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NHS : Prevention - Don't mention induced chronic stress!

The NHS Question: A few thoughts or 'just sayin' ... or it be, like, this.

Warning: polemic ahead.

Read on.

What do I sense of being human as biology, as the bacteria 'we' are, the wider life we are, the 'I am the living habitat' sense of 'we' and 'i' . What is human health? Who defines it?

Here is what pondering those questions that might implies to me.. or 'here's another one I made up...."

I knew this always, that science and common sense observation of the whole helps assert what is factual. I tell myself this often..


We are biology.

And there is the possibility of sustaining a biologically mandated healthy state, and there is an emergency stress response state, which is activated when the situation demands it.

Both these states of being can be described at the level of hormone cascades that happen across a range of the human body systems, and to use those to indicate what is happening,what outcomes are resultant: one can be healthy, and deal with a stressed state as an occasional event in a dynamic habitat, meeting the challenge of changes, threats, and situations which demand focus on dealing with the immediate present.

Right then what is needed and available, as a fully evolved capability,  is a flood of short term hormone cascades the moved rapidly and efficiently across the body in thousandths of a second, all increasing capability in terms of hyper focus and mobile ability, initiating accurate action in response, without thinking, that rescues the situation. In natural biology shit happens. Leggit!

An optimally healthy human being's endocrine system can experience the occasional emergency and return to optimal healthy behaviour baselines.

However when there is a chronically stressed state one regular outcome is that the response ceases to be a response; this happens because the original response, and many subsequent response made no difference or made matters worse and a new behaviour had to be worked out, arrived at, to successfully avoid the stress or worse, resist the stressors, becomes a triggereable reaction. Its' the strategy of the powerless in a threatening situation - as a result learning ceases. Habit forms, dependency follows.

And it has direct impact of healthy functioning of all body systems.

Thus we can look at the stress induced on an organism in such manner that the organisms body systems adjust to a state of constant near to hyper-arousal required for that stress, (it will always be there) as their 'new' baseline, and only because the power status quo actively reinforces it's dominance with the threat of violence and is able to control enough of the material situation to be able to perpetuate the 'stress position'.

The stress is maintained.This appears to be common policy in power institutions world wide.

Science can be used to describe how the hormone cascades of healthy happy people behave.

It can also describe the effect of stress hormones on the body systems, in both immediate, medium and long term outcomes, many of which prefigure in a whole host of disease states and which are all outcomes of chronic stress..

Tell me that life under the current social-political power structure is not chronically stressful for a vast majority of people who live with that presence in their lives?

Tell me gain, what is the leading cause of disease?

Induced Chronic Stress. No-brainer!

This is what I sense of being human as biology, the bacteria we are, the wider life we are, the 'I am the living habitat' ... fully participant.

The NHS is dealing with this above all else.

How is that fair and just?

Fund it to the full!

Essential, mandatory:  turn attention and focus to the way the abuses and misuse of Political Power is inducing stress on people and society, and tackle that one, without calling it a war, or a 'fight' for a 'cure' and seeking charitable donations.... too much is focused on putting a saddle on a bolted horse.

Savings and improvments on the NHS - 2015 onwards!

1. Prevention - active attention to induced chronic stress! identify all those socio-political dynamics and behaviours that induce stress and maintain it, carry out a diagnosis so to speak; and prescribe a recovery pathway, a prognosis.

Honesty and transparency are the basic prescriptions.1.2. Continue to look after all those who need it, and with dignity and respect, for all involved. No more political interference in caring for those who need it.

2. Yeah, and stop that profit gouging, sweet deal making, error prone,  privatisation estate agency work!

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