Sunday, 16 June 2013

Proposal for a Curriculum and Assesment for Michael Gove.

It's a Long Question:

I don't want to be a 'leader' or a 'politician', yet I desire -  my very soul and body demands, craves, endures to experience - that the exercise of State Policy, that the operations and outcomes of State Policy - if there is to be a such an Institution as the State, (which remains a pertinent line of investigation at all times on matters like these and many others, as to it's validity) it must manifestly nurture all the people, and the environment within which we all live, which we share as biological equals, though vastly diverse. The evidence is real! It always is... painfully so.

In truth, I don't want anyone to be a 'politician', or a 'leader'.

I'd much rather support administrators who willingly, transparently, happily take on the various roles required and available within State Institutions, that they would exercise their chosen roles professionally, with joy, and if in stressful situations, behave calmly with a view to resolution, all guided by fluid and continuous policy and decision making directly from within the grass roots of Society, informed by expert advice as required as much as by common human empathy and kindness.

I'd be more than happy to support such a Nurturant structure. A Nurturant Society is my bag!

I see no impediment to such a happy state, other than the status quo, learned helplessness, and other stuff ... no need to list it all.

No impediment as such. because it is our biological mandate, it is a seriously ancient mandate,  a deeply biologically material basis, it is the expression of a proven biological asset, that lies at the roots of genuine democracy, which is nothing less than that more or less empathic, and therefore disciplined, mature, playful and adaptive self organizational processes of any given human society, family or community, or self motivated children playing and learning together, across all age groups, that lives the Biology of  Nurture Webs.

What we are getting is clearly not working. The History books are littered with much the same, just lower numbers... Their take, the official historians, on pre-history serves to distance us from our native ways through which we humans thrived prior to History... which is like .0001% or less of the time we have been around as human mammals.

So what do I do?


Proposed Curriculum for Education Minister, Michael Gove...

A 6 month course.

Modular or Webbed/Networked.

No Further Ministerial work that changes anything or alters any Laws is to be carried out until course completed. Think of it as a Public Audition.

So openings and press briefings, speaking events, constituency work will all continue.... plus ceremonial duties... This keeps the study in context with the experience of many students who have to work ti supplement thier Education, which Gove's generation got for FREE! How nice for them!

All materials to support the students learning are to be freely provided, a reasonable concession and Student Gove may collaborate with other students, colleagues and any other relevant party.

Course Overview.


- Work through the writings on Education, Children and Society of John Holt, Alice Miller, Paolo Friere, Ivan Illych, Colin Ward, : all about natural learning, the problems of the 'schooling' system that disrupts natural learning. Also demonstrates ways to recover and change. : TEST: a 10 minute video briefing on the over view of these writers, and their data.

- John Taylor Gatto, on The History of State Education : TEST : Create a large mural/wall chart of the History of State Education aas outlined by Gatto, as a mind map or along the lines of the RSA Animate projects, or in some other graphic manner.

- The Biology and Anthropology of Empathy - cutting edge Science: Write a 10,000 word essay on the current state of awareness and understanding and both academic and grass roots, the potential outcomes of the current state of awareness at the grass roots and in Governance, and examine what needs to be done to facilitate a widespread in-depth dissemination of that information such that it informs both the Public and Institutional Policy Making, and that it is seen as a key element that prioritizes according to the real needs of children as people, rather than workers in an 'economy'.  Include all references.

- Homeschooling, democratic schooling, anecdotal evidence, historical 'greats'.... : TEST: Conduct a Radio Interview with three leading exponents in each case, total length 30 minutes, including credits.

- Each TEST is a project. It will not be marked. There's no need. the candidates work will simply be left, archived as a public record of the candidates experience and outcomes.

It will be peer reviewed by the Nation, the Public....

A good result might get the guy a really, really decent job!

And a change in the outcomes for the current and future generations of children, and with that our entire Society.

I wish!

Kindest regards


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