Friday, 30 September 2011

My letter published in the Examiner Paper, Ireland 

sent to all UK media and the NY times..

A caring society?

Friday, September 23, 2011

To the Editor,
As a survivor of institutional abuse I would like to clarify something regarding recent press commentary concerning the relationship between the Irish State and The Vatican.

It’s not merely a matter of observing the law, as quoted of Mr Gilmore, but of the inherent duty of care to all our children, which is emergent in each and every human being. Children deserve to be fully nurtured, such that they are recognised as equals, even if smaller in size, and protection from abuse is but one part of that dynamic.

This is less about the relationship between the Irish State and The Vatican than it is about the relationship between the adult world and the children’s world, and in the end, it is about whether or not our society is truly nurturant.

Corneilius Crowley

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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Monday, 19 September 2011

London Metropolitan Police Force Coercive Threat to Guradian to reveal 'Sources' ....

Letter to UK media....

To the Editor,

Regarding the recent move by the Metropolitan Police Force to coerce the Guardian to reveal it's sources' in the NOTW hacking story, may I suggest a solution:

ALL Whistle Blowers need to be protected by Law, and by Society, that is to say, by the people and by the Institutions that purport to serve the people. With the severest of sanctions imposed on those who threaten whistle blowers in ANY manner..... and for those that blow the whistle falsely.

This meets the requirements of Justice, Public Interest, transparency, honesty and integrity, and cannot impede anyone's human rights.

yours truly

Corneilius Crowley

etc, etc....

Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Julia Gillard and Monsignor Dean Cappo's appointment..

Letter to Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister, on her appointment of Monsignor Dean Cappo to Chair the National Mental Health Commission.

sent today, via her Parliamentary email.

Dear Prime Minister,

It has come to my attention that you have appointed Monsignor Dean Cappo as as the chairman of the National Mental Health Commission.

How is it possible that you could appoint a senior Catholic Official, whose primary allegiance is with The Vatican, which we all know is embroiled in a world-wide scandal - part of which has been played out to the detriment of hundreds of thousands of children, Aboriginal and European, in Australia - The Scandal of long term Institutional Child Abuse of such utter cruelty, that is well documented, that was actively covered up for many, many years, that only came out due to the bravery of Survivors, (many of whom would have been labelled as mentally ill, when in fact they were, and are distressed, and expressing that distress) in spite of intimidation, manipulation, bribery and Vatican 'secrecy' and, given that the Vatican is even still attempting to manage this scandal as a crisis for the Vatican rather than focus on the needs of survivors and the necessary work to bring those who have abused children before the courts and the urgent need to review those Catholic teachings that underpin the brutality meted out to children - Original Sin, the Devil within the child that must be beaten out, the lack of a commandment to HONOUR THY CHILDREN......?

You are being observed, by Survivors and their advocates all over the world, and your actions are being noted, and YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. The Vatican IS responsible for Criminal acts, as are many State bodies, and that liability has now become YOUR PERSONAL LIABILITY.

I urge you to rescind your appointment of Dean Cappo, and to appoint someone whose concern for the welfare of children and adults is well known, is proven in the field..... someone such as Helen Caldicott comes to mind.....

Yours sincerely.

Corneilius Crowley


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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Friday, 9 September 2011

Natural Parenting and the Dominant Society

1. We (you and I, and all those around us) live in a Dominant Culture that undermines and disrupts the Natural Biologically mandated processes that support empathic learning and bonding between mother and child.
2. We live in a Dominant Culture that undermines and disrupts the Natural biologically mandated processes that support empathic learning and bonding between adolescents as they explore their sexuality.

3. We live in a Dominant Culture that intentionally traumatises a very large proportion of the people within it, and those without even more so. Aboriginal Cultures have been decimated, extirpated, or assimilated. It's a matter of policy. Be it war, 'schooling', indoctrination, religiosity, ideology one is COERCED into conforming with the mores of the Dominant Culture. The trauma is accepted as 'a necessary evil' and is discounted.

4. The experience of the 'standard mother' and the 'standard father' in the most part is dysfunctional in the manner Society permits and promotes parenting. The authoritarian model is still the dominant model - messages such as do not be a friend to your child, do not molly coddle your child, toughen your child up, wear pink, wear blue, MY child (as a possession, as owned by..)

Fundamentally parents are advised to not trust their children, to expect that the NEED to be COERCED into schooling, etc  or they will go wild..... feral... The traditional psychology has emerged from the Christian psychology, of the child must know who the master is, the child's proclivity towards 'wilfullness' must be broken..... these have a profound influence in Societal terms...

5. Anyone who has been traumatised, and has had to adapt to that trauma situation without resolving that trauma (eg: those who enlist or are conscripted and endure combat, children who have been brutalised in Institutional settings....) and who become parents will, unwittingly in most cases, become the dominant psychological 'weathering' in which the child will develope; this creates the baseline for intergenerational trauma patterning processes.

Some simple examples :My father was a Tory, so I am a Tory or my father was a Tory so I am Labour (or any oppopsite) or my father was a nationalist so I am a nationalist/anarchist, my mother was Jewish/Christian/Hindu/Secular so I am Jewish/Christian/Hindu/Secular etc etc etc

This is the process of imposed alignment/rejection which is NOT true autonomy, but REACTIVE behaviour. The teenage rebellion is practically unknown in Indigenous/Aboriginal Societies.

Multiply this by many millions, and see this all codified into Law and Societal processes, and see this process over time and what you see is the creation of a rigid mind-set, a fear based paradigm (fear of stepping out of that mind-set, such as those who fail to see the true face of the Dominant Culture, those who mitigate it's adverse affects because they themselves are comfortable - that old argument that War brings new 'products' and technologies, a positive side-effect, that the harsh treatment I had as a child me me the man I am, it hasn't harmed me......etc etc)...

6. Mothering is a 24/7 job, and for many women it is a job they sub contract out, to child minders, so that they can fulfil their role in the Economy. For many Mothers it is a job they are left with, alone. For others. In this Natural Parenting is NOT at all supported by the Dominant Culture. It IS undermined. This is criminal in intent, because it IS intentional and is part of the processes of coercive control of people.

7. As far as I see it unless we place Natural parenting at the heart of our Society, our lives, we are ever setting a dysfunctional psychology in place. Whilst at the personal level one can, with effort, make that shift it appears that the Institutional Powers that influence Society will not voluntarily make that shift. Thus it becomes vitally important to energise such a shift at the grass roots.

The Children's Fire by Tim 'Mac' Macartney

8. This is NOT about blaming parents, it's about understand the situation within which parenting occurs and how that mitigates AGAINST natural parenting, attachment parenting and the natural child. At the same time the situation can never be used as an 'excuse' for overtly abusive behaviour towards any child. Understanding what drives such behaviour helps generate the processes that can help parents (and ultimately Society) that are less judgemental/moralistic and more real needs based.

9. Any community that is comprised of natural parents will work in ways that nurture ALL the children. "It takes a village to raise a child.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Teachings or Experience?

We all have a choice : evolve our own philosophy and understanding from an honest appraisal of ourselves (including our 'upbringing', conditioning etc) or adopt someone else's philosophy and understanding.......

KARMA was designed as a concept to hold people in a profoundly abusive hierarchical society - in that one's condition in this life was the result of previous life times..... and that this could change over life times by 'appropriate' behaviour. Heaven and Hell function in the same manner. Rewards come after death. The fear of punishment in the after life leaves the adverse actors free to abuse in this life.... and to take a gamble (which is only a gamble if they too believe in heaven and hell, God and Satan - in fact Christians are Satanists in that they BELIEVE in the concept of Satan.....)

The ONLY truly nurturant appropriate behaviour emerges from our natural and biologically mandated self empathy which is the basis of empathy for others - and as indicated above, the disruption of the empathic learning or bonding processes is a core trait of ALL hierarchical societies, ideologies, religions etc etc etc... - empathy is biologically mandated - we know this because when empathy is undermined, pathology ensues...

Here's a flow chart of this process :

The child 'endures' mistreatment (being left to cry to sleep to meet the parents needs is a good and common example, Standardised Testing in Education another....) and has to suppress awareness and sensitivity to his or her own feelings to do so. Thus self empathy cannot develope, and with this empathy for others is undermined. This leads to a sense of disconnection (form that which nurtures) and that sense of disconnection leads to FEAR. That fear drives the urge to control others (and the world) so as to ensure perceived needs are met. When anything in nature is subject to control, it will resist. And this is where violence arises, to ensure that control.

The resolution, for me at least, was in finally developing empathy for myself as a child, (growing up in the situation I was born into, which I did not create) which helped me understand and resolve the fear and the control patterns, bit by bit, day by day, to slowly and assuredly release the pain and the fear by expressing it, and then to start to understand how the Societal Influences had affected my parents and all those around them. The two go together.... the personal is political.

For me, awakening is two-fold. I awaken to my true feelings and sensings, and I awaken to how Societal Influences undermine those true feelings and senses .....

Self empathy is key.
Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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