Friday, 8 July 2011

The Loss of Self Empathy and the Urge To Power.

The disruption of the naturally mandated child-mother bonding process sets up a chain of events, leading to emergent violence.

The flow is as follows : if the child is not related to in ways that nurture self-empathy, then the development of a loss of empathy occurs.

With that loss, a sense of disconnection is felt and with that comes fear.

The fear leads directly to a perceived need to control others and to control the environment.

As all natural organisms are autonomous, self directing growing beings so too they will resist, to one degree or another, efforts to control them.

That resistance generates violence to impose or retain that control.

In human family or society, if this pattern starts, and is not resolved, then each successive generation will impose that control, and their children too will grow up in an environment that they will 'adapt' to the situation, internalising that psychological need to control.

What baby would not be angry at not being met with the experientials our biology has mandated? Think of the child left to cry himself to sleep in another room, to scream and cry until exhaustion brings sleep. Is this not a common practice in our culture? What of the resignation, the suppression of that rage, the loss of self empathy which ensues from that suppression which is the outcome of such a practice?

That need to control then gets transmitted into the structure of that family or society and over time becomes codified, normalised, embedded.......

Not all children respond or react to the situation in the same way, thus variations arise in the need to control and the levels of violence used to retain control will emerge, with some retaining their basic empathy.

Some will resist the controls. They will be subject to the efforts of others, by violence or by other means, to control them. This resistance leads directly to violence on the part of the controlling parties, because the fear is that if they are not controlled at all costs, then the safety of the controllers is at risk. This is of course unnecessary.

If the issue of empathy is resolved, nurturant co-operation is the natural outcome. We are at our happiest when we meet each others genuine living needs.

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