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Brexit : Triggering as a tactic of film makers, bullies and political power establishments.

Brexit : Triggering as a tactic of film makers, bullies and political power establishments.

In simple terms what I am exploring here is the media campaign tactic system that is a bit like a shit stirrer in an office whispering into different peoples ears that 'that person thinks you're a bit of a shit' in order to start an argument, to escalate a fight, for either pleasure or profit.

Either way, it’s all about power. The power to trigger others without their understanding it, or the use of the tactic to exercise and leverage power.

The Power Establishment are experts at that and we have to become expert at spotting it and deconstructing it and not getting caught up in it.

That also means we need to get to know ourselves a little better. 

1. We must understand that the intent behind the xenophobic materials published by UKIP management, and the Murdoch press and other right wing media was twofold :

a) To give the impression that there are a lot more racists around than there actually are, and that they have a greater power than they really do. To inflate.

b) It was also designed to mask the expected protest vote which had nothing to do with these traits. They needed to garner that vote and at the same time neutralise it's meaning.

The protest vote was a rejection of all Governments of the past 40 years or so, a rejection by working class low income folk whose voice Westminster and the intelligentsia sneers at - poverty porn was no accident and it was always propaganda, rather than documentary.

The media deliberately portrayed that protest  to look like a significant percentage of Leavers were 'racists and xenophobes' whereas they were simply saying 'No!' to what they perceived as the Establishment's self assurance - and of course, the 'progressives' who still consume Mefia News fell for this ruse, and now the grass roots are calling each other names based on a media set-up and it is getting personal, which raises the intensity.

Lateral Violence...

2. We must listen to each other, we must listen to real people's real concerns, and try to understand what difficulties they are faced with, try to see how they feel for their children's futures.

We must connect to that, we must ignore the set-up, see past the bipolarity and adversarial dynamics and acknowledge the abuse of Government that afflicts us all, and be aware of the lack of their voice in political mainstream discourse. If people who are being bullied feel heard, then they too can listen. Then we can begin to deconstruct the opinion from the evidence. As a sharing, a learning, a building of solidarity.

3. We must understand fame and celebrity. Media can report 20 incidents and make it look like a massive surge. That is part of the tactical approach of media serving power. The violence of a few nasty street thugs, who are a tiny minority in this country can be made to look much greater than it is. The media are doing this, on all 'sides' to inflame the situation. This divides us further.

How Bullying works….

“Bullying is a form of scapegoating and projection." We know that scapegoating is a hostile socio-psychological discrediting operation in which people move blame and responsibility away from themselves and towards a target person or group.

It is also a practice were angry feelings and inappropriate accusation are placed on others. Quite understandably, the target feels persecuted and receives misplaced vilification, blame and criticism; and the victim is likely to suffer rejection from those who the perpetrator seeks to influence and again, an increasing feeling of isolation.

We live in a society where bullying has become increasingly acceptable, and certainly, as form of doing politics.”

I suggest you follow the link and read this very accurate and informative blog on How Bullying Works in Politics, written by Kitty Jones. It covers the tactics of the bully in quick and accessible detail, and yet lays out the complexity of this subject.

Bearing in mind that in British Schools, 45% of children report being bullied and no Government program has been successful at reducing that number. Which does not surprise me as coercive education is institutional bullying.

Please examine your reactions and emotions, and try to see where you have been triggered, and please stop calling all ‘leavers’ xenophobes and all ’remainers’ selfish middle class landlord traitors!

We can see patterns across society, yet it is really inaccurate to apply those patterns to every individual, and you have to talk to individuals, in some depth, to see where they are coming from. Do not let the media project nasty shit onto millions of people you do not know.

Manipulation by emotional theatre.

The recent videos of Ian Duncan Smith and Anna Eagle crying are theatre.

These are supposedly mature adults, both of whom have supported policies of extreme cruelty (ATOS and Iraq) based on false assumptions and wildly off beam justifications, with horrific outcomes for real people, which they both ignore and dismiss as irrelevant, and who are entrusted with the duty of care inherent in administering the utilisation of our shared contributions, the taxes we all pay into the Excehquer.

Outcomes indicate intention, especially if the pattern of action and outcome is repeated.

The poverty in Britain is a direct result of Government Policies, whoever has been in Government, whoever has been in opposition.

They want poverty to happen. They want war to happen. Only it doesn’t ‘happen’.

The presence and persistence of poverty is induced.

Man made. Power made. Power mad.

They used my taxes to cause all this harm.

They used your taxes to cause all this harm.

They used our taxes to cause all this harm, and more.

So much more.

Millions of British children living in relative poverty.

Millions of parents living in poverty.

Food banks, investment banks. Both growing.

Buy-to-let promoted by Government, driving rents up, driving low income families and individuals, entire communities out.

There's something deeply, profoundly wrong with that.

And those tears. Really?

They just don’t care. They

The Brexit vote was an expression of that knowledge. They just don’t care.

They will try to manipulate us any way they can think of.

They do not care about the low income folk, in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Africa, South East Asia, America.

Working class people, all of us. We will never be landlords. We don’t want to be landlords.

They are institutionalised bullies.

"Having narrowly won the general election, the Tories are now trying to rig the system to keep themselves in power, and weaken opposition both inside and outside parliament.

Late last year they drove through a new voter registration scheme that will slash the number of young and inner-city voters. And later this Parliament they will cut the number of parliamentary seats. The Conservatives are gerrymandering the electoral system to benefit themselves.

By directly attacking Labour’s funding through their trade union bill and by cutting public Short money support for opposition parties’ research, they are deliberately setting out to constrain democratic accountability.

Add to that their “gagging law”, which prevents charities, unions and thinktanks from taking part in political debate near election time.

Their threats to use the BBC’s charter renewal to hack away at its independence;
Their packing of the House of Lords with Tory peers; their moves to restrict the powers of local councils, it all adds up to a serious attack on democratic rights and freedoms
Theirs is the party funded by hedge funds backed by a press owned by multi-millionaire or even billionaire tax avoiders.

Their concept of fairness is of a very different order to ours. Fairness for only a few is not fairness, but privilege."

So says Jeremy Corbyn, so says the evidence. They do not care.

All this for power, as an end in and of itself.

The Power Establishment.

They are all deeply, profoundly opposed to any threat to their dominance of the British people and economy. It’s personal for them.
Corbyn is not. Quite the opposite.

Their concerns are with Power over the people; not with the people.

Corbyn and those who genuinely support him are not willing to accept that Government is power over the people. We pay their wages.

The moves against Jeremy Corbyn and the movement which he is re-presenting are all about Power, and those who oppose him seek power as an end in and of itself, through which they project their one prejudices. We pay the price.

Gaslighting is another tactic of the bully system. It is designed to undermine the targets sense of self, and leave the target open to suggestion or to alter the targets perception to suit the bully. It can be difficult to identify.

They are very good at gaslighting.

Just so you know.


It is the ideology and the lack of natural empathy towards those they rule over, thopse they feel threatened by. That latter  dynamic created the ideology.

We need to diagnose correctly the situation.

Our situation.


Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Why is the BBC so keen on bringing Corbyn down?

Why is the BBC so set on bringing Jeremy Corbyn down?

Many of the leading reporters, writers, editors on the BBC and other media are implicated in the propaganda campaign to support the decision to wage war in Iraq and their support for follow up actions in Libya, Syria and Yemen.

The crime of a war of aggression is what Elizabeth Wilmshurst, a leading Foreign Office Lawyer, who started her career at the FO in 1974, and who resigned in 2003, days before the war was launched, identified that war in her resignation letter.

Wilmshurst gave up a lifetimes work to maintain her integrity. She was a leading lawyer in the Foreign Office and had a long and dedicated career. Her concerns were serious.

You can find some more details on the behaviour of the BBC and other media in supporting the race to war, and it's behaviour in reporting on what happened next, some of whichcan be found in this article by Medialens.

We are living in a time when the propaganda function of even our most respected media is clear for all to see."

Could that be why they are so set against Corbyn?  Their propaganda, which was questioned at the time by some, makes them complicit in the commission of that crime. They are vulnerable to charges of War Crimes.

The repeated attempts, in such a short time, by the BBC to bring Corbyn down
probably amount to a world record of some kind.

The repeated failures and subsequent continuation of this program of institutional bullying suggests that the management and some staff at the BBC are very exercised about all of this.

Have they applied the same energy to resolving the Jimmy Savile case? Or the matter of Lord Janner? Or indeed the matter of the Vatican cover-up of pedophile predatory priests and the intimidation of survivors who have come forwards with testimony? Or any number of serious matters where public figures have committed dreadful crimes?

If not why not? Why then this incessant drive to destroy Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party? What is that all about?

Perhaps they can smell the sweat of an indictment, the iron bars of conviction: the entire British Power Establishment is very worried indeed...  and so they should be - a very serious war crime has been committed, we know what was done, who is involved and what the outcomes are.

The Power Establishment : These are the people in every political party, in every organisation, in charities and other great institutions who operate as part of a broad base or community that has historically gained, retained, enhanced and projected Power over people, nations, industries, finance, the Military and so forth.

My concern here is that Corbyn, Galloway, Skinner and O'Donnell are the ONLY leading UK politicians who have said the Iraq War was a Crime. There may be others. (Let me know in the comments if you know of any, so that I can add to the list.)

I cannot see how ANY real change towards a healthy functioning Democracy can emerge whilst the War Criminals are still on the public payroll and at liberty - and that includes everyone who has made Iraq and the subsequent 'actions' in Libya, Syria and Yemen possible, way beyond Tony Blair...

The Power Establishment are vulnerable to War Crimes trials.

We have the evidence, we know a lot about what they did, and while we do not yet have access to all their secrets, we do know where they live.

We should prosecute that campaign to identify and arrest the War Criminals with all due diligence and determination and strength.. The Law is with us on this.

This goes beyond ideologies, socialism, capitalism, communism, conspiracy theories, religion etc - it is about genuine social justice...

1 million + Iraqi's have been murdered, close to 33 million have been traumatised, 6 million Libyans, 22 million Syrians, 24 million Yemeni people have been harmed, and yet more hundreds of thousands have died or been maimed largely due to our Government's overt an d covert actions in their lands, and this wave of unspeakable trauma has been funded by our taxes, on goods and income etc.....

We share some responsibility for all of this. We are not innocent bystanders by any stretch.

We have allowed the British Government to convert our taxes into millions of dead bodies, maimed survivors, traumatised communities, destroyed states. By not pursuing the War Criminals we have stood by when we could have done something.

Well that time is here.

Support Jeremy Corbyn, and support all those who seek to enact a genuine and just democracy, who seek to ensure that Justice is served.

We make peace more likely if we prevent war. And the best prevention is to make it clear that anyone in Power who initiates such action will be held accountable in public.

It is also important to look at the tactics and behaviours of those who are bullying Corbyn (and all of us who want a genuinely evidence based just participative democratic governance system). I have another short blog on some of the behaviours of those who bully through the media, etc, that you might find interesting and useful.

I would also suggest readers take a look at this superb blog piece on bullying in politics and how it operates  to obstruct fair discourse,  justice and healthy democratic change...
(blog by Kitty Jones). Insightful, evidence based, honest and easy to read an assimilate...

We also need to be able to spot bullying from within our own ranks, and how to confront it, safely, in order to preserve our calm, and prevent provocative people from derailing our work, and possibly help those who are angry and frustrated and hateful to deal with that side of their struggle.

We are all in this together.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Corbyn is not the problem: the threat of prison sentences for War Criminals is the problem.

Look. See the evidence.

The NeoLiberals within Labour, within Conservative, across Society in the UK and elsewhere have a problem.

They went to war, and it was illegal.

They knowingly lied about the 'reasons'.

Iraq was a War Crime, and everything, everything related to it that flows from that decision, from Iraq to Libya and Syria, is part of that crime spree.

Check their voting records, the speeches they made, the justifications they repeated without due diligence.

The broke a number of laws... repeatedly.

They believed they would get away with it because Saddam was such a bastard, nobody, nobody liked him, even those who worked for him - they feared him and for many it was safer to work for the Devil than to challenge him. Blair thought he would get away with it. Bush thought he would get away with it.

Corbyn has made it clear that for him, according to the evidence, Iraq was a War Crime, and he has made that clear publicly. He cannot back away from that statement, nor can he avoid it's clear implications. I think he knows that, and that he has the mettle to push this all the way that it needs to go. I think that many, many people support this.

The Labour and Tory and LIberal Dem MPs who voted for the War can smell the iron bars, they can smell the loss of liberty and their great wealth and priviledge.

Cameron can smell the bars awaiting him for bombing Libya and arming violent militia and escalating violence across North Africa and the Middle East.

The BBC, Guardian, Sun, Sky News, etc are all participants in maintaining the propaganda, and they can smell the iron bars of those cells that await them. They cannot say they did not know, as all their errors were pointed out at the the time, in detail, repeatedly.

The Military top brass likewise.

So they are fighting for their lives, their liberty, their social position.

They will do ANYTHING to avoid those trials.... they cannot admit the crime.

And they are all part of the British Establishment that is shitting all over poor and low income folk, beyond the limited imagination of 'successful middle class' folk....

They are also the same people who DID not resist 'austerity', they are the same people who forced the tax payer to bail out the banks on a fraudulent prospectus, they are the same people who allowed WorkFare, Benefit Sanctions, who allowed the DWP to sanction disabled folk, unemployed folk, who encouraged the Buy-To-Let Mortgage market to create more indebted 'landlords' who then raised the rents to meet their 'costs', screwing the renter whilst taking the profits from the house price rise,  all of this to enrich the finance industry, to increase land prices..

Those policies are part of their over all world view. And yes, there are those in Europe who share those views.And yes there are issues with the way the EU treated the Greeks, the Irish, the Spanish and how that affected the poorest sectors of society. That's a lot of hardship meted out to people who did nothing wrong at all, who are vulnerable because they are poor or disabled, or slightly mad or badly educated....

And look at the 'killing' they are making out of all of this abuse. Look at the distribution of wealth and resources. They are raking it in. Does Tony Blair need or deserve a fortune edging onto £100 million?

The War Crimes trials are the ONLY real leverage those who seek justice and fair governance within the UK have against that Power Establishment.... imagine Murdoch being charged with War Crimes? Or the individual writers who wrote clear lies in order to sell the war? Imagine the executives that profiteered from War being indicted, tried in public? Imagine the UN putting Ian Duncan Smith on trial for Human Rights Breaches at the DWP sanction regime?

They all KNEW what was going on. They all KNEW what they were doing.

They went to war and they shafted the poor/low income of this country at the same time. These are not separate matters.

So that is why there is so much energy directed at the Corbynistas, so much energy devoted to making out that the working class leave vote is racist and xenophobic, so much energy devoted to shredding social support.

This is the fight we ought to have put up back in 2003.

We ought to have gone on general all out strike, to bring the Blair War cabal down.

We failed then, we cannot fail now, or we will be remembered as 'good germans' are now remembered.

This is a matter of Justice above all else.

Do you uphold the Law, or is lawlessness rewarded?

This is the choice before us.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Passionate about Politics?

Passionate about politics?

We'd all be damned passionate if foreign bombs were being dropped on us to for 'regime change' and 'freedom'.

Passionate, and running away from the violence with our families and a few possessions.

Running for our very lives!

Because that is what this is all about.

There was no pressing situation that demanded an EUref.

It was a set piece designed to trigger, enervate and inflame folk.

The media xenophobia was designed to make the remainers THINK that the leavers were racist or xenophobic. Which in turn triggered the leavers who voted out in protest, and feel, rightfully that that accusation is a smear, and thus deepened the divisions across the grass roots.

And the few nasty racist street thugs who get off on bullying and violence will of course deem it permissable to escalate their abuse.

It was also a set up for the anti-Corbyn anti-Momentum, anti-democratic coup underway, which WILL fail....

And the main driver? Chilcott, anyone?

The THREAT OF WAR CRIMES INVESTIGATIONS AND TRIALS, nor just for Tony Blair, but for about 5000 establishment operatives who made the 'case' and who prosecuted the war.

Including EVERY MP who voted for the war and maintained that position throughout.

Which explains Anna Eagles betrayal.

She voted for the war and against an investigation.

She also
voted against saying that the case for war against Iraq has not yet been established.


Our taxes converted into smart bombs, and funding, training and weapons for violent militia across the Middle East and North Africa. Government policy. Did YOU decide on that? Were you consulted as they bombed and bombed and bombed? Was I?

Whose cash is that tax take, in reality?

Who worked their butt off day in, day out to generate an income that generated that income tax?

In good faith?

THAT is what this is all about.


I have all the charisma I need. I have all the evidence I need. I don't need a charismatic leader to convince me. An Obama, or a Reagan or a Blair. No.

I want a political party and a political leader and a government that is willing to act on the evidence, and understands that this cash is our cash.

I do not want to pay taxes to a War Criminal Government, to have the NHS sold off for private profit centers, to enable those nasty feckers to frack and fuck our land and people.


Passionate because I love being alive, being human and I understand in a very personal way what it is to have those degraded by geo-politics and street level abuse. Not because I hate. I don't hate. I detest, I dissent, I have empathy, I love.

That is why I am passionate about Governance, community and politics.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Angela Eagle, The War Criminals in Power, Iraq and Trident

Corbyn, McDonnell, Skinner and Galloway are, as far as I know the only living British politicians who have publicly stated that Iraq is a war crime, and that War Crimes Investigations and trials must flow. There may be more (Tony Benn has passed on...) Do let me know if there are any others.

The Blairite, Media and BBC attacks on Corbyn are the defence department of the British Power Establishment. They are defending that establishments operatives who worked on making the Iraq war happen.

Even IF people genuinely believe Jeremy Corbyn is not an 'effective leader' nor 'electable' and must be removed for Labour to gain ground in the next election, whenever that happens, ( an opinion not supported by the facts and the actuality of Corbyn's long political career) their support for his removal plays into the hands of the British Power Establishment.

Refusal to see that and integrate it into their desire to have a 'good' leader they can follow (which Corbyn rejects, he says the leadership must come from the grass roots) and a refusal to then mitigate their actions to dislodge him until they have a candidate who WILL pursue War Crimes Investigations and Trials with all due diligence is myopia, it is short sighted, it is folly, and worst of all it plays the hand of the War criminals.

It is not their intention to do so. I get that.

That does not alter the fact that the Power Establishment will benefit by reducing the threat of War Crimes Investigations and Trials of their operatives from that sectarian fight over the leadership, that needless distraction and they will use that to the hilt. No-one will be able to thwart that once the act is done.There are no credible MPs in the Labour Party who can stand and say they have the grounds and ability, the steel and grit to pursue the War Crimes issue.

In effect the leadership coup will protect the power establishment from a threat they really are vulnerable to. Our only leverage against them for all the harm they have and are causing. 

The reality, the legal reality, as well as the moral reality,  is that War Crimes were committed, and are being committed, by the British Government, the British State.

Supported by those Media who refused then and continue to refuse to tell the unadorned truth in this matter, and as such all actions of that Government, irrespective of who is in office have no legitimacy, until the matter of War Crimes is resolved by Justice. 

Every statute written since March 2003 is invalid.

An actively criminal Government cannot be legitimate under Law.

Yesterday, Angela Eagle cried tears in an interview explaining why she resigned and then refused to say if she'd mount a leadership challenge. "Now is not the time for this."

Now today she mounts that challenge.

She KNEW then what she knows now. Those tears were manipulation at it's most dramatic. Or darker.

Her voting record on matters of War speaks for itself.  She is culpable.

She DID vote for War against Iraq, she 
voted against saying that the case for war against Iraq has not yet been established, she voted against an investigation into the Iraq War, and much more besides.

Her integrity is questionable, and her due diligence in such important matters is lacking. The Law was (and remains) quite clear on the matter and she had a duty of care know that Law and to uphold it.

Nuremburg made it quite clear that not knowing the Law is no defence in War Crimes trials. It is also a general principle of tort Law.

Ignorance of the Law is not a defence. Ignoring the Law is a crime in and of itself.

Politics is a dirty, dirty game and if we do not grasp the levels of manipulation, deceit and grooming involved, and we underestimate the capabilities of the power establishment in terms of their abilities to dig into our psychology and manipulate us, and have not the ability to identify, question and then counter those moves, we are way out of our depth.

Governance is another matter.

In governance, we are talking about the administration of the shared contributory resource we call taxation, which ought to be administered for the equal benefit of all who contribute, their families, their children and their communities.

That demands that policy is a) evidence based b) designed in part by the people whose lives it touches c) free of ideology, religion or mere opinion d) transparent and e) subject to responsive change as new information emerges.

I support any politician who can prove that they understand and adhere to these principles. I cannot trust those who do not. Neither can you.

Let me remind folk that 80 million people in the Middle East have had their entire civil society destroyed as a direct result of these Wars, and that must weigh heavily on all of us as tax payers. 80 million men, women, children, families. communities : look around at your loved ones and try to imagine what that must be life.

The human reality is why I write. I have no ideology. Just empathy.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

War Crimes, Brexit and Self Determination of a people, as opposed a State Power Establishment.

 There's something being avoided by the mainstream public domain discourse.

Something absolutely fundamental to the legitimacy of Governance in England and across the UK. Was the Iraq War, and the wars against Libya and Syria, legal or not?  We know they were unjust. We know that media and Government lied and spun to sell the concept. Chilcott is due out in July. What will it bring up?

The British Power Establishment can ignore 1 million violent deaths of Iraqi's, Libyans, Syrians... they can ignore 11 million Syrian Refugees. Yes, they can even ignore 3 million signatures on an e-petition.

They cannot ignore the threat of War Crimes trials, which is what this EUref is really all about. Neurtralising a threat. They'd go as far as triggering a civil war in Northern Ireland, whose 'peace' is in part secured by the EU and EU Human Rights Law.

EU Law helped install the legislation required to arrest and try War Criminals into English Law, under the 2001 International Criminal Court Act.

Leaving the EU is first step to repealing that Legislation.

The Power Establishment know they are vulnerable, that the upholding of the Law will undermine their 'freedoms'.

WE cannot ignore that any longer. They MUST remove all legal instruments that leave them vulnerable, as they are, to charges of War Crimes.


The claims of 'self-determination' of the Brexit campaign are empty unless the War Criminals are dealt with before the Law, unless they ALL UPHOLD THE LAW, and see that it is applied in this case without remorse.

Too many people have been murdered and maimed, funded by UK Tax Payers contributions, for this to be avoided.

The UK Government has no legitimacy until this is dealt with, and Justice is served.


Imagine what it must be like to have been a 16 year old in 2003 watching the adults in your own community allow the British Government to wage an illegal, amoral, horrific war, and then follow that up with three more against Libya, Syria and Yemen, wars the majority of 16 year olds objected to stongly, but their voices were silenced.

And now the EUref, and those same voices are sidelined again, at age 29, whilst the current 16 year olds were denied participation in a decision they will have to live with longer than anyone else apart from their little brothers and sister, a decision made under false pretences....?




Upholding the Law?

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

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Friday, 10 June 2016

THE BIG QUESTION! IN or OUT? Sanders, The Illuminati, Obama, Clinton, Farage, Cameron and The Button

Sanders, The Illuminati, Obama, Clinton, Farage, Cameron, The Button and THE BIG QUESTION!

The Illuminati narrative is un-necessary for anyone who studies history, even as it is made.

There is a question that everyone ought to ask. It’s a two part question that goes to the heart of what we are facing today. The Illuminati Industry does not ask this question, in fact they avoid it like the plague.

Look and learn, as they say.

Ask Questions.

Seek evidence you can check. Ask more questions.

Never, ever accept someone’s opinion of the evidence, the actual evidence. Accept only the evidence.

“What’s your opinion on the political actions of Henry Kissinger?”

Someone offers me an opinion. I reply.

“Great, now where can I find the evidence of the outcomes of his political action. After all I am not going to base my assessment of his political actions on your opinion.”

We KNOW how bully systems operate.

We know the Statist system of Power has it's deepest roots in the dominant and dominating power establishment, local and global.

We KNOW that any population seeking a genuine participation in the exercise of Power so that justice is real and Governance is fair will be bribed, marginalised , undermined and then attacked.

We know those operations on the part of the Power Establishment will be sohopisticated, well resourced, will involve long and short term planning. It’s old news, old hat – anyone studying the classics in the 1600s, and their own history since William The Bastard arrived, would have drawn them to the same conclusion- indeed that awakening was a small part of the English Civil War. The bit that gets ignored.

The Illuminati narrative has so much 'fear' associated with it, so much shock and fascination, it is a distraction. It is a deliberate distraction. It IS exciting. In a I used to watch TV and that was exciting kinda way. Which is that it’s not. Exciting. It triggers.

It’s a trigger point for vulnerable, wounded, traumatised, bullied people who are just coping with it all, to various degrees, a deliberate trigger point.

These fuckers are cruel and sophisticated. We have to match and exceed that with love and willfulness. The willfulness is critical.

And it has to be evidence based.

Obama is part of the Bully Class, as is Clinton.

I hope all the Sanders voters vote for Sanders as an independent. I hope he and the Greens form an alliance. The Greens are a potent International lobby. He should connect the struggle in the US with all our struggles internationally.

When it comes to Obama, or Clinton we KNOW they are both NeoCons/neoliberals , dressed as Democrats, and they are willing to kill people to get their way. Lots of people. Entire populations.

It’s a pattern.

Hiroshima. Vietnam.

Indeed, the American Power Establishments basis for the 'treaties' with the local peoples (who lived there LONG before those Europeans became 'Americans') during the 1840s onwards was "You will kill some of us - we will kill ALL of you," and it was not said in rage, it was a cold, calculated policy. They had plans. Cold plans. Thought out. Well resourced. Long and short term. They still do.

It was wrong then, it is wrong now. It was a criminal act then, and it is criminal action now. We see it every day. Every time they open their mouths and spout obvious spin and lies we see it. We see it in the outcomes, in the faces and stories of the 100 million refugees from War currently 'displaced'.

Anyone who thinks anything has changed at the level of Power Establishments in that regard is naive. At least we are in the position of KNOWING IT. That is the start of our empowerment.


Thomas Jefferson...  ‘a founding father’ had this to say.

In 1807, Thomas Jefferson instructed his War Department that, should any Indians resist against America stealing Indian lands, the Indian resistance must be met with "the hatchet". Jefferson continued, "And...if ever we are constrained to lift the hatchet against any tribe, " he wrote, "we will never lay it down till that tribe is exterminated, or is driven beyond the Mississippi." Jefferson, the slave owner, continued, "in war, they will kill some of us; we shall destroy all of them". (Ibid)

3rd paragraph in.

Look and learn.

See the horror of what that policy meant to the human beings, the mothers, fathers, children, grand parents who were subject to that policy.

Obama, number 44.  He fits in, like a hand in a glove.

And the story of how the racism was crafted as a political device?

A total psy-ops operation! Sophisticated, manipulative, triggering. Carried out over time.

They crafted it as a way to unite indentured workers, menial labourers and slaves against the Native Peoples by the early colonists Power Establishment when at one stage they were outnumbered by the indentured workers, menial labourers and slaves and felt they were at risk if they united.....

So they published Racist pamphlets, pamphlets suggesting non-christians were inferior, that native peoples were savage, and lazy; lurid tabloid stories of atrocities; then they gave land parcels, small ones, a hectare or two, just on the edges of their colonies to the indentured workers, and labourers all of whom had been reading this material and hearing it from the pulpit - and hey allowed them to own a few slaves, not the kinds of numbers they had in their plantations, and some of those slaves, much closer to their ‘owners’ fought with the new land owners against native peoples.

The owners created a ‘belief’ through propaganda that the slaves were to be seen as inferior and the Native peoples to be feared as feral.  It was a hierarchy. The slaves were useful, the Natives were to be discarded. The labourers and indentured workers need to be integrated into the  plans of the Power Establishment.

And it worked a treat.

That's a cracker!

Howard Zinn details it quite clearly in his tome, "Voices of The Peoples History of the United States". - the full text is now online open-source.

If that, all of the above was taught in our State School systems, if History was honest, racism would vanish in a generation.

Only the truth sets us free.

Only the truth.

Which brings me to the question……


The one I mentioned at the beginning of this polemic.

In what kinds Society or culture do we see rape and abuse of power, and associated violence, and social control and religiosity as a common experience?

In what kinds of Society or culture do we see more empathy and egalitarianism, justice and fairness, more autonomy?

This link is a chart outlining the facts. Check it.
Everyone ought to KNOW this.

We live in a bully social power system, everything is polluted by the bullying.

And a key in all of that is the disruption of the child-mother bonding process that takes 4 years to complete and a life time to refine, and is 100% BIOLOGICALLY MANDATED as part of the picture of Optimal Human Biological Health for the entire species, as much as for each individual.

You SHOULD KNOW what this data means.. your neighbours, the bus driver, your local bar staff, they all should know this. All the folks working for the local council, they should be told.

It means we are human beings born into a social power situation that is far from the biological mandate, and in a really, really baaad diseased pathological and utterly cruel way. Because so much of it is intentional, volitional,  the result of clearly conscious choices to rationalise the use of extreme violence. Repeatedly.

What it means for me is this :

I am SO GLAD I am not like that system, and that I have been able to heal enough of my wounds to know this.

I don't fit in. I never will. I never did. I TRIED. Dear God that does not exist, how I tried.

Now, I wouldn't want to.

Yuk! It’s appalling, it’s inhumane, it’s utterly abusive, it’s a pathology.

I cannot vote for 'choices' ring fenced by that fact.They WOULD press that button. They do drop bombs on totally innocent people.

I can't. It's way to ugly.

It's SO disempowering as it stands, wherever we live, to vote and then see them do whatever they want in ways that you cannot inform, check, balance, or mediate in any meaningful way, and as the majority of 'candidates' are probably the last people who ought to be given any power, (barring a psyche check) it's naive of voters to criticise me and say I must accept what they have voted for.

At the same time, I understand why people break and become conditioned to 'fit in'; they are being bullied on so many levels, it's not entirely their fault or responsibility and I say this - they are part of what perpetuates the bully system, I say this not to blame them, not to chastise them, just to suggest that our job is to help them FEEL the truth of that.

Feel it, and fit in; if that is the choice, then that is the choice. There's always the possibility of other choices. It's in the open.. let it all hang out!

And if those that do fit in call me failure, a drop out, a misfit, then yes all of that is true. I am proud of it. I fail to fit it. I chose to drop out. It's my human right to be a misfit. It's a health issue.

To me everyone arguing in/out in Britain repeating the arguments published in the media, and across the inter-webbery, picking a side, shouting, ranting and typing, copying and pasting, liking and hating, is fitting in. Especially the ones who think they are anti-establishment. Lolz.


Let's put it all in perspective :  Arrest Tony Blair and the entire command chain associated with Foreign Military 'operations' in the Middle East is NOT fitting in.That IS what NEEDS to happen. No question.

That would be both Just and fitting.

There's a lot of us who do not fit in.We feel justice in our bones, and we cannot see it being met.

We need everyone to FEEL this, and then, in time, when we have the numbers, to act on it. We cannot force this. We can only make it clear.

We have to talk to those caught up in it. Satirise and hack the Power systems.

We must organise, learn, educate, connect and be very patient - professionally patient with people who were like I was 30 years ago, 20 years ago - conditioned. I never forget that. I watched Dallas, ffs!

When bullies no longer fit in and cannot find a place within emerging  Structures of Governance and Jurisprudence, Commerce, Health and Entertainment, Faith, and our own streets and homes, then we will have made some headway.

Hilary Clinton, a Feminist Icon?

The 'progress' of equality? 

Anyone who can maintain that concept and vote for it is in deep, deep, deeeeeeep, deeep delusion.

And no, I have not mentioned Nigel Farage. Is he worth mentioning?

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Patterns, Generalisation and the specifics of accurate diagnoses for resolution and healing.

I have been thinking about the way that generalisations such as 'Jews' or 'Arabs' or 'Men' or 'Women' or 'Benefit Scroungers' or 'Rich Elite' or 'Conspiracy Theorists' or any other label for a group are so frequently used by so many people.

Hugely generalist terms used to label an entire group of people in a derogatory manner, or as a focus of anger and rage, hatred or fear.

We can see patterns related to behaviour and culture emerging across populations and these do contain information that is useful.

Yet we cannot use those patterns to describe individuals.

When we get to the individual case we cannot simply dump the pattern on that individual as a way to define that individual - the diagnosis must be prepared to meet the specifics of that individual case within the larger whole....  without losing view of both individual and whole... it must take on board the setting within which an event or experience occurs, all the way to the top of the tiers of social violence and hierarchy and how that violence and dominance pollute grass roots life.

For example that story about the Gorilla, the Child, The Mother, The Zoo and how much invective was poured out on the interwebs towards all parties involved. So called 'Anonymous' issued threats against the mother! Really? Is this how we move forwards?

What the invective missed out on - in terms of evidence - was irrelevant to the intent of those who so freely gave of their spleen.

What is omitted is the kind fo society we live in, the cruelty of Zoos, the dysfunctional manner in which this society relates to creatures great and small.

The cruelty of  how motherhood remains, in the 21st Century un-valued, un-paid work within Institutional Power settings, and across mainstream propaganda.

The state of mind of the child, the mother, the gorilla, the zoo keepers in that tragic event. Blame.   

The invective stood. Free speech won the day!

However, the exercise of free speech does not confer accuracy in and of itself.

Free speech exposes the paucity of logic, humanity and humility of those who attacked the mother, or who sought to 'blame' - sometimes accidents do occur.

Lacking evidence, we all have a choice to make it up, or say 'I don't know.'

In order to permit some people to spout their own angry view, they must make something up about that incident or event or situation.

They will, of course, use a generalisation. A stereotype.

They will imagine hypothetical situations to assert what they would do in a similar situation.

They name call those who see things differently rather than deal with what ever point or piece of evidence is presented.

Dismissive and arrogant.

Are they any different to the politicians?

Labeling happens in a consciousness that is not consciously connected to the world; the world is full of 'things' - naming living things is the expression of connection, of those who live within a given habitat and see the life in it as equal in value, meaning and respect.

Naming and labeling are different aspects of knowing.

My friends have names, the groups of things in my home, such as books, shoe shelf, spice rack, have labels.

Language is an old way of storing topographical and psychic experience within a locality.

Language speaks of what is.

Propaganda avoids what is by pretending it is something else.

A bit like Zionists claiming the Holocaust as a justification for their aim, whilst cloaking themselves in the label of Judaism, clearly manipulating the perception of reality through dedicated professional gaslighting, in order to mitigate the harms caused by Zionist policies, to set them aside as an unfortunate outcome.  The 'moral' IDF.

Or Brexit campaigners complaining about an anti-democratic EU without addressing the very serious problems with un-healthy un-democratic governance and corruption by a Power Establishment that shields war criminals, a shit storm we must face up to in the UK.

Or women complaining about men and men complaining about women.

Or American citizens arguing about 'communism' vs 'capitalism' whilst their own political situation deteriorates because they do not grasp the meaning of the take over of the US continent by European predatory Power. Earth and people into property.

The issue is always less about gender or Sovereignty or  Land or ideology than it is about respect, empathy, co-operation across diversity, humane social settings, and how we resolve apparent conflict so that all needs within that setting are met justly.The cruelty is always cruelty, not matter what justification, and talking about the justifications without ceasing the cruelty is an enabling behaviour.

Wherever cruelty is permitted to continue, in the name of 'whateva' I avoid entanglements in the justifications.

Let us deal with the cruelty. Then, with the cruelty ceased, one can take time to disentangle the various false assumptions and nasty justifications, a sort of co-counselling program. And heal.,

First, do no harm..

Deal with the cruelty.  Do not take sides - that way lies distraction.

That does not mean do not critique the behaviour of those who abuse their power, it does not mean we turn away from supporting the abused by confronting the abuser. It means that we decide to stick to the facts, and ignore all justifications for violence as being a separate matter, an abstract way of avoiding reality.

Deal with the cruelty. It starts and ends there.

That is the specific from which peace emerges in the long term.

What ever your belief, there is no way to justify cruelty. None.

Kindest regards


Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe

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