, patriarchy et al.

2. Many millions of non-white people, under the table, as a cultural, ethnic and continental population are poorer because of European State colonisation.

The European Scramble for Africa; conquest, and then continued dominance of those European origin interests after 'independence' to the extent of covert military operations, economic warfare, debt inducement, supporting dictators and anyone willing to support that continued economic or corporate dominance over Africa.

3. This is part of a global pattern of institutionalised hierarchical power and militarised violence determining the fates of millions upon millions of ordinary people.


On the matter of the spy-poison soap opera, this from Yes Prime MInister puts it in it's place...

The International competing powers dynamic is a dysfunctional set of relationships and it is a pathological behaviour set, which is causing immeasurable avoidable harms and any honest discussion about the Russians, The Americans, The Israeli's, or anyone else engaged in that behaviour must be set in that context, or it inevitabley perpetuates the dynamic.

This is that the painting is about..Breaking the spell.

The poor, the low income worker, and the middle class are all exploited by a hierarchy of power and wealth.

I suggest one take's this as a starting point, rather than the media and ideological statements.

What did the artist intend?

An insight.

A black friend of mine pointed out that no one was shouting about the black people under the monopoly board, their voices had no place in this 'debate' ..... that revealed another layer of hypocrisy.

I checked out the artists words on the image (see above), and for him it was nothing to do with Jews, or Israel in particular. The mural was about the entire hierarchy of power (the all seeing eye) and money (the bankers) ruling the world sitting on the backs of the poor. The majority of whom are non-white skinned...... he was using symbolism to articulate a fact. Political power is dominated by the interests of great wealth, much more than the welfare of the people's…

The hypocrisy of the media claiming the mural is about Jewish Bankers, tht support of the mural is anti-Semitic when the only genuine identifiers of people in the image are the white monopoly players, and the naked non-whites kneeling under the pressure of the white men's game of monopoly.

Pure manipulation, trolling...

The entire episode is a nasty manipulative PR gimmick.

Anti-semitism and generalisations

To all those who use the generalised terminology of 'The Jews' and complain about Jewish Bankers, or 'The Muslims' etc... The Christians, the Russians, The Chinese, the Lefty Commies, the Snowflakes, the Rednecks, the Brexiteers, the Remoaners, Women, Men, Humanity etc.
The abusive usage of generalisations, caricatures, etc is causing more discord, rather than understanding, and it is ineffective for any citizen engaged in the political and community spheres of interest.

So many generalisations in so many postings, mutterings, videos, essays, blogs, comments, so often laden with ad hominems.

Not much different to the Daily Mail.

Publishing triggers.

No information, just an opinion. To get a reaction.

So here is my cue on how to thwart that dynamic

Address the specifics of the behaviour, not the personality or any group.
Identify the behaviour, the actors, the outcomes and deal with the evidence, honestly.

Name the behaviour - stop the narrative, correct it.

Otherwise the narrative is manipulated into merely stirring anger, and that is selfish and counter-productive.

It is also politically irresponsible and reckless.

Name the behaviour, name the outcomes, name the actors, stick to the evidence, provide accountability on a peer to peer level.


Bullying is the behaviour, and the bullies justifications, or their religion, skin colour, gender are irrelevant - there are more in any group who are just like you and I, ordinary vulnerable, working people who being born there, are stuck in it, not of their own making. Just getting by.

The use of generalisations includes all those ordinary people as the abusers.

THAT is deeply divisive.

Worried about facebook and the security of your data?

Quick critical analysis:

Don't be worried.

Here's why I say that.

1. Every computer platform we use will surveil, it's built into how computers talk to each other, Every platform will retain and use user data, one way or another.... you input the data, you know what is there. and if you are worried about that, then why?

Really. Most of what we input is dribble, it's useless information, irrelevant to how power operates, none of us are doing anything seriously dangerous to the system of power as it stands. Banal day to day stuff. Trillions of terrabytes of the stuff. We input it. It's mostly garbage of a consumer life style, which is a culturally imposed lifestyle. And there's plenty of useful stuff there too, and lots of nastyness... it's a reflection of Consumer Society after all. What is the risk in all of that data?

Where the risk lies is if I am manipulatable (is that a word?).

If there are buttons in me that can be pushed to stimulate me to react emotionally in predictable ways, and if I cannot regulate that reaction that is where the only key of the entire process that I can turn, either way, lies... regulating my emotional reactions..... especially to print and video... if I fail to do that, then I am vulnerable.

Then, if someone knows how, and has to technical ability to do it, and wants to target a given peer group of people with 'insecurities' similar to mine, to trigger that demographic to influence our political decision making at the grass roots, or anywhere else on an emotional level, rather than with evidence led, transparent analysis..... that person can push my buttons, and my reaction hands that person psychic control of me for a brief moment.

On a collective level that has to be exposed for what it is.

It is psychological and emotional grooming.

The bullies in Power have been doing that with pamphlets and  billboards since before the printing press, and it was done with the Bible, The Torah, the Koran and many other texts before.... it's nothing new.

The vulnerability is not in facebook, it's not in SCL, or surveillance, it's in our minds, our conditioning, our prejudices.

Our insecurities - we must get to know them, and spot when they are being triggered, if we wish to be an effective citizenry seeking egalitarian governance. 

We need to be able to spot the behaviour, name and stop it, and rthus etain control of the narrative.

The targeting works - the triggering works. Look to the roots of the problem.

Everyone is so worked up! Perhaps not as many as some would like to think?

So much rage being printed, and video'd, yet I think, as I said before, there is a lot of deliberate hype, duplication, replication that makes some things appear much bigger than they are and that there's lots of social movement right now against that, seeking evidence based governance in all areas of our social systems.

Key to this is our social conditioning, by institutional systems of education, indoctrination and ideological academia, news media, film media and marketing. The sources of our insecurities are not all biological, some are en-culturated, indoctrinated or a direct result of oppression, bullying or trauma.

Institutions are tools.

If I fear the tool being used to manipulate me then that is a matter for me to deal with, in the first instance.

Rejection and critical thinking are the only correct response to any attempt at psychological manipulation.

The story about Cambridge Analytica is not about using Facebook, it is about directing manipulative, triggering, trolling political marketing material at targets based on their self published vulnerabilities and insecurities..... in order to influence peoples behaviour in order to undermine an evidence led decision making process, so that the target can be exploited.

THIS IS GROOMING. It is wholly abusive psychological grooming.

And it's a fully integrated behaviour of the system as things stand...

And I think the education system is a core component of that behaviour, in that so many leave with without learning critical thinking skills. Why does our Schools Eduction system fail in that regard?


Facebook is not the problem.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Constant Cultural Trauma Stress Disorder. A sales chart, a saudi prince and a poison plot.

Is it possible that an entire culture can have PTSD?
Is it possible that the PTSD behaviours become institutionalised over time, and are therefore normalised?

Does it then becomea a constant cultural trauma stress disorder - CCTSD?
Is that what we are dealing with?

Cultural chronic post trauma stress behaviour patterning.

When Donald Trump, as president of the American Federal State, can flash a sales chart of weapons sales in front of the Saudi Arabian State for the media, as a publicity gimmick , and the UK State can make an unproven (and probably unprovable) allegation of assassination against the Russian State, without any due process, as a publicity gimmick, when men and women who weild power and whose actions will directly impact the lives of billions of people, often adversely, can behave thus, when they can feel secure enough to behave in that way, in public, I think we have a psycho-social behavioural problem of immense proportions.

Democracy is nullified in such an environment. It's practice, if it leads to this, is abbysmal.

Exporting Democracy to Afghanistan, iraq, LIbya ands Syria pretty much revealed that.

Trauma upon trauma, and nothing but justifications, lies and more violence. 

"Arm the teachers!"

Before we take action, we need an accurate and evidence verified diagnosis, and a reminder of the Hippocratic Oath - "First, do no harm."

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Alan Alda, Mai Lai and Robert Sapolsky...

This lovely video of a walking chat between Alan Alda and Robert Zapolsky presents some very interesting insights, based on current proven research, that raise serious questions about behaviour, power, punishment and justice.. The Brain on Trial.

It's also about observing patterns across a population, and understanding that the patterns can never describe an individual with any degree of accuracy - that protocol must be capable of responding to each case, as it presents, and as the evidence provides.

One cannot say "all Americans...." or "all Russians'... or "all Muslims" .. or "all women".. or "all men" or "all psychopaths" etc etc with any degree of accuracy.

Such phrases always precede a caricature, which is a manipulative device...

I have read Robert Sapolksy's book "Behave : the biology of humans at our best and worst" which is a holistic review of all available evidence regarding the biological processes associated with behaviour, and in particular, with those where healthy self regulation is undeveloped, where sociality has few experiential neural networks to fire with, and instead the focus is on regulating others to meet one's perceived needs.
His assessment is that structure is largely genetic, and behaviour is lagely learned, and both are also affected by past generations experience, not least in epigenetic terms - our genetics are responsive to environment and experience.

Eskimos do not learn to carry fat, they learn to hunt and live, and heal and thrive...

That kind of core behavioural dynamic of hierarchies, using power over others, is learned.

As a behaviour, dominance over others is far from innate.

There are many bio-chemical and physiological dispositions that can underpin vulnerability to becoming more controlling, dispositions that start in pre birth conditions, or later on in any area where healthy development is undermined,  but invisible because it's a social norm, and that may well be partly a matter of how the inherited epigenetic changes  affected that particular child...  that and the  environment and the lives of long dead ancestors..

There is nothing innate about it. We are evolved to be social, connected, co-operative, creative... to thrive by living and working together..

We are not that well evolvoed for violence, because it undermines our health, even for the 'victors'.

The argument that  the Alpha Male is biologically mandated is a cultural construct, rather than a biological fact.

That kind of competitive predatory behaviour is learned largely through the sensory and the environmental experiential afforded the child, and as we know, that varys from family to family , as much as culture to culture...

If control and punishment are habitual, the child's body and mind can become automatic, unconscious, with a layer of justification and rationalisation crafted in the external world, as part of the controlling behavioiur set.

When a few people with these habituations gather and organise, and gain more power they will build an institution, a family, a hierarchy...  and seek to protect it, for the power, t

Experientially loving becomes automatic,  defenciveness and insecurity becomes automatic for the child exposed to love or insecurity.... that child will act out, and if that is misinterpreted, and the child is 'regulated' that deepens the child's alienation, anger and frustration.... if that child does not receive support to heal, then more regulation will deepen the wounds... add to that additional trauma potentials created by the systems of hierarchical violence and authority..

On a societal scale, this has huge implications, and it is by neccessity an exercise of compassion, informed by science, evidence, good health and common sense to deconstruct these processes, and disentangle our institutions from replicating or propogasting those patterns... as adults gifting the next generation of children, I see no finer work.

If the child does not learn loving self regulation, his or her brain will not create a neurology of loving self regulation - if then that child as an adult behaves in ways that cause harm we have to look at the past, to look at all the evidence, to then be able to decide how best to proceed, in terms of society and health and safety...

These are generalised outlines, and I would urge readers to go to Sapolksy's book, and his videos...

We dearly need some calm, evidence based assessments of behavioural issues, not least because the political ruling class are presenting that they are a behavioural problem, on all sides.... that fact that trolling is a standard politcial tactic in mainstream public discourse rather proves the point, elegantly. 
Understand this : Politics is the struggle for power, Healthy Civil Governance is the careful and diligent administration of a community's shared resource(s) for the equity of the entire community.....

The accepted norm, the fundamental concept of international relations as materially the struggle for primacy among militarised states, who utilise war fare in pursuit of policy objectives absolutely afflicts a nations domestic governance, with bills, costs and losses that are all wholly avoidable.

That is psychopathy. 

Institutionalised. Given a lick of paint, some gold plate and a few fancy bits of cloth and bling.

The obvious lies and caricatures of material reality that abound in various Governments justifications for wars, the talk of punishment, sanctions, 'humanitarian intervention' all speak to people whose ability to self regulate thjeir urge for power is undermined, aand whose goal is ever more power over a majority of people, at whatever cost, borne usually by the ordinary folk ..

It's nuts.

It must be diagnosed before there is any possibility of dealing with it..
. and the best way to deal with it is tio de-legitimise it wholly, and defund it within each social cultural institutional organisation unit at home - we in the UK deal with ours, those in Russia and anywhere else deal with theirs.

We have to stop allowing the justifications and accepted norms of international war fare be taken at face value, and let the victimised, the survivors lead our concerns and let prevention be our concern, as citizens and humane patriots/matriots/fraternities/sisterhoods... it is our money they are using to fund these wars.

It is a behavioural issue.
And that means that it is ultimately a resolveable situation.


Mai Lai -
Mai Lai's happen in all wars. It's what happens when a military in theatre moves across a landscape.

People's homes become battle grounds.... Mai Lai's happen when artillery and missiles are launched at built up areas, no matter who is launching them.

For the majority of people, these wars are none of their business, they have no say, no power, no claim within these wars, they are wholly innocent.

The one's who make war must be made accountable by the innocent.

There is no other way.


Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Monday, 5 March 2018

Trauma informed, trauma altered, and healing...

Here's a few thoughts on healing.
Primarily that healing and recovery is as much a collective response, as an individual response: the whole matters. There is much about trauma is relayed through the ways in which power is mediated across this culture. "I argued then that the study of psychological trauma is an inherently political enterprise because it calls attention to the experience of oppressed people. I predicted that our field would continue to be beset by controversy, no matter how solid its empirical foundation, because the same historical forces that in the past have consigned major discoveries to oblivion continue to operate in the world. I argued, finally, that only an ongoing connection with a global political movement for human rights could ultimately sustain our ability to speak about unspeakable things." ~ Judith Herman in Trauma and Recovery

So looking again at healing and recovery, we can start with the individual and look at mindful body work, that is to say working with the body, understanding the mind-body emotional biology, the workings in the relationship between experience, feeling, thought, understanding body chemistry and adaptive experience, with the intent to support healing through understanding what happened, what happens and through rebuilding healthy, stable neurology and endocrine balance through direct experience, exercise, dance, movement, massage, herbs etc.... Just accurate understanding, and caring support. If the choice to use pharmacological tools is made, then at least let it be honest, informed consented and evidence based rather than as a management tool - it is useful to use such medicines as short term management, and worth finding ways to avoid usage that tends to become long term, to move from management of presenting symptoms towards healing and recovery, as much as possible. Paying close attention to mindful body work processes so that they are more responsive to each unique case, and so that they can hand the power, share the responsibility to heal to he individual, building the trust that self healing, as much as professional expertise, can work together... Using thought and action, movement, breathing, diet and other modes to rewrite traumatised neural networks, to allow old hyper alert routes to fall into non-use: aware that this is best completed within a safe environment, and assuring that other material support is made available as a proven route towards recovery. Dealing with what's happened, and what is, and looking to the future, at the same time
It is critically important that as part of our shared future that we also deal with societal power dynamics that induce chronic stress - ordinary folk to not initiate war, poverty, famine, corruption, abuse of power. The power of institutions, and ruling networks are a source of much harm. This is what happens when nurture is removed from the centre of human affairs. Power and it's maintenance undermine nurturant psychologies.
A culture that listens to children, that hears and engages with the heart of the child, that affirms the child's experience of self as her or his own, distinct and yet bonded, in what we call healthy attachment.
That has to be at the centre of treatment and social policy...
The inter-generational situational epi-genetic thread of trauma altered behaviour across entire populations is real.
A child can relax into true self, when she or he feels understood, received and cared for.
A child who is 'acting out' is not being heard, nor understood.
If that becomes a pattern, if the child's experience with adults maintains that trajectory, if it is also part of a cultural trauma behaviour pattern that becomes institutionalised, then of course, in that social environment it is clear that some will become bullies, kings, and others will break, many will survive, some will thrive, some will try to hack the system to create personal and familial security, others to give bullies the finger, and then there's the artist.... most will do their very best to live as decently as possible within those constraints.
So I look again at populations, and patterns, and I see that compassion informed by science - close observation, honesty - is merely common sense...
Judith Herman wrote that there were two things about the study of trauma that struck her, because they are so infrequently mentioned in mainstream discourse.
The first was that more study must be done of the vast numbers of people who have lived through trauma, and who have recovered, independent of any professional or institutional assistance. A missing statisitc, and a really critical database.
Natural healing needs to be understood, forensically.
The second was that the study of trauma is necessarily a political enterprise, in that it brings one's attention to the experience of the oppressed.....
I think she was correct, and it may be some time before that insight informs the grass roots - the status quo will seek to co-opt both these areas with whatever tools it has.... Standard practice.
That said the process of healing through understanding the roots of a given problem is underway, has always been and always will - I remember every day that I am really an aboriginal human being, and that my ancestors lived peaceably, and thrived for hundreds of thousands of years... we were a healthy species, and we have been subjected to an unhealthy culture of bullying, and it will pass, and we will return to healthy social behaviour.
When I say 'we' I do not expect myself to see this materialise, and I am happy to work towards it in my own small way, as a participant in the work.
There has to be reliable ways to record and analyse mass anecdotal evidence of those who recover, even as it remains silent to the professional and institutional world.
The suggestion of the inaccuracy of self reporting is not enough on it's own to avoid the problem of how to 'measure' or assess that unspoken experience....
There are layers to how trauma 'informs' our biology, to how chronic stress alters our biochemistry and behaviour : the phrase 'trauma informed' reflects greater understanding in this area emerging into the clinical and practice level, and we need to see that understanding disseminated across the grass roots, at pace. Power.
The 19th Century Ruling class, the persistent descendants of the Normans, and their modern acolytes and rivals are also trauma mis-informed, in that they represent a mass retraumatising institutional pattern that is deliberate, mediated and intentional.
We are trying to heal within the environment dominated by that mass traumatisation, and that suggests to me that the issue of healing society is a valid exercise, a confrontation with the honest and most truthful history and I think that this is necessary to advocate for, the healing of the individual is not enough - we must heal the culture, we must end the culture of abuse.
It blows political struggles for power out of the water in terms of being a truly valid human exercise. Those who 'seek Power to do good' all too often become protectors of Power at the expense of people.
Only accurate information that can truly counter the ability of the mainstream to trigger reactions in known vulnerabilities as part of the manipulation of 'opinion' and 'public perception' - when across the grass roots we do understand the wound-trigger-reaction process, the conspiracy theorists, extremists, fundamentalists will all fade into obscurity....

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"