Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Myth of Democracy.

The facts are that power is exercised over living beings, human and non-human, in ways that diminish both, in ways that are degrading the abundance of the environment, in ways that are not subject to the will of the people of the land (voting changes the overall abuse not a whit, as much as switching lightbulbs will do anything other than salve a flaccid conscience).

Whether it’s the US Government or the Iranian Government, the Catholic Church or Islam, the IMF or the WTO, decisions that are properly those of the people of the land are made by distal powers whose experience is inadequate to the task of knowing what people need and truely want, and therefore relies upon theory and belief for it’s action. Such a basis for action is bound by it’s inadequacies to cause harm.

That harm, vast and yet somehow invisible to many, is rationalised as a ’sacrifice’, or ‘collateral damage’ or ‘the price of freedom’ or ‘enduring freedom’ or worse, it is rationalised as evolution, the survival of the fittest, as progress.

Until we recognise that a) we are fully of nature b) that the function of ALL living beings on Earth is to improve the habitat for ALL living beings c) that the processes of power and dominance start with the domination of our children, who become adapted to that dynamic of dominance, and so become troopers, cops, weapons scientists, corporate managers, bankers and mercenaries as much as those who become rapists, murderers, and abusers of all hue, we will be unable to shift our behaviour as a 'civilisation'.......

For example, lets take a quick analysis of democracy as practiced.

Voting without complete and transparent oversight of those selected is no choice at all, as it leaves room for corruption. Voting without active and ongoing participation (which is power true sharing) is also a fraud.

The remedy is as follows :

Undermine the power of parties, ban private funding of parties, ban ‘party line’/'party whip’ and make lobbying transparent, both of which are currently enforced because no-one at the grass roots level would abide by such behaviour amongst their own neighbours, and why would they chose otherwise?

Institute a recall process for all positions of public office, at all levels, from grass-roots to the executive.

Make it easier for independent local representatives to enter. Give more decision making powers and the resources to effectively make decisions at the grass roots local level.

In a word, give people real power and they will use it wisely. This is proven by the very fact that the system is rigged AGAINST people power.

The The Power Inquiry of 2006 is a document that proves this analysis to be correct.

And for all these reasons, Democracy as practiced is a fraud.

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