Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Single Issues, Riots, Ideology and the Truth: The Dominant Culture is Toxic.

If there is an ONE single root to the riots, it lies deeper than any of the current public media analyses, most of which are geared to an ideological stance, the basis of which is that the psychology of the current dominant culture is more or less OK, and that these riots are evidence of a malaise with Society, a disenfranchised minority behaving badly. With the emphasis on 'minority' and 'behaving badly'.

It's clear that each person who engaged in the rioting and looting had their own reasons for so doing.

It's clear that each of those individual decisions emerges out of a larger context: poverty, police immunity in death in custody cases, consumerism driving the desire to HAVE, economic policy that coerces people into work through the stick of poverty.

Economic policy that rewards the rich, undermines the poor, traps the middle class and loots 'resources' from distant lands, bloodily; a 'lack of respect for authority' amongst children and the youth, obvious corruption in Governance, in Commerce, in Justice, in Institutional Power of every kind. A lack of respect amongst Authoritarians for children which more than mirrors that lack of respect amongst children, whose sense of injustice is ever keen.

Add to that the black markets, the black economy, the war on drugs which criminalises self-medication (addiction is 80% the result/symptom of Adverse Childhood Experiences), the wars being prosecuted, and profited from, and these are  realities that are being masked, spun, obscured, lied about by Politicians and other Institutional Power actors EVERY DAY, such that they reveal a willing denial of the reality of our Dominant Society.

Add to all that that SOME people within all that were merely opportunists, who went along for a laugh, a buzz. And add to that some people who are really, really angry, enraged and almost out of control - both as rioters and as police men.

Quite a mix. Lots to look at. And there's more of course .... the list is endless..

Under Common Law, or Common Sense Law, there are two primary instructions : Cause no Harm, Cause no Loss and Address all Harm, Address all Loss - address means in this context deal with the situation such that the loss or harm is resolved. Common Law seeks resolution and restorative justice, rather than punishment ...... though to some minds it might feel as though resolution IS punishment.... because they perceive that they lose whatever they gained by their adverse actions in the resolution of the case.

What few appear to be willing to admit is that the fundamental basis of this Society is sick, that the sickness is not something attacking the culture, but is in fact fundamental to the culture. The Dominant Culture, Industrialised Society, is founded upon coercion, might, power and the immunity of those who 'rule' from accountability for their actions, especially when those actions cause harm or loss to others.

And that means that the 'sickness' cannot be healed without profound changes to the culture, changes which would move us towards a more empathic, nurturant society based on meeting our natural needs, and the needs of the environment that supports us.

This is what the Natural Child expects. This is what the Natural Child is biologically geared to grow into, or emerge from within.

Natural Child, Natural Society. People meeting people's natural, genuine needs.

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