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Fear of the Transparent Honest Child : The Natural Child

What have the designers and operators of the culture of dominance, that ideology and system of governance, education, religions and so forth that I was born into, to fear from the honest transparent child?

This is a question that contains an implication, which is that system of dominance does indeed fear the honest transparent child.

The evidence for this is partly my personal experience, which is primary knowledge, a micro event that contains fractals of macro events within this ideology of dominant culture. They feared me and attempted to control me. They had no empathy for the child I was.

My experience is common enough, with a wide bandwidth of abuses deemed ‘appropriate‘, from the slight to the extreme. Smacking and raising one’s voice to beatings and humiliation.

And there is evidence from recent history, from the recorded actions and consequences of ‘rulers’ behaviour, and that of whole civilisations, that the indoctrination of all children was and remains prioritised, was and is still deemed essential. In essence that says those rulers did not and do not trust the natural child to accept or adapt to training or coercion in ways that could be manipulated. Hitler youth. Pop Fans. Republican or Democrat or Liberal voters.

The existence of ‘liberal’ political parties within Western Democracy came from fear, not from empathy.

What is not trusted, is feared. Fear is the first justification for violence. All violence is self-interest.

Why this fear, when it would appear that those in control are omnipotent, ubiquitous?

A good question…….

What did those who abused me as a child, and what did I, when I abused my friends and bullied my children have to fear from the honest transparent child?

Honesty first and foremost, for the honesty flags up my own crimes, flags up their crimes, clear as day. And that honesty also means that I, that the system of dominance will meet resistance. Honesty is a sign that the ideology is no longer operational.

“Stop what you are doing, I am frightened you are going to hurt me!”

Before a child gets to the point where he or she hates his parent, carer, that’s the sentence she or he would like most to utter. That and “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

The first is a command, yet the child is powerless. The first is a law of natural humane adults : no harm shall come to the children, and yes, in spite of that, the child is powerless.

The second is of course an honest question, and a demand! The child is, of course powerless.

However the honest transparent adult is not powerless. Far from it. Indeed she or he has far more natural power than the narcissistic controlling psychopath; the power to connect with all life, to sense that universal quality and feel the unity of life as it manifests on Earth, the home of natural human beings, as real and foundational and as a great gift. A recognition of life as an act of supreme love.

Indoctrination is by design and intent an attempt to undermine that recognition, that source of identity. When one does not trust oneself, there is fear of self. Narcissis looked to his reflection on the water for a sense of identity. He looked without, rather than within. Approval as identity basis.

And the narcissistic psychopath. who has internailsed the values of those who have abused him or her, can rest only when she or he feels that they have total control, over others and over nature. That control is needed to ward away the awareness of the pain of the loss of self. It is sensed as a loss of the plot......

And is therefore on a lifelong mission. Which is not yet, nor will it ever be, complete, and certainly not in the way the narcissistic psychopath might imagine. The only long term result is collapse. The strain on self and environment is too much. Nature wins. Always. Psychosis is nature calling.

Carl Rogers, and later on John Wier Perry, outlined that in the 50s, 60s and 70s and showed with the Diabasis project that psychosis was a pathway towards self-discovery, towards wholeness of the person and not to be feared, but to be taken as a call for balance. And the best assistance was empathetic companionship and what he called 'unconditional positive regard'....... Rogers trusted the innate self healing of all living cells, and sought to facilitate that self-healing. Thus he avoided Instruction. Indoctrination. Medication. And he succeeded.

Our lives are short. Our time is precious. It must be lived with as much transparent honesty as the soul, the unique sense of identity, the happening of being can craft though the agency of the body on this fertile Earth That is what the design implication of the human body experience is. Joy. In being. Oneself, transparent, relaxed. Breathing easy.

Any attempt to indoctrinate a child, as done in these dominatory cultures, is an attempt to rob that living being of that unique and innate joy-fullness, which is a grievous loss to the child; and to add insult to injury, the persons life is then manipulated to the ends of the indoctrinator :a narcissistic psychopath.

Again, let me say that when one does not trust oneself, there is fear of self. Narcissis looked to his reflection on the water for a sense of identity. He looked without, rather than within. external approval as identity basis. Image replaces sensing.

Young men and women don’t become soldiers. They are made. Trained to kill on command. Clearly those who do feel no guilt, no remorse and have no operational conscience nor friendly empathy nor will those who orchestrate such conditions be merciless. Torturers. Special Forces. Secret Police. And those who control them. They to can have no conscience. The School of the Americas. David Stirling. Idi Amin. George Bush. Pinochet.

Corrupted good people are racked with guilt. A guilt they rationalise away. A guilt they compartmentalise.

They could be soldiers, policemen, civil servants, corporate managers. You. Me.

Its always a choice. They sell their lives, their integrity. They deny their remorse, they rationalise their complicity as best they can … and they know. And they can become narcissistic psychopaths. In that corruption and complicity is a ‘gateway’ experience. Or they can acknowledge what they are doing and stop.

When more chose to stop, when more choose not to be corrupted, then the system of dominance reveals itself in whatever way to those who are complicit, to those who rationalise it’s violence. And recognition of that violence leads to honesty. Honesty to resistance.

And that is the true state of the honest, transparent adult. To resist that which is oppressive.

Interestingly enough within the project of Compulsion Schooling lies a virus, a methodology that thwarts the natural maturing process, that stills the critical thinking that arises from a naturally empathetic humane being, as most children are, that extends adolescence way beyond it’s time, that infantilises those who succumb. The archives show this clearly.

Which is why advertising works.

Obama. 2012. The Rapture. Hope. Manipulation of those who can be manipulated. For power and for profit.

As adults we have the power to resist oppression, indoctrination and propaganda in way the natural child has not, because we are now on an equal physical footing with the oppressor. THAT is why the State is armed to the teeth. Not to 'protect' people. To intimidate people.

The threat of extreme violence is all that holds the modern state and the rapacious corporation as either stands, with all the 'exported trauma' that goes with those structures : (if one lives in, say the ‘peaceful’ cities of London or Paris or Berlin or countries that claim this ‘peace‘ and believes in it, and fails to ‘see’ the externalised costs of those cities, towns and country systems, the trauma has been exported from ones awareness.).

As adults we can choose not to accept indoctrination, lies, propaganda and we can choose to confront that where we find it.

It all comes down to choice.

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