Saturday, 26 January 2019

Political Grooming Gangs - you should be appalled.

Let's be real here - let us be calling out the behaviour of political grooming gangsters.

Update : 6/11/19  An article by Aditya Chakraborrti in The Guardian expemplifies the grooming dynamic in action.

Now We Have Proof : The Government Used Your Money to Lie About Poor People.

and an article on Black Isle Media, which shows examples of the ad campaign itself. Very interesting background on this piece,,

Advertising Watchdog Slams DWP for Misleading Universal Credit Adverts


The DWP ran an ad campaign in The Metro paper, that cost £250,000 or so, that was designed to deflect from evidence that the policy was causing harm, by subtle blame shifting onto the very people being harmed, the no-income and low income poor, disabled and vulnerable.

From the Guardian article :

"Early this summer, a national newspaper published a string of curious articles. 

Under the logo Universal Credit Uncovered, the features promised readers of the Metro the truth about this most notorious of all benefits. 

The series began with a giant advert wrapped around the cover of the paper, coupled with a four-page spread right in its centre, and continued week upon week for nine weeks. 

Launched by the Department for Work and Pensions, it was an unprecedented attempt to salvage the reputation of a policy that had been attacked by MPs on all sides, plunged families into starvation and homelessness, and driven councils dealing with the fallout to call for its abolition.

That suffering across the country was dismissed by the DWP as “negativity and scaremongering” in an internal memo I saw and reported on here weeks beforehand.

 Signed by three top officials, it described the campaign to the Metro’s 2.5 million daily readers as “very different to anything that we’ve done before”. 

The civil servants crowed over how readers might be deceived into treating the advertorials as independent reporting: 

“The features won’t look or feel like DWP or UC [universal credit] – you won’t see our branding … We want to grab the readers’ attention and make them wonder who has done this ‘UC uncovered’ investigation.”

"What the government has effectively done is use public money to gaslight poor people, denying the reality of what has been done to them. 

In its eagerness to push its gargantuan failure of a welfare policy, it has swept aside the truth and peddled lies. 

Politicians, campaigners and journalists have all pointed out how Rudd and her DWP predecessor Iain Duncan Smith have done so – and each time we have faced breathtaking defensiveness from a Whitehall department that is meant to be working on our behalf, rather than for the Tories."

"We stand at the edge of an election campaign, a period traditionally marked by half-truths, plausible fibs and outright partisan lies.

Yet even amid the discursive sewage that is about to deluge us, this deceit is far different and vastly more serious.

First, that campaign was paid for by taxpayers like you and me. The DWP’s own filings show that £225,000 was paid to the Metro to run ads now declared “misleading”, “unsubstantiated” and “exaggerated”. Almost a quarter of million pounds was taken off us to lie to us."

So there again, professional marketing techniques, huge budgets and deliberate tactics to mask a harm causing policy and to scapegoat the people the policy is purporting to serve, even as they are harmed by it.

Think again about the £100 million spent on marketing 'Get Ready for Brexit' - on all commercial radio stations, 24/7, in schools and in every access point they could muster. That budget is 400 times the budget for The Metro campaign.

Political grooming is big business, and big business is benefiting from it whilst ordinary folk are impoverished and dis-empowered by it.

Parliamentary Committee Report  into Disinformation and Fake News

"We have always experienced propaganda and politically-aligned bias, which purports to be news, but this activity has taken on new forms and has been hugely magnified by information technology and the ubiquity of social media. In this environment, people are able to accept and give credence to information that reinforces their views, no matter how distorted or inaccurate, while dismissing content with which they do not agree as ‘fake news’.

This has a polarising effect and reduces the common ground on which reasoned debate, based on objective facts, can take place. Much has been said about the coarsening of public debate, but when these factors are brought to bear directly in election campaigns then the very fabric of our democracy is threatened."

---------- my comments follow from here ---------------

Organised, well funded operations that  target and manipulate peoples social wounded-nesses, insecurities, prejudices, worries, misunderstandings, cultural conditioning and fears, and do that through public and private media media, through marketing, propaganda, media campaigns operating on an industrial scale,  manipulating vulnerable people for ideological, religious, political or economic advantage.

“The fact that governments are paying – using taxpayers’ money – to attempt to manipulate the electorate – regardless of whether or not the methodologies used actually work – speaks volumes about government intentions, their lack of transparency, their disregard of citizens’ agency, their disdain for human rights, lack of respect for civil liberties and utter contempt for anything remotely resembling democratic accountability.”

It is appalling behaviour. It is not new.

What is new is that we have a more detailed knowledge of how this works, a detailed paper and money trail.

The quote is from an article written by Kitty Jones, on the blog 'Politics and Insights'.

In this she has amassed a wealth of detail on the many companies and shell companies which worked with Cambridge Analytica as they served various right wing political election campaigns across the Earth's countries

She ties it all into the pre-existing industry of psychological and emotional marketing, and it's well worth the read.

Good reliable, verified information. News.

Let us cast back a century or just less than that to New York in the 1920's.

Edward Bernays, a relative of Sigmund Freud,  organised a campaign for a cigarette company who wanted to create and then dominate the female smoker market.

He got some models to join in a Suffrage march, and had them light up, smile and be filmed.

He called the cigarettes 'Torches of Freedom'.

Bill Hicks would have called it going after The Freedom Dollar.

Women smoking was sold as an act of self liberation.

One pack, and the targets are pretty much hooked for life..

The addict dollar. Endless cash.

Edward Bernays ; "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized."

The People must be instructed, trained, tamed and organised by wiser people.

It's merely a bully rationalisation. It's meaningless drivel.

The ruling class will dress it up, calling it Public Relations.. ensuring the messanger is. 'on message', communicating the brand', hitting sales targets to gain bonuses, it's fun time all the way to the bank!

Cambridge Analytica, Foreign Office Psyops, The Bible, The Daily MailThe Daily Express, Indoctrination, Ideology, Nudge (punishment/reward operand conditioning in UK social welfare programs), Nationalism. War.

Peddling belief for political advantage.

Political Grooming Gangsters

Deliberate, organised, time tabled....

Deliberate targeting known vulnerabilities, insecurities, prejudices, exacerbating them to elicit reactions that are then exploited for political and economic advantage .

Cynical and cruel.

The dehumanisation of poor and low income people who access state benefits and support... a deliberate narrative produced during the legislative process that instituted Austerity...

The wide spread fact of the operation of political grooming must be addressed.

I think was alone, during the EUref, in writing and publishing materials pointing out that altering legislation on the basis of opinion was unsound, and that the deliberate framing of the question in opinion was in fact a set up for politically motivated tactical grooming. 

We have so much evidence to support this view.

We know that for many years now, political campaigns have targeted specfic fringe demographics, including conspiracy theory, nationalism, inter-group perceptions of favour,  far right and xenophobic groups... all groups who would rarely vote, but if one could trigger them into voting, they would swing the outcome, if not just merely confuse the issues,

And it worked.

Just like all the other gags the Ruling class pull work. Religion needs your cash!

We cannot have a healthy Democracy when political grooming aimed at a vulnerable population is fully Institutionalised. We cannot have a healthy democracy when public deceit is enabled by sub standard Education, poverty, discrimination and social policy.

There is no healthy democracy where targeting known vulnerabilities to exploit emotional triggers for political gain is a common practice.

Grooming .

I am appalled at the lack of emotional intelligence around this.

You should be too. Be appalled, very appalled.

It's obviously mental bullying of the worst kind, with lethal results.

Here's a song I created to articulate the realities of political, social, economic and religious grooming.

Kindest regards


"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.


corneilius said...

Someone else came up with this.

"If you are in a relationship where the other person has been lying to you to make you distrust and cut yourself off from all others, that is a pattern of behaviour consistent with coercive control.

They are trying to isolate you so that you have no one to turn to, they want you to be vulnerable to their controlling behaviour for their benefit only.

Trust me once this has worked things will not improve.

If this other person is a government .... the same applies."

graham121 said...

I was pondering this only today, it would explain the shift to high stress, high competition forms of state education, poor mental health provision etc. The last thing the purveyors of propaganda need is emotionally health and emotional maturity to be the dominant state of the electorate. It does explain why some vote as they do.