Friday, 25 December 2009

Corneilius is published ...... Irish Times, Letters, 28/12/09

The Irish Times published my letter following on from the recent Irish Priests Abuse Crime Report, on Saturday 28th of December 2009.

I discovered this on Christmas Eve, by chance, via a webiste in Ireland, whose author, Colm O'Gorman, a man who has done much to open the closed and hidden expereiences of the abused in Ireland, had something to say of my (not so seasonal) epistle to the media.....

He is kind, and his contextual understanding is a message the needs to be heard and thought about..

The Irish Times Web page...

The letter is a shortened version of this piece published below..

I am ever concerned that the understanding of the over arching societal practice of power and abuse is taken as a priority for open source discourse and that people are enabled to communicate with clarity, the lived experience and what that means... and for adults entrusted with care of others to act from knowing, not from belief, as Tony Blair and others like him would have it.

In this the personal is political.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Adverse Power and Conditioning Deniers!

1. We all know that the psychological and practical basis of this industrial society is toxic AND unsustainable. The problems are known, and have been for a long, long time. The solutions are also equally known...

2. People have been asking for autonomy, for the space to act as responsible people, for thousands of years on the basis that we are all PEOPLE, equal and peers in our times. Thus we must make decisions based upon open sourced well-informed consensual discourse, based at the grass roots. That this is not so is not because people are 'stupid' (sheeple - a term I dislike intensely - because no such entity exists, its a way of dehumanising others) - it is a dynamic of POWER over others.

3. NONE of the mainstream movements for change are doing ANYTHING to STOP the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. War is still an accepted FACT of Governance and an essential factor in the Economy....

4. Unless Industrial Society ditches war as a tool of policy, and to do that would mean it would have to end the psychology of Dominance, and the practice of Indoctrination, there is no way forwards....

5. So what ever side of 'the debate' we might choose to fall on, by 'falling' on either side, we are avoiding the core issues - and I sense the whole climate change debate is a cleverly orchestrated distraction, an attempt to transfer blame and responsibility to people rather than face the facts that the system itself is nasty, cruel and toxic. That it engenders dysfunction as a tool of power.

6. I know of no-one in my own community who has primary access to any data on the 'climate change', let alone the ability to 'interpret' such data. We are merely repeating what others have told us to repeat.... and we do it well, having been trained in that process for most of our childhoods.

7. I know of no-one in the IPCC or the UN or the WWF who speak of the ways in which distal POWER is exercised OVER others and of the consequences, in any meaningful, open and transparent way.

8. I say all those who subscribe to the 'debate' are, by entering into this limited debate, DENYING the very simple truth - that power exercised OVER people, most often against their wishes and true interests, is the core problem for Industrial Society/Civilisation..... ADVERSE POWER DENIERS!

The effects of Adverse Distal Power on the habitat, on peoples lives, which exist because there are those who exercise POWER over others, primarily to retain that power are being denied left, right and centre of all debate as to the true nature of Industrial Society as currently set up.

Industrial Society is based on 'theories' of human dominance presiding over nature, of exploiting nature and, of course, people (human resources) - and it is that psychology of dominance that is unquestioned, unexamined and in effect erased from debate that is the real issue.

That fundamental deceit is what pays media peoples bills. Advertising revenue. That fundamental deceit, a reactive knee-jerk assault on the very concept of honesty, transparency and accountability, in order preserve 'order', be it old world or new world, is the basis for all mainstream discourse. ... See More

It is the POWER and CONDITIONING DENIERS we ought to be examining. And to change that system of conditioning we must start first within ourselves, and work it outwards....

The alternative, of subsuming to the conditioning is already to horrible, too devastating, for far too many people, and for the habitat to be left unchallenged.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Friday, 4 December 2009

on Earth Life Processes That Build Habitats for Diverse Populations of Mutually Interdependent Autonomous Life Forms

I feel we are innately, biologically designed to 'tread lightly, do no harm'.... one of the oldest maxims I know of is 'all is born of womanlife, no harm shall come to the children' which puts males in a place of deepest respect for woman and child, thus naturally concerned with the continued abundance of all life and the habitats that host that abundance.

That fits in with the known ways in which nature (defined for the purpose of this piece as : Earth Life Processes That Build Habitats for Diverse Populations of Mutually Interdependent Autonomous Life Forms) works in balance, with such precision, without any known centralised driving force, working from the grass-roots, from bacteria (who are arch metabolizers, factories of food, recycling experts, and also seed rain clouds! which is why they live inside us - we eat their poo! and their decaying bodies! no waste. all is food.) to the largest organisms such as the great barrier reef and the fungal tissue that extends across entire continents through forests.... everything eats, none eats beyond the sustainable levels of what they eat, few starve, most live full lives - that's not a struggle, its certainly no competition based system of evolutionary 'perfection'.


Nature is abundance. Nature is. And there are variables. Weather does change. Volcanoes will erupt. Tsunamis do occur. Floods will happen. The are all necessary parts of nature and life on Earth. Nothing natural is useless. Everything matters.

We learn to fear in the way 'civilisation' fears; as children we 'adapt to' a dysfunctional situation by internalising the values of the situation, the values of those who control the situation. That's the nasty little voice to the side, (I sense it on my right hand side, just above my ear, just outside ) that feels like judgement, that tells me I am 'bad' etc etc....the repeated lies I was told about my body, my spirit, which were told so often I took them to be true. And they ruled me. Those voices were once physically embodied in the voices of the adults who 'raised' me, of the authority of the adult world over me, and for a long time the ghosts of those voices ruined my life, because I believed them to be my own voice......

Those voices rule many people, and those voices drown out the voice of the heart for many people, to the extent that they become ideological or fundamentalist, to the extent they find it easy to de-humanise, to the extent they respond to 'charisma' ..... Obama, Osama......

Let me make this quite clear. My true conscience is in my heart,embedded in body, that's where I feel my true feelings of empathy, my sensings of others in this world, which is conscience itself, really. It is NOT in my head.... and there are aspects that are reflected all over my body... 'my hand can feel the burn on your hand' my heart the wound I might inflict when I think of that .... and knowing the pain I sense is real, that by action I might realise it in you, I cannot take any such action - I feel you' There is no deeper base for behaviour that this, and it is innate.

Unlearning the 'fear' is not easy, it takes time, and a little dedication..... it is a process of becoming more human in a 'civilised' and industrialised world that dehumanises, de-souls and that objectifies all life in order to 'exploit' it.

This is the struggle I am engaged in for myself.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Irish Priests, Abuse and Society

Another report from the slow snail of Justice and Governance in Ireland regarding the vast swathe of crimes against children perpetrated by the people within the Institutions set up by State and Church for the 'care' of children has just been published. The BBC reported this here

I left a comment which formed the basis for this piece. I do not know if it will be published.

I spent my childhood in Irish Catholic Boarding Schools, from age five and a half to seventeen, and as a ward of court, was in custody of my relatives. Who were less than empathetic. Let it be know that abuse occurred in peoples homes too, and that much of that activity has been covered up. Thus as a child there was no-one for me to turn to talk to about my experiences.

I grew up believing those experiences, and my shame, were normal. I believed my low self-esteem was my own fault, that I was evil, a sinner and at heart a disgusting, filthy and ugly person, even though I could pass myself off as reasonably affable.

My life has been pretty much ruled  and dominated by those experiences and how I 'adapted' to them, how I internalised the values of those who abused me, and took on the image they protected on to me as my own identity.

Years and years of unhappiness, dysfunction, insecurity and a nameless rage (for which, for a long I time no target - and that meant I turned the rage upon myself and those close to me) have dogged my life.

I have struggled as best I can to heal, this for myself, and to understand, to fully comprehend  the dynamics of abuse operating at such a huge scale, such that it might be classed a societal problem, because the problem is tractable, because the cycles can be broken, and because this should never happen to any child,  and because the resolution of which is essential to the future of all human beings.

There is no higher calling on Earth today.

It is the FACT of  the intentional and systematic  climate pollution of our children’s psyches through conditioning processes that is a taboo subject for mainstream society and the ‘greens’ and other movements for change must now address this issue, openly. Vigorously.

Failure to do so will be catastrophic for all of us.

Because abuse is always about POWER. Abuse is always about control. Abusers 'condition' those they abuse to accept the abuse as 'normal'. To maintain that control.

There is a long historical record in writing, of the processes of conditioning, under the guise of education, or child-rearing, or training, that go back millennia, writings that informed the philosophies of dominance that are the basis of this society. The cycles of abuse go deep.

I am encouraged that the issue is being looked at, today, and in my own lifetime, and not least by the victims and their families, and empathetic researchers. Much research in these areas has been undertaken, and much is known, far more than is in practice through state sponsored projects, such as education, health , culture and ‘spreading democracy’.

I am less encouraged by Government action on these issues. Slow, unwilling to respond to victims with the speed with which they responded to the abusers, in this case, The Christian Churches. That they defend the likes of leaders who start wars should come as no surprise.  That our Government opposes fiercely any attempts by ordinary folk to arraign war criminals is typical.

There are more incidents beyond the abuse of children, that litter our society, that are tied up in how a society treats children.

The philosophy a society has in this regard must be examined for any false or corrosive assumptions. Conditioning must be acknowledged as a corrosive force.  And ceased.

And that is the only path which I as a survivor deem plausible if we as a society are to honour all children, for all time. It is time, well past time actually, to clean up our collective and centralised acts.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Myth of Democracy.

The facts are that power is exercised over living beings, human and non-human, in ways that diminish both, in ways that are degrading the abundance of the environment, in ways that are not subject to the will of the people of the land (voting changes the overall abuse not a whit, as much as switching lightbulbs will do anything other than salve a flaccid conscience).

Whether it’s the US Government or the Iranian Government, the Catholic Church or Islam, the IMF or the WTO, decisions that are properly those of the people of the land are made by distal powers whose experience is inadequate to the task of knowing what people need and truely want, and therefore relies upon theory and belief for it’s action. Such a basis for action is bound by it’s inadequacies to cause harm.

That harm, vast and yet somehow invisible to many, is rationalised as a ’sacrifice’, or ‘collateral damage’ or ‘the price of freedom’ or ‘enduring freedom’ or worse, it is rationalised as evolution, the survival of the fittest, as progress.

Until we recognise that a) we are fully of nature b) that the function of ALL living beings on Earth is to improve the habitat for ALL living beings c) that the processes of power and dominance start with the domination of our children, who become adapted to that dynamic of dominance, and so become troopers, cops, weapons scientists, corporate managers, bankers and mercenaries as much as those who become rapists, murderers, and abusers of all hue, we will be unable to shift our behaviour as a 'civilisation'.......

For example, lets take a quick analysis of democracy as practiced.

Voting without complete and transparent oversight of those selected is no choice at all, as it leaves room for corruption. Voting without active and ongoing participation (which is power true sharing) is also a fraud.

The remedy is as follows :

Undermine the power of parties, ban private funding of parties, ban ‘party line’/'party whip’ and make lobbying transparent, both of which are currently enforced because no-one at the grass roots level would abide by such behaviour amongst their own neighbours, and why would they chose otherwise?

Institute a recall process for all positions of public office, at all levels, from grass-roots to the executive.

Make it easier for independent local representatives to enter. Give more decision making powers and the resources to effectively make decisions at the grass roots local level.

In a word, give people real power and they will use it wisely. This is proven by the very fact that the system is rigged AGAINST people power.

The The Power Inquiry of 2006 is a document that proves this analysis to be correct.

And for all these reasons, Democracy as practiced is a fraud.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Friday, 23 October 2009

Responses to the Swine Flu Immunisation Program Now Underway....

Here's a short video outlaying some of the reasons, legal and moral, for dissenting from the current Governance view that mass vaccination 'against'  the swine flu virus must progress.

I'd like to share a few thoughts on the video and the issues around it..... it's all about immunity or  putting it another way, healthful ways of responding to and of handling toxicity.

Fact : Bacteria and Virus' are present in pathology. We know that they also feed on unhealthy material, or the by products of ill-health - in fact they metabolise those by-products for us. As they do all over nature.

Fact : There is no prima facie evidence to prove that either bacteria or virus cause pathology. Only theories.

Fact : there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the very way of life, including the psychological core of that way of life, creates pathology, toxicity and does so in ways that nature cannot metabolise.

Which is why, I avoid all processed foods, eat only trusted organic, fresh produce.... forgo most 'body products'  and 'household cleaners'for natural oils ...I eat as natural, and as clean as I can. If you can start a garden next spring, go for it. Common sense says what body is expecting is within safe range. What it is not expecting is potentially  toxic. As we see.

Being in muck/nature is good for the immune system as is getting dirty (yes, that too!), as are scratches and a little physical stress from time to time. We are of Earth.

oh! Please say hi to your body - it's a self organising bag of bacteria, and geuss what - those bacteria know what they are doing: all we do is feed the bacteria.... and when you 'get' this you can start to experience and communicate in new/old ways with those wonderful cells, individually and collectively, that know what they are doing. And they love doing what they do! They also respond to ones intentionality and 'presence' towards their efforts on your behalf.

Listening, observing without judgement is always the best foundation, to oneself honestly, at depth, ease-fully.

Like all of modernity, disease is a symptom, and unless we deal with causes, we will always have symptoms.

Thus we must also deal with those values of the system of dominance that we ourselves have internalised, we must understand the process of conditioning and link the exposing of it, including the fundamentally criminal intent dressed up in rethoric, with one's own personal stories (embarrassing as them might appear at first to be)  as much as others, to all emergent dissent as much as we must physically and non-violently face down those who wage war, force vaccinate etc etc.

It is the psychological core of that system of dominance. The process of internalising the values of the system under the duress of marketing, propaganda, the need to 'earn a living', the /seduction/threat of a good job/bad job even at very young ages.....

From the point of view of Power our compliance is founded on that.

Break that and the system breaks within. Each of us can bring our own story, our own experience to bear on this. Add to the data of primary experience. There is no one size fits all to nature, life 'adapts' or 'responds' (the former to survive, the latter to thrive) to precise variations in local micro climate as much as changes in the macro climate. That's the nature of self-organising - it's fundamental to life. It's innate.

And understand that the systems main tactic in thwarting the emergent healing is to make those who show the signs of distress feel responsible, feel 'wrong', feel 'fated', feel a 'karmic' sense to their distress when in fact it was the system that they were born into and found themselves within which creates the kinds of conditions that many feel intolerable and are willing to show or otherwise unable to hide from us their truth.

Such labels as 'schizophrenic' or 'bipolar' or 'ADHD' serve this function. As does shame in peer group pressure. As does existential guilt in monotheism.

They make us feel bad about ourselves, in order that we never get out of that series of mini-hells, in order that we go shopping to aleiviate the pain, go on holiday to aleiviate the pain, marry 'mr. right'/mrs.right' to aleviate the pain.... and in many other ways.

Same will apply to this flu vaccines - 'good injected citizens' and 'bad citizens' - earmarked for future roles.... they will seek to make us feel bad to undermine ourselves, and to keep those who still doubt, feeling like we are bad and wrong...

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Monday, 28 September 2009

Natural or Civilised?

Taking is not receiving. That is one way to describe the difference between civilised processes and natural processes.

Civilisation, takes; most often by force, whatever it ‘needs‘/ ‘wants‘, irrespective of the cost to others, irrespective of the natural continuity of the community from which it takes.

Nature gives; everything is provided by processes in which each participant entity simply by being what it is, by it’s unique and precisely adapted metabolisation of nutrients available in the habitat it lives in.

Civilisation is organised rape and pillage. Survival and Power. Survival is Fear driven.

Nature is organised abundance. Thrivival.

These are the stark facts.

These are the facts of life on Earth. Not the facts of Civilisation. One of which, for example, is if you refuse to ‘work’ you must starve. Not only that but you also become the pet kicking object of a load of people who have sold their souls so as to ‘survive’ in that Civilisation. Another fact of Civilisation is Slavery. War. Child Abuse.

Thus when Scientists speak of the ‘struggle for survival‘, they are projecting their Civilised doctrines , their Indoctrination, onto nature….. Civilised Humanity has to struggle to survive, never mind thrive, to remain in place on Earth precisely because it is so anti-Nature, and cannot therefore easily survive in Nature, as it does not abide by Natural Processes, in fact it actively undermines those processes. It is also resisted by Indigenous peoples up to the point where they are all but annihilated, extirpated, erased.

Let me tell you something about Darwin. He was a Racist. He stated that the inter-breeding of ‘good stock’ with ‘bad stock’ would lead towards an inevitable degradation of the ‘good stock’, his example being the English inter-breeding with Irish. Implicit in this is the understanding that indeed there are some human beings, who by birth and race, are superior to all others. That’s a fundamental premise of Civilisation. And for them survival of the fittest and natural selection were merely ways to ‘scientifically’ prove their assumptions regarding superiority. Making it all to easy in their minds to extirpate that which does not ‘comply’. Compliance.

Darwin was, as it happens, from an extremely wealthy ’landed’ family, a man who socialised with European Royalty, a man who was part of that same class. A member of the Elite. With an agenda. And an enormous budget. He was a propagandist. The one who got there first. As in his books were published, promoted and given support. Before Wallace. Who saw that Nature is co-operation.

Civilisations come and go, and so too will this one which we find ourselves born into.

The question arises : with whom, or with what do I or you most identify?

Civilisation or Nature?

Only when I/you have answered that gritty question, can I/you start to deal with the problem of Civilisation…..

Look at it this way : our entire body is produced and sustained by nature. Every cell is wild, self organised, and getting on with it without any need for direction from our thinking selves. The only civilised part is the thinking, and the lack of empathy that arises from that thinking. We ARE nature. We only THINK we are civilised.

Only when one recognises that one is of nature, rather than of civilisation, can one start to deal with the problem of civilisation. The civilised cannot, by definition, deal with this problem in any meaningful way. They cannot see it. They see other problems, which are symptoms, and will attempt to suppress the symptoms rather than seek the root cause.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Awards, Medals, Life and Death in the 21st Century

I choose to spend my time learning as much as I can about the 'civilisation' I was born into simply because I don't want ANYONE to go have to through what I went through, as an infant, as a child, as an adolescent, as an adult .... the years I have spent struggling with the trauma, the abuse patterns, the low self-esteem, the anger, the fear, the confusion, have not made me any stronger; they have been a waste of my precious time here on Earth. I am not alone in this.

That is not to say that my life is wasted, it is to say that oh so precious time will never return. The joys of being a loved child, in a loving family home did not happen, and will not happen. The scars and wounds are slowly healing. I am not alone. That comforts me as much as it horrifies me. And that's quite weird.

And so I study Civilisation, and it's psyche because Civilisation metes out much, much more trauma than it heals or delivers 'peace'. To human and non-human alike. Wars. Clearfells. Dustbowls. Poisoned rivers. Pesticides in Breast Milk. 200 Toxic Synthetic Chemicals Coursing Through The Veins Of Every Foetus. Global Warming. Global Warring. Global Vaccinations. Pandemics. Wealth amassed by a few. Poverty for the vast majority. The balance is tipped towards the dark side, big time! Running out of fuel. It is slowly collapsing. Let it go.

A Madman Speaks Truth

Today, also in New York, Muamarr Gadaffi, the Libyan 'leader'spoke to the United Nations General Assembly. A sort of International State of The Nation adress. He asked some questions many are asking. Who killed Martin Luther King? Who killed JFK? Who protects the Palestinians? Why are the Pharmaceutical Corporations, who are responsible for creating the 'Swine-Flu' virus itself, set to make so much money? Why is Medicine a business? Why is not Medicine free? Why is the Security Council dominated by states with Nuclear Weapons? Is that not a threat in itself? Good questions. Most unfortunate that it is he who asks them in public, before the UN. Quite surreal.

While I watch this I have a fantasy about the impossible. What if Gordon Brown made that speech to the UN? Jaws would surely drop. Hearts would flutter, a few might even stop. Many would cheer!

A Murderer is Honoured

Back to reality. Today Gordon Brown was presented with an award. It was "presented on behalf of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, an interfaith organisation which campaigns for religious freedom and human rights, by the veteran US former secretary of state Henry Kissinger.

Rock star Bono, Queen Rania of Jordan, and the Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak were among the audience as Kissinger praised Brown for his "vision and dedication" in handling the world economic crisis.
"His leadership has been essential to our ability to overcome the moment of danger," said Kissinger."

High praise indeed from such an ignoble and foul war criminal. Birds of a feather.

The above piece of 'reporting' (propaganda) was culled from The Guardian. The 'reporter' (propagandist)  forgot to mention that Gordon Brown was instrumental, though not alone, in creating the grounds for the financial 'moment of danger'. Deregulation, selling the UK stock of Gold Bullion at knock down prices. The War on Terror. Extending the age of retirement to 'protect pensions'. Promoting Homes, and therefore Mortgages as a method of investment (which can increase or decrease in value).  Thats small print for ya!

The 'reporter' (propaga... you get the point!) also missed the irony of an interfaith organisation (Appeal of Conscience Foundation) which campaigns for religious freedom and human rights presenting such an award for economic reasons, as Kissinger pointed out (as opposed to human rights reasons - Brown is a war criminal, who is presiding over the routine slaughter of Afghans and others, young men from villages, towns and cities across Britain, the dead and the maimed.). The whole thing is utterly surreal, though for those at the front-line, all too real... What can one say of Brown's conscience? Does he have one? Kissinger?

Back to reality.

A searing documentary was screened on the BBC today. Wounded. The camera/story follows 2 young boys, UK Troops who were injured, severely, in Afghanistan. There's shocking footage of one boys incident. He was hit by an IED : Improvised Explosive Device. His right leg was blown off, severe damage to his left, his eyes were also badly damaged by the blast flare (a burn) of the explosion and he sustained many other wounds. Trauma.

Far from new York. Far from Gordon's daily thoughts today, or Bono's. What of that boys human rights? And those of his Afghan 'enemies', his Afghan comrades and the now ubiquitous innocent by-standers. The kill rate in Afghanistan is 100 to 1. In Favour of 'our boys'. So what happened to his and their human expectations to live a happy healthy life? Human Rights indeed!

He was returned to Britian, fighting for his very life and in hospital was kept under sedation for a few months while the surgeons worked on him. His left leg was amputated, as the damage had been too severe. A horrendous trauma.What an ordeal to waken to! We see these boys receive their medals, for their 'tour of duty', for combat in Afghanistan. I found that very hard to watch - Prince Charles voice droning on about 'sacrifice' and 'resilience' in the background - on the same day Gordon Brown receives his award.

I urge you to watch this documentary. See through the propaganda. Some of it is grisly stuff. Look to the human beings caught up in all this horror. Needless to say the boys are portrayed as honestly as such a programme by such an organisation in such a system can. Needless to say they fight back with all they have got, and for each, it is a personal and unique struggle. And one that will in all probability  be endless. They have the support of loving families. Strong families. They will need all that and more. There are those who have no such resources to draw upon. What lies ahead for them? Does any of this bother the people who design, build and make weapons? Does it bother the cleaners and janitors who tend such people?

And none of their trauma was necessary. They did not fight for 'our' freedoms. They fought for the 'freedom' of certain Statesmen and their corporate buddies to 'rule' over the Earth, for Manifest Destiny, for the Free Market, all obnoxious ideologies if ever there was.

Serious Side-Effects

Like mine, their injuries are a by-product, a side effect of 'civilisation'. And it certainly won't make those boys any stronger than they already were. They found the strength within, so young, to fight through triple limb loss from combat; theirs is a struggle and hurculean task the likes of which our dear statesman of the year, and his buddies, Bono and Henry Kissenger would never knowingly undertake. They know their limits. They could care less about breaking the limits of others.

They are willing parties to a System that does force others to 'endure', and to does so on their behalf. For their Money. For their Power. For their Hubris. They create the conditions of Poverty that leave young boys in our towns and cities with enlistment in the the military as the only decent 'job' option. Join up and train as a soldier AND get a trade, education, travel, respect etc, etc..... can look good if one has no prospects of a decent job ... and one is burdened with aspirations that have been crafted to make one feel inadequate...and especially so if one has no idea what combat is really like....... strangely enough the recruitment of soldiers has seriously gained from the financial 'moment of danger'.

They (the politicians, marketing gurus, industrialists) create the media stereotyping (advertising, movie's) and role models (impossibly rich footballers, mythical retouched cine warriors and 'realistic' computer war games) that set boys up to be tough muscled warriors, Their Military training turns them into professional killers.

Performance Politicians

For an insight into the 'performance' aspect of politicians, I suggest a look at the following : BBC screened a short clip of a Liberal Party shadow minister rehearsing her speech for the Liberal Party Conference. By performance I mean the kind Derren Brown does. The Grand Illusion. The clip shows just how well trained these 'rulers' or 'rulers to be' are. Autocues, rehearsals, re-writes, directors and producers, make-up

These actors actively participate in creating the conditions of state that justify wars. They fund and procure for these wars. With our money. And the same corporations always, always, always make a tidy profit. All of this is coercive, abusive, insane.Criminal.

And the Kissengers, Browns, Blair's and their many colleagues : they receive these get awards, awards that they actually accept; do they believe it all? You can see from some of the photos that Brown is actually enjoying himself! How pleased he must be! (though it might be because he knows he's gotten away with murder and will be well paid for it! A part-time job working with Tony, at Morgan Chase, perhaps?)

How pleased Mr. Kissinger must feel. How smug.


How pleased would how many millions, nay billions of people around the world feel if Kissinger were instead to be sharing the dock with Blair, Bush, Brown, Straw, Cheny at the International Criminal Court? Think about it. That's a heck of a lot of pleasure. And it would go on for a while. What a trial that would be. Saddam was on trial for two years. His crimes were great. Yet no greater than those of Kissinger. Brown is a beginner by comparison. I wouldn't be for hanging them. Or shooting them.

It would be enough to have them see the dismantling of their precious 'civilisation'.

It would be enough to have them see the collapse of Central Government and it's replacement with strong grass roots communities, aware and informed, who were looking after their own land-base, for themselves and all other inhabitants, and for their children.

It would be enough to have Brown see the collapse of the so called 'Free Market' which is neither free nor is it a market in the traditional sense of the word, where real people exchange real goods of real value and everyone wins, as it is in nature.

It would be enough to have Kissenger witness the decomissioning of all nuclear reactors, warheads etc etc....

Guantanamo Holidays for War Criminals?

And if there was a remote Island somewhere, previously used to dump some toxic waste,  I'd build few houses there, all mod cons, lawns, garden space, a natural water filter system, and set the boys up there.I would hand over a few tools and plenty seed for food growing. If they showed good behaviour, and a willingness to do some useful work, I'd give them a permaculture course.They can fend for themselves.On the Island. They would not be welcome anywhere else.

And we, the people of Earth, diverse, localised and deeply embedded in the land-base could fend for ourselves.Quite well. We have done it before, for millennia. We will do it again. It is innate. It would be enough that we are left to get on with the real work of life. Being happy, loving and sustainable on the land we are born to.

Back to reality.

None of this will happen as things stand. The peace/green/change movement refuses to tackle the problems of intentionally adverse psychological conditioning, of psychopathology in Politics and Business which is the root cause, and prefer to cry and protest about symptoms. I conclude that most people in the Developed World, (middle class utopia), are psychologically damaged. Emotionally Blind. Those elsewhere are suffering from PSTD. No-one is talking about this. We are fucked. Seriously. We are.


Abusers run the show. Abusive Psychopaths are running this thing called 'civilisation', and managing it, and labouring for it. The abused appeal to the abusers, who feel even more powerful, and surge onwards with 'progress'. Some abused say 'Stop what you are doing,  I'm frightened you are going to hurt me' and that makes the abusers ANGRY? Some of the most abused fight back, in self -defence, (a natural enough tendency) and they are demonised as TERRORISTS?

I am told that People in pubs talk about Islamic Fundamentalism...or Terrorstorm  or 2012... or .The Bilderbergs or 'Conspiracy Nuts'. and ignore the real and unmitigated horror of  the wars their friends lives are sacrificed in. There are those who are proud of 'our boys', who then have to be proud back, must wear their medals and wounds like warriors, to protect this great lie. The 'public' don't get that the sacrifice was for power and wealth, according to the mainstream media, which is still being consumed. There's a sick dynamic going on here. I for one feel that the mainstream media's current role is to carry on the illusion that most people don't get it. To look like they have a majority audience that believes their lies. To keep the middle class Utopians in line. I feel a lot of people do get it. And they have no mass media voice or presence. The masses are shrinking.

Some of my friends in the 'movement' visibly blanch when the concept of a possible collapse of 'civilisation' is mentioned. They don't get it. Their fear clouds the vision and imagination. This is understandable. However it is not viable. Civilisation is not where clean water comes from. Nor is it a source of clean air. And as for the food..... it's toxic from producer to shop to sewage system. Let it go!

Those who do not deal with their shit, who do not metabolise their abuse, will dump both onto others. In great quantity. Forever. Poisoning all they touch. So let it go. Let the extractive, toxin producing civilisation go.

Of the 6.5 billion people who stands to benefit the most from the end of this conceptualisation of civilisation? All indigenous peoples for a start. All subsistence land users - they would be able to grow food rather than crops for cash. All the rural poor, for they would have more freedom to access land and grow food. All those at the receiving end of civilised armies on the march. The urban poor would fare better than the urban rich, who would be by far most affected. Women, in general, would fare better, for in strong communities abuse is harder to hide or disguise. Children, in general, would fare better for the same reasons.

Let us metabolise what we can from our experience, from our trauma and make it so that we return nutrients to all living processes, between ourselves, and within nature. And that means honestly facing Civilisation. Within and Without.

They won't fix it : We must end it.

We need no more boys blown to bits, to live a limbless life. We need no more wars for peace, democracy, profit, power. We do not need TVs and Cars. We need to be growing food. Recycling all that can be recycled, re-processing all that can be reprocessed or re-using materials.. We do not need international trade in other peoples land bases or 'resources', in other creatures very homes and lives. We need clean water in all our streams, rivers and lakes more than we need Alan Sugar or sugar itself.

We need time to be with our families, our friends, our communities, our beautiful habitat more than we need jobs and careers that keep us away from all that or that are embedded in the cycles of abuse.

The long journey out of abuse starts with recognising that the abuse is happening, recognising the signs of 'normalisation' of abuse, and then with giving the abuser no purchase, no further possibility of abusing, and then with grieving for what has been lost and for what has been endured, and then the healing and new growth can start. All of these run concurrent. It is a long journey, one we must all of us make. We must make this journey if we are to survive, never mind thrive, in the long run. The alternatives are too terrible to be considered as options. We must make this journey for our children's futures, for their clean water, for their peace, for their abundant land-base.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Performance Politicians Exposed :

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Sunday, 20 September 2009

Climate Change Debunked : finally! Weather Proofing Debate!

A way of wasting time.

Arguments about Scientific Data, all of which can and is being interpreted, each according to her or his agenda, or simply reported as it is, tend to go round and round. And round and round. Yada. Yada. Yada.

However, from my perspective, how I see things, there's a few vital assumptions, and some foundational premises, that all involved in this riveting worldwide debate, concerning Climate Change, are not included in the data discussed. Ones that are assumed, (and incorrect - they are beliefs ) and ones that are ignored (and are correct - they are how  it is).

I'd like to share them with you. In a  kind of non-linear rambling sort of fashion.

Let's Get Real!

It's not merely the effect of CO2 emissions as a result of Industrial Society, and the potential consequences as an effect upon the environment : it 's the combined effect of all the changes Industrial Society has made to the environment, habitat, to the way things live and interact. - that is the real for me.

If there is a problem, that's a huge part of the problem.

The element of excessive release of CO2 that is altering the heat dynamics of our atmosphere lives within that context.

And that is something that human beings can change, if we really want to. If we cared enough to. I think the vast majority of ordinary people want to change this. Those who hold power, vast wealth and who control and dominate the extractive industries will not want to change much of it.. They will tinker at the edges at best. Deny the problem and exacerbate it at worst.

Let me look at it another way. If, for example there was an asteroid capable of hitting the Earth and creating a 200 year permanent winter, that would not be a problem of culture, rather a problem for humanity. That would be purely a natural catastrophic event, part of the processes of life. That's just life. It's not a problem. That creatures eat creatures is not a problem.  It's how natural life works.

Problems caused by cultures can be solved. Life is what it is.

For example it is demonstrably true that all in biology-nature the combined activity of all creatures improves the habitat for all creature and organisms. Everything eats, everything is eaten and the poop is always food for more life.

That include us humans, as one of trillions of natural inhabitants of earth. Yet, as a culture this does not happen The outputs of this culture are largely toxic. We are a biological anomaly. Unique, not in being human, but instead in being gross polluters. Truly unique. 

That's a problem. This culture - Industrialised Militarised Competing Powers Culture - is out of step with healthy biology and natural balance. 

By choice.

To compartmentalise the components of a whole, each as whole in and of themselves is one of the bottle necks in this discourse concerning climate change and societal change. I say this because the only reason we are discussing climate change is because it is being driven by a political and emotive agenda that demands 'changes' in our society. Those changes do not appear to include stopping war, stopping all toxic production, making profound changes to our 'extractive' processes so that they return nutrients to the environment at every stage. They do not appear to include re-establishing the fundamental of nature : each organism has a direct relationship to it's land base, food base and each organism improves the habitat for all life.

Furthermore the discussions around climate change appear to me to refuse to recognise that Industrial Society is extremely vulnerable due to it's inability to adapt to the way nature works. And that this arises from a  conditioned, and unfounded, fear of the wild. That is the true source of this cultural insecurity. Christianity and others promote this fear of the wild.


This, unfortunately, arises from hubris. The fallacies and ideas concerning mankind's Superiority, Manifest Destiny, Chosen Peoples, Higher 'Intelligence' etc., etc., are part of this delusion, one that is rooted in the God Delusion. "God made man in His Image." Merely a delusional belief.

As is the debate about 'climate change' and societal change that excludes war and the urge to power as a factor in this predicament we are in. They cannot be discussed separately. They are entwined.

The real predicament is merely that this Civilisation will not stand, will not survive, never mind thrive. It is not sustainable. The immense energy and power of nature to nurture is far, far greater than anything we can muster to destroy it. Co-operation and Improving the Habitat for all life is the way of Nature. Competition and Destroying the Habitat  for Profit is the way of Industrial Society. These processes are so not compatible.


Humility, and a willingness to put all the evidence, the data on the table, openly, honestly. and then we can talk about the appropriate changes to make to rebalance. The answers are all around us in Nature. We have to cease projecting what we think we know onto what is and see what is as it really is.

That data must by necessity include a fullest inventory, a telling of the cost to all life forms on Earth of the way of Industrial Society, a full accounting of the abuse we have meted, and continue to mete out to each other.

It must include a full accounting of the toxicity we have introduced, to oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, aquifers, forests, plains, swamps, bogs, and all their inhabitants and of course our own bodies.

That data must by necessity include a fullest inventory, a telling of the known natural world, her processes and inter-relationships, (her because I see Earth as my Mother) from the microbial to the continental, drawing on all traditions that have observed nature for very long periods of times, across several tens of generations, as much as our best scientific examinations. 

The data must show a full account of the vested interests that hold Industrial Civilisation in such a deathly grip of denial.

It must show the methods and extent to which power is bent against life, on behalf of those who dominate. It must show a full audit of the amassed wealth on one hand and the resultant poverty on the other and  that 'balance' be compared to the potential abundance that Earth may bestow in her healthiest state, for all life.

Abundance is when poverty is unknown, nor can hoarded wealth or ring-fenced 'resources' or denying nutrients be countenanced.

The data must include the sensing's, the dreams and observations of our children, our youth, and our elders as much as the admonitions of activists, politicians, pastors and so-called teachers.

These are the data to place the Climate Change discussions in it's true context. These and more.....

As ever it's never the weather, is it? It's the clothes we wear.

And we, as members of Industrial Society,  as Consumers (Consumer Rights?) are daily conditioned to wear the culture of abuse oh so comfortably, so comfortably in fact that sometimes we can't even see it.

The casually dropped piece of litter, a piece of plastic that will outlive thousands of generations, causing harm in the long, long, long term.

And Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk want to build colonies as their solution to this problem?

Utterly stupid.


Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Friday, 18 September 2009


Here's two videos of Beardyman, a London based beatboxer, whose originality and spontaneous performances are a joy to behold. He's a real mouth synth.... and behind that is a powerful mind at work and a great heart.

So here's three videos to illustrate the scope and depth of his work.

1. Beatbox Kitchen Diaries.

2. Sanatised Christmas Message

3. BEARDYMAN presents : George W. Bush V. Charles Manson

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's your gift to universe

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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Beliefs and Behaviour Patterns are Neural Pathways that have Become Hardened.

Beliefs and Behaviour Patterns are Neural Pathways that have Become Hardened.

As the brain is growing and forming in the young child, with each new experience a new neural pathway is created, and as those experiences are repeated that pathway or sets of pathways get used repeatedly. Thus certain pathways will become ‘worn’ or ‘hardened’.

This is necessary, and is how, for example, learning to ride a bike gets to a point where one does not need to think about it. The thinking during repeated training has formed enough of a pathway series to carry out all the various task required to maintain balance, note direction, read the ground and so on.

In this way the child learns and stores vital skills, such as control of her/his limbs, balance, co-ordination. We know that it takes about 10,000 hours of training to become fluent in say a musical instrument so that one is a virtuoso, or indeed any particular skill/talent that is then viewed, in our culture, as ‘pretty damn good’
This applies to physical action as much as thought processes. In esence one can become hard wired for any psychological or physical set-up, and there are those who create the set-up, who'd rather  their works remained hidden and unseen. Think of the effect of ten thousand hours of school room politics.....

We know that children learn much quicker when their learning is self-directed, and that the enthusiasm of the child is a major factor in driving what they will learn. We know that when an infant experiences discovery and understanding that their brains release dopamine and serotonin, and that this is part of learning, part of what drives learning fromn within the learner.
We know that infants and very young children learn at rapid rate, way beyond what is learned in later life, at university and as ones ‘career’ develops. That rapidity is essential and of course it stands to reason that the biological body is designed to enhance that ability
It stands to reason that this learning ability is a biological imperative. The child in nature has much to learn, much that is essential for self-reliance and thus survival or as I like to say ‘thrivial’. and not a huge amount of time to do it in.

Typically indigenous peoples children are fully competent by age 6. That is to say they are no longer utterly dependent and are considered an asset to their community. It is common for older children to care for the younger children, and there is much learning that is passed from child to child, rather than from adult to child. That comes later, as the child approaches young adulthood.

To give you an idea of just how much a typical indigenous person will learn, (through direct experience and communication) I have seen estimates of a comparison of botanical knowledge of a rain forest dweller compared to a European university trained botanist. The estimate suggests that the indigenous forest dweller contains the equivalent of 35 botanists with 15 years experience each!

That goes way beyond anything we in the West now consider an ‘expert’ or’ virtuoso’.

So given this amazing ability and capacity of the natural human being, what are the implications for a western child in a typical western school environment?

First off, how much time does a child spend in a school environment as opposed to the real world (which is where the natural child’s learning is based)?

What does the loss of that real-world learning mean for the western child?

Given the general tendency within indigenous peoples to respect the unique personal entity, to embrace diversity and independence along side interdependence, what does the teaching of ‘belief systems’ imply for the western child?

The Roots of Modern Compulsory State Education

To answer these questions, in the context of a western styled education, one has to go to the roots of that system and seek out the inspiration for it. John Taylor Gatto has done that in his phenomenal work, “The Underground History of American Education”. I will give a brief description here, culled from his book.

The initial inspiration for Western Mass Schooling, or Compulsory State Education, came from observations by the British in India of the Hindi Rote System of education devised for the lower classes within the Hindi system that the British met in the 1600s onwards. The HIndi system was an Empire... 

It was an Anglican Military Chaplain who first observed and understood how this system worked. His name was Andrew Bell.

What Andrew Bell saw and understood was that by gathering the children into large groups, where they had to learn drills by rote, where corporal punishment was widely used, where there was a number of powerful external imperatives to show that one had learned, (could repeat the scriptures, perform the rituals, read the texts,) the Hindi Caste system had created a solid state and class structure that had endured for thousands of years, and had resisted the British in spite of the British technological superiority in sea faring and in warfare.

Indeed there was meeting of minds in that the elites of both cultures recognised each other, and thus the British Raj, an accommodation of equals, both ruling their respective masses. The older was to refine the younger. And this was driven largely by commercial interests.

The Hindi Class System 

The Hindi Caste system looked a bit like this :
Top 5% of three groups : 
in Order of Power : 
Brahmin’s (priests and the professions), 
Warriors and Administrators, 
Merchants and Land Cultivators
Lower 95% of two groups : 
Menials, and 

The Brahmin’s ensured that the warriors, administrators and the bulk of the leaderships received a diluted insight into the drivers of this system, so that they alone retained overall control.

The lower 95% received the mass schooling, administered by teachers, who drilled student leaders, who then drilled hundreds of students, in groups of ten or so, all of this in large single rooms. The entire operation of each school was directed by a single Brahmin.

And all this because the belief systems were so entrenched by the time the child was 11 or so, ‘hardwired’ if you will, the overall system of the Hindi centralised power was secure.

“The entire purpose of the Hindu Schooling was to preserve the class system.”

At the time there was no formalised education in the British Empire, apart from the few elite schools and colleges. The peasant yeomanry were to a large degree self educated. Home schooled. The recent move from yeomanry to factory and mine worker had transformed the British Empire, though there was stiff resistance to this move, as the yeomanry/peasant came from a background of self-sufficiency, laced with a sense of liberty and dignity.

The Luddites were literate and clearly understood what the coming factory system implied for their communities and for societal control. The loss of their lands via The Enclosure Acts was a coercive move, designed to drive them into factories. Read E E Thompson’s fine work “The Making of The English Working Class” for a detailed look at who, who and why this process developed.

The concept of a proletariat had yet to be thought of, a concept that was required for maximum efficiency in a mass production economy. Modernising the plebians of the Roman Empire.

The first expression of this kind of schooling arose from a complete mis-understanding , and can be found in the Lancaster Schools of England. Lancaster, a Quaker, was inspired by an account written by Bell in 1797 of the Hindi system. Bell had made it clear that such a system was an effective impediment to learning, and created in it’s subjects a docility perfectly suited to mass production labour. Lancaster missed this, and concluded that it would be cheap way to awaken intellect in the lower classes. A classic case of a genuine do-gooder who missed the point completely.

Sparta : The Legend of the 300

The rest as they say is History… I would add here that the inspiration for Western Military Training came from the legendary Spartan Culture, and within that the concept of the militarisation of an entire culture was perfected. This was what drove the tiny Prussian State from near collapse, to become one of Europe’s most feared fighting machines and thus a mighty Empire. That was where the first ‘kindergartens’ were crafted. The logic was impeccable. And it was the Prussian system that refined Compulsory State Education as we know it. It was American, French, German and English Coal and Steel Barons, and their paid Educators who were most inspired by the Prussian Military success at Waterloo.

I highly recommend J T Gatto’s work. It will reveal much about the history of the project for a world wide state sponsored system of compulsory education, and it has ever since defined the nature of our society and it’s ills and Gattos work will both shock and reward the reader many, many times.


So now that we have looked to the core inspiration, we can ask what are the implications for a natural child in a typical western school environment? Lets take a look at what happens to that child.

1. They are cut off from the real world experience, from the wider community and segregated from their parents.

2. They are forced into un-natural groupings, according to age and ‘ability’ to conform.

3. They are required to ‘learn’ what they are told to learn, which really means to memorise texts provided by the teachers, who have been given these texts by other unseen administrators of the system.

4. Failure to 'learn' leads to punishment, humiliation, threats of low income for life.

Early schooling is about learning to respond appropriately to authority. Obedience is inculcated in the first three years of primary school. (These days the State wants your children even earlier!)

Thus the child learns that his or her own interests do not matter unless they get approval from the teachers..

They will therefore choose an interest within the scope of what is offered, this in order for the psyche to survive, and become dependent upon external approval.

They will have to become devious, self-limiting and external cue driven because they are expected to NOT MAKE MISTAKES, (such is the nature of rote learning) and making a mistake, observing it and correcting it, (an internal feedback loop) is an essential part of the natural learning process. Once that is disabled, then self motivated learning is all but impossible. University offers a mime of this, as the context and texts are limited to what is required for the student top pass his or her exam.

Further Educational and Academic success are dependent upon fitting into the system.

Conditioning and Control

All of this conditions the child in ways that make them ‘ideal’ for working in factories and bureaucracy’s.

Their teachers and their parents have all been through and accepted this system, and this isolates the child, for there is no-one to talk to who understands what is happening.

Those that ‘do not fit in’ are then channelled towards unskilled labour or the military and police. And then finally there’s those who rebel, who become severely damaged by this system and become ‘drop-outs’ , whose chances of getting a ‘good job’ are diminished … they are demonised, and held up as a frightening example to the others.

Officers and Political Leaders are drawn from the better schools and colleges, or from a carefully screened few who work their way up the ranks.

For a more in depth understanding of this whole subject, the works of John Taylor Gatto, John Holt and Paolo Freire are among the best resources you can find. Alice Miller and Carl Rogers have done some of the best work on the psychological nature of this process and how that leads inevitable towards distress and dis-empowerment. Both point to ways in which this can be healed and undone. All these writers are all but ignored by the Educational Elites, and you will be hard push to find a student of Education or Psychology who has been given access to these learning’s within the confines of established academia.


In essence this is all about the control of meaning, of replacing inner meaning with received meaning ,and shutting the gate on the possibility of inner meaning arising as a threat to the established meaning. What this means is that the children develop belief systems about their abilities, about their place in society and indeed about their society itself (these beliefs are embedded in the texts of the subjects they are taught/forced to learn in school) by constant repetition. These beliefs become hard wired, neural pathways, and become a sort of ersatz identity, one that is defensive and quite resistant to alteration – held in place by fear.

And that is the nature of belief systems, state and commercial control, in a nut shell.

That is why 20 million taxpaying adults will allow a Government to rip them off, time and time again, to send their sons and daughters to war, to manufacture and then drop bombs on other peoples who have been demonised, all this in spite of a nagging sense that somehow it’s not right!

This is why some people will read one newspaper and others another, and they will sit in a pub, or on a TV panel, or in a Legislative Assembly and debate the issues, repeating what they have read, thinking all the time that their debates are genuinely based upon their own unique understandings and particular viewpoints, rather than share experienced knowledge culled from the wider world and information they have gleaned for themselves so as to enlighten each other. In debates, the winner takes all!

This is why the ‘new age’ leads to ideologues, fantasists and sectarian divides, because of this mode of reading and repeating what one has read. Original thinking is all but obliterated, and where it exists, it is limited to ‘invention’, ‘fashion’, ‘art’ and literature and corralled into a world that is carefully structured by this whole process. Thus the majority of people become mere repositories of belief.

TV and Advertising work because of this very fact.

Processed and less than optimum foods don’t help matters either.

A Violent System

What has to be understood is that this system was imposed and is inherently violent – as is the nature of the city state and industrialism. The natural child is robbed of his or her innate sensory acuity, and is practically blinded by this process, made emotionally blind because the child has to suppress his or her natural anger at this imposition in order to survive.

On top of this, parenting practices handed down over the years, from the elites, have made violence an acceptable mode of training. As Alice Miller points out a child who has been beaten or humiliated all the while being told by those they are dependent upon, those whose love they require for their own psychic development,’that this is for your own good’ must believe that admonishment, and will in turn do the same to their own children.

It was in 1986 that corporal punishment was outlawed in English State Schools, and 1996 in private Schools. At the same time, to counter that, increased testing was introduced – and we know that this increased testing has not led to an increased intellectual ability in our children. Schools were driven to meet targets in order to secure funding, and so the teachers role become that of a trainer for testing, rather than an educator. The system is designed so that tinkering with it appears to bring novel change, yet the core underlying dynamics remain in place and the power structures retain their over arching power.

If all this seems a bit too much or unlikely, than don’t take my word for it. Explore the issues I have highlighted, do your own research, check in with your own experiences and inner sensing, and decide for yourself.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it’s your gift to universe

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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Fear of the Transparent Honest Child : The Natural Child

What have the designers and operators of the culture of dominance, that ideology and system of governance, education, religions and so forth that I was born into, to fear from the honest transparent child?

What kind of parent fears the honest child?

This is a question that contains an implication, which is that system of dominance does indeed fear the honest transparent child.

Bullies fear honesty.

The evidence for this is partly my personal experience, which is primary knowledge, a micro event that contains fractals of macro events within this ideology of dominant culture.

They feared me and attempted to control me. They had no empathy for the child I was.

My experience is common enough, with a wide bandwidth of abuses deemed ‘appropriate‘, from the slight to the extreme. Smacking and raising one’s voice to beatings and humiliation. Punishment and reward.

There is ample evidence from recent history, from the recorded actions and consequences of ‘rulers’ behaviour, and that of whole civilisations, that the indoctrination of all children was and remains prioritised, was and is still deemed essential.

Education loaded with reward/punishment dynamics that deliberately render the child powerless.

In essence that says those rulers did not and do not trust the natural child.

That each and every child must be taught to accept or adapt to training or coercion in ways that could be manipulated.

Hitler youth. Pop Fans. Republican or Democrat or Liberal voters. Brexit. (in the future, from whence I write this edit,)

The existence of ‘Liberal’ political parties within Western Democracy came from fear, not from empathy. The fear that if the Rulers did not make some concessions to the ruled,  trouble would stalk the land.

What is not trusted, is feared. Fear is the first justification for violence. All violence is self-interest.

Fear and hatred are twins in the hands of Power.

Why this fear, when it would appear that those in control are omnipotent, ubiquitous?

A good question... If the Rulers are so omnipotent, why are they so fearful?

What did those who abused me as a child, and what did I, when I abused my friends and bullied my children, in later years, have to fear from the honest transparent child?

Honesty first and foremost, for the honesty flags up my own crimes, flags up the Rulers crimes, clear as day. And that honesty also means that I behaving like a bully, and that the system of dominance behaviours will meet resistance. Honesty is a sign that the ideology is no longer operational.

“Stop what you are doing, I am frightened you are going to hurt me!”

Before a child gets to the point where he or she hates his parent, carer, that’s the sentence she or he would like most to utter. That and “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

The first is a command, yet the child is powerless. The first is a law of natural humane adults : no harm shall come to the children, and yes, in spite of that, the child is powerless.

The second is of course an honest question, and a demand!

The child is, of course powerless.

However the honest transparent adult is not powerless.

Far from it. Indeed she or he has far more natural power than the narcissistic controlling psychopath; the power to connect with all life, to sense that universal quality and feel the unity of life as it manifests on Earth, the home of natural human beings, as real and foundational and as a great gift.

A recognition of life as an act of supreme love.

Indoctrination is by design and intent an attempt to undermine that recognition, that source of identity. When one does not trust oneself, there is fear of self. Narcissus looked to his reflection on the water for a sense of identity. He looked without, rather than within. Approval as identity basis. If you need a mirror to see yourself it is only because you have lost who you are from within.

And the narcissistic psychopath. who has internalised the values of those who have abused him or her, can rest only when she or he feels that they have total control, over others and over nature. That control is needed to ward away the awareness of the pain of the loss of self. It is sensed as a loss of the plot......

And is therefore on a lifelong mission. Which is not yet, nor will it ever be, complete, and certainly not in the way the narcissistic psychopath might imagine. The only long term result is collapse. The strain on self and environment is too much. Nature wins. Always. Psychosis is nature calling.

Carl Rogers, and later on John Wier Perry, outlined that in the 50s, 60s and 70s and showed with the Diabasis project that psychosis was a pathway towards self-discovery, towards wholeness of the person and not to be feared, but to be taken as a call for balance. And the best assistance was empathetic companionship and what he called 'unconditional positive regard'....... Rogers trusted the innate self healing of all living cells, and sought to facilitate that self-healing. Thus he avoided Instruction. Indoctrination. Medication. And he succeeded.

Our lives are short. Our time is precious. It must be lived with as much transparent honesty as the soul, the unique sense of identity, the happening of being can craft though the agency of the body on this fertile Earth That is what the design implication of the human body experience is. Joy. In being. Oneself, transparent, relaxed. Breathing easy.

Any attempt to indoctrinate a child, as done in these dominatory cultures, is an attempt to rob that living being of that unique and innate joy-fullness, which is a grievous loss to the child; and to add insult to injury, the persons life is then manipulated to the ends of the indoctrinator :a narcissistic psychopath.

Again, let me say that when one does not trust oneself, there is fear of self. Narcissis looked to his reflection on the water for a sense of identity. He looked without, rather than within. external approval as identity basis. Image replaces sensing.

Young men and women don’t become soldiers. They are made. Trained to kill on command. Clearly those who do feel no guilt, no remorse and have no operational conscience nor friendly empathy nor will those who orchestrate such conditions be merciless. Torturers. Special Forces. Secret Police. And those who control them. They to can have no conscience. The School of the Americas. David Stirling. Idi Amin. George Bush. Pinochet.

Corrupted good people are racked with guilt. A guilt they rationalise away. A guilt they compartmentalise.

They could be soldiers, policemen, civil servants, corporate managers. You. Me.

Its always a choice. They sell their lives, their integrity. They deny their remorse, they rationalise their complicity as best they can … and they know. And they can become narcissistic psychopaths. In that corruption and complicity is a ‘gateway’ experience. Or they can acknowledge what they are doing and stop.

When more chose to stop, when more choose not to be corrupted, then the system of dominance reveals itself in whatever way to those who are complicit, to those who rationalise it’s violence. And recognition of that violence leads to honesty. Honesty to resistance.

And that is the true state of the honest, transparent adult. To resist that which is oppressive.

Interestingly enough within the project of Compulsion Schooling lies a virus, a methodology that thwarts the natural maturing process, that stills the critical thinking that arises from a naturally empathetic humane being, as most children are, that extends adolescence way beyond it’s time, that infantilises those who succumb. The archives show this clearly.

Which is why advertising works.

Obama. 2012. The Rapture. Hope. Manipulation of those who can be manipulated. For power and for profit.

As adults we have the power to resist oppression, indoctrination and propaganda in way the natural child has not, because we are now on an equal physical footing with the oppressor. THAT is why the State is armed to the teeth. Not to 'protect' people. To intimidate people.

The threat of extreme violence is all that holds the modern state and the rapacious corporation as either stands, with all the 'exported trauma' that goes with those structures : (if one lives in, say the ‘peaceful’ cities of London or Paris or Berlin or countries that claim this ‘peace‘ and believes in it, and fails to ‘see’ the externalised costs of those cities, towns and country systems, the trauma has been exported from ones awareness.).

As adults we can choose not to accept indoctrination, lies, propaganda and we can choose to confront that where we find it.

It all comes down to choice.

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