Saturday, 5 December 2020

Zero Community Transmission - a better way forwards.

I have been promoting the Zero Community Transmission strategy since I caught ill in early March 2020. From the very start. 


Because it works.

Because it was clear, from my extensive reading, listening to proven expertise, that New Zealand looked at what had happened in China and the East Asian States, and took that lived experience, clinical experience and social experience and they learned from the errors the Chinese made, in Wuhan during the first month, and they learned from the successes of the Chinese. Humility and kindness.

The USUK on the other hand did not do that.

The results thus far are more than clear, unfortunately for all those harmed by the disease itself, and  for all those whose work and incomes have been undermined, and for the failures of bad policy that cannot be undone, yet which deserve redress. Hubris and arrogance.

Zero Community Transmission

So this is :

Instead of living alongside this deadly virus with repeated on-off lockdowns, there is an alternative: scientists call it the Zero Covid Strategy.

Many other countries have adopted the Zero Covid approach. Britain could too.

If we’d done this in the spring, by now we’d be living without the virus – visiting family and friends, travelling without fear, drinking and eating out, going to live events, just like people in New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and China.

The Independent SAGE committee of scientists has been arguing for a Zero Covid UK since the summer. This approach is also supported by the Hazards Campaign for workplace safety.

What is the Zero Covid Strategy? 

It means eliminating the spread of infection between people in the UK and putting in place measures to prevent or quickly staunch any further imported cases. Today that means four key steps:

  • A full UK-wide lockdown until new cases in the community have been reduced close to zero
  • An effective find, test, trace, isolate and support (FTTIS) system, run locally in the public sector, to quickly squash any further outbreaks
  • Covid screening, and where necessary quarantine, at all ports of entry to the UK
  • Guarantee the livelihood of everyone who loses money because of the pandemic

Independent SAGE and Zero Covid Strategy.

A better way to go - towards zero community transmission.

  • The prospect of many thousands of further deaths from COVID-19 over the next nine months is unacceptable
  • The UK government must propose and share with the public a strategic plan on how the pandemic is going to be managed in the next 12 months and of how the various measures against the pandemic fit together in an integrated plan.
  • Independent SAGE believes that this strategy should have as its prime objective the achievement of a Zero COVID Britain and Ireland
  • It will require the government in Whitehall to replace their failing NHS Test and Trace System with a fully-fledged and locally controlled system of Find, Test, Trace, Isolate, Support (FTTIS)
  • The Republic of Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland already have very few deaths and very small numbers of new positive cases. They have the virus under control and are well placed to achieve elimination of the virus
  • England and Wales will need to make the necessary efforts as soon as possible to achieve the same position
  • Achieving elimination would allow all social distancing measures to be lifted, schools to be fully open, the hospitality and entertainment industries to reopen fully, revitalisation of the economy and a sense of much needed normality for the population.
Following The Science - this links to their full report, a .pdf file

I have been writing about ZCT since the start. 

It IS the correct approach. We must start as soon as possible. It can be done.

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