Friday, 15 January 2021

Sixty Four Ways to Mislead the Country

Recently reported in the media is the work done by legal experts which shows that UK Government has changed the 'rules' and 'guidance' on how to 'behave' with regard to the SARSCOV2 virus in order to avoid the COVID19 disease and 'save the economy' at least 64 times.
 "Lockdown rules in England have been changed at least 64 times by the government since the start of the coronavirus pandemic..."

Here's a listing you can read to check the accuracy of this:

Adam Wagner, of Doughty Street Chambers, whose team made this list, has been studying the regulatory response of the Johnson-Cummings-Tufton Street Tory Administration, and he has found that new national regulations, local regulations, regulations on face coverings or rules on travel quarantine have passed into law on average every four-and-a-half days since the first restrictions were introduced in the spring.

Think about that - UK, a leading 'world power' moves the goal posts, the rules, the 'guidance' for it's own population, with regard to a serious viral infection which is transmitted from person to person by aerosol and very fine moisture droplets, every four and a half days.

New Zealand, Finland, Vietnam, South Korea and a good few others reveal no such pattern, and they have achieved zero community transmission, with strategic cluster control policies that are effective, protecting both the people and their economies.

Their guidance is clear, unequivocal and their populations trusted them, and their chosen strategy - zero community transmission - worked.

Who trusts this UK Government, today?

Do you? I don't. I haven't trusted the UK Government since Chris Whitty claimed 'behavioural science' as the basis for UK Government policy back in March 2020.

"As a result, the rules have become increasingly cumbersome, with police, lawyers and ministers unable to distinguish between laws and advice. The guidance given to the public often does not reflect the law, Wagner said.

Many rules, including those demanding that people have a reasonable excuse before travelling, are effectively unenforceable." Adam Wagner's words.

We can all see truth of that. 

Mr. Wagner has been analysing the laws for nine months, and he points out that every time ministers release a new set of rules, there is an element of theatre, farce and confused activity within the people  before the legislation is found to be difficult to enforce.

“There was the inadvertent banning of sex between people not in the same household, which led to the creation of linked households, or support bubbles.

“There was the issue of whether scotch eggs were a substantial meal. There has been endless confusion over exercise, which I think has been totally avoidable,” he said.

The coronavirus legislation itself has grown from being a pdf of just 12 pages in the spring, to 72 pages in the autumn, to 108 pages and 50,000 words after the introduction of tier 4 restrictions" Wagner said.

Readers of my blog are familiar with my position on all of this.

I say that this situation is a case of Gross National Domestic Abuse

We are trapped in our homes, because we care and because we are stuck with an historically lunatic, manipulative, harm causing Government whose 80 seat majority means they can dictate what ever they like to the country.

And because we all understand that we have a duty to each other to stop the spread of the virus (stopping the spread is spreading the love) we cannot protest, march etc and so we are caught between a bully administration and the risk of death among our families.

How venal and cowardly are those 'decent' Tory MPs who know this is all wrong, and yet continue to protect that elective dictatorship as their Masters preside over 100,000 and rising avoidable fatalities!

There must be at least 80 of those 'decent' Tory MPs who know what they are doing is wrong, but their desire for power trumps the people's health and safety.

I sit here in impotent fury, unable, since March 23 2020 to make a difference. What can I do?

I write songs, and I sing them. I write blogs and I post them. I try to keep myself as  grounded and sane as possible, in safety, whilst millions of others are forced to take incredible risks to keep me safe. There's an ambulance on my street this morning as I write. Someone is suffering - and this odious Government is responsible for that suffering.

64 Ways to Mislead a Country

There are hospital staff, teachers, care-workers, bus drivers, tube drivers and builders who have died simply because Johnson's Government refused to adopt a zero community transmission strategy at any stage.

The Queen has faded in inglorious insignificance, as a moral leader of this nation. If she ever was. The English Church headed by Welby sits too close to the bankers.  Starmer plays nasty games within the nearly got into government Corbyn movement. Only the SNP show any degree of genuine care.

What are we to do?

So I rewrote "Fifty Ways to Leave your Lover" as "Sixty Four Ways to Mislead the Country."

This is my first draft, as I write today, and I hope it will improve with time as I struggle with the song, and the parsing. 

What I'd like to see is a 100,000 versions flooding the UK Charts ( yes a mad dream that will never materialise because I will never 'produce' in order to 'attract', that's not my style at all) in order to get the message across. Like, as if music was a public voice in the shared commons, speaking to all our true needs,

The Music Industry Fail

I am also profoundly disappointed that the UK Music Industry leading bodies, moguls, billionaires and Stars have never  publicly called for a Zero Community Transmission strategy - even as live gigs and festivals were taking place in those countries that took the ZeroCovid approach, that managed so well to suppress community transmission and put in place systems to deal rapidly and kindly with clusters.

The added odium of  irresponsible people like Van Morbidson and Wreck Claptout issuing a series of anti-mask, conTheory songs is unbearable to a people's songwriter. May they be publicly shamed and censured, and may their entire catalogue be handed over to fund support for low income folk across the UK. ( that's not going to happen, either. I know. I am a dreamer, not the only one...)

I know it won't happen. It's just a thought, an aspiration about the potential for justice.

I am angry and very, very saddened by all of this... 

Here is the first draft.

I will be practicing it, and will probably make a video of it to go with my other songs from this period - 

"Jacinda and The Little Bugs" 

 "Be Alert

 "Bully, Bully, Bully" 

 "We know how to Groom You."  

It will be a very dark album, when it is finished.

If I survive this Johnson Government.

My apologies to Paul Simon, for this wrecking of his song, which is a song about planning a betrayal. I think I have adapted it well, lyrically, at least for these difficult times.

I will avoid 5/4, 13/9 and 21/7....

"The problem  is inside your head," Boris said to me
" the answer is obvious, if you take it illogic'lly.
We will not help folk in this land to be virus free;
sixty four way so to mislead the country ."
He said, "you are aware It's not my habit to be true;

we plan our rules to be easily misconstrued.
scapegoat the people who we have deliberately confused;
sixty four ways to to mislead  the country
sixty four changes to to mislead the country ."

Break all the rules, Dom.
Make a new plan, Dan;
Joke about Hake, Jake,
Set yourself Free
Get back to school, fools;
no need to discuss facts;
get back to work, folks  .
Herd Immuniteeeeeee....."


Second verse:
He said, "It thrills me now to see you struggling in such pain; 
I wish there was somethin' I could do to make you smile again."
I said, "I get that, but can you help us to be virus free?"
"No chance" he said! "I'd rather save the hedge fund money tree!"

He said, "We will keep the airports open, it's a human right;
with the virus on board, they'll be taking their flights."
That's why he moved the goalposts, and I now I realise 

 sixty four ways to mislead a people
 sixty four changes to mislead the people."





Kindest regards

"Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

Monday, 11 January 2021

A question - asking for a population

I have a question. 

Here is the set-up.

There are many valid questions concerning the long term efficacy of the various vaccines being rolled out, questions which can only be answered accurately as we see what happens, as we gather the data from the post vaccinated cohorts, which are matters of genuine and acceptable scientific uncertainty - this indicates to me, at least, that a zero community transmission strategy is still the only viable strategy available with which to save lives, protect our health care systems, our people and our people's economy in 2021/2/3.

The technical issue of how much time a good roll-out would take (setting aside for now concerns about mismanaged roll outs) implies continued risk of virus spread and community transmission continuing through out the time frame, with the additional risk of more mutations that might confer an advantage to the virus. 

It is not too late to prevent further avoidable fatality and long term illness for many millions of people by stopping the spread of the virus.  We are still at the early stages. no more than 10% of people in USUK have been infected, according to various estimates - there are variations where surges have been concentrated in large urban settings.

Such a strategy - Zero Community Transmission  - can only work when the population is fully supported by the state and by industry. Every gap in support undermines our collective safety.

We are all in this together and that demands that all of us are working together for the same goal.

Lack of adequate support drives industries to compete for support for themselves, rather than for the whole of society.

People trying to merely survive due to inadequate support, oligarchs trying to make profit and a government trying to manage a slow spread whilst grabbing more powers ain't gonna work.
The Wealthy

Billionaires will take on more wealth no matter what - that is the nature of owning immense wealth that cannot be spent. It is invested, and those investments generate more and more and more wealth, irrespective of the daily activity of the billionaire owners. They can sit back and do nothing and still get up the next day much wealthier than the previous day.

Billionaires can never return to average financial status.

Billionaires can play philanthropy - and many do and quite a few are very focussed on providing support in a genuine and humane way. There's a lot more that can and must be done. But it is not to be left to individuals to take action.

There is resistance to a change in the existing systems of wealth creation, which is based on externalised costs, which creates their vast wealth. If all externalised costs were paid, such wealth would soon vanish and a new balance would emerge. 

The poor and low income folk.

Externalised costs are the costs incurred in any activity that are not paid by those who are directing the activity - they are paid by others, by the environment and by the people.

Right now the US and UK Governments are externalising the cost of mismanagement of an epidemic to us the people.

Who is paying the price of mismanagement of the epidemic in the UK? 

Billionaires and the wealthy can afford to isolate themselves from any epidemic with much more ease than the poor, the low income, the middle income working wage population. Some of the wealthy are arrogant enough to travel across borders, and become super spreaders, precisely because they can afford to isolate themselves more readily, in relative comfort.

I have access to small garden, in a shared house, which I rent. That places me in a much better position than people renting an apartment in a block of flats or a high rise. That affords me a bit of leg room and a safety that others cannot access.

I am in a better situation that someone who owns their apartment, in a block, even as I am substantially poorer. I bless my good fortune, yet I am uneasy about that lack for so many others, living in London..

That seems unfair.

Who am I to deserve such good fortune?

The poor and low income folk.

And then there's all those who are homeless, those who are struggling with mental health and chronic ill health, there are entire families living in small apartments, some in high rises that are known fire traps - for those people this situation is a double danger induced by UK Government policy decisions.

Then the 'key workers' the lovely folk in the super market I frequent, the drivers and stackers, the door staff - the risks they are exposed to, their dedication to ensuring we are fed and well supplied.

It is a burden not shared by Westminster elites.

That is unfair, it is an injustice.

It is unfair because the policy choices of USUK Governments are the root cause of the repeated lockdowns, one after the other. There is no other causation for that cycle.

The correct strategy is one lockdown, breaking community transmission fully, treating every case in isolation, quarantining borders, etc for at most 12 weeks (and if done well, it does work) and then maintaining surveillance systems that can jump on any new clusters, isolate them and suppress the transmission of the virus. I would go as far as to say to pay people to do that is the Governments responsibility, it's core duty of care. Once the community transmission is totally suppressed, then the community can re-open, safely. 

Stopping the spread is spreading the love.

Repeated open/shut policies as a result of deliberate government policy choice and action creates more time for more viral mutations, which can increase the risks for everyone. It adds stress to people's lives in myriad of ways untold, unspoken, endured.

Healthy people are the major spreaders of the virus, not the chronically ill. Tourism and Business class travel  mixed with mismanagement has transformed an epidemic into a pandemic. UK has imported and exported variants since the beginning of the epidemic. Refused to control the borders. How ironic after Brexit. 

Is there a Vietnamese or New Zealand Variant storming across Europe or America?

Allowing the virus to reach that part of our population with immuno-suppressive conditions - 11,000,000 people in the UK, 83,000,000 in USA - creates another lengthy well for more mutation possibilities, in that the virus lives for much longer in such cases, and thus has more time for more mutations and the emergence of new tricks. 

The adverse outcomes of the deliberate policy of USUK Governments is what forces us indoors - it's not the virus that is doing this.

It is not people's confusion, nor is it peoples 'bad' behaviour either that drives this vicious cycle. These are for sure real problems, yet the solution is not more confused Government 'guidance' that appears to be more about the Governments saving face than our welfare as a people. That is totally unfair.

The root of the problem is the USUK Governments deliberate active policy.

To sum up the current situation: where we are is that both US and UK Governments have deliberately pursued a policy of slow spread, of letting it saunter through the population (rather than "rip through the population" as he said) until it is out of control, and galloping - repeatedly, surge upon reduction upon surge - even as New Zealand and Vietnam and others controlled the spread and broke the transmission of the virus within their communities, and thus proved the efficacy of zero community transmission strategies in different countries, with differing demographics. It works. It can work in any State.

This disaster has been enabled through deliberate mismanagement.  

This is a deliberately induced cycle, it is not merely incompetence.

Deliberate is when the Government ministers and leaders are shown the evidence, when they are advised and warned by the best scientists across the globe, when they see other countries getting it right from the get go, and they still refuse to change course, even as more and more deaths occur, even as we find more long term chronic disease amongst survivors, even as health systems are pushed to their very limits - that is deliberate.

The mussed up hair, the blather, the messy suit and the portrayal of incompetence as a mask, a comfort, a soother rather than an accurate critical analysis. The taste of truth is bitter in his mouth. 

To add to the charge sheet, we see the UK Government and Media repeatedly scapegoating different demographics of deliberately confused citizens exposed to all manner of conTheory which the Governments have allowed to permeate - indeed both Governments are in place precisely because of their political use of conTheory as a weapon within an electoral process - then we have a situation that is close to murderous as one can get, outside an ongoing war.

How, then, do we get out of this shituation?

Asking for a population.


Kindest regards 


"Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

Sunday, 10 January 2021

De-humanising Trump is a trap.

Deliberate de-humanisation is a psychosocial and political dynamic, a tactic and outcome of oppression.

Understanding this is key to avoiding being triggered or manipulated into internal conflict among those of us who seek to liberate ourselves and our communities from oppression. The struggle for freedom from oppression is not equivalent to the taking of liberty that Libertarianism promotes.

This is a critically important dynamic to be aware of as the embers of hatred are, on all sides, are being deliberately stoked and fuelled by online political grooming operations, public News and Press media biases and the reactions of triggered folk.

The people who are triggered, on all sides, are vulnerable. They are all being exploited.

We have to seek to protect all, or the project to humanise our social power structures is doomed to failure. 

The consumer driven 'New Age' tends to reduce the project of liberation to a work of self interest. 

Admonitions to alter individual behaviour, such as recycling, whilst those who produce the things we need to recycle do no such thing. The term consumer is a dehumanising term as is the phrase 'consumer responsibility'.

Similar in dynamic is the offer of Absolution though private confession and the payment of Indulgences were for the people born into the Catholic Faith  - to save my own soul, my unique spirit, irrespective of the wider community within which I live. The drive is selfish. There is no attempt to confront the situation holistically.

Hence the rapidity with which the various streams of consumer pop psychology have become

Paolo Friere

Paolo Friere's practical work, among the poor and indigenous of South America stands as testimony to the accuracy of his insight, the practicality of his approach, the humility of his perception.

Paolo Friere 

I first read his work in the mid 1990s, and it was, to me at least, a revelation and a reassurance... That said it has taken me decades to integrate.

Freire believed education could not be divorced from politics; the act of teaching and learning are considered political acts in and of themselves. Freire defined this connection as a main tenet of critical pedagogy. Teachers and students must be made aware of the politics that surround education. The way students are taught and what they are taught serves a political agenda. Teachers, themselves, have political notions they bring into the classroom. Freire believed that :

Education makes sense because women and men learn that through learning they can make and remake themselves, because women and men are able to take responsibility for themselves as beings capable of knowing—of knowing that they know and knowing that they don't know.

I offer my readers this link to one of his works, Pedagogy of The Oppressed, as a source of insight, reassurance and focus as we face the wide spread shouting match that is disrupting rational, deliberative discourse on matters that must concern us all - our very survival is on the line, and we need to envision a future not of mere survival rather a future of collective thrivival

The opening lines of this book are a clear and succinct description of a problem we face, right now.

This link below is to an online version of his book.

The website History Is A Weapon (HIAW) holds a lot of really good practical information and insight for all of us. It has as it's cultural locus a focus on The America's and their Histories. That said, the information is useful to everyone concerned with a healthy future for our cultures. - sitemap, a quick way to see what is available.

Dehumanisation and the struggle to resist and prevent oppression.

"While the problem of humanization has always, from an axiological point of view, been humankind's central problem, it now takes on the character of an inescapable concern.

Concern for humanization leads at once to the recognition of dehumanization, not only as an ontological possibility but as an historical reality. And as an individual perceives the extent of dehumanization, he or she may ask if humanization is a viable possibility. Within history, in concrete, objective contexts, both humanization and dehumanization are possibilities for a person as an uncompleted being conscious of their incompletion."

In other words, the possibility of becoming more human - that is to say to become more humane, more empathic, kinder and thus stronger and clearer in understanding how best to resist and then prevent oppression is real. Another world is indeed possible.

"But while both humanization and dehumanization are real alternatives, only the first is the people's vocation. This vocation is constantly negated, yet it is affirmed by that very negation. It is thwarted by injustice, exploitation, oppression, and the violence of the oppressors; it is affirmed by the yearning of the oppressed for freedom and justice, and by their struggle to recover their lost humanity."

Here is makes clear that those who seek freedom from oppression must be aware that their task includes avoiding becoming dehumanisers themselves in their struggle.

"Dehumanization, which marks not only those whose humanity has been stolen, but also (though in a different way) those who have stolen it, is a distortion of the vocation of becoming more fully human. This distortion occurs within history; but it is not an historical vocation. Indeed, to admit of dehumanization as an historical vocation would lead either to cynicism or total despair. "

This is the root of all dystopian thinking, the acceptance of a falsified given concerning our nature as human social creatures and cultures.

"The struggle for humanization, for the emancipation of labor, for the overcoming of alienation, for the affirmation of men and women as persons would be meaningless. This struggle is possible only because dehumanization, although a concrete historical fact, is not a given destiny but the result of an unjust order that engenders violence in the oppressors, which in turn dehumanizes the oppressed."

In other words, if for example, one holds to the Christian worldview of Original Sin as a given, or that Humanity itself is destroying the Earth, (it's not, it's the culture of extractive wealth creation) then the struggle is inevitably undermined at source. That view makes the future appear hopeless.

"Because it (oppression, the entitlement to Rule and dominate - my added comment) is a distortion of being more fully human, sooner or later being less human leads the oppressed to struggle against those who made them so."

The use of unjust power over another always creates resistance.

"In order for this struggle to have meaning, the oppressed must not, in seeking to regain their humanity (which is a way to create it), become in turn oppressors of the oppressors, but rather restorers of the humanity of both."

This is the central thread of the hate we see being fuelled as Donald Trump cedes power, yet resists, and quite clearly, deliberately uses dehumanisation as a weapon. It is also the same thread of hate being funnelled back at those people who have been groomed to support Trump, even as they do not understand that Trump is backed by the Oligarchy and he will not, and cannot 'drain the swamp'.

I urge caution to all of us to take these thoughts into consideration, to tone up the accurate analysis, and to tone down the dehumanisation. I need to learn and practice this as much as anyone else.

If we do not do this, we will be enrolled in war fare we are unable to counter.

This is not to make excuses for anyone's abusive behaviour, it is to approach the problem from a stronger, grass roots permeating comprehensive and collective awareness of what we are really dealing with, when we face our oppressors, so that we are not so readily led astray, on all sides.

Trump has a following of people who do feel some degrees of oppression - poverty, loss of income and status, fear for the future, exposure to systemic scapegoating, dehumanisation by those on the Left who claim to be seeking freedom from liberation....

It's easy to look at other ordinary people whose views, attitudes and behaviour challenges us,  and it is easy to use them as whipping boys for our rage, on both sides.

Antifa and Racists shouting at each other, threat and counter threats of violence, insult and spittle exchanged to lead towards more violence. Christians at war with Muslims. Older voters voting for Brexit 'betraying' younger voters. Younger voters 'ignoring' the problems of the older voters. 

These memes are fully weaponised and are driving social and emotional divisions that undermine potential resolution of problems, the boat we are all in is rocking and cannot make head way to a safe port. We have to counter that. 

Not so easy is the task of humanising the situation, of understanding enough to build the bridges that will connect our humanity - the less easy task is the one most critical to our children's children's futures.

I find this song, by comedian Katie Goodman, very humanising, heart warming and reassuring - please enjoy, and take on some of the gentle yet fierce wisdom of it. I like to imagine a large crowd outside a political administration building singing this, with joy and with sorrow, with humility and determination..

Free Speech

Free Speech is a Responsibility, it is neither a Right or a Privilege.

The Responsibility is to speak honestly, to be evidence based, to be as good a listener as a speaker and to acknowledge what is verified, reliable and true as such, and to also acknowledge beliefs as made up, as guess-work at the very best.

It is not a right to promote beliefs over evidence in matters concerning the shared commons.

It is not a right to groom, manipulate or exploit others through use of language and various logical fallacies...

Kindest regards


 "Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

Friday, 8 January 2021

ConTheory - The thing is a con, and it's theoretical.

   The grooming (gaslighting) of human vulnerabilities is one of the vilest things people can do to each other.

Image - i am aware of the spelling error on neighbours, and I can't be arsed, it is as it is, lol. soz.
I sometimes use and abuse the labels commonly applied to describe current events.

I created ConTheory as a precise variation of conspiracy theory.

The thing is a con, and it's theoretical in the sense of purely imaginative make believe.

That's the point.

Protocols of Zion is a conTheory.

Masturbation makes you blind is a conTheory.

The Bible is a massive conTheory.

Free speech is not a social permission to lie. manipulate, gaslight or deflect, evade or avoid accountability - such activity should be jumped on as soon as someone opens their mouth with it or publishes such content with such intent. Like immediately.

However it takes healthy emotional intelligence and a robust sense of self to do that.

If anyone ever tries to manipulate, gaslight or deflect, evade or avoid accountability to me my learned response is immediate - How dare you! - That is the correct first response, the second is to move away. Permanently. There's little point in explaining exactly what the other person is doing, because they already know. There is some utility in marking out the tactic, the technique when the behaviour is happening in a public forum. That may help some other folk avoid the trap, and it might work as an act of loving education - one does need to know what one is talking about and be relatively impervious to being deliberately triggered by the defence mechanisms that will be deployed in reaction to your challenge.

I had to learn the hard way, as I grew up being bullied and groomed, and I became a bully, and consequently reaching mental breakdown 20 years later - I had to be ruthlessly honest, there was no alternative, if I wanted to recover.

For me there is only one group, and that is the human species as a part of Earths biota. The Species is not a cult. There are many cultures within the species. I sing my song 'We are all Family' and I quote every nation listed in the UN.

The divisions of Nations are all manufactured,
Left vs Right is manufactured, all institutional religions and cults are entirely manufactured. None of these are naturally emergent.

Bullies have to groom to any population they bully. It's a behaviour pattern well studied by the bullies - how to 'persuade', how to indoctrinate, how and who to trigger to disrupt honest discourse.

I can feel when bullies operate in part because I feel the old dynamics within me still, as a memory, like a immune memory. I bristle and then I want to dig in and root what ever is there. That's when I start to apply my mind to the problem. Feel, then think. An embodied response followed by a focused mind examining the situation.

Reading as a mindful practice is a discipline that is not part of the educational curriculum - they teach us to read to be able to repeat what we have read, we are never taught to subject it to a well informed, tested critical analysis - were any student to do that, they would have to leave the building in utter disgust at the hierarch, inherent in current schooling dynamics. I have been involved in a number of cults during my first 35 years of life.
I am currently spending a few days going over every cult I have been hooked into...
The issue of psychological wounding and vulnerability is core to this dynamic.
The followers are not the main problem, though their behaviour may become a serious problem.
Hence my renewed desire to avoid dehumanisation as a reaction to the activities of cult members.
I read Alice Millers book on Nazi Germany's cult, rooted in the behavioural dynamic of cultural childhood adversity, in 1986, in which she pointed out that the attractions of Leaders is similar to the patterns of addiction, adult criminal behaviour and child sexual exploitation.
She warned of everything that is occurring today in the USA and elsewhere..
It's a very challenging book, and it has taken a long time to integrate her knowledge, and there are many miles ahead, some steep hills to climb. Be kind out there, avoid dehumanisation.

Kindest regards


 "Do what you love, it is your gift to universe."

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Cosmologies and the social material reality - a conflict of interest

On Cosmology and these difficult times, all difficult times.

"The grooming (gaslighting) of human vulnerability is one of most vile things any human being can do to another."

I hold the view that every person has the ability, and thus the natural right, to craft their own Cosmology. We are all imaginers even as we imagine entirely different things...

After all, that is a function of autonomy, as a living human being, as a person, within a family or community. 

Thus it follows that no person has the right to extend their cosmology beyond themselves, there is no  natural right to indoctrinate others, no right to demand resources or money for 'lessons' in any given cosmology, and certainly no right to create, maintain a following of believers.

All of that is manipulation, it is exploitative. These are all ways of accruing power over others.

I set that in the context of the shared space between us, the Common.

This is the ground upon which we walk, it includes the air we all breath, the water cycle pathways from which we drink, which water our foods,

The Commons is shared by and includes all creatures as neighbours, even the ones hunted for food.

And of course, the Commons includes the psycho-social material space between us as biologically aware intelligent social organisms and that requires an evidence based approach on all matters that affect that shared spaced. 

There's a fundamental balance in this. This is the space within which entire forests thrive. It is how complex ecosystems function - accurate information flowing through the commons. The Oceans are another commons.

In matters of the shared commons, I respectfully suggest that nothing less than all the evidence available can stand as the basis for action.  Where we don't know, we study to know honestly, for only then can we answer those questions and take appropriate action. Which can include doing nothing at all. Leaving a forest to it's peoples is a way of doing something genuinely nurturing by doing nothing.

Therefore I suggest that belief and personal cosmology are inappropriate and unsafe a foundation in the domain of action within any  shared space, within the commons - a belief might pose a question:  even so, that can only be answered by direct evidence.  Until then, it remains an unknown.

I suggest then, that we keep our personal cosmologies as part of our art-imagination-play, a colour hue if you will, within the whole light of the family, community, culture.

That is the Egalitarian way. 

Personal Autonomy, Collective Evidence based action.

We now understand that a large part of the continuity of this balance is, in social bio-behavioural terms,  maintained primarily out of the conditions of parenting - from conception, birth through the first 18 -24 months of  life, where the fundamentals of emotional self regulation are formed and learned, in the brain to brain relationship between infant, toddler and primary care givers. 

Under what conditions, social and material, is early years care conducted. These are cultural behavioural markers, bench marks if you will of the prevailing relationship dynamics.

What are the cultural relationship dynamics and how do those reflect knowledge or belief - in essence, the question is do they conflict with biological defaults.?

The new brain meets a mature brain which nurtures and protects the new brain until that brain is ready for wider associations and participation. That is a default, a biologically mandated process.

We see the body, we do not see the internal organs, we do not see the inner workings of the clock. 

Allan Schore's work, following on from Prescott and Bowlby, with much improved scientific tools, and a vast body of work, describes the biology of emotional development, of self regulation and mastery of one's self - these are essential for autonomy and effective community 

He describes the carer brain to infant brain dynamics that we do not see :  what happens neurologically, what hormones, what cascades of proteins, what linkages are growing within both carer and cared for - all mediated by the security of the shared space between them.

Robert Sapolsky describes the wider unseen biology, beyond the carer to cared for, the world of truama, stress, hierarchy, 'human' behaviour and culture.

A baby that is set aside, crying itself to sleep, as a regular occurrence will develop and habituate a neurology and endocrine state as if that trauma state of feeling abandoned is normal - over a lifetime that distortion creates stresses on the body, that emerge as disease.

This is, of course, a simplification of the work of these intelligent, diligent Scientists and writers. Their work is, to a degree, a simplification of the carefully, honestly observed biological level complexity of how we develop into healthy mature organisms or not - they describe that level of biology in order that we see the evidence, that it informs us more accurately.

Knowledge is the base from which accurate intuition emerges. 

With all that in mind I wrote a short piece in 2017, when I was hoping for a shift in parliamentary power from the Oligarchs to the people via Momentum, Corbyn with what I believed the large sector of the electorate being decent human beings would want

What are the metrics of healthy Governance?

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